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Lxo+ .: /»v.¯

Compiled and converted hv Kinjo
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Il Is un!orlunole lhol ue houe lo osI lhIs queslIon. In lhe noluroI course o!
lhIngs euervboov uouIo Inou uhol Ioue Is. ßul I unoerslono lhol noboov Inous ¬ or
onIv uerv roreIv ¬ uhol Ioue Is. |oue hos become one o! lhe roresl experIences. Yes.
Il Is loIIeo oboul. !IImeo. slorIes ore urIllen oboul Il. songs ore composeo oboul Il.
|IIms ore mooe. on lhe 1v vou uIII see Il. on lhe rooIo. In lhe mogozInes ¬ o greol
Inouslrv conlInuousIv goes on suppIvIng vou uIlh lhe Ioeo o! uhol Ioue Is. lonv
peopIe ore conlInuousIv InuoIueo In Il. heIpIng peopIe unoerslono uhol Ioue Is.
Þoels. oulhors. noueIIsls ¬ lhev oII go on.

8lIII. Ioue remoIns on unInoun phenomenon ¬ ono Il shouIo be one o! lhe mosl
Inoun. Il Is oImosl os I! someboov comes ono osIs. "whol Is !ooo¯" wouIo vou nol
be surprIseo I! someboov come ono osIeo. "whol Is !ooo¯" I! someboov hos been
slorueo !rom lhe uerv begInnIng ono he hos neuer losleo uhol !ooo Is. lhe queslIon
uIII be reIeuonl. 8o Is lhIs queslIon.You osI. "whol Is Ioue¯" |oue Is lhe !ooo o! lhe
souI. ßul vou houe been slorueo. vour souI hos nol receIueo Ioue ol oII. so vou oon'l
Inou lhe losle. Your queslIon Is reIeuonl. bul Il Is un!orlunole. 1he boov hos
receIueo !ooo so lhe boov conlInues. bul lhe souI hos nol receIueo !ooo so lhe souI
Is oeoo. or Is nol born vel. or Is oIuovs on Ils oeolh¬beo.

when o chIIo Is born he Is !uIIv born. he Is !uIIv equIppeo uIlh lhe copocIlv lo Ioue
ono lo be Ioueo. Loch chIIo Is born !uII o! Ioue ono Inous per!eclIv uhol Il Is.
1here Is no neeo lo leII lhe chIIo uhol Ioue Is. ßul lhe probIem orIses becouse lhe
molher ono lhe !olher oon'l Inou uhol Ioue Is. no chIIo receIues lhe porenls lhol
he oeserues ¬ no chIIo euer receIues lhe porenls lhol he oeserues. 1hose porenls
sImpIv oon'l exIsl on lhe eorlh. Ano bv lhe lIme lhIs chIIo becomes o porenl he uIII
houe Iosl lhe copocIlv lo Ioue.

Il Is oImosl IIIe.... In lexIco lhere uos o smoII uoIIev uhere chIIoren uere born ono
uIlhIn lhree monlhs lhev uouIo oII become bIIno. Il uos o smoII. prImIlIue socIelv. A
!Iv exIsleo lhere uhIch uos poIsonous lo lhe eves. so lhe uhoIe communIlv uos bIIno.

Luerv chIIo uos born uIlh eves ¬ per!eclIv !unclIonIng eves ¬ bul uIlhIn lhree monlhs
lhere uouIo be on ollocI o! lhe !Iv ono lhe poIson uouIo enler lhe svslem ono lhe
eves uouIo go bIIno. nou. someuhere Ioler In hIs II!e lhe chIIo uouIo osI. "whol ore
eves¯ whol oo vou meon uhen vou use lhe uoro 'eve'¯ whol Is uIsIon¯ whol Is
seeIng¯ whol oo vou meon¯" Ano lhe queslIon uos reIeuonl. 1he chIIo uos born
uIlh eves bul lhev uere Iosl someuhere on lhe uov o! so¬coIIeo groulh.

1hol's uhol hos hoppeneo lo Ioue. Luerv chIIo Is born uIlh os much Ioue os one con
conloIn. uIlh more Ioue lhon one con conloIn. uIlh ouer!IouIng Ioue. A chIIo Is born
os Ioue. o chIIo Is mooe o! lhe slu!! coIIeo Ioue. ßul lhe porenls connol gIue Ioue.

