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Editors Letter
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Welcome to Summer!!
No purchase is necessary. All prizes must be accepted as offered. For products that have been reviewed and then given away as part of a competition giveaway, it must be noted that there will be minimal wear and tear to that said product. All prize details and prices are correct at time of going to print. Winners shall be notified by email after the closing date with a delivery date to be agreed. All rights reserved

I hope you are all having a fabulous summer holiday and that youve planned lots of fun things to do with your children! Weve had a fantastic few weeks with the recent launch of the new Baby Buzz Magazine website and of course we celebrated the birth of our future King Prince George. We have some amazing features and articles again for you this month from the Underwear Rule and how to keep your children safe to our fantastic usual features from MojoMums, BestBear and Busy Bees Benefits, all helping to keep you informed of deals, savings and much needed advice! We also have some amazing competition prizes and two Joovy Buggies which weve reviewed and are now giving you the chance of winning! We have also got a new Child Sleep Expert, Maryanne Taylor, who will be answering any questions you have on sleep issues, so get your questions sent to us at and visit to see all the questions and answers submitted. Have a fabulous August and see you all in September when we get back to school. Nickie, Editor and Mum Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine 3

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COVER STORIES 8 Parents in Business - Inspirational stories 19 The Underwear Rule - Make sure you understand! 34 Get Growing with Dawn Isaac 45 Mummy-2-be - Trimester 3! Nearly there 46 Mr Mum - Trials and Tribulations Family Focus 18 The Buggy Network - Mixing business with bottles! 25 Legal Focus - Setting up Home Together! 26 MojoMums - Francine Lewis - Announced as Official MojoMums Ambassador! 27 Bestbear - Au Pair - Is it for you? 36 Bebe Jacobs - Resilience, Self Control 39 BusyBeesBenefits - How to Choose a Childcare Provider 58 Life with Pink Princesses by Jodie May-Smith 72 Whats On?

Get Creative 65 Jo Jingles - Treat your children to some fantastic fun with Ursula! 66 Creation Station - Colour in Time Food & Recipes 41 Little Dish - How it was founded and some delicious recipes to try with your family News & Reviews 47 Womb with a View - Book Review with Jodie Newman 50 BabyMoos - Gorgeous, affordable fashion for children 51 Baby Must Haves 52 Mummy and Mummy-to-Be Must Haves 53 Baby Buzz Focus Group Reviews Competitions - Page 7 Cuddle Dry Trunki Gnappies Pipsy Koala Luxury Towel Gift Set Paddlepaks 2 x gPants gift sets 2 x stunning gift sets

Health & Wellbeing 23 Good Looking Optics - The Importance of Getting your Childrens Eyes Tested 29 Baby Buzz - Health & Wellbeing for your family with BabyCentre 33 Rachel Burgon - How to avoid Colic Hell!

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Welcome to..

Name: George Alexander Louis D.O.B: 22.07.13 Weight: 8lb 6oz Parents: Duke & Duchess of Cambridge Name: Albie Hendrix Worby D.O.B: 29.07.13 Weight: 8 lb 8oz Parents: Natasha & Alan Worby

Name: Harrison Sidney Lee Fortune D.O.B: 20.07.13 Weight: 7lb 4oz Parents: Leanne Schmitt and Gareth Fortune

Name: Harry Harkins Keenan D.O.B: 20.04.2013 Weight 8lb 11oz Parents: Samantha Keenan andAdam Harkins

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Leo July 23 - August 22 There are many personal changes for you this month. Think about your image and how others might see you. Avoid becoming over emotional. Virgo August 23 - September 23 Stop making everyone your enemy. Improving your self-confidence will help you. Avoid dreaming up troubles. Aquarius January 21- February 19 Are you thinking of improving your health or diet. Maybe its time you joined that gym or leisure centre. Avoid being inconstant. Pisces February 20 - March 20 Its looking really good on the work front. Make sure you team up with influential people. Avoid over analysing situations. Aries March 21 - April 20 Your personal magnetism attracts new friends. Lots of parties and celebrations go to all the invites. Avoid feeling restless. Taurus April 21 - May 21 Decorating or gardening can be therapeutic. How about some me time, chill out and have some fun. Avoid being so stubborn. Gemini May 22 - June 21 Your relationships could do with a bit of an overall. Are you giving people the respect they deserve. Avoid being negative to family members. Cancer June 22 - July 22 Your attention is needed on money matters. You may need to budget a bit more this month. Avoid over spending.

Libra September 24 - October 23 Expand your social circle and make new friends. If youre single it may even lead to a new relationship. Avoid idealism and discontent.

Scorpio October 24 - November 22 Spend more time with family and loved ones. You will feel more secure and less emotional. Avoid becoming defensive. Sagittarius November 23 - December 21 Stay focused and things will move along smoothly. Plan ahead so you can put forward your new ideas. Avoid being judgemental of others.

Capricorn December 22 - January 20 A sudden attraction, with someone you hardly noticed. You know what they say about all work and no play. Avoid having your head in the clouds.

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We have 3 fantastic Joolz stone changing bags to give away to three lucky winners. For your chance to win, simply answer the following questions: The Joolz Day recently won the Silver Award in which category?



We have a gorgeous Joovy Caboose Ultralight Greenie, a new buggy system that has been launched in the UK. The prize comes with the extra seat which fits to the back of this, creating an instant double buggy! It also has the adapter should you wish to buy a car
For your chance to win this amazing pushchair, simply answer the following question:

The Nuna Leaf

We had the pleasure of reviewing the simply stunning Nuna Leaf last month and weve been given the go ahead to offer it as a fabulous prize! The Nuna Leaf swings in a gentle swinging motion, not electric and eases baby to sleep. For your chance to win, simply answer the following questions: How much is the Nuna Leaf when purchased from John Lewis?

How much does the Caboose Ultralight weigh?

With the birth of the Royal Baby, it is time to announce our "Royal Baby Competition". This month Enchanted Interiors have launched two new Giant Fabric Nursery Wall Sticker Designs dedicated to the birth of Kate and Will's baby. Up for grabs is the Royal Fairy Princess and our Royal Knights and Dragon Wall Art Sticker Scenes, each worth 139.95 Simply "Peel & Stick" to transform the look and feel of your baby's room within hours! To be in with a chance to win please visit the following:

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Parents in Business

Are you in need of some inspiration or encouragement, is starting your own business the right thing to do? Read what this months businesses have done and how and why it worked for them
Who is behind the Product? Me and my very supportive husband. How did the company get started? Joy and Joe limited started around august 2011 based on my inspiration from my two special children and the experiences that surrounded their birth. When I had my daughter Joy, she had to spend some weeks on the neonatal units for her health to stabilise. During that period of time, because that was a month after my graduation ,despite being in a very challenging situation, thoughts about finding a flexible work that will that will fit around our numerous therapy appointments and hospital checkups kept coming to me. I can remember just thinking that a typical 9-5 job will probably never suit me ever but more was to come. Two years after my son was born and he came unexpectedly premature, he had to be in the neonatal unit for 6 months and something remarkable happened to me like a light bulb moment during this period. The nurses had prepared me for the D-day when I was to give my son his first cuddle using the kangaroo care method (skin to skin), on that day the moment the nurses gave the piece of clothing that I was to use to carry my baby. I can remember asking the nurses more about this product and thats where the inspiration for my business came from. Right in the middle of our challenging times! What is the company about? Joy and Joe baby wrap is a soft, comfortable and safe baby wrap carrier/ sling made in UK. It is perfect for new born babies and can be used to 16 kg. It is very breathable and offers great support to the wearers back compared to overly structured baby carriers. It positions baby perfectly in an ergonomic and natural way that supports healthy hip development, all while looking chic and funky. Made of 100% natural cotton, our wraps comes in a wide array of colours with an integrated pocket for storing the wrap on the go. In terms of sizing , it is one size fits all meaning that couples/caregivers in different dress sizes can share one wrap. Our baby wraps combine the ideas behind kangaroo care and Babywearing and we re now expanding into woven wrap carriers for bigger babies and our new range of baby slings in the African Ankara textile. What do you hope to achieve? My aspiration is to continually improve the Joy and Joe baby brand and to launch the consultancy arm of the brand as well. Also to set up an enterprise where more work at mums can be financially empowered through our sling advisor scheme. Joy and Joe limited is already on that path, we are talking to our insurers and were hoping to set other mums up in business so that they can demonstrate our baby slings in their local or community based events and earn a decent income for themselves as well. The major reason why Im personally passionate about this enterprise is because I believe that entrepreneurship is one of the major ways to build the recessing economy. What has been the highlight of starting your own company? There have been so many highlights really in my journey as an entrepreneur. Firstly, getting my products into a government accredited laboratory for safety testing is one of my highlights in business. I remember the day I was given a tour of the lab. and I saw lots of well known baby products brand for high chairs, buggies etc. This felt good to be able to afford such robust testing procedures for my baby carriers despite being a very small business. The respectful manner with which the technicians related with me, any one would feel so proud to be in business. Most importantly, the daily emails I get from my customers, mothers about how Joy and Joe baby wraps have helped their babies suffering from reflux or colic or sometime mums even commending my customer services. In particular, I felt so emotional the day I received a cute thank you card from a mum, she commended my efforts in helping her after her baby wrap got lost in the post. As a mum who juggles running a business with caring for the family, nearly every day can even feel like a highlight like that feeling that I own my time and I cant be stopped from attending my childrens school assemblies or open days. In particular, on the day I was invited to St Marys hospital to demonstrate how my products can facilitate kangaroo care for premature babies. On the day, which was the world prematurity day celebration, we donated some of our baby slings. It felt really special for me to be able to give back to the hospital in my own little way for the fantastic care my own children were given when they were born. What has been the downside of starting your own company? Lack of sleep!! In my case, it is more challenging not getting enough sleep sometimes especially when my children are unwell due to their special needs. Juggling this with running a business can be tough. The consolation is the fact I absolutely love what I do and my passion for my business reminds me that things might be probably worse if Im trapped in a 9-5 sort of job. With my business, the flexibility is there and Im able to spend more time with my children. Another downside is the paper work side of things, having to keep proper records after we became a registered company in England What would your advice be to any parent wanting to start up their own business? Go for it with all your heart! My advice for parents wanting to start their own business is to really go for it because if you are overly looking, you might never take the leap. At the start of my own business, there was a hundred and one reasons why I shouldnt take the risk but I just told myself then, that if I fail at least I would have benefited from doing something I really enjoy doing from my heart. So I will also advice that parents to build their businesses around their passions and things they love to do naturally. Finally, perseverance is a virtue you will need in a high dose when you start your business because I believe that quitters never win.

For more information, please contact: Email: Webistes: Facebook: joyandjoebabywrapcarrier Twitter: @JoyandJoeBaby Number: 01204 310 818

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Parents in Business
Who is behind the Product? Brand leaders in the health & wellness industry Forever Living Products. How did the company get started? Our founder Rex Maughan had a vision, so he got a group of very close family, friends & associates together to pitch the Idea of starting up a business based on the Aloe Vera plant! Once Rex explained the benefits of Aloe in full to the group they were on board & are still part of the business today, 35 years later! What is the company about? It is about helping normal people like you & me run very successful businesses from home, around our already busy lives! By helping people with their health & wealth Forever has managed to achieve this in 155 countries all over the world! Even I have managed to build a global team from the comfort of my lounge! Who is behind the Product? As I mentioned the majority of our product range is based on the Aloe Vera Plant. Aloe has been used for thousands of years for things such as tummy related conditions, topically for skin repair but most famously for burns! Aloe has many names the burns plant, medicine plant but it really comes into it own when DRANK! Yes Drank! Aloe is an amazing cleanser & gets your body back into a natural balance. How did the company get started? As I mentioned previously Rex wanted to start a company in the health & wellness industry & had heard of the benefits of Aloe Vera & multi level marketing. So he started the company in 1978 from his office in Scotchdale Arizona USA but 35 years later is now in over 155 countries all around the world. What is the company about? I hope Im not repeating my self but Forever is about helping people build successfully businesses from home around there busy lives but also helping people with health challenges. What do you hope to achieve? Personally as a family we hope too achieve security &maintain a healthy lifestyle through the business and products. As a business we hope to help others achieve whatever it is that they want to achieve because Forever is changing lives all over the world & I am so excited to be able to help others achieve their dreams! What has been the highlight of starting your own company? One of the highlights since working with Forever is meeting some amazing, inspiring people. We have been able to move from our 1 bedroom house in the city to a 3 bedroom house in an amazing village that we love with an amazing school that our daughter will go to. But the thing that Forever has given us so far is quality time with my daughter, she has just turned 3 so rather than put her in nursery I have been able to spend quality time with her & watched her grown up in to an amazing little girl. I couldnt have done that in a normal job! What has been the downside of starting your own company? As with every business you have too invest 2 fold, time & money. However, with the money invested in your business Forever are very generous & recognise your commitment & hard work!! The time invested is time that would be spent wasted in front of the TV so it is time I can afford too give up & this business is not like work is too much FUN to be work! If your not having fun in this business your not doing it right!! What would your advice be to any parent wanting to start up their own business? Do it! Take control of your own destiny, we can not rely on others to achieve our hopes & dreams. It is said that most people spend more time planning their 2 week holiday each year than planning their future. Forever is a vehicle & if what you are doing right now is going to get you too where you want to be than fantastic enjoy the journey. If not, then you need to find a vehicle & Forever is our vehicle. I always thought if I carried on doing what I was doing I would end up a millionaire (that was never going too happen working in local authority). So if you carry on doing what your doing youll continue to get what your getting. Change your thinking change your life! Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine

Who is behind the Product? Hi, I am Wendy Stead and I am the proud Owner of the on-line Childrens Exclusive Luxury Nursery Room Dcor Shop, Enchanted Interiors. As well as running my own business I am a happily married wife to Tony and a proud Mum to two fun loving girls, 5 year old Amber and 18 month old Amelia. So how did I end up running my own business? Well it wasnt until Id had my second child. It wasnt until this time I was ready to give up my 10 year career as an International Business Development Manager. With a 5 year old just starting big school and a new born baby I had accepted that my career in travelling the world was no longer a priority and supporting my family was. However this didnt mean that I wanted to give up working completely. There has always been a strong desire in me to succeed in business and what I needed was the flexibility to do both and so the only answer was to work for myself This was a very easy decision to make, I had learnt a good foundation of skills in business throughout my career and so this experience provided me with the fundamental tools which gave me the aspirations to go it alone and led me on to starting my own business. How did the company get started? My initial interest in childrens dcor started out when we decided to move our then 3 1/2 year old daughter out of the nursery and into her new big girls bedroom in time for the arrival of her baby sister. We recognised as parents that this would be a big step for her and with her little sister on the way wanted to make the move special giving her a room which was magical and a space she would enjoy spending time. Although we managed to achieve this it was quite a struggle to find everything we wanted and so in the back of my mind I had already started to think about developing a business that would source fun themed accessories perfect for decorating a childs bedroom, playroom or nursery all from under one roof. As a result Enchanted Interiors was established back in April 2012. 1 month after giving birth to Amelia I started to research drop shipping. I saw drop shipping as a way of getting the business off the ground. It meant that I could list a wide variety of accessories on my website without having to commit to buying minimum order quantities and finding a place to stock it. Right from the outset my idea for a one stop shop for supplying beautiful childrens themed decor seemed to go down quite well. However I quickly realised that with such low margins on the drop ship products I would have to sell thousands if I was going to get anywhere near making a reasonable living out of my business. It was at this point I knew I needed to re-think my business model and come up with something of my own. I had come across Fabric Nursery Wall Decals in the USA which I thought was a fantastic way to decorate a childs room. The designs looked stunning and the simplicity of transforming a room in this way was a fantastic idea. I started to look into how to import them to sell here into the UK however it occurred to me that there were challenges with delivery time scales, shipping costs and import duties. I started to entertain the possibility of designing and printing my own designs here in the UK. After doing a lot of research and learning about what it entailed I had made my mind up and as a result Enchanted Interiors now design and print their own Exclusive Luxury Giant Fabric Nursery Wall Stickers here in the UK. What is the company about? Based in Dorset, I work very closely with talented artists designing exclusive quality self-adhesive Giant Fabric Nursery Wall Art Scenes. Designed to captivate a childs imagination our fun themed designs are not only made from the best materials they are cute and adorable too. Requiring minimal time, effort and artistic know-how our stickers will create an engaging and inspirational setting within hours. Simply peel & stick our beautiful designs to create an endearing and unique wall art scene thats fun, special and safe for both parents and children to enjoy. All our Fabric Wall Stickers are printed in house; this enables me to work closely with my customers allowing the flexibility to alter or create custom designs on request too. What do you hope to achieve? Bringing a child into this world is probably one of the most exciting life experiences a couple will go through. There is nothing more pleasurable than providing a service and product which is linked to this special occasion in a persons life. Knowing the gratification our customers get after discovering our simple solution to Nursery Room Dcor it is my desire to continue growing my range of inspirational and engaging designs and using only the best materials to ensure the transformation remains effortless yet still delivers that luxurious look and feel to a childs room within hours. What has been the highlight of starting your own company? It has always been a goal of mine to achieve starting and running my own successful business. Although it is hard work and has been a steep learning curve the feeling of what I am achieving is amazing. I must say after months of discussions the highlight of starting my own business was receiving and printing my first Giant Fabric Nursery Wall Art Scene. This particular scene, the Woodland Animal Design, still continues to be one of my most popular designs. What has been the downside of starting your own company? I guess as with most working mums the difficulty is dividing your work and family commitments. The demands of raising children is a job in itself, to add building a business on top means finding energy you never knew you had. If you enjoy what you do this energy comes naturally however the downside is that you tend to snatch time around your family commitments which usually results in working longer hours, 7 days a week. What would your advice be to any parent wanting to start up their own business? Make sure the business you decide to develop is something you are passionate about and will enjoy. I say this because as a working parent it becomes your other life quite often leaving you with very little me time. Be prepared for the highs and lows of starting your own business as success doesnt happen over night. The good news is that there is plenty of help and support out there from those embarking on the same journey as you, so dont be afraid to ask for it.

