For the first time in the world DiaBliss has been successful in making cane sugar diabetic friendly by blending with a herbal extract rich in anti-oxidants, nutrients and therapeutic agents DiaBliss Sugar provides unlimited food choices for diabetics, pre-diabetics and wellness solutions for entire family. DiaBliss Herbal Solution is colorless, odorless and tasteless thereby allowing high degree of versatility in formulations and for delivery of health & wellness to various segments of population DiaBliss Sugar is a drop in replacement to normal cane sugar and can be used wherever sugar is used. DiaBliss tested and developed over 20 products to date spanning all categories of food including prepared foods, beverages, chocolates, sweets, baked goods. DiaBliss Sugar has been extensively tested and found to be safe for human consumption. Hundreds of diabetics ranging in age from 8 to 82 (type 1, type 2) have consumed DiaBliss Sugar for periods ranging from 3 months to 4 years with HbA1c, Fasting and PP levels showing lowering trends

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is classified as a metabolism disorder Types of diabetes – Type 1, Type 2 & Gestational Diabetes (i.e. during pregnancy). 80% of diabetic population is type 2. In diabetics the body either does not produce enough insulin, produces no insulin (Type 1), or has cells that do not respond properly to the insulin the pancreas produces (type 2). Diabetes effects almost every organ in the body

Diabetes – A global Epidemic
Asia India China Pakistan Indonesia Bangladesh Japan Philippines Korea, Republic of Thailand Malaysia Viet Nam Middle East Iran Saudi Arabia Iraq Morocco Syrian Arab Republic Afghanistan United Arab Emirates Tunisia Yemen Israel Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Oman Qatar Bahrain Diabetics % Diabetic 85,923,733 7.1% 60,931,800 4.5% 13,882,616 7.6% 10,931,501 4.6% 9,303,599 6.1% 9,297,280 7.3% 6,186,636 6.7% 5,354,958 9.0% 5,076,322 7.7% 3,232,940 10.9% 2,574,620 2.9% Diabetics % Diabetic 4,714,873 6.1% 3,970,642 13.6% 2,599,740 7.8% 2,497,580 7.6% 1,828,988 8.3% 1,683,007 6.6% 1,008,217 12.2% 916,088 8.5% 613,175 2.5% 567,510 7.1% 471,068 7.5% 386,862 10.8% 332,948 7.7% 307,856 11.1% 254,976 13.3% 177,778 14.4% North America United States Mexico Canada Puerto Rico Diabetics % Diabetic 38,818,308 12.3% 11,345,990 10.1% 4,066,503 11.6% 459,630 12.4%

Europe Diabetics % Diabetic Germany 9,839,160 12.0% France 6,166,870 9.4% Turkey 5,596,426 7.4% Italy 5,235,959 8.8% Spain 4,112,083 8.7% Poland 3,583,642 9.3% United Kingdom 3,095,907 4.9% Argentina 2,695,740 6.0% Romania 1,599,676 8.4% Portugal 1,309,710 12.4% Netherlands 1,291,968 7.7% Greece 951,737 8.8% Austria 950,713 11.2% Czech Republic 914,903 8.7% South America Brazil Colombia Venezuela Peru Cuba Guatemala Diabetics % Diabetic 14,258,480 6.0% 2,255,424 4.8% 1,707,820 5.9% 1,706,608 5.6% 1,228,033 11.0% 1,065,248 6.9%

India – Diabetic Capital of the world! A global epidemic with significant growth rates of diabetes projected. Diabetes rates expected to double world wide in next 20 years

Diabetic Prevalence Rates in India
Urban vs. Rural

Metro cities diabetes prevalence rates is approximately 15%, with pre diabetics constituting another 15% of the population. Target market in urban India is therefore 30%!
Rural India has significantly lower Diabetes prevalence rates due to lifestyle factors & also due to poor detection

What is DiaBliss?

For the first time in the world we are able to render pure cane sugar diabetic friendly:

DiaBliss is coming to you after 10 years of R&D and 4 years of product performance testing among100s of diabetics A colorless, odorless and tasteless herbal solution is extracted from 7-17 spices including Turmeric, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Ginger, Fenugreek, Gooseberry, Pomegranate by using only water and no other chemicals or solvents . DiaBliss system has limitless versatility: The herbal solution is blended with sugar makes sugar diabetic friendly and allows glucose present in the blood stream to be effectively absorbed by the body at a cellular level. The solution when blended with rice renders carbohydrates diabetic friendly. Along the same lines, fruit based foods and beverages have been blended with herbal solution to render them diabetic friendly. DiaBliss developed over 20 products which are being launched into retail FMCG applications in a phased manner.

