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LArmee Francaise Vol III

Blood and Iron Warfare in Miniature based on Fire and Fury

15 mm Tables and Charts - Version 1.3 Play Sequence
Initiative Inter-Phase Players roll-off modified die to determine who has the option of proceeding first. Automatic if enemy army commander attached or dead, or high die roll off if both commanders attached or dead. 1st Player Turn March (1st) Phase a. Replace, attach & detach leaders b. Reserve movement c. Tactical movement d. Move detached leaders Volley & Cannonade (2d) Phase a. Resolve all enemy unit fire b. Resolve all friendly unit fire Bayonet & Sabre (3rd) Phase Both sides simultaneously resolve all charges, countercharges and breakthroughs applying results immediately. 2nd Player Turn Resolve in same order as in first player turn.
Good Order

March Table
EFFECTS Disorder Reserve Movement

10 or more DIE RESULT 7, 8, 9 5, 6 3, 4 1, 2 0 or less

Pas de Charge! En Avant! Cautious Stalled Retire Retreat

En Avant! Cautious Stalled Retire Retreat Broken

Success Success Partial Success Partial Success Failure Failure

Pas de Charge unit moves normally and may Double Time if desired. Austrian 1866 Shock Infantry must charge an eligible target. En Avant unit rallies if Disordered, may move normally. Cautious unit rallies if Disordered, may move half but cannot change formation. Stalled unit rallies if Disordered, but may not move or change formation. Retire unit does not rally if Disordered, retreats one half move. Good Order units retreat one half move and remain in Good order. Retreat the same as Retire but unit must retreat full move. Broken unit does not rally, retreats full moves and loses 1 stand Success (RM) - non-irregular units rally, unit moves normally and may Double Time if desired. Partial Success (RM) non-irregular units rally, unit moves half. Failure (RM) no change in unit status. TACTICAL MOVEMENT MODIFIERS
Each detached chain of command Leader/Charismatic +1/ +2 Leader within Command Radius (12 inches). Max 4 pts. Each Attached chain of +2/ +3 command Leader/ Charismatic Leader. Max 4 pts. +1 Unit in March or Road Column. Unit Suppressed by fire during immediate, previous Volley & Cannonade fire phase. Unit Disengaging (moving into Reserve Zone). Disordered Cavalry charging. +2/-2 Unit is Fresh/Spent. -2 -2 +3

Movement Rates Chart

Unit Infantry Infantry Double Time Light Infantry Cavalry Foot Artillery Horse Artillery Leaders and Staff Basic 9 12 9 12 8 10 12 Road 12 15 12 15 10 12 15 Rough Fording x 1/2 -2 x 1/2 NA x 1/3 x 1/4 x 1/4 x 1/3 -2 -2 -2 -3 -3 -2


Grosser Generalstabs in Command of the Army

+2 Marshals Pellisier, Radetzky, etc +1 FML Benedek, Steinmann, etc +0 No Effect, ie, most Commanders. - 1 Marshal Canrobert, Gyulai, etc Napoleon III, Kaiser Franz, etc, or - 2 Army Commander committed elsewhere or dead +2 If Army Commander Attached to Brigade or Superseding Command Successful Reserve Movement Previous Turn

+4 First Turn of Game +4

Minus 3 inches per unit crossed for Passage of Lines. Minus full move to deploy into Line/Supported Line. Minus half move to deploy into Masse, into March or Assault Column, into or out of an Urban Area, to Move by the Flank, About Face or to Face to the Flank. Light Infantry is NOT penalized when moving thru Rough Terrain.


Also use first six Reserve Movement Modifiers for the Initiative Inter-phase.

Reserve Movement Failure on: +1 Previous Turn +2 Two Previous Turns Ago +4 Three or More Previous Turns Ago -1 Unit Disordered.

LArmee Francaise Vol III, Age of Valor, published 2013 Original Fire & Fury game mechanics copyright 1990, republished with permission from Richard W. Hasenauer.

Smoothbore Artillery Rifled Artillery Breech Loading Arty Mitrailleuse Smoothbore Musket Rifled Musket Lorenz 1859 Breech Loading Rifles Dreyse Needle Gun Chassepot, Werder 2 4 8 10 7 5 8 6 5 9 8 2 2 1 3 5 4 7 5 0 1 1 2 3 3 6 4 0 1 1 1 0 2 18 2 4 5 27 0 3 DIE RESULTS 4 3 or less 4, 5 6, 7, 8 9, 10

Volley & Cannonade

EFFECTS Desultory Fire no effect. Lively Fire unit Disordered or 1 battery Silenced. Telling Fire unit Disordered plus 1 stand lost or 1 battery Damaged. Deadly Fire unit Disordered plus 2 stands lost or 1 battery Damaged and Silenced.

