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Innovation in applications and products is proofed in research projects. ALS has collaborations with companies in Europe. The company is developing IP cores for high speed front-end PHYs ( Alma Technologies is among the first companies. Analogies specializes in the development and provision of analog/mixed signal Intellectual Property (IP) cores or components and analog/mixed signal design services. part design. aerial surveys. Accusonus Analogies S. During its six years of operation Alma has over than 50 unique customers and its export activity constitutes 95% of its turnover. More information at: www. implementing recently released JPEG2000 (ISO/IEC 15444-1) image compression standard. focusing on innovative digital audio technologies.aerofilms. fully variational constraint manager. remote sensing. ISDN. the company provides commercial services in the field of aerial photography. high speed interfaces (memory/bus PHY) and connectivity. Alma’s JPEG2k_E core has already been used successfully with satellite transmission systems of high definition digital images. with superior results to other known approaches. is the first Greek company to join the Cadence Start-up Accelerator Program with the goal to accelerate time-to-market of its first products. a next-generation. Greece and a satellite office in the Microelectronics Innovation Center in Athens. is a privately held. UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and similar Ground and Underwater Systems (GUVs & ROVs). performance and behaviour. environmental mapping. The main strategic advantages of accusonus are: (i) the strong expertise in digital signal processing. Additionally to the innovative products. PLL. in mobile and VOIP communication systems.accusonus. More information at: www. Equalizers). GGCM offers superior solvability.A. modeling. 4Plus is awarded with the 2005 European IST Prize Nominee for its UMTS testing products. JPEG family IP cores comprise another major success as it is the fastest and among the smallest JPEG solutions worldwide. It has its principle operations office in Patras Science Park in Patras. Aerofilms aims in developing innovative products and telemetry applications for crisis management. sizes and complexities. products and tasks in the most automated and smart way . development and support of high-performance testing equipment that enable the performance evaluation and the conformance testing of networks and switching systems. providing technology-leading variational solving for assembly management. and other application areas. geomatics. based in Athens. For Aerofilms it is a constant challenge to develop and produce unmanned instruments.analogies. silicon density. Aerofilms is specializing in the design.als. 2D/3D integrated. Its designs demonstrate a competitive advantage in relation to design ALS Geometric Software is an independent and privately owned software development company. More information at: www. curve and surface editing. The main product of ALS is the General Geometric Constraint Manager (GGCM). The company has a remarkable intellectual property portfolio and works closely with major academic units in Greece. Greece. based on internal mathematical research. smooth kinematic motion simulation. the US and Asia. robotics. More information at: www. worldwide to have launched a hardware IP core named JPEG2k_E & D. ALS focuses on the development of innovative software components for Computer Aided Design and Engineering (CAD/CAE). GGCM is based on breakthrough non-linear equation solving technology that uniquely solves configurations and problems of different types. ATM) and wireless (GPRS. More than 80% of the annual turnover is coming from product sales in foreign countries. power and speed of Accusonus is an early stage start-up. and is extensible giving vast control and independence to the Client system. Analogies . designs and develops novel speech and music processing tools.Industry overview The key areas of 4Plus activities and products orientation is the design. The company’s unique technologies can be applied in hearing aids.alma-tech. in home entertainment/ professional AV appliances and in professional audio industry applications. UMTS) technologies.A.4plus. autonomous navigation and fleet/sworm UAV cooperation. acoustics and psychoacoustics (ii) the vertical knowledge of the industry's needs and (iii) the exceptional academic background of the company's founders. programs and partnerships at national and European level. The company provides testing equipment for both wired (IP. VCOs. More information at: www. Alma has recently launched the only hardware IP cores for lossless digital image compression LJPEG & JPEGLS. More information at: www. thermal-infraredmultispectral imagery and metric mapping from the air. early stage fabless semiconductor design company that was founded as a University of Patras startup on March 2006 and commenced operations early 2007. in teleconference centers. manufacturing and customization of Unmanned Aerial Systems and Vehicles (UAS: Unmanned Aerial Systems. Aerofilms configures and customizes aerial platforms (eg helicopters or air planes) to perform automatically the corresponding works.

or windows. Automotive. etc on color. Using Antcor’s cutting edge impleme ntations of emerging standards such as WiMAX and AVS S. N.g. H. performance and ease of use. Its activities begin in 2000 researching and developing diagnostic/telematic . No need for expensive and complicated controllers no need for wiring – user friendly plug and play LED lighting system. ΑVS is a company that is characterized by its rapid growing rates. Aerospace – NASA. and highway sound barriers.NET Micro Framework. ODMs and OEMs worldwide. Apix Corporation has a long standing reputation for quality. luminosity. Since its foundation. The members of the executive team have international experience in the research of nanomaterials (Dr. Astrofos lighting platform takes advantage of all features of LED's technology without compromises and in the easiest way. software and industrial design to achieve short time to market for our customers. Astrofos has developed an innovative LED-based lighting system. is a greek company that specializes in development of technological products that concerns diagnosis. tested and proven in large wireless network installations. Antcor has over than 25 active partnerships with leading OEM vendors and Wireless equipment distributors. manufacturing and trading high technology light systems. Train Safety Systems. and developing the necessary drivers/applications for use with custom or 3rd party boards. Discrete Parts Manufacturing Military. Finally it is worth mentioning that Antcor’s technology has been deployed at the most distinguished municipalities in Greece. More information at: www. Apix products are serving a wide variety of industrial and other markets such as : Distributed Control & Data Acquisition. We offer the industry’s most reliable and advanced Linux-based wireless OS and NMS. and mainly. Chemicals. a fuzzy logic inference engine module targeting both control and AI decision problems. P. Bluedev delivers reference designs and manufacturing tools for the end product in terms of hardware. More information at: Astrofos was established in 2007 aiming at designing. In fact we can have absolute control via mobile. Our semi-transparent solar cells are aimed to be used as solar glass walls.bluedev. in the Technological and Cultural Park in Lavrio. palm. Test Stand Technology. its activities expand to providing diagnostic/telematic solutions and emission testing devices for the needs of the industry. its products displayed on the Innovation Gallery of Madrid AUTOMECHANIKA 2011 Exhibition show. Florida and later moved to Orlando. Later. e. Three years of research led to a wireless lighting platform capable of controlling LED sources.S. Mining Operations. The permeability to light and the possibility of harvesting diffused light makes these solar cells ideal for many applications such as building glass walls and windows. The company started in 1989 in Boca Raton. embedded in a building’s architecture.britesolar. Stathatos ) and large scale manufacturing and global distribution ( Dr.apixcorp. More information at: www.astrofos. Lianos. the company is situated in BIC of Attica Incubator. Compressor Automation. effect at one or more LED light Brite Solar is developing Solar Panel Technology based on Dye Sensitized Solar Cells. The production of the solar panel is done entirely using ink-jet printing which reduces significantly the manufacturing cost. using new composite organic / inorganic lightweight nanostructured materials. All this in the easiest way: Wireless.antcor. the Brite’s panel is semi-transparent and active even in the presence of diffused light on either side of the glass. customers can create and deploy wireless devices and systems that lead in reliability. The patented Brite Solar’s technology yields a solar module.Kanopoulos ). Injection Molding & Extrusion. performance and reliability in the control and data acquisition area. More information at: www. and do so in record time. telematics and emission testing for transportation. Aluminum Smelters. More information at: www.avsautomotive. by both migrating our software modules to the new platform. Submersible Vehicles.A. More information at: www. corporation and manufacturer of high performance data acquisition and control Apix is a U. by performing the necessary research where needed and developing industry prototype as appropriate. Dr. which has similar performance to that of thin film solar panel at significantly reduced cost. We are already working on the new Microsoft . Refinery Works. initially for the needs of repair workshops. industry and vehicle fleet management. BLUEdev Ltd activities include engineering and consulting services in the embedded systems industry. made ΑVS products wide -known. Our technology has been successfully applied to R&D projects and it is currently transferred to consumer and industrial products. We are using a solid electrolyte (patented) which solves chronic problems of long term reliability present in competing dye sensitized solar cell technologies. by the commitment in offering quality products and technical support to its customers. The continuous research and development of innovative products since 2001 to nowadays and the participations in international exhib itions (ΟΕΜ and Automotive Aftermarket) on the other hand. all glass green houses. car sunroofs. Oil & Gas. while its export activity exceeds 90% of its turnover. and as a result.Antcor creates software products and services for leadming wireless network operators. Furthermore.

optoelectronics and photonics technologies. manufactures and markets high power optical fiber amplifiers and lasers applicable to telecoms. Cingular. More information at: www. Today. laptops and PDAs.diasemi. in technology and innovation consulting. tailored to specific corporate requirements.V.A. data and video a triple play. More information at: www. a leading provider of high-capacity LTE-ready wireless backhaul .digitalsky. North America. The company’s R&D department is actively participating in European-funded research projects related to next generation FTTH and high-capacity transport networks. Our customers are companies and research organizations in Europe and Japan. embedded software (Operating System and applications) and the complete form-factor product design (PCB. More information at: www. the company has regional sales facilities and research centers in England. The company uses satellite equipment and services and wireless infrastructure witch provide broadband wireless access in order to develop and enable internet based service applications at any location.A. PTC. South America. By having invested and continue to invest in an open source software based on Linux. NTT DoCoMo. Our focus on applications delivery results can maintain a high number of users. Vassilis Digalakis. Dialog Semiconductor Hellas S. sensing and defense applications. which serve nearly one billion mobile subscribers in over 40 countries across Asia. Dr. More information at: www. Dialogos’ primary operations include d eveloping and supporting automated speech systems that are used to provide information over the telephone network and the internet. unify and accelerate the delivery of advanced wireless data services to mobile handsets. KPN. Digital Sky strength is based on knowledge and experience of the telecom market in Dialog Semiconductor Hellas SA was established in 2007. prototype). With corporate offices in Mountain View. Sprint Nextel. as a subsidiary of SiTel Semiconductor B. and performing basic and applied research in speech processing and recognition technologies. Constelex also specializes in the design and modeling of micro/nano-photonic components and sub-systems and also offers a testing and system integration platform for transforming research prototypes into fully functional systems.diaplous. The company’s customers include leading network operators such as Diaplous is an expert on hardware architectures for Machine Vision and Visual Perception. in the microwave and mm-Wave frequencies. and Constelex Technology Enablers is a privately-held SME established in September 2009 by PhD holders with world-leading track record in the photonics R&D field. with business models based upon a convergence of voice. and Africa. along with his colleagues at Stanford’s Research Institute STAR Labs. Pr of. Digital Sky is a wireless communications solutions provider. Dialogos’ chairman of the board of directors. combining cutting-edge technology solutions. Bytemobile solutions are installed in the wireless networks of more than 70 carriers. microelectronics (IC design). California. Dialogos’ staff includes highly qualified experts in speech processing and recognition. the Middle East. Ceragon Networks Hellas is a subsidiary of Ceragon Networks LTD. Japan. and Willcom. custom-made optical amplifier systems for R&D photonics labs.Bytemobile is the global leader in optimization solutions which simplify. PTK Centertel. Telecom Italia Mobile. by selling additional services. More information at: www. More information at: www. The group assists the industry (including IC companies) from small to large. namely. Vodafone. is today the leader in the field of VoIP-products consulting based on open source Linux.speech.bytemobile. Dialog Semiconductor Hellas is an R&D centre which provides consulting and services primarily to its mother company with respect to VoIP telephones and associated products affordable to every enterprise in the world with a power consumption that is the state of the art. as well as low-noise. The company’s mission is to offer advanced technology solutions enabled by optics. Digital Sky can locate market applications of innovative research products in the telecoms field and offer consultancy services for wireless networks and web-based applications including current and new technologies. with ease of installation. Dialog Semiconductor Hellas is setting the standard for low-cost low-power telephone designs.constelex. Constelex designs. was founded in 1998. China Mobile. The support is at all levels. Greece. operation and an unbeatable focus on service. It received one of the three «Best Business th Plan Prizes» awarded in Athens at the 7 Venture Capital Forum on June 2006.citrix. Telefónica Móviles. offers the new concept of next generation products in telecommunications. More information at: www. O2. the leading provider of speech recognition solutions. a complete value – added business solutions. The company makes Smart Cameras and Vision Processing Dialogos Speech Communications S. which was acquired in 2011 by Dialog Semiconductor. Massachusetts and Illinois. developed between 1992 and 1995 the speech recognition system that formed the base for the commercial speech recognition system of Nuance Communications. Ceragon Networks Hellas is a company specialized in designing high performance integrated radio transceiver components. China.