DiaBliss Herbal Solution – Active Ingredients

Herbal solution contains a variety of active phytochemicals, including the flavonoids, terpenoids, lignans, sulfides, polyphenolics, carotenoids, coumarins, saponins, plant sterols, curcumins, and pthalides. Many of these herbs contain potent antioxidant compounds that provide significant protection against chronic diseases. These compounds are known to have variety of health & wellness characteristics - LDL cholesterol from oxidation, inhibit cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase enzymes, improved metabolism, enhance insulin sensitivity, inhibit lipid peroxidation, or have antiviral or antitumor activity.

Fenugreek Turmeric Black Pepper





Competitive Positioning –
Sweeteners vs. DiaBliss
Product Aspertame Brand Names Equal, Nutra Sweet Composition/ Manufacturing Process Chemical Name N-L-aaspartyl-LFermentation and sysnthesis with phenylalanine-l-methyl methanol with metal catalysts ester (APM) Taste Factors & Cooking Solutions Interacts with some foods and cannot perfectly replace sugar, not thermally stable; Bitter after taste. Health Effects Calorific Value 4 calories per gram; 180 times sweeter than sugar No calorific content Aspartame must be avoided by people with the genetic condition phenylketonuria(PKU); Recent packaging indicates not recommended for children. 4-chloro-4-deoxy-.alpha.- Five Step Chemical Process There is still a distinct chemical taste FDA & WHO evaluated over 100 studies D-galactopyranosyl 1.6- including chlorination of sucrose, especially when products are used to over 20 years and concluded the product dichloro-1.6-dideoxyfollowed by high temperature, low make sweets. Thermally stable and can is generally safe. Short term studies .beta.-D-fructopH process for final conversion to be used in almost all categories of foods & indicated 10-15% accumulating in the furanoside sucralose beverages. body. 2H-1λ6,2-benzothiazol1,1,3-trione Two chemical synthesis processes Bitter after taste. Not thermally stable.


Splenda, Sugar Free



Sweet' n Low, Sweet Twin, and Necta Sweet Truvia, PureVia, SweetLeaf

Suspected Carcinogen (bladder cancer). 1 calorie per gram, 10x sweeter Sweetening ingredient - Minimal Processing for dark Bitter after taste; Can be used for cooking Approved by FDA; Banned in some 4 calories per Steviol glycosides. Class colored stevia extracts. Crystalline and baking European countries gram; 200-400 of Compaounds found in forms involves some level of times sweeter Stevia plant leaf. chemcal processing than sugar D-Frustose Residual after taste for a long time; Can be used for cooking and baking; Indian sweets have a distinct after taste Only product that can claim exact same taste of sugar; Thermally stable and can be used in all categories of foods similar to Sucralose. Fructose based productuct. A lot of literature on impact of fructose on obesity and type 2 diabetes. HbA1c, Fasting and Post Pradial levels show decreasing trends; Analysis and animal studies indicate product is safe for human consumption 4 calories per gram; Lower Glycemic Index than Sugar 4 calories per gram; Lower Glycemic Index than Sugar



Herbal Cane Sugar


Cane Sugar blended with A colourless, tasteless and herbal extracts odourless extract from 7 common herbs and spices; Only water used in preparation of herbal solution.

Overall Process

Herbs & Spices

Primary Products
Sugar (or Salt, Rice) Herbal Solution


Ageing/ Drying


DiaBliss Sugar DiaBliss Salt DiaBliss Rice

Water based extraction of molecular values

Derivative Products

Herbal Solution




Herbal Extract

DiaBliss Beverages(Lemon Tea, Lemon Juice, Instant Tea & Coffee Mix) DiaBliss Prepared Foods ( Mixed Fruit Jam, Ketchup, Indian Sweet Mixes, etc) DiaBliss Cereals (Multigrain Porridge) DiaBliss Chocolates (Dark, Milk & Filled) DiaBliss Ice Cream Mixes (Vanilla, Mango)

Institutional Products
(Bulk Packaging of DiaBliss Sugar & other products)

Sweet Chains Bakeries Hotels & Institutional

Food Companies Beverage Companies

DiaBliss Phase 1 FMCG Products
(Chennai, Hyderabad & Bangalore Soft Launch)

DiaBliss Herbal Sugar Standy Pouch, 500g

DiaBliss Herbal Sugar Sachet Box, 30x5g

DiaBliss Iodised Herbal Salt, 1 kg (July 2013 Launch)