Contact Details: Wendy Stead Telephone: 01258 881568 Mobile: 07732 391362 Website: Email: Facebook: Twitter:

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Parents in Business
Who is behind the Product? Just little old me! Im Morgane and with my personal experience as mummy to my 3 year old son, 2 step sons (aged 4 & 2) and a background as a childminder, I feel I have a realistic view on life with boys, children and parenting essentials. And in the background, I have a loving partner who provides lots of moral support and childcare! Not only do I run, but am I a full time mum and I work as a part time PA within a large bank. Prior to children, I was in Human Resources and Headhunting, which Im more than happy to have left behind. How did the company get started? Since having my baby 3 years ago, Ive found that my mummy friends often asked me for advice on parenting and baby items, and I often find myself comparing stores and sites, so I thought it would be good to put everything together in one Now I have a great way of introducing companies and products that I would personally recommend through a directory style site, with up to date reviews. Id seen many of these as a regular internet shopper, but I wanted something different. I hope that is what Ive created in What is the company about? aims to provide parents with tried and tested, products and services from conception to birth, newborn to school, and much, much more. Basically, is an online directory site for all things parenting, however it offers a lot more, with regular product reviews, write ups, and personal opinions. You will find clothing, gifts, books, toys and furniture to name but a few. doesnt just list companies; it recommends them for what they are. I look to promote companies that I love and would recommend personally to close friends, so can feel 100% confident in what I am offering. What do you hope to achieve? My aim for is to enable all parents (& grandparents) to have a one stop shop of everything needed from conception to school age children. Along with reviews, write ups and personal recommendations. The next step is to open a direct shop with key items that I have personally sourced and reviewed along side the directory function. What has been the highlight of starting your own company? In all honesty, Ive had so much joy from seeing people like and recommend Its such a great feeling when you see someone like your review or recommendation. Im now looking forward to seeing it grow and gain more followers. What has been the downside of starting your own company? The only thing I could say as a negative is the amount of time Ive spent to set everything up. Im a full time mum, part time PA and now a mumentrepreneur and my baby has recently started to ask me if Ive stopped working yet so definitely need to watch the time spent at the computer! But overall the benefits are so worth it. What would your advice be to any parent wanting to start up their own business? Go for it! If you feel strongly about something and your heart is in it, why not try! Ive not had a lot of money to start up or invest into but Ive given it everything Ive got and its paying off. Contact Details: Website: Blog: Email: Twitter: @NuVoBebe Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine 11

Parents in Business

Who is behind the Product? The Baby and Children's markets were established by husband and wife team, Leanne & Steve Taylor. Having worked in the Rat race for over 10 years and then moving to the UK from Australia it was time to establish there own business which would work around there young son. How did the company get started? The idea came from Australia where Leanne & Steve were living. When there son was born in 2008 they discovered these amazing markets that were set up to support the local parental community. The bargains were amazing and the quality of the goods very high. The queues to get in were the only downside, but it was quite obvious that this was a brilliant business opportunity. As they were already in the process of moving to the UK they decided to do some research and although there were similar sales run by the National Childbirth Trust there was an obvious gap in the market. They arrived in the UK in January 2010 and ran their first market in Reading, Berkshire in April 2010. They quickly established a number of markets across Berkshire before reaching capacity. That's when they decided to Franchise the business and provide parents across the country the chance to set up their own events in the their town under the Baby and Children's Markets branding.

We offer a small number of stalls at each event to small businesses and also provide other avenues of advertising to help then gain exposure to the local parental community. The company is now also supporting mums and dads in running their own events in their own town. It has successfully grown to 30 Franchisees over a two year period. Spanning from the North East of England right down to the Isle of Wight in the South and of course more recently in London. What do you hope to achieve? The aim of our business is to be able to provide our markets to local parental communities across the whole country. We hope to have 50 Franchisees on board in the next year. We want to provide successful events that allow parents to save money. What has been the highlight of starting your own company? The highlight of starting the company has been the flexibility that it provides to earn an income while bringing up a family. It is also a great feeling just to have started something from scratch and not to have a boss to answer to! The highlight for the company now is watching our Franchisees grow their own businesses whilst helping to expand ours.

What has been the downside of starting your own company? The downside to running your company is that the buck really stops with you. There is no one else to turn to when the going gets tough, the final decisions are left to you. This has taken a bit of getting used What is the company about? Baby & Children's Market is about providing a service to the local to and of course mistakes have been made, but learning from these parental community. We provide the opportunity for new mums and mistakes only helps the business get stronger. dads to save a fortune by shopping a for "great brands at bargain prices". It also provides the opportunity for parents to recycle their What would your advice be to any parent wanting to start up their outgrown baby & children's products and put some money back in own business? their pockets. Most of the time the money that is generated is then We would encourage anyone to start their own business as it can be re spent at the markets buying the next stage of baby clothes, toys very rewarding, but we would also advise them that it is very hard work. Although we have flexibility and in essence can choose the and equipment. hours we work, we do work incredibly long hours and the struggle is Our events also help support other mumpreneurs that are looking to knowing when to switch off. gain exposure for their products or services into the local community. Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine 12

Parents in Business
The other piece of advice when someone is starting a business is to seek out a great team of people that can hep you get started. We have wonderful people that help us grow our business from our accountant, graphic designer, web support and now our Franchisees. Getting the right people on board really can make or break a business.
provide a great service to the community by offering a one stop shop alternative to high street shopping for the budget conscious shopper as well as helping the environment by reducing waste! Our markets offer parents a relaxed, stress free environment for both sellers and buyers by providing plenty of open space to move around plus sellers take home 100% PROFIT ON THE DAY. We welcome parents, children and buggys to all events. You buy direct from the seller (Mums & Dads) and have the opportunity to negotiate the price on the day. Our markets also offer local and national businesses in the baby and children's industry several opportunities to promote their products and services at each event.

How often do you hold the events? I am the franchisee for Brent and Ealing boroughs. At every venue the events are run approximately every 5 or 6 weeks. My next event is on the 8th of September at Salusbury Primary school from 11am to 1pm, Salusbury Road, NW6 6RG where Tell us about yourself... My name is Ingrid and I am from Colombia, mother of three lovely children (two the award winning Queens Park Farmers Market runs. We will be holding our girls and a boy), and I have lived in this country for almost 17 years. After future events at the same location as the Queens Park Farmers Markets but teaching in a secondary school (ICT) for almost 9 years and now during my indoors so we can run them all year round. Our event will be held in the maternity leave of my last child I decided to start up a business. It is something I Salusbury Rooms every six weeks, except during the winter time. In Ealing our have always wanted to do since I was at University. Now I work as a teacher part first event is going to be in Coston Crescent Primary School at the beginning of time and I am running my business mainly from home, which is great! It also gives October. me the opportunity to share all these wonderful moments with my family. Do you plan on holding them in various locations? What inspired you to become a part of Baby and Children's Market in London? Yes, I am always on the look out for new venues in the Brent and Ealing area that Well, being a mother of three I know how expensive childrens items can be and suit our event type. Our markets have prove popular amongst the parental most of my childrens items over the years have been given away to family or community either as a seller or buyer. Know of a great venue that we could run friends in great condition. One day when I was looking for a business opportunity our markets in. If so, please do get in touch. that allowed me to work from home, work flexible hours that worked well around my busy family life and didnt cost me a fortune to start up. Thats when I came across a great franchise opportunity that was a fantastic idea, had great potential and had a great community feel to it. I soon discovered there were no markets set up in the North West London. So I contacted the owners Leanne & Steve Taylor who I have found to be very passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic individuals keen to see their community minded business concept succeed. They gave me all the information I needed to set up my own ready-made business in running childrens events for the local community. So, with my children I have preferred to pay for something a little more expensive but I know that it will last for a long time and the quality is brilliant! I have found full retail priced toys and accessories are expensive and often find the children get bored after playing them a few times. So the nearly new alternative is much more enticing for me and other like minded money savvy parents who are keen to save but also provide for their growing family. At the events we have found the quality of items on sale have been very high and often items are still in their original packaging with the label still attached. The best part about our markets is parents can come along and sell on their pre-loved items to like minded parents keen to save and provide for their children who will gain a lot of enjoyment out of another childs loved item. So, why pay more when you can gain so many great brand kids items at bargain prices. Truly great value for money! There are other areas available in London if you are interested in becoming a franchisee. Each franchisee has its own exclusive territory and once someone takes it, its gone! So, why not check out our small business opportunity and set up your own local markets in and around your hometown. Not only will you gain your own home based business that works well around your family life but helps the parental community make some extra cash but more importantly to save money and help the environment by encouraging recycling at the same time. What makes Baby and Children's Market unique? The original Baby & Children's Market UK was founded and established in January 2010, by Leanne and Steve Taylor (Mum & Dad team) who wanted to provide parents with the perfect opportunity to buy and sell excellent quality nearly new AND new baby and kids items from birth to 8 years all under one roof! For the SELLER it's the perfect excuse to clean out those cupboards, earn some extra cash and gain 100% profit on the day! For the BUYER a great way to save a fortune, gain more for your money and recycle at the same time! it's the perfect place to stock up on excellent quality nearly new TOYS, clothes, books, nursery furniture, cloth nappies, nursery accessories/linen, buggies, cots, car seats, strollers, high chairs, bumbo's, bikes, scooters, maternity wear, nursing mothers items, outdoor activity toys, DVD's, computer games and just about anything imaginable for baby and child without spending a fortune! GREAT BRANDS SELLING AT BARGAIN PRICES! The markets


For more information, please contact: 07905658065 Facebook page

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Parents in Business
Who is behind the Product? Heidi, together with her two little girls, are behind this cute children's boutique. How did the company get started? Have you ever wanted to find that stand out outfit for your lil princess or budding trendsetter? Heidi (Me) started BEBE Couture in 2010, when she found this task impossible! The majority of shops just dont carry anything eye catching and truly unique. Her obsession for finding unique, beautiful and couture items to put on her baby daughter Sienna ended. The big push came, when I had to relocate as we where a newly formed army family and had to give up my high flying job, and moved down south. Army wives, find it very difficult to find good jobs in the market in any industry due to the instability they encounter from moving from one place to another every 2 years. Thanks to this and my newborn (then) baby Sienna, I brought my passion for trendy kids clothes alive, personally testing each item and giving it the thumbs up! What is the Company about? We decided to create a fantastic online shopping experience, that is why, we will only hand pick and stock items that will WOW us from the children's clothing designers Most of our items come directly from America, some of our favourite designer labels include: Jelly The Pug, Rare Editions, Bonnie Jean, and many more. Additionally, we carry our own line of BEBE Couture glitzy vests, blankets, bibs, tops, maternity t-shirts, travel wipe cases and other items that are guaranteed to put the sparkle on your baby or toddlers wardrobe! What do you hope to achieve? Our short term goal is to be known for our speciality, to be the best providers of unique American Childrens Designer Clothing in the South West, with a boutique shop on our local high street. In the mean time, we are very happy to keep striving for customer satisfaction at all times. What has been the highlight of starting your own company? It's hard to believe that just a little over two years ago we opened the doors to our online shop! In October, we will be ready to celebrate BEBE Couture Birthday . It has been a crazy two years. Ones that I will never forget! Been an army wife its hard out there to be able to have a stable full time job, I have been overwhelmed with love and support from our family, the community and our online friends, all that have supported me and helped me run my own business from home and take care of my two little princesses in the process. What has been the downside of starting your own company? Nothing comes easy. Working long hours and having to manage all aspects of the business: from marketing, resourcing, inventory, accounts all by myself has been one of the key challenges I have encountered so far. But I love every second. Being so passionate about childrens fashion has been key to my success. What would your advice be to any parent wanting to start up their own business? Yes! DO IT! Have you got a desire and burning passion for it? Have you sat many nights thinking about this? Then dont think more. Its not going to be easy, but the satisfaction you reap on something you have grown and can call your own, is priceless. For more information, please contact: Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine 14

Parents in Business
Who is behind the Product? Just me. I have always been arty and loved design. I'm everything from pot washer to delivery lady and chief taster! I call on my hubby to taste test new ideas though! How did the company get started? In the past I have enjoyed making crafts, cards, vases, candles as I hobby. I would make them for friends and family as gifts and for them to also give as gifts. It was therapeutic to be able to just lose myself in designing and making in my free time in contrast to my stressful teaching career as head of English in a large school I would attend craft fairs and summer fairs. In 2008 I met my husband and became a step mum to 2 beautiful children In 2009 I was diagnosed with endometriosis, this took its toll on me and meant that I had no energy to do anything other than my job then as head of art in a special school for Autistic children, as I had to rest when I could. I began to make cakes and cupcakes building up a client base, but so was everyone! So I started experimenting with fudge and then chocolate to try and be different making my first bar in November 2012. I became a bespoke chocolate designer mainly for brides who wanted a different kind of favour. After 2 car accidents and with my condition not responding well to treatment, in April 2013 I had to say goodbye to my teaching career, but as this door closed another opened. I was fortunate enough to be taken under the wing of a local deli owner, supplying her with hand made chocolates developing ideas such as afternoon tea as mini chocolates and thin colourful discs in over 30 flavours. What is the company about? The company is about being innovative with design as well as with flavour. I want my chocolates to look amazing, and then when bitten into, taste amazing. I love to see people's reactions to them, both visually and the taste sensation they experience. It's about taking opportunities when they present themselves taking me in all different directions, enjoying the ride along the way. What do you hope to achieve? I would love to have my products on the shelves in high end stores such as Selfridges or Waitrose. My main goal though is to have my business grow and grow, to have my own cafe that serves amazing chocolates, sundaes, cakes, desserts and snacks with service and atmosphere to match. What has been the highlight of starting your own company? From here I have gained confidence in my skills and my highlights have been when catered for Kym Marsh, Jamie Lomas and was invited to their business launch and Simon Gregson from Coronation St, who I made chocolate burger and fries for, and again was invited to their charity ball which was like another world with all of the famous faces. I am currently in talks with Selfridges and have interest from Tesco and Asda in my food replica chocolates. I have a section in the deli as a mini chocolate shop, and I am hoping to open my own chocolate cafe before Christmas. The best thing about having my own business is definitely that the decision making as right or wrong as they may be, it's mine. I love the fact that when I'm fit, I can do and when I need rest, I can rest. Being a weekend step mum, and my husband a weekend dad, it's also meant that we can have the children an extra night as I can take them into school the next day, as one schools in Manchester and the other in Bolton! What has been the downside of starting your own company? The biggest downfall I've found to starting my own company has been the fact that you're never really "off". Even when I'm resting I'm still sourcing new materials, sketching or answering emails and updating Facebook, although at the moment I actually love it, and I hope I continue to do so. The other thing would be the money side, it goes against my nature to be spending rather than saving! I do understand that you have to spend money to make money, but I'm so used to saving, and its been a very scary time coming away from a very well paid permanent job to going to 1 wage. Made even more scary with my husband being made redundant at the same time! Fortunately things are now looking up. What would your advice be to any parent wanting to start up their own business? My advice for any parent OR step parent starting up their own business is to include your family in as many areas as you can. It takes a lot of your time which could take you away from the special quality time you spend with them. I make chocolates with my stepchildren, have my husband and sister as taste testers and generally, where possible try to include them in the journey so it becomes a family venture as much as an individual quest. My stepson even came up with names for the chocolates. I constantly make sure they know how much I appreciate their patience, time and support and that I couldn't do it without them. I also make sure that when I do have my step children that I'm not too tied up with work.

For more information, please contact: Lucy Waide-Edwards Email: Tel: 07584 044 427

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Kensington Mums Motherhood Exhibition

Two weeks ago, a group of mums met at the lovely Beaufort House for more information, join the Facebook group where you can in the heart of Chelsea for the Kensington Mums Motherhood discuss anything from bump to baby and beyond No doubt that Exhibition. motherhood is the toughest job in the world but parenting should not be about surviving tantrums or even struggling with sleep or Founder Dina wanted to say a big thank you to all the Kensington potty training. You can also like the New Facebook Page to be kept Mums who participated. The night was buzzing and filled with in the loop with the local scoop! inspiring stories on each mums unique motherhood journey. Mums who took part in the Story of Mum project by completing Parenting is about enjoying time with your kids because they are the sentence I am a mum and (a) had their portraits displayed only little for a short while. Enjoy being a Kensington Mum and alongside their personal word which best describes them. The lets all put the Mmmmmm into motherhood. feedback from the attendees and Mums alike was just amazing and justified all the efforts made and portrayed what Kensington Mums For more information, please visit: is all about.

Twitter @KensingtonMums Facebook: Kensington Mums Kensington Mums is the creation of Dina Maktabi, who best describes herself as a contented Mummy of two healthy and /archives/5392 So what is Kensington Mums you may ask?
vivacious kids and a Kensington lover. Dina explains It all started when I had my first baby. It occurred to me that I was not the only one struggling with interrupted sleep, being on call 24/7 with no time off. The group was created with the aim of sharing knowledge and experiences and helping my yummy Kensington Mums learn from one another. After having my second baby, the idea of having a bigger network support came to mind and in a sense created a passion in me to help mums outside my group of friends. The thought began in a baby massage class with a bunch of lovely mummies and babies. At the end of the four week course, all the Mums were sharing information on the best activities they have done with their babies and organising meet ups in the park. It occurred to me that mums really need a network support so that they wont feel alone in a haze of milky delight during the first few months of being a Mum.

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Bringing baby bottles and business together!

