Words Dearth Debacle Decay Deceit Decorous Defamatory Defame Deficit Definite Deflect Deleterious Deliberate Delinquent Deluge Demise Denounce Depressed Despicable Despise Bengali Meaning `y®úªvc¨Zv aŸsm, Pig civRq ¶q cvIqv ev nIqv cÖZviYv, cÖeÂbv wkó, myiƒwPm¤úbœ wb›`vg~jK, gvbnvwbKi `yb©vg Kiv, gvbnvwb Kiv Afve, NvUwZ wbw`©ó, h_vh_ wec`Mvgx nIqv AwbóKi, ¶wZKi ‡¯^”QvK…Z, mywPwš—Z Acivax, †h e¨w³ KZ©e¨ Kv‡h© Ae‡njv K‡i cveb, eb¨v g„Zz¨ ‡`vlv‡ivc Kiv, cÖKvk¨fv‡e wb›`v Kiv gbgiv, nZvk N„Y¨, bxP, RNb¨ N„Yv Kiv Synonyms Scarcity, paucity, deficiency, shortage Disaster, collapse, cataclysm, stampede Decline, decrease, waste, wither Cheating, artifice, fraud, deception Befitting, decent, comely, proper Libelous, slanderous, abusive Abuse, libel, slander, blemish Shortage, deficiency, shortage Certain, defined, specified, clear Frustrate, deviate, divert, twist Detrimental, harmful, noxious, pernicious Intentional, thoughtful, purposed Criminal, culprit, offender, malefactor Flood, inundation, submerge Death, decease, dissolution Condemn, censure, vilify, defame Dejected, sad, disgraced Hatred, mean, contemptible Scorn, loathe, abhor, contemn, disdain Antonyms Abundance, plethora, surplus Success, victory Flourish, growth Truthfulness, honesty Unseemly Complimentary, laudatory, praising Respect, eulogize Balance Vague Straighten Beneficial, helpful Hurried Obedient, innocent Drought Birth Commend, extol, laud, eulogize Elated, cheerful Worthy of Esteem, praiseworthy Admire, esteem Notes

Despotic Destitute Desultory Deter Didactic

‡¯^”QvPvix, AZ¨vPvix cwiZ¨³, wbt¯^ mnvqm¤^jnxb G‡jv‡g‡jv, wek„sLjv wbe„Ë Kiv, evauv †`qv wk¶vg~jK, bxwZ-

Autocratic, oppressive, Humble tyrannous Impoverished, penniless, Wealthy, rich wanting, needy Discursive, unsystematic, Connected, inexact planned, organized For any Query: waresfin_du@yahoo.com Prevent, obstruct, stop, Assist, aid, 01710565519 hinder encourage Educational, directive, Misleading

µgk K‡g‡Q) 3. pellucid (¯^”Q. succinct (msw¶ß. myw¯’i) C. wbg©j) E. the nerves to her arm were damaged and so the muscles ____ through disuse. AwZ cÖPwjZ. feature ˆewkó¨) of .3 1. A. MZvbyMwZK. attraction (AvKl©b kw³) of – intimidate (fxZ Kiv. Some critics maintain that Tennyson's poetry is uneven. wejyß) D. After grafting there is a ____ of lymphocytes in the lymph glands.attract (AvKl©Y Kiv) C. e×) D. tranquil (kvš—. my¯úó M¤¢xi fvec~Y©) – voluble (AbM©j e³„Zv †`qvi ¶gZvm¤úbœ) 4. problem (mgm¨v) with – induce (cÖ‡ivwPZ Kiv. muddy (K`©gv³) B. drawback (Amyweav. contracted (msKzwPZ K‡i‡Q) C. obliteration (gy‡Q †djv n‡q‡Q Ggb. ranging from the ____ to the ____. paucity (AíZv. AcÖZzjZv) E. bxim) – inspired (AbycÖvwYZ n‡q‡Q) C. evauv) of – daunt (fxZ Kiv. wbi“rmvn Kiv) For any Query: waresfin_du@yahoo. atrophied (AcywóRwbZ ¶q n‡q‡Q) B. sublime (gnvb.3 SENTENCE COMPLETION (WORD BASED) . the newly produced lymphocytes then move in to attack the foreign tissue. elongated (`xN©vwqZ K‡i‡Q. One ____ the new scheme is that it might actually ____ just those applicants that it was intended to encourage. A. D`vm) – inane (k~b¨Mf©. A. After the accident. diminution (n«vm) B. m‡e©v”P I †kªô) – elevated (DPz K‡i‡Q. proliferation C. AvuUmvuU) – laconic (msw¶ß. cÖjyä Kiv) D. highlight of (K`©gv³) – stimulate (D‡ËwRZ Kiv. A. rancid 2. invigorated (ejkvjx K‡i‡Q. The formerly ____ waters of the lake have been polluted so that the fish are no longer visible from the surface. Drmvn †`Iqv) B. we¯Z…Z K‡i‡Q) D. dwindled (¶qcÖvß n‡q‡Q. sonorous (D”P wbbv`x. wePvi-eyw×nxb) D. DbœZ K‡i‡Q) B. vacuous (k~Y¨. mRxe K‡i‡Q) E. Aí K_vq A_©c~Y©) E. A_©nxb.GRAMMAR REVIEW . trite (AwZ mvaviY. attraction (AvKl©Y kw³) 5. stagnant †mªvZnxb. A.com 01710565519 . fq †`Lv‡bv) E.