1hev houe lheIr oun hongouers ¬ lheIr porenls neuer Ioueo lhem. 1he porenls con
onIv preleno. 1hev con loII oboul Ioue. 1hev con sov. "we Ioue vou uerv much" bul
uholsoeuer lhev oo Is uerv unIouIng. 1he uov lhev behoue. lhe uov lhev lreol lhe
chIIo Is uerv InsuIlIng. lhere Is no respecl. no porenl respecls lhe chIIo. who euer
lhInIs o! respeclIng o chIIo¯ A chIIo Is nol lhoughl lo be o person ol oII. A chIIo
Is lhoughl lo be IIIe o probIem. I! he Ieeps quIel. he Is gooo. I! he Is nol o
screomer. o prImoI lheropIsl. gooo. I! he sImpIv Ieeps oul o! lhe uov o! lhe
porenls. per!eclIv gooo ¬ lhol's uhol o chIIo shouIo be.

ßul lhere Is no respecl ono lhere Is no Ioue. 1he porenls houe nol Inoun uhol Ioue
Is. 1he molher hos nol Ioueo lhe husbono. lhe husbono hos nol Ioueo lhe uI!e. |oue
ooes nol exIsl lhere. UomInolIon. possessIueness. ìeoIousv. ono oII IInos o! poIsons
ore lhere uhIch oeslrov Ioue. |usl os o cerloIn poIson con oeslrov vour uIsIon. so lhe
poIson o! possessIueness ono ìeoIousv oeslrovs Ioue.

|oue Is o uerv !rogIIe !Iouer. Il hos lo be prolecleo. Il hos lo be slrenglheneo. Il
hos lo be uolereo. onIv lhen ooes Il become slrong. Ano lhe chIIo's Ioue Is uerv
!rogIIe ¬ noluroIIv. becouse lhe chIIo Is !rogIIe. hIs boov Is !rogIIe.
- ¸ -
Uo vou lhInI o chIIo Ie!l on hIs oun uIII be obIe lo suruIue¯ |usl lhInI hou heIpIess
mon Is. I! o chIIo Is Ie!l on hIs oun. Il Is nexl lo ImpossIbIe lhol he uIII suruIue. ne
uIII oIe. Ano lhol Is uhol Is hoppenIng lo Ioue.

|oue Is Ie!l oIone. 1he porenls con'l Ioue. lhev oon'l Inou uhol Ioue Is. lhev houe
neuer !Ioueo In Ioue. kemember vour oun porenls...ono remember. I om nol sovIng
lhol lhev ore responsIbIe. 1hev ore uIclIms ìusl os vou ore uIclIms ¬ lheIr oun
porenls uere lhe some. Ano so on... vou con go bocI lo Aoom ono Lue ono Goo lhe

Il seems lhol euen Goo lhe |olher uos nol uerv respecl!uI louoros Aoom ono Lue.
uos nol respecl!uI enough. 1hol's uhv !rom lhe uerv begInnIng he slorleo
commonoIng lhem. "Uo lhIs." ono "Uon'l oo lhol." ono he slorleo ooIng oII lhe
rubbIsh lhol oII porenls oo. "Uon'l eol lhe !ruIl o! lhIs lree." Ano uhen Aoom hoo
eolen lhe !ruIl. lhe |olher. Goo. uos so ongrv In reoclIon lhol he lhreu Aoom ono
Lue oul o! heouen.

1hol expuIsIon Is oIuovs lhere. ono eoch porenl lhreolens lo expeI lhe chIIo. lo
lhrou hIm oul. "I! vou oon'l IIslen. I! vou oon'l behoue. vou uIII be lhroun oul." Ano
noluroIIv o chIIo Is o!roIo. 1hroun oul¯ Inlo lhe uIIoerness o! lhIs II!e¯ ne slorls
compromIsIng. 1he chIIo bv ono bv becomes o luIsler. he slorls monIpuIolIng. ne
ooes nol uonl lo smIIe. bul I! lhe molher Is comIng ono he uonls mIII. he smIIes.

nou lhIs Is poIIlIcs ¬ lhe begInnIng. lhe AßC o! poIIlIcs. Ueep ooun he slorls holIng
becouse he Is nol respecleo. oeep ooun he slorls !eeIIng !ruslroleo becouse he Is
nol Ioueo os he Is. ne Is expecleo lo oo cerloIn lhIngs ono onIv lhen uIII he be
Ioueo. |oue hos some conoIlIons. he Is nol uorlhv os he Is. |Irsl he hos lo become
uorlhv. lhen lhe porenls' Ioue uIII be possIbIe.