This month is all about The Buggy Conference! The funny thing is that we all love it in the end, because we start the meeting getting coffee, chatting about what we have in common (usually the kids!) but that's probably the last we talk about them since once the meeting starts it's all about you (as it should be - this is work after all!). No-one leaves the meeting feeling like they have wasted their time. We leave having met like-minded people that can help us with our jobs and dreams and therefore get inspiration or how to get it done or how to get I'm asking for a day whilst your kids are at school or at least during school on our way. We make friends and we get a kick up the bum that we maybe hours for you to relax and really learn. Ill have a crche available for you needed, to do SOMETHING not sit at home and think about it! to drop your child in the room next door and you can sit and absorb a series of lectures on varying subjects to help you extend your business The Buggy Network is about uniting with other parents in our master plans knowledge. To help you market and position yourself in the correct place to take over the world, and we can do it! I certainly know that you can, and for your business. To help you boost your business and your income, and I know that I want to help you get there! to help you be a better business by helping you with structure and clarity of your valuable time. And not forgetting helping you not forget how much I've started up workshops to help members with their social media, and they are going really well! Currently they are just for beginners but you you love what you do and what you are doing it for!! would be surprised what you don't know or may have missed! If you We go into business for so many reasons. Sometimes it's just for the become a Member you will also receive help too in the form of online money, or because we can't afford to work for someone else as you can't tutorials to watch when the kids are asleep or when you get 10 minutes to yourself, so there's sure to be something to cover everything and afford child care. everyone. So what is The Buggy Network and how can it help you? I hope you can come to a meeting, I hand-pick the best places, and if the I'm meeting lots of amazing women and some men (although I know there coffee and cake isn't up to standard it's a definite no-go! Of course we also are more of you out there!) and I'm finding that people aren't all as bad as need the kids to be happy too and usually a carton of juice, a biscuit, some you might first think(!) That's a funny thing to say, no? Being a Londoner, great toys or somewhere where mayhem can be conducted means they it seems we're surrounded by people that don't care and only think about get to have a fun time too. The Buggy Network, is where business cards themselves. Well that seems to be a true stereotype that I certainly found and babies can have fun together whilst we help you build the dreams for to be the case when I used to Tube commute into town every day; when I your business. was pregnant with my first child I nearly fainted on the train and had to get off and sit on the platform alone till I felt better with not a friendly face For more information, details of next events or to join up, please visit: in sight. Compare that to my current work and and if a similar thing happened now I know I would be surrounded by amazing people making sure that I was okay with a slice of cake and a cup of tea ready at hand. I'm not pregnant but some of my members are and are having a difficult time - it's very difficult when you are a working mum and working for yourself as well! The time has come for me to show you what I can do and what I can help you with! I really want to help people to grow their business and themselves in business and that's why I started doing Facebook and twitter workshops. But that's not enough!!! I've decided to design and organise a conference. Some people come along and aren't sure about what they want to do, or they have a vision but no idea of how to go about it. They ask me if they should come along as they don't feel they have a 'proper business' or business cards etc to pass out. I say "OF COURSE!" - The Buggy Network is about meeting people! Firstly, you can always make a recommendation with someone else's business in your brain bank, and secondly someone always has a helpful suggestion for your own business! We are mostly women after all, but even the men that come along get stuck in! We seem to thrive on helping each other, we are truly amazing! People often ask about the format of the meetings and I say that there is a small part where you introduce yourself to the people in the room and tell us a bit about yourself. "Oh, really?! I'm not really. I'm not good at that! Do I have to?" YES YOU DO ;-) And further more, you're going to love it! Hee, hee! Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine 18

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There has been a lot of publicity recently about The Underwear Rule. When I first heard about it on the radio my first thought was crumbs, has it really come to that? If you think about all the reports youve seen on TV or the articles youve read in the paper, or all the past horrific cases that weve all heard about, it was only a matter of time until we were given the information to try and protect our own. I hope to god I never have to experience anything like this and Im sure all my readers hope it never happens to them either but like the good adage says its better to be safe than sorry! Weve done a lot of research into this and decided to create another platform for you all to access the relevant information designed to protect your children and keep them safe.

Anything covered by underwear is private. No one should ask to see or touch parts of the body covered by underwear. No one should ask your child to touch or look at parts of their body covered by underwear. If anyone tries, your child should say no. In some situations, people such as family members at bath time, doctors or nurses may need to touch your childs private parts. Explain to your child that this is OK, but that those people should always explain why, and ask if its OK first

Your child should know their body belongs to them, and no one else. No one has the right to make your child do anything with their body that makes them feel uncomfortable. And if anyone tries, your child should tell a trusted adult.

Talk PANTS and help keep your child safe from abuse!
The Underwear Rule is a simple guide to help parents explain to children where others should not try to touch them, how to react and where to seek help. What is The Underwear Rule? Its simple: a child should not be touched by others on parts of the body usually covered by their underwear. And they should not touch others in those areas. It also helps explain to children that their body belongs to them, that there are good and bad secrets and good and bad touches. The Underwear Rule is a simple way that parents can help keep children safe from abuse. We know talking with your child about private parts can seem difficult, but you can have simple conversations about keeping safe without using scary words or mentioning sex. Learn the Underwear Rule and you've got it covered Dont feel you have to go through all of these point by point its much better to have little conversations, as and when the subject comes up. Following is the advice given under the PANTS title:

Your child has the right to say no even to a family member or someone they love. This shows your child theyre in control of their body and their feelings are respected.

Help your child feel confident that speaking up about a secret thats worrying them wont get them into trouble. Explain the difference between good and bad secrets. Some secrets, like surprise parties, can be good. But adults should never make a child keep a secret that makes them feel worried, sad or frightened. Secrets are often an abusers greatest weapon. Phrases like its our little secret are their way of making a child feel worried, or scared to tell. Help your child to feel clear and confident about what to share and when. Secrets shouldnt be kept in exchange for something, and should never make your child feel uneasy. A secret should always be shared in the end.

If your child feels sad, anxious or frightened they can talk to an adult they trust. This person will listen, and can help stop whatevers making them upset. Remind your child that whatever the problem, its not their fault and they wont get into trouble. A trusted adult doesnt have to be a family member. It can be a teacher, an older brother or sister or a friends parent. It can even be ChildLine.

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If your child has learned about relationships or personal safety, ask what they remember - it will give you a starting point from which to begin more detailed conversations.

Being open and honest will help your child stay safe!
If you speak honestly and in a way that makes the subject feel less shocking, your child will be more confident and comfortable in talking to you about difficult subjects. In their own language Use words and phrases your child will understand don't be afraid to use the correct name for body parts. Give straight answers to tricky questions Don't shy away from awkward questions - answer them as best you can, in a way that's right for your child. Speak openly and honestly The more open and relaxed you are, the more your child will feel able to talk about anything that's worrying them. Ask your child what they think Conversations about right and wrong aren't easy. Even when we talk to children about not letting people touch their private parts, we have to make exceptions such as visits to the doctor. A great way to help children understand the grey areas is to encourage them to express their opinions and develop their own judgment. Actively listen Lean in, nod, smile and ask questions that show you're interested. Showing your child you care about what they think and how they feel means they'll be more likely to come to you if something's really troubling them.

Car journeys are a great time to talk to your child. Theyre in a comfortable setting with limited distractions. If youre on your way to school, you could ask about who they would tell at school if something was upsetting them.

TV can be a great way of opening up tricky topics. Though we might sometimes wish our children hadnt heard something in the news or on a soap, its best to address the point head on rather than dismiss it, or pretend it hasnt happened.

Dont shy away from your childs difficult questions. Beware their curiosity by speaking to your child honestly. Talking frankly will make the subject less shocking, and youll show yourself to be someone they can confide in.

When youre getting your child ready for bed - or helping them tie their shoelaces or get dressed you could talk about times when a trusted adult might need to touch them.

Don't force the issue If your child isn't interested in talking, don't force the issue. The last thing you want is for your child to feel it's a big deal, so wait for another opportunity at a different time. Use books and stories Reading a story can help you talk about difficult subjects in a way that is suitable for your childs age and can help teach them to stay safe in terms they understand.

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Is the Underwear Rule really something I need to talk to my child about? The Underwear Rule is a simple tool used with primary school children to explain which parts of the body are private and that their body belongs to them. In the same way that 'Stop, Look and Listen' helps children remember to cross the road safely, parents and carers can help keep children safe from abuse by having these simple conversations about protecting themselves. Sexual abuse is something no parent wants to think about affecting their child, but it is more common than people think. 1 in 3 children who were sexually abused by an adult didn't tell anyone at the time. Parents have a important role to play in helping children understand their body is theirs alone and encouraging them to speak up about anything that makes them feel upset or worried. When is the right age to talk to my child about the Underwear Rule? One of the most important jobs for a parent is teaching your child how to keep themselves safe, from crossing the road to knowing what to do if they're approached by a stranger. Although it might feel daunting, talking to children about keeping safe from sexual abuse is no different. It's never too early to start talking to your child about keeping safe, particularly that their body belongs to them, and no one should ask them to keep a secret that makes them sad or scared. Every child is different and as the parent, you're in the best position to know what is right for your child and when. You can make a judgment call on when is the right time to introduce other topics, such as what to do if someone hurts them or touches them in a way that makes them upset. How do I know if I'm saying the right thing? The best way is to choose words and language that your child understands. If they ask you a question, take the opportunity to talk. Don't shy away from awkward questions and answer as honestly as you can. It'll send a powerful message to your child that it's OK to talk about anything that's on their mind. How does the Underwear Rule explain other forms of abuse, like being shown pornography or grooming? The Underwear Rule is a good starting point for ongoing conversations and can be used as a reference in teaching your child to keep themselves safe. Using 'PANTS' can help introduce things like secrets and being made to do things you don't like that are commonly used when grooming children. You can also use the Underwear Rule to start talking about other types of abuse such as sexting. As an example of a "bad secret", a text or something they see online may make them feel upset or uncomfortable, and they should be encouraged to talk to a trusted adult when that happens. Having regular, simple conversations with your child can send a powerful message that you will always listen if they want to talk. Isn't it enough that I've already talked about 'stranger danger' with my child? It's very important that your child knows what to do if a stranger approaches them, but in 90 per cent of cases, children were sexually abused by someone they know. Your child must understand that no one has the right to touch them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable - even if it's someone they know and love. It wouldn't be right to make families feel that they couldn't trust anyone. But making sure your child knows their body is their own, and that they always have the right to say no to any unwanted touch, puts them in control. Is it really that easy to talk about such an upsetting subject? We understand how it can seem difficult to talk about this subject in a way that doesn't upset or frighten your child. That's why we've developed 'PANTS' in consultation with other parents to help you talk about the Underwear Rule in a child-friendly way. Am I going to scare my child by talking about the Underwear Rule? We believe in safe, secure childhoods, which is why we've tried hard to make sure our advice is practical and reassuring. We don't want to upset or scare

families, or make children feel they can't accept a hug or a kiss from an adult. We are encouraging parents to listen to their children and to talk to them, rather than lecture. Conversations can be kept simple, and you don't have to mention 'sexual abuse'. How do I explain the difference between good touch and bad touch without scaring my child from normal signs of affection? We don't want to discourage affection and comfort such as hugs and kisses that show your child that they're cared for and loved. But it's also really important that children know their bodies belong to them. The Underwear Rule can help explain the difference between good touch that is comforting and bad touch that makes them feel uncomfortable. If they know they can say no to a kiss if they don't feel like it, they will feel more confident about refusing unwanted touches in any situation. How should I react if my child tells me about an incident? Your initial response is important. If your child tells you something about them or a friend, it's probably a huge relief for them to be able to tell you. Whatever you think and feel, do not be frightened and react with love, support, openness and reassurance. If you are unsure of what to do or how to move forward, contact our helpline on 0808 800 5000.

We would like to thank the NSPCC for providing the in depth information for this feature. Please note there is extensive information which can be obtained by visiting the following website: Helpline: 0800 1111 Website: Helpline: 08451 205 204 (MonThur 10am4pm) Website: (There are many more helpline and contact details on the NSPCC website, please visit for a full listing)

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By Garry Kousoulou & Kishan Gadhia

Did you know .... children get their feet measured more than there eyes tested! "Scheduling your childs eye exam is just as important as wellness exams" Often when considering your children's health, dentists, or doctors take priority, but why not the opticians? The significance and value of an eye test is underestimated by many, mostly because it is not known. Awareness of children's eye care and its role isn't high enough. Around 80% of learning is done visually, and research has shown that as many as one in five children could have poor sight. Just imagine having to squint at the board all day from the back of the classroom. The amount of strain it causes is tiring enough, never mind having to take in and understand all that information! It is hard to see why children don't have their eyes tested regularly because all children under 16 years receive FREE NHS eye tests. Two vital aspects of life affected by poor vision are education and everyday activities. As a result, personal development is limited. Not only do the NHS cover the eye test but if glasses are needed, they even put some money towards the cost, over a wide range of frame styles and

studies have shown that many pupils are struggling with poor eyesight because eye tests are no longer routinely carried out in schools and many parents who may not be aware of this are not making use of free NHS sight tests, which are available for all children under 162. Remember that all childrens eye examinations are paid for by the NHS and all of our optometrists will be delighted to look at your childs eyes, no matter how young the child is. For more information, see the section headed Free NHS Eye Examinations for children. If the optician has less than 25 children frames go to somewhere that has a good choice. Did you know that its is against the law for children to have their measurements taken buy somebody who is not qualified? Things to look out for when choosing your child frame: 1. 2. 3. Get the child involved in the choosing process Do You have the correct size (see video) Insist that you check that the glasses are made correctly. The middle if the lenses are in the middle of the child eyes. This is very easy to check the lenses have a optical center. You ask if this can be marked . This is traditionally marked with a small ink mark then put the specs on and make sure the dot is in front of the eyes.

A good optician will not mind showing you that the the specs have been made correctly. This is the most important part and can cause the most colours! Garry saysI am amazed every day at the difference a pair of problems if done incorrectly. glasses make to a young persons life and there social, academic and Book a sight test and make a day of it this summer! personal life. Young eyes are growing and developing all the time, and if a problem is ignored from a young age, could soon become a permanent disability. Even simple symptoms like occasional squinting could be a symptom or development of lazy eye. Regular checks should be booked with the optician but if you have a suspicion that something is wrong, don't be afraid to book an appointment! Very young children won't report bad vision because they have nothing to compare it to and don't know what normal vision is like. Even if they can't read and detect letters, many aspects of vision can still be measured. There are a variety of methods which are simple to carry out and could change a child's life. Like any other treatment, if an abnormality is spotted earlier it will be easy to resolve. The fact that a sight examination takes approximately 20 minutes and can improve a child's life massively is great. We just need to get awareness out there so that having an eye test is on the "to do list" of healthcare checkups for children. One in five school children could have undetected poor sight As many as one in five school children could have undetected poor sight according to the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB). Recent Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine 23

For more information or to book your child a sight test, simply contact us at: Tel: 0208 364 4444


Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga


I am a mother of two (wonderful) children, both of which I did baby massage and yoga with. I found it very beneficial indeed, meeting new like -minded mums, and spending indulgent, special time with my new baby. Ive worked as a nanny, teacher and nursery manager for over 20 years and after having my family, wanted to pursue a new role that combined my loves of teaching, being with children, yoga and massage. I also wanted to give mums to be and new mums, the same invaluable experience I had enjoyed with my babies. The leafy and calm surroundings of my home studio provide an ideal environment for our relaxed and nurturing classes,which include baby massage, baby yoga and pregnancy yoga and relaxation. There is no greater comfort than a hug!

Couples Workshops are also available, yoga, massage, birthing positions and other natural childbirth techniques are incorporated to help couples together on this journey. Dads Workshops are a great way for new dads to meet other dads and learn some massage and yoga techniques, and have some quality bonding time alone with baby too! Our classes will help: Help develop your baby's digestive, immune, circulatory and nervous systems from birth Relax your baby and encourage good sleep Reduce wind and settle colic Strengthen your baby's neural and brain development Develop coordination, balance and sensory-motor skills Plus our courses offer gentle postnatal stretches and relaxation for parents too!

