Case No.



HUGH MciNNISH, et al.,



BETH CHAPMAN, in her capacity as Secretary of State,







Comes now amicus curiae W. Spencer Connerat, III with his MOTION FOR DECLARATORY JUDGMENT, pursuant to the Constitution of

Alabama , Article I , · Section 10 , which affirms the right of movant , a party who has already appeared and who has had filed his Brief as Amicus Curiae Supporting Appellants which crux of the matter is a certified copy of a notice of a Tacit Admission of Ineligibility (Confession in Open Court), to prosecute the above-styled civil cause . As any friend of the Alabama Supreme

Court knows, verbosity wears thin while brevity aggrandizes amity ; therefore, terseness of this motion is by design . stands ready to be called to appear in person, if needed . There is an instant at-Law issue before the Court which can best be clarified, in this case , by way of a declaratory judgment, ruling that such Tacit Admission of Ineligibility (Confession in Open Court), now before this tribunal, is lawful proof that the purported President of the United States of America is ineligible to hold such office ; res ipsa loquitur. Despite seeking such ruling by the Court, movant retains all natural and unalienable rights, including the following: • • To appeal such ruling, if found to be inadequate. To seek similar declarations in other courts of competent jurisdiction. To hold fast to that which is true, suffering fools gladly. To accept a request movant to aspect of a grant of this motion by standing mute, barring from any Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court for be questioned, under Oath, to expound upon any such motion , or to provide testimony as to method Movant

• •

of procurement of such Tacit Admission of Ineligibility (Confession in Open Court) . • To persevere against tyrannical rule , to quash falsehoods and reject vapid orders uttered by a putative Commander in Chief , a poseur , who lacks authority of the Constitution for the United States of America , Article . II ., and to see judgment run down as waters , and righteousness as a mighty stream. A declaratory judgment which deems the Tacit Admission of Ineligibility (Confession in Open Court) as fact would bolster the appellant position that more than perfunctory oversight of the ballots issued to Alabama voters was required , under Law, by the Alabama Secretary of State , as a thorough search of public record would have revealed that at least one of the names on the ballot in the 2012 general election was in esse ineligible to hold the office of President of the United States of America .

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE of this justiciable motion , made
in good faith regarding an issue at-Law and not a question of politics . Ineligibility to hold the office of President of the

United States of America could have been dyed in the wool of a purported candidate , proffered by a different political party . Signed July 31 , 2013 , in Belleair , Florida, U. S . A.

4< - ~ (!A-- A
W. Spencer Connerat , III, pro se 336 Carl Ave . Belleair , FL 33756 (727) 512-2571


I hereby certify that on the 31 st day of July , 2013 , anna Domini , I mailed the foregoing to the Clerk of the Supreme Court , in Montgomery , via the United States Postal Service , Certified Mail , and mailed a copy to all counsel in this matter as follows : L . Dean Johnson L . Dean Johnson , P . C . 4030 Balmoral Dr ., Suite B Huntsville, AL 35801 Larry Klayman Klayman Law Firm 2020 Pennsylvania Ave ., N. W. Suite 800 Washington , DC 20006 Hon . Luther Strange Margaret L . Fleming James W. Davis Laura E . Howell Attorney General of Alabama 501 Washington St . Montgomery , AL 36130

u _~C-f--&W. Spencer Connerat , III , pro se 336 Carl Ave. Belleair , FL 33756 (727) 512-2571

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