YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE TRANSCRIPT This script was transcribed by Kristine Howard from the DVD in February

2002. In some places either the audio mix or the actor's enunciation made it difficult to hear what was being said. I have tried to copy down the dialogue as closely as possible, but it's not 100% accurate. I have also included scene descriptions and actions where appropriate. Actor's names are included when their characters are first seen. As several characters were not named, I have just referred to them in general terms. Please do not reproduce this transcript on your site without my permission. --------------------------------------------------OPENING BOND CREDITS Scene: American space capsule floating above the earth, intercut with bustling shots of Flight Control below Astronaut: Calling CapeCom. CapeCom, this is Jupiter 16. Can you give a go for fourth orbit? Flight Control: CapeCom to Jupiter 16. Can you confirm O2 pressure is within limit? Astronaut: Roger. Everything looks good in the environmental control system. Flight Control: Okay, everything looks good from here. You have a go for fourth orbit. Astronaut: Jupiter 16, Roger. We're storing all loose gear, ready for the EVA. Flight Control: Ground Jupiter 16, this is CapeCom. Start your EVA anytime you're ready. Remember that you have plenty of time in the other EVAs for experiments. So don't stay out too long, Chris. Astronaut: Okay, Flight. Don't worry; we'll stick to plan. Flight Control: Roger. CapeCom to Jupiter 16, on my mark it'll be four plus three seven. Four, three, two, one, mark. The hatch opens, and Astronaut Chris pulls himself out for "extra-vehicular activity" (i.e. a space walk). Astronaut Chris: CapeCom, this is Chris. I'm out. Everything looks okay. Good... The maneuvering unit is working this time. I used it to get out and it makes things a lot easier. Flight Control: CapeCom to Hawaii, this is Flight Control, come in please. Shots of control station in Hawaii Hawaii: Hawaii, roger. Flight Control: Hawaii, we expect to start EVA over your station on this pass. Hawaii: Hawaii to Jupiter 16. There is an unidentified object closing in on your fast from astern. Can you see it? Flight Control: Hawaii from CapeCom. We have nothing here. Hold while we check the Space Track. Hawaii: Hawaii to Jupiter 16. Repeat, Hawaii to Jupiter 16. There is an unidentified object on our scope closing fast. Astronaut Chris: We see nothing. Can you give me a bearing? Hawaii: Appears to be coming up fast from astern. Astronaut Chris: Hey, now I see it. It's another spacecraft! Repeat, it's another spacecraft! We see a giant silver pointed spaceship coming up fast behind them. Flight Control: Chris, this is Flight. Does it look like a close pass? 1

Astronaut Chris: You're breaking up, say again. Flight Control: Repeat, does it look like a close pass? Astronaut: Hey, Chris, what's happening? Astronaut Chris: Flight, it's coming right at us. The front is opening up! I repeat, the front is opening up! It's coming right at us! Flight Control: Chris, get back in! Get back in! This is CapeCom, do you read me? You're breaking up. Repeat, you're breaking up. Astronaut: Chris, what's happening? Chris, what's happening? The silver spaceship has opened and is slowly swallowing the American capsule, with Astronaut Chris hanging outside. All of the various ground controls start speaking at once... Various: Hawaii to Jupiter 16. Hawaii to Jupiter 16, are you receiving? You're breaking up. Come in please, over. Jupiter 16... you're breaking up. Over.... Hawaii... Are you receiving... Come in please... Over.... Jupiter 16... Astronaut Chris: My lead line! It's cut-The silver ship closes it's doors around the American capsule, snapping Chris's lead line and stranding him in space. Hawaii: Hawaii to Jupiter 16. Hawaii to Jupiter 16. Are you receiving me? Come in, please. Over. Hawaiian Radar Guy: Hello, Houston. We've lost all radio contact. We've also lost him on the scope. Unidentified object is still orbiting. Alert all stations and track him closely. Scene: In a frozen mountain wasteland, world leaders convene in a futuristic geodesic dome American: It is ridiculous for the Soviet government to deny responsibility in this matter. Russian: The Soviet government denies all knowledge of this affair. The world knows we are a peaceloving people. American: I hereby give notice that in twenty days time, the United States intends to launch her next spaceship into orbit. My government has instructed me to inform you that any interference with this spaceship will be regarded as an act of war. Englishman: May I ask what motive our Russian friends would have for wishing to destroy American spacecraft? American: My government sees this as nothing less than a blatant attempt to gain complete and absolute control of space itself for military purposes. Englishman: We don't agree. Her Majesty's government is not convinced that this intruder missile originated from Soviet Russia. Our tracking station in Singapore reported faint echoes of this craft coming down in the Sea of Japan area. Might I suggest, gentlemen, that this is where you should concentrate your intelligence forces? The prime minister has asked me to assure you that this is what <i>we</i> propose to do. As a matter of fact, our man in Hong Kong is working on it now... Scene: In Hong Kong, James Bond is kissing a woman in bed James: Why do Chinese girls taste different from all other girls? Ling: You think we better, huh? James: No, just different. Like Peking Duck is different from Russian caviar, but I love 'em both. Ling: Darling, I give you very best duck. James: Ooh, that'd be lovely. We've had some interesting times together, Ling. I'll be sorry to go.


She stands and pushes a button, which causes the bed to fold up into the wall with James still inside. She then lets in two men with machine guns, who fire into the bed at point blank range. All three run out. Later, a Hong Kong police car pulls up and the policemen run inside. They secure the room. Policeman #1: Take that door... The bed! They pull it down and check James for signs of life. There are none. Policeman #1: We're too late. Policeman #2: Well, at least he died on the job. Policeman #1: He'd have wanted it this way. We see a pool of blood on the sheets... which turns into the opening credits sequence. We see shots of lava boiling, Japanese woman, and shimmering fans. OPENING FILM CREDITS Scene: Gibraltar Harbour, where numerous ships (including a British naval destroyer) are moored A man with binoculars watches the destroyer from some distance away. A newspaper with the headline "British Naval Commander Murdered" and a photo of James Bond lies on the table before him. On the ship, James's funeral is taking place. Navy Guy: We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump. For the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall all be changed. We therefore commit his body to the deep to be turned into corruption, looking for the resurrection of the body when the sea shall give up her dead. Present! Fire! Fire! Fire! A gun salute is fired as the body is tipped over the side into the water. The man with the binoculars is still watching. Under the water, the body slowly floats to the seabed and is picked up by two divers. The take it to a nearby submerged submarine and carry it through the hatch. Sub Captain: Carry on. Naval officer: Aye, aye, sir. The wrappings are removed to reveal James alive, with a breathing tube in his mouth. James: Request permission to come aboard, sir. Sub Captain: Permission granted. James: Thank you. Sub Captain: Take this officer aft. Naval officer: Yes, sir. James is led through the belly of the sub. Sub Navigator: Number One, take her up to 90 feet. Course zero four five. Sub Pilot: Aye, aye, sir. James steps into Moneypenny's submarine office, deftly throwing his navy cap onto the hatstand. James; Hello, Penny. 3