Rachel Allen is the MamaBabyBliss Associate Teacher for Welwyn Touch is a powerful therapeutic tool that we all have literally Garden City and surrounding areas. at our fingertips. At Mama Baby Bliss we are passionate about For further information about courses, please contact Rachel on nurturing mothers, fathers and babies alike. 07956 917188 or visit: Massaging your baby from an early age has a number of longterm physiological and emotional benefits, including building a babys immune system, boosting the respiratory system, stimulating the circulatory system and balancing the babys nervous system

When we massage our babies, we also help to stimulate the release of the hormone oxytocin in the baby, which regulates the cortisol or stress levels. In other words baby massage can help relax a tiny one, reducing periods of crying and aiding sleep. Another advantage of baby massage is that it helps strengthen the digestive system, relieving common new-born ailments and discomfort such as wind or constipation. Baby Yoga compliments baby massage beautifully in that it builds on your babys physical and mental milestones. It will aid your babys brain development, including their sense of coordination, balance, sensory and motor skills. Both Baby Massage and Baby Yoga are a fun way to meet other new mums and learn new skills! Pregnancy Yoga is highly beneficial as it gives mums- to -be a special bonding time with their unborn child. Exercise and relaxation are vital in helping ladies during this time and are great preparation for labour too. Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine 24


Setting Up Home Together

Cohabitation Agreements - What is involved? It is for this reason that it is essential to sort out who owns what and what each person is responsible for from the outset. We can help you do this by providing you with clear advice about the different ways of owning property together and also by entering into a Cohabitation Agreement (sometimes called a Living Together Agreement), which states clearly who owns what and what financial interest each partner is intended to have in property. A cohabitation agreement can also cover other assets including who owns cars, furniture, savings and investments. Additionally it can set out each partners responsibility for mortgage and bills, living expenses and home maintenance. Please check out our website at where we have put together a useful guide 18 Tips To Consider When Setting Up Home With Your Partner a jargon free practical guide setting out some of the key issues to consider with your partner before living together, which can be downloaded free of charge. If you are planning to live with your partner, then it pays to seek legal advice from our experienced family solicitors to understand your legal position. The law relating to unmarried families is greatly misunderstood. The concept of being treated as a common law husband and wife because of a significant period of living together is a myth. Provided they have been entered into freely and fairly, cohabitation agreements are legally binding. There are many internet based companies offering DIY agreements but such agreements may fall foul of the duress argument i.e. he/she made me sign it. It is sensible and relatively inexpensive to have a cohabitation agreement drawn up by a solicitor, particularly when compared with the cost of Although more couples are choosing to cohabit rather than marry, going to court. The other party will need to have the opportunity to the law is yet to catch up. When it comes to property, the law treats seek independent legal advice before entering into the agreement. unmarried couples more like flatmates without addressing the It can be awkward to suggest the possibility of a cohabitation unique nature of their family relationship. agreement to your partner. However, having discussions before We often find that when an unmarried couple separate, one of the moving in together to clarify your intentions regarding money and parties is shocked to find for example, that despite making the major property will provide you with a good grounding from the outset and financial contribution to the purchase of a property, they have help to clear up any differences of opinion before you move in unwittingly purchased the home on the basis that they own the together. property in equal shares with their former partner, or that the legal title is in the name of one party alone and the other has no beneficial Why we are different interest, despite having lived in the property for a number of years. Contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our family solicitors There are different ways that property can be co-owned at the for straightforward, clear and practical advice to understand your outset, which affect a persons entitlement to share in the property legal position and decide whether a cohabitation agreement is right in the event of a separation. There are also a variety of ways that an for you. interest can be acquired in property, if it is in the name of one person alone. The way that a property is purchased can also have If you require advice on any aspect of family law such as childrens dramatically different results in the event of one partner pre- matters, divorce, dispute about the finances of a marriage upon divorce, pre or post nuptial agreements or any other family law deceasing the other. matter please do not hesitate to contact us at Chapman Pieri The law in this area is complex and if a dispute does end up in court Solicitors on Tel. 0208 882-9850; Email. or and the intentions of the parties have not been expressly worked check us out on or on Facebook Page. We out, the court is often left in the undesirable position of trawling offer a fixed fee Consultation at 75 plus VAT so please call to book through the parties financial records and paperwork to decide what an appointment with one of our Resolution Accredited Family Law the couple intended by reference to their conduct in relation to each Specialist Solicitors. other and the property. This can lead to an unsatisfactory and uncertain outcome.

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Mojomums are delighted to announce that Francine Lewis has Mojomums at a glance: become one of our official ambassadors. The Britains Got Talent A recruitment service placing mums back into jobs to fit finalist has already been interviewed by the social enterprise around their families Mojomums and told of her loves, hates, her children and childcare Experts offering advice on a wide range of issues, from arrangements. separation anxiety to feelings of guilt Panelofworkingmumsrevealingtheirtriedandtestedtips I dont take myself too seriously, I have to juggle like every mother to help make being a working mum a little bit easier. does childcare arrangements or the job versus the parents evening or HotTopicsMojomumsaimstoraiseawarenesstorelevant sports day, being in the public eye doesnt change the things us mums and real life issues effecting mums go through. I want to be part of helping to inspire women rather than AgonyAuntforallyourunansweredquestionsonanything being judgemental! The amount of people who ask whether they go from emotional to financial concerns to private school and if I have a nanny I am a real mum in the real Reallifefeaturesincludinginspirationalstoriesfrommums world. My mother in law is fantastic and a great help with the and lively guest bloggers. children so no, I dont have a nanny as I want to spend as much time as I can with my children but I still want to do the job I love and I want The future! my kids to be around the family they love and who adore them. But I Set to be the bible for working mums, Mojomums aims to be the want them to be proud of me too, Francine Lewis who is also their busiest community of working women in the UK. Plans are afoot for mum. Mojonannies, Mojotots and Mojobuyandsell. It is set to be a busy year for Mojomums and exciting times for mums who want their We are determined, multi-tasking creatures and if I can help to MOJO back! inspire just one of you then I am proud to help! Get in touch with Mojomums by visiting, Sally Overhead founder of Mojomums said: Francine is a great emailing or tweeting at: ambassador for our brand, light hearted, honest, strong, determined and opinionated, She has certainly got her Mojo back and we feel her personality fits perfectly with Mojomums and what we stand for. Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine 26


Would an AU PAIR work for you?

Au Pairs offer an affordable childcare solution, but they are not suitable for everyone, different rules apply depending on where your au pair is travelling from, and as a host family you have certain obligations to help your au pair learn English and experience the local culture. Read on for more information to help you decide whether this could work for you and your family. Au pairs are aged between 17-27 and their chief purpose for being in the country is to learn the language and assimilate the culture. An au pair lives with you and should be treated as part of the family. Au pairs earn board and lodging and a small amount of money each week in return for childcare and light housework. Many people tend to lump nannies and au pairs into the same category but they are totally different. Au pairs are NOT nannysubstitutes, and usually have no formal childcare training. R.E.C (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) stipulates that au pairs should never have sole charge of children under the age of two. Au pairs are often seen as the 'Cinderellas' of the childcare industry. Agencies are often faced with problems of au pairs being treated as cheap labour by people who should be employing qualified nannies. Frequently they are left alone with young children for long hours and given heavy housework duties far in excess of what they should be asked to do. An au pair should have their own bedroom and be allowed proper time to study English. Visit The British Au Pair Agencies Association for more information

This visa replaces the Working Holidaymaker Visa. The scheme is for those aged between 18 30 years and permits applicants to live and work in the UK for a maximum time of 24 months. Please view:

Cost: Au Pair Pocket money must be minimum 65 per week for 25 hours, regardless of whether the minimum hours are worked. Many agencies recommend slightly higher pocket money. For 30 hours the minimum is 80. Where applicants work longer hours Duties: for extra payment, it must be noted that such persons will be Assist with light housework, help in the kitchen and care for school classed as Employees and UK tax and National Insurance will age children. They should also be available for babysitting one or apply two evenings per week. Hours: Qualifications: Au pairs can be on duty from 25 35 hours per week if they are Au pairs have no formal training in caring for children and may from an EU country. This is limited to 25 hours per week if the au have little or no experience. pair is from Bulgaria or Romania. These hours can be spread out over 5 days per week. The au pairs schedule must provide Legal Requirements and Visas: sufficient time to attend language school, and the au pair shall receive two free days each week and should be offered one full Legal Requirements: weekend off per month An au pair must be a national from one of the following EU countries: Please view for information relating to guidelines on au pair hours, pocket money, babysitting, leisure Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, time and holidays. Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Your duties as a host family: Portugal Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden When you employ an au pair you have a duty as a host family to make their stay as happy as possible. You are required to: Nationals of Romania and Bulgaria will need an accession worker card from the UK Border Agency before taking up an au pair Facilitate au pairs to attend courses. placement. Provide a comfortable, private room and meals. Agree on free time and days off and stick to it. Nationals of Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Monaco Help your au pair settle in and find their bearings - don't just are able to come to the UK under the Youth Mobility Scheme leave them to get on with it. within Tier 5 of the points-based system for immigration to the UK. Try and treat your au pair as part of the family. Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine 27

you be around all the time, to make sure what you have said has been understood? If you are at home with the children and will be there to supervise, then taking on an au pair with less advanced English skills is probably fine, but, if she will be on her own then you need to think about worst-case scenarios and engage someone who will understand if the school telephones to say that the child has been sick and needs to come home, whose English is good enough to make an emergency call if necessary. If she is going to drive your children, where did she learn to drive? How rigorous is the test in her country, and how long has she been driving? I always choose German au pairs, as the German driving test is the toughest in Europe, but not all countries have the same standards as the UK. I had a male au pair for a fortnight - the boyfriend of one of my former au pairs, covering a two-week gap between one au pair and the next - who was absolutely brilliant with my sons; they had the best half-term holiday ever, but my house was a disaster area! " Carolyn Mackay, Colchester

Finding an Au Pair: Most au pairs find work through agencies. Please visit's childcare search option to find a recommended agency in your area: Agencies will take your details and try and match you up with a suitable candidate. Unfortunately you don't have the opportunity to interview the au pair in person first and, other than a phone call, you have to hope for the best when your au pair arrives. Points to help you decide if an au pair is for you: An au pair can be a real boon if children are of school age. They can prepare the children for school and look after them afterwards. Au pairs are an economical and, for many mothers with older children, very convenient way of lightening the load. Some families take au pairs from the same country for several years in a bid to make their children bi-lingual. One doctor who lives in North London has had au pairs from France for the past 10 years. As a result her five children are all fluent in French (but remember au pairs are here to learn English, not to teach young children their native tongue). Many families take on summer au pairs to help out during the long school holidays - agencies generally have good supplies. Au pairs only stay for about 6 months so you have to keep chopping and changing which can be disruptive to the household. Au pairs often speak basic English and for many it is their first time away from home - so problems such as homesickness and loneliness have to be confronted. If you have very young children an au pair isn't for you. Best bear mums own tips on au pairs: "If you have an au pair you have to treat them as part of the family otherwise they really do get lonely and depressed and then they are no use to anyone. I decided to make two evening meals and Sunday lunch special times for us to get to know our au pair. It gave her social occasions in the week to look forward to and also meant that we had time alone on the other nights without making her feel unwanted." Sophie Leithson, Banbury. "If you want the advantage of live-in childcare and help around the house, at a very reasonable price, then you need to accept that your family has increased by one. Our au pair eats with us every evening: she is here as part of the family, so she eats with my husband and me - that's what being 'part of the family' means and when else are they going to learn English properly, if not during the conversation at dinner? I make the effort to introduce them to other young people (not just au pairs) in the area, so that they can build a network of friends. I find that printing out a day-by-day rota for the children, with notes on games kit/piano lessons/collection times from school is very useful in their first weeks. Spend as long as possible talking to them on the phone before agreeing to have them live with you: if their English isn't great, will

Tel: 08707 201277

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Liquid infant paracetamol or ibuprofen can help make your baby more comfortable if she has a fever or seems in pain. Your baby can have infant paracetamol if she is two months or older. She can have infant ibuprofen if she is three months or older and weighs at least 5kg (11Ibs). Read the dosage information on the packet, or check with your doctor if youre unsure how much to give your baby. If your baby is crying and upset, her cough could become worse. So comfort and reassure her with lots of hugs and kisses. Sitting her upright on your lap, or holding her upright over your shoulder may help her to relax, and therefore breathe more easily. There is little scientific evidence to support the use of steam inhalation to relieve the symptoms of croup. However, some parents have found that allowing their baby to breathe in steam from a hot bath or shower in a closed room has eased symptoms. Steam treatment should only be used under careful supervision as there is a risk of scalding your baby. Dont give your baby cough medicines or decongestants, as these wont help in treating croup. Can croup cause any complications? Very rarely, a severe bout of croup can cause serious breathing difficulties. Croup is a common childhood virus. It causes the voice box (larynx) and Phone for an ambulance or take your baby straight to the accident and airway to the lungs (trachea) to swell, making it difficult to breathe. The result emergency department of your local hospital if she: is a distinctive, bark-like cough. In adults, its called laryngitis. is struggling to breathe Croup usually affects children aged between six months and three years, suddenly seems very sleepy or lethargic although it can occur in older children. Its normally caused by a virus, so your has a blue tinge to her lips and face baby could get it a couple of times or more during childhood. appears to have a drawn-in neck and ribcage How will I know if my baby has croup? Once in hospital, your baby will be given oxygen to help her breathe. She will If your baby has croup, you'll know. The barking cough is easy to recognise. also be given oral or inhaled steroids to reduce the swelling in her airways. Although it's frightening to hear your baby cough like this, in most cases, it sounds worse than it is. How long does croup last? Your baby may have croup for about three days to seven days, but it can last Other symptoms can include: for as long as two weeks. During this time, continue the home treatments to runny nose, sore throat, fever, a loud, high-pitched rasping sound when relieve your babys symptoms. Once you both get over the surprise of this breathing (this is called stridor) nasty cough, it will usually run its course and leave you all a little tired, but well. Croup usually comes on in the middle of the night. You may discover that the For more information, please visit: slight cold your baby went to sleep with has turned into the unmistakable bark. Don't hesitate to respond: you'll probably find your baby awake, sitting up, coughing, and frightened. How can I treat croup? Its best to take your baby to the doctor as soon as you can, even if your baby has had it before. The doctor may give your baby a single dose of a steroid, which works by reducing the swelling in her airways. This is perfectly safe for your baby if given in the correct dose. Your doctor will also advise you to try some treatments at home to relieve your babys symptoms and help her to feel more comfortable. Encourage your baby to take extra milk or water to keep her hydrated. For babies who have started solids and children, juice and warm soup may taste especially good if they have lost their appetite.

Each month we will featuring more medical advice, hints and tips for your baby, toddler and child from babycentre. If there is anything you would like us to feature, please let me know by emailing us at:

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Colic-SOS: Answering a call for help from parents of colicky babies

So after enduring extreme colic with my first two babies I slowly began to identify the different reasons behind their colic cries. I pieced together information and techniques from different sources through speaking to various experts in the field, including sleep experts, osteopaths, and nutritional therapists. My son, for example, had experienced a traumatic birth and benefited tremendously from cranial massage. He also had trouble sleeping; he wouldnt nod off in a buggy or a car when he was tired like many babies do. But I realized, after reading the work of Dr Marc Weissbluth, that small babies simply cannot cope with being awake for more than two hours at a time, and over-tired babies begin to cry uncontrollably. The answer in this case was to develop a good sleep routine. It took some time but it worked and gave us all some much needed peace. Most new parents are sleep-deprived but happy creatures. These parents have never been happier, and the source of this happiness is All these techniques flew out of the window, however, when I had my more often than not found sleeping peacefully in a cot or gurgling with second colicky baby. It turned out that little Ava experienced colic for an altogether different set of reasons. In her case it was digestive problems delight at the faces of its doting parents. that caused her to cry incessantly. It took some time to work out what For parents of a colicky baby, however, its an altogether different story. to do but once wed ascertained that mild lactose intolerance and a gut For them the baby days can be the most stressful days of their life. bacterial imbalance were to blame we were able to treat her colic Simply put, dealing with colic is hell. Sleep-deprivation, accompanied by symptoms with lactose free formula and a probiotic supplement. the sound of non-stop screaming is a form of torture. Indeed, Ive heard it is often used as a torture method and has the capacity to break even Im happy to report that, at seven and three years old, both babies are now well beyond the colic-stage and having finally escaped colic hell I the most hardened of men! was sorely tempted to banish the whole traumatic memory from my Most parents feel helpless in this situation. Surely as a mum or dad they weary brain. But instead I decided to bring all the information Id should have the ability to soothe their baby. If they cant, they may feel learned along with advice from a range of colic experts together in one they are letting their baby down. So they try everything and yet nothing place in order to help other parents of colicky babies. they do seems to help. Worse still, baby and his or her parents are not the only ones affected. Colic impacts on the whole family, including the This spring I finally launched Colic-SOS not only babys siblings. I clearly recall the effect on my three year old who, after provides tips and advice on issues such as diet and feeding, sleep and enduring hours of non-stop screaming day after day from his baby routine, and massage and osteopathy, it also provides a forum for sister, finally threw himself on the kitchen floor and started wailing at parents to connect with others in the same boat. With a growing the top of his voice, his arms and legs kicking wildly in every direction. I number of Facebook followers we have developed a community of colic couldnt blame him either; it was all I could do to stop joining in myself! survivors who share their own stories and tips or simply to the opportunity to rant to people who actually understand the meaning of Most parents seek advice, of course, but they are unsure where to turn. the expression colic hell! A number of parents Ive spoken to say theyve asked for advice from their health visitor and simply been told that some babies just cry more than others, it wont last for long and they should simply grin and bear it. Others seek to medicate with off-the-shelf colic drops which often dont help because they dont necessarily address the root cause. You see the problem is that colic in itself is not a medical condition. Rather it is a catch-all term used to describe a baby who cries frequently and for extended periods, without any apparent reason. Dig deeper and you find it is actually an extremely complex and often misunderstood issue. The causes of colic are varied. Colic expert and osteopath Christian Bates identifies at least ten major physical causes of colic and admits that there are probably more. But as babies obviously cant talk, they cant describe their symptoms so its hard to get to the bottom of the why they are crying. If we cant work out why they are crying we cant address the underlying cause and so we cant relieve them and the crying goes on.

Rachel Burgon: an average mum from Buckinghamshire who has been to colic hell twice and survived to tell the tale. In between helping parents cope with colic, and looking after her growing family, she develops fun, family apps for the iPhone through her company Appy Families Ltd:

She is the Founder of: Colic-SOS a survival tool for parents of colicky babies. For more information, please visit: Website: Twitter: @colicSOS Facebook Page: E-mail:

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Get Growing with Dawn Isaac


By Dawn Isaac, garden designer and writer specialising in children's gardening -

Herbs and Edible Flowers

Taste is obviously important in your edible garden, but there's no reason you can't make it a wider sensory experience. Adding scented herbs and beautiful edible flowers brings even more interest for children. Planting herbs Most herbs need a sunny spot with good drainage. If you soil if very heavy with lots of clay, you can dig in some horticultural grit or sharp sand to make it more herb-friendly. Alternatively, most herbs are relatively drought-tolerant which make them ideal for planting in pots - even if you forget to water them for a short time, they will often survive quite happily. You could also try a group of herbs in a larger pot as the soil in this won't dry out as quickly as their smaller counterparts. Also, it's a good plan to site your herbs quite near to the kitchen so it's easy to snip or pull a few leaves as you need them. If you use a glazed pot, you can write the names of the herbs on each one to help older children identify the different ones when they can be sent to gather them. Although it's possible to sow herbs from seed, you probably only want one or two of each type so it's easier to buy them as small potted plants. Some good ones to try are chives, thyme, marjoram, sage, parsley and rosemary - perhaps even a small bay tree. Mint is also good - it's great added to summery drinks or even as a herbal tea - but make sure you keep it in its own pot as it is fast to spread and will soon swamp over planting if you give it half a chance. As well as picking fresh herbs, you could help the children snip stems of herbs to hang up and dry. You'll need somewhere dry and airy, out of direct sunlight. Cut stems in the morning when the dew has evaporated and bunch them into groups of five or six so they're not too congested. When dry you can strip the leaves and keep them in glass or plastic jars which the children could even decorate with acrylic pens to give away as gifts. Edible flowers are a beautiful addition to salads or sandwiches. Some good ones to try are nasturtiums, pot marigold and cornflower petals, violets, and borage. You can also eat the flowers of herbs such as chives, rosemary and basil - they will taste similar to the herb itself - often a slightly milder version. It is important to explain to children that they can only eat flowers which you tell them are safe - eating some flowers can be very dangerous. Also, if you are planning to consume edible flowers make sure they are plants you have grown from seed as some plants may have been sprayed with pesticides if they were raised in a nursery.