fasmatech. taking advantage of existing wireless network Fasmatech is a high technology start-up. In 2006.econais. The management team have been building on successful careers previously in United Kingdom and United States. In 2005.g. specializing in embedded platforms for secure M2M adaptive mobile communications in constrained environments. promotion and global distribution. The targeted markets include those of specialized transportation within industries like Echovision Ltd was established in 2006. They also have sound commercial and management experience in early stage R&D. chemical and food industries. from trading to on-line reservation for place of user’s interest and from data collection to area monitoring over the installed wireless networks. monitoring and generic data collection systems over wireless networks. We have also recently received an investment from Tranzas EPOS SA was founded in 2002 by a group of Greek electrical engineers with the goal of designing. e. This is feasible through a highly skilled and talented team of embedded software and hardware engineers. is co-operating with international partners and also cultivates contacts with an international network of decision-makers all-over the world. which follow the paradigm of the "Software Defined Radio" (SDR) technology. The product range for PVs will become completed very soon. launched its activities in 1970 by producing telecom and electrical cables. going through telecom wirings and reaching the coverage of military areas like Intracom. focused on research & development services for mass spectrometric and ion mobility instrumentation. cable harnesses. is a new high-tech. prototype optimization. In that way eConais provide turnkey solutions for applications like Automatic Meter Reading (AMR). the leading Japanese company in Set Top Box technology. high performance surveillance and jamming systems for military communications (ESM / ECM). high complexity digital systems. Additionally.A. DYNESYS S. More information at: www. The services vary from advertisement to specialized information related to the location of the user. In order to maximize value. The innovation of our products is based on adaptive wireless technologies. developing and marketing electronic systems.dynesys. product development. Strong co-operations over time have covered the whole of the industry field starting from microelectronics cabling. Broadcom NXP and Texas Instruments. a new sector became part of the company’s product portfolio. Our current venture comprises cooperation with WinBox (a German based STB manufacturer) to port our software into their hardware platform. The company aspires to provide the users of Wi-Fi enabled handheld devices with essential location based services while carrying out daily duties in the area of the network.elvityl. Our mission is to provide high quality software and hardware products and support services.A. The company has designed and manufactured digital. Fasmatech’s main business activity is the procurement of consultancy services in research and development of innovative mass spectrometric apparata. The R&D department of the company is active in the design of high performance. More information at: www. Hitachi and Sanyo. EAB and many more. eConais is also specialized in low cost and low power embedded wireless networks devices which can be controlled by software applications running on network servers. The first product family of the company will bring up a sophisticated communications infrastructure. including secure group routing. Fasmatech’s strategic added value is the creation of intellectual property in mass spectrometry and its applications. their applications and peripheral equipment. connecting systems and parts. tourism information and on line news regarding the community where the network operates. manufacturing. embedded protocol adaptation. Our team of scientists and engineers together with its external collaborators are fully equipped to carry out Fasmatech’s business goals.epos. the company expanded its activity to the design of Embedded systems and the automated mounting of SMD and THT printed circuit boards. by introducing our new state-of-the-art PV DC/AC inverter with an exceptional power performance ELVITYL The company eConais is a pioneer service provider over Wi-Fi Networks. which is suitable for a secure and cost-effective asset control in inter-modal unitised transportation. More information at: www. Fasmatech will invest to provide proof-of-principle through computational modelling or construction of scientific prototypes. More information at: www. More information at: www. incorporating intelligent algorithms for resource negotiation and optimization of power consumption. with a deep knowledge of streaming video/audio technology. Those information services are largely sponsored by entrepreneurs with activities in that area or organizations which are responsible for providing citizen’s servi ces. Panasonic.A. Our most recent achievement has been the development of IPTV and Digital Signage products that have been sold to customers including Sony.Dynesys S. network self-organization. marketing. etc. The software we generate is adaptable and thus has been ported to different platforms including . Netcom. More information at: www.echovision. Elvityl d esigned and produced the well-known ‘’Heliotropio’’ solar tracking system for PV plants and also pr oduced a range of special PV cables. market-oriented company. where they were involved in world class research and product development of mass spectrometric and ion mobility technologies.

to develop core technologies and establish alliances in the industry and in January 2003 closed its second round of funding. More information at: www. intellectual property (IP) GENNET is one of the leading Product & Solution Providers for the new emerging and converging technologies of telecommunications. radio and other wireless networks radiation. Lately. security solutions and IT for Greece. and services that enable delivery of first-pass silicon. high-quality. The products thatFASMETRICS offers in Greece and in the markets of Balkans and Cyprus are mainly products of specialized technology and data post-processing (hardware and software) that concerns GSM.helic. production organization. Helic’s VeloceRF™ is the leading EDA tool for integrated i nductor synthesis. modelling and verification and has been adopted by several renowned semiconductor companies worldwide. Linux-based broadband access gateways covering the needs of end-users ranging from residential to SOHO/SMEs. UMTS. GDS is staffed with highly qualified engineers properly chosen and trained in order to consolidate know-how from all of the offered services by the company although specialized in one technological part. With a global reach and sales offices in Europe.264). was included in EUROPRACTISE's annual report as one of most innovative integrated products delivered in 2005. the U. This way. Measurements of mobile phones masts. is fully controllable by GENNET's R&D. and Japan. Finally. radio electronics and telecommunications. offering products and services for broadband networking. GDS undertakes projects in Greece and abroad. operator-driven functionality. It is among a few companies worldwide to claim successful porting of embedded Linux kernel to new processor architectures. It was established in September 2005 by electrical and electronic engineers with long experience in electromagnetism. DVB-T/H. also known as H.S. smoothly integrated with a complete management solution. both Software and Hardware. operators are supported seamlessly for the development of new. as well as stations and substations of Public Power Corporation. advanced embedded systems and system S/W. WiMAX and GSM-R technology services providers. More information at: www. This implies the integration of different systems and technologies into one system in a manner that can cooperate and behave as a concrete system. while greatly reducing the development cycle for complex wireless transceiver GDT is a digital systems design company. More information at: To achieve its goals.fasmetrics.gennetsa. More information at: www. the research and development of new products in the sectors of microelectronics and radio electronics. GDS main concept is “One building – One system”. GDS is the only Greek company that develops KNX GDS founded in 1996 and it is the most reputable company in Greece in building automation with international recognition. methods and procedures for communication between KNX and other systems. at the Technology Park of Thessaly and has offices in Athens. The OxyGEN product portfolio includes innovative. the production of specialized measurement systems for electromagnetic fields. ECIAD. The design of the devices. marketing and sales of terminal equipment for Next Generation Networks (NGN).com Helic specializes in the development of enabling EDA technologies for RFIC and systems-in-package (SiP) design. Committed to provide the best of breed solutions for its . GDT's first networking controller IC product. GENNET Broadband Solutions delivers innovative technology and services based on the extensive know-how of its engineers in the development. Utilizing and combining technical know-how with international experience. This flexibility includes customer-adapted or new features and full technical support in short response times. television. This property of the company implies the utilization of know-how between different technological areas and specialties. offering integrated services across the whole range of automation and control.FASMETRICS is the first engineering company in the area of electromagnetic fields in Greece. multimedia systems. The European committee KNX has awarded GDS 3 times with the international building automation award for the originality innovation and the technical value of its projects. Helic offers its customers EDA tools. Balkans and Central Eastern Europe. TETRA. The company’s main object of activity is the provision of services regarding the studies and measurements of electromagnetic fields of high and low frequencies. transmission lines of high and ultra high voltage are some of the measurements that we undertake. In August 2000 Helic raised its Series A financing from a consortium of European investors. The company’s headquarters are located in V olos. the development and optimization of methods of measurement and processing of the ingested sample constitute a very important part of our company’s research activities. the core strengths of GENNET are in its highly skilled professional experts and its strategic alliances with leading technology partners around the world. Finally. GDT's silicon IP portfolio has included one of the first commercial implementations worldwide of a hardware HD video encoder core based on the most advanced video coding standard (MPEG 4-10/AVC. GENNET is one of the fastest growing and profitable application and service providers of broadband solutions and mobile IT services in the sector. More information at: www.

