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Vol. 52

Number 1

"Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.'' [Mark 16:15)
Wilmerdiiig, Peuna., January-February, 1953 Our Future Plans
When I left Japan in April, 1951, two strong
forces were pounding at the door of my heart

Annual Report
A New Addition To The Mission
There are now 14" churches in Japan which were started by this mission. Thirteen of them reported and are included in this summary.
Here are the names or locations of the churches:

demanding attention. Realizing the tremendous need for Christian workers in Japan, I could not ignore the demands made on my soul to
remain at least until other laborers were en

listed. Responsibilities in Tokyo Bible Seminary

and in Nishiogikubo Church caused me to pon der over the advisability of returing to America

just then. The possibility that Japan may not be always as receptive of the gospel as she is now was another thought which I entertained. On the other hand, visions and plans of future service for Christ in Japan had run through my mind since the time when I first arrived in Japan in 1948. Then Tokyo Bible Seminary was founded and I found myself in the position
of tcacher in that institution. Such responsibil

Abico, Arakawa, Minato, Mikawashima, Nishi Hachioji, Nishi Ogikubo, Sakurayama, Setagaya, Kamiuma, Wakaba, Yochomachi, Nakano, Soka, Yokosuka. Several of these are new churches and quite small, and without buildings. The total attendance averaged as follows: Sun day morning service 383, Sunday night service

168, Sunday School 1107, Prayer Meeting 95,

Women's Meetings 81, Youth Meetings 129. The total immber of baptisms was 119. The total offerings for the year amounted to Yen1,339,336equal to $3,720.10. The annual report of the churches for the year 1952 is in some respects not as good as the last two years. Although the figures for a
s. \\ \ i ^ * . .

ity demands preparation. Knowing that I was ill-prepared to fill such a position, I determined
to reenter school, which I did in September, 1951. These two years wliich I have spent in

few of the churches show a little increase,_ the majority showed a slight decrease. Especially
noticeable is the sudden drop of baptisms from more than two hundred in 1950 and 1951 to just
over a hundred in 1952.

study in Cincinnati Bible Seminary have been indeed profitable in my preparation for service for Christ in the land of the rising sun. Now the time of my sojourn in America as
a student has drawn near a close and our faces

arc again turned toward Japan. My wife and I are applying for passports immediately and are trying to make the necessary preparations for entering Japan in August. The fall term of Tokyo Bible Seminary begins in September and wc want to be there ready to take up our work
at that time.

Of course this is something which concerns us very much and hasten to make an effort to explain. Without a doubt, the year 1952 to the nation of Japan was one of great importance, a time when they made their first major step up the ladder of reinstatement in the world. The effect of once more being free has been felt in many ways. It is evident that persons
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Patten



of the


We believe that Japan's greatest need today is an army of Japanese preachers adequately trained to lead the whole land to Jesus Christ. Therefore, we expect to spend most of our efforts and time in trying to make Tokyo Bible Seminary just as faithful and capable a servant


The decision to be a missionary in a foreign agreement was signed the latter part of April land is a momentous one, indicating that a it automatically set free those persons who had person is qualified and willing to attempt the become Christians for these reasons. No longer
of the needs of another race and

Occupation and also the socialistic advantage of church membership. Therefore, when the

as possible to help meet this need. We are

aware of some of the difficulties as well as our confront us. But our answer to this is trust

own weaknesses and incapacities which shall

who labor in the Word.

in building older churches up in their most holy work, this writer has observed the romance faith and in planting new ones. Language of a foreign missionary on furlough, Andrew study also comprises an important part of our Patton. plans for the future, for the most effective It started visibly when a missionary from the missionary among any people learns their riathead Indian Mission in Montana, Betty language. Armstrong, visited the Cincinnati Bible Sem The thought has often occured to me that inary in the fall of 1951. Andy, never a man to it would be a wonderful thing if we evangelists let opportunity's knock go unanswered, soon, did not have to include in our future plans the made an acquaintance with her. After a short item of dependence on others for financial sup visit, she left for Montana, and Andy's life was port. But after further deliberation, I am per never the same again. His "dormitory-mates" suaded that that is wrong, for it is one of God's had ample opportunity to see his letter-writing great blessings to his people to permit them to and the other effects of the "love bug" bite. share their material blessings to support those, Last September Betty enrolled in the Sem

pointing, but easy to report something where there is improvement. Therefore, to write that in God who gives wisdom liberally to those cess. Such an announcement in this instance the total baptisms have dropped by almost fifty per cent, grieves me very much. that ask Him. is flood-lighted with romance. While some have I pray that this report will be acceptable to We also expect to spend what time we can dreamed of the romantic part of the foreign
God and our Saviour. Jesus Christ, and trust

the forsaking of family and old friends in the homeland. Its announcement is made only after much prayer and thought. Recently a missionary has been added to tlie staff of the Cunningham mission, and it is the purpose of this article to describe the pro

indebted they began to fall away. Then there are, of course, those persons who just naturally drift away (thorny, hard ground). It is a little
difficult to write about a report that is disap

Japanese people who shall be saved according to His grace throughout this year of 1953. Pray
with us to this end.

in God for the salvation day by day, of the

Yours in Jesus' Name Stanley Buttray G. M. Elliott of the Cincinnati Bible Seminary.

The ceremony, witnessed by of local friends and visitors, each one the greatness of the Andy would soon undertake.
Author of Marriage.

a large number impressed upon work Betty and The words were

Most of the funds necessary for living-link blossomed into courtship. On November 4 the support for my wife have been pledged by her World Mission Volunteers meeting of the Sem home congregation, Piqua, Ohio. Only $360 inary, of which Andrew is president, provided a year, however, has been pledged toward my the occasion for the pleasantly surprising an support. That means that $840 a year is needed nouncement of their engagement. (This was to complete my living-link. We will not have more than any missionary comity agreementi) time before we depart for Japan to make an Development then camc rapidly. The wedding extensive itinerary among the churches to date was set for December 20 at the Church raise these funds. But we will gladly visit of Christ in Piqua, Ohio, Betty's home church. churches interested in helping to provide this Although most of the wedding party was support. Will you help us? If so, please con late for rehearsal on the morning of the wed tact us at 2715 Price Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. ding day, none was so late as Matthew Ikeda, Pray for us, brethren, that God may speed a Japanese Christian who is now studying in us in our return to Japan and that we may the Seminary, an usher in the wedding. He faithfully fulfill our ministry there. Fray for arrived five minutes before the music began, the Japanese Christians for their temptations and all was well. The Piqua church furnished and difficulties are many. Pray for lost Japan the organist, singer, and one usher. Maid of that she may he saved. Pray that a host of Honor Dorothy Schmale, an instructor at the

inary for one semester's study. Acquaintance simple and appropriate, honoring the Eternal

At the reception in the church basement flash bulbs provided the illumination as various photographers continued their pictorial records. While the newly-weds were cutting the cake,

Betty's parents were making acquaintance with

the visitors. (Andy's family was unable to at

tend.) Suddenly a woman's shriek and a crash notified the party that the punch would be delayed in arriving. A large crock of it had been dropped on the kitchen floor. After a quick trip to the grocery store, however, a substitute punch supplemented the ice cream and cake. On that day there began a fresh example of "missionary cooperation." For a few days they

"honey-mooned" in Columbus, Ohio. After a

visit in Piqua they moved to 2715 Price Avenue, Cincinnati 4, Ohio, which will be their home trained workers may be sent forth into that Seminary, and Best Man Earl Sims, brother until the trip back to Japan next summer. May white harvest field. And God will answer. of Harold Sims, stood with the bride and the Lord bless their preparations and their com Earl Sims. Andrew Fatten groom as they pledged their vows before Prof. bined work.