e¨vwßkxj). Our grandfather was an entertaining (Av‡gv`RbK. mbœ¨vmx) B.judgmental C. accepted unquestioningly. pariah (mvgvwRKfv‡e eiLv¯—. A. †jLv Pzwi) C. orator (evM¥x) – intimidate (fxZ Kiv. Kzms¯‹viv”Qbœ) management experts. he used to ____ us with marvelous (PgrKvi. the integrity (mvayZv. A. heretical .stupefy (nZeyw× Kiv) 10. moderate (ga¨cš’x) – anger (ivM. mywPwš—Z) 8. fq †`Lv‡bv) C. rare (weij) – corrupted (`yb©xwZMÖ¯—) E. A. plagiarism (Ac‡ii iPbv Pzwi. ) . hidebound – antagonism (weiƒ×vPiY) B. A. reactionary (cÖMwZ we‡ivax e¨w³) – admiration (kª×v. In their day to day decision making. prodigal (Ace¨qx. rife (cÖPwjZ. irrational (A‡hŠvw³K) – iconoclastic (K`©gv³) E. Ab_©K †`ix) B. curmudgeon – surprise (we¯§q. His characteristically ____ views on examination methods at university level have aroused (D‡ËwRZ K‡i‡Q. cÖRvcxoK. conscientious (we‡eKeyw×m¤úbœ) – logical †hŠvw³K) D. raconteur (Mí K_K) – regale (Z…wßi mwnZ cvb‡fvRb Kiv ev Kiv‡bv) D. cerebral (gw¯—®‹m¤^Üxq. AwgZe¨qx) D. RvwM‡q‡Q) ____ in those who want to introduce innovative and flexible (bgbxq) patterns of assessment. we¯§qKi) anecdotes (†QvU Kvwnbx) that we. `yM©g) – support (mg_©b Kiv) E. cÖksmv) D. celerity (†eM. growing (µgea©gvb) – unquestioned (cÖkœvZxZ) B. PÛvj) E. †µva) C. tyrant (AZ¨vPvix kvmK. confusion (m‡›`n. wPËwe‡bv`bKvix) ____. rascal (cvRx ev e`gvk †jvK) – bore (wQ`ª Kiv) B. He was treated like a ____ and cast out from his community. in our childlike simplicity (mijZv. wØav) For any Query: waresfin_du@yahoo. accommodating (gvwb‡q wb‡Z cv‡i Ggb) – annoyance (weiw³. but rather rely on intuitive processes that often appear ____ and ____. rigid (K‡Vvi. A.intact (A¯ú„ó. tyro (wk¶vbwek) 11. prodigy (we¯§qRbK e¯‘ ev e¨vcvi. many senior managers do not follow the rational model favored by orthodox †Muvov. procrastination (`xN©m~wÎZv. AKcUZv). Acivax g‡b Kiv) 7. AmvaviY kw³m¤úbœ e¨w³) C. c~Y©Zv) of even senior officials is ____ . ascetic (K‡Vvi AvZ¥ mshgx. ¶xcÖZv) D. Am¤ú~Y©) D. Zc¯^x. The teacher accused me of ____ because my essay was so similar to that of another student. wec`MÖ¯—) – disputed (weZwK©Z) C.com 01710565519 . DrcvZ) 9. pervasive (AbycÖ‡ekcÖeY. GKN‡iv. PgK) E. cwie¨vß) – suspect (Awek¦vm Kiv. A¯cÖk¨. A. Corruption is ____ in our society. Zvje¨) – considered (¯^xK…Z) B.6. m‡›`n Kiv. capricious (Lvg‡Lqvjx) – deliberate (†¯^”QvK…Z. endangered (wecbœ.