Multiplay Service Backends. implemented by qualified management and engineering experts. mobile backhauling and Content Delivery Systems.Since 1984. More information at: www. Remote Site Controllers. The portfolio includes advanced quality services and products acting either as a design entrepreneur or a service provider. provideς integrated solutions involving the design. inAccess Networks is a leading provider of Multiplay Gateways and Multiservice Media Platforms for the converging Telco market. The PPT. It constantly expands its client list that includes most high profile European Telcos. More information at: www. as well as international telecom equipment manufacturers and integrators.535 employees in Greece and has presence in 16 countries worldwide and is considered as one of the largest European companies and top ranking amongst all Greek companies in R&D investment. JSC SITRONICS acquired the 51% of INTRACOM TELECOM. products and services for the Car industry. INASCO is focusing on developing and applying innovative technologies for the aerospace sector.lamdaelectronics. (4) Engine noise reduction technologies for use in extreme environments [technological solution: SegHit™]. More information at: www. Activities and expertise cover: (1) Inception and prototyping of advanced composite and metallic aero structures. products and services in Telemetry and Telematics. At Microelectronics and Embedded Systems area. IRIDA Labs is divided into separate business units offering high-quality services in the fields of: Computer Vision and Multimedia Systems. Wireless Networks. inAccess Networks has received the award of the fastest growing ICT company in .com IRIDA Labs is a high technology Greek company established in 2007 in the technological city of Patras from experienced researchers of the University of Patras. IRIDA Labs customizes software and hardware solutions ranging from research and design level to system level solutions. In this way we attempt to cover the gap of the absence of integration in the areas of high technology products and services aimed at specific technological Founded in 2000. Liquid Composites Mold ing).com INASCO is a high-technology industrial SME founded in 1989 with capabilities and expertise in the areas of Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Processes (Precision Machining. the company installed many automation systems in various industries and hotels all over Greece. More information at: Lamda Electronics S. products and services for “smart home” applications.iridalabs. The main services target in the fields of Information Processing and Remote Sensing. The scientific resources. Lite™]. including “smart” molds and process control electr onics. wireline multiservice access systems.ilpra. platforms for Double-Play Media & Services. Point-to-point radio systems. INASCO is staffed with the highest level of scientists and technical personnel.16.A. Next-generation LMDS systems (point to multipoint wireless). The areas which form the basic activities of the company are: OEM high technology products with innovative applications that will appeal to the large construction groups of Greece and abroad. Embedded Systems. the experience and professional skills of IRIDA’ s personnel and the know-how of the company ensure exceptional quality of service.inasco. (2) "Turn-key" solutions for composite manufacturing. High Performance Acoustic Liners & Intelligent Distributed Embedded Systems for real-time insitu monitoring of physical/structural parameters. and equipped with manufacturing facilities for composites and metallic prototypes production and electronics lab. Key products include WiMax 802. development and optimiz ation of industrial automation products with the use of telemetry and telematics. as well as converged Value-Added Service Delivery Platforms. Since June 2006. inAccess Networks current product lines include Multiplay Home Gateways and Controllers.intracom-telecom. for power device testing and certification. products and services for the Industrial Sector. In 1997. with its power electronics products. Earth Observation and Remote Sensing. Microelectronics. More information at: www. The company is intensively investing in R&D and continues the expansion of its product portfolio with additional CPE and platform offerings in the areas of Triple-Play and Quad-Play Media & Services. covering a wide range of applications. headquartered in Athens. INASCO is ISO 9001 certified. Flow™. a line of automation electronics products to be used in the production of home and industrial elevator control panels. there are more than 200 Engineers that participate in the development of state of the art products in the area of wireless and wireline broadband INTRACOM TELECOM is a leading telecom equipment manufacturer and telecommunications solutions provider. (3) Novel industrial cure and flow monitoring systems for composite manufacturing process optimisation & industrial integration [Technological solution: DiAMon Plus™. using its DirectBus patented system. the PPC and the Attica metro are included in the long list. and IPTV platform. Greece with more than 100 customers in over 50 countries.inaccessnetworks. During its six years operation. More information at: www. ILPRA has supported numerous companies and organizations to power uninterruptedly their production and logistics systems in Greece. INTRACOM TELECOM has 2. As of 2001 ILPRA mainly exports renewable energy related products and also manufactures scientific instruments with embedded systems.

of disposable Lab-on-Chip for genetic analysis and of their associated systems for molecular diagnostics Micrel Medical Devices S. At Movinno we capitalize on our innovation philosophy and strong educational and professional background. has been a silent R&D partner and key driver for OEM products that are being competitively and successfully exported worldwide. Greece and the activities of the company include. for 48 Hospitals in the greater Paris area. concluded that Micrel pumps and consumables as best for their treatment. which has enabled the monitoring of over 760 system variables for hybrid power generation plants consisting of PV arrays. we have already developed successful LED driver engines to 20W. while 93% of its products are exported to all continents. in chronological order patent in the world. is a manufacturer of infusion pumps and consumables.micrelmed. Information Technology. More information at: www. the company successfully replaced Parenteral Nutrition pumps (used by patients fed intravenously) of a big American manufacturer. however. while in parallel designs. using a mobile GSM/GPRS phone and Personal Area Sensor Network. Marine. Movinno’s R&D focuses on combining technology in clever and inn ovative ways to provide means to connect human with technological infrastructures.Finally. Today. in the UK. or for primary healthcare (practitioners). Environment. Our international advisory board possesses experience in marketing and devel- .A. We are cooperating with one of the world’s best companies in heat management. hybridization detection). The company was the first with technological equipment that represented Greece in the EU Design Prize 1994. Energy. research on innovative microfluidic circuits. on new generation bio-sensors and on the development of medical instrumentation incorporating the previously mentioned technology (molecular diagnostics systems for the detection of specific genetic mutations). selling worldwide under its well recognized Brand Name and technology and European and US patents. 1987 Micronics has for over 22 years. Wind and fossil fuel generators large Battery storage arrays and diesel fuel monitoring. Furthermore. manufactures and provides its own products developed in its own laboratories in Piraeus or in the factory located in Alexandroupolis.MARAC ELECTRONICS S. Some important points in our history have been the company’s entrance at the Greek Stock Exchange in 2003 and its certification some years earlier by the Greek Standardization Organization (ELOT) under ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. for the new style telemedicine. The company addresses the market of diagnostic instrumentation for genetic diagnostics laboratories. a feature that worked as a catalyst for the wining the Parisian Hospitals’ tender. Engineers with solid knowledge in Business Administration (MBAs) and successful careers in various critical positions. And we love what we do. Focusing our resources into energy management technologies lead to the development of RAMSIS. The Lab-on-Chip will integrate 3 different processes (DNA extractionpurification. location or sensory inputs. it worth noting that we participate in the manufacturers registers of all big Public Authorities including the National Defense Ministry Providers Register as well as in Organizations such as SEPE (Federation of Hellenic Information Technology & Communications Enterprises).micro2gen. Emerging LED light technologies do not leave Micronics indifferent. who recalled its products from the market. SEKPY (Hellenic Defense Industries Catalogue) etc.marac. In 2005 the company won the biggest 3 year tender in Europe of Pain Control Analgesia (PCA) infusion pumps. microelectronics design and the development of the associated firmware for the control of the genetic analysis microfluidic circuitry. Our company chooses strategic partners from the global Movinno is a start-up company that develops innovative portable devices which add value to everyday life by addressing specific needs.A. Above all though. It is hosted in the technology park of NCSR Demokritos in Athens. distributed data logging system. We constantly explore new methods of human-machine interaction such as motion. DNA amplification. the most important attribute is our commitment to deliver innovative and conceptually superior solutions for their need! More information at: www. Currently Lab-on-Chip for genetic mutation detection with integrated DNA extraction from blood doesn’t exist as such and it is a worldwide inn ovation. Rythmic Connect infusion pump which is continuously on-line with MicrelCare Server is the first product of this technology. with an industrial design of Andreas Varotsos. Its major markets are in Western Europe. More information at: www. was founded in 1976 in Piraeus and is considered as one of the most impor tant groups in the field of technology which combine Integrated Solutions and Specialized Technical Micro2Gen is a fab-less startup SME active in the design and fabrication (through strategic partnerships). For our precious Established in Athens. Micrel holds the second. SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises). Security – Civil Protection and Telemetry. we at Micro nics do what we love. It is worth mentioning that the patient associations in a comparative study with all available pumps worldwide. a wireless server based. We are committed in using safe materials and technologies and place special emphasis on industrial design and interface. More information at: www. Our business model is strongly extrovert and focused in delivering a unique value proposition to our customers and specifically to niche or neglected markets.micronics. our company presents a wide spectrum of products and services in the areas of Telecommunications. The team is comprised of Dipl.

remote notification (via phone. Ethernet. Denmark. More information at: www.g. More information at: www. but most importantly. The company specializes in the development and manufacture of electronic systems (hardware. providing proven optimal systems with excellent technical support. Cyprus. and detailed information on the power needs and behavior of all parts of the IC. safe and trouble-free living environment.Technology was founded in 2006 by experienced professionals with active role in design and development of electronic systems. More information at: www. Nanotropic™ is an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company specializing in power integrity and optimization software tools for digital and mixed-signal Integrated Circuits (ICs) and System-on-Chip (SoC).com Founded in 2008. and Saudi Arabia. More information at: www. In the short period of its operation. We transfer innovations out of our lab and into the hands of consumers. Nanotropic’s™ unique NanoPower™ EDA software tool helps tackle po wer consumption and operating speed by providing IC designers with previously unattainable real. temperature. More information at: www. Since 2007 the action of the company has achieved to networked and promote over 700 . we seek to create a more comfortable. which provide certification for all their products. to address everyday problems. laboratory applications. meteorological stations. and Design and verification of the WLAN functionality for Smart Phones of T1 mobile phone supplier. Norway. Specifically. recording and processing. we take advantage of these unique properties to develop applications that are user-friendly. Moreover. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified by the Lloyd’s Registered Assurance Limited. humidy. The team holds patents and has widely published in nanotechnology and has successfully managed internationally high-technology products and ventures. At NanoPhos. some of the most important projects accomplished in this period are: Design and verification of the WLAN functionality for a Portable Media Player (MP3) of a well known Korean Nanoradio Hellas was established in June 2007 as a branch office of the Swedish company Nanoradio AB aiming at providing hardware and software design services for Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) applications to the mother company. software) for data collection. we craft materials that effectively solve common problems. the range includes wired systems and systems for data collection of wireless sensor nodes.opment of high-tech devices and is comprised of top executives. Sweden.netrinno.nanoradio. HVAC systems. Satellite). SMS. then one nanometer would have been the size of an apple! Nanosized materials reveal unique properties when compared to ordinary. NetRinno company is specialized in creating innovative online ordering systems combining applications of embedded systems and telephony services in order to achieve the interactive and direct communication between the client and the visitor via web and mobile applications. safe. based on the strong expertise of its engineers. Specifically. established in Greece the Integration and Verification engineering of the company. Currently. NanoPhos was recognized in January of 2008 by Bill Gates as st one of the most innovative companies. Design and verification of the WLAN functionality for two Wireless Network Camera products of American and Asian companies. the product range includes stand alone data loggers for analog and digital units (e. Nanoradio Hellas has a significant growth record by contributing to the development of critical products for the company and supporting key customers to embed the company's integrated circuits and software into portable devices.mtec. email) and telemetry (via Internet) with a variety of connectivity options (GPRS. By harnessing nanotechnology. NanoPhos is founded and managed by a team with a proven international track record. industrial automation control. renewable energy sources. At NanoPhos. which deals with very small structures. Portugal. One nanometer (nm) stands -9 for one billionth of a meter (10 m) and it is so small that if earth was one meter in diameter. More information at: www. The company also received the 1 prize for innovation at theprestigious 100% Detail Show in London. During the same period.nanophos. Our vision is clear: “Tune the nanoworld to serve the macroworld” – in simple terms make nanoparticles serve the needs of people. The company has a qualified and creative team of experienced electronic engineers and an extensive partner network. cost effective.Technology constantly invests in the development of new systems as well as the evolution of current product range and monitors developments in the field of electronics and requirements of the application areas. WiFi. usually sized below 100 m. Finland. bulk materials or even molecules. The solutions provided by the company’s products are intended for multiple application a reas such as: industrial refrigeration.movinno.nanotropic. food chain. Nanotechnology refers to the scientific field. Poland. Ireland. flow. energy consumption). m. entrepreneurs and consultants. Greece. firmware. the company is present in the NanoPhos SA invents clever materials that solve every day problems. NanoPhos is a rapidly growing company that is actively expanding its distribution network.