DiaBliss Mixed Fruit Jam, 200g

DiaBliss Lemon Tea Sachet Box, 30x10g

Product Performance Summary

Product Characterization @ SGS labs, Chennai Trials @ Sugen Life Sciences, Tirupati

Product composition is safe for human consumption based on heavy metals & pesticide analyses. No detrimental impact on animals health parameters. Histopathological studies indicated no organ impact when subject to accelerated usage of product GTT data indicates DiaBliss Sugar can be classified as low glycemic index product Extended GTT results with diabetic subjects indicated excellent blood sugar control even with high loading of DiaBliss sugar. Data from diabetics who consumed product for periods between 3 months to 36 months indicates product is providing significant health benefits to diabetics

Acute & Sub-Acute Toxicity studies

Summary of Product Usage & Customer Testimonials

Short Term Trials

Long Term Trials

Acute Oral Toxicity with Wistar Rats

Sub-Acute Oral Toxicity with Wistar Rats

DiaBliss - Low Glycemic Index Sugar

 

DiaBliss Sugar - Low Glycemic Index Food (GI = 53 vs. 60-65 for normal sugar & 100 for glucose) 11-20% decrease in GI can explain part of the observation that consumers do not see increase in blood sugar when they consume DiaBliss Sugar Normalised average blood sugar values of diabetic subjects shows similar GI behavior of Diabliss sugar on blood sugar profiles

DiaBliss Sugar – Excellent Short Term Absorption of Blood Glucose
Subject Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 (Regular Sugar) 6 (DiaBliss Sugar) 7 8 Fasting Nil Nil Trace Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Urine Analysis 60 min 120 min + Trace Trace Nil ++ + + Nil Trace + ++ + Trace Trace Trace Nil + Trace 180 min Nil Nil Trace Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil

Note: Reading Trace + ++ +++ ++++

Urine Glucose (Glycosuria) Up to 250 mg/dl 250-500 mg/dl 500-1,000 mg/dl 1,000-1,500 mg/dl 1,500-2,000 mg/dl

For over 70% of diabetics in this trial, blood sugar levels have come down to below fasting levels within 3 hours of consuming DiaBliss Herbal Sugar indicating excellent absorption characteristics of Diabliss Sugar. NOTE: Each diabetic consumed 50g of Dibliss Sugar (8times the daily consumption levels for diabetics) Glycosuria analysis between regular sugar and Diabliss sugar consumption for subject 6 shows safety trigger mechanism of glucose excretion through urine not triggered with Diabliss sugar

Excellent Long Term Safety & Blood Sugar Levels – HbA1c
16 

Excellenperf ormance in type 1 & type 2 diabetics:

Type 1 30-45% lower HbA1c Type 2 diabetics – 1020% lower HbA1c

Long Term Efficacy – Type 1 Diabetic Example
Fasting, PP & HbA1c Levels
Type 1 Diabetic, Female, age 58 - Fasting & PP Profiles

Type 1 Diabetic, Female, age 58 - HbA1c Profile 9

Started consuming DiaBliss Herbal Cane Sugar for Tea & Coffee

Subject underwent Fistula Operation

Blood Sugar Levels, mg/dl



Fasting PP 100

7.5 Started consuming DiaBliss Herbal Cane Sugar for Tea & Coffee




4/3/2012 14/8/2012 15/9/2012 17/9/2012





  

Type 1 diabetic, Age 58 9 months on DiaBliss Herbal cane sugar 40% reduction in HbA1c

* Blood Sugar levels measured at Mohan Diagnostics, Madurai

Long Term Efficacy – Type 1 Juvenile Diabetic
HbA1c Levels

8 year old juvenile diabetic

Two years on DiaBliss Sugar
Major lifestyle improvement

Able to go to school full-time Able to enjoy all kinds of foods & sweets Gaining body weight without significant increase in insulin dosage

45% reduction in HbA1c levels

* Blood Sugar levels measured at Priya Diagnostics, Besant Nagar, Chennai

Long Term Efficacy – Type 2 Diabetic Example
Fasting, PP & HbA1c Levels

 

Type 2 Diabetic, Age 63 18 months on DiaBliss herbal cane sugar Lowered medication by 50%; Stabilized Fasting, PP & HbA1c swings

* Blood Sugar levels measured at Hi Tech Labs, Vadapalani, Chennai & Precision Labs, Adyar, Chennai



DiaBliss Contacts:
VR. Ramanathan, CEO VRR@diabliss.com Tel: +91-9840427966 Siva Vallabhaneni, COO Shiv@diabliss.com Tel: +91-7760980631

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