Published bi-monthly by the Church of Christ Cunningham Mission, Tokyo, Japan, for the infor

mation and inspiration of every Christian whose heart is open to the call of Christ, and who is willing to help in the supreme task of carrying out the Great Commission of Christ: "Go ye therefore
and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name

of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all things what soever I have commanded you; and, lo, I am with
you alway, even unto the end of the world." Matt. 28:19, 20.

Entered as second class matter in the Wilmerding. Pa., Postofflce under the Act of March 3, 1879.

there is the wealth that is stored up in heaven. Jesus said "Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth con sume and where thieves do not break through nor steal." And who do you suppose has more treasures laid up in heaven than does Mrs. Cunningham? Yes that treasure is worth more than all the money in this world, all the silver and gold and precious gems, all the houses and lands, yes all the wealth of this world. Yes indeed we heartily agree that Mrs. Cunningham is indeed a tremendously wealthy woman!!
A. E. S.

A Delightful Visit
Since the Mark Ma.xey family from Kyushu visited us last spring we have had repeated invitations and urgings to go down to south Japan and return their visit. We chose the Christmas vacation this year because mid-win ter is the most suitable time to go south and
because this would be the last chance we would



Hauula, Oahu, T. H., December 15, 1952

Dear Brother Sims:


Director Editor

Wilmerding, Pa.

Forwarding Agent

I want to thank you for your statement in defense of Mrs. Cunningham. Persons who know her need no such statement; but others

Office of Publication:

who have not had the privilege of knowing her

might believe that which is not true when supposedly Christian leaders make such ac cusations as those reported in your article. able to our forwarding agent. You know that soon after Brother Cunning ham's death, we went to Tokyo to work with MISSION STAFF Mrs. W. D. CunninRham Director Mrs. Cunningham. She entrusted me with pri vate papers of the Mission among which was 16 Wakaba Cho, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fatten, 2715 Price Ave., Brother Cunningham's will. I had heard some Cincinnati 4. Ohio. of the untrue things that had been said about
Please send all correspondence and offerings for the mission to: Miss Eva D. Green, 127 E. Mercer Avenue, Colleee Park. Georgia. 2^ake all checks pay Mr. and Mrs. Harold Taylor, 1003-3 Chome Kamaiuma. Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo.

him. I remember that I cried when I came to








the part of the will in which the family was

remembered. The children were willed one dol

lar each. (I understand that they had to be left Nakano-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. something to make the will valid.) As I remem ber, Mrs. Cunningham was willed the home TRUSTEES which they had built nearly fifty years ago and Mrs. W. D. Cunningham Mrs. E. G. Nabell with money received from his teaching English Mr. T. O. Hatbcock Miss Eva Green Mr. Lawrence Bain J. E. Llpscombe and the making of English phonograph records Orvel C. Crowder Alfred E, Sims to be used in the Japanese schools. This home Packages lor Japan should be sent direct by was completely lost during World War II. All parcel post to one of the missionaries whose ad other property according to this will was en dresses are shown above. Packages of clothing can trusted to a committee of whom Judge HathArai Machi, be sent up to 22 pounds, not over 42 inches long

Kamlochlal, Sbinjuku Ku, Tokyo. Mr. and Mrs. Harold It. Sims, 450

have to make such a trip before our furlough which begins this summer. The first thing that tempted us to give up was the cost of the trip, but we finally decided not to let that interfere. Then a couple of cash Christmas gifts clinched our decision. Next came the coal strikelongest in Japan's his tory. The supply of this essential fuel became so short that almost all passenger trains were stopped for a while. But the strike was settled just in time to make train reservations. The inevitable rise in rates came just after we got back home. Lastly, Sylvia became very sick with a cold and ear ache the night before we were to leave. But we gave her one of those hip shots of penicillin and went on anyway. She got better. From the time that we actually got under way at 9:30 on the morning of December 26 we enjoyed the trip and congratulated ourselves a thousand times on our decision to go. The train was warm. This was a welcome change from the biting cold north wind outside and
the interior of the house which had been cold

or 82 inches in girth.

and 36 inches girth can be sent.

Mrs. Cunningham she has drawn from this committee the same salary as that received by Consult your local post office about preparation all the other adult missionaries, and this in of packages for mailing. spite of the fact that she was director of the
up to 6 pounds 9 ounces, not over 24 inches long

Packages of printed matter cock was the chairman. Since we have known

through a month of coal shortage. The accom modations were very reasonable and nice2nd class pullman. And everything went just ac cording to schedule. It was really a relaxing change for all of us. Thirty-two riding hours after we boarded at Tokyo Central we stepped off of the train in Kagoshima city. This is about 1000 miles south of herethe extreme southern part of Japan. The weather was balmy, and Mark Maxey had the car backed up on the platform so the lug gage could be unloaded into the car immedi ately. Such service! We felt exactly like mil lionaires arriving for a 3 month winter vaca
tion at Palm Beach. We tore out of the station

If you change your address please notify A.

E. Sims, 310 Brown Avenue, Turtle Creek,


I wish that the person who made these false

Pa., giving both your old and your new address. We want to keep our mailing lists up to date. If you make an offering you are entitled to receive this paper if you so request. Send all offerings to Eva D. Green, 127 E. Mercer Avenue, College Park, Ga.

charges could be
or she would try

You are doing Tokyo Christian. you and yours.

and to a ferry which had waited for a few min given the facts and that he utes on us to get there. Soon we reached the other side of the bay which was tiie boot of a to correct them. a good work as editor of the beautiful towering live volcano. After driving The Lord continue to bless for a little over an hour we reached the home of the Mark Maxeys. The jumping off place.
Your brother in
Owen Still

More About Wealth

Of Mrs. Cunningham
(See Oct.-Nov. Issue) published the letter about Mrs. Cunningham's wealth, several have written
Since we
about it. We include in this issue a statement

by Owen Still, who was formerly a missionary serving with Mrs. Cunningham, and a forth right statement by Mrs. Cunningham herself. No doubt one reason why Mrs. Cunningham was reluctant to reply to the charges, was her desire to rely on Christ's admonition: "pray for them that persecute you." Certainly there
is no better way than that.