which is very well recognized in the industry. the company changed its legal status to an SA (Societé Anonyme) corporation in 2001.opthellas. near Thessaloniki.(LC and Quartz Crystal type). development and marketing of high quality.000 units. Opticon Group is already collaborating with large European replication facilities for the production of Stampers that will be used for the replication of small independent film productions and Hollywood Blockbusters. advanced communication IP cores and provides expert ASIC/FPGA design services in telecom area.). Turbo Product Codecs. ambient assisted living. Planing. Opticon Group’s research agenda involves the development of nano materials. In this timeframe the company has achieved a high level “know-how” in its field.Noesis Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company that specializes in design. Interleavers. Medical Electronics. and in many cases publicly traded companies. and sells products and services for the rapidly growing ageing population. Our solutions include a friendly and easy to use social networking platform. mechatronic and laser engraving systems for the development of innovative production methods for optical discs and microelectronic applications. Noesis Technologies is an export-oriented company and has its principle operations in Patras. modeling and high volume production of RF filter products .000 m². ambient intelligence. AGEING INDEPENDENTLY brings together a set of integrated services combining quality in-home care and assistive ICT technology solutions to improve the lives of the senior and for those who care for them. area and power dissipation as well as customized versions tailored to specific customer needs. More information at: www. education and entertainment markets. cost effective. East European & Central European countries. of high reliability and quality are being accomplished at the company’s plant. The company’s products are close to 100% exported to markets in the US. Currently it develops its first product for the Smart Home sector. More information at: www.S. Two –way tactical communications. Balcan and Arab countries. Helping seniors to continue to live comfortably in their home for as long as possible by delivering social networking & e-security. Greece. The company has its own building 4000 m² equipment premises in a land of 10. More information at: www. and a wearable appliance and various mobile technologies that provide the means for the continuous and automatic monitoring of an elderly person’s wellbeing. Greece. Research & Development and Production of modern technology. Avionics Systems and other industrial uses. Apart from product development the company offers design and implementation services for custom solutions to the service and consumer robotics and ambient intelligence areas. and Canada based companies active in telecom and defense sector.A. Noesis is particularly specialized in Forward Error Correction technology and its portfolio of FEC IP cores includes Reed Solomon Codecs. Olympia Electronics has 130 employees. It has strong links to the Greek and international academic and research community pursuing state of the art joint research projects. In addition to the complete suite of FEC IP cores. For nearly 3 decades OPT Hellas has been a leader in the design. Through the brands OIKOTek and OIKOCare. Its customer list includes large U. Europe and Asia . It is based in Tripolis (region of Arcadia) and manufactures Stampers used for Bluray disc replication.noesis-tech.A. More information at: .novocaptis. After 2 decades as a successful and always profitable business entity. The company offers a broad range of architectures optimized for Novocaptis is a young start-up company established in early 2010 in Thessaloniki.oikocare. The product line’s main applications include: Defense Electronics. More information at: www. Further more Olympia Electronics has a wide distribution network in the following areas: U. Olympia Electronics is the dominant firm (53% market share) in the Greek market of emergency lighting & fire detection systems covering all the geographical area of the country. Its vision is to provide cutting-edge products and services in the areas of service and consumer robotics. The head quarters of the company are at the North Of Olympia Electronics was established in OPT Hellas was founded in 1980 as a type limited corporation (LTD). Europenean Union. The offered IP solutions are fully configurable and can be used in any telecom technology that requires FEC. The company’s annual production & distribution exceeds the 400. source coding and modulation. OPT’ s customer base includes high tech. Its legal form is incorporated company (S. It also offers business and technological consulting services in its areas of expertise.A. the company offers a range of silicon proven cores in the areas of encryption. The company holds a sales branch in Athens. More information at: www. The distribution and sales dept cover all districts of Greece. Turbo Convolutional Codecs. Blu-ray. OPT maintains a worldwide sales presence through representation in major industrial markets. AWGN Channel Emulators..olympia-electronics. Through remote monitoring our solutions track real time emergencies and lifestyle changes over time in order to manage the risks associated with the independent living of elderly people. environmental Aging Indepentently designs.opticongroup. Viterbi Decoders.S. networking. manufactures. BCH Opticon Group is the only Greek company with manufacturing activity in the area of 3rd generation optical discs.

More information at: www. its activities include the design and development of Broadband Access terminals and Solutions. wireless sensors solutions (Prisma Sense) and Led displays (PrismaLed). Serbia. opto-mechanical and opto-electronics design. The rich. it implements an internationally patented. globally. HP (Preferred Partner). it offers complete solutions mainly in the field of optoelectronics for atmospheric applications. Broadband Wireless Access technologies to deliver services to fixed users in urban. Information-Communication Systems. This way. albeit powerful. sales and support of customers. OTE’s R&D department participates in many research projects in the seventh FP7 research project frameworks co-funded by the European Union. most importantly.A. and since then. high-quality broadband access gateways covering the needs of end-users ranging from residential to SOHO/SMEs. was established in 1991 in Alexandroupolis. Company’s systems have been located and are under operation in more than 10 countries all over the world.A. but in the design of appropriate software also. OTE is one of the five biggest companies in the Greek stock exchange market and its stocks are th negotiated in the New York and UK stock exchange market. Research and Development: OTE runs an extensive in-house R&D program and has established co-operation with leading Greek academic institutions. OTE is currently the major public switched voice telephony provider in Greece and as such.The Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S. CISCO (SMB Select). operators are supported seamlessly and in short response times for the adaptation of the device functionality or the development of new features. This results into the full control of all products. Oracle (Partner Network) and Intracom. was established in Athens (Greece) in 2002 by skilled research personnel in cooperation with ZENON S. maintains strategic partnerships with companies like Microsoft (Certified Partner). collaborative. the marketing.raymetrics.0 technologies and related systems for the collection. Users record their routes and exchange them with free navigation software and world maps. commonly known by its acronym OTE. with great emphasis in the wireless and fibre communications sectors. 3. suburban and. More information at: www. making Oxygen Broadband gateways a future-proof. which are currently under heavy investigation: 1. composes the Company’s profile. our company has managed to be in a dominant position of the global market of LIDAR systems and το offer unique solutions to this growing and demanding area. the Company manufactures electronics for CERN. hardware configuration options is enabled by the core strengths of the company: its highly skilled professional experts and the strategic alliances with leading technology partners around the world. Romania. security solutions and IT for Greece. The company’s primary focus is to be updated with the pace of technological advances in telecommunications. multi-parametric routing with time-of-day granularity. Fibre technologies for carrier services and core network layout. Prisma Electronics S. Linux-based software feature-set. including the European Space Agency. utilizing a credit-based system (digital virtual currency). across rural areas with low subscriber density. Furthermore. crowdsourcing technology for the collection. providing access to a variety of telecommunications RAYMETRICS S. as well as to offer faster map updates for its us- . 2. including full IPv6 support. FYROM and Albania). Committed to address the needs for multi-service Next Generation Networks (NGN).A. designs and manufactures a complete series of systems which rely on LIDAR technique and technology. Bulgaria. processing and distribution of traffic. fibre and wireless technologies. turn-key solution capable of supporting converged services in both current and future broadband networks.000 employees in 6 countries (Greece. Its involvement in Ele ctronics. NΕ Greece.0 / Web-3.. Innovative Electronics and ICT products designed and developed by the Co mpany include: digital system for interactive touring (Xenagos). both in terms of Software and Hardware. combined with the flexible. smoothly integrated with a complete management Prisma Electronics S. the Greek Government and the Deutsche Telecom Group hold 25% of the stocks plus an extra stock. More information at: www. research centres and the industry. OTE has identified the following strategic R&D OXYGEN BROADBAND S.prisma. Balkans and Central Eastern Europe. xDSL technologies for fast Internet access and multimedia services. Since November 5 2008.NET ("navigation beyond") is an SME that implements innovative Web-2. road and sensory data in order to provide improved routing capabilities for GPS navigation.A. SBOING maintains an active database of traffic and location-based data for the entire planet and uses it to perform more accurate.ote. the organization of production. was founded in 1949 by the Greek State and is the biggest full service telecommunication company in Greece. Having gained long-year experience not only in the optical. Energy and national and EU R&D programs. operates an extensive network of cable. intelligent. It is one of the very few companies over the world which make business in the remote sensing area (applying laser technology) for atmospheric and meteorological applications and the only one which designs and manufactures multi-parameter LIDAR systems. RAYMETRICS S. The group of OTE has more than SBOING. More information at: www. The Oxygen product portfolio comprises innovative. In particular. A. is a leading Broadband Product & Solution Provider for the converging technologies of telecommunications.A. By sophisticated processing of the user traces and other contributions.A. processing and exploitation of location and mobility based data.

