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Walter William Bunda

terior Design
Algonquin College BAA In
Residential As a young and
Refugee House emerging designer, the
style of my portfolio;
Commercial creative and edgy
Canadian Ministry of Technology
Teknion Showroom
reflects who I am as
a person and as a
Healthcare designer.
Grey Rock Childrens Hospital

Formula Restaurant and Nightclub

Ermenegildo Zegna
Walter William Bunda
Drafting h: 613 822 0293
m: 613 724 0331

War Museum Transition Space
Lighting Fixture
Three Dimensional Modelling
Refugee House
concept of the refugee
Designed in second year, the
these families it is a new
house is a green start. For
the building will as much as
beginning and as for green,
. Each unit is a mirrored of
possible be energy efficient
t is shared by both families.
each other, with an entry tha
secure which will provide
The entry will be simple and e
family, and at the same tim
a sense of safety for each wil l
central area. The units
bring both together in one
which will help some of the
have an open living concept
in a multi room house before
families who have never lived
adapt to this form of living
A gr ou p pr oj ec t for the IDEC Comp
th e wi nt er of 2007, the Amorphou
held in . Rather
ab ou t fl ex ib il ity and efficiency
is structure
d entirely new
than Building an land, this design
ev io us ly un us ed
on pr parently
ap pr op ri at in g existing and ap
re eas
s in du st ri al bu ildings in dead ar
valueles e ready
th e ci ty . Th es e sites abound ar
of will help
juvenation, which
for change and re ed.
af fo rd ab le ho us ing for those in ne
Canadian Ministry of Technology
an Government,
The con cep t of thi s des ign, intended for the Canadi
und the 198 0s. Thi s dec ade witnessed the transition bet
revolves aro mobile phones,
ind ust ria l and inf orm ati on age. Electronics such as
the d. This office
compact disc were introduce
personal computers, and the hnology
ble thi s dec ade as it was a time of growth in the tec
will res em in the future
. The cli ent and the bui lding will grow and develop
sec tor well
wil l aid in the ris e tec hnology into the future. As
and the design performance
198 0s the me , key iss ues such as lighting and work
as the natural light
at. Improving the amount of
was also carefully looked the light
cor e of the flo or rec eives will greatly improve
that the ht will reduce
dit ion s. By doi ng thi s, the use of the natural lig
costs and improve employee
Canadian Ministry of Technology
The concept of the
design was carried out in
the presentation book as
well. Using aluminum and
stencils, it resembles the
1980s era.
Teknion Showroom
The life cycl e of a butt erfl y is a process, where a caterpillar adapts and
design to
ject we worked in groups to product a
into a majestic creature. For this pro ds to
. In order to get to that stage it nee
present to a panel of guest from Teknion foun dati on
the eggs. This is the core and
go through a progression beginning with rpillar
beginning. The egg then adapts into cate
of its existence, much like Teknion’s like how
cha nge s form into som eth ing mor e complex and fascinating. This is much
and rpillar
needs of the industry. In time the cate
Teknion is ever adapting to meet the butterfly.
ares for the grand reveal of perfect
turns into a cyclist in which it prep
evolving corporate business.
This life cycle mirrors Teknion’s ever
Grey Rock Children’s Hospital
The Grey Rock Children Rehabilitati
Centre is a facility based around
centered healing. The healing
will be made comfortable for
patient by the implementation put
inspired by the concept. The Int
ent of
the facility is to make the pat
ient as
comfortable as possible and mak
e them
feel as if they were home.

The sketches t
left show the pro o the
work of the hospitcess
from the front des al -
the signage. k to
Grey Rock Children’s Hospital

Designed in year
to design
we were asked and
a children’s hospital
centre in a
choice. This
location of our
d in Sudbury,
facility is locate
e name Grey
Ontario, hence th
Rock Children’s
Formula Restaurant and
itality sector
ye ar th re e ou r de sig n project for the hosp xt
six flo or re st aur an t an d nightclub. Formula, a ne
was to design a the Monaco
n re st aur an t an d nig htclub designed around
generatio here
e wo rl d of Fo rm ula On e will bring the atmosp
Grand Prix and th into a complex where Mo
nte Carlo
co Gr an d Pr ix we ek en d
of the Mona ganic curves,
ve it fo r 356 da ys a ye ar. The space will use or to
will ha
an d vib ra nt co lo ur s alo ng with ambient elements
smooth finishes .
us er th at th e ra ce is always running in Monaco
give the
Formula Restaurant and
Ermenegildo Zegna

d to
ou r re ta il pr oje ct in three year, we were aske
Fo r at reflects
r and create a store th
choose a fashion designe n’s
im ag e. I ch oo se th e Ermenegildo Zegna, a me
on there llence.
on de sig ne r sp ec ial izi ng in quality and exce
fashi inspired
s who Zegna is; a classic
The store design reflect ious
co mp an y wit h a mo de rn approach. Using rich luxur
clothing encompasses
od and marble, the store
materials such as rosewo keep it modern, glass an
al st yle s of Ze gn a. To
the classic e store
l fin ish es lik e ch ro me and aluminum are used. Th
meta the target
phisticate business men-
will attract sleek and so
market of Ermenegildo Ze
Ermenegildo Zegna

The proposed
r e
store is intended tail
located in the to be
District- famous inza
it's luxurious fa for
shops. s h ion
Manual Drafting

us since
Taught to ne,
e b e g in n in g of year o
th on
fting seen
manual dra n
p a g e is a collectio
this and
m years one
of work fro
two combin
AutoCAD Drafting

Similar to the ma
has been
drafting, AutoCAD
nce the
taught to us si
ar. This
beginning of first ye
that has
page shows work
st three
been done over the la
years using CAD.
War Museum Transition Space

Designed in first year,

the goal of th
is design was
create a spac to
e inside the
Museum that W ar
pays tribute
our troops. Th to
e theme of th
space is glory. is
Using twelve fo
towering partit ot
ions, it will gi
the user a sens ve
e of pride as
feel small com th e
pared to those
have fought an who
d fallen in wa
protect us. r to
Lighting Fixture

Eruption of Light, the tit
The design intention for from small
plore how light escapes
of this fixture is to ex
cuts in an en cl os ed ob jec t. The cube which stands 1
foot by
The Eruption of
variable sizes of circular
1 foot by 1 foot will have
in it, wh ich wil l all ow th e light to penetrate thou
gh and
to look
Light is intended to
lls. When a viewer tries
projection on to the wa
into the cu be , th e am ou nt of lig ht will mask the source
e the
be submitted to the
be , only allowing them to se
the int er ior of th
contrast of white lighting
e cu
emitting from a black cu
be. The
off a vast amount of lig
lighting competition,
bo x, giv ing
though t of a sm all
will entice and encourag
e viewer to further ex
plore the Candela.
source of the light.
Three Dimensional Modelling

desk Viz. The intent of this

In three year, we taught how to use Auto
ng room in VIZ. We had three weeks
project was to design and create a livi
space and add lighting and materials.
to construct the furniture, create the
te the result of my ability to use and
The final images on this page illustra
elling programs.
work efficiently in VIZ and in other mod