Full ahead. James: Sir? M: We've only three weeks before the Americans launch the next one.Moneypenny: You'd better go right in. ma'am.. You're late as usual. So move fast. James: And the aerial reconnaissance? M: Every inch photographed. sir. sir. This damn thing could blow up into a full-scale war. don't you? James: Yes. Moneypenny: She'll never know what she missed. When you get to Tokyo.. Well. Nothing. James: Another five minutes. M: And my sources tell me the Russians are planning one even earlier than that.. then where did it land? M: We assume it's Japan. love. 4 . James: Henderson. If our Singapore tracking station is correct about the rocket not landing in Russia. James steps through into M's office. That's why I'm out here myself. James: Well. James: Yes? Moneypenny: I. James: Then who else is? M: That's what you've got to find out. even from your own funeral. Mind you. M (on intercom): Miss Moneypenny.. go to that name and address. 007. This is the big one. 007. M: Sit down. sir. I'd have found out. I take it you're fully briefed.. Repeat it please. by the way. 007. You'll need it. M: No ill effects? James: None at all. yes. which looks identical to his one above ground. perhaps some of your old friends will pay a little less attention to you for a while. to make sure you get it. sir. M: Well now that you're dead. We're underway. sir. James: Thank you. sir. James goes back out into Moneypenny's office and retrieves his hat. but the PM wants us to play it with everything we've got. sir. Before the real shooting starts. James: Yes. How was the girl? James: Which girl? Moneypenny: The Chinese one we fixed you up with. sir. that's all.. Captain (on intercom): Captain here. James: Oh.. James: Thank you. A buzzer goes off. Our man Henderson will contact you there. sir. We tried to think of something that you wouldn't forget. James: Are the Japanese equipped to launch such a rocket? M: We don't think so.. we corpses have absolutely no sense of timing. Moneypenny: Yes. you. Moneypenny: Oh. Give 007 the password we've agreed with Japanese SIS. too. James: Thank you. Moneypenny: In you go. M: 007. You know that. all this is pure guesswork. Give you more elbow room. and fast. M: Right. But there's one thing I don't understand.

Scene: James is dressed in a scuba suit and is being loaded into a torpedo tube Torpedo operator: Stand by to load! . Mr. She climbs up to the seat next to him. Wrestler: This is your ticket. I took a first in oriental languages at Cambridge. Henderson. we see a Japanese woman following him. Scene: the streets of Tokyo As Aki drives. Moneypenny: James. You may need it. . He speaks in Japanese to someone and is directed into the wrestlers training room. neon-filled streets of Tokyo. Fire! James is shot out and swims to the surface. They rise and go out to Aki's car. James notices a beautiful Japanese woman watching him.. She speaks in Japanese into a microphone concealed in her purse. Hubcap open. James: And? Aki: Where your friend is waiting. good luck. James: How long have you worked for Henderson? Aki: Long enough to learn not to discuss such matters with strangers. James finally comes to his destination. emerging at a nearby beach. Tube loaded. James: Thank you. Another man directs James out to his seat.. James: Wasn't Mr. where do you suggest we go? Aki: I know a quiet hotel. Scene: hotel 5 .. James: Well. Lift to the launch! .. James: I love you. They make tentative eye contact. Henderson able to come himself? Aki: I suppose not. Aki: I have a car nearby. Scene: Crowded.. As James walks to the appointed address. The match concludes. James: Why? Aki: He didn't say. James: Oh..James: Don't worry. I think it's about hotel time. a sumo wrestling arena.. Oh! Instant Japanese. Hundreds cheer for the match. I get it. James notices the many high-tech modifications in the car. She throws him a book. James: You forget. . Sayonara..

Oh.. Your most vital contact will be Tanaka. But I have a fairly shrewd idea that a major foreign power is behind it all. you must excuse this rather odd mixture of styles. Henderson: I'm glad you got it right. Henderson would like to see you alone. I think London's theory about the missile being fired from this country is right. never. Henderson: Yes. James: Thank you. 6 . I don't know how or where. Aki: Mr. Henderson: Do come in. Now look. Amongst certain other things. Henderson paces and stands before a paper screen. And don't ask me <i>who's</i> doing it. I get it from the doorman at the Russian embassy. Excuse me. That was right. James: You're not coming in with me? Aki: Mr. James: When can I see him? Henderson: You can see Tiger tonight. 28 years. And I'm just beginning to know my way about. You've never been to Japan before. They take off their shoes and Aki leads him to a room. have you? James: No.. either. James hands back the cane. Henderson's waiting for you.. I lost that in Singapore in '42.. which is decorated in a combination of Japanese and English styles. He's head of the Japanese secret service. Very fond of some of these old things. James: Tanaka? Henderson. and Henderson opens the door. Oh. James knocks. James: Do you have any leads of your own? Henderson: Yes. James pulls his gun and shows it to Henderson. It makes a hollow smack that obviously indicates the man's leg is false. Henderson: Cheers. I do.? James: Perfect. Well done. that's stirred. not shaken. And his identity is the most closely guarded secret in Japan. but I refuse to go entirely Japanese. Henderson: His closest friends are permitted to call him that. Henderson? Henderson: At your service.They pull up to a hotel and both go inside. James: Mr. Henderson leads him inside the room. James: Tiger? Henderson hands James a martini. He grabs Henderson's cane and whacks the man in the right leg with it. James: Russian vodka. Cheers. Henderson: I myself have lived here for. James: Yes. Henderson: I believe you wanted to ask me some questions.

He pulls out an electronic device and begins cracking it." Scene: inside the Osato building. to reveal a knife sticking through the paper into Henderson's back. Suddenly Aki pulls up in her car. this time I'm taking you. Slow down. I want some information. but the man pulls a knife.. Aki: I'm taking you to a place of safety. James: Like you helped Henderson. Aki: I have no information to give you. The assailant is huge and James's punches aren't having any effect. The guards shoot at him as he heads for the elevator. old boy. Guard: Freeze! James makes it out to the front of the building. apart from Russian and Japan? Henderson: Oh. He works faster and faster. quick! He jumps in and they drive off. Immediately alarms go off. but the man knocks it away. James tackles him. James then hides the unconscious man in a concealed bar nearby. Uggghhh. He sets him down on the sofa in a luxurious office. it's not Russia. James: Good evening. James: No. breaking the head off. where he shoots another guard. he climbs into the backseat of the car and is driven away. He removes some papers from inside and then manages to sneak out. They begin to fight. so he hits the man with a couch. I'm sure of that. The two security guards eventually leave..James: You mean. the driver carries a limp James up through the elevator. revealing a safe. He lifts his head enough to notice that they're approaching a building labeled "Osato Chemical and Engineering Co. The driver addresses him in Japanese. and eventually he conks the guy over the head with a nearby statue. James: Cheers. James is thrown through another wall. 7 . James then pulls a sword off the wall. Moaning and covering his head. James jumps up and pulls him away from the wall. James sees that a getaway car is nearby. James takes a drink from a vodka bottle. James immediately jumps through the wall and chases a man across the hotel lawn. James manages to avoid the blade. He pulls the mask from James's face. Scene: back in Aki's car James: Now what the hell's the score? Aki: What do you mean? My job is to help you. James pulls his gun. Siamese vodka? James notices that a wallpanel has become dislodged. and James opens the safe. Suddenly he hears footsteps approaching the office. It's not Japan either. Ltd. but James doesn't answer. and he quickly dresses in the dead man's clothes and mask. Although a large Japanese industrial concern is-He stops suddenly and his face freezes. James: We'll soon see about that. In the struggle the murderer is stabbed. I want it now. but it's torn away from him. Aki: Get in.