NEXT MONTH: Reaping the harvest

What to harvest this month Salads Tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes Potatoes and sweetcorn French and runner beans Onions, garlics and shallots Strawberries Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and gooseberries Plums and damsons Early apples and pears

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Get Growing with Dawn Isaac

Get Garden Creative

This project is from Dawn's book - Garden Crafts for Children (CICO RRP 14.99)

Dawn Isaac is a garden designer and writer specialising in children's gardening

August Project: Edible Flower Colander

Surprise people twice over by using a kitchen colander as a planter and then filling it with flowers that you can eat!

You will need:

Scissors Thick plastic bag such as an old potting-mix bag Colander (larger sixes work best) Potting compost 1 pot marigold (Calendula officinalis) 2-3 nasturtiums (depending on the size of the colander) watering can

1. Cut out a circle from the plastic bag, which is a little larger in diameter than the colander, and then carefully snip a few holes with the pair of scissors. 2. Put the plastic circle inside the colander so that it is sitting centrally and then half-fill the colander with potting compost. Carefully trim away the excess plastic liner all around the top of the colander but make sure that the liner covers the sides nicely all the way around. 3. Gently remove the pot marigold from its container. You can do this by turning the pot upside down, while sill supporting the plant with your fingers, and tapping the bottom of the pot until the plant comes out. Put the marigold in the centre of the colander. 4. Remove the nasturtiums from their pots using the same technique as you did for the pot marigold, and then space them evenly around the edge of the colander. 5. Use some more of the compost to fill in the spaces between the pot marigold and the nasturtiums, firming down well as you go. 6. Water the plants in well. Place the colander somewhere relatively sunny and make sure that the potting compost doesnt dry out, especially in very hot weather. Remember that the best time to water your plants is either early in the morning or in the evening. 7. If you want to turn your colander into a hanging basket, simply tie a double length of garden twine or string around the neck of the colander and thread three evenly spaced pieces of twine under this to form the central hanger. Remember the twine will snap if it is not replaced every few weeks. Also, to be safe, only hang the colander below head height. Dawn Isaac is a garden designer and writer specialising in children's gardening Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine 33


Help Your Child Develop Self Control..

Similarly, teach your child problem solving techniques, so they can see alternative ways of dealing with situations rather than just reacting. Help them to understand clear consequences so if they do act impulsively they know what the consequences will be. I think most parents want their children to have self control, BUT when their child cries they cant bear to hear the sound and think their child is in pain and so (often understandably) they give in. And gradually the child learns to manipulate the parent more and more. So how do you stop yourself giving in? I suggest you think long term not short term and stop yourself from thinking Anything for an easy life because it wont be an easy life when your son/daughter is a demanding 16 year old. Teach children to articulate their emotional experiences. This means that if they are not getting their own way or are upset with another child, they will not impulsively react and maybe hit out, but can reason Why is teaching your children self control the best gift you can give and express how they are feeling to that child or to an adult nearby, which reduces their need to behave impulsively. them? We want a lot for our children. We want them to have, amongst other qualities, intelligence, good behaviour, co-operation and confidence. All of these are of course important but neuro scientist Sandra Aamodt says, Parents would get a better return on their investment by concentrating on building self control in their children. A psychologist, Terrie Moffit at Kings College led a study of 1000 children from birth until aged 32 and found that those with higher levels of self control in childhood were healthier and wealthier adults and were less likely to commit crimes and do drugs. She says the study revealed that self control is a vital part of forming a variety of skills, including preparing for the future, controlling temper and getting along well with people. I agree, that amongst all the qualities we want our children to have, self control is one of the most important. And it seems, the good news is that it is teachable. Teaching children to delay gratification actually starts at the temper tantrum phase. If you give them instant gratification at this stage, they arent going to have self control later on. Children are very focused in the here and now and simply want their needs met immediately. Even if they know this might not happen they will try to persuade you otherwise. I believe sometimes children tantrums because its become a habit and they have not been taught alternative ways of asking, or letting you know what they want. Show them alternatives. You can wait until your child calms down, as they cant listen when they are upset, and you can show them alternatives so that they learn that being articulate is a better way to let you know how they feel and what they want rather than screaming and crying and having a tantrum. I recommend once theyve calmed down, mentally taking them back into the situation where they had the tantrum and explaining how they could have performed differently. Self control can also be about sharing and putting others first and not just grabbing everything for yourself so catch your children being kind and considerate and praise them for it. Acknowledge that sometimes self control is hard for children and reflectively listen by saying things like I know its been hard for you to wait for grandma to sit down before we can all eat and youve been very patient, or I know its taking a long time for your turn but youre waiting so nicely. One of my clients has an impulsive child which is why they needed support and one of the things we have been working on together is getting her to be considerate of and more aware of others. And team sports can do just that, and it just happens that they chose abseiling and it has really helped her to recognize that she has to function as a member of a team and that each member of the team including her has a vital role (in an adult abseiling situation it could even be the difference between life and death) Shes learnt in this situation the importance of doing exactly whats required, listening to the leader and playing her part within the team at the precise moments its requested not when she fancies. So it really has been a good sport for her to stop her impulsivity.

So self control is an important part of parenting, a vital part of teaching our children to have a more mature response to challenging situations and one of lifes golden lessons that things that are worth having dont come along immediately but take work and determination to achieve. After all Andy Murray didnt win Wimbledon (Im writing this a week after his success!) by being impulsive and expecting instant success. In fact if most parents look at successful role models they are usually people who have taken lots of knocks and failures along the Its a technique called Action Replay. After a child has misbehaved, way and basically who learnt that having self control is one of the keys when he or she is calm, take them back in a role play into that situation to their success. asking them what they could have done differently. You are not telling Bebe Jacobs them, you are asking them so they can figure it out and see for themselves that there could have been an alternative and that there will be one in a similar situation in the future. M: 07939 880 856 Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine 34



Originally from Dublin, Ireland, I now live in North London with my husband and three young children. Having had a baby with severe reflux which caused significant sleep problems for some time, I understand first-hand how a lack of sleep can impact on the whole family! From this point, I started to develop a keen interest in sleep issues in children, and eventually decided my career path definitely lay in helping other tired families get the sleep they need. of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child (and themselves!). Each familys requirements are different when it comes to sleep coaching, not least because all children are different and sleep problems can be caused by any number of issues at any stage of childhood. Through care, love and gentle methods, I work with parents to help their child and indeed themselves get the sleep they need. Maryanne Taylor Child Sleep Expert

I became a Gentle Sleep Coach, training under Kim West (The Sleep Lady) in the US. This programme involves over 50 hours of training, an exam and participation in on-going advanced training. I chose this training programme as I found it was the most extensive, and Tel: 07760 252750 the ethos of gentle sleep techniques appealed to me. I have also Email: completed advanced training with the International Maternity Web: Institute to become a Certified Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant. I am a member of the British Sleep Society and the International Association for Sleep Consultants. As well as seeing client, I also deliver many sleep workshops and talks; write articles about childrens sleep, and am a regular contributor on various social media sites. I believe that encouraging a child to learn the skill of falling asleep independently and the ability to resettle themselves to sleep is one

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Choosing a childcare provider for your child is one of the most great way to find those proactive providers who are seeking for important decisions you will ever make. Before choosing a new parents to use their services. childcare provider there are three questions to ask: Noticeboards many villages, communities and shops have 1. Should I go back to work or be a stay-at-home mum? noticeboards located in public areas to display local information. 2. Should I return to my old job or type of work? Childcare providers may choose to display their details on here. 3. Should I move on to something different? Choosing a childcare provider: When and if you decide to return to work the first thing you should do is collect information about childcare options in your area. Once you have information about the childcare There are a variety of options to choose from including; nurseries, providers you are interested in, make a shortlist and child minders, nannies, au pairs, crches, before and after school contact each provider to find out what times they clubs, play groups, pre-schools, grandparents, the list is endless. operate and their prices to determine who provides childcare during the times you need it and at a price that Where to get information: you can afford. Internet there are a number of websites which supply Make an appointment to visit the childcare providers information about childcare providers in your area, where they are settings. Ask questions when you visit about the based, how long they have been trading and even reviews from activities your child will be participating in, the daily other parents. routine, is food included in the price, what are the menus, what security do they have, will you get a daily Talk to other parents talking to friends who already use childcare report about what your child has done, do they supply or know of providers is a good way to get first hand feedback from nappies, what are their policies on sickness, will your people already using the service. Ask other parents about child have a key worker, what rating did they have in childcare providers in your area on parenting forums and chat their latest Ofsted inspection, how flexible are they with rooms. drop off and collection times, do they supply sun cream and hats, is there a mixture of different aged and sexes FIS - Your local Family Information Service (FIS) will be able to of staff, what qualifications do staff have and how often provide you with information about registered childcare providers do you have to pay your bill dont be afraid of asking in your area. silly questions. Magazines, newspapers and newsletters some childcare providers will advertise in local school newsletters, village magazines, local newspapers and parenting magazines. This is a Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine 37

Take time to reflect on what you have seen at each setting, make a list of what you liked and if there was anything you didnt like; were the staff engaging with the children, what did the atmosphere feel like, was the setting clean and safe, did other children seem happy and relaxed and how did you feel about each provider. Make the decision about which provider(s) you would like to use and visit them a second time to see if you still feel the same as you did on your first visit. Remember to consider what type of childcare your child will be more comfortable with; do they respond well in groups or would they prefer more of a one-to-one basis? Think about what your child needs to develop their skills. Ask for references from other parents who have used your chosen providers services. Book your child in for a taster session to see if they like it and how they get on. Allow them time to adjust to the setting with you there and make sure savings to more than 1,800* per year. For more information you leave them on their own for a time just as you would about Childcare Vouchers visit on a normal working day. When you are happy with your childcare provider book a Tax Credits these are available to help working parents cover place for your child. You might be required to pay a joining some of the cost of their childcare to ensure they are still able to work. You can currently get help for up to 70% of childcare costs. fee to hold your place. The weekly limit is 175 for one child or 300 for two or more. You Choosing a childcare provider is a long process, however you will can get up to 70% of this cost*. feel happier about returning to work knowing you have chosen the perfect provider for your child. Remember to ask to see Ofsted Free childcare children aged 3 and 4 are entitled to 15 free hours reports and to consider your general feelings about a setting and of childcare at a nursery or pre-school starting from the term they turn 3. This entitlement is applied to term time only (38 weeks of its staff before making any decisions. the year). Childcare affordability: Many parents will have childcare providers they would want to use *Subject to individual circumstances **Busy Bees are the largest childcare provider in the UK, operating over 200 and those which they can actually afford. The price of childcare nurseries nationwide. If your employer runs a Busy Bees Benefits Childcare varies considerably depending on location, type of childcare and Voucher scheme and you use these to pay for childcare at a Busy Bees nursery you the quality of the services provided. However, there are ways of will automatically receive an additional 5% credit on top of your vouchers. bringing these costs down and making your desired childcare more affordable. For more information on childcare affordability or childcare at Busy Bees nurseri Childcare Vouchers these are available from your employer as es please visit: salary sacrifice. Exchange up to 243* per month from your wages in return for the same amount of Childcare Vouchers and save up to 933* per year. These can be used to pay for any registered www.busyb om childcare for children up to the age of 16. Both parents can join their employers Childcare Voucher scheme, potentially doubling ees.c

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Food & Recipes

Its not easy making good nutritious meals for your little ones day in and day out. So thats what Little Dish do for you. Hillary and her business partner John created Little Dish in 2006. Expecting her first child, Hillary noticed that no one was making fresh, healthy meals for toddlers and children which parents could buy in the supermarket. She then set out on her vision to provide a range of food much like the meals you cook at home, only using ingredients that you would find in your kitchen. And thus, Little Dish was born.

I want my toddler to eat different types of foods but every time I try she simply wont have it. What should I do? For your peace of mind its reassuring to know that your toddler refusing food is absolutely normal and that its well known that children refuse foods in their second year of life. This refusal seems to peak at about 18 months of age. You may have to try your toddler with a new food more than 10 times before they accept it. Drinking too much milk or squash can reduce appetite so check that they are drinking the right amount. The important thing to remember is that most faddy eating and refusal of food stops with time. How do I make sure my toddler gets enough iron? Iron is important to make the red blood cells which carry oxygen round the body. If your toddler doesnt get enough iron they can develop anaemia which can make them tired and sluggish and not able to concentrate.

Starting in 2006, Little Dish was sold through a handful of stores, There are 2 types of iron that you can get from the food your whilst now over 100,000 Little Dishes are served every week child eats: across the UK. Little Dish meals contain 100% natural iron from meat and oily fish which is well absorbed ingredients and no added salt. Every recipe is created in iron found in leafy green vegetables, grains, pulses and partnership with a nutritionist, and each Little Dish is taste beans which is less well absorbed by the body tested by a team of tiny tasters before being let out of the kitchen. Vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron and if your toddler is We decided to feature some of the gorgeous recipes available vegetarian eating their meal with a glass of orange juice or from the Little Dish website for all our readers to try for followed by a vitamin C rich fruit like strawberries is a great way themselves. Fun, simple and extremely tasty, why not get your to help them increase iron intake. Fibre, calcium and the tannins children involved too? in tea actually prevents iron absorption. We have also included a few frequently asked questions and answers some parents have had on eating problems, likes and dislikes. If you would like any further information, please contact Little Dish at the following: Facebook: Twitter: @Little_Dish Try and give your toddler 1-2 servings of meat or fish a day, or 2-3 servings of egg, pulses and beans with a high vitamin C food if your child is vegetarian. Fortified breakfast cereals also contain iron but watch the amounts of added salt and sugar. Please enjoy the following recipes and send us some images of your finished dishes which will be shown on the Baby Buzz Magazine website.

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Food & Recipes

Apricots give this chicken casserole a subtle sweet flavour kids love. This dish is great on its own or served with lightly steamed mange tout or French beans. Note: organic dried apricots do not contain sulphur dioxide (a chemical that preserves colour) so the fruits are naturally darker and have notes of caramel and molasses. In addition to being rich in vitamin A, dried apricots are a valuable source of iron and fibre.

1 tin of Tuna 1 Pot of Little Dish Fresh Tomato and Veg sauce 3 Potatoes 4 stems of Broccoli Handful of fresh Spinach Pepper Onion Handful of Fresh Basil Crushed Black Pepper (Total Cost of Ingredients: 4.89)

150g chicken breast 100g carrot 100g sweet potato 50g white potato (such as Desire) 30g organic dried apricots (such as Crazy Jacks) 12g onion 1 small garlic clove 1/4 tsp (1.25ml) flat leaf parsley 250ml fresh unsalted vegetable stock (click here for recipe) 5ml extra virgin olive oil (or rapeseed oil)

Heres what you do:

Peel and finely chop onion and garlic. Heat oil in pan and add onion and finely chopped garlic; saut onion and garlic on low heat until onion begins to soften and brown slightly. Chop chicken breast into bite size pieces and add to garlic and onion in pan. Stir thoroughly and cook for 5 minutes until chicken starts to brown. Peel and chop sweet potato, white potato and carrot into small cubes and add to pan. Stir thoroughly. Finely chop apricots. Add fresh unsalted vegetable stock and apricots to pan and bring to the boil. Turn down heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Add finely chopped flat leaf parsley and continue to cook at low heat for further 5 minutes or until vegetables and chicken are tender and cooked through. Makes 2 meals Tips If you prefer a thicker sauce, after finely chopping apricots, cover with 100ml of boiling water. Leave to stand a few minutes and then pour mixture into a blender (or use hand blender) and puree until you have a thick, smooth sauce. Then add this mixture to the pan and continue with recipe above.

Heres what you do:

Preheat the oven to 180C Wash and peel the potatoes. Bring a pan of water to the boil. Chop the potatoes into cubes and place into the boiling water, power boil for 8 - 10 minutes. Bring another pan of water to the boil and cook broccoli for 3 minutes. Drain both the potatoes and the broccoli. Chop and dice the onion, pepper, spinach and basil. Place the chopped onions, peppers, spinach and basil into a deep casserole dish along with the broccoli and potatoes. Open the tin of tuna drain, empty the tuna into the casserole dish. Pour in 1 pot of Little Dish fresh Tomato & Veg sauce and mix through. Sprinkle some crushed black pepper over and stir through again. Place the casserole dish into the over and cook for 20 minutes. Enjoy!.

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Food & Recipes

Simplicity: Serves: Prep Time: Cooking time:

Simple 6-8 children or a family of 4 5 minutes 15 minutes

Simplicity: Serves: Prep Time: Cooking time:

Straightforward 6 children or a family of 4 25 minutes 15 minutes

Ingredients: 4 x 125g (4 1/2 oz) salmon fillets 145g (5 oz) fresh basil pesto 1-2 tablespoons lemon juice, to taste 40g (1 1/2 oz) fresh breadcrumbs (1 slice brown bread) Method:
1. 2. Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6. Check the salmon carefully for bones, using your fingers to feel for them. Give the salmon a quick rinse under cold water, pat dry, then lay the fillets side by side in a lightly oiled baking dish, skin-side down. Combine the pesto, lemon juice and breadcrumbs in a small bowl, then spread over the salmon. Bake for about 15 minutes or until the salmon is cooked through. Test by inserting the tip of a knife into the flesh. When done, it will have lost its transparency and look opaque all through.