But upon mature thought, your editor has arrived at the personal belief that Mrs. Cun ningham really IS tremendously wealthy. Per haps very few in this world have such great
wealth as she has. Her wealth is accumulated

and stored in three different places. First there

is the wealth that is stored in her memory:

memories of rich experiences, memories of vic tory over difficulties, memories of souls won to

Christ, and oh so many, many precious mem

ories! No amount of money, even numbered in BILLIONS, could purchase these memories away from her. Second there is the wealth that
is stored in the hearts of friends. And these

friends abound in many parts of the world. Perhaps the greatest accumulation is among the Japanese with whom she has served more

than fifty years. Do you suppose Mrs. Cunning

ham. would take a trillion dollars for these friends? No, no, a thousand times no!! Third

4 places. I preached at 3 of them. One place was a leper colony. Then on Wednesday I preached at 2 other villages and on Friday at 2 more churches. There are small but promis Mrs. Cunningham Writes ing churches scattered all over that penisula, I was not a little surprised when I heard and I was very interested in the workits recently that some one had reported that Mrs. growth, methods, and possibilities. Thursday Cunningham was a rich woman and needed afternoonNew Year's Daywe visited a vil no funds. lage and talked with a doctor and his wife about I cannot imagine who would say sucli a thingj starting new services in one more place. The nor how such a report got started. The Devil rest of the time we spent in sight-seeing, eating, has many ways of trying to injure Christian and visiting: and enjoyed every moment of the work and those who are doing it. fellowship with them. When Mr. Cunningham passed away he left On Saturday, January 3, we returned to in Steubenville, Ohio bank $5000 matured life insurance in his own name. I felt that I had a Kagoshima city where Isabel Dittemore and her perfect right to keep that amount for my own mother and daughter live. I preached in Sendai (45 miles north) Saturday night and 2 places private use. Two thousand dollars of it I di Sunday and baptized one young man Sunday vided among the children. All other money that Mr. Cunningham left afternoon in warm Kagoshima bay. It was a thrilling visit all the way around. was in the name of the Mission and I con Monday we started home, but this time we sidered it a sacred fund that should be used stopped in Osaka and Kyoto where we had for the purpose given. I didn't want it in my name and at the advice short visits with all the missionaries there. Also of Judge T. O. Hathcock of Atlanta, Ga.. and we stopped in Nagoya to visit the Davis family. others formed a corporation to hold the funds. We arrived back home Thursday evening, Judge Hathcock has spent much of his valu January 8, after 2 weeks of absence. We will able time looking after these funds and seeing never forget the kind hospitality of all of the they were invested where there could be no missionaries, and we are much encouraged by loss. I have never used any of them for my seeing their work. There is a strong and active personal use. group of missionaries representing churches of I was out here in Japan 6 months after war Christ in the southern half of Japan. broke out and two more months on my journey Harold Sims home without salary so you can readily see what happened to my $3000. At present I have saved a little over $1000 Collossians 1;18 "And He is the Head of and I think you would agree that it's time I the body, the church: who is the beginning, the began saving something for my old age. Firstborn from the dead; that in all things He Emily B. Cunningham might have the pre-eminence."


The next morning was Sunday and we visited


A New Junior Church In Cunningham Home

New Nakano Church

Evangelistic Meeting's
The meetings began Monday night, Decem ber 1st, For the first night we had expected about 25, but they just kept on coming in until the sermon was almost over and finally there were 62 present. The sermon was good (all of them so far liavc been more than an hour long) and the crowd was pleased with both it and the nice new building, but it was nothing like

the rejoicing of the members. Wc were all so happy and encouraged we could hardly leave the church that night. The next night there were 67 presentmore than at the movie across
the street. From the next night the attendance fell down, maybe because the sermon was not as interesting, but probably because of the cold. Wednesday night we had 47, and Thursday

The above is a picture, taken November 30th, 1952 of Mrs. Cunningham's 9-10 A.M. Bible Class for teen-age students. This class meets in her home every Sunday We know that this is an important work for morning. They are 100 per cent Bible Carriers the future of the Church and ask that you join and Bible Readers. Each Sunday they report your prayers with ours that this Youth Group the chapters read during the previous week. Recently they were organized into a "Youth may shine for Christ. Mrs. E. A. Thomas, the wife of a business Church" since about half of them are Chris man in Japan, for a year, will teach this group tians. Every Sunday morning a Communion Service during her stay in Japan. She has had ex is held for them conducted by one of our Busi perience with Youth Groups in her home ness men who is also a preacher, Four of the Church in Los Angeles where Brother Tomyoung people have been appointed Deacons and lison ministers. Emily B. Cunningham do their work revently and efficiently.

night only 37 (Maybe because I had preaciied the previous night). Thursday night's sermon on "The True God" was the best yet, Friday night we had 41, and Saturday 44, Sunday morning 50, and Sunday night 34. Changing preachers each night the subjects the first week were largely introductory. (.Subjects: The Place of Religion in our Life, The True Religion, Seeing God through His Word, The True God, Man Is a Sinner, The Fate of Humanity.) There are many things about the meetings of which we are rejoicing. The house just in front of the church is strict Buddhist, and they will
not even let their children come to Sunday

School. But the first night the old Grandmother came walking over, looked in and finally came
in. She has been back every night. She can't

read by the electric light, so remembers the scripture and hymn numbers and reads them the next day.. We loaned her a song book and
New Testament. She is one of the most zealous

inquirers. But there are about six or eight other people who heard about Christianity for tlie first time Monday night and came back every

night that week. Also Lois' English speaking

friend, that she has been asking to come ever
since we moved here, came one night to church. We have been having a prayer meeting at 6:30 every morning. It is really cold, but I haven't missed one yet. Also I am sure many of the people at home are praying for the meet ing, and it is a real success so far. Because of the coal strike we only have gas six hours a day and cannot get coal. The church is ice cold, but the people are coming faithfully and sitting in the cold for 1% hours every nightbelievers and unbelievers suffering together to
hear the Word of God.

A Seed That Grew

Thursday afternoon I was sitting here won dering what to do to make the beautiful Jap anese holiday beneficial, when a Korean student minister (Mr. Pak) came into talk. He is a young man who is studying in the Conservative Presbyterian Seminary here in town, but who formerly attended the Church of the Brethren.
For a while he came to our Mikawashima

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sims are expecting to be home on furlough this summer. At first they had planned to come last summer, but later decided to wait another year. They may be able to attend a few conferences or camps during the month of August and to accept invitations to visit churches during the fall. It will be six years March 31 since they left home.
We also understand that Mr. and Mrs. Har