hedonistic (†fvMev`x) 13. Writing a slam poem is as much an achievement as _________ a major work of the canon. Gregory was ____ in his knowledge of the grammar of the local language. There were ________ reactions after the Bill was passed. For any Query: waresfin_du@yahoo. A.3 1. (a) higher (b) high (c) highest (d) the higher (e) the high 3. insalubrious (A¯^v¯’¨Ki) E. propitious (cÖmbœ. treatment (AvPiY. ¶xcÖZv) – effective (djcÖ`. People from all over the world are sent by their doctors to breathe the pure. we¯§iY) 14. `wi`ª) B. it may not recur for many years. soporific (wb`ªvRbK) C. m½‡iva) D. c„_K) C. decorum (‡kvfbZv. me©`v weivRgvb) B. ΓwUgy³) – awful (fqsKi) D. we`Ny‡U. A. well-versed (†eM. _________ the price. everyone thinks that maximizing pleasure is the point of life. to answer accurately is more important than ________. As were many colonial administrators. We live in a ____ age. AbyK‚j) C. Although we often use “ speed ” and “ velocity ” interchangeably. sequestration (¯^Zš¿. faultless (†`vlgy³. competent (`¶. †invB) E. ____ air in this mountain region.. mRxe) B. A. in a technical sense. remission (jvNe. quarantine (†h mgq ch©š— msµvgb AvksKvq c„_K ivLv nq. AwbwðZMZ) – eccentric (Lvg‡Lqvjx. (a) to finish (b) it is to finish (c) finishing (d) if you finished (e) to have finished 6. the greater the demands. debilitating (`ye©jZvRbK. oblivion (we¯§„wZ. “ velocity ”. f`ªZv. deficient (AfveMÖ¯’. ïfj¶Yhy³. invigorating (ejkvjx. fMœ¯^v¯’¨KviK) D. (a) you finish quickly (b) finish quickly (c) a quick finish (d) to finish quickly (e) finishing quickly 4. corrupt (`~wlZ Kiv ev Amr Kiv) E. Thankfully the disease has gone into ____ . (a) different (b) differs (c) different than (d) differs from (e) is different 5. erratic (Aw¯’i cÖK…wZ. aromatic (myMwÜ) 15. †hvM¨) – adequate (ch©vß. In an admission test. cÖPzi) C. A. (a) alike (b) the same as (c) similar (d) as (e) as good as 2. Kvh©Ki) E. “ speed ” is not always ………. A¯ú~Y©Zv) – poor (Mwie.E.com 01710565519 . Dckg. wPwKrmv) B. According to the economic laws. wkôvPvi) 12. ubiquitous (me©e¨vcx. n«vm. D™¢U) SENTENCE COMPLETION (GRAMMAR BASED) PRACTICE . sporadic (wew¶ß) D. A dolphin __________ a porpoise in that it has a longer nose. though his accent was ____ .