2 x 150g (5 oz) cooked skinless chicken breasts 200g (7 oz) broccoli, chopped into florets 200g (7 oz) short pasta, such as penne or fusilli Knob unsalted butter 100g (3 1/2 oz) mushrooms, finely chopped 1 garlic clove, crushed 1-2 teaspoons dried herbs 25g (1 oz) plain flour 360ml (12 fl. oz) chicken stock with no added salt 120ml (4 fl. oz) whole milk 60g (2 oz) Gruyere cheese, grated Freshly ground black pepper 40g (1 1/2 oz) fresh breadcrumbs (1 slice of brown bread) 2 tablespoons freshly grated Parmesan cheese


1. 2. 3. Preheat the oven to 220C/425F/Gas 7. Dice the cooked chicken breasts and set aside. Cook the broccoli in boiling water for 5 minutes; remove the broccoli using a slotted spoon and set aside. Return the water to the boil and cook the pasta for 10-12 minutes or according to the directions on the packet. Drain and set aside. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a large saucepan over a medium heat; add the mushrooms, garlic, herbs and saute for 4 minutes. Add the flour before gradually adding the chicken stock and milk; give it a good stir with a whisk. Bring to the boil and cook for 5 minutes, until thick, stirring from time to time. Add the Gruyere, a pinch of pepper and stir well. Take the pan of the heat and stir in the cooked diced chicken. Grease a casserole dish and put a layer of pasta on the bottom, roughly half. Put half the broccoli on top, followed by half the chicken mixture, then repeat with a second layer of each. Sprinkle the top with the breadcrumbs and grated Parmesan an bake for 15 minutes, until bubbling and golden brown.

Tip 1: Serve with rice, couscous or pasta and a green vegetable. Tip 2: Fresh breadcrumbs are easily made with a grater or hand blender. 4.


Tip 1: Spaghetti or tagliatelle works well in this dish if you are making it for older children or adults. Simply substitute 200g of long pasta for the short pasta. Leftovers freeze well for up to 30 days. Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine 41

Food & Recipes

Simplicity: Makes: Prep Time: Cooking time:

Straightforward 12 muffins 10 minutes 20 minutes

Simplicity: Serves: Prep Time: Cooking time:

Straightforward 8-10 children 15 minutes 45-50 minutes

Ingredients: 125g (4 1/2 oz) plain flour 60g (2 1/4 oz) wholemeal flour 60g (2 1/4 oz) rolled oats 60g (2 1/4 oz) brown sugar 3 teaspoons baking powder 60g (2 1/4 oz) blueberries 60g (2 1/4 oz) peeled and chopped apple 2 medium eggs 180ml (6 fl. oz) milk, plus a little extra if needed 40g (1 1/2 oz) unsalted butter, melted Method:
1. 2. 3. Preheat the oven to 190C/375F/Gas 5. Grease a 12hole muffin tin or line with paper cases. Mix the dry ingredients together in a large bowl. Add the fresh fruit and toss briefly so it gets a little coating of flour. Beat the eggs, milk and melted butter together, then pour over the dry ingredients. Fold lightly together, adding a touch more milk if the mixture feels a little dry. Dont overbeat: the batter should be lumpy and moist, not smooth. Spoon the batter into the muffin tin, filling each hole/paper case about two-thirds full, and bake until cooked in the middle, about 20 minutes. Remove from oven and let rest for 10 minutes before taking the muffins out of the tin.

Ingredients: Butter, for greasing 100g (3 1/2 oz) light muscovado sugar 150ml (5 fl. oz) sunflower oil 2 large eggs 125g (4 1/2 oz) wholemeal plain flour 125g (4 1/2 oz) plain flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon mixed spice Juice of 1 orange, or 100 ml (3 fl. oz) orange juice 2 ripe bananas, mashed 125g (4 1/2 oz) carrots, grated 60g (generous 2 oz) raisins or sultanas Method:
1. 2. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4. Lightly grease an 18-cm (7-inch) cake tin with butter. In a bowl, beat the sugar and oil together with a wooden spoon until smooth, then beat in the eggs, one at a time. Sift the flour, then add baking powder, mixed spice, orange juice and stir in well. Fold in the banana, carrots and sultanas or raisins. Pour the mixture in the cake tin and bake for 40-45 minutes, until the cake is well risen and firm to the touch. Let the cake cool for a few minutes, then turn out on to a wire rack to cool completely.



Tip: Also very good with raspberries and pears substituted for the blueberries and apple

Tip: If you fancy icing the cake - mix 200g of cold cream cheese with 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Beat in 80g of sifted icing sugar. Use a knife to ice the cake.

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The Mummy-to-Be (really, really soon!)

Welcome to week 32 in the Jenkinson tummy. Baby girl is still growing well and is wriggling around a lot I feel like Im carting a very active bag of spuds around with me most of the time! Getting to and from work is proving interesting, and its not just the quest for a seat in rush hour thats been the biggest eye-opener . . . people talk to you all the time when youre pregnant. Honestly, they do! Im shocked having lived in London all my life, where nobody makes eye contact with you, never mind engage you in actual conversation, I was totally unprepared for the attention that being pregnant has caused. A work colleague bought me a Baby on Board badge when I announced that I was expecting, but Ive been a little reluctant to wear it as Im not mad keen on drawing attention to myself. My very sticky-out-the-front bump is advertisement enough to be honest. Ive been pleasantly surprised by the amount of people who have offered me a seat on the bus or the train, and even more surprised by the amount of people whove made a beeline to ask when the babys due or to tell me their own baby stories. Its lovely! Mind you, Ive had to start leaving for work a little earlier than usual, as all the nattering was making me late. Two very kind Covent Garden market traders have offered to babysit once babys out, so Ive told them Ill bear them in mind every little helps! As well as negotiating the commute around The Smoke, my chap and I have had other travel plans to organise this month in the form of a little trip-ette to Greece. A friend of mine was getting married in Santorini, but I wasnt sure whether it was a good idea to go. The wedding was planned over a year ago, and we were all set to book before I found out I was expecting. I wasnt sure how late into pregnancy it was possible to travel, but I discovered that Thomson Holidays let you travel up to 36 weeks (though a doctors note is required for travel post 28 weeks). As Id be travelling at 30 weeks and was feeling well in myself we decided to go for it and book a weeks stay. Im glad we did. For a start, it gave me an excuse to flaunt one of the New Look maternity frocks that I bought last month, as well as an excuse to book somewhere slightly more lavish than usual you cant rough it when youre pregnant, its simply not allowed. We stayed in a little four-star B&B by the beach and were treated like royalty by everybody Greek people love pregnant ladies indeed, wherever we went I was presented with portions of ice-cream, fruit and drinks. Fantastic! I will be expecting gifts to be thrust upon me for the remainder of my pregnancy, though whether the driver of the 24 bus will see fit to lavish me with grapes and Soleros remains to be seen . . . We had a fab holiday (our last as a twosome of course), and the wedding was a real treat. My New Look dress went down a storm. Unfortunately this was mainly due to the fact that a mini hurricane started on the beach at the same time as the nuptials, which meant I spent the duration of the ceremony frantically waving my arms about trying to stop the dress from billowing upwards and attacking my face. I looked like a lunatic. Good job I had clean pants on! As the wind refused to let up, I was forced to tie a pashmina under my bump for the remainder of the wedding, but as the bride and groom were busy trying to stop the chairs blowing into the sea I think I got away with it! One thing I was a bit shocked and disappointed about was Thomsons refusal to let me pre-book an aisle seat next to my boyfriend on the plane. It is a well-known fact that the average expectant mum spends about two-thirds of the day piddling (slight exaggeration?), so I wanted to make sure I had easy access to the loo for the duration of the four-hour flight. I also didnt want to be constantly disturbing some other poor holidaymaker in my quest for a pee. I was fully prepared to pay for this privilege, but Thomson have a policy of not letting anyone pre-book a pair of seats on an aisle under any circumstances. They will let you book a window seat and the one next to it, but no aisles, unless youre prepared to sit totally separately. I spoke to their customer service team, and the special assistance team but nobody could override this ridiculous rule. The same policy apparently applies for disabled people, or anyone who may need aisle access. I totally understand that if everybody booked the aisle seats up then there would be a strip of empty window seats with nobody wanting to take them, but surely if there are disabled or pregnant people on the flight it makes sense to hold a couple of rows off sale to accommodate them as long as theyre booked in advance? I got over it and sat next to the window, but it just seemed like a very family-unfriendly policy to me. Once back from holiday we had our final scan to look forward to. I believe that most hospitals have two scans, but we are having our littleun at Kings College Hospital in Denmark Hill, and as theyre a teaching hospital they offer a third scan at 32 weeks. We discovered that our baby is still lying in the breech position (yikes) and that shes also facing the wrong way (posterior). Great! We werent able to get a picture due to the totally awkward way she was laying, but the doctors assured me that she still has plenty of time to turn. I hope so! I know there are some techniques and exercises that you can do to get the baby to turn naturally, so Ill give them a whirl and let you know next month whether anythings worked. Whatever happens, I think its safe to say we already have a stubborn little monkey on our hands!
Im so sad to say that this will be the last instalment by the wonderful Lindsey, who has let me follow her through almost all of her pregnancy. By the time this goes live, Im sure Lindsey will have had her beautiful little girl and that we will be able to feature her in the next issue. We are hoping to create a new follow-up feature starting from September where we can see how some the little ones we have featured have been getting on and how much theyve changed. I will be in contact with all the mums and dads who have put their children forward to see if they would like to be a part of this. Thank you Lindsey, so, so much and we cant wait to meet your little girl, Nickie xx

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Mr Ma!
The last time we had a holiday together as a family it was a disaster. Admittedly choosing to spend a week in a tiny tin box on wheels may have contributed to it being somewhat less than ideal but when I was a child the mere mention of Bognor Regis would have me sprinting up the stairs to pack my swimming trunks into my mini suitcase with an enormous grin on my face. As with most parents I was hoping this would be replicated with my my kids. It wasnt. Suffice to say we came home two days into our week long stay. wrong. The thing is so big when we do a practice run of putting it up we dont quite have enough garden. We shoe horn the tent back into its holdall and we pack the car (and roof box) for our adventure. Sometimes things can go wrong and you just have to shrug it off and carry on but if I were to shrug every time something went wrong for us Id have R.S.I. of the shoulders. Our first hitch was the two hour drive which actually took four hours, this was followed by the snapping of a main tent pole while pitching the beast, this was trumped by our son who has been dry at night for a long time successfully wetting his sleeping bag even though he was wearing a pull up for safety! In fact our new neighbour Rhiannon correctly nominated us as having the worst luck in camp. Although her luck wasnt looking so great having us pitch up next door. Some of the factors that led to the early finish were unavoidable everyday things like illness and the kids not doing well in the same cupboard/bedroom and others were more specific to my eldest child and his being on the autistic spectrum. We are very fortunate in that he doesnt react to change as dramatically as some children on the spectrum do, in fact as long as certain things are in place he doesnt really mind where he is. Chief among those sources of comfort and reassurance are his portable DVD player and his video game. On this particular occasion I specifically booked a DVD player in the caravan so we could reduce our luggage requirements. Needless to say arriving at our tin box tired and No sooner had we arrived than the kids were off to run riot on the two grumpy the first thing he wanted to do was watch one of the many DVDs bouncy castles. The site was in Dorset and the weather was scorching so sunburn was going to be the order of the day. We got the tent up, or as I hed brought with him, not being able to did not help his mood. like to refer to it the canvas St Pauls, the only thing bigger on site was the So with this holiday fun still fresh in my mind the suggestion of my wife Marquee. Everyone was very friendly and extremely helpful, including that we go on holiday again was met with a hearty laugh until I realised helping newbies like us to pitch our tent. There were lots of activities and she was serious. The holiday she had in mind was camping. Now to me things to do and for the older kids it was a chance to bond with others in camping is not a way to have fun. The last time I camped I was sixteen and their shoes either as children with additional needs themselves or as on a school trip to America, camping right next to the Grand Canyon. Even siblings of those children. And also it was a chance for us the parents (and this could not stir in me a love of the great outdoors, plus having a grand parents) to bond, exchange war stories and share strategies. I cant bricklayer for a dad I always thought it a little traitorous to promote living praise enough the way the volunteers and helpers went out of their way under canvas. I have held out against the festival fun of a three day no to ensure everyone was able to do whatever they needed to do to have a shower or toilet holiday and not been tempted by the cheap and cheerful good time and not worry about the kids and the things that would holiday in the UK for less message, yeah right less walls, less roof, less normally draw attention in a mainstream environment. When you have a showers and less toilets. You may notice a showers and toilets theme here child with complex medical needs or even physical needs it can be easier and I am not ashamed to admit that for me these two items are basics and not to go out than to put up with the attention, and from talking to some families a holiday from that was very welcome. not luxuries. Camping has often reared its ugly head in conversations with my wife, her quoting early morning fry ups over a camping stove me replying no showers no toilets. So it is not as if we were unaware of each others position vis a vis tent life. Therefore when on this occasion my wife suggested camping as a family holiday I was intrigued, thinking I had successfully extinguished this particular flame of interest some time ago. But, this was to be no ordinary camping holiday, this was to be...Camp Amazing. And what exactly marked this particular tented experience out as Amazing? Toilets? Showers? No, special needs! This was to be a four day weekend of camping specifically for families of children with special needs. A holiday where everyone would be in the same boat (or tent) so to speak, with their kids not being the subject of stares and comments. And believe me when I tell you, stares and comments can really bring the holiday mood down. So with a heavy heart I agreed and we set about borrowing everything we would need. It turned out that everything we would need was actually everything. We also needed to borrow something to carry everything we borrowed. So a trip round to my cousin Doug and we had a roof box stuck to the top of the car. A roof box so big I can no longer actually open the boot properly. Nip round to my mums and we have a cool box, pop over to my brother Dan (the festival king in his younger pre kids days) and we have camping chairs, camping pans, and a trolley to carry it all. Lastly the dreaded tent itself, borrowed from our friend Lucy. It comes in a suitcase sized holdall so I dont expect it will be all that spacious. Turns out I was Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine 44

The founder and originator of Camp Amazing a wonderful woman called Claire has started something which deserves to grow and grow, and I think it was amazing for a number of reasons not least of which was the fact that my wife and I are already talking about going back next year. The kids both loved it and there were even toilets and showers!

For more details on Camp Amazing check out their Facebook page



In the last eight months since I started Baby Buzz Magazine Ive read one book (Angus Kennedy, The Kitchen Baby as featured in the April issue). Its not that I dont like reading, I just dont have the time. It was a surprise , to me probably more than anyone, that when I received Womb with a View, once I picked it up I couldnt put it down! Fortunately Im a fast reader and bedtimes were spent with me laughing to the point of almost waking up the littlest one. Without even turning the pages, simply looking at the picture on the back makes you laugh out loud. You know that moment you cant help but laugh at something and everyone thinks youve gone a little mad, laughing at yourself? It doesnt stop there! As soon as you open the book you instantly are hooked with the realisation of oh my god, that was me! Dont for a moment think this book is one of your typical biography style books that offers medical advice, tips and hints and all the usual regimented books that tells you how you should or shouldnt be doing something, in fact its quite the opposite. Jodie is absolutely brilliant in the way she puts across her feelings and views and experiences on her pregnancy right through the first six months of parenthood! She writes every point in a way that you just know any parent who reads this book will instantly recognise what shes gone through. It is also a fantastic way to introduce your friends and family, who may be expecting a new addition to their household, to a touch of reality! This book is a must read for any parent-to-be and in fact any new parent, experienced parent, hell even a grandparent. With the experience of having gone through it you will see the head shakes and the murmurs and comments ah yes, I remember that well! So who is Jodie Newman? Well, theres no one better to tell you than Jodie herself: I write, I work and I mother. These are not listed in priority order, although it is probably fair to say it is a list compiled in competence order. It's an interesting juggling act, and means I have almost perfected the art of multi-tasking (otherwise known as not doing anything perfectly). Typing whilst holding the baby. Blogging whilst cooking the tea. Eavesdropping on other mothers' conversations to see how they do it whilst drinking a coffee. I don't proofread in the shower though, as my highlighter pen is not waterproof. I am based in Essex, but would just like to clarify at this juncture that I do not own a pair of Ugg boots and whilst my complexion can be a little orange at times, that is solely down to my six month old coughing masticated sweet potato into my face. In my spare time... oh, that's right, I remember now, I don't have any.

Order Womb With a View now

Jodie's latest book is available for purchase right now. You can pay via paypal or with your credit/debit card and is only 6.99 plus delivery! Please note if you prefer your books with a little less paper, then the Kindle version is just perfect for you. Head on over to Amazon, in the Kindle section ( To order your copy, simply visit:

Please turn overleaf to read the first three excerpts which I am sure will entice you to buy the book and read the full story. It will have you laughing from front to back!

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Extract One: The first scan Days plod by, the date of that nuchal fold scan creeping ever closer. Our local health authority doesnt offer a nuchal fold scan as part of the deal but they are very generous with the leaflets from out local private clinics that will provide the service for a fee. I still dont actually know what a nuchal fold is, so I have decided that it is probably an advanced way of folding napkins into wine glasses for pretentious dinner parties. For Gods sake, Manuella, swans are so last decade. Do the nuchal fold, and make sure the label isnt showing. The midwife convinced me that there was no point having a dating scan (the free one) as well as the nuchal fold scan (the one that costs about the same as a weekend break), as they may throw up conflicting answers about the due date. It is slightly unnerving to know that something that seemed so medically precise and technologically advanced as a scan does, in fact, boil down to a bit of finger-in-the-air (well, I suppose it could be put somewhere a lot worse) guess work.