Fire Points

Suppression unit Disordered and immediately halts at either point where fire received or not closer than 2.1 inches from 11 or more intended target if charging. Unit will not complete charge if attacking, no melee ensues. Lose 2 stands or 1 battery Wrecked.


x2 x 1/2 Firing from Enfilade, at Masse or March Column. Firing Unit is Shock Infantry charging, Damaged Artillery, Disordered, Masse or March Column.


+1 Target is limbered, has changed Formation or Movement Mode, or About Facing.

FIRE POINT DIE ROLL MODIFIERS 1 5 Fire Points -5 31 - 40 points 6 - 10 points -3 41 - 50 points 11 - 15 points -2 51 - 60 points 16 - 20 points -1 61 - 70 points 21 - 30 points +0 71 + points

+1 +2 +3 +4 +5

+ 2 Target is Mounted Cavalry charging. - 1 Target is Light Infantry or Suppressed. -1 to -3 Target in or behind Cover (per Scenario). FALLEN LEADER TABLE


EFFECTS Leader Survives.

5 or less Leader killed, replaced after one full turn. DIE ROLL MODIFIER -2 Charismatic Leader

Prussian 1866 Artillery batteries may only unlimber and remain so if within 9 inches of a friendly brigade, otherwise becoming Silenced at the end of the current friendly or enemy phase. Also, on an unmodified Fire Combat die roll of 9 or 10, Prussian 1866 batteries are immediately Silenced due to inadequate resupply. Changing Movement Mode - Limbering, Unlimbering. Irregular Troops permanently Disordered for Movement, Fire and Melee. Cavalry may neither mount, dismount nor issue Fire while mounted. Canister 4 inch range, use 8 inch FPs if Field of Fire blocked by friendly units. If an artillery unit has a legitimate target within canister range, it must engage that target if it decides to fire.

Bayonet & Sabre

+1/+2 Leader/Charismatic Leader Attached -1/-2 Outnumbered by the enemy 3:2 or 2:1 in Stands -3/-4 Outnumbered by the enemy 3:1 or 4:1 + in Stands +1 +1 +2 +1/+2 One or more Units are Lance Armed Cavalry One or more Units are Heavy Cavalry One of more Units are Armored Heavy Cavalry One or more Units are Shock Infantry charging with Fire (1/2 x Fire Points) or without Fire Breakthrough Charge and/or Supported Formation Half or more participating stands are Disordered, Silenced, unattached artillery or Noncountercharging Cavalry (not cumulative) Each Stand lost during Current Fire Phase 7+

Shattered! DEFENDER: Retreat full move Disordered/Silenced. Lose 2 stands plus 1 leader captured and 1 battery Wrecked. ATTACKER: Mandatory Breakthrough 1/2 move towards closest enemy.

Driven Back! DEFENDER: Retreat Disordered/Silenced 1/2 move or beyond enemy 4 5 6 rifle Effective Range if greater. Lose 1 stand plus 1 battery Damaged. ATTACKER: Carry enemy position with optional Breakthrough 1/2 move towards closest enemy.

1 2 3

+1 -2 -1

Withdrawal! DEFENDER: Retreat Disordered 2.1 inches from the enemy. Batteries retreat Silenced 1/2 move or beyond enemy rifle Effective Range if greater. ATTACKER: Carry enemy position. Locked in Combat! DEFENDER & ATTACKER: Both sides are Disordered/Silenced, each lose 1 troop stand or 1 battery Wrecked. Recalculate DRMs, fight again. Withdrawal!

-1 -2 -3 ATTACKER: Retreat Disordered until 2.1 inches from the enemy.

DEFENDER: Hold position. Driven Back! ATTACKER: Retreat Disordered beyond enemy rifle Effective Range or DEFENDER: Hold position. Shattered!

+1 Defending in or behind Cover to +3 -3 To Defender when Outflanked or hit in Rear +2/-2 Half or more participating stands are Fresh/Spent +1/+2 Half or more participating stands are Regular/Elite Rifle Effective Range 4 inches for Rifled Musket, the Lorenze 1859, Breechloaders, the Dreyse Needle Gun, the Chassepot, Werder, etc.

-4 -5 -6 1/2 move, whichever is greater. Lose 1 troop stand.

-7 or ATTACKER: Retreat a full move Disordered/Silenced with 2 troop stands less lost and one attached leader captured. DEFENDER: Hold position.