The greater the demand. I’ve forgotten what she looks like. The woman was carrying a ___________ bag. He ___________ to find a job but he had no luck. The exam was quite easy __________ we expected. To answer accurately is more important than ________. He is the _________ of the five brothers. (a) older (B)oldest (c) elder (d) eldest (e) much older 9. (a) a quite long way (b) quite a long way (c) rather a long way (d) way a long (e) None 24. I haven’t seen her for ___________ . __________ the price. (a) least (b) the least one (c) the less one (d) less (e) None of the above 12. (a) one of the larger (b) one of the largest (c) one of largest (d) largest (e) larger 11. _____________. (a) prior to the (b) prior (c) a prior (d) The prior (e) Top prior 14. She speaks _____________. (a) the higher (b) high (c) higher (d) the high (e) so the higher 17. (a) tried hard (b) tried hardly (c) hardly tried (d) try hard (e) None 21. In 1998. (a) money enough to go (b) enough money to go (c) money enough for going (d) enough money for going (e) None 23.com 01710565519 . It’s __________ to walk. (a) is safe to ride (b) are safe to ride (c) are more safe to ride (d) is safe to be riding (e) are safer to ride 15. (a) a quick finish (b) to finish quickly (c) finishing quickly (d) you finish quickly (e) be finish quickly 8. a consumer agency concluded that Xyco brand bicycles ________ than Zenon brand bicycles. Shammi doesn’t enjoy her job. She’s _________ because she does the same thing everyday.(a) mix (b) a mix (c) missed (d) mixed (e) minor 7. For any Query: waresfin_du@yahoo. The income of a college teacher is much less ______________. (b) to compare as a doctor (c) than that of a doctor (d) than a doctor (e) None of the above 13. The art of landscape architecture is __________ that of architecture itself. Of the two pieces buy _____________ costly one. Let’s get a taxi. (a) in comparison with the salary of a doctor. Mumu’s English is excellent. __________ discovery of fire our ancestors used to eat uncooked food. (a) so long (b) a so long time (c) a such long time (d) such a long time (e) None 22. I haven’t got __________ on holiday at the moment. (a) black small plastic (b) small and black plastic (c) small black plastic (d) plastic small black 19. The more she worked. (a) boring (b) bored (c) bored by (d) bore (e) None 18. (a) perfectly English (b) English perfectly (c) perfect English (d) English perfect (e) None 20. (a) as almost old (b) old as almost (c) almost as old than (d) nearly as old than (e) None of the above 16. (a) the less she achieved (b) she achieved not enough (c) she did not achieve enough (d) she was achieved less (e) the less of her achievement 10. Bangladesh is _______________ jute-growing areas in the world.

d. more than protein as b.3 1. The more electricity you use. No error E 3. No A B C D error. No error. . Each chapter contains a few appendix. For any Query: waresfin_du@yahoo. a. does most other large mammals d. of the second highest c. the second of the b. The mass of insects on Earth is ________ all other land animals combined. Eight ounces of skim milk contain _________ the same volume of regular milk. No error A B C D E 2. otherwise the picture will be blurred.com 01710565519 . Humans reach physical maturity more slowly than ___________. as fast like his car c. but it is very practical and comfortable. a. since it brings out falsehood as much A B C D as truth. more protein as d. A B C D E 5. most other large mammals were b. (a) your bill be higher (b) will be higher your bill (c) the higher your bill will be (d) bill of you will be higher (e) None of the above. Everest being the highest. No error. No error. . most other large mammals c. more protein than c. broader than the one of e. E 4. . A B C D E 6. so fast like his car b. Usually the climate in mountainous areas becomes much windly at higher altitudes. the second highest e. None of these 28. as fast as his car e. the most other large mammals e. which give additional details as supplements to the text. The cabin is certainly not luxuriously. The letter that was sent by special delivery must be importance. John said that no other car could go _________________.(a) more easy that (b) more easy than (c) easier than (d) easier as (e) None 25. a. a. . . 26. None of these 30. The camera must be focused good. Some people believe that printing does as much harm like good. as fast like the car of him. ________________. None of these PIN POINTING ERRORS PRACTICE . greater than that of b. None of these 27. None of these 29. more greater d. the second highest of the level d. as more protein e. k2 is ________ mountain peak in the world. a. as large as c.

