December 18, 2001 Dear Diary, Hi. My name is Riley. I live in an apartment in Philadelphia. I found you in a box of old junk.

Yesterday when my sister and I got home from school my parents told us that we are moving to New York City. The new apartment lets you have dogs so my dad got my sister and I both our own chocolate lab puppy. Riley December 19, 2001 Dear Diary, Since the apartment that we live in now doesn’t allow dogs the puppies are staying at my aunts house in New York. My friends arranged a surprise going away party for me. But, they told my sister and she told me. My friends were so mad. My sister never could keep a secret. The good thing about moving to New York is that we lived there till I was nine. I can’t wait to see my friends. I have to go. My mom says I have to help her pack the kitchen. Riley Later that day Dear Diary, When I got home from the party my sister was done packing her room and had started on mine. She’s so excited about moving back she has already planned a party. Even I’m invited to her party. The moving van is here to take the furniture to the new apartment. The new apartment is a lot bigger than the one we are living in right now. Riley Page 1

December 20, 2001 Dear Diary, We are at our new apartment. It is a lot bigger than our old one. It has four bedrooms and a studio. It has a big kitchen and living room. But, the dining room is small. My bedroom is the smallest. It has white carpet and blue walls. It overlooks where the twin towers used to be. All the bedrooms are unloaded and we have started on the kitchen. Riley December 21, 2001 Dear Diary, I just found out that I start school three days after Christmas. All my friends are in my class. My teacher’s name is Mrs. Cracks. The good thing about the school I’m going to is that it has a really big gym. The bad thing about it is that we have to wear uniforms. They are blue green and red plaid skirts. The shirts and sweaters are also blue. The boy’s slacks are khaki. Riley December 22, 2001 Dear Diary, I haven’t been writing to you in a while because my dad was in a really bad car accident. He has to stay in the hospital for a week or so. Then he can come home. He totaled his car. The reason he crashed was because there was a piece of rubble on the road. The lady that he crashed into died at the hospital. Her name was Carol Durm. We found out that she had three kids and an elderly mom to take care of. Her husband was devastated. Riley

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December 23, 2001 Dear Diary, I can’t wait ‘til tomorrow. My grandparents are here to help my mom get ready for the holidays. My grampa just sits on the couch and watches TV. My dad broke his leg, two fingers on his left hand, and he also had a rib scrape a very small hole in his lung. We are having the Carol family over for Christmas Eve dinner. They are really nice people. Her kids are 3, 5, and 13. They are really active. They all are in gymnastics downtown. Riley December 26, 2001 Dear Diary, I got a stereo and a laptop for Christmas. The laptop is a purple i-mac. We went to the hospital to see my dad. He is still pretty bad, but he gets to come home in two days. My sister painted her room bright tangerine orange. Everything else in her room is white except the carpet. It has orange spots all over it. Tomorrow I have to go shopping for all the supplies for school. We have to get books for all the subjects, pencils, notepads, and pens. The principal at the school is very strict. His name Mr. Hunniez. You have to be in class before the bell rings. No later, or you’ll get detention. Riley December 28, 2001 Dear Diary, Today was my first day of school. We had a fire drill, tornado drill, and a bomb drill and I got lost in the school. Mr. Hunniez gave me detention, because I wasn’t with my class. I don’t like him. I have homework in every subject. My friends came over to help me with my homework. My sister tried to cook dinner and burnt it to a crisp, so we all went out to Pizza Hut for dinner. Riley

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December 29, 2001 Dear Diary, My class and I went to the bank today to see all of the machinery. We all got a piggy bank, a pad of paper, and a pen. Today my aunt brought the puppies over. They have grown so much since we got them. I named mine Molly. She chews on everything. I had to get a new comforter because she chewed it to pieces. She sleeps in a kennel in my bedroom. Riley

January 3, 2002 Dear Diary, I am on the last page of you. My dad came home and he said he was feeling a lot better. My puppy still chews on everything. Yesterday she chewed up my sister’s shoes. Two days ago a reporter came to our apartment to take pictures of the twin towers wreckage. My schoolwork is going well so far. Mr. Hunniez retired and we got a new principal. Her name is Ms. Charms. She is really nice. My mom said we are going to recarpet and repaint the whole apartment (especially my sister’s room). Riley

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