The Microsystems Division – established in 2007 – provides innovative solutions based on Auto-ID . More information at: www. SBOING develops embedded GPS software and systems that support the SBOING technology and its applications. MIMO transceivers for wireless HDTV. manufacturing and trading of electronic apparatus and systems. entirely manufactured in Greece. Currently. a unique approach world-wide. based in Vasiliko Farron. security and fire alarm systems. training. Finally.. and recently Founded in 2002.think-silicon. Top Vision is certified by ISO 9001:2008 since 1999. It develops parametric IP Cores and an innovative web-based IP parameterization and delivery Platform called IPGenius. electronic voltage protector – stabilizers and supervisors.RFID technologies and wireless integrated sensors. In addition to this THEON together with a major European Manufacturer has developed a Capacitive Pressure Sensor for a wide variety of applications. More information at: www. and highly integrated point-to-point radio transceivers. development. are automation and control systems. More information at: www. More information at: THEON Sensors was incorporated in 1997 in Athens and is located in privately – owned facilities at the industrial zone of Koropi. The activities up to date. Over the 96% of its products are directly or indirectly exported in about 24 countries all over the world. implements installs and supports advanced Electronic Public Informational Systems to cover the ever-growing needs of both public and private sector of the market. Company’s MEMS Business Unit constitutes a fabless design and development house for Silicon based micro-systems (MEMS) as well as for integrated circuits (ASICS).ers and for other GPS-navigation applications. developed internally and in cooperation with external companies and Sciensis has designed and developed the first EMV‐2000 compliant smart‐card terminal for fina ncial transactions. More information at: www. data acquisition systems. Key success factors to Top Visions’ successful growth are its customer centric approach.). SENSAP participates in EU FP7 "ASPIRE" IP Think Silicon was established in 2007 and is a chip design services and system IP Core provider company. IT infrastructure services. designs manufactures. control and test systems for refrigerators. maintenance and support services etc. A venture backed company with its European Facilities located in Athens. assisted by a rapidly growing IP Core portfolio. This platform recently attracted the attention of international semiconductor press and many professionals have subscribed to receive parametric circuits. Thyratron ltd has in its owne rship two patents and one international award in management of cooling systems. Theta SA strong track record in delivering advance RFIC solution in CMOS and BiCMOS processes for leading edge applications. More information at: www. working on the development of RFID middleware and Low-Cost RFID Reader Hardware and also in EU FP7 "IHACS" PEOPLE Project – jointly with EPFL – for developing CMOS Hall Sensors. More information at: www. its specialized personnel and its constant investment in Research and Development. The product is already in the production phase. SENSAP’s Business Plan for innovative RFID Items Management was granted in order to implement an EPCglobal compliant system based on the company’s S-Platform RFID Software solution. near by the new Athens International Airport.topvision. Greece and its main purpose is the research. The company is extending the platform with the development of parametric Virtual platforms.sboing.theon. sells. the high quality of its products and Thyratron ltd was founded in 1992 and is an electronic application company. Development and Production of an IMU system for Space Top Vision THETA Microeletronics is an RFIC Design House and provider of related RFIC Intellectual Property solutions and buildings blocks. one of the most high-powered rising companies in the market. Most of the company’s products are OEM oriented. Finally only recently European Space Agency has awarded to THEON MEMS Business Unit the mandate to evaluate Silicon micro-technologies for the Design. at Achaia.thetamicro. installation or developing of needed software. More information at: www. THEON has developed a family of Mass Air Flow Sensing Systems that is currently evaluating from companies around the world for various applications including Medical and Consumer Goods . Greece. Theta is developing and delivering customized advanced Radio Frequency integrated circuits (RFIC) for mobile broadband data and video connectivity applications. In 2007 Thyratron ltd became a member of Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association as a result of the high technology knowledge and exploitation.sensap. Its solutions are based either on its own developed products or on products of leading global vendors that have trusted Top Vision as their strategic partner for Greece and for the SE European region.sciensis. wireless asset tracking systems. Theta has been awarded. emergency elevator callers. Top Visions’ solutions encompass a wide range of professional services for the effective and productive operation of the products offered (business consulting. SENSAP Microsystems SA focuses on the development and implementation of High Tech Solutions for industrial systems and processes. various contracts for WiMAX tranceivers.

XVUE is involved in commercial and research medical projects that focus on bio-imaging. wireless engineering (propagation & coverage planning. 2001. Philips. develops video search systems based on innovative techniques. founded 2008. methanol. antenna design (modelling & prototyping of RFID/WiFi antennas). armyvehicles.A. Huge video repositories or multiple video channels can be searched in a scalable and reliable way.A has participated in more than 15 Research Projects. video playlists. such as TI. it is certified from TUV HELLAS (Member of TUV NORD GmbH) for the Design and Production of Fuel Cell Systems and is a member of the Joint Technology Initiative – Industry Grouping. CRM and Intelligent Transport . The company offers fully specialized solutions for the following sectors: Media Production (and Post-Production). Unibrain is listed in the AthensStock Exchange since April 30th. signal processing. numerous 2D and 3D effects and Video Search Systems (ViSS) Ltd. Vision Solutions is a dynamic startup. More information at: www. Greece). Business Process Management (BPM).visionsolutions. trucks. The customer list includes firms with robust brand names. More information at: www. ViSS offers technology. multimedia social networks. internet and broadcast media content tracking. part of the European Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Platform. More information at: www. Iomega. uav.unibrain. the company is also performing research and development (R&D) covering a wide range of activities such as theoretical and applied signal processing. ViSS also offers a development environment integrating own patented systems with third party components.Trinity Systems is a start-up company offering specialized integrated ICT solutions and services to the enterprise sector. Rockwell Collins. it specializes in Enterprise Software. lpg or biofuels and fuel cell engines integrated in scooters. etc. Siemens. which focuses on fuel cell power systems operating with hydrogen. Xerox. industrial & environmental telemetry systems (WSN/Zigbee/WiFi/GPRS/3G) etc. Tropical S. Refrigeration units and cooling boxes (isothermal Chambers) being driven by either the vehicle’s engine or by an autonomous system and. which are mainly used in broadcast. More information at: www. Intelligent Transport Optimization Systems and Mobile business application. Packard Bell. Xvue offers iOrasis Studio that builds on Matrox DSX Hardware and can be used for on-air video broadcasting of multiple live inputs.xvue. such as MacPower and Xingtel. in which they were awarded the 1 prize for the best business plan. real-time video processing and 3D rendering. The company's main aim is to develop and provide innovative solutions in the fields of advanced graphics for digital video systems as well as in medical imaging for related healthcare projects. As part of its main field of expertise. boats. It plays pivotal role in development of FireWire solutions.trinitysystems. it established a daughter company Unibrain Inc. field testing). trains. soft-computing. bootstrap-financed and is located in Thessaloniki. ViSS technology is highly modular and can be accommodated into embedded network systems. The company has designed the digital hardware architecture for a research Magnetic Resonance Imaging system.tropical. In 2000. The newly established company is TROPICAL S. and the last few years has expanded to developments in storage and multimedia technologies. buses. is a fast-growing organization manufacturing A/C Units as well as Fuel Cell Systems (power generators). Unibrain uses the OEM sales strategy to promote and sell its Unibrain provides both FireWire hardware and software products. ViSS owns methods for ultra fast searching of multimedia content addressing several deployment scenarios.viss. A web based demonstrator has been specially designed to guide users and clients through the features and capabilities of the approach followed by ViSS. The company also offers multi-channel video capture and review systems. Gtech. More information at: www. cars. which supplies fully-developed A/C units. Unibrain was awarded the winner of "The Best of RetailVisionAwards"™ for Hardware products at the 2004 RetailVision Europe. Greece. comprising of two major departments: a) The A/C units (for buses. California and it was the first Greek company with presence in Silicon Valley.. DRM. using the significant experience of its RD team in image processing. 80% of the annual turnover derives from sales in foreign countries. ViSS completed in June 2009 the first (seed) financing round and targets now a second round (Series A) for Q3/2010. has provided a software application for the control of a Gama-Camera and has developed the control and image reconstruction prototype application software for quantitative Fluorescence tomography. natural gas. Trasportation. More information at: www. providing enterprise software with service offerings in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). in San Ramon. while the production is assigned to big Asian manufacturing companies. vans. The company was spun-off in 2006 by doctorate students of the Aristotle University. image XVUE is a privately owned company established in early 2004. b) The Hydrogen Fuel Cells & Renewable Energy Sources. with more than 100 products with its own technology & know how having in its portfolio. services and products supporting a multitude of applications like direct video search. Logitech. etc) & Various Customized Vehicles. through the entrepreneurship competition “Innovative Ideas” (organized by the R est gion of Central Macedonia. medical and deep-ocean engineering sectors.

It is affiliated with six university departments (Medicine. Professional MBA. important know-how. MSc in Information and Telecommunications Technologies. experimental physical chemistry . strengthened in technology and human resources.ait. novel glasses. It maintains exclusive collaborations with Carnegie Mellon and Harvard University in the USA and Aalborg University in Denmark. It currently offers the following academic programs: Full time MBA. totaling 4. Electrical and Computer Engineering. It was founded in 2002 by the INTRACOM Group and is the largest private initiative in SE Europe and the Middle East in research and education in the fields of technology. ZELITRON SA cooperates with Vodafone Greece for the provisioning of M2M services & applications. sensing).5 million euro. management. The Institute covers disciplines within a broad variety of material and technological platforms. in October 2010. MBA in Shipping. These programs can range from open enrollment seminars to customized solutions such as Leadership Development Programs. and the MSc in Management of Business. on cars. have been awarded to talented students from 22 countries. Its wide range of programs and seminars suit organizations at different levels of growth and individuals at different stages of their career. telemetry. ZELITRON is ISO 2001:9008 certified. in a world that evolves technologically and in which communication now has a broader meaning. AIT has awarded degrees to 251 graduates who are now international executives and specialized research staff.ZELITRON SA (a VODAFONE Greece subsidiary company) is based in Metamorfosi. The company extends the offered applications allocating unique experience. Over 320 scholarships and financial aid. GAS.chemical physics and photonics. Telecommunications and Informatics. installation and support of telematics systems and data services. for the development of software related to telematics and proven faculty in the designing. Currently offered services in the fields of: Fleet Management and Asset Tracking: ZeliTrack. jointly with Aalborg University. Computer Science and Communications. To date. MSc in Business for Lawyers. More information at: www. Apart from the three post-graduate programs – MSc in Information Networking. It is also the leader of high-quality executive education in South-East Europe.zeritron. and Technology – AIT will be offering the pioneering graduate program. Vision: To be leaders in the vast deployed market of M2M technologies. Greece and was founded on June 2004. The goals of the TPCI include: The advancement of scientific research in the fields of theoretical and computational chemistry and physics. 90% of AIT’s graduates are absorbed by the industry in Greece and throughout the Universities and Research Institutions Overview AIT is a non-profit renowned international academic and research center of excellence. customisation. Athens. Smart Metering: SmartEcoMeter (PV. effectuation and support of successful IT projects. POWER). More information at: www. photonics and fiber optic materials and devices. have participated in AIT’s life -long executive programs. meeting the needs of dozens of large corporate clients. telecommunications and information. by providing innovative. More information at: www. ZELITRON SA is positioned dynamically in the market of integrated applications and solutions in the field of M2M services. configuration. More information at: www. BSc in Computer Engineering. amongst other things. MBA in Banking (in collaboration with the Hellenic Bank Association). Innovation. comprising researchers from numerous scientific fields. and Greece. telematics and telecommunications through the GPRS & 3G network to VODAFONE business customers. the Middle East. It is a private not-for-profit organization with a mission to meet the highest international standards in teaching and research. Physics. having also a strong impetus towards the implementation of devices for real world applications (eg. More than 2. nanostructured materials and semiconductors. the training of young scientists (undergraduates. The TPCI/NHRF is a multidisciplinary research centre focussing in the area of Theoretical and Experimental Physical Chemistry and Photonics. Chemical Engineering. It also has a number of re- . Greece. qualitative and reliable services and applications. As off June 2008. the transfer of know-how developed in the Institute into selected industrial applications through its R&D service Institute of Accelerating Systems and Applications (IASA) is a research institute based in Athens. Upon The Theoretical and Physical Chemistry Institute (TPCI) was established in 1979 and is one of the six research Institutes of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF).500 high-level executives from SE ALBA is a fast growing graduate business school founded by and operating under the auspices of the business community.alba. Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences). graduates and postdoctoral fellows) in the methodology and practices of modern research. Customized Management Programs and Corporate MBAs. MSc in Strategic Human Resource Management and MSc in Finance. The Microprocessors and Digital Systems Laboratory (MicroLAB) of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is operating since 1985. More information at: www. Bioinformatics as well as Historical and Cultural Studies. It has developed and implemented novel technologies and methods such as prototypes for all-digital loudspeaker array and the silicon-wafer thermoacoustic The Electronics laboratory (ellab) constitutes the main part of Electronics and Computers Sector of the Department of Physics of Patras University. The group was established in 1989 and it is headed by professor John Mourjopoulos. Computer Vision. Its main research activities can be sorted as following: Accelerator Science . Current research work focuses on nanopa rticle based biochemical sensors and electronic memories as well as investigation of thermal effects on activation and diffusion of dopants in silicon and germanium. It functions under the supervision of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Hellenic Ministry of Development and consists of seven Research Institutes located throughout Greece: Heraklion. Robotics. of the Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept. thanks to its high impact research results and its valuable socioeconomic contribution. More information at: www. The work is supported by funding from EU and national research agencies. ranging from electronics and communications to computing. Biotechnology. Molecular Biology. Dimitris Tsoukalas and includes actually two-postoctoral researchers and 4 PhD students. More information at: www. and is extended to the following topics: a. The research and technological directions of the Foundation cover major areas of scientific. as one of the four basic laboratories of the Department of Physics. 7 graduate students. Biomedical Technologies. and economic interest.upatras. 15 undergraduate students and 1 secretary. Computing Division . Materials.physics. e.organized facilities and highly qualified personnel. Telecommunications. It was founded in 1968.ellab. More information at: www. Medical Over the years.microlab. Public Sector. The Laboratory of Electronic Nanomaterials and Devices of NTUA is headed by Prof. Also each year several Master’s and Diploma thesis are performed in the Laboratory. MicroLAB undertakes teaching activities (covers 6 NTUA courses – 500 students per year).physics. signal processing and information fusion. is one of the largest research centers in Greece with well . social. such as: Computer Sciences.Hellas (FORTH). established in 1983. University of Patras. Embedded DSP Systems The Foundation for Research and Technology . MicroLAB is comprised of 3 faculty members. The group has developed substantial expertise in the fields of digital audio processing and technology. The members of the group have also presented significant scientific results including more than 100 publications in international journals and conferences. Chemical and Biological Engineering. 4 postdoctoral researches. Today. Communication Technologies. European Space Agency..forth. Wireless Communications. Patras and Ioannina. More information at: www. Members of MicroLAB have participated in more than 45 European and National competitive research programs and have received 5 innovation awards for the industry (INTEL and IBM) and other national and international organizations. Athens and OEM for Digigram France. Some of these devices and systems have evolved into novel products in cooperation with local and international companies. Remote sensing. The Foundation's headquarters are located in Heraklion. laboratories. . electroacoustics and architectural acoustics. More information at: www. IASA is collaborating on several projects with the following entities: Universities and institutes in Greece and abroad.wcl.ntua. Moreover. Rethymnon. Applied and Computational Mathematics. Medical Physics. which support and enhance the capabilities of each research area. Electronics Controls and Data Acquisition.Engineering and Applications. including projects financed by the European Commission. Microelectronics. the Electronics Laboratory invests in his students and in their inexhaustible resources for innovation and excellence. CERN.ntua. Private sector (new product development).gr The Audio and Acoustic Technology Group is part of the Wire Communications Laboratory. FORTH has become one of the top European research centers.upatras. Environmental Physics.Grid Computing. Analog Integrated Circuits Design. supervises diploma theses and supports research activities for the development of PhD theses. The institute has gained important experience by participating and managing complex international research projects.ics. The Research and Development activities of the Electronics Laboratory are conducted by the close and harmonical collaboration of several research groups. such as the Digital acoustic compensation system by Roister Speakers (1996) and the computer-based radio station automation system (1991) for Sky R/S. MicroLAB members are experienced in the design and programming of embedded systems and the design of digital VLSI systems (ASICs and FPGAs) with a rich variety of tools and methodologies. Crete. specializing in the design and implementation of digital systems.

