Technical study The products consumers aware regarding the safety and cleanliness of street foods the image

of these products is unhygienic because it is exposed on the different hazard especially physical hazards on the streets. The proponents would like to change this kind of perception by producing these street goods in a sage and clear manner. Standard sanitation procedures are the main consideration in producing a quality and sage products .in addition, we would like to highlight our products as nutritious Our products consists of different foods, drinks ,side dishes and desserts making a complete food pyramid. Our main items are street foods namely kwek-kwek , malot , isaw , fishballs , calamares . ckicken skin, adidas and pork barbeque. It is sold individually through a specific number of pieces with one sauces and dip by the customer at the same time can be served in a value meals with rice and drinks and super value meals with desserts. The beverages of Pakal are pineapple juice , iced tea , soft drinks bottled water book juice and sagot gulaman in 16 oz. the included are halo-halo and sorbets which will be available in sweet cone with flavours to choose from. Out pips and sauces are available into four kinds namely sweet, spicy ,vinegar and hot cauce.

choose products and fall in line with the counter (OOt or outside order taking if peak) -when the customer reaches. Then there are diverse for every order on the menu . business process The pakal fast food restaurant will be open during mall hours from 9 am to 8:00pm. Give customer a pending number as part of unserved foods B. Inform the customer about the food serving time how much it would take that the food can be serve and the promise time(if the product is available yet take seconds before it will be serve).Production process Time motion study -customer will (get inside) to the store. -assemble the order -Present the order -thank the customer and ask for repeat business is getting the customers orders to prepare the products being sold on that time. The assigned service areas for the opening must be at the store one (1) hour before the fast. cashier will take the order do suggestive selling call out the order -total the order and stare the amount of purchase -receive payment and five changes in any. the counter.

As it is one of the most commonly used type of organization structure that all firms activities are group together according to certain functions like productions. this type of structure can be applicable for long time as long as it fits in the business however offers a greater scope for expansion. service administrative and marketing. This is the best structure that will fit to out over-all operation. The managerial activities can totally be focus and they can perform their tasks well. Compare to line type of organizations. direct flow of authority is added but may associate or collaborate to other heads and there is also a mutual relationship between them no matter decision relating to his specialized area it must be consulted to a specialist. This is quite broad yet effective and efficient for management and employees of the organization since the task is divided into specialized functions. it still our bit for it can mange a number of subordinates and this is more efficient in accomplishing tasks and work as one big happy family cooperation from all members of the organizations. we are looking forward that our business will “boom” limited capabilities cant be view as a problem for managers could facilitates better control and supervision in the business firm so we can no longer think of for confusion and conflict in roles and responsibilities as much as possible. So. We used it as far as our business is concern towards organizational structures . For the betterment of the business.Management study The type of organization that we chose is the functional type of business.

Protect timetable To operate systematically and effectively at all times. Having standard qualifications in hiring and selecting. it Is very vital in all business organization to recognize their manpower requirements as it will help also to determine the capacity of the employees to fit in the flow of business as well as to have a string commitment to the task. the employee will establish a rapport and business operations .

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