No error. painted many beautiful executed fantasies or both in oil and A B C D charcoal. A B C D E 19. There is hardly any reason for you to feel badly and blame yourself for this mishap. E 13. may I claim the latter. No error. No error. Soaring medicinally costs have a direct influence on the cost of other merchandise. No error. the frightened child began to sob uncontrollable. As a generally rule. E 15. A B C D E 20. He was much more wiser after that unfortunate incident. A B C D E 14. who recently died. Standing among so many strangers. For any Query: waresfin_du@yahoo.A B C D E 7. nation wide profile of A B connection between poverty with the drop out rate from schools. No error. I am boring with examination. Since there are only three to choose from. A B C D E 16. E 24. they make you learn stupid things. No error. A B C D E 23. He ran as fast that he could. No error.com 01710565519 . No error. Kamrul Hassan. A B C D E 8. To sing a song good. . . . . E 11. you must focus your attention on only on the music but on the words as well. A B C D E 21. No A B C D error. As soon as the sun had risen over the mountains. No error. Social scientists are searching for specific data from which to draw a definitive. people are not very good judges of their own. No error. No A B C D error. No error. A B C D No error. we divided the bonus equally between the five of us. Astronomers and physicists tell us that the universe is constant expanding & that it comprises of A B C D numerous galaxies like ours. No error. A B C D E 9. A B C D E 10. Because the project had been a team effort. C D E 17. E 12. People living in cities are often sophisticated than people in rural areas. E 18. . No error. A B C D E 22. I saw a beauty picture. No error. it became unbearable hot in the plain land. Workers who repair the road surface were specially jackets for easy identification. . I feel badly about the present conflict because I do not know how to resolve it without hurting either A B C D you or him. No error.

No error. No error. No error. D E 38. Kamal has always been very considerable to his room mate. A B C D E 35. No error. No error. Goats re extremely destruction to natural vegetation and are often responsible for soil erosion.A B C D E 25. The Black Hills of South Dakota are covered with densely pine forests. D E 39. The unit of measuring called the foot was originally based on the length of the human foot. but do best in sandy loam. Liberal arts colleges cultivate general intellectually abilities rather than technical or professional A B C D skills. dipped the wicks into hot fat. the sophisticated secret weapons and the A increasing violent invasions that were demonstrated by just one hundred soldiers seem unbelievable. He plays every shot so easy and in so efficient a manner that it looks not only simple but also For any Query: waresfin_du@yahoo. D E 34. E 30. No other quality is more important for a scientist to acquire as to observe carefully. A particularly in regions where agriculture was less success.com 01710565519 . When we reached his home he received us cordially at first and then he entertained us with special A B C prepared food and beverages. No error. No error A B C D E 26. No error. To make candles. Crows and ravens are members of a family of birds that includes exact 100 species. No error. E 29. Hunting and fishing techniques were highly developed among the North American Indians. A B C D E 27. A B C D E 36. D E 40. B C D E 33. No error. No error. Today oysters are grown and harvested much like any another crop. then hung the A B C candles to cool and hard. pioneer twisted string into wicks. No error. No A B C D error. E 37. Peace trees grow good in a variety of soil type. He can hardly believe your tale of military operations. I can never forget that horrible accident where not only two people were killed but several other A B C people were badly injured. A B C D E 31. A B C D E 32. No B C D error. Jannat sat in front of the man who came to our country from London two days ago to spend some A B C weeks with our family and I sat in back of his wife. In spite of their differences. A B C D E 28. No error.

The number of undergraduate degrees in business awarded by colleges in Bangladesh increased by more than twice from 1982 to 2002. D E 48. E 47. He tried to do it as careful as he could but at last he found that he had made many mistakes. D E 46. (a) than we have seen (b) from what we have seen (c) from what we seen (d) than what we seen (e) than we have seen 3. A B C D E 45. In the beginning he made a great mistake but became considerable wiser after the experience of the A B C loss. Mumu near fainted when she saw that an extraordinarily tall figure was standing in the dark and moving A B C D its bright eyes only. If you want not to any one harm. No error. No A B C D error. No error. No error. No error. The teacher explained the problem as good as he could. Though it was real difficult job for both of us to do. but nobody in the class could understand him A B C properly. E 49. A B C D E 50. Today this is a totally different world than we have seen in the last decade. (a) increased by more than twice (b) increased more than two times (c) more than doubled (d) was more than doubled (e) had more than doubled 2.3 1. It was obviously a cheap made dress. No error. No error. A B C D E 43. He always wants to divide all responsibilities equal among the four of us with the exception that he A B C D never wants to divide the power which he retains autocratically. we had to do it since we badly needed some A B C D money. The busier you become. E SENTENCE CORRECTION PRACTICE . D E 41. The galaxy Andomeda is the most distance object visible to observers in the Northern Hemisphre. No error. When I went to visit the workplace.A B C interesting. No error. please tie your dog tight to the pillar. No error. I saw that the workers had done the work real as nice as I had A B C D expected. E 42. the less time you have for reading.com 01710565519 . (a) the less time you have (b) the lesser time you have (c) the least time you have For any Query: waresfin_du@yahoo. E 44. No error.