in conjunction with (indicative). was founded in 1986.Hellenic Airforce. Dept. students and five Msc The Microelectronics (VLSI) Laboratory of the Computer The Digital Systems Team (DST) conducts research in the area of parallel computer systems and realtime processes. which has been. ALCATEL. Dionysios Reisis). The laboratory supports research and teaching with a variety of courses. Electrical and Computer Engineering. FEL/TNO and GMD-FOKUS Institutes. development and educational projects.hpclab. INRIA(France). More information at: http://dst. embedded compilers. national and company funded research. funded by European Union and national authorities. concurrent design of hardware and software for embedded systems. The researchers of the VLSI Laboratory have published their work in more than 90 refereed scientific journals and in more than 230 of international conferences. in research areas such as: Digital Communications. and Informatics Dept. hearing aids. It has 3 professors and 15 on average PhD students.The VLSI Design The Electronics and Electronic Computers section educates undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department of Physics on theoretical and practical subjects of Electronics and Computer Science. Digital Systems. Its research areas include: design of digital integrated circuits and systems. Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya(Spain). School of Eng. conducted form its establishment. DST has participated in Research and Development projects with FPGA and/or VLSI architecture implementations. peg encoders. University of Patras. The group’s research results are disseminated through extensive publications/presentations in international journals and conferences. Two successful spin off companies have been created by researchers of the Laboratory. Microprocessor Systems. HPCLab has numerous honors and awards for the original and pioneer research. Real-time Systems. Olivetti Ricerca (Italy) etc. the first international prize Mobius for the Parthenon CD ROM. five Ph.. in cooperation with other Universities. etc.phys. More information at: http://www. INTRACOM. COMES personnel includes postgraduate and postdoc research engineers.vlsi. Among the most important success of HPCLab is the establishment of the start-up Eyelead Software in 2007. Satellite and Aerospace Communications.University of Patras) specializes on providing Research and Development (R&D) and consulting services for organizations and companies of the public and private sector. students of the section. Data Transmission and Coding. Multimedia and Web applications.ceid. low power design. DST is part of the Electronics Laboratory of the Physics Department of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA).gr HPCLab introduced for the first time in country. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign(USA).loe. COMES undertakes competitive research projects in the above research fields.D.upatras. The team consists of one Assistant Professor (Dr. SIEMENS. in Greece and abroad. ATMEL Hellas. Its main research activities are on hardware synthesis and design. Real-Time Embedded Systems. VLSI Tools Design. Ministry of Defense . cryptographic engines etc.upatras. of Patras. research centers and companies. More information at: www. The laboratory has won many international awards. has been established officially in the year 1998. More information at: www. Parallel and Distributed The Communications and Embedded Systems (COMES) Group of the Laboratory of Electrotechnics (Electrical and Computer Engineering Dεpt. Has successfully completed numerous National and European research and development projects. research activities in the field of Parallel Processing and installed the first parallel processor in Greece. software of Embedded Systems. the best paper award in Supercomputing Conference (Dallas 2000). such collaborators are: IBM Zurich Research Laboratory. image and video processing and telecommunications. Due to the aforementioned activities of the members of the Electronics and Electronic Computers section and the existing .upatras. real-time processing and their applications in the areas of signal processing. Univ. embedded systems development and communication systems engineering. Finally The VLSI Laboratory has been very active in EC-funded programs and has participated to a very large number of EU.upatras. "System-on-Chip" Design. safety and security system architectures and CAD tools.uoa. Wireless Data Communications and Biomedical Applications. CNR(Italy). (1) staff member. The Digital Systems Team focuses on research on parallel computer architectures and algorithms. and the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization. the section advances these sciences with the systematic research activity in corresponding research fields of the research staff and Ph. (2) external PhD colleges and (5) post graduate students.D. and 3D Graphics and Modeling. Its research activities are mainly focused in Numerical Methods. the Ministry of Culture. Hellenic Aerospace Industry. Moreover.e for drugs infusion used in various treatments. . The laboratory has teamed up with industry designing and developing numerous vlsi chips i. VLSI Signal Processing. Prof. More information at: Among others. embedded applications of DSP and communications. The personnel of the laboratory is consisted by (2) faculty Theodore Antonakopoulos is the scientific coordinator.ceid. covering topics like: VLSI Systems Design. Since 1989 members of laboratory has been participated in a number of research and development projects.

c) System-on-a-Chip (SoC) design techniques and architectures.ionio. Chemists. with funding resources from local and european research funding boards as well as directly from the industry. With respect to research the l aboratory is currently active mainly in the area of embedded systems and specifically in the domains of hardware compilation (high level language code such as C. UML to hardware description language code for FPGAs and ASICs) and compilation for domain specific (multi)-processors. Its facilities consist of laboratory space.physics. Currently the personnel of Computer Systems Laboratory includes 1 assistant pro- . systems. University of Loughborough. and Microprocessor-based Systems Design. equipped with modern methods. Laboratory members hold a patent on self-testing. LTFN is also active in nanoelectronics through the development and characterization of nanostructured materials and films mainly for the production of organic electronics. and Software-Implemented Hardware Fault Tolerance. the IEEE Transactions on VLSI Systems and the IEEE Design & Test of Computers Magazine. The laboratory members have established research and development collaborations with major Computer Systems Laboratory of the University of Peloponnese Computer Science and Technology Department was founded in September 2007.infrastructure. On the teaching side Computer Systems Laboratory currently supports 12 courses of the Department’s program of studies.nanonet. Intracom Telecom and Axilica Ltd.html Main research activities of the Computer Systems Laboratory are Microprocessors. the department emphasizes on developing embedded (and/or portable) platforms. Greece.auth. High-Performance Arithmetic Units. Testing and Fault Tolerance. More information at: with more than 200 laboratories in Greece and abroad covering the fields of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology. of Computer Science. ITC).gr/depts/avarts The scope of the “VLSI Technology and Computer Architecture Lab ”. while the research work regularly appears in all top archival journals (mainly IEEE Transactions and Magazines) as well as the top competitive peer reviewed ACM and IEEE conferences in the design automation and testing disciplines (mainly DATE. Matlab. is the research and teaching in the area of: a) CMOS microelectronics technology and nanotechnology. b) VLSI circuit design. as well as Embedded Systems Dependable Hardware and Software Design.uoi. University of Ioannina. there exists full capability for the design and development of discrete and integrated analog and digital circuits and systems as well as their characterization and application. Multiprocessor SoCs. innovative tools and added-value applications.cs. Computer Systems Laboratory has established strong cooperation with industrial and research groups at Imperial College. which will be further used for realizing multimedia systems and state-of-the-art audiovisual installations for art and entertainment. devices and compositional techniques and development. the research / academic potential of the department is mainly and suggestively active in developing flexible and effective interaction technologies. technology and art in the context of digital audiovisual media. More information at: The Lab for Thin Films. digital audio and image/video coding and distribution techniques. Engineers. Interuniversity Micro Electronics Center Belgium.unipi. DAC. Focusing on science and technology issues. The faculty members of the laboratory lead the Embedded Computing Systems Technology discipline of the MSc program in Advanced Computing Systems of the University of Piraeus. More information at: www.Nanosystems & Nanometrology (LTFN) is established in the Physics Department of AUTh and has many years experience in the growth and characterization of thin films and nanomaterials. Peripherals in Systems-on-Chip. Biologists and Doctors. In the longer term application domain specific programmable architectures will be targeted as well. More information at: digital signal processing methods. For the above implementations. at the The department of audiovisual arts of Ionian University is a new academic unit established in September 2004 in Corfu. The staff of LTFN includes 25 researchers of various expertise such as Physicists. integrated digital content management systems and state-of-the-art. Microprocessors Performance Enhancement Mechanisms. research centers and industry worldwide. The laboratory regularly organizes international conferences and its members hold positions in prestigious journals editorial boards like the IEEE Transactions on Computers. have published books and book chapters.cslab. as evidenced by the many years successful collaboration with industry and coordination of European and National Research Programs. high-quality digital audio reproduction systems. More information at: http://electronics. Specific topics of recent research are Chip Multiprocessors.physics. LTFN activities include the implementation undergraduate and graduate students’ dissertations (Interscientific Postgraduate Program "Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies") and doctoral theses. nanoprocesses and characterization of nanostructured materials & nanosystem properties. e) design for testability techniques and testing algorithms and f) circuit and system computer-aided design tools.auth. Multiprocessors. d) computer architecture.cs. The department basic aim is the advance of science. LTFN also coordinates the thematic network NANONET (http://www.