I never travel in the streets of Tokyo. how do you feel about me? Tanaka: I. Please call me Tiger. He pops through a door at the end and lands sitting in a lounge chair. love you. Tanaka leads James up to the subway level to a waiting train. James hands Tanaka the papers. He slides down a long silvery metallic tunnel. What is lox? James: Oh. but of course. will get into anything with any girl! TV monitors rotate around to show video footage of Bond's capture. A servant brings him a drink. 8 .. I'd like you to examine these as soon as possible. James: I'm glad we got that out of the way. which is appointed lavishly Tanaka: I imagine that your Mr. 50 containers of lox. He chases her along a subway platform. Bond-san.Aki stops the car and jumps out. M in London has a similar arrangement. James: That wouldn't be difficult. Mr. James: M? Oh yes. is an order for naval stores. Oh. Tanaka: My private train. Scene: inside the train. I'd like that negative enlarged. Tanaka: OK. The journey out will be more dignified than the journey in.. Scene: Tanaka's hideout Tanaka: Welcome. But it's also the technical name for liquid oxygen. James: Domo arigato. James: Very competent. A man is seated at a desk before him. Which makes rocket fuel. Then the girl in the white sports car's one of us. It is a great pleasure to meet you at last. Tanaka: Very interesting. it's an American name for smoked salmon. James: If you're Tanaka. James: Very convenient. And how do you like our country so far? I am a trifle disappointed at the ease with which I could pull you in. Tanaka: We must go.. 500 kilos of butter. you have a lot of energy for a dead man. Tanaka: This. Permit me to introduce myself. James: Yes. I'm afraid. *laughs* Welcome to Japan. She ducks under a descending door and disappears. and when he comes towards her he falls through a trapdoor in the floor. Bond. Mr. The one thing my honourable mother taught me long ago was never to get into a car with a strange girl! But you. Tanaka: Aki? Yes.. Bond. My name is Tanaka. I really am. You are James Bond. Tanaka: I must say. James raises the door and follows her. She eventually stops in a hallway. They're from Osato's safe. aren't you? I am so very pleased to meet you. In my position. it would be most unwise.

Scene: large magnificent Japanest bathroom with large baths Four girls wait as Tanaka and James enter in bathrobes. 98. James: Really? Well. now you take your first civilized bath. Tanaka: My friend." James: Can we see the photograph again? Tanaka: Of course. Another servant says something to Tanaka in Japanese. naturally. Tanaka: For a European. yes. men always come first..4 degrees Fahrenheit. Tanaka: We'll see the photograph you found. "Photograph taken by female American tourist from coastal vessel. Scene: Osato's house James and Tanaka walk across the grounds to the house. Mr. The woman has been liquidated as a routine precaution. I like the plumbing. All recent movements and present whereabouts. But tonight. James: Can you identify that coastline? Tanaka: Given time. Bond. Ama. 9 . is never do anything for yourself when someone else can do it for you. you are exceptionally cultivated. Enlarge! It says. James: Ning-Po. like this is. consider my house yours. James: And number two? Tanaka: Rule number two: in Japan. James: It's just a ship and a strip of land. James: Can you arrange for me to have an appointment with him tomorrow? Tanaka: Of course. Tanaka: Check motor vessel Ning-Po.. James: I just might retire to here. I like sake. or would you prefer vodka martini? James: Oh no. Diving girls. Including all of my possessions. Osato. where a slide projector is set up. Rule number one. Both men are de-robed and led to the baths. Tanaka: My men found a microdot on the paper. Women come second. James: What's that on the left? Tanaka: Focus on the left. Especially when it's served at the correct temperature. where they are scrubbed.Servant: Dozo. James: Good. Tanaka: Do you like Japanese sake. They move down to one end of the car. James: So they killed an innocent tourist for taking this? Can you make it bigger? They see the name of the vessel. Tanaka: Place yourself entirely in their hands. It could be anywhere. Full details. my dear Bond-san. James: Who is the head of Osato Chemicals? Tanaka: Mr.

Tanaka: Who is big enough? James: SPECTRE. Girl: This way. Aki has crept into the room and taken the place of the masseuse. 10 . he's merely a front. Now.. Tanaka: Good choice. will you? Tanaka: I suppose you know what it is about you that fascinates them.. and he carries her to the bed. they could deny all responsibility. But unfortunately. Especially if some private organization's doing the work. Bond-san." Tanaka: If Henderson's theory is right. Tanaka: Miss Moneypenny. James: I think I know one or two who might get round to it. The girls are fascinated by James. James: The last time someone gave me a massage was in Hong Kong. we never got around to finishing it. James: Aki.Tanaka: Your English girls would never perform this simple service. James: No. James: Japanese proverb say. "Bird never make nest in bare tree. Girl: Mr. you <i>shall</i> finish it. Which girl do you select? James: I'll settle for this little old lady here. Osato is one of the greatest industrialists in Japan. please. we had to cut it short. Tanaka: Mr. massage. James: Thank you. Tanaka: Osato? James: Perhaps. just like you. It's the hair on your chest. She's very sexyful. Fisher? James: Yes. perhaps? *laughs* We have our sources. Aki: This time. Tanaka: Could be. James: Don't get the soap in my eye. He takes the lift up to the same floor he was on the previous night. Japanese men all have beautiful bare skin. Aki: No one will disturb you tonight. why would a foreign power want to launch missiles from Japan? James: Because if ever they were discovered. So. They kiss. Scene: James's room The selected girl is giving James a massage while he lies face down on a table. I think I will enjoy very much serving under you. Scene: Osato Chemicals James takes a taxi to Osato's headquarters. We were rudely interrupted by a couple of gunmen.

so. Mr. Osato: Ah.. Man: You are three and a half minutes early.. Mr. He leads James into the Osato's office. A secretary watches James via a secret camera. Osato flips a switch on his desk. Mr. James: Really? 11 . Osato: What happened to Williamson? James: Williamson? Oh. Luckily it is now empty. James: Hello. He gained great face with the company. Man: Please come in. Helga: Hello. Helga: A Dom Perignon '59. Osato: I hope you are not taking any risks yourself. which James of course spots in the ceiling. Osato is expecting you. so. Osato believes in a healthy chest. if <i>you</i> insist. Osato: How do you do. I think you are taking one now. which allows him to see an X-ray view of James (and his gun). A very honourable death. Osato: You forgive me for saying so. Fisher. Osato: Ah. James: I am? Osato: Mmm-hmm. Mr. Osato: Please be seated. Helga: You're quite sure? James: Quite sure. From what? James: He fell into a pulverizer at the works. James: Very. How shocking. Helga: May we offer you a glass of champagne. Mr. Please be seated. which is the same room James fought in the night before. poor chap. you are the new managing director of Empire Chemicals? James: Yes. yes! He died rather suddenly. James: Me? I never take any risks. James: Thank you. thank you. James: I'm sure it does. James: It's bad for your liver. it adds a sparkle to the day. Mr. You should try it. all the same. You should give up smoking. Fisher. James watches uncomfortably as Helga approaches the hidden bar where he stashed the man's body last night. James is amused to see the the statue's head has now been repaired. Fisher. Cigarettes are very bad for your chest. Osato: I always take a glass in the morning. Fisher? James: No. James: Thank you. it's too early in the morning for me. Are you really sure you won't change your mind? James: Well. Mr. Osato: So. but. Fisher? James: How do you do? Osato: Miss Brandt. Helga: Mr. my confidential secretary. Osato and Helga arrive via helicopter and enter the office. isn't it? Osato: Nonsense.She leads him to Osato's assistant. Fisher.