Extract Two: The world of prams (sorry, baby travel systems) The time comes that we must buy a pram for our impending offspring. Being novice parents-to-be, we thought this would be a fairly simple task. Hah. How wrong can two people be? We canvas opinions from friends. Top of the list is the Bugaboo, the pram of choice for Yummy Mummies. Except they are not called prams anymore. They are travel systems. Which, as far as I can tell, means that for the several hundred pounds for which it is advertised, you get four wheels and a frame, with everything else as an optional, expensive extra. Oh, you want handles, madam? That will be another 150. But you really dont want the basic handles. These are the latest handles, with ergo-grip technology and tri-positionable wrist supports. Its not worth not spending the extra 60 to have these. Friends bemoan the fact that theirs did not come with a cup holder, and that they had to fork out another chunk of cash for this essential piece of pram ware. No cup holder? Good god, thats practically child abuse. Extract Three: You do the maths I have no idea why it is de rigeur to state the length of your pregnancy in weeks. There is a very handy unit of time that is much easier to work with, called a month, but no one in the medical profession has cottoned on to this yet. It used to irritate me when I enquired of pregnant women how far gone they were, to have a meaningless number of weeks thrown back at me. Twenty-two weeks? How the f*&k long is that? Have the hormones affected your brain, love? Tell me in months, like any normal bloody person would. I cant be doing with trying to work out what that is in months. I am s*t at maths. I knew maths and me were never really going to rub along the day that Mr. MacGregor told us we were going to be having a bit of fun in the lesson and, taking his position at the blackboard, began to explain that in maths, it is theoretically impossible for one car to actually overtake another. There were thirty-three people in that classroom. And thirty-two of them were looking at the other one, with his beard, tweed and elbow patches (yes, Mr MacGregor was an uber-cliche when it came to being a teacher, from his slightly balding crown to his need-a-polish brogues) and thinking: what the bloody hell are you talking about man? This episode was closely followed by my maths exam paper being returned to me in class. Mr MacGregor slid it onto my desk. Veryneat handwriting, he said with a weak smile. You know you are in trouble when your artistry as a calligrapher is the most notable thing about your maths prowess. And yet. Here I am, sitting with a friend, saying, Oh, I am thirty-two weeks. She looks at me blankly and I realise that I have been lured over to the dark side. I roll my eyes. Divide by four, that will tell you roughly, I suggest, not attempting something so complicated myself in public, of course.

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A selection of funky & cool baby clothes and accessories which has clothes up to the age of 6 and a wide selection of printed items printed by Baby Moos Happy Shopping! For more information, please contact:

Pea Pod Baby Novelty Outfit 13.50

Skull & Crossbones Cool Baby Shoes 5.99

Super Hero Funky Boys Trousers 13.00

Milk Tattoo Baby Grow 10.00

Funky Gold Swallow Print Baby Dress 18.00

Leopard Print Cute Baby Trousers 12.00

Skull & Crossbones Cool Baby Trousers 13.00

Rock & Roll Funk Blanket 12.99

T-Rex Dino Cool Baby Toy 10.00

Funky Stars Bandana Bib 3.95 Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine

Transport Retro Baby Romper 11.00




A fantastic concept! A car step, that slides under the car seat to help your child climb in with ease! 24.99 29.99

From 14.99

Introducing CALAFANT, 100% recyclable cardboard models that are easy to build, fun to decorate and wonderful to play with!

Magic Mitten is the first ever handheld baby calming aid that plays settling white noise sounds that only your baby can hear., From 6.95 - 117.95, 22.99 39.99

Aden & Anais Classic Cotton Muslin Swaddle 4Pk .

From 10.99 (Pack of 2)

From 49.99
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JENORIS the new line of professional hair care products and stands for dynamic pace of life and vitality. Originating from Israel, the JENORIS range holds a revolutionary concept based on natural qualities and selected raw ingredients. The entire product line is enriched with Pistachio and Borage Oils.

For more information and availability, go to:

Gradual Tan Lotion, 22, is the only way to achieve a subtle, sun kissed colour throughout your nine months of pregnancy bliss and better still, its safe to use even in the tricky first trimester!

For more information, please visit: go to:

Vanilla and Citrus Foot Creme 12.00, Foot Spray 16.00 and Foot File 7.50 available from Carnaby Street and Westfield London MAKE UP STORE branches

Dr.Lipp is proven to reduce skin roughness by up to 40% in one hour! This is a 100% natural S.O.S. multipurpose balm for lips, dry, sensitive skin, eczema, dry cuticles, burns and abrasions, sore nipples and even baby's bottoms! 11.50 (

NONABOX the UKs first subscription gift box for new parents and pregnancy has arrived. Discover the ultimate hand selected box of luxury mother and baby goodies Nonabox is a NEW subscription service which delivers direct to your door a beautiful box of luxury, personalised products for mother and baby, suitable for pregnancy and the first two years of a babys life. Filled with hand selected products from some of the UKs best brands each Nonabox is tailored to different stages of a babys development. Whether youre in your second trimester and thinking about massage oils and newborn essentials or have an active one year old which needs entertaining and feeding Nonabox has it all planned out. Nonabox launched one year ago in Europe (Spain, Italy, Germany and Austria) and is already a hit with over 200,000 mums. Eagerly awaited, word has hit UK shores with a waiting list of over a 1,000 mums looking forward to the arrival of their first purple and grey ribbon tied box. Containing between 7 and 10 products each Nonabox allows mum to discover product gems which are the perfect accompaniment to bringing up a baby. Brands that have previously been included: Aden + Anais, Chicco, Cuini, Limo Basics, Normandie, Tommy Tippee, Pasito a Pasito and Weleda. Making a great gift for family and friends each Nonabox is worth around 70 but is only 25 for a monthly subscription, which includes postage and package. Throughout the year Nonabox will create special themed boxes. For example a box to celebrate the royal birth and a festive Christmas one. Sign up at and receive a 20% discount off your first box. Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine 50


Focus Group

Each month we review an amazing selection of new and innovative products and clothing and this month is no different! From underwear and childrens socks to eco friendly detergentsIve reviewed the best of the products weve received this month. For more information, please email me at: Would you like to join our Focus Group? Sign up now at

petit banan: Nickie: Have you ever noticed how there are very few complete matching sets for your buggy and if there are, they cost an absolute fortune? We came across a new company called petit banan on Facebook who have created a range of brightly coloured complete sets and very kindly sent us on to have a look at. The full set comprises pram liner, foot muff, changing bag, bottle pod, changing mat and padded harness covers and all for just 45.99! There are numerous colours to choose from so should you wish to change your buggy style to accommodate your mood then you have a very affordable way of doing it. The product all comes delivered within the changing bag, so storage issues are solved straight away (should you decide to buy more than one!). The footmuff and liner are super soft and brightly coloured. Would we recommend it - 100%. If you have a buggy that is a little plain or you are just fed up with your own one then spruce it up with one of these, they are worth every penny. For more information Mumlin: Nickie: One of the most products you will buy as an expectant mum, a new mum or even an experienced mum is a muslin cloth, you will buy them in the bundle, the bumper pack and then the bucket load. The reason being that they help to clear up mess inevitably made by baby and also to protect your clothing! The only thing with a muslin cloth is that they get extremely dirty, stained and tatty in a very short space of time and they arent that cheap! I attended the Bubble Show in Islington recently and had the opportunity of meeting the lovely Katy, founder of the Mumlin, Katy sent me a few of these to trial out and they are brilliant, a dignified and tidy way of protecting your shoulders and knees and in fact any where you wish to cover! The Mumlin is a u-shaped piece of soft, absorbent cotton in a range of signature prints that sits over both shoulders to protect your clothes while burping baby. It is extremely comfortable and sits in place! You can buy the mumlins as a set of three for 19.99. For more information, please visit: or to see the fabulous products available, please visit:

Sunava: Nickie: With the recent spell of amazing weather weve had, its no wonder that protective swimwear and outerwear is at the forefront of parents minds. We were introduced to a fantastic company, quite new to the UK called Sunuva. Sunuva produce gorgeous UVA proctected beachwear for babies, toddlers and children up to approximately 12 years old. They have over 180 stockists around the world with the collection being really affordable and many great designs. I was given the lovely benefit of choosing two items to see for my girls and they are absolutely stunning. Considering I have two girls in very different age groups, I really thought I would struggle finding something suitable for both of them but it was an easy task and both swimming costume for the littlest one and bikini for the oldest were simply gorgeous. A definite must have for my readers! For more information and to see the full range of outfits they have on offer, please visit: Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine 51

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Is it easy to handle / use? Up until six months ago I hadnt heard of the Joovy brand but since meeting the brand at a Baby Show, Ive seen the different models everywhere! The latest model to be reviewed, the Ultralight Caboose, is fabulously light, as the name suggests and can accommodate two children both in comfort! We also managed to put the system together with minimal use of instructions. What car seat is the Ultralight Caboose system compatible with? The unit comes with a car seat frame that clicks easily into place. This is then compatible with many different car seats i.e. Britax, Chicco, Cybex Aton, Graco and Maxi-Cosi to name but a few. Is it cost effective? Joovy are a very competitive brand and offer an affordable way of getting a quality travel system or pushchair for your child. How easy was it to put the Joovy together? Like I mentioned earlier, I barely had to read the instructions, it is so straight forward to put together and to open and close. I had it up and ready in just a few minutes from opening the box. How practical is it? Ideal for almost every family. It collapses to a good size and easily fits into the boot of our Corsa, which at best is pushed for storage! The Ultralight Caboose is very easy to push and handle. Will the system fit into the boot of a standard family car? No problem at all! We had ample space still remaining for shopping. What age is it suitable from? Birth and upwards thanks to the additional parts to install a car seat. Anything else? A very cost effective and fun pushchair. My daughter spent most of the evening sitting in it and not wanting to come out unless to put her baby doll into it and pushing it around. We loved this one.

What is it? This is the new Samsung Safeview Monitor released towards the end of last year Specifications: 3.5" Color Video Pan, Tilt & Zoom Interference-free (900ft*) Two way talk feature Remote NIght Light Night Vision How easy is it to set up? Extremely easy! You simply attach the power cables, plug in and away you go. Both units are paired up already so the hardest thing is taking it out of the box! Is it really as good as it says? Absolutely, the clarity on the screen is brilliant and the two-way talk feature is crystal clear. My little one stopped in her tracks thinking mummy was in the room talking to her. For me, this was a much easier way of settling her without having to go up and down the stairs constantly and getting her more distressed each time I left the room. Technical: The unit charges extremely quickly which is a god send as the unit is wireless and gives you the freedom to move around. The base unit has a long range transmission of 800ft which is great too! The unit is also remote controlled so you can move the camera to where it sees best. Is it value for money? Prices start from 159.99 so for the equipment you get, absolutely, great value for money.

What is it? A gorgeous dinner set for any toddlers! The set comprises of a side cloud shaped dish, cup, house shaped plate and a knife, fork and spoon shaped as trees. Is it really as good as it says? We found that this was a great way of getting my daughter to eat a more structured meal. She was more interested in eating different things if we put them in both dishes and she loved the cutlery. She found it a little difficult to use the spoon as it had a fat lip and so she couldnt scoop up the food very well. Otherwise she loved it and is still very happy to see it come out for meal times. Any negatives? My little one in her urgency to grab the tray off the side of the counter pulled it down a little too quickly and caused the little side dish to fall on the floor and sadly smash. Price: The full set can be purchased online at a few retailers with prices starting from 19.99.

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Price: 274.00 Baby Buzz Rating: 5/5

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Highly qualified and experienced tutor in English (from age 4 to degree level), French (from age 4 to degree level) and Maths (from age 4 to Foundation GCSE) offers lessons in these subjects and also English as a Foreign Language (at all levels).

For more information, please contact Sara Weintraub at Tel: 07943 316 681 Website:

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Not something to sneeze at!
Most food allergies occur during early infancy and cows milk protein allergy is one of the most common. Thankfully, many children grow out of this allergy as they get older. It can be a very worrying time for parents, so we hope this gives you an insight as to what to look out for and what to expect. out any other causes, and will also be able to refer you to the appropriate paediatric allergy specialist if they feel this is necessary. started weaning and have introduced other foods, then it may be helpful to keep a food/symptoms' diary (this can also be a diary of the foods you an immediate reaction to milk, testing will usually be done either by blood test or by a skin prick test. A small drop of liquid containing the cows milk protein is placed on the skin of the inside of the lower arm or on the inside of the leg and the skin is gently pricked. This is nothing to be concerned about and isnt painful for baby. You will then be asked to wait for about 15-20 minutes to see if a red weal appears. The results of these tests will help to confirm if your baby is allergic to cows milk.

Symptoms can be immediate or delayed. Immediate reactions occur very quickly after the infant has consumed cows milk, so are relatively easy to pick up. Reactions are common when weaning or if changing from breast feeding to formula. If you notice a red itchy rash around babys mouth, facial swelling, hives (red itchy lumps) on the body, streaming nose, sickness and vomiting, or diarrhoea, this may be because your child is having an immediate allergic reaction. In more severe reactions, there may be breathing difficulties, and if this is the case you should call an ambulance immediately. Thankfully this is quite rare in infants. Some symptoms come on much more slowly and are more difficult to spot. These are known and may as cause chronic symptoms such as eczema, reflux, colic, poor growth, diarrhoea or even constipation. It is difficult to identify whether these symptoms are caused by cows milk protein allergy, as they may in fact be down to other conditions. So it is important to seek the help of your GP as they will want to rule

Once an allergy has been confirmed either by your GP or specialist, you should be offered advice on how to manage your babys allergy to cows milk protein. This may include advice from a dietitian on alternatives to cows milk formulas, how to avoid cows milk in processed foods, and have eaten if you are solely advice on avoiding foods that breastfeeding). contain cows milk in your own diet if you are breastfeeding. Symptoms can be immediate or delayed and appear after your baby is exposed to cows milk. This can occasionally happen through breastfeeding in very sensitive babies who react to traces of cows milk protein in breastmilk or, more commonly, when cows milk is introduced in a formula or weaning food. If you think your baby is reacting to cows milk, make an appointment as soon as you can to see your GP. Your GP will be able to assess whether your babys symptoms may be down to an allergy to cows milk protein or if there may be another cause. They will also be able to refer you to an allergy specialist if necessary. If you suspect your baby may have a delayed allergy, or if you have already Should you need any further An appointment at an allergy information, please contact clinic can take longer than a on: normal hospital appointment, especially as they may want to do allergy tests as well as seeing the specialist and a dietitian, so be prepared to take some toys and maybe a drink with you to keep your baby happy while you wait. Your specialist will ask many questions to get a clear history and may then decide to do some allergy tests. If your baby has had

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My name is Jodie. I was faced with the two blue lines at a young age of 15. This wasnt a life changing event in my life, it was a life shaper. I didnt have a career or memories of holidays and nights out with my friends drinking. My life wasnt at that stage yet. At 16 years old I brought my own baby into the world. Four and a half years on, Im 20 years old and have two daughters from two Dads, the second of which I am marrying this year. As a young mum I find it hard to read a parenting magazine because it is always focused on issues that relate to older parents. That is why I am writing this to help others relate to something and gain advice from another younger mum. I hope that older parents will also gain from my article too.

I remember one very inconvenient side of formula feeding. Frequently I would snuggle down to bed and realise I had no bottles for the night, then be up for an extra half an hour sterilizing, boiling/cooling water and measuring out powder. Then in the middle of the night having to heat the bottle before giving it to P1. Looking back it was such a long process and could have been easily avoided if I was offered more support. Now its a very different story. I can just leave the house with a few nappies and some wipes. I cannot forget my boobs after all! When P2 is hungry, I simply unclip my bra and release my boob to her, where she gets her meal completely at the right temperature day and night. I was honestly terrified about breastfeeding in public, and the first time it felt like everyone was watching me, sniggering at my rock hard, milk filled boobs. In reality Im sure they were far from interested seeing as its the most natural thing any woman can do for her child. My mother-in-law found me a solution to public appearance worries, she bought me a breastfeeding shawl. I take it everywhere with me now and the only comments I get when I breastfeed in public are just about my shawl and how they wished they had one back in the day. Becoming a parent is such an expensive thing and I hate thinking about the amount of money I wasted on formula milk. Since Ive started breastfeeding, I havent found many other younger mums that also breastfeed. I cant think of any reason to not breastfeed, except the embarrassment side of things, because its a completely free and natural thing for a woman to do. Theres also the health benefits to consider for you; breastfeeding burns 500 calories a day and lowers the risk of getting breast or ovarian cancer, and it can also delay the return of your dreaded monthlies. By breastfeeding you are helping to protect your baby from illnesses, reducing the chances of severe vomiting, an upset stomach, less ear and chest infections. My biggest advice for young Mums-tobe would definitely be to give breastfeeding a go. Its the most amazing and beneficial gift you will ever give to your child. Youll also be saving lots of money for those shoes youve always wanted!
Written by Jodie May-Smith

With National Breastfeeding Week passing last month, I thought it was fitting to talk about the topic. I had no intention to breastfeed my first daughter (P1), I didnt even know much about breastfeeding and I certainly didnt want any more watchful, judgmental eyes burning a hole through me! When P1 arrived seven weeks early the hospital asked me to express for her, a natural instinct pushed me to do all I could to keep her alive. At first my milk was filling two fridges and a freezer, unfortunately it soon dried up. My baby was too premature to succeed and I wasnt offered much help from the hospital staff, who seemed to be constantly judging me. I gave her four weeks of tube fed expressed breast milk and I was proud of that. During my pregnancy with my second daughter (P2), my partner and I had many conversations and debates about how we would feed her. He was for breastfeeding and I was strongly against. I was worried about being a young mum and getting my boobs out for all to see. Reluctantly, I agreed to breastfeed for the first few weeks to give her the best start, just like her sister. Im now 6 months into my breastfeeding journey and Im absolutely loving every minute. I regret not pushing for help with P1 because breastfeeding has been a magical experience with so many health and convenience benefits for the both of us.