Church, but is now preaching for a small group old Taylor plan to come home on furlough this at another place in town, so I had not seen spring or summer. They have been working him for some time. in cooperation with the Cunningham Mission The last time I had seen him he was very since they were compelled to leave China be confused on the subject of baptism. At his cause of the Communists getting control. He school some professors said one thing and some has been in charge of the Correspondence said another. We had discussed the subject at School the past year. They have been in China some length and finally I had given him and Japan more than six years. Briney's book on "The Form of Baptism" to We are glad to welcome Mrs. Andrew Patton read. But it had been so long since his last as a new member of the Mission Staff. Mr. and visit that I had given up the book as lost and Mrs. Patton have applied for passport and visa had written him off as a dyed in the wool (at to go out to Japan in August. They hope to least sprinkled in the wool) Presbyterian. get settled in time for the opening of the fall After the usual greeting that is given every term of the Bible College in September. time you meet a person for the first time in the new year, he suddenly said, "I have decided to There is still need for another consecrated be immersed." I was very glad to hear this of couple to go out to Tokyo to work with this course, but he went to say that five or six of mission. With both the Simses and the Taylors the people where he was preaching wanted to on furlough and only the Pattons going out, be baptized and that he would immerse all of there will still be a shortage of missionaries. them. He then said that he wanted to be bap Who is ready to answer. "Here am I, send me." tized that very day, and that if he were going to be scriptural he wanted to go all the way There is an urgent need for more praying. and be baptized in a river. Brother Stanley Buttray's article emphasizes I was agreeable to all of this and we were soon on our way out to the quiet flowing Tama this, because of the greater difficulty of bringing the Japanese to Christ since they regained their riverabout 40 minutes drive from here. We freedom from American occupation. And espe soon located a nice place. The sun was just cially we need to pray for more missionariess to beginning to cast purple shadows as it set be
hind the mountains in the distance when we hear and ansswer the call.

The Sunday School, Sunday morning, De cember 7, the first time in the new building, was just overflowing. They were jammed into every roomabout 260 of them. The new building and the Christmas season just about doubled
the attendance.

Harold R. Sims (From a personal letter)

Saturday evening was the night of the Citywide Youth Meeting again. I think there were about 70 present at the Yotsuya Church, 11 of
whom went from Nakano. The speaker was
New Testament in the translater of the new

colloquial Japanese, which is taking the country by storm. He gave a very interesting and en lightening talk, and I think he has some good ideas. He was a former propaganda writer for the Japanese militarists, and is really a lan guage scholar. H. R. S.

entered the water, and it was really a beautiful baptismal service. We had prayers of thanks after we had changed back to our regular
clothes. nesses. Two fishermen in the distance and

God in the high vaulted heavens were the wit

Harold R. Sims


We are glad to see that the offerings in creased during the last two months. While the increase was not enough to make up for the deficit of the preceding four months, yet it is encouraging to see the increase, and we want to express our thanks to God for that. May more of His servants be encouraged to give in a way that is pleasing to Him. This Mission should have approximately $30,000.00 per year in order to carry forward the work. They fell far short of that last year, but even $30,000.00 seems pitifully small as compared to the vast amounts being spent for less worthy causes.

t o k y o chrtstiaj^

Rope Holder List

December and January
ARKANSAS Bentonville Christian Church, S19.25; Siloam Springs Women's Council,
First Christian Church, $50.00.

ville Christian Church, $17.00; Miss Mildred Tokyo Treasurer Reports Covington, $5.00;- HopedaleLoyal Workers Annual Report, 1952 Class, Christian Church, $25.00; Hopedale Married Workers Class, Christian Church, Receipts: $5.00; Hopedale Christian Church Sunday Balance brought forward $ 2,096.15 School, $23.17; New Somerset Christian Bible

CALIFORNIA Mrs. J. H. Yates, $50.00;

Christ, $10.00.

Account School, $21.00; Willing Workers Missionary Georgia From special Korean Fund for Society, New Somerseet Christian Church, Korean Church
Churches and Individuals

$ 9,057.76

of Christ, $40.00; Culver City Church of . PENNSYLVANIA Dickerson Run VanCOLORADO Elbert Christian Church, $40. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Mr. and Mrs. VV. W. BonDurant, $10.00; Miss Julia E,
BonDurant, $5.00.

Mrs. Maree Clickenger, $5.00; Covina Church OREGON ^ Mr. N. J. Reasoner, $1.00.

directly to Japan Refund derbile Church of Christ, $50.00; Mr. B. M. Sale of oil stove and tub Swartzwelder, $250.00; ScottdaleChurch of on Setagaya church loan .. Christ, $10.00; Turtle Creek First Chris Payment on Karuizawa house tian Church $125.00; Mrs. Louis Lautenslager, Rent Last payment on Nojiri house

2.78 16.66


FLORIDA Eustis Church of Christ, $323.00;

Major and Mrs. Wahcr W. Evans, $25.00;

First Christian Church, $50.00.

$50.00; Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Smith, $10.00; McKeesport First Christian Church, $100;
ConfluencePrayer Group, Christian Church,


DcLand Christian Women's Fellowship,

GEORGIA A Friend, $5.00; Mrs. Carrabelle Kaum, $5.00; Mr. J. M. Blackwell, $5.00; East Point Loyal Gleaners Class, Jefferson
I'ark Christian Church, $7.55.

$10.00; Sandy Lake Carpenters Corners Missionary Society, $25.00; Ridgway Church $25.00; Lancaster Church of Christ, $5.00.
of Christ, $12.00; Miss Jean Swartzwelder,

$ 2,096.15 $14,413.76

TENNESSEE Erwin First Christian Travel $ 1,128.39 Church, $20.00; Mountain CityFirst Chris Postage 65.53 tian Church, $50.00; Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Building repairs 273.40 $25.00; Boise First Christian Church, $25. Hodges, $5.00. Outstations 223.89 ILLINOIS Edwardsville Missionary 20.93 Study Group, $20.00; Mr. Eldon Lawless, TEXAS Mrs. John E. Long, $1.00; Mrs. Bible Women $250.00; Alton First Christian Church, W. S. Blodgett, $4.00; Barstow Christian Bible Seminary Church, $10.00. (Room, Board, Help).. 2,640.79 $10.00; Miss Fern McClelland, $1.00.

IDAHO Buhl Christian Mission Fund,

INDIANA Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Eade, VIRGINIA Ellerson Gethsemane Church Bible Seminary

$10.00; Burnettsville Christian Church, $5.00; Markle Church of Christ, Missionary Society, $106.88; Columbus Christian Church, $50.00; Wabash Kum-Joiii-Us-

(General Maintenance) of Christ, $120.00; Ellerson Pole Green Church of Christ, $9.90; Staunton Church of Correspondence school ..