Tell him to send Little Nellie. James leaves. The men inside panic as the helicopter lifts them high over Tokyo Bay and then drops them. James: Can we make it? Aki: Yes. please. Tanaka: How's that for Japanese efficiency? James: Just a drop in the ocean. Tiger. Miss Brandt. Osato: So. Scene: in front of Osato Chemicals James walks out of the building. Mr. Suggest she be accompanied by her father. We see a helicopter swoop down out of the sky.Osato: Now then. James: That fits. Sailing for Shanghai at 5 pm this afternoon. A pleasure to meet you. Aki uses the car's videophone to call for help. Fisher? James: The Hilton. Osato: Would you like a license to manufacture? James: Yes. Arrange usual reception. It lowers a large electromagnet and picks up the gunmen's car. Goodbye. I'm heading south for Highway Two. just. Monosodium glutamate and ascorbic acid. James: A pleasure to meet you too. Aki leads the gunmen outside of town. then jumps in the car. you must tell me what I can do for you. Fisher. we're interested in the bulk buying of fermentation chemicals. Scene: Kobe Docks 12 . Kobe Docks. Suddenly Aki roars up in her convertible. Most urgent. Little Nellie. Aki: Get down! James ducks the bullets. James: Proceeding immediately. Aki: Zero-zero is with me. Tanaka: Vessel at present loading in Kobe Docks. Aki: 294 here. Osato: Goodbye. Tanaka: Come in. We'll contact you later today at your hotel. unaware that a man with a machine gun is in a car right behind him. immediate. Helga: Which hotel are you staying at. Mr. Mr. We are being chased by gunmen in black sedan. James: Well. very much. Understood? Tanaka: Understood. Fisher. Mr. Tiger. contact M. Tokyo. Repeat. Tanaka: Motor vessel Ning-Po is owned by Osato Chemicals. Tanaka: Zero-zero? James: Yes. I'll have my sales manager get the quotations and delivery dates for you as soon as possible. Fisher. Helga: Goodbye. Suggest you proceed Kobe immediately to look her over. Osato: Kill him. Go on. Tiger. 294. Aki speeds off with the other car in hot pursuit.

Helga: I've got you now. The other men leave. Helga and two bodyguards look on. a man sneaks around a corner and whacks him on the back of the head. Aki: I'm not leaving you. Leave him to me now. Scene: Helga's cabin aboard the Ning-Po James is tied to a chair. Ice cold." James touches one of them. Helga: And why were you snooping around the docks? James: I like ships. Contact Tanaka. Osato suddenly appears. Helga: Wake him up. Osato: Take him to Number 11. James: Get out of here. And shut the door. Helga: You are a liar. He fights some of them. then jumps down two levels and lands on some conveniently placed cardboard boxes. James: Tell him to keep that ship shadowed wherever she goes. Helga: Do all their people carry guns? James: When they're abroad. She opens a drawer of surgical implements and pulls out a shiny scalpel. James: Are you finished? Where am I? Helga: You're in my cabin on the Ning-Po. Liquid oxygen. James: Condensation. Wait in there. you know that. I hope you won't force <i>me</i> to use it. Aki escapes down a rope while James leads more of the men up onto the roof. Just as he thinks he's gotten away. James collapses unconscious. 13 . James and Aki escape to a higher level and start trading gunfire with their assailants. Helga: Who are you working for? James: Empire Chemicals. Helga slaps him. Go now.James and Aki spot the Ning-Po being loaded with canisters of "synthetic turpentine. James: Well enjoy yourself. Helga: Plastic surgeons call it a "dermatome". Helga: Do you know what this is? James: I'd rather now. She puts it in his jacket pocket and then leans in close. They use it to slice off skin. They realize they're surrounded by Osato goons. A forklift runs right at them and they dodge it at the last minute. And I used to be a sailor. yes.

Scene: back at Tanaka's house Tanaka: Chasing girls will be the end of you. the things I do for England... what's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? She starts kissing him. Scene: small two-person aircraft Helga is flying and James is in the backseat. I'm a spy. pinning James's hands down. Helga: What? James: Actually. Bond-san. Helga: That's a nice offer. Well. You'll need the best man we've got. He takes it from her hand and uses it to cut her dress straps as she kisses him. that's when they'll try and get at you.. Helga: Osato would kill me. Helga: And who do you suggest? James: Well. Helga: I know that. well. which explodes and fills the cabin with smoke. And. I've stolen Osato's new process for making monosodium glutamate. you are going to need some very close. James: Now. James tries desperately to free his hands. As she parachutes to safety. Helga is applying makeup. She hesitates. it's worth $300.. Helga: I'm afraid I have another appointment tonight. James: Oh. The plane is diving towards the ground. Mr. Actually. James: I have a confession to make. then uses the scalpel to cut his ropes. James: I suppose you know that industrial secrets are big business? Well. James: How about it? Helga: I'm afraid not. but I have to get off. He skids in for a landing on the ground and then flees the plane as it explodes. you and I.000. At the last minute he manages to work free and pull the plane out of the dive. James: Why? She stands and removes the scalpel from his pocket. Fisher. She drops her lipstick compact. protection tonight in Tokyo because.. She opens the door and jumps out. Helga: I'm awfully sorry to leave you. I have told you that before.. me. 14 . Helga: So? James: Well. She pushes a button on the dash and a bar shoots out of the wall. I'll split it with you if you get me out of here and back to Tokyo. James: We could fly to Europe tomorrow.James: Now.

Look at these. she's a wonderful girl. Just your type. Aerial mines. Now pay attention. and lies on the direct route between Kobe and Shanghai. Tanaka: This can only be for children. don't you? James: Yes. We're using incendiaraies and high explosives. James: Did it stop at the island? Tanaka: I think so. I think. James: Fine. Impossible to see her all the time. Fully laden here and empty here. James: What range? Q: 80 yards. Has Little Nellie arrived yet? Tanaka: Yes. He did it so I could get away. Very small. and her father. Tanaka: I have much curiosity. early this morning. Dad. James climbs aboard and Q hands him a helmet with a built-in camera. Any progress? Tanaka: Yes. Bond-san. James: Good. Take my helicopter instead. 15 . Firing astern. Now remember. Two rocket launchers. I'll give you the drill. Q: Right. James: Ah.Aki: He didn't chase her. use them only when directly above target. Two machine guns. Bond-san. Two smoke ejectors next door to them. You know the rest. It is an island called Matsu. We shadowed the Ning-Po in a helicopter. He wouldn't touch that horrible girl. Don't use it. What is Little Nellie? Slowly the gyrocopter begins to take shape. I want to take a fast look at the island now. Aki: It was a very dark night. forward-firing on either side. Is my little girl hot and ready? Q: Look. Tanaka: A toy helicopter? Q: No. James: Oh. 007. James: Good. probably to no purpose. Q: Flame guns. Q: Now. We've made one or two improvements since you used her last. these fire heat-seeking air-to-air missiles. Four men carry in large cases that open to reveal mechanical parts. James: You're right. Aki: That one we took last night. the water line. James: Synchronized to what? Q: 100 yards. We have identified the coastline in the photograph. Notice. I've had a long and tiring journey. welcome to Japan. quite fast. And that one. Tanaka: But we know she stopped somewhere. I'm in no mood for your juvenile quips. Can do anything. please. heaven forbid. They step outside to see Q's "improvements". Scene: Tanaka's garage James walks in to see Q looking bothered. fixed. Two of 'em. 60 a minute. That's about the lot. You wouldn't. it's certainly not a toy! You'll see. would you? James: Oh.

