Hi! My name is Billy B. I play Little League Baseball in Greenville, Pennsylvania. I play centerfield and sometimes right field. Baseball is my favorite sport, because it has a lot of action. I like to play baseball and I like collecting baseball cards. This book is all about baseball.

DIFFERENT KINDS OF BASEBALL  Wiffle Ball  Softball  Baseball

Page 1 SOME GREAT BASEBALL PLAYERS Derek Jeter: Shortstop for the New York Yankees. Andrew Jones: Center Fielder for the Atlanta Braves. Barry Bonds: Left Fielder for the San Francisco Giants C. C. Sabathia: Pitcher for the Cleveland Indians Manny Ramirez: Left Fielder for the Boston Red Sox Chipper Jones: Third Basemen for the Atlanta Braves Jeff Bagwell: First Basemen for the Houston Astros

Ichiro Suzuki: Left Fielder for the Seattle Mariners Page 3

POSITIONS IN BASEBALL Catcher: This is one of the hardest positions on the field. When the pitcher throws the ball and the batter misses, the catcher catches it. Catchers need to be able to catch really fast pitches and throw from a kneeling position. If the bases are loaded and a ball is hit anywhere, the runner at third will be forced to run home. The catcher needs to get him out or a run is scored. It’s important not to mess up, because your mistake could cost a run. My Favorite Catcher: Mike Piazza, First Baseman: If a ball is hit in the field, someone throws it to the first basemen. If the ball reaches the base before the runner, the runner will be out. First base is a hard base to cover, because everyone is depending on you. My Favorite First Basemen: Jim Thome and Jeff Bagwell

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Second Baseman: If a ball is hit to the shortstop, he will throw it to second base. The second baseman will throw it to first. That would be a double play. You don’t play second base on the bag. You play a little deep into the outfield grass between first and second base. My Favorite Second Basemen: Craig Biggio and Roberto Alamar Shortstop: This is my favorite position, because my favorite player, Derek Jeter is a shortstop. The shortstop plays his position in the middle of the second and third baseline. If a line drive is hit, it will be fast, so the shortstop needs to be able to think quickly. My Favorite Shortstops: Derek Jeter, Omar Vizquel Third Basemen: The third baseman stands by third base, and he keeps the ball from going into the outfield. He also covers third base and tries to get the runner out. My Favorite Third Basemen: Chipper Jones and Carl Ripken

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Pitcher: The pitcher is one of the most important players on the team. In Major League Baseball, some pitchers can throw a fastball from 80 to 100 mph. Most pitchers are not good hitters, because they spend most of their time working on pitching. Babe Ruth was a pitcher when he was a rookie, but he decided to be an outfielder. My Favorite Pitchers: C. C. Sabathia, Pedro Martinez, Roger Clemens Right Field: Right fielders cover the right side of the outfield. They must be able to run and catch. If they miss a ball, the runner can get extra bases. My Favorite Right Fielders: Andrew Jones, Ichiro Suzuki Center Field: Center fielders cover the center of the outfield. Most homeruns are hit around center field. It is important for the center fielder to be a good catcher. My Favorite Center Fielder: Ken Griffey, Jr.

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Left Field: Left fielders cover the left side of the outfield. If the ball gets past the shortstop, the left fielder needs to back him up. My Favorite Left Fielders: Barry Bonds and Manny Ramirez. 2001 World Series I would like to end my story by telling you about the past World Series games. In the 2001 World Series, the Yankees were up against the Diamondbacks. Randy Johnson, the Arizona pitcher wanted to pitch for nine innings. Unfortunately, everyone was getting homeruns off of him. Even pitchers were getting doubles. The Yankees lost the first game of the series. Curt Schilling was a starter in the next game. He did better than Johnson had done and they won the second game. The Yankees won another game but the Diamondbacks took the championship. The Diamondbacks were just lucky and Yankees will win next year. I hope you enjoyed my baseball story.

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