execution. and the Electrical Circuits and Renewable Energy Resources Laboratory. Testing of Electronic Systems.tuc. two antenna and two radar lab training systems. The University of Central Greece is self-governed under the supervision of the Hellenic (Greek) State. More information at: http://cst. design and development of embedded systems. power amplifiers-LNA-attenuators and various types of calibrated antennas. Greece. infra‐red/visible spectrum and biophotonic‐genetic imaging cameras and more. Three laboratories (among the total of 10) conduct research and education in microelectronics: the Electronics low‐power telecommunication circuits. RF signal generator (6 GHz). and Ph. Robotics. via the Ministry of Lifelong Education and Religion. oscilloscopes. as well as network planning and ray tracing propagation modeling software. a 8.S. M. hyperspectral imaging. operates within the framework of the Technical University of Crete (T. and access to cooperating faculty members and highly qualified R & D engineers with experience in project planning. digital multimeters. energy optimization systems for renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic and wind generation systems. oscilloscopes (1 GHz). space. Research Fields: Design and Implementation of Electronic Systems and Applications. The Department of Computer Science and Biomedical Informatics was initially received students on the academic year 2004-2005. RF generator.D.16j protocol the last 6 months. RF generator. and management. lasers. a measurement system from Nemo Technologies for 3G air interface measurements. specialized database and algorithm development. two PhD candi- .ece. Among its main objectives is to promote graduate education.fessor. 4 visiting lecturers. Visual Information Retrieval Instrumentation. however. light sources.5 GHz network and two spectrum (22GHz and 3GHz portable) analyzers. Autonomous Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles. More information at: www. such as an RF probe station (40 GHz). This research programme. 1 teaching and research assistant. is a newly established institution of University of Central Greece was founded by the President of the Hellenic Republic. high‐frequency. RF calibration kit.I. RF spectrum analyzer (8 GHz).uop.) is a Greek Government-sponsored independent Research Institute established by the Greek Ministry of Education in 1995. 2 full time PhD students and 2 part time PhD students. since it fills in the gap between Computer Science and applications in Medicine and Biology. image. dynamic signal analyzer. Since then. Chania. frequency meters. It is an innovative department in the field of Applied Sciences. as it can be seen from the numerous relative publications in refereed international journals and conferences as well as by its participation in national and European research projects.Sc. since 1990. it has been active in various fields of design and implementation of Electronic Systems. bioinformatics. it is an administratively independent and financially self-sustained entity mainly funded by external research contracts and The Telecommunication Systems Research Institute (T. The laboratories are equipped with an important infrastructure for the design of integrated circuits and The Laboratory of Electronics was established in 1975 (No. Its presence is consolidated following the successful research proposal submitted in the seventh European program frame (FP 7 ICT). within the Department of Electronics of the Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Athens. sensor The Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering of the Technical University of Crete (TUC).5 GHz).gr The Wireless and mobile communications Lab infrastructure includes a measurement system from Narda for radiation measurements. The Institute provides technical support. More i nformation at: www. medical and biological process modeling. the development of electronic design automation (EDA) tools. optical spectroscopy. More information at: www.duth. 219. network analyzer ( The Microwaves Laboratory. T. who work in the area of 802. RF cables. the characterization of micro‐ and optoelectronic devices.tsi.U. Intelligent Systems . Moreover. DC‐DC and DC‐AC converters. More information at: http://electronics. More information at: http://tst. Machine Vision and Mechatronic System Navigation. 8 -10-1975). The faculty enumerates 9 researchers in all professorship grades and various scientific topics.). in cooperation with the University Bradford UK.I. LCR and DC analyzers. video and biological data processing. ΠΔ 671. like telemedicine. the Microprocessor and Hardware Laboratory. and more. degrees. digital signal analyzer. the characterization of n anoelectronic devices. computer architecture and hardware/software interface. Automated Electronic Measurements. research and development in the broad areas of Telecommunications and Telecommunication Systems. optoelectronic and biomedical applications. has attracted three PhD candidates. embedded systems. telemetry. reconfigurable logic.dib.S. integrated sensors. research infrastructure. Research activities span the design of integrated microelectronic systems. offers degree programs leading to a 5‐year Diploma. Cellular Automata and Applications. The Department's research teams are specialized in all the applications of Computer Science related to Medicine and Biology.uop. hyperspectral.. power electronics.

Dosis is currently an Assistant Professor of computing and computer technology. His research work has been published in many scientific papers. More information at: www. all demand graduates who have both good knowledge on new technologies and the necessary expertise to support the smooth network function and interconnection. it has a very good infrastructure and modern equipment for The department of Computing and Computer Technology. in the areas of vehicle to vehicle communications and cognitive radiosystems.epp. of the Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia was founded in 2004-2005. Kavalas. architecture design and implementation of automation system requirements. constantly pursues the interinstitute collaboration. The Industrial Informatics Department. Intelligent Systems. robotic arms. biotechnology. TEI of Chalkida has been involved in ITEA. Parallel & Distributed processing. It concerns a technology that automates and decreases. and Human Machine Interaction. datavoice-video integration systems. implant etc. The Department has modern and well equipped (software Technological Educational Institute of Chalkida was funded in 1983 and since 1986 is located in The Microcomputer Systems Laboratory belongs to the Automation & Electronic Systems Sector of the Electrical Engineering Department of TEI of Patras. microcomputers. more that 25 final year projects and 18 MSc dissertations have been elaborated. molecular diagnostics. In the area of wireless communications.teikav. PLC etc) laboratories for Education and Research on several fields. More information at: www.teiath. There are already seven professors and the department incorporates more than 4 laboratories for research and teaching. Its main objective is to provide a sufficient foundation and educate students in microprocessors. FPGAs. IST.tesyd. It has participated in many operational programs and research projects and has the responsibility for the design.E. development and operation of all Institutes’ networking infrastructure. The embedded systems laboratory confines the hardware activities of the Department and its objective is to perform research and to develop hardware systems in FPGAs and ASICs for various sectors. modelling and characterization of sensor technologies. the management of Communication Networks (wired . integrated industrial applications. wired and satellite networks. as well as. Telematic. by an order of magnitude. The Western Macedonia TEI . More information at: The Department of Telecommunication Systems and Networks aims at the promotion of Information The Applied Informatics and Multimedia Department of T.dates are working.E. Its research interests among others include: the design and development of microcomputing systems based on programmable electronic components and embedded controllers.satellite) and Multimedia techniques. student projects and applied research & development. security in wireless and sensor networks focusing on secure routing protocols and trust management schemes. focuses on Research and Education of software and hardware. towards the development of Innovative. Telecommunications and Founded in 1985 and restructured in 1999.I. the last three years. the time and the effort needed for such systems design. More information at: The Industrial Informatics Department of T. design and development of teleconference services. the collaboration with R&D departments of companies such as PHILIPS (Philips Medizin Systeme Boeblingen GmbH) and CERN (Switzerland). computers and networks). In the rapidly changing Information Society the development of communication infrastructure. development and interconnection of wireless. Robotics. FP7-ICT and ESA as well as in national research projects. development of telematic applications.I Crete focuses on Information Technology Sciences. Dr in several international patents and receives a worldwide recognition.wireless .teiher. Telecommunications and Network Technologies and Applications and through teaching and research it meets the increasing demand for graduates with a thorough grounding in the principles of these sciences.teipat. the integrated applications of content and added value the convergence of technologies(television. such as telecommunications. including Digital & Embedded Systems. development of embedded software and software for programming digital systems. from embedded to general purpose. with a significant number of them in cooperation with the telecoms industry.teihal. design of data acquisition systems. The department emphasizes on the applications of the Science of Information Technology and on the development. Evia. Greece. Optical Fibers. More information at: www. He has developed an ECAD technology for digital systems which is based on high-level synthesis techniques for digital and embedded systems. the large scale system interconnection. microcontrollers and networked microcontrollers with fieldbuses. development boards. More information at: www. development of tools and software that allow to improve systems performance design. Students are equipped with knowledge and skills necessary to explore and implement IT applications and are further prepared to deal with future developments in this area. high performance computing and software.

insilico. as well as.exelonpartners.pappas-ip.teikoz. and corporate business experience helps us craft intellectual property strategies that serve the business objectives of our clients. deal-making and fund-raising campaigns. has carried out significant projects and has acquired substantial experience both with regard to legal consulting and business development. financiers. and the enhancement of their value. personalized. Close relationships with executives. We are specifically devoted to serving the needs of our high technology clients across the globe from Fortune 100 companies to small and medium-sized enterprises across a broad spectrum of industries. materials and medical device backgrounds. Our Law Firm takes pride in providing its corporate clients with comprehensive. we have established our firm presence in the field through academic and research activities. and entrepreneurs. Insilico’s consulting services are characterized by the high quality and individualization of every company’s sp ecial needs. chemical. Strong experience gained through numerous implementation projects enables crossfertilization between industry sectors. we know your technology and have mastered the legal issues that impact it. that incorporates new trades in technology and management systems converting them into products and high value added services. anti-competition. More information at: http://kastoria. and technical professionals with broad-ranging expertise in patent. Key elements that differentiate our service offering from competitors are the following: Deep knowledge of best-in-class management consulting practices leveraged in the US and in Europe. Our work requires the active engagement of management and employees. Greece and abroad. ensures smooth handoff and attains post-engagement optimal traction. universities. More information at: www. At PAPPAS IP. hands-on services. regulatory work for the Greek government. mechanical. patent agents. More information at: www. The department organizes scientific meetings and an international congress on applied economics. PAPPAS IP staff consists of top US trained patent attorneys. the improvement of their performance. venture capitalists and technologists facilitate international expansions. Our business objectives are always set to be tangible and measurable. Other areas of our expertise include the real estate and the marketing sectors. Our mission is to offer exceptional service to PAPPAS IP is an international patent law firm. and copyright law. Insilico’s consultants’ deontology is an emanation of their specialization and experience in providing enterprises and organizations with solutions and services aiming at gaining competitive advantages. PKpartners represents major players in Greece within both fields. In all its fields of practice PKpartners has established pro bono policies for Insilico consulting ltd is a consulting company founded in November 2008 and aiming to support its customers towards the exploitation of new opportunities. There are important prospects for many more congresses and scientific activities. The company’s vision is the consolidation as a dynamic. PAPPAS IP attorneys have obtained patent protection for inventions ranging from microprocessors to pharmaceuticals. solid analysis and planning. Hands-on top-management experience in Greek companies helps adapt those practices in the Greek reality. our moderate size helps us to give personalized service and maintain close attorney-client relationships with each and every one of our clients. Greek and UK attorneys. Our members’ in-depth experience ensures to our Firm’s clients a comprehensive. With solid electronics. constantly innovate and create new standards in the market. to enterprises and organizations in both public and private sector. i nformed and multilayered level of services. Intellectual Property Law and Internet Law. such as: planning and installation of Management Systems. The services that insilico consulting provides cover a wide range of business processes emphasizing on quality management services. A combination of legal skill. Solid know-how of high-technology makes possible picking and choosing best solutions for customers . academic institutions and foundations. software. Most importantly. In addition to representing numerous technology companies.premises in Kastoria include in total 3 Consultants Overview Exelon Partners offers strategy-lead management consulting services based on diagnostics. Telecommunications Law. Pappas IP partners and associates have over 100 years of cumulative experience protecting clients' inventions in the United States. development of strategic operational MPlegal is a niche technology law firm; our fields of expertise encompass all aspects of Information Technology Law. commercial. By offering a wide range of services and products Insilico consulting covers the adjusting needs of companies and organizations worldwide with solutions aiming at gaining competitive advantages. technical knowledge. development and management of business plans and projects. This approach achieves buy-in of all key stakeholders. More information at: www. assisting them to develop their business and level of services. structuring and Reorganization of companies through Business Process Reengineering. . flexible and innovative company. trademark.