James: Tanaka. Understood? James: Roger and out. While the Russians are frantically trying to figure out what happened. James: I'll contact you when I get over the island. Base One. Base One. He uses his flame throwers to destroy one of the helicopters right behind him. I'm over the island now. and James takes off over Tokyo. and suddenly see that four other helicopters are chasing her. have seen the fishing village. James: Hello. It catches up to the Russians and swallows their capsule. It's the big evil silver spacecraft again. including one with a lake in the bottom. As they begin firing. The last is blown up by two of the airto-air missiles. We see many people and vehicles scurrying inside. Intercom: Prepare for reception. Suddenly the ground radar operator sees a second blip on the screen. Aki: Be careful. Tanaka: Understood. the silver capsule turns around and heads for home. There's nothing here but volcanoes. Clear the area. we'll keep listening. Heading for home. Bond-san. listen in on 410 megacycles. Russian space shot imminent. He heads down the coast to the island. James: Hello. James: Little Nellie got a hot reception. He then climbs above another one and takes it out with his aerial mines. The capsule goes into orbit and everything is proceeding smoothly. Tanaka: Listening. James: Hello. Carry on. Tanaka: Roger. Prepare for reception. Base One. Tanaka: Okay. Four big-shots made improper advances towards her. Tanaka: Do not come home. Proceed vector 4-6 degrees and await instructions. Tanaka: Good luck. Scene: volcanic crater with lake We see now that the lake is actually made of metal and pulls back to reveal a hollowed out interior. but she defended her honor with great success. Intercom: Clear the area. Bond-san! One of Q's assistants starts the propeller. We see Little Nellie's shadow against a mountain. 16 . James flies over several volcanic craters.Q: Cine camera. Radar blackout is now complete. nothing to report. Radar blackout is now complete. Bond-san. James destroys the third with one of his rockets. Scene: Russian space facility A man in Ground Control counts down and the Russian rocket takes off. James takes evasive action.

Radar Operator on monitor: Houston to Washington. 17 . Engineer 1: Close crater. Now he's gone off the screen. Army Man 3: But can we prove it? Army Man 1: Of course we can't. Army Man 1: I agree.. Blofeld: Withdraw captive spaceship. Engineer 1: Ventilator fans to normal. Intercom: Fire guards to station. Army Man 2: The President's called a press conference for 2pm. It has to be. We see the intercom man in a bustling control room. It emits lots of smoke as it settles on the landing pad. Inside the control room.. Army Man 2: That means he's coming down. sitting next to Helga. Engineer 2: Air ducts opened. Back in the control room. He'll deny emphatically we had anything to do with it. Army Man 3: Yeah. All crews to stations. Open all air ducts. Intercom: Area safe to enter. Intercom: Ventilator fans to full power. We followed him for one orbit. We see the lake sliding back into place to cover the crater.The mountain is now fully open and empty. Dozens of men pour out and head for the spacecraft. a chair slowly turns around and we see Blofeld's body stroking his cat. The British theory about Japan is nonsense. Army Man 4: Forget Japan. Engineer 3: Closing crater. but where? Army Man 1: Some place in Russia. Engineer 1: All air ducts to normal. Army Man 4: We've re-photographed every square inch. Open shutters. revealing that it is set to one side of the volcano with a view of everything that happens. Army Man 2: The world isn't going to believe the Russians destroyed their own spacecraft. Scene: the hollowed-out volcano The rogue spacecraft is coming in for a landing. Scene: Pentagon Army Man 1: Moscow radio's already saying that we did it. And now they'll use the excuse to shoot down our next Jupiter. Intercom: Reception complete. awaiting the rocket's return. The control room's shutters open.

report now. gentlemen. Intercom: Guards to stations. The Japanese men look a bit unsettled. Hans pulls up the string to reveal a bare bone is all that's left. Blofeld: Remove the prisoners. 18 . Blofeld: I have decided to ask for a little money in advance. Scene: Blofeld's apartment Blofeld (still hidden) is speaking to two Japanese gentlemen. Japanese Man: We congratulate you.Outside. Japanese Man: Our agreement states quite clearly that no money should be paid until war has broken out between Russia and the United States. Blofeld rises to leave. Blofeld: I must congratulate you. I'm busy. The water begins to froth. Blofeld: Our clients are satisfied with the progress so far? Japanese Man: My government is quite satisfied. The Russian capsule is opened and the cosmonauts are removed. Hans throws the meat into the water off the bridge. I may send for you later. on the way you handle it. Blofeld: Good. Blofeld's voice comes over the intercom. Intercom: Remove the prisoners. the cosmonauts are loaded into a monorail and whisked off. Back and the control room. in gold bullion. We see the Russian craft inside. The head Japanese man rises in indignation. Hans! The henchman reveals a large leg of lamb attached to a string. Back in the control room. Go and think it over. One of his henchman enters over a small bridge. A crane lifts out the Russian capsule and sets it on a platform nearby. Blofeld: They can strip a man to the bone in 30 seconds. Blofeld: You will see that my piranha fish get very hungry. Back in the crater. They are escorted by guards into an elevator. I want the sum of 100 million dollars. Blofeld: I shall be in my apartment. gentlemen. sir. Blofeld: Osato and Number 11. deposited in our account in Buenos Aires. Blofeld: Extortion is my business. the large spacecraft opens its doors. Japanese Man 2: This is extortion. upon your superb equipment.

Blofeld: Well? She follows Osato over the bridge. While she's on it. Scene: Secret Ninja Training Castle Tanaka and Aki wait as James arrives in Tanaka's helicopter. James: We'll have to get down to those volcanoes. Helga remains. Tanaka: Bad news from outer space. 19 . Yes. Helga: Osato! Osato watches in horror as she disappears. Blofeld: Only one person we know uses this sort of gun. much better. Do you have any commandos here? Tanaka: I have much. Osato? Don't tell me you let him go? Osato: I gave Number 11 the strictest orders to eliminate him. Bond-san. Helga: You should have killed him yourself! You had plenty of opportunity. Tanaka: I agree. Tanaka: Next time. Osato: Correct. but you see. James Bond. dumping her into the piranha moat. James: Hello. Blofeld's foot moves to a pedal beneath his desk. This is my ninja training school. She screams as she's eaten alive. yes.Osato and Helga head down to Blofeld's apartment. Mr. Now the Russians are accusing the Americans. I-Blofeld: Go! Osato turns to leave. Blofeld: Rubbish. Helga: It was in all the newspapers. Blofeld: An unknown Englishman was in your office the other day. Blofeld: This organization does not tolerate failure. Blofeld pushes the pedal and the bridge collapses. Blofeld: And did she? Osato: She failed. Number One. Bond is alive. Blofeld holds out a slide from the x-ray pictures Osato took of Bond. Osato: But Bond is dead. it will be war. Number One. Blofeld: Do you know what gun this is? Osato: Walther PPK. Unless you killed him. Ninjas. Top-secret. James: We'll also need a company of first-rate men. yes. Osato: I know. Blofeld: Kill Bond! Now! Osato: Yes. I heard it. James: Yes.