1,424.85 194.44

Class, Treaty Church, $37.27. IOWA Miss Bertha K. Sargent, $30.00; Lovilia Church of Christ, $10.00; Council fluffs First Christian Church, $50.00. KANSAS Mrs. Roy Pigeon, $3.00; Clearwater Church. $128.00; Norton Christian

Church, $67.82; Hugoton Christian Sunday School, $65.00; Mrs. Virginia G. Templeton WEST VIRGINIA Miss Elizabeth Furman, and Nadine, $6.00. ., $5.00; Wheeling Warwood Christian KENTUCKY Harrodsburg Cornishville Church, .Missionary Society, $50.00. Christian Church Sunday School, $100.00; ONTARIO, CANADA Highgate RidgeSadieville Women's Christian Missionary

lerson Young Married People's Class, All Japan Convention .. Gethsemane Church of Christ, $40.00; New ILanguage study port NewsColonial Place Church of Christ, IChurch tax and insurance $15.00; Richmond Fairmount Avenue Church buildings Church of Christ, $100.00; South Norfolk- Korean buildings Bible School, South Norfolk Church of Christ, Designated gifts $25.00; Cash from Radford, Virginia, $45.00. Supplies WASHINGTON Mr. L. S. Trowbridge, $30. Medical expense

Christ, $12.95; Mrs. C. S. Wilson, $2.00; El



6,049.30 1,111.11 90.03 13.14 235.56 $14,872.99 $16,509.91


town Church of Christ Bible School, $19.00. Society, $12.00; Mr. John Eggleton. $1.00. MISCELLANEOUS Sale of books (Flam MAINE Mr. William F. Brawn, $5.00. MARYLAND Mt. Rainier Christian Church, ing Torch). $1.50; Additional premium re ceived on Canadian check. $0.51. $6,00; Mrs. Lcona O. Rider, $10.00. Total receipts $4,052.45 MASSACHUSETTS Mrs. E. S. Donnell,





, .$1,331.13
. 305.79

General bund balance

MICHIGAN Miss Mabel B. Gould, $1.00;

of missionaries $1,150.00 MISSISSIPPI Mrs. Joe Martm, $6.00; Salaries to Tokyo .... 1,000.00 Hickory Antioch Christian Church. $23^00; Transferred 292.50 Printing of Tokyo Christian Columbus Women's Christian Fellowship, Stamps 13.34 and second sheets ..

$12 00

Brougiit Forward



Forest Hill Church of Christ, $10.00; Mrs. Margaret J. Morrison, $35.00.


First Christian Church. $25.00; Aberdeen

First Christian Church, $25.00.

A. E. Sims for Post Office

MISSOURI King City The Loyal Wo men's Class. Island City Christian Church,

Deposit and Stamps ....

Travel Expense
.A.ndrew Patton

NEBRASKA Mr. Virgil Marshall, $250.00. Salary of forwarding agent NEW YORK Mrs. Lillian Clark, $1.00. north CAROLINA Nashville Beulah Church of Christ, $65.00; Mrs. H. F. Latham,

Exchange of checks


Gifts received in Tokyo during December. Christian Church, $3.00; Ransomville St. Clair Missionary Society. $17.35; Jamesvilk GEORGIA Pine Mountain Valley RosseChristian Hope Church of Christ, $18.50; velt Memorial Church, $30.00. Mrs. T. H. Davis. $35.00.
INDIANA Wabash Church of Christ. $106.

$15 00; Leaksville Young People's Society,



QfjIO Mr. and Mrs. Addie H. Pelfrey, OHIO Mr. J. J. Bruehlman, $10.00; Colum

$10 00; Cincinnati Missionary Group, Chase Avenue Church, $25.00; SeamanMay
Hill Church of Christ, $25.00; Geneva In

bus Bcechwood Church of Christ, $20.00 Total

paajtiBJBno aStisod tWE uijoj asa


town . Grape Grove Church,_ $51.0^ Malter

Christian Church, $3.00; Hamersville Church of Christ (A Friend) $10-00; James

dependent Missionary Society, Park Street

BJ 'JiaaJD 'annaAV WMoaa 0T 'suiig -g 'V
ascaid 'aiqcjaAiiapan si siir) JI :J3iscnii80d

vern Missionary Society, Christian Church, $25 00; Hamersville^Church of Christ, ^/.bO,

Rushylvania Church of Christ $50 00; Glous-

$75 30; Nashville Church of Christ, $20.00;

Phillips Christian Church and C. E. Society,

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Deem $10.00; Columbus Georgetown Bethlehem Church (Adarns

The Loyal Daughters, $25.00; Salem

Here are the two girls who live at the home

of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sims. The one on the left is from the old Adachi Church. She works

Southwood Church of Christ, ^0.00,

for them during the day and goes to night

school. The one of the right is from Chaplain Barber's place. She is practically a boarder,

County). $20.00; Moscow Ladies -Aid Church of Christ, $10.00; H'cksville West Milford Church of Christ Bible School, $35 00* Steubenville LaBelle View (^urch li Christ, $10.00; Phalanx Station Brace-

going to school every day and helping out just

a little with the supper dishes. The Chapel up

there pays $11,00 a month toward her board.

Vol. 52

IVuiiilicr 2

"Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature,^' (Ma;ft 16:15)
Wilmerding, Penna.^ March-April, 1953

Changes In Policy And Methods To Take Place In Cunningham Mission


Mrs. Cunningham Celebrates 80th Bitthday

September 1, 1953
To Be Effective Date

Of course Mr. CuimingJiam invested most of the large gifts in America, which proved wise, for they would have been lost if they had remained in Japan during the war.
Since the war all of the funds have been in

America. The missionaries' salary checks, $500 a month for general expenses in Japan, and A CHANGE OF other funds as the missionaries request them POLICIES AND METHODS are sent to Japan. All offerings go to the for On September 1, 1953 some carefully thought- warding agent and are put into a "general out and prayerfully considered changes will fund" from which all bills are paid.

take place in the half-century old Cunningham Mission. It is important that all supporters of the work everywhere should take notice of the
difference in method.

Strengthening Local Churches

Independence of the Bible Seminary Direct-support for the Missionaries
1. The General Fund


On Oclobcr 1, 1901 Mr. and Mrs. W. D.

The biggest change from September 1 will Cunningham landed in Yokohama and within a few montlis they had started evangelistic be in connection with the General Fund. From work in Yotsuya district of Tokyo, from which this time the general fund will become a fund place came the name Yotsuya Mission, although used for specific purposes, and each missionary the work later spread to 12 churches in Tokyo will receive his living-link support and other
and a number in Korea. From the first

monthly paper called the Tokyo Christian was published to keep the rope-holders in touch with the progress of the work. Since the Cun ninghams were independent of any home board Mr. Cunningham was free to follow his own
property was held in his name. When Mr. Cunningham died in 1936 all of the property was left to Mrs. Cunningham, who in turn formed 2 holding corporations to man

a personal offerings direct, or tiirough his own forwarding agent.

ally and and choice in all matters of policy, and all of the will

The general fund will be used more specific for (1) Assisting churclies with buildings
maintenance of them by taxes, insurance repairs. Since the Zaidan has no income it exist and maintain the property on a bud