Piraeus Bank Group’s total equity amounted to €3. TANEO). More information at: www. Leverage of community development based on human resources. regardless of the industry they compete. as well as the broader social environment. positive Financial Institutions Overview Attica Ventures was established in September 2003 with the purpose of managing venture capital funds and is a member of the Attica Bank Group of companies.8 bn. create and develop the appropriate infrastructures. Attica Bank is the first bank to participate in a venture capital fund operating under the framework of Greek Law 2992/2002 and establish a dedicated subsidiary to manage such a fund. market awards and recognition.with the ultimate aim of securing a competitive advantage in the Greek market and abroad.417 people. Since 2004 Attica Ventures is managing Zaitech Fund a € 40 million fund (investors Attica Bank. Piraeus Bank Group. hold a distinctive competitive advantage and have excellent potential for equity appreciation. Corallia became the first systematic national cluster initiative in Greece. In most of the cases we intend to take minority stakes.attica-ventures. conditions. More information at: www.6 bn.3 bn. Mechanism to stimulate and manage the interflow of knowledge and technology between Universities. operation and growth of “innovative” firms through incubation and spin -off processes. Research Centers and the market. mechanisms and added-value services that will support and promote the creation. supporting the management achieving their Piraeus Bank Group was founded in 1916. It is the 4th largest financial institution in Greece and has gradually built its presence in South-eastern Europe and Eastern Infrastructure Providers Overview Patras Science Park is an organization whose main aim is to provide. in knowledge-intensive. . food & beverages. Close to the University of Patras and the Research Institutes of Chemical Engineering. exports-oriented and hightechnology fields where Greece has the capacity to build a sustainable innovation ecosystem and can attain a worldwide competitive advantage. innovative and technologically advanced firms through incubation and spin-off processes. Upon its conception and launch. We have already invested and reserved more than € 32 million since 2005 in 10 innovative companies that are active in various sectors (renewable energy. Computer Technology and Industrial Systems. Landmark for Knowledge & Technology Transfer. cu stomer deposits to €30. Patras Science Park is a: Place of settlement and development for small. Cluster Initiatives and Technology Corporations. retail and real estate).org. R&D Institutions and Companies converting the R&D results into business success. combining business development and social responsibility. Four of our investments are now listed in the Athens Stock Exchange. the Group possessed a network of 872 branches and employed 13. More information at: www. as well as individuals. aiming at boosting competitiveness. net loans €37.piraeusbank. Our target size of investment is between € 3-7 million. Such a process will eventually contribute to the increase of the wealth of the region and its community by promoting the culture of innovation. endorses systematically its relations with its social partners through specific actions. Our investments have already achieved remarkable growth. At the end of December 2009. The scope is to stimulate the flow of knowledge and technology amongst Universities. industrial innovation. competitiveness and entrepreneurship of its associated business and knowledgebased institutions.7 bn and total assets to € Corallia Clusters Initiative (Corallia) was established in 2006. and it has an orientation to servicing enterprises medium and small-sized. telecoms. The Bank offers the entire range of financial services in almost all market segments.corallia.mplegal. More information at: www. Attica Ventures aims to invest in innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are in their development phase. while emphasis is placed on the protection of the natural and cultural environnement. Base for Research Institutions. the Bank’s contemporary history begins with its privatiz ation in 1991. logistics. More information at: www. with the scope to design and manage programmes that will implement the national policy on Innovation and Competitiveness. entrepreneurship and innovation. creating a favourable environment for enhancing entrepreneurship and innovation and fostering emerging technologies in exports-oriented market segments that can yield world-class results. but we are able to accommodate any size of investment in cooperation to strategic partners and/or co-investors. healthcare.

gr The scientific Society Micro&Nano was established in July 2004. Its mission is to promote science communication activities between the scientific community and the wider public. to embedded and EDA software to manufacturing. Greece. home & office appliances and consumer electronics. UK. Korea and Japan. Chapter of Informatics & Communication Technologies (e-TEE).gr Organisations for Collaboration overview The Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association (HSIA) was launched in 2005 as a non-profit association of high tech industries to represent the dynamic Greek sector of semiconductors. a film for planetaria. More information at: www. HSIA brings together 50 industrial members and over 30 relevant universities and institutes in Greece and abroad. Experts in science communication are working for the popularisation of science with several methods in order to integrate science and technology in the society. Woman. with the majority being rapidly growing SMEs. in accordance with the principles of sustainability and environmental protection. with members in 30 European countries. The products and services of HSIA members vary from design to IP a technology & innovation news portal covering Greek companies at home and located in Strasbourg. we are very proud to offer at our loyal readers the opportunity to create their own personalized news categories. defense. Non Profit Organisation. social. White Tower Media Productions (WTMP) is a media & communications specializing in the technology sector. in parallel to the appraisal of the role of the Greek ICT scientist. located in Athens. Health. the dissemination and exploitation of its benefits towards society and economic growth. The new content incorporates news categories such as Car. Furthermore its scope is to act as a node between the scientists and the media through the cooperation of science journalists. Further. WTMP has managed to penetrate quickly this industry and have its first film playing already in USA. More information at: www. palo aggregates Greek news from 600 sites and 5. Several members are either VC-funded or corporate-backed by companies with an international presence. weird stories from all over the world and many other. for the economic. HSIA customers represent markets such as mobile communications. beyond palo’s existing ones.palo. The readers stay informed on a spot for all the television programs and the lovers of astrology can read all the different predictions in their horoscope.e-tee. It aims at developing Science and Technology in sectors related to the disciplines of its members. has been upgraded and enriched with new content. serving parts of the semiconductor-microelectronics supply chain. micro. Founded in 2006 initially as a 3D animation studio for the production of Astronomyths. Germany. More information at: www. The industrial members range from small start-ups to subsidiaries of multinational corporations. Is member of EUSJA European Union of Science Journalists' Associations (www.eusja. Horoscopes and Television Program enrich palo.wtmnews. palo. and cultural development of the country. More information at: www. Digital Entertainment. with headquarters in Athens and branches in 17 geographical regions. In addition.Media overview The most completed news search engine site in Greece. WTMP can offer to technology companies complete international communication solutions to fit their needs. As a b2b communication services provider and a Preferred Partner of PR Newswire. Insurance .gr with informative and useful content.& nanoelectronics and embedded systems. Romania. Science Writers and Science Communicators . HSIA is a proud member of the European Semiconductor Industry Alliance (ESIA). Basic aim of e-TEE is to catalytically contribute into the formulation of efficient policies in the area of ICT. The e-TEE is a strategic choice of TEE-TCG in order to support and effectively intensify its legitimate role as the Technical Advisor of the Hellenic State. Turkey. Spain. Mexico. the founding members being five institutions and 65 independent The “Hellenic Association of Science Journalists.scienceview. all active in the field of Microelectronics/Nanoelectronics and . reaching 110 news categories.000 blogs. A strategic objective of Science View is the involvement of Greek institutions in European Funded Programmes and to put effort in order to add value in their developmental course taking advantage all the opportunities that these programmes could offer. The Palo readers have the possibility of searching more than 4 millions news in Greek and sharing them with all social networks.Science View” is a Non Governmental. Nowadays. Ukraine. The HSIA vision is to establish the sector as a prominent center of innovation and a dynamic partner within the global electronics industry. they have the chance to share views and opinions with a very friendly The TEE-TCG is a public legal entity established in 1923. in the area of Information and Communication Technologies. More information at: www. WTMP is also the local operator of WTMNews.hellenic-sia. Man.

summer schools and other educational and training activities. aiming at boosting competitiveness. technologies. Research Canters and Industry. . including materials. More information at: www. in knowledge-intensive. training courses. entrepreneurship and innovation. The main objective of Micro&Nano is to promote at national level the field of Microelectronics/Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnologies. symposia. Corallia became the first systematic national cluster initiative in Greece. Today the Society gathers together a large number of academic institutions and more than 100 independent scientists. with the scope to design and manage programmes that will implement the national policy on Innovation and Competitiveness. More specifically among the objectives are the following: to promote research and applications in the above field.Nanotechnologies in general. to promote education and dissemination of knowledge in the above field. Upon its conception and launch.corallia.micronano. electronic devices. to promote collaboration between Academic Corallia Clusters Initiative (Corallia) was established in 2006. Edit and distribute a newsletter with relevant information. workshops. The means to achieve the above include the following: Promote the collaboration and exchange of information between the academic community and industry. to create linkages between Greek Scientists and European or International organizations involved in Microelectronics/Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnologies. creating a favourable environment for enhancing entrepreneurship and innovation and fostering emerging technologies in exports-oriented market segments that can yield world-class exports-oriented and hightechnology fields where Greece has the capacity to build a sustainable innovation ecosystem and can attain a worldwide competitive advantage. Organize national and international conferences. all with post-graduate degrees in the above field. To gather together scientists from different disciplines and to promote their collaboration and concerted actions in a multi-disciplinary manner. More information at: www. circuits and systems.

20 . 15125 Maroussi-Athens.00. Attica. 26504 Patras-Achaia.63. Greece Τ: 2610. Greece Τ: 210.93.770 Patras InnoHub A: Kastritsiou 4.40.Corallia Athens InnoCenter A: Sorou 12.