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Theoretical Nursing Module 1 lesson 1-3

Describe the stages of the development of theoretical nursing. There are 7 stages in the development of theoretical nursing, all of which contributed to the identification of the realm, goals and mission of the nursing practice and to the formulation of its theoretical base. *Stage of Practice, Apprenticeship and Service - wherein nurses aim to promote well-being to clients by means of caring and providing comfort and to promote a healthy environment. *Stage of Education and Administration - aims to develop a curriculum, training and education to teach the nursing practice. It includes ways of preparing teachers, modes of educating administrators for schools of nursing and for service, and ways of preparing nurse practitioners. *Stage of Research - Experts in nursing curricula recognized that without research and a systematic inquiry into, for example, the different teaching/learning modalities and the teaching/learning milieu on

outcomes, education of nurses could not be improved. Nurses began to engage in nursing inquiries and scientific endeavors. It was also during this stage when nurse researchers started to give emphasis on the process rather than the content of the research. *Stage of Theory - "What are the essence of nursing, its mission and its goals?" were fundamental questions in this stage. Theory development

is the systematic reappraisal of philosophical and theoretical underpinning that have guided the definitions and the conceptualization of the central concepts of the domain of nursing. research and practice. according to Meleis (1997) . theories. according to Meleis. science. Nurses ask questions related to values. *Stage of Integration . clinical knowledge and nursing specialties. Nursing is complex and there are several theories will surface due to its complex nature. philosophy. theories.Discussions were made related to various structures such as nursing. philosophy. Cumulated outstanding concepts become bases for the development of a scientific perspective. *Stage of Philosophy – Mainly inquiries and responses about the nursing knowledge. Educational programs that are . clinical knowledge and nursing specialties. It is during this stage that members of specialty areas develop theories related to their fields. science. are three themes in nursing that evolved during this stage.was dependent on many factors such as paradigms of related disciplines. *Stage of Integration. A final characteristic of this stage. All these three. This stage marks the development of educational programs that are organized around the integration of theory.This stage is characterized by dialogues and discussions related to structures such as nursing. It is a must that major propositions of the different theories be tested prior to dismissing them. meanings and realities.

Researchers and clinicians of various disciplines merged to develop joint institutes to advance research programs or to provide more comprehensive education. A person has the capacity to improve or change the status of his health. all of the said factors are equally important. Although the client is the main priority in nursing. Source: http://www. sick or well.structured around the coordination of Development-Of-422416.nursing focuses on the physiological well being of the person. Client (person).nursing focuses with the human conduct in interacting with the surroundings in normal life and in adapting to stressful . *Person and Environment . research and practice were developed. health. environment and nursing. health. These interdependent relationships between concepts are simply described as: *Person and health . environment and nursing are interdependent on each other. *Stage of Interdisciplinarity – The focal point is to build programs of research that incorporate theories and evidences from different disciplines.html Explain the relationships of the concepts of client.studymode.

environment. implementation. planning. acknowledging that he is in continuous interaction with his environment. He is influenced by the individuals.situations. He does not exist in isolation. philosophy. Improved health is a goal of society.Wholeness of the person. Nursing assists the client to adapt to their illness and environment. Each step in the nursing process enlightened them that the nursing profession is more than merely taking care of the sick but is the culmination of practice.the nursing action/process that results to the improvement in both status are affected. Theories were supported by data which are collected through assessment. *Person. theory. families and environment. namely assessment. research. . Each of these steps were used to test theories in the clinical setting. thus. and health . education. *Health and nursing . and evaluation. The nursing process. diagnosis. Explain the Role of the nursing process in the development of theoretical nursing. which is a part of the nursing process. of nursing. integration and interdisciplinary all combined. The theories would have not evolved if it weren't for the nursing process.