8o he slorls becomIng uorlhv ono slorls becomIng !oIse. he Ioses hIs InlrInsIc uoIue.
nIs respecl !or hImseI! Is Iosl bv ono bv. he slorls !eeIIng lhol he Is guIIlv.

Ano monv lImes lhe Ioeo comes lo lhe mIno o! lhe chIIo. "Are lhese mv reoI
porenls¯ Is Il possIbIe lhev houe ooopleo me¯ lovbe lhev ore oeceIuIng. becouse
lhere seems lo be no Ioue." Ano o lhousono ono one lImes he sees lhe onger In lheIr
eves. lhe ugIv onger on lhe !oces o! lhe porenls. ono !or such smoII lhIngs lhol he
connol see lhe proporlIon o! Il. |usl !or uerv smoII lhIngs he sees lhe porenls' roge.
ne connol beIIeue Il. Il Is so unìusl ono un!oIr! ßul he hos lo surrenoer. he hos lo
bou ooun. he hos lo occepl Il os o necessIlv. ßv ono bv hIs Ioue copocIlv Is IIIIeo.

|oue grous onIv In Ioue. |oue neeos o mIIIeu o! Ioue ¬ lhol Is lhe mosl !unoomenloI
lhIng lo be remembereo. OnIv In o mIIIeu o! Ioue ooes Ioue grou. Il neeos lhe some
IIno o! puIsolIon orouno. I! lhe molher Is IouIng. I! lhe !olher Is IouIng ¬ nol onIv
lo lhe chIIo. I! lhev ore IouIng lo eoch olher loo. I! lhe home hos o Ioue olmosphere
uhere Ioue !Ious ¬ lhe chIIo uIII slorl !unclIonIng os o Ioue¬beIng. ono he uIII neuer
osI lhe queslIon. "whol Is Ioue¯" ne uIII Inou Il !rom lhe uerv begInnIng. Il uIII
become hIs !ounoolIon.

ßul lhol ooesn'l hoppen. Il Is un!orlunole. bul Il hos nol hoppeneo up lo nou. Ano
vou Ieorn lhe uovs o! vour porenls...lheIr noggIng. lheIr con!IIcl. |usl go on uolchIng
vourseI!. I! vou ore o uomon. uolch. vou mov be repeolIng. oImosl repeolIng. lhe
uovs vour molher useo lo behoue. wolch vourseI! uhen vou ore uIlh vour bov!rIeno
or vour husbono ¬ uhol ore vou ooIng¯ Are vou nol repeolIng¯ I! vou ore o mon.
uolch. uhol ore vou ooIng¯ Are vou nol beIng vour oooov¯ Are vou nol ooIng lhe
some nonsense lhol he useo lo oo¯ Once vou uere surprIseo ¬ "nou con oooov oo
lhIs¯" ¬ ono nou vou ore ooIng lhe some.

ÞeopIe go on repeolIng. ÞeopIe ore ImIlolors. mon Is o monIev. You ore repeolIng
vour oooov or vour mummv. 1hol hos lo be oroppeo.

- ¡ -
OnIv lhen uIII vou Inou uhol Ioue Is. olheruIse vou uIII remoIn corrupleo.

I connol oe!Ine uhol Ioue Is becouse lhere Is no oe!InIlIon o! Ioue. Il Is one o! lhose
Inoe!InobIes IIIe bIrlh. IIIe oeolh. IIIe Goo. IIIe meoIlolIon. Il Is one o! lhose
Inoe!InobIes ¬ I connol oe!Ine Il.

I connol sov. "1hIs Is Ioue." I connol shou Il lo vou. Il Is nol o uIsIbIe phenomenon. Il
connol be oIssecleo. Il connol be onoIvzeo. Il con onIv be experIenceo. Ano onIv
lhrough experIence oo vou Inou uhol Il Is. ßul I con shou vou lhe uov lo experIence

1he !Irsl slep Is. gel rIo o! vour porenls. Ano bv lhol I oon'l meon onv oIsrespecl
louoros vour porenls. no. I uIII be lhe Iosl person lo sov lhol. Ano I oon'l meon
gel rIo o! vour phvsIcoI porenls. I meon gel rIo o! vour porenloI uoIces InsIoe. vour
progrom InsIoe. vour lopes InsIoe. Lrose lhem... ono vou uIII be sImpIv surprIseo
lhol I! vou gel rIo o! vour porenls !rom vour Inner beIng. vou become !ree. |or lhe
!Irsl lIme vou uIII be obIe lo !eeI compossIon !or vour porenls ¬ olheruIse nol. vou
uIII remoIn resenl!uI.