if not more fast than. (a) how they learn languages than (b) how one learns languages than (c) how children learn languages than do (d) learning language than (e) their language learning than do 15. The salesman spoke softly and with politeness to the group of potential customers. the analysis that is most difficult 10. if not faster than. (a) is may be the more difficult for analysis (b) is probably the most difficult to analyze (c) is may be the most difficult for analysis (d) is probably the more difficult to analyze (e) is it may be.” (a) More than any animal (b) More than any other animal (c) More than another animal (d) Unlike any animal (e) compared to other animals 5. More than any animal. The word processor has revolutionized office procedure more than any machine of modern times. The mistakes children make in learning to speak tell linguists more about how they learn languages than the correct forms they use. Writing a beautiful article is as much an achievement as to finish a 500 page novel. The artist is capable of distinguishing good paintings and poor ones. Balding is much more common among while males than males of other races. (a) among those who use pesticide and (b) between those who use pesticide with (c) among those who use pesticide with (d) among those using pesticide and (e) between those who use pesticide and 9. anyone (b) as fast as. (a) as fast as. (a) spoke softly and with politeness to (b) spoke softly and politely to (c) had spoken softly and with politeness with (d) speaking softly and politely to (e) was speaking softly and with politeness with 14. (a) than (b) than among (c) than is so of (d) compared to (e) in comparison with 6. anyone (c) as fast as. anyone else (e) as swift as.(d) the lesser you have (e) the less you have 4. the possibility of an adverse change in climate is may be the more difficult for analysis. Of the two candidates for this positions. Dibakar is the most qualified because of his experience in the field. if not more fast than. Nusrat is as fast as. anyone 13. (a) most qualified because of (b) most qualified as a result of (c) most qualified due to (d) more qualified due to (e) more qualified because of 11. Rafi agreed that the first was the best of the two For any Query: waresfin_du@yahoo. After viewing both movies. anyone in his class and should be on the team. anyone (d) as fast as. if not faster than. A socio-economic survey shows that people living small towns and rural areas consider themselves no happier than do people living in big cities. (a) any machine (b) any other machine (c) has any machine (d) any other machine has (e) has any other machine 7. (a) and poor ones (b) and paintings that are poor (c) from poor ones (d) and paintings which are poor (e) and paintings which is poor 8. if not faster than. if not faster than. The event caused a conflict among those who use pesticide and those who oppose the use of pesticide. (a) no happier than do people living in (b) no any happier than do people living (c) not any happier as do people who live (d) no happier than are people who are living (e) not as happy as are people who live 16. Rafi agreed that the first one was the best of the two. Rafi agreed that the first one was the best of the two b. the wolverine exemplifies the unbridled ferocity of “ nature red in tooth and claw.com 01710565519 . Of all the possible disasters that threaten agriculture. a. (a) to finish (b) it is to finish (c) If you finished (d) finishing (e) to have finished 12.

Choose the correct sentence: (a) The busier you become. Rafi agreed that the best of the two was the first 17.com 01710565519 .c. (e) You cannot compare from apples to oranges. Rafi agreed that of the two the better one was the first e. Choose the correct sentence: (a) You cannot compare apples over oranges. lesser time you have for reading (b) The busier you become. lesser time you have for reading (d) The busier you become. Choose the correct sentence: (a) McGrath is considered widely as Australia’s most lethal weapon (b) Widely. For any Query: waresfin_du@yahoo. so least time you have for reading 18. Rafi agreed that the first one was the better of the two d. the less time you have for reading © The busy you become. McGrath is considered as Australia’s most lethal weapon © McGrath is widely considered as Australia’s most lethal weapon (d) McGrath is widely considered as Australia’s lethal most weapon (e) McGrath is considered in Australia the team widely as a most lethal weapon 20. the lesser time you have for reading (e) The busier you become. (b) You cannot compare apples for oranges. © You cannot compare apples and oranges. Choose the correct sentence: (a) No other friend I have ever got is as good as he (b) I have ever got a no other friend as good as him © No other friend I have got as good as him (d) I have ever got no other friend as good as he (e) I have never got a friend as good as he 19. (d) You cannot compare apples against oranges.

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