Once there was a boy whose name was Shawn.

He was sitting at his desk and he realized that if he concentrated very hard he could make his pencil roll across his desk. At first he thought it wasn’t real, but after a while he figured it was. That night he practiced moving objects with his mind. After about a month he could make his couch fly around the backyard. Then he started making himself fly around the backyard too. Now, his parents didn’t know anything about it. One day Shawn almost got caught. After that he was a lot more careful when he practiced.

Page 1 Okay now, there was this really bad guy who was really bad. And he went around and terrorized people. You see, nobody liked this guy so that’s why he did it. Well enough about him let’s get on with the story.

One day Shawn found out about this guy, and he wanted to fight against him. He started by asking people where he could find him, but no one would tell him because they thought he was just a boy and shouldn’t be worrying about things like that. Also, people were afraid that if they said his name that he would come and get them.

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One day Shawn asked an old man, and the old man said, “People can find Sados in the realm of evil. “Where is the realm of evil?” Shawn asked the old man. “Go to the largest volcano,” he told him. “Climb it. Right before you get to the top, there will be a small trench. Follow the trench until you get to a hole that looks filled in a little. Go in and push as hard as you can until it gives way. After that just follow the tunnel until it comes out into a large cavern. That’s all I know.”

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“Ok, thanks,” I said. I said goodbye and thanked him again and went home to figure out what I would need to take and when I should go. I decided to go the next evening, late. I would take food enough for one week, matches, a mini tent, and a sleeping bag. I’m on my way and it’s almost eight o’clock. I’m going to fly the rest of the way. Finally I was there. I made it. From the air I could see the trench. It was time to start walking. I could see the indentation in the wall. Heave ho! Cruuuuuunch!!! There, got it. Wooooooooaaaa! Awesome! It was like way dark in there. Page 7

After I had walked a little ways it looked like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I wasn’t sure if it was a light or not. It looked like one. It was a light, but not a regular light like a fire or anything. It was a greenishbluish glow coming from a pond in the center of the cavern. The cavern was giant, a lot bigger than the gym at school. Anyway, the pond was really weird looking and it was bubbling and boiling and there was only a small ledge running around the edge of it. It looked like it would be tough getting around the edge.

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Man it’s going to be tough getting around that, I thought. I started going around it and about half way around my foot slipped and I almost fell but I caught myself just in time. I kept saying to myself I’m almost there I’m almost there. Then I was there and I was walking down the passage on the other side. I noticed that the passage was damp and cold and getting colder as I went. It was also getting lighter as I went. I heard a sound, a very odd sound. It sounded like metal hitting stone. When I got to the end of the passage there was a person,

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or at least it looked like one but it was kind of small. His back was turned against me, and he was pounding on something in front of him. It looked like a rock or something but I couldn’t quite tell. So I crept up on him and looked over his shoulder and he must of heard my breathing because he suddenly turned around and yelled like a dog that just got run over by a truck. He grabbed at me and missed. I ran around the work table and into the passage on the other side of the room. As I was running down the passage I was thinking, man are there a lot of Page 13 passages in this place. Then I was there. There he was. He was just standing there like nothing was happening and he was looking right at me. I jumped and flew over him and landed on the other side of the cavern.

Now that other cavern was big, but this cavern was humongous. I mean, it was like not even imaginable. That’s how big it was, and that’s big. Well then Sados turned around and pulled out something that looked like a wand and said some weird words and then some light came out of the end of the wand (which I suppose that’s what it was) and came blasting towards me. I ducked Page 15 and it flew over my head and it burned a hole in the wall behind me. Uh-oh I thought, this could get dangerous. He did it again. I dodged again. This went on for a while. Then I started getting tired of it so I made myself fly up and go around and around him right over his head. He couldn’t even get a shot towards me. Then I landed and dodged then made his wand fly out of his hand and into mine.

Then he yelled AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHH!!!! And came after me. I flew up into the top of the cavern and looked down. Then I saw that there was a small platform Page 17 right below me leading of into darkness. I went down and landed on it and started going into the darkness when I heard Sados yell ALL DEMONS GATHER. Then I heard footsteps coming down the passage. I was standing by so I flew up towards the ceiling. And as I went up I saw demons of millions of different kinds. I also saw another platform that demons came pouring out onto. Then all of them started jumping off of the platforms down to join Sados. Then we battled and battled.

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Finally just me and Sados were left. I had a couple of wounds but I was ok. Then we fought one-on-one and to make a long story short I won. Now I’m old and I tell this story to my grandchildren and most of them don’t believe me, but some of the younger one’s do. That’s about it, but I’ve heard that there was another evil person again. I guess I’ll have to go defeat him too…

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