She grins and sighs and moves to take his hand. like you. This is our special baby rocket. James: Now what's the plan for me? Tanaka: First. 100 of my ninjas will slide in unseen. Second. like. James: It's a fine gun. James: This must develop very fast reflex actions. Tanaka: My plan is this. you train hard and quickly to become a ninja like us. Very powerful. They head into one of the castle training rooms. this cigarette. Tanaka: Now. Tanaka demonstrates by firing at a straw dummy. And third. It's very useful for people who smoke too many cigarettes. See the little holes in the back for jet propulsion. They will be workers and fishermen. He aims. eight other ninjas. James: To hell with that idea. which explodes in flames. James stops in confusion and looks at Aki. and throwing metal stars. we will see some modern ninjas. Rocket guns. you become a Japanese. Tanaka: Accurate up to 30 yards. 20 . Bond-san. James: You sound like a commercial. Tanaka: Regretfully impossible. James: Ninjas? Tanaka: The art of concealment and surprise. you take a wife. Tanaka: It can save your life. Tanaka: And spiritual strength. You must marry Ama girl. But for the moment. We see men practicing martial arts. James: Very neat. fighting with swords and sticks. these will interest you. The three of them head back outdoors. to give you extra-special cover. Tanaka: All rocket guns. and the rocket blows the head off a wooden target nearby. James: Is she pretty? Tanaka: She has a face like a pig. Aki: But this is duty. I make a base on the Ama Island. Tanaka holds one of the rocket cigarettes to his lips and Aki lights it.We see ninjas running and doing calisthenics. One who is known on the island. We see one ninja fight. James: What about me? Tanaka: Later. Tanaka and Aki take James on a tour.

from now on. and then begins to gasp. you must become Japanese. Tiger. James: Everything? She nods. They kiss (and presumably more).... James immediately wakes and sees the assassin trying to escape. A Japanese wig is put over his hair. Just two more days' training. Later that night. At the last minute. But first. having heard the shots. Aki: (gasping) I'm. He bows to her. It slowly drips down closer and closer to James. I. James rushes to her side.. James checks that he's dead. Aki: Konbanwa. Tanaka arrives. Thus the poison drips into her mouth. When he is directly above them. Scene: quasi-futuristic Ninja beauty parlor Aki and several girls go to work on James. James joins her in the bed as she turns out the light. She dies.. he unwinds a string and lowers it to James's mouth.Tanaka: The girl I have chosen is an agent of mine. 21 . James rolls over and Aki snuggles up against him. Aki: I. you must do everything Japanese-style. She swallows a drop. James's towel is pulled down. Scene: James's guest cottage that night Aki is waiting in bed as James enters in his new Japanese garb.. James: Aki! Aki: I'm.) James: Why don't you just dye the parts that show? The girls all laugh and being rubbing him with the lemons. we must get to that island... Tanaka: You're almost ready.. (I have no idea what for.. James: She's dead. James: Konbanwa. Poisoned. James: Good for Tiger. Aki: Eyepieces to Hera. Rubber eyepieces are placed on his eyelids. and the girls move on him with cut lemons. Then he pours poison down the string. He fires twice and shoots the guy down. Aki: Tiger said. we see an assassin climb in through their cottage roof.

We see another guy kicking blocks of wood. please. Tanaka: Bond-san. James: We're supposed to be married. The boat docks and everyone disembarks. James: Do you live here alone? Kissy: Yes. Another guy breaks a block of ice with his head. he tried to kill me. That is your bed. The first two are old and unattractive. All over the island. Kissy runs into some friends and introduces her new husband. with a face like a pig. James manages to get the stick from him and stabs him in the side. James and Kissy take part in a ritual tea ceremony. Kissy Suzuki. You gave false name to priest. James and Tanaka are there in disguise.Scene: Ninja Training Grounds two days later James is fighting another ninja with sticks. As she and James come to the harbor road. James: What's wrong? 22 . Tanaka: Yes. James: I won't need these. Tanaka runs up from outside. I shall sleep over there. Kissy and James then head to her place. We have four days left. with humble Japanese wife at your side. James is disarmed and raises his hands to acknowledge defeat. The last. My friend has made us some food. they see a funeral procession pass them by. James sits near his new bride. please. The opponent attacks him. Kissy enquires in Japanese as to what happened. Suddenly a knife appears out of the end of his opponent's stick. but we must keep up appearances! We're on our honeymoon. James: Oysters. Tanaka: This man is a stranger from outside. Kissy: This is my house. James: Yeah. My parents are dead. It is not much time. Is this the only room there is? Kissy: Yes. Scene: that night James fans himself awake in bed while Kissy sleeps. She and James steal glances at each other as they walk to the temple. The other ninjas come running. This is business. Sit down. is very young and pretty. James: It's lucky we're getting out of here. tomorrow you will be a poor Japanese worker. James: Yes. Scene: Ama Island A boat chugs towards the island crowded with fishermen and workers. Tanaka: My men are already ashore. Scene: wedding ceremony the next day James and several other grooms wait as the brides walk by. Kissy: No honeymoon. Tanaka: You killed him. James: Yeah. They kneel as a priest marries the three couples. Kissy: Think again. He pushes away his oysters.

James: How did she die? Kissy: Nobody knows. It was once an underground outlet for the lava from the volcano. James: Was that the funeral we saw yesterday? Kissy: Yes. James: Phosgene gas. Scene: fishing boats heading out the next morning James rows their boat out of the harbor as Kissy smiles at him in her white bikini. James helps her back in. James: When does it go up? Tanaka: Tonight. far off in the distance. she dives in and then swims back up to the boat. The cave is over there. James: Miles of it. Kissy: One thing has happened. Our time. They climb up onto the rocks nearby. They both dive in. It's business. They hike through high grass and scramble up the sides of a waterfall. Everything is so normal around here. It is indeed large and forbidding. And when her boat floated out again. Kissy: May I rest a moment? James: Surely. she was dead. Did you notice the sulphur on the walls? Kissy: The yellow? James: Yes. The countdown has already started. midnight. The President has spoken on television. He's given a last warning to the Russians. They row over to it. Yesterday an Ama girl rowed her boat into Ryuzaki. James: Gas. James: That's where we have to go next. James: Did your men search the island? Tanaka: Yes. Nothing happens. It leads all the way. to keep the visitors away. right up to the top there. Eventually they get close to the top. James notices that a mist seems to be rising from the water. Kissy: There must be a long tunnel. James: Ryuzaki? Kissy: It is a big cave on the mainland. James: All right? Now where is this cave? Kissy: It's straight across. Do you think you can make it? Kissy: Of course. They look at the volcano. There is nothing. They swim underwater until they're safely outside again. James: We'll slip away from the fishing fleet in the morning. James: Good. Inside. Later. Quick. James: Can you take me to this cave? Kissy: Yes. 23 .Tanaka: The Americans have changed the launching date. Get over the side. except volcanoes.

