How To Develop Your Psychic Powers

Everyone has telepathic powers and almost everyone can remember an incident to prove so; for instance, you ’phone a friend whom you haven’t spoken to for years but you cannot get through because the line is engaged. Ten minutes later your ’phone rings and your long lost friend says “ I just tried to ring you but it was engaged.” This booklet is split into two parts. The first part tells you how to recognize and increase your powers in telepathy and the second part will show you how to use them to help change your life.

Everyone possesses two types of thinking. For convenience I shall name these types as conscious and subconscious thought.

I consciously thought about the postman emptying the letterbox and subconsciously saw him opening the ’fridge. imagine you are in a dark room and you cannot see a thing. Just before you fall asleep. I once saw an image of two common blue butterflies sitting in a bowl of white rice! I also saw a vision when I was imagining a postman emptying a letterbox. but just like your dreams. etc. Subconscious Thought The main examples of subconscious thought are dreams. If you don’t seem to see any images like the ones I have described. things you must do. your subconscious is creating weird and wonderful images and pictures. 3 . At the same time try to notice if you can see any other images.Conscious Thought These are the thoughts you have during the day about events that are occurring. problems you want to solve. don’t worry! Nine times out of ten you will have missed them because you were too tired. It is here where the secrets to your telepathic powers lie. but you do not know who they are. you will never remember your dreams unless you are awakened suddenly during them. You have subconscious thoughts all day too. here are some examples: Quite often faces will appear. Every­ one dreams continuously from the time that they fall asleep until the time that they are awake. your mind reaches a stage where at the same time as you are thinking conscious thoughts about what happened during the day. These will often flash and develop in the darkness without you seeming to think about them. you are normally unaware of them. Try this exercise: EXERCISE 1 When you are lying in bed. Once you get used to them they will appear so fast and furious that you may end up forgetting what you see. However. but instead of opening the front of the letterbox he was opening the door to a ’fridge to collect the post! This last example is one where the two types of thought mix. To help you in recognizing them . waiting to go to sleep.

4) You might like to set an alarm clock for. two hours after you go to bed after which time you will have fallen asleep and begun to dream. Write down everything you can remember as soor.” 3) If you wake up and can remember even the slightest detail of a dream record it immediately.Make a habit of doing this exercise every time you go to bed and you might be surprised at some of the results you record. Place them into two piles of correct and incorrect guesses. 2) While in bed waiting to fall asleep keep repeating to yourself “ I will remember a dream when I wake u p . otherwise you will forget it. Test your powers of telepathy! Try this exercise: EXERCISE 2 I recommend you to use a pack of zener cards for this exercise as the shapes are very strong and clear but an ordinary pack of playing cards will suffice. Recording your dreams 1) Keep a note pad and pen by your bedside. say. for instance. get your partner to wake you up while you are in the REM stage (When you eyes are twitching). Alternatively. 3) When you have gone through the pack. work out your scores in a table such as the one below. Although this is not a “ dream book” I will give you some instructions to help you to remember your dreams as in section 2 records of them will help you to see if the exercises you try are really working. CHANCE SCORE 13 13 AM OUNT CORRECT 11 23 TO TA L NUMBER TESTED 52 52 There will be a chance score. as you wake up. 1) Shuffle the cards and place them face down on the table. probability says that you will get 13 . if you are predicting the suits in a pack of cards. 2) Go through the pack and try to predict what suit each card will be.

4) Go through the pack in this way and place the cards you are predicting on their relevant piles. e. If your score was over 13. unless you lose your concentration. you see a picture of a red heart. then no telepathy was involved. proving that you have used your subconscious mind to predict the correct outcomes. At the same time imagine which suit the card is going to be. Mentally count from 20 downwards whilst you have your hand on the first card.. You probably found that your score was not very good. your chance score would equal 5. Just the same as you lose your concentration you lose your telepathic powers. e. a second of diamonds. It is also important that you do not open your eyes during this exercise as you will amost certainly lose your concentration. don’t worry! It may take practise but soon your scores will increase rapidly. then something other than chance was involved. I suggest you do this last exercise once a day to help you to increase your powers of telepathy. however. Now repeat the excercise using the method below: 1) Sit comfortably and relax. make a first pile of hearts.g.. The total num ber tested is the num ber of cards in the pack. 5) When you have finished. You may have to count down from 20 before predicting each card but I think you will find this is not necessary. The key is to make sure that you are as relaxed and undistracted as possible. If your score is still 13 or below. Place this card (without opening your eyes) on the pile which you have set aside for hearts. You are now most likely to have a more positive score. 2) For this exercise you will need to close your eyes so make a mental note of where you are going to put the cards.g. for instance. If you predicted 13 or less correct. televisions or music. Do not. one of clubs and one of spades.correct as there are 13 cards in each suit. complete your score table as before by going through each pile and counting how many cards are of the correct suit fof that pile. You will probably see the image of the shape of the suit. 3) Close your eyes and relax. do the exercise more than once in a day as you will only be disappointed with the results. . If you were using zener cards where there are 5 cards of 5 different shapes. Make sure that there are no sounds that might distract you.