My Business Men's Class presented me with a very beautiful character doll in a glass case. Doctrine and our Plea, and when it can support one were burned in the air raids. At the end But the very best gift of all was the baptism of the war it was found that most of the Zaidan a preacher, maintain the property and carry on funds had been used up and oiie property was all the activities of a local cluirch, the property on Sunday of two fiise young ladies, one from sold with the profits being divided. After the deeds will be turned over to trustees who will my Friday Inquirer's Class and one from our war the Zaidan was reorganized with the mis- incorporate as a tax-free religious organization. Junior Church. Both girls are of fine character soinaries constituting the majority of trustees. This means that the Zaidan property will even and will be a splendid help in the Church. All of the property in Japan is at present held tually go into the hands of the churches and On Monday following my birthday my then the Zaidan will cease. in the name of this corporation. daughter Eloise had a very lovely tea party for Then the Church of Christ Cunningham Mis By the time these 2 organizations cease we me, at the Union Club in Tokyo, for my very sion, Inc., whose trustees are listed in every hope to have trained the churches in congrega old American friends whom I seldom see. She issue of the Tokyo Christian continues to ad tional independence so they can build and con also gave me a long wished for mixer. Mrs. minister the funds that are held in America. tinue without American assistance. We are now Sims and Mrs. Buttray both brought gifts. Much of this American fund is composed of an encouraging this by not paying any preachers. nuities. some of which are still living and A lengthy cable from my daughter Ruth Cun 3. The Missionary Houses require yearly interest payments. ningham, who is spending the winter in the These houses are now a part of the Zaidan Barbados. Parcels from W. D. Cunningham, Mrs. Cunningham's property was all recov ered after returning to Japan in 1947 and ne property. Several problems naturally arise. Jr. and Doris Sturgeon completed the day. gotiations are now under way to receive some How will they be dispo.sed of when all of the Mrs. Doris Sturgeon had written many of compensation for the buildings destroyed. But other Zaidan property goes? If the missionaries my former old friends about my 80th birthday Mrs. Cunningham's personal property except are all on independent status how will it be de with the result that I had a shower of letters for a summer house in the mountains has all cided who lives in what house? We have de cided to let each present missionary, if he and birthday cards from dear old friends. been transferred to tlie Zaidan. E.B.C. Before the war most of the funds were sent desires, buy the house he lives in by long term directly to the Cunninghams in Japan and used payments of about the amount of monthly rent. Phil. 4:19 "But my God shall supply all your at their discretion. All of the missionaries and W^hen the house is paid for the property will Japanese preachers and workers were paid at be turned over to the individual missionary, need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." (Continued on Page 3) the office whi''^ in Yotsuya.

get from the general fund. This purpose is primary because much of the fund was given for building. (2) Paying interest on the an nuities and guaranteeing them. (3) To pay Mrs. age the properties. The purpose of these cor Cunningham a monthly salary of $150 as long porations was two-foid; first, so people would as she lives. Mrs. Cunningham does not wish not accuse Mrs. Cunningham of "getting rich"; to change the way she has been supported up and secondly, because it was too much respon till now. and does not feel able to raise funds. sibility for one to handle alone. So the Church The general fund will perhaps dwindle, but of Christ Yotsuya Mission Holding Corpora it will be more sparingly used than at present. tion (hereafter called by the Japanese abbrev It will at least last as long as Mrs. Cunning iated name of ZAIDAN) was organized to hold ham and all of the annuitants live. When the the property of the Japanese churches, and the funds are gone the hoard of trustees will natur Church of Christ Cunningham Mission, Inc., ally cease to exist. was organized to manage the funds in America. 2. The Church Property Mrs. Cunningham kept the title to the 3 mis sionary houses in her own name. We have decided on the fundamental policy During the war the Zaidan was managed by of turning the property now held by the Zai the Japanese preachers, and being a Japanese dan over to the churches when they have quali organization none of it was taken over by the fied elders and financial independence. When a government. However all of the buildings but church has elders who know and believe Bible

How does it feel to be an Octogenarian? Any way I felt very happy for three days in, which
I celebrated.

This year my birthday fell on Sunday and

I decided to just have a quiet time with no

celebration but my Japanese friends thought differently. It began on Saturday when Mrs. Sumida came bringing 5 pots of blooming
plants and 2 boxes of strawberries. Then later

other Japanese brought more plants. The Church sent 2 big baskets of choicc apples and

On Sunday morning both Churches sang Happy Birthday and I was given more gifts by the members. Mrs. Thomas brought a large
corsage of orchids for me to wear.

Published bi-monthly by the Church of Christ
Cunningham Mission, Tokyo, Japan, for the infor mation and inspiration of every Christian whose heart is open to the call of Christ, and who is willing to help in the supreme tasli of carrying out


The New Policy


Inspiring Convention
Held In Osaka
The tlieme of the Convention which was held

the Great Commission of Christ: "Go ye therefore

and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name

of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all things what soever 1 have commanded you; and, lo, I am with
you alway, even unto the end of the world." Matt.

28:19, 20.

Entered us second class matter in the Wilmerding, Pa., Postomce under the Act of March 3, 1879.


50 CENTS Director

Wilmerding, Pa.

Forwarding Agent

Office of Publication:

When we first heard of tlic proposed changes of policies and nietliods we were inclined to he unfavorable. Being the parents of one of the mis sionaries we felt that he would be losing some of the security he has had heretofore. However after thinking more about it we have come to realize that, after all, the real security rests upan the goodness and providence of God. It simply means that all the missionaries must in dividually rely upon the promise (Phil. 4:19) which sustained Brother Cunningham down through the year.s. They will be, no doubt, more truly than ever "Faith Missionaries." We do not doubt God's ai)ility to supply the needs of

in tile Asahi Cliurch of Christ. Osaka. Japan,


Please send all correspondence and offerings fur

the mission to: Miss Eva D. Green, 127 E. Mercer

Avenue, College Park, Georgia. able to our forwarding agent.


Make all checks pay


Mrs. W. D. Cunningham


16 Wakaba Cho, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fatten, 2715 Price Ave.,
Cincinnati 4. Ohio.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Taylor, 1003-3 Cbome Kamalu-

ma. Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley




TION." The Convention opened March .11. and closed .-\pri] 2. liach afternoon was given to the discussion of practical phases of "How to Do Evangelistic Work in Japan." On Wednes day evening, pictures were shown of the work being done by the Church of Christ Missions in different parts of Japan. Thursday evening there was a great Mass Meeting or Evangelistic Rally. Following the general convention which closed Thursday night tliere was a meeting or each. convention of just the missionaries on Friday, Furthermore, since all of tlie missionaries with discussions on several topics vital to the agreed to the new plan and only after serious work of the missionaries. Tliis was the first thought and earnest prayer, we feel that it such missionary convention attempted and must be for the best. Knowing how rapidly the proved to be lielpful. Reserve Fund has been dwindling, we can un Thirty one people from Tokyo attended the derstand why steps should be taken to conserve convention, and there were many from as far it and make it last longer. For example the south as Kyusliu and from other places, so we financial reports in this issue show the receipts had the best crowd for this convention of any

Kamlochlal, Shlnjuku Ku, Tokyo. Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Sims, 450 Aral Maobl. Nakano-Ku, Tokyo, Japan.

only about half the expenditures. Travel for that we have ever had. and I think it was the furloughs takes a lot of money. It stands to best convention by far. Every afternoon they
reason that if the individual missionaries can

Mrs. W. D. Cunningham Mrs. E.