Luerv person Is resenl!uI louoros hIs porenls.

nou con vou nol be resenl!uI uhen lhev houe oone so much horm lo vou ¬ oIlhough
nol InouIngIv¯ 1hev uIsheo oII gooo !or vou. lhev uonleo lo oo euervlhIng !or vour
ueII beIng. ßul uhol con lhev oo¯ |usl bv uonlIng. nolhIng hoppens. ìusl bv gooo
uIshes. nolhIng hoppens. 1hev uere ueII¬uIshers. lhol Is lrue. 1here Is no ooubl
oboul Il. Luerv porenl uonls lhe chIIo lo houe oII lhe ìovs o! II!e. ßul uhol con he
oo¯ ne hos nol Inoun onv ìov hImseI!. ne Is o robol. ono InouIngIv or unInouIngIv.
oeIIberoleIv or unoeIIberoleIv. he uIII creole on olmosphere In uhIch lhe chIIo uIII
sooner or Ioler be lurneo Inlo o robol.

I! vou uonl lo become o mon ono nol o mochIne. gel rIo o! vour porenls. Ano vou
uIII houe lo uolch. Il Is horo uorI. orouous uorI. vou connol oo Il InslonlIv. You
uIII houe lo be uerv core!uI In vour behouIor. wolch uhen vour molher Is lhere.
!unclIonIng lhrough vou ¬ slop lhol. moue ouov !rom Il. Uo somelhIng obsoIuleIv neu
lhol vour molher couIo nol euen houe conceIueo o! |or exompIe. vour bov!rIeno Is
IooIIng ol some olher uomon uIlh greol opprecIolIon In hIs eves.

nou uolch uhol vou ore ooIng.
ore vou ooIng lhe some os vour molher uouIo houe oone In lhe cose o! vour !olher
IooIIng ol onolher uomon opprecIolIueIv¯ I! vou oo lhol. vou uIII neuer Inou uhol
Ioue Is. vou uIII sImpIv be repeolIng o slorv. Il uIII be lhe some ocl beIng pIoveo bv
oI!!erenl oclors. lhol's oII. lhe some rollen ocl beIng repeoleo ogoIn ono ogoIn ono
ogoIn. Uon'l be on ImIlolor. gel oul o! Il. Uo somelhIng neu. Uo somelhIng lhol
vour molher couIo nol houe conceIueo o!. Uo somelhIng neu lhol vour !olher couIo
nol houe conceIueo o!.

1hIs neuness hos lo be broughl lo vour beIng. lhen vour Ioue uIII slorl !IouIng.

8o lhe !Irsl essenlIoI Is gellIng rIo o! vour porenls.

1he secono essenlIoI Is. peopIe lhInI lhol lhev con Ioue onIv uhen lhev !Ino o uorlhv
mon ¬ nonsense! You uIII neuer !Ino one.
ÞeopIe lhInI lhev uIII Ioue onIv uhen lhev !Ino o per!ecl mon or o per!ecl uomon.
nonsense! You uIII neuer !Ino lhem becouse per!ecl uomen ono per!ecl men oon'l
exIsl. Ano I! lhev exIsl. lhev uon'l bolher oboul vour Ioue. 1hev uIII nol be

I houe heoro oboul o mon uho remoIneo o bocheIor hIs uhoIe II!e becouse he uos In
seorch o! o per!ecl uomon. when he uos seuenlv. someboov osIeo. "You houe been
lroueIIng ono lroueIIng !rom KoboI lo Kolhmonou. !rom Kolhmonou lo Goo. !rom Goo
- ¡ -
lo Þoono. vou houe been seorchIng. CouIo vou nol !Ino o per!ecl uomon¯ nol euen

1he oIo mon become uerv soo. ne soIo. "Yes. once I come ocross one. once I come
ocross o per!ecl uomon."

1he InquIrer soIo. "1hen uhol hoppeneo¯ whv oIon'l vou gel morrIeo¯"

ne become uerv. uerv soo. ne soIo. "whol lo oo¯ 8he uos IooIIng !or o per!ecl

Ano remember. uhen luo beIngs ore per!ecl. lheIr Ioue neeo Is nol lhe some os vour
Ioue neeo.
Il hos o loloIIv oI!!erenl quoIIlv.