2) Imagine every smallest detail.PA R T TWO In this part of the book I am going to make some suggestions on how you could use your powers to alter your life. 6 . It is important to imagine everything from the time of your boss thinking about it and to the time you receive the letter. Your subconscious mind will have taken over and when you awake you will have a brilliant idea for how to make that money! Here is another exercise to try. Imagine your boss in his office thinking about you. 4) Wait for your letter! If you need something in a hurry try this: EXERCISE 4 This is just an example for this exercise but you can use your imagination to make it work for you. 2) Set your alarm for a sensible time by which you know you will be asleep. 1) Repeat step 1 of the last exercise but imagining your boss is going to give you a promotion. think about money. Worry about money. I could not leave until he came back and it was five to. Imagine that you would like a promotion at work.00pm. but first I wanted my father to come home from work to tell him where I was going. Think about all the bills you have to pay and try to think of ways in which you might make money in order to pay them. Even imagine the sound of the typewriter. EXERCISE 3 Are you short of money? Try this: 1) While you are waiting to go to sleep. I was waiting to go out and had to leave at 7. 3) W hen you wake up write down any details of the dreams you are having. and dictating a letter to his secretary about the offer of promotion to you. 3) Carry on imagining until you fall asleep but this time don’t wake yourself up as you will interrupt your subconscious working.

even down to the sound of his boots crunching on the gravel. Sure enough. 2) Imagine yourself on a warm beach that is calm and peaceful with the sun’s rays beating down on you. I’m going home now. 3) Imagine a violet flame starting from your head and working down to your toes taking with it all the aches and pains. 1) I found a shiny object to concentrate upon (this time it was a glass ashtray!) 2) I then gazed into the ashtray and counted from 1 to 20 to relax myself. dead on 7. .00pm he was home! Do you suffer from ill health? Try this: 1) Lie on a bed or sit comfortably on an armchair.” 4) Whilst still looking into the ashtray (it was empty at the time!) I imagined every little detail of him walking home.00am!) I had no idea what time he would be back so I did this exercise. 3) I imagined him saying to his workmate “ I’ve had enough for one day.My father was already late and because he works very weird hours (he quite often starts at 2. 4) Wave goodbye to the flame as it goes from your body leaving you healthy and fit.

One week I decided that I couldn’t really afford it. Every week I go to play Bingo. Using my method I realized that I ought to go. When you read this book you will find out how I did it. . How did I know? Find out in this book. I know about my future and can change it.Self-confidence. When I told her she said it was the shirt she had worn when she had been involved in a car accident. When I went to put it on I suddenly decided I didn’t want to wear it after all. Once I borrowed a shirt from a friend. I went and won £150. When I go for job interviews I am so confident that I usually get the job. even if I am not qualified. Psychometry & Dowsing W hen I was younger I was extremely shy. I can tell what someone is thinking about me just by holding something of theirs.00! The method I used is also described in this booklet. At school I would sit on my own in the corner of the classroom and when a teacher asked me a question I would literally tremble with nervousness. Now I am extremely confident and outgoing and have all the friends I need.

I have used all the methods contained in this booklet myself and find them to be the most effective and the most practical. By knowing about your destiny you can control it and by knowing about other people. Some people are naturally confident in themselves and others have to learn. Introduction I am going to show you how to improve your lifestyle and answer the questions you have always wanted to know. but these all take years and years to learn. Think positively and confidently and you will receive all the things in life that you have ever wanted. The people in 9 . Psychometry is a sense that people already possess from birth and needs no practise or experience. If you follow the simple instructions and use a small amount of imagina­ tion. Dowsing is the method I have used in Chapter 3 to help you to find out about your future. and won’t want to have to read through pages and pages of literature first. Chapter 2 uses psychometry to find out about other people. you will want to find out now. You can gain results from this chapter immediately and can have a great time trying it out with friends and family. In Chapter 1 you will learn how to become more confident and attract more friends. Once you are confident about yourself you will find that people have more confidence in you. Like most people. This is really the key to your success.All instructions are clear and easy to follow and you will bring results quickly. There are many other methods that could be used such as Tarot cards. the I ching. CHAPTER ONE How To Gain Confidence and Attract More Friends Gaining Confidence Confidence is the key to success. you can also make them work for you. you can control their actions. Astrology.