Mr. T. O. Hathcock

Q. Nabell

MUs Eva Green

Mr. Lawrence Bain

Orvel O. Crowder

J. E. Llpscombe
Alfred E. Sims









parcel post to one of the missionaries whose ad

A Well Earned Furlough

Wednesday evening we had reports of all the work being done by all of the Church of us pray that the work may go forward in a and 36 inches girth can be sent. Consult your local post office about preparation greater way than ever before, and that there Christ Missionaries and native evangelists all of packages for mailing. may be a great turning to the Lord in Japan over Japan. Tliis was a rather long session, but the reports were very interesting. If you change your address please notify A. and everywhere. E. Sims, 310 Brown Avenue, Turtle Creek, The real climatic meeting was the great But in order for this or any other plan to Pa., giving both your old and your new address. Kvangelistic message on Thursday night. There We want to keep our mailing lists up to date. work successfully it is necessary to have co If you make an offering you are entitled to operation. The missionaries' co-operation with were three confessions of faith, and three rereceive this paper if you so request. Send all one another is just a part of it. They also need dedications of life, and also there were .several offerings to Eva D. Green, 127 E. Mercer the co-operation of a lot of consecrated people who decided to enter Bible College in order to Avenue, College Park, Ga. who are good stewards of God. Tiiey need a lot prepare themselves for the ministry or other of prayer helpers. Remember that those who definitely Christian service. pray and those who give and those who go are At tlie one-day convention of missionaries, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Taylor wlio were all workers together with God. It is only as beginning i'riday morning, there were only six forced out of West China, where tiiey were all of these co-operate with God that worth- missionaries absent, and counting the children doing missionary work, by Communist aggres wliile things are accomplished. So let us all there were 58 present. The singing in the Eng sion, and who have since been working in pray, and give as we are able, and he willing lish language was something many of us had Tokyo in co-operation with the Church of to go if the Lord so directs. not enjoyed so much since coming to Japan, Christ Cunningham Mission are expectcd to ar A.E.S. rive in Cahfornia about May 1st for their fur and everything else was fine too. We discussed lough. They will be open for speaking appoint many mutual problems, interspersed with a lot ments soon after the first week of May. They
or 82 inches in girth. Packages of printed matter
up to 6 pounds 9 ounces, not over 24 inches long

dresses are shovm above. Packages of clothing can be sent up to 22 pounds, not over 42 inches long

raise all of their support and expenses instead of just their living link salary, it will not draw so heavily on the reserve fund which will last longer thereby. Moreover it seems no more than right and fair that Mrs. Cunningham should be taken care of as long as she lives, without having to worry about finances. So let

divided into three groups for discussion: The Missionaries group, the Japanese Preachers group, and the Church Members group. On the second day representatives of cacli group were exchanged, in order to get the findings before all the different groups.

have their own rope-holders separate from that

of the Cunningham ilission. May God's bless

ing be upon them in all of their consecrated
effort for His cause.

Is This A Worthy Cause?

If So, Can You Help?

of humorous incidents. We all put greetings on

a tape recording to be sent to the North .Amer

ican Christian Convention. Also each one told

his most inspirational experience since coming

hencc people avoid sleeping in that position, have a car to drive. If tiiey could get help presumably for fear that they may die while enough to make a down payment on a good asleep. used car, what they would save on train and bus fares would be enough to meet the nionthLobster is indispensable at weddings and ly payments, and tlie resale value when they Japanese birthday dinners and other happy are ready to go back would probably take care occasions. It is served because its body is bent, of the remainder of the cost. He wouldn't want which to a Japanese means old age. this to take anything away from the regular missionary offerings. But any who would like to
Ever notice that there are no flowers in a make a donation to Harold's Car fund, over and

Who wants to help? Mr. and Mrs. Harold to Japan, and most of them were really good. Sims are expecting to do a good deal of visita We wound up the week very happy that we tion among the cluirches while they arc on their had come. Many of the missionaries had been When anyone dies in Japan, the body is furlough. It would greatly facilitate their effort rather discouraged when they came, but we all always laid with the head toward the north; to be of the most service possible if they could left much refreshed and very happy and thank

Facts And Oddities

ful for the inspiration and encouragement.

Harold Sims

landscaped Japanese garden?

above your regular missionary giving, it will be gratefully received. Also if anyone has a good

Phil. 4:16, 17 "For even in Thessalonica, ye car that is not in use and you would like to sent once and again unto my necessity. Not be see it used to the glory of God, you might cause I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may write to him or to A. E. Sims, 310 Brown Ave., may request a bundle of bution to your members. abound to vour account." Turtle Creek, Pa.

If you receive this copy as a sample, please consider sending us your subscription at only 50^ for two years, or $1.00 for "The Flaming Torch" (a tlirilling missionary book) and a subscription to the Tokyo Christian, if you contribute $1.00 or more to the Church of Christ Cunningham Mission you are entitled to receive the Tokyo Christian if you request it. .A.ny organization that contributes $5.00 or niore

10 copies for distri


Changes In Policy
(Continued from Page 1) and tlie money will liave been used in the ex
tension of the work.

Sims Family To Be Home On Furlough

Tokyo Bible Seminary

Graduates Five
The third commencement exercises of the


Tokyo Bible Seminary

Tokyo Bible Seminary were held on March 27, 1953 at the school, Harold Taylor, who will be returning to the U. S. shortly gave the com mencement address on the subject "ARE YE
ABLE." The valedictorian was Abrahana

Tliis school lias been our major acconiplishment in the work since the war. It is proving well worth while in money and effort. VVc have decided to make the Bible Seminary a separate institntion. having its own trustees. The prop

Osumi, whose speech was entitle<l "I Believe." This year there were five graduates. Those receiving the Bachelor of Theology degree
Abraham Keizo Osumi, Itsuro Haruyama, and Benjamin Atsumi Watarai. This year the first two girls graduated from the school also.
Their names are: Ruth Kineko Ando and Mar

erty would then be turned over to the .school

trustees. If and when another college building is erected, part of the reserve fimd may be used for this purpose. 5. Summary

tha Hiroko Kitajima.

Mr. Osumi first came to the school after

To state the whole thing another way: the funds remaining in .-Vnierica and tlie property in Japan will he administered by the cooperat

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sims and family expect I seeing an advertisement in a Christian news
paper. He was from a denominational church, but soon changed and has been a faithful and good student. He has helped at the Yotsuya and Mikawashima churciies during his school days, but will soon take up full time work at Yokosuka, Japan. He also plans to further his

ing group of independently supported mission- to be home for their furlough about the middle arie.s associated with Mrs. Cunningham, in line of July. They have already been gone more than with a policy of building self-supporting local six years, but will stay on until tlie Tokyo churches of Christ. The funds will be used only Bible Seminary closes for the summer vacation. in connection with the buildings and not to They expect to visit some of the Camps and Conferences during the month of August, and pay salaries, traveling, etc. When the building funds are ail gone the will be open for speaking engagements during work will go on into a new stage of develop the fall months. Any church or group desiring ment. Instead of a "foreign mission" which a visit from them may send the re<juest to .Al served for a time as an effecting organ of I fred E. Sims. .310 Brown Ave.. Turtle Creek,

Mr. Haruyama comes from the Nishi-ogikubo church and has been working at Nakano

for the last 2 years. He will continue his work evangelism by building and maintaining the Pa. There have been several such requests al with the Nakano church. churches, tiie burden will fall on the matured ready. They will be placed on file and he will

local churches and the Japanese evangelists be able to make up a schedule after his arrival Mr. Watarai came from the YMCA to the now in training. Truly indigenous churches will at home. Yoclio-machi church and from that church he grow. Even when the 2 organizations are entered school. He is now preaching at the eventually dissolved as outlined above tlie es Yoclio-machi church where he became a Chris sential work of building churches will go on tian about 6 years ago. through the work of individual missionaries and March 28 was Hope's fifth birthday. The first Miss Ando is the daughter of a holiness Japanese evangelists.