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Health & Wellbeing

How Safe is Your Child's Antiperspirant or Deodorant?

Antiperspirants and deodorants have become essentials in our modern world, used by almost everyone on a daily basis. In a strive to stay free from body odour most people remain unaware of the hidden nasties in personal care products and are uninformed that up to 60% of what the skin comes into contact with can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Commercial deodorants and antiperspirants have been linked to problems ranging from skin irritation to Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer - despite this they are introduced to children as young as eight. What should I choose? Deodorant or Anti-perspirant? Antiperspirants and deodorants are not the same thing: - You still sweat with Deodorants, this is a vital bodily function which regulates temperature and eliminates toxins from the body, simply put deodorants neutralise odours and stop the sweat from smelling. - Antiperspirants actually block pores with aluminium salts, preventing sweating from occurring; along with other health concerns Aluminium can also cause inflammation and discomfort, and may aggravate conditions such as prickly heat. What Age Should My Child Start Using A Deodorant? Most young people don't really experience unpleasant body odour (BO) until puberty, although they can develop BO at any age. Children are more susceptible to synthetic chemicals as their bodies are still developing making avoiding toxic toiletries even more crucial. At the onset of puberty raging hormones affect all glands in the body, not least the sweat glands, making teens sweat more. An essential function, sweating helps to regulate body temperature and release toxins - it is therefore advisable not to use antiperspirants on your child or on yourself. Did You Know? BO is simply a result of sweat reacting with the bacteria on our skin! So what is the answer? How about a natural skin friendly deodorant that restricts the bacteria that cause BO, traps odour forming bacteria and prevents new bacteria from growing. No-more call for chemical formulations that block pores and irritate the skin. Green People offers a safe solution for teens and young children with Oy! Organic Young Roll-On Deodorant, the first ever certified organic deodorant roll-on especially for young skin. It uses Alum, a natural rock crystal and Zinc Ricinoleate salt from the castor oil plant to prevent bacteria from growing and to trap and stop BO in its tracks, whilst still allowing the skin to breathe! This soothing Aloe Vera-based deodorant is pH balanced to be gentle on underarm skin and contains Prebiotics to supports the skin's own good natural bacterial flora and keeps the 'bad' odourcreating bacteria in check. Its wonderfully zesty blend of certified organic Orange, Lemon & Mandarin will leave your child smelling fresh! Truly organic with >89% certified organic ingredients. PS: Always introduce deodorants along with good hygiene habits. Oy! Organic Young Deodorant 7.95, 75ml

Nurturing Mums is a five week course set in an informal, friendly atmosphere where mums can chat, learn and relax. Guest speakers share their expert advice and answer questions on key topics including sleep, feeding and weaning. In addition, a professional photographer takes precious mum-and-baby shots to treasure, an indulgent pamper morning gives the new mums a longed-for beauty treatment and a life-coach talks about getting back to the real you with advice about going back to work, embracing your new role and focusing on the positives in the tough early weeks.
Contact us: @nurturingmumsuk
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Do you wish you had kept a note of those cute things your little ones had said over the years? Have you thought about having somewhere to store all those holiday and childhood snaps to keep forever, just in case you lost your camera or computer? Well, Treasured, a new mobile and web based service, provides you with the answer! Designed by parents for parents, Treasured is a brand new safe and secure way to collate and share all of those special moments of your childs life. Imagine having a shoebox full of your favourite photos, certificates and awards, clippings, homework and other memories. Now there is a place online to create your very own digital shoebox! Whether you want a private place to store your photos of them growing up, or you want somewhere to document the memorable things they say and do, Treasured enables you to do this in an easy, organised and safe way. The app is free and simple to download. Once you are up and running, you are able to create memory boxes for each child or occasion, and store within them photos, notes, and diary entries. Whats more Treasured enables you to share your chosen memory box with your closest family and friends, wherever they are in the world, and allows them to add in their memories, so you have one central memory box to keep forever! You will soon also be able to use all the contents of your box to create gifts such as calendars, memory books and photo albums.

those precious moments in your life from pregnancy, birth, first days at school, graduation and beyond! photos and memories from your friends and family by giving them the ability to view and add their moments to your Treasured boxes. your photos and memories forever we store your original files securely so that you will always have them to hand.
Treasured co-founder, Amy Scott comments, I had the idea for Treasured when my little girl was two years old. The original idea was for Treasured to be a cross between a memory book and a memory box, to record all the important milestones of my daughter's life, and it made sense for it to be an app and online as all my photos are digital, and I carry my phone everywhere. It was really important for me that it was quick and easy to use. As a busy Mum, I just wanted to be able to send off my entries to the box and carry on with what we were doing, not for it to become another chore that was never done. I feel we have achieved this, and more, and I am really delighted with the service we are now able to provide." Keep a record of those special occasions and events, with an easy to use and flexible app that will allow you to collect memories from the day they were born to their graduation and beyond a collection of moments to keep forever! The Treasured iphone app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App store, or online at The android app is coming soon. The first 250 Mb of storage are free, and then there are payment plans available from as little as 2 per month. For more information, please visit Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine 59


Nesters Kent
Offering practical help for mummys and families alike

CRB checked. Last minute bookings available
At Nesters Kent, we offer a wide variety of services for expecting and new mothers, child care & household chores. Need a time out? We can help from housework to babysitting, walking the dog to help mummy rest. You also may be in need of a little TLC when pregnant or have just had a baby. We are here to help. Our services include: Babysitting Dog walking, School Runs, Cleaning preparing for baby: Sterilising, washing, food parcels, sleep.

For more information, please contact Call Karen 07725146727 Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine 60


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Battling The Baby Bulge

Its been a bumper year for celebrity babies with Simple fan Frankie Sandford of the Saturdays and our very own Royal baby recently making his appearance. Taking exercise during pregnancy is still important as Anna Reich, Simple Fitness Expert and Personal Trainer points out. On average, women gain two stone during pregnancy so its important to continue to work out your muscles as theyll have to deal with an increased weight gain in a short space of time, and will be really tested to their limits during childbirth. Exercising during your pregnancy will help improve relaxation, backache and circulation. Whats more, exercise will improve your complexion and skin health. Acne-like symptoms due to hormonal imbalances are common during pregnancy but exercising can help improve skin condition through promoting a better circulation of blood and nutrients around the body. Low impact aerobic endurance, muscular fitness and flexibility training can all be enjoyed throughout pregnancy. Exercises in the supine position (on your back) should be avoided due to the pressure placed on the organs beneath the baby. The prefect solution is to exercise on a Swiss ball, which tones and tightens muscles, but also keeps your body protected and supported: Exercise: Swiss Ball Lateral Raise Skin BeneFIT: Gentle exercise while pregnant can help reduce fatigue and improve sleeping patterns, which will have a positive and visible impact on the appearance of your skin creating a healthy looking complexion Main Muscles Worked: Shoulders (Deltoids) Upper Back (Trapezius) Sets and repetitions: 3 x 8 - 12 Sit in the centre of the Swiss ball with your back straight, feet planted firmly on the floor shoulder width apart and holding the dumbbells either side of you Slowly raise your arms latterly to shoulder height, breathing out and then lower slowly them to start position, breathing in

To increase the intensity a little, lift one leg from the floor

About A-PT First things first: I love my job. From a very young age, Ive loved keeping fit, running around and being active. I am a fit person and as a result, a happy one. Sure Ive had times in my life when I have fallen off the fitness wagon (who hasnt!) but what Ive learned is that my life is a hundred per cent better when Im active. And this is what I want to prove to you no matter what your fitness level, age, stage, lifestyle or however busy your life is, I know that the minute you make a commitment to fitness, you will be happier and healthier for it. After all, you were designed to run, jump, skip, squat Whatever the reason for your exercise rut and consequential body blues, my role is to reintroduce you to a fitter and more functional you. I gained my qualification with one of the most well reputed fitness organisations in the UK, Premier Global. All qualifications are nationally accredited and are fully recognised by employers within the industry and the Register of Exercise Professionals. I am UK Fitness Expert for the UKs no.1 selling facial skincare brand, Simple, and Im also a Face Yoga practitioner, which means I really do offer top to toe toning!

To enquire about personal training simply drop me an email or call me using the details below: E-mail: Mobile: 07852 248 422 Web:

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For the August issue we are pleased to re-visit Jo Jingles and also to introduce our new regular creative page provider, generously provided by Creation Station. We aim to give you access to a range of fabulous babies & toddlers classes, arty days out and just plain fun groups to keep you occupied during school holidays. For Jo Jingles and Creation Station there are classes available Nationwide and should you be interested in attending one not within the area we have visited, please visit the respective websites for location details. Have you tried Jo Jingles? If not, go and try it! The classes exhude fun and the children have an absolutely amazing time! I attended a class run by the lovely Ursula and the children were mesmerised. She had them all dancing and clapping and singing and smiling, what more could you ask for?? So what is Jo Jingles all about you might ask? Well quite simply it introduces music, singing and movement to our pre-schoolers. This isnt anything like what you would imagine, nothing is regimented or made to feel like our little ones are being bamboozled into doing something they simply dont want to do. I was introduced to Ursula, who runs the classes in Cheshunt, Ware, Hertford, Hoddesdon and surrounding areas and decided to take my little one along to see what it was all about. I was amazed to see 17 children present. The atmosphere in the room was very much alive and the children were all very keento get started. With many years experience working as a nursery nurse and teacher in Rome, Ursula is thrilled to be running the Jo Jingles classes and brings a huge amount of exhuberance to the class. With a strong voice and commanding presence the children all warmed very much to her, and whilst my little girl was quite shy at first, within no time at all she was happy to be jumping about and participating in everything going on. The group consists of various activities involving many accessories and props and the music is loud whilst not unbearable and Ursula continues to make herself heard aiming clear instructions to the children. Whilst this all just sounds like the children are having fun, the children also learn various coordination skills through interactive play and repeating the movements as shown by Ursula. Definitely something I would recommend taking your toddler to. There are now over 100 Jo Jingles franchisees running classes in more than 600 centres throughout the UK, Ireland and the company launched in Australia in October 2010 in Perth and Sydney. Jo Jingles classes are fun & educational, structured according to age and introduce different educational themes each week. The aim is to give babies and toddlers from 3 months to school-age a fun introduction to music through the use of songs, nursery rhymes, percussion instruments, movement and dance, sound games & stories.

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Guided tours - available on request Gift shop Coffee shop Live performances - take place on site from our family of sideshow performance acts Disabled access - Although the attraction is located over six levels, it has full disabled access with staff operated lifts between each floor Ripleys Believe It or Not has been one of those places that I've always and visitor assistants on hand to help if needed wanted to visit, call it morbid curiosity I guess. Considering that it is Photography welcome! based in London and I live in London, it has always been just an hour away on the underground but yet I'd never quite made it through the doors, until recently. For my oldest daughters birthday I decided to take her and a friend (both 12) to see what it was all about. We've all read the annuals and seen the online pictures and so I was sure that I knew what I was going to find. It was, therefore, a pleasant surprise to be greeted by fun, vibrant staff who were keen to get you processed through the boring bit of tickets and payments and onto the wonders that awaited. What the website says: At Ripley's Believe It or Not! London visitors can marvel at an unbelievable collection of jaw dropping artefacts from across the globe - many of which were collected by the ultimate explorer Robert Ripley himself. With over 700 astonishing exhibits, galleries and interactive experiences spanning across 6 floors, Ripley's Believe It or Not! London celebrates the weird, wonderful and bizarre in all its forms, which are sure to excite, delight and thrill the whole family. Want to see how will you measure up to the world's tallest man? Or come face to face with our rare collection Amazonian shrunken heads? Will you dare to venture into Ripley's Marvellous Mirror Maze and defeat the Impossible LaserRace? Visit us and begin your adventure into the world of the unbelievable! What we say: We anticipated not being there for too long thinking we would go through a few floors and leave, but we were surprised at the extent of the exhibitions on show, some of which appeared a little dated, but most of which were thrilling and at times a little naughty (my daughter and her friend thought the inflatable breasts were hilarious and completely baffled by why anyone would want to do that to themselves!) typical kids! We took our time walking through the six floors and even stopped for a coffee break at the coffee shop, prices which were extremely reasonable considering we were in Central London. We had a wonder through the mirror maze which was great fun and then we finished up our afternoon with a visit to the Impossible LaseRace on the lower floor, which certainly was the icing on the cake and the two girls loved playing spy's and crawling and jumping their way through without trying to hit the lasers, this provided me with an opportunity to sit and rest tired legs!

What age is it suitable from? Our attraction is very interactive and appeals to people of all ages, both young and old. All children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult. For children of a sensitive nature, visitors can take a detour around our Dungeon area on the fourth floor - a member of staff will be happy to assist with this. Opening Hours: Ripley's London is open every day of the year including bank holidays and Christmas Day. We are open from 10:00 until Midnight and the last entry is 22:30. Times may vary due to special events, so please check website for updated information. Ripleys is also wheelchair accesible! Contact Details: The London Pavilion, 1 Piccadilly Circus, London W1J 0DA Telephone: 44(0)20 3238 0022 Website: Email: TICKET DOOR PRICE Adult 26.95 Child 21.95 Senior 24.95 Student 24.95 Family 87.95 ONLINE PRICE 22.91 18.66 21.21 21.21 74.76 SAVINGS 15% 15% 15% 15% 15%

Facilities On site: Baby Buzz Rating: 5/5 Audio guides - German, French, Italian and Spanish with more scheduled for 2013 Facebook: Baby-Buzz-Magazine 66

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Top tips on going on holiday with your baby and what to look for when searching for a holiday property
So now we are 2, 3, 4, 5 or more... Nothing beats a great getaway whatever the size of your family unit. For most of us a holiday is a major expense and a well earned break so there are a lot of high expectations. My favourite style of holiday with the kids is when I stay in a home from home environment where, after a good day splashing in the pool at the beach or exploring the local area, we can gather round a great big table and enjoy home cooked local produce and drink Why I like self-catering accommodation and what to look for. local wine! (with the odd night out for dinner of course!) Now that you are ready to go, what style of accommodation should you Every age group has its own advantages when it comes to travelling: babies choose? There are so many types of holidays offering a variety of are portable and not yet mobile, toddlers are inquisitive and things like a accommodation from hotels to camping, from private villas to cottage few grains of sand or a little bit of water will keep them entertained for complexes there is something out there for everyone! hours, older children are eager to learn and often embrace travelling with a wonderful naivety that makes for a special kind of holiday. We find we see I am a fan of self-catering holiday accommodation as it gives the whole things we would never have noticed before our children holidayed with us! family a base to play and relax in but it can often delight or disappoint and it is important to know what to look for when searching for your ideal Holidaying with a baby can be a bit daunting but it can be so rewarding and property. Talk to the owners and get a feel for what they are like, ask plenty offer some well earned relaxation time as a family. Here a few tips that will of questions relating to your needs, what are the baby toddler facilities, if there is a garden is it safe, if there is a swimming pool is it heated (especially hopefully help ease the strain for out of season breaks, all well and good having a pool if the water is Changing time nappy changing is inevitable and a good quality fun bearable!). Location is all important too, think about how far you would like changing bag with mat always makes this time a little more pleasurable. If to be from amenities etc and for peace of mind check that the owners have you are travelling by plane remember the toilets are small and a good tip is details of the local doctor and pharmacy. When browsing on the Internet to have a nappy sack pre-packed with nappy, wipes and cream at the ready. make sure you see a good cross section of images especially of both the interior and exterior, from these you should get a good feel as to the layout Keeping cool and safe from the sun - Sun shade for car, portable hand fan, of the whole property and its proximity to other properties (if any). sun shade for buggy or beach for those all important naps and sun lotion. You will find a stylish selection of holiday properties on the Holiday Tots Hydration important Keep your little one hydrated, it is a good idea to website where the hard work has already been done for you. Every have a small bottle of boiled water at hand to offer. If your baby is breast property has a great range of facilities for families with young children and fed and wont take the bottle, offer a tea spoon every so often (a cause of offer a family friendly welcome. Some are private others are in hamlet or resort style settings with pools, kids clubs, home cooked meals, spa high temperature when in a hot climate is often due to lack of fluids). treatments and wine tastings and more... If you would like any help with Sterilising travel If you are still at the sterilising stage dont forget your your holiday search please feel free to get in touch. sterilising tablets, they are perfect and portable and you can use any style Happy holiday where ever you decide to go! of container, alternatively flush out items with boiling water. Sachelle My ears hurt! If travelling by plane offer breast or bottle as soon as you begin take off or on descent. I have always found it relieves my little ones Holiday Tots ears or if baby is taking finger foods and doesnt want to feed offer a baby biscuit/rusk the chewing/sucking motion will help alleviate the pressure. Stylish holiday properties, little ones welcome! Getting about A baby sling is really useful for strolling around the shops and at the airport, it keeps both hands free for browsing as well as a buggy for really hot lazy days... Keeping calm If your baby has a soother, favourite teddy, blanket or toy dont forget it! If it is really irreplaceable, sow or stick your contact details to it just in case it goes missing or take more than one if you can. Amusement If your baby is at the stage where she needs amusing take a couple of favourite toys for the plane, flash cards and sticky tape are a good time waster. Food If baby is now at the stage where she is enjoying a bit of solid, make life easier (after all you are on holiday!) and purchase lots of pouches, they are perfect for transporting and if you let her try some before you leave you will know what she likes. Dont forget food for you too especially for the journey and if you are breast feeding. Bottle feeding- If your baby is not yet taking solids and you are bottle feeding remember to check if your destination offers the same brand as she is used to. It might be an idea to pack the ready-made formula to save you having to make bottles up while away. Above all have fun and if your baby is old enough why not let her try the delicacies of her new destination, fresh fruit has never tasted sooo good!

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