don’t think “ I ’ve never won anything in my life” . If you work don’t be afraid to invite people over to your house for drinks or a meal. Try to agree with their comments and if you dislike someone don’t tell them so! Make a habit of going out and about and joining in with everybody who have the best jobs. Very few people think that they are attractive and if they do. Find some hobbies of your own and join the local groups and societies. you are ready to make friends. T ry to be more out-going and interesting yourself. even if they have never invited you. the most friends and the most money are those who are the most confident. tell yourself that somebody has to win and that this time it is going to be you. 10 . Making friends Once you have learnt this. You will find here lots of people that want to make friends and it is much easier when you have something in common with them.” Instead of thinking this. Here are some very simple examples: You took part in a quiz and scored twelve out of twenty. Make a habit of talking to everyone and joining in conversation. Remember names and things that people have told you. Negatively you think “ I got a lot of the questions wrong. positively think “ I got more than half of them correct. People who lack self-confidence always assume that others are watching them and laughing. then it shows that they are confident in themselves. You might also find that going out with friends whom you know well will help you to increase your own confidence. Take an interest in your friends and other people’s hobbies.” W hen you next enter a competition. If you have been asked to a party or something similar. Do you yourself deliberately look at other people and joke about them? You also have to become more confident about the way you look. Look in the m irror and become conscious about your good features and ignore any that you are unhappy about. You will find that people are often more friendly when they don’t have all the pressures of work to worry about. The first step is to expel all of your negative thoughts. This is not true. don’t say no. Tell yourself that you are extremely good looking.

From your feelings. the whereabouts or the name of the true criminal. and even m urder weapons to find out. and turn the lights out while they place them in a bag. W hen somebody shakes your hand you immediately sense the mood of that person. including that of the Yorkshire Ripper. When you receive a present. There are many famous examples.” This is a good exercise to try. try and work out to whom each object belongs. objects found at the scene of the crime. They have used clothing. W hat do you feel? It could feel uncomfortable. Put the watch on. for instance a watch. Ask each of them to bring an object which you do not directly associate with them. However it is logical to assume that items of jewellery and clothing would contain more of the oils and would be by far the best items to use for psychometry. to see if you are receiving the correct impressions: Invite a group of friends over to your house. light handshake suggests that the person may be shy or nervous. A strong handshake suggests friendliness and a quick. You can gain other people’s feelings by holding one of their belongings. but it’s better than nothing. suggesting that the person dislikes other people wearing it. Take each item out of the bag and remember or write down any impressions you receive from them. H ere’s how: Borrow something from either a member of your family or a friend. notice your impressions. Do you like it? You might think “ I don’t particularly like it but I can make use of it. This is an example of psychometry. You should be able to pick them up from anything that person has touched.” The person who bought it for you probably thought “ It’s not what I wanted to give. Your friends will soon tell you if you are right! It is believed that emotions are carried in the natural oils produced by the body.CHAPTER TWO Finding Out About People Through Psychometry Some psychics have been able to help with police enquiries by using psychometry. .

such as a necklace with a charm or simply a piece of string tied around a coin. Anything can be used to make a pendulum . To find out more about your future using the pendulum complete the following exercise: 1) Make a round board from a piece of card about eighteen inches in diameter. the 12 . 3) Concentrate on the charm or coin and will it to move from side to side without moving your hand. still keeping your arm upright. As this is quite tricky. 2) Relax the muscles in your arm and hand. W hen you have achieved this change the movement to an anti-clockwise circle. you will probably find this happens within a few seconds. The length of string or chain you use should ideally be between five to eight inches long. Mark on it the four points of the compass. you m ust not move your hand). CHAPTER THREE Answer Questions About Your Future By Dowsing Dowsing has been used successfully for many centuries to find water. Practise this until you are confident that you are influencing the movements of the pendulum without moving your hand. metals. It involves using a forked twig held loosely in the hands and observing it’s movements. First practise influencing the movements of the pendulum by following these simple steps: 1) Rest your elbow on a table with your arm upright holding the pendulum between your thum b and first finger. Make the circle wider and faster. Now try to move it in a clockwise circle (don’t forget. you may have to slow it down again first.Photographs are also ideal as they can induce emotions of the era that they were taken in. To dowse to find out about the future pendulums are more commonly used. As dowsing is so simple. oils and ores. 4) Will the pendulum to go faster and faster from side to side and then slow it down. They are also excellent for beginners as some of the emotions can immediately be picked up from the people’s expressions.

13 . carry on dowsing over the board and simply write down the letters to produce your answer. 3) Continually repeat the question you wish to ask in your mind or out loud. An example of a similar board is shown. lining it up to the four points of the compass. numbers from one to ten.letters of the alphabet. 2) Lay the board on a flat surface. 4) Slowly move your hand with the pendulum over the board and will it to move in a circle when it reaches the answer. If the pendulum moves around a letter. and anything else you might like to use to answer your questions. the words “Yes” and “ N o” .

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