All we can do now is wait and pray. gentlemen. 9. is it? Kissy: It never has been. James: Is that deep? Kissy: They usually are. Army Man 1: This is it. 10. They're both surprised when it bounces off the surface. By the time James and Kissy get there. Back outside. but James hears the sound of a helicopter. Come on. 2. 24 .. They watch it fly overhead and head right into the volcano. 1. James: There's been some terrific heat here recently. Kissy: It's going down! Into the volcano! Inside the volcano. Very. Some honeymoon! They kiss. 8. James: It's metal! Wait here. Ignition. They begin climbing down to the lake. James: The honeymoon's over. The American spacecraft takes off. The helicopter flies into the crater and lands on the movable helipad. Mark. the lake begins to open. Stand by for ten-second countdown. Kissy: It's hard work. Kissy: What happened to the helicopter? James: It's down there somewhere. Scene: back at the crater James and Kissy have made it to the water's edge. Come on. Scene: the Pentagon Flight Control (on intercom): Stand by. Flight Control: . Intercom: Heliport to position. James jumps to his feet. Not in my lifetime. James: This volcano isn't active..They sit. James: Mmm. James throws a rock in to guage the depth... it just looks like a lake again. The lake begins to close. Army Man 1: All units throughout the world will remain at instant readiness so long as the spacecraft is in orbit.3.

Intercom: Attention. James takes off down a tunnel. He watches as the helicopter flies out of the crater. We are now four hours plus 36 minutes into the mission. Intercom: Heliport to standby position. Mac? Astronaut: Roger. Jupiter. James finds a kind of cave in the wall and jumps inside to hide. Scene: aboard the American craft Jupiter Astronaut: Jupiter to Houston. Houston to Washington. Flight Control: Roger. Open crater.He takes a few steps onto the lake. and James gets his first view of the control room. Scene: back in the volcano James is still skulking as the rocket is made ready to launch. Interception will take place in two hours' time. It drives off. Our vehicle is now 120 nautical miles altitude. The lake shuts again. The SPECTRE astronauts go into their rooms. we now have second phase. Connect igniter cable. Can you give us a time. Intercom: Connect igniter cable. 170 miles downrange. Scene: Pentagon Flight Control (on intercom): Washington. He puts on a ninja hood as well. attention. Tell him to come here with every man he's got. Carefully. Astronauts to dressing rooms. James sees the SPECTRE astronauts climb aboard the monorail for the dressing rooms. James is surprised as the lake begins to move beneath him. Intercom: Astronauts to dressing rooms. He scampers back to Kissy and they hide as they begin to see what's inside. He then adjusts the suction cups on his knees and elbows. Inside. Intercom: Emergency crews to stations. James sneaks down onto the monorail and hides beneath a tarp. She heads back up the side as James pulls off his Japanese peasant shirt to reveal a ninja turtleneck. this is Houston. 25 . Intercom: Heliport to takeoff position. James: Get back to Tanaka. Kissy: Yes. preparations are being made to fire the SPECTRE rocket. American target vehicle is now in orbit. he climbs down into Blofeld's lair and starts down the side of the wall.

US Astronaut: Who the hell are you? James: Stand back. She is spotted by the helicopter. Quickly the henchmen are dispatched. James gets off the monorail and starts running. She dives as they open fire with their machine guns. report to control room.. US Astronaut: Did you guys volunteer for astronaut training? Russian Cosmonaut: In our country. the helicopter flies off. He peeks through the barred door. The driver carries something into the first room. James sees that the prisoners are being held in a nearby cell. Yes. both of us. 26 . two minutes. Satisfied. since six months we started training. Intercom: Lock on target vehicle. Blofeld: Astronauts to launching pad. Intercom: Reserve astronaut to standby. Yes. we say cosmonaut. James: Good evening. Blofeld is in charge. Scene: the ocean Kissy is swimming back to Ama Island. The monorail stops in front of the astronaut dressing rooms. James leads two of the disguised good astronauts to the bad astronauts' dressing room. Radar technicians. but stops when he hears an American voice nearby. Intercom: T minus 100 minutes and counting.Intercom: Radar technicians. Scene: back in the volcano Intercom: Astronauts have two minutes. James and his men knock out the bad astronaut and his assistants. Repeat. Engineer 1: Launch time is now T minus 90 minutes and counting. I'm gonna blow the lock. The men stand back while SPECTRE henchmen run into. They swing back around and point a spotlight towards here. James: Get into their uniforms. Back in the control room. They retreat while James puts some kind of explosive in the lock.. Check secondary guidance. report to control room. James: Stand back. James gets a glimpse of the astronaut suiting up inside. Blofeld: Lock on target. It detonates and the door blows open.

The reserve astronaut is loaded into the capsule. No astronaut would enter the capsule carrying his air conditioner. James has been brought to the control room. Blofeld: As you see.. Remove his helmet! James's helmet is removed.James is now suited up in the SPECTRE astronaut's suit.. Osato is astonished to see him alive. Blofeld: I am Ernst Stavro Blofeld. this is my second life. astronauts to launching pad immediately. Blofeld: You only live twice. We finally see the famous villain with his distinctive scar. Allow me to introduce myself. Blofeld: Stop that astronaut. my friend. Intercom: Reserve astronaut ready on Bird 1. and then he heads out to the waiting monorail. They told me you were assassinated in Hong Kong. when America and Russia have annihilated each other. We now have T minus seven minutes and counting.. James is led back down in the elevator. Bond. Blofeld: You made a mistake. Bring him to me. Engineer 2: Target vehicle on scope. Intercom: Reserve astronaut to launching pad immediately. stand by on gantry. Track is as predicted. Mr. Engineer 1: A new update with target vehicle has been received from computers. All computers. we shall see a new power dominating the world. Intercom: Stop that astronaut! Blofeld: Summon the reserve astronaut. Blofeld: Prepare for firing. James is stripped of his astronaut suit and searched. In the control room. 27 . Remove his suit and search him. Intercom: Astronauts to launching pad.. Blofeld: James Bond. Approaching Mongolia. They are driven around to the launching pad. Repeat. Blofeld: Re-coordinate with target vehicle. James's men hook him up to his air supply. I am about to inaugurate a little war. Crews. Just as he is about to get in. Engineer 1: Target vehicle passing over central Russia. James: Yes. stand by on gantry. In a matter of hours. Intercom: Crews. James and the other astronaut get in the elevator and are taken up to the rocket. Blofeld: Brief check on target vehicle. Reserve astronaut to launching pad immediately.