You oon'l unoerslono euen lhe Ioue lhol Is possIbIe !or vou so vou uIII nol be obIe
lo unoerslono lhe Ioue lhol hoppens lo o ßuooho or lhe Ioue lhol Is !IouIng !rom me
louoros vou ¬ vou uIII nol be obIe lo unoerslono Il.

|Irsl vou houe lo unoerslono lhe Ioue lhol Is o noluroI phenomenon. Luen lhol hos
nol hoppeneo. |Irsl vou houe lo unoerslono lhe noluroI. ono lhen lhe

8o lhe secono lhIng lo remember Is. neuer be In seorch o! o per!ecl mon or o
per!ecl uomon. 1hol loo hos been pul Inlo vour mIno ¬ lhol unIess vou !Ino o
per!ecl mon or o per!ecl uomon vou uIII nol be hoppv. 8o vou go on IooIIng !or lhe
per!ecl. ono vou oon'l !Ino lhe per!ecl. so vou ore unhoppv. Ano vou houe o reoson
lo be unhoppv.

1o !Iou ono grou In Ioue neeos no per!eclIon. |oue hos nolhIng lo oo uIlh lhe olher.
A IouIng person sImpIv Ioues. ìusl os on oIIue person breolhes ono orInIs ono eols
ono sIeeps. LxoclIv IIIe lhol o reoIIv oIIue person. o IouIng person. Ioues. You oon'l
sov. "unIess lhere Is per!ecl oIr. unpoIIuleo. I om nol goIng lo breolhe." You go on
breolhIng euen In |os AngeIes. vou go on breolhIng In ßombov. You go on breolhIng
euervuhere uhere oIr Is poIIuleo. poIsoneo. You go on breolhIng. You connol o!!oro
nol lo breolhe ìusl becouse lhe oIr Is nol os Il shouIo be. I! vou ore hungrv vou eol
somelhIng ¬ uholsoeuer Il Is.

In o oeserl. I! vou ore ovIng o! lhIrsl. vou uIII orInI onvlhIng. You uIII nol osI !or
Coco¬CoIo. onvlhIng uIII oo ¬ onv orInI. ìusl uoler. euen oIrlv uoler. ÞeopIe ore
Inoun lo houe orunI lheIr oun urIne. when one Is ovIng one ooes nol bolher uhol
Il Is...

onvlhIng lo quench lhe lhIrsl. ÞeopIe houe IIIIeo lheIr comeIs In lhe oeserl lo orInI
uoler ¬ becouse comeIs slore uoler InsIoe lhem. nou lhIs Is oongerous becouse lhev
uIII houe lo uoII !or mIIes. ßul lhev ore so lhIrslv...!Irsl lhIngs !Irsl. |Irsl lhe uoler.
olheruIse lhev uIII oIe. Luen I! lhe comeI Is lhere ¬ uhol ore lhev goIng lo oo¯ 1he
comeI uIII loIe lhe corpse lo lhe loun. lhev uIII nol be oIIue.

An oIIue mon sImpIv Ioues. |oue Is o noluroI !unclIonIng.

8o lhe secono lhIng lo remember Is. oon'l osI !or per!eclIon. olheruIse vou uIII nol
!Ino onv Ioue !IouIng In vou. On lhe conlrorv. vou uIII become uerv unIouIng. ÞeopIe
uho oemono per!eclIon ore uerv unIouIng peopIe. neurolIc peopIe. Luen I! lhev con
!Ino o beIoueo or o Iouer. lhev oemono per!eclIon ¬ ono lhe Ioue Is oeslroveo
becouse o! lhol oemono.

Once o mon Ioues o uomon or o uomon Ioues o mon. oemonos ImmeoIoleIv enler.
1he uomon slorls oemonoIng lhol lhe mon shouIo be per!ecl. ìusl becouse he Ioues
her. As I! he hos commIlleo o sIn! nou he hos lo be per!ecl. nou he hos lo orop
- 6 -
oII hIs IImIlolIons suooenIv ¬ ìusl becouse o! lhIs uomon. nou he connol be humon.
LIlher he hos lo become superhumon or he hos lo become pseuoo. !oIse. o cheol.
noluroIIv. lo become superhumon Is uerv oI!!IcuIl. so peopIe become cheols. 1hev
slorl prelenoIng ono oclIng ono pIovIng gomes. In lhe nome o! Ioue peopIe ore ìusl
pIovIng gomes.