hundreds of ninjas appear. our job will soon be done. Engineer 1: Radar blackout in operation. 200 miles altitude. Scene: in space The SPECTRE rocket separates from it's engine boosters. Effective range. Clear the area. Clear the area. Engineer 1: Calling Bird 1. Intercom: Open crater. Engineer 2: Opening crater. 4. Separation complete. Intercom: Close crater. open fire. Tanaka and Kissy have made it to the lake edge. Pressurized tanks open. You are 70 nautical miles downrange. fire. Area now clear. Intercom: Crater guns. Blofeld: Crater guns. Re-coordinate with target vehicle. All systems are go. Scene: on top of the volcano Machine guns open fire on the ninjas. Bird 1 to liftoff position. Engineer 2: Closing crater. 1. 6. 3. 7. 9. Confirm acquisition. kilometers 800. Security guard: There are men in the crater! We see Tanaka's men on security monitors. Scene: on top of the volcano Tanaka and Kissy scramble up to the top in the darkness in time to see the rocket fly off. Gimbal the engines. 10 seconds. 5. Engineer 1: Astronauts ready on Bird. Astronaut: Bird 1 to base. Intercom: Radar blackout commence. Bird 1 now in readiness. Blow them up as soon as they have captured the Americans. Ignition. Intercom: Crater opening. At Tanaka's signal. 30 seconds and counting. Engineer 1: Close shutters. Scene: back in the control room Blofeld: Hans. but doesn't see anything amiss. Blofeld: Close shutters. Scene: control room again 28 .Intercom: Prepare for firing. Emergency services to stand by. 8. 2. Intercom: T minus one minute. 0. Intercom: Open shutters. Ventilater fans to full power. The man searching James finds his cigarette case. The rocket takes off. Here is the key to operate the exploder button.

He aims it at the lake operator. James: Well. The ninjas are hurling explosives at the guards. More and more ninjas slide down into the volcano. Kissy manages to shoot a man before he shoots Tanaka. Mr. It explodes and the guy falls to the floor. Guards begin shooting at them. Blofeld: We are now impregnable. Hans follows them all with his gun drawn. 29 . One of them is up in the rafters. Seven minutes to interception. Base One. and they begin sliding down before the crater closes completely. Intercom: Armed guards to control room. You can watch it all on TV. It won't be the nicotine that kills you. Many more ninjas come through. Bond Astronaut (on intercom): Bird 1 to base. including Tanaka and Kissy. Nothing can prevent that. thirty henchmen. Bond. but stops when confronted by a pistol. Blofeld: Close the shutters. Mr. Engineer 4: Close crater! Blofeld: I shall look forward personally to exterminating you. He hits the switch to open the lake. A henchmen gives Bond his cigarettes and lights one for him. Bond. James fights off several men. and he places an explosive on the lake/roof. may I smoke? Blofeld: Yes. A ninja with a sword manages to take out. Astronaut: Roger. It's the last programme you're likely to see. Scene: Pentagon Hawaii radar operator (on intercom): Houston. give him his cigarettes. though. this is Hawaii. Blofeld watches as full-scale war breaks out in the volcano. It explodes and creates a hold. All of them are killed within seconds. Blofeld: Close the crater. Bond decks the two guys near him and rushes to the controls. Locked on target. The shutters close. Interception will take place in eight minutes. We have an unidentified object on scope. like. James: Impregnable? Blofeld: Come with me. Blofeld: Osato? Osato: Yes. Engineer 1: Base calling Bird 1. Several ninjas throw explosives up at the control room. You are to assume full control of operation from now on.Blofeld: The firing power inside my crater is enough to annihilate a small army. One fires a rocket gun that manages to blow through the shutters. if I'm going to be forced to watch television. The ninjas have managed to throw down ropes. Number One? Osato follows James and Blofeld. Mr.

James: There's an exploder button up in the control room. Tanaka lays down machine gun fire as James runs to the stairs. James: Give me cover til I get to the staircase. and Kissy run through the middle of the battle and crouch behind some barrels.Army Man 1: Order first alert. takes the gun from Hans. Blofeld: This is the price of failure. James runs to the bridge and Hans tackles him. James ends up in Blofeld's apartment. Blofeld forces James through the door. He turns and shoots Osato. Mr. James: Control room technicians. Arm all weapons. James: Bon appetit. The monorail takes off. Blofeld: Goodbye. We've got to get up there. James is getting the worst of it. some of the explosives have breached the control room and it is now on fire. Bond. James sees the escaping control room guys high up on a ledge. His shot goes astray and his gun falls. Intercom: Evacuate the control! Evacuate the control! The engineers all leave through Blofeld's apartment. He picks up a grenade from a dead henchman and throws it up to the ledge to clear the way. with Hans throwing him all over the room. Blofeld hops on the monorail and points his gun at James. and a great fight ensues. Meanwhile. Tanaka: Impossible. Meanwhile the battle rages on in the volcano. Hans comes down to meet him. Tanaka and Kissy see Blofeld and James emerge from a tunnel. At one point. who collapses. and turns to James and Osato. James manages to get the exploder button key from Hans's belt. Hawaii radar operator: Interception will occur in six minutes. which strikes him the wrist. There must be another way up there. James picks up the gun and heads to his friends. but James ducks and Hans's momentum carries him over into the piranha lake. James rushes up to the control room. Scene: Blofeld's apartment He opens a secret door in the wall. The SPECTRE craft is about to swallow the American one. Blofeld: Come on. Too well defended. Bond. James is off-balance and Hans goes to punch him over the edge. Hans runs into the empty control room and sees the SPECTRE craft opening to swallow the American one. He runs up the stairs and takes out a few more guards at the top (one with a throwing star!). Mr. Tanaka throws a metal star at Blofeld. Back in the volcano. Tanaka. He. 30 .

Kissy: Why not? But they'll never let you stay.. James and the others make it to the gas-filled cave and jump in. Tanaka. Scene: back in the volcano James is coming down the stairs. the enemy has blown up! Army Man 1: All units will return to first alert.imminent. They begin to kiss.Scene: Pentagon Hawaii radar operator (on intercom): Closing fast on our vehicle. Codeword is imminent. the volcano appears to erupt and lava begins flowing down the sides. Kissy. James: Down the tunnel! James. about that honeymoon. Blofeld jumps off his monorail and reveals a secret panel in the wall. James: But they'll never find us. Some time later. James helps Kissy into his raft. From outside. Army Guy 1: All units stand by for codeword. They watch as the whole mountain explodes... The SPECTRE ship immediately explodes. Codeword is not . we've done it. James: Steady. Orbit identical. With five seconds to spare. as the mai chamber begins blowing up. closing fast on our vehicle. Scene: the sea outside the cave Two planes fly overhead and drop rafts down to the ninjas. he manages to get it open and hit the button.. Scene: back in the control room James is having trouble opening the case around the exploder button. He inserts a key and pulls a handle. Hawaii radar operator: I repeat. They swim out to sea as the entire mountain begins to collapse. James: Tiger. not . James: Now. Suddenly the whole raft is lifted up as a submarine emerges from beneath them. Evidently this is a self-destruct mechanism. and the remaining ninjas take off down the tunnel as it explodes around them. On monitors we see jets taking off to be ready in case war is declared. Scene: Pentagon Hawaii radar operator (on intercom): It's blown up! The enemy! I repeat. Elsewhere.I say again. Scene: inside the submarine 31 .

Moneypenny: It'll be a pleasure. THE END 32 . sir. sir. M: Tell him to come below and report.Navy guy: Dinghy's on board. We fade out on the submarine heading out to sea.

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