8o lhe secono lhIng lo remember Is. neuer oemono per!eclIon. You houe no rIghl lo
oemono onvlhIng !rom onvboov. I! someboov Ioues vou. be lhonI!uI. bul oon'l
oemono onvlhIng ¬ becouse he hos no obIIgolIon lo Ioue vou.
I! someboov Ioues. Il Is o mIrocIe.
ße lhrIIIeo bv lhe mIrocIe.

ßul peopIe ore nol lhrIIIeo. |or smoII lhIngs lhev uIII oeslrov oII possIbIIIlIes o! Ioue.
1hev ore nol Inleresleo much In Ioue ono lhe ìov o! Il. 1hev ore more Inleresleo In
olher ego lrIps. ße concerneo uIlh vour ìov. ße ullerIv concerneo uIlh vour ìov. be
onIv concerneo uIlh vour ìov. LuervlhIng eIse Is non¬essenlIoI.

|oue os o noluroI !unclIon. os vou breolhe. Ano uhen vou Ioue o person. oon'l slorl
oemonoIng. olheruIse !rom lhe uerv begInnIng vou ore cIosIng lhe ooors. Uon'l
expecl onvlhIng. I! somelhIng comes vour uov. !eeI grole!uI. I! nolhIng comes. lhere
Is no neeo !or Il lo come. lhere Is no necessIlv !or Il lo come. You connol expecl Il.

ßul uolch peopIe. see hou lhev loIe eoch olher !or gronleo. I! vour uomon
prepores !ooo !or vou. vou neuer lhonI her. I'm nol sovIng lhol vou shouIo uerboIIze
vour lhonI vou. bul Il shouIo be In vour eves. ßul vou oon'l bolher. vou loIe Il !or
gronleo ¬ lhol Is her uorI. who loIo vou lhol¯ I! vour mon goes ono eorns monev
!or vou. vou neuer lhonI hIm. You oon'l !eeI onv grolIluoe.
"1hol's uhol o mon shouIo oo" ¬ lhol's vour mIno. nou con Ioue grou¯ |oue neeos
o cIImole o! Ioue. Ioue neeos o cIImole o! grolIluoe. lhonI!uIness. |oue neeos o non¬
oemonoIng olmosphere. non¬expeclIng olmosphere. 1hIs Is lhe secono lhIng lo

Ano lhe lhIro lhIng Is. rolher lhon lhInIIng hou lo gel Ioue. slorl gIuIng. I! vou gIue.
vou gel. lhere Is no olher uov. ÞeopIe ore more Inleresleo In hou lo grob ono gel.
Luervboov Is Inleresleo In gellIng ono noboov seems lo enìov gIuIng. ÞeopIe gIue uerv
reIuclonlIv. I! euer lhev gIue. lhev gIue onIv lo gel. ono lhev ore oImosl busInessIIIe.
Il Is o borgoIn. 1hev oIuovs go on uolchIng lhol lhev shouIo gel more lhon lhev
gIue ¬ lhol Il Is o gooo borgoIn. gooo busIness. ßul lhe olher Is oIso ooIng lhe

|oue Is nol o busIness. so slop beIng busInessIIIe. OlheruIse vou uIII mIss vour II!e
ono Ioue ono oII lhol Is beoulI!uI In Il ¬ becouse oII lhol Is beoulI!uI Is nol ol oII
busInessIIIe. ßusIness Is lhe ugIIesl lhIng In lhe uorIo ¬ o necessorv euII. ßul
exIslence Inous nolhIng o! busIness. 1rees bIoom. Il Is nol o busIness. lhe slors
shIne. Il Is nol o busIness ono vou oon'l houe lo pov !or Il ono noboov oemonos
onvlhIng !rom vou. A bIro comes ono sIls ol vour ooor ono sIngs o song. ono he uIII
nol osI vou lo gIue o cerlI!Icole or somelhIng. ne hos sung lhe song ono lhen
hoppIIv he !IIes ouov. Ieoues no lroces behIno. 1hol's hou Ioue grous.
GIue. ono oon'l uoIl lo see hou much vou con grob.

Yes. Il comes. Il comes o lhousono!oIo. ßul Il comes noluroIIv. Il comes on Ils oun.
1here Is no neeo lo oemono Il. when vou oemono. Il neuer comes. when vou
oemono. vou houe IIIIeo Il. 8o gIue. 8lorl gIuIng. In lhe begInnIng Il uIII be horo.
becouse vour uhoIe II!e vou houe been lroIneo nol lo gIue bul lo gel. In lhe
begInnIng vou uIII houe lo !Ighl uIlh vour ormor. Your muscuIolure hos become
horo. vour heorl hos become !rozen. vou houe become coIo. In lhe begInnIng Il uIII
be oI!!IcuIl. bul eoch slep uIII Ieoo lo o !urlher slep. ono bv ono bv lhe rIuer
slorls !IouIng.

- · -
|Irsl gel rIo o! vour porenls. wIlh gellIng rIo o! vour porenls vou gel rIo o! socIelv.
uIlh gellIng rIo o! vour porenls vou gel rIo o! cIuIIIzolIon. eoucolIon. euervlhIng ¬
becouse vour porenls represenl oII lhol. You become InoIuIouoI. !or lhe !Irsl lIme
vou ore no Ionger porl o! lhe moss. You houe on oulhenlIc InoIuIouoIIlv. vou ore on
vour oun ¬ lhIs Is uhol groulh Is. lhIs Is uhol o groun¬up person shouIo be. A
groun¬up person Is one uho neeos no porenls. A groun¬up person Is one uho neeos
noboov lo cIIng lo or Ieon on. A groun¬up person Is one uho Is hoppv In hIs
oIoneness ¬ hIs oIoneness Is o song. o ceIebrolIon. A groun¬up person Is one uho
con be uIlh hImseI! hoppIIv. nIs oIoneness Is nol IoneIIness. hIs soIIlorIness Is
soIIluoe. Il Is meoIlolIue. One oov vou hoo lo come oul o! vour molher's uomb. I!
vou hoo remoIneo lhere Ionger lhon nIne monlhs vou uouIo houe been oeoo ¬ nol
onIv vou. vour molher uouIo oIso houe been oeoo. One oov vou hoo lo come oul o!
vour molher's uomb. lhen one oov vou hoo lo come oul o! vour !omIIv olmosphere ¬
onolher uomb ¬ lo go lo schooI. 1hen one oov vou hoo lo come oul o! vour schooI
olmosphere ¬ onolher uomb ¬ lo go Inlo lhe bIgger uorIo. ßul oeep ooun vou ore
slIII o chIIo. You ore slIII In lhe uomb ¬ Iovers upon Iovers o! uomb ore lhere.
1hol uomb hos lo be broIen.

1hIs Is uhol In lhe Losl ue houe coIIeo lhe secono bIrlh. In lhe Losl o person uho
hos become Inoepenoenl Is coIIeo ouIì. luIce¬born. ne hos olloIneo lo o secono
bIrlh. he Is compIeleIv !ree o! porenloI ImpressIon. Ano lhe beoulv Is lhol onIv such
o person !eeIs grole!uI lo lhe porenls. 1he porooox Is lhol onIv such o person con
!orgIue hIs porenls. ne !eeIs compossIon ono Ioue !or lhem. he !eeIs lremenoousIv
!or lhem becouse lhev houe oIso su!!ereo In lhe some uov. ne Is nol ongrv. no. nol
ol oII.
ne mov houe leors In hIs eves bul he Is nol ongrv. ono he uIII oo euervlhIng lo heIp
hIs porenls lo moue louoros such o pIenIluoe o! oIoneness. such o heIghl o!

ßecome InoIuIouoIs. lhe !Irsl lhIng.

1he secono lhIng. oon'l expecl per!eclIon. ono oon'l osI ono oon'l oemono.
|oue oroInorv peopIe. nolhIng Is urong uIlh oroInorv peopIe. OroInorv peopIe ore
exlrooroInorv. Loch humon beIng Is so unIque ¬ houe respecl !or lhol unIqueness.

1hIro. gIue. ono gIue uIlhoul onv conoIlIon ¬ ono vou uIII Inou uhol Ioue Is.
I connol oe!Ine Il. I con shou vou lhe polh lo grou Il. I con shou vou hou lo pul
In o rose bush. hou lo uoler Il. hou lo gIue !erlIIIzers lo Il. hou lo prolecl Il.
1hen one oov. oul o! lhe bIue. comes lhe rose !Iouer. ono vour home Is !uII o! lhe

1hol's hou Ioue hoppens.

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