Hope Sims' Birthday

one to offer felicitations was our dog who gave preacher and will work in connection with her This new plan docs not destroy the years birth to exactly 5 pups early that morning. father for the present.

of labor that the Cunninghams have spent in Japan. This work will be left forever in many Christian hearts and in real properties. It rather provides for t!ie further growtli of that work
faith missionaries.

by making stronger churches and encouraging in the Missionary Prayer Calendar.

Miss Kitajima is from the Yocho-niachi mother, and there were shiny black party shoes as well as other things. Also we thank all of church and will be the office girl at the Bible you who sent greetings after seeing her picture College.
Lois invited some of her little playmates in had a did a funds spag

Then we opened the packages from Grand

After the commencement program we Junior Senior banquet. Tlie Junior class Of course all of these changes cannot take for a little party in the afternoon. Nine little rather good job considering their lack of place in a day. These are the goals, the policies girls and one boy trouped in at 2 p. m. with and experience. We had meat balls and their nicest kimonos on. They sang several hetti and potato salad. toward which we shall work.


take care of his own personal affairs. Therefore in the morning and then jumped all around the house waiting on it to get done. knowledge of or interest in a certain missionary They all had a very good time and left say and his work should send all gifts directly to ing "I'll see you in Sunday School tomorrow The him in Japan or to the forwarding agent.s to morning."
all churches and individuals having personal
be announced.

Stephen lijima and his wife, Rhoda, the first big excitement of bringing in the cake with graduate of the school, have recently moved How to Send Support after September 1 to the school to be in charge of the dormitory. 1. Each missionary will from September 1 candles lighted. Hope had helped bake the cake
The World's Heart-ache

Japanese songs, with Hope and Sylvia joining in, and also played several games before the

great world's heart is aching, aching fiercely in the night. And God alone can heal it, and God alone give light; The living-link churches should send their through one of the missionaries. The finances offerings directly to the missionary after this of the school will be handled by one of the And the men to bear that message, and speak the living word. time.

But there are otlier expenses above one's Those who are now supporting students by that have heard. salary every month. There is travel expense, scholarship should send those gifts directly to medical expense, language study, postage. the school from September 1. but we will also Can we close our eyes to duty? Can we fold our hand at ease. c(|uipment and other things. Also, as the Lord need general offerings of about $200 a month While the gates of night stand open to the provides, each missionary will have his own for running the school. pathways of the seas? special projects such as translation and publish 3. Those churches and individuals who wish Can we shut up our compassions? Can we leave ing, pioneer evangelism and many other things one prayer unsaid, which will he financed i)y gifts direct to him to support Mrs. Cunningham and the work outside of living-lik support. These offerings done through the general fund, such as assisting Till the lands which hell has blasted have been quickened from the dead? will be acknowledged and published in the churches in building and paying taxes, etc.. should continue to send their offerings in the Tokyo Christian. same way as usual. The designated offerings O Voice of God, we hear Thee above the shocks of time; *Note that Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Patton will all be forwarded to their proper designa will sail to Japan and Mr. and Mrs. Harold tion and all undesignated g'fts will go into the Thine echoes roll around us, and the message is sublime: Sims will return to the U.S.A. under the pres general fund. For Mrs. Cunningham and the ent system of traveling expenses paid out of general fund Eva Green will continue as for No power of man shall thwart us, no strong hold shall dismay, the general fund. So Mr. and Mrs. Stanley warding agent. Buttray will also have their return expenses 4. The Tokyo Christian "will continue to be When God commands obedience and love has led the way. paid from the general fund when they return to the publicity medium for all of the missionaries. Frederick George Scott .-\merica in order to be completely fair. Each The printing and mailing cost will be borne of these missionaries will receive offerings sent by the various missionaries in proportion to the directly to them from September 1. space used. Collossians 1:18 "And He is the Head of

Are you and I, my brothers, and the millions

2. From September 1 all of those who wish to support the Tokyo Bible Seminary should send their offerings directly to the scliool

We are making this announcement well ahead I the body, the church: who is the beginning, the of time, so all will understand. If there are any Firstborn from the dead; that in all things He questions we would be glad to hear from you. might have the pre-eminence."


Rope Holder List

February and March

Roy Rodger, $3.00; Confluence Church Prayer Group, $10.00.


Tokyo Treasurer Reports

Financial Report of Funds in Tokyo, Febru
ary and March.

TENNESSEE Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Hodges, $5.00; Johnson City Women's Missionary ARKANSAS Siloani Springs Women's Society, First Church of Clirist, $40.00; John ..Council, First Christian Church, $50.00. son City Night Division Woman's Mis sionary Society, First Clirislian Church, $20; COLORADO Elbert Christian Church, $40. Johnson City Harrison Church of Christ, GEORGIA Adairsville Women's Council $25.00; Erwin First Christian Church, $40.

Receipts: Balance brought forward

From Churches and individuals


From Georgia Account 5,380.00 From Setagaya Del)t 25.00 From Students scholarships . 56.00 Christian Church, $15.00; Mr. and Mrs. Jack For support of Evangelist .... 105.00 TEXAS Mrs. W. S. Blodgett, $4.00; Mrs. Roebuck, $5.00; Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Lynch, Refund from Corresp. School 1.61 Cora B. Halsell, $200.00. $25.00; Mrs. Carrabelle Raum, $5.00; East Check for Miss Kitajima .... 5.00 Point Loyal Gleaners Class, Jefferson VIRGINIA RichmondFairmount Avenue Park Christian Church, $10.00. Total Receipts $7,885.79 Church of Christ, $100.00; Waynesboro Chris tian Church, $11.44; Miss Adelaide B. Sims, ILLINOIS Belle Rive Christian Church, Disbursements: $50,00; Ellerson Young Married People's $20.20; Mrs. Lloyd H. Lance, $5.00; Ellery Building and taxes $3,166.67 Class, Gethsi-mane Churcli of Christ, $40.00; Sunday School Class, by Mrs. Lloyd H. Travel, Gasoline and Repairs 1,896.67 Newport News Colonial Place Church of Lance, $5.00; Miss Marguerite McClelland, Bible College Maintenance 278.67 Christ, $15.00; DenbighMissionary Society, $10.00; Miss Fern McClelland, $5.00; Mr. W. Bible College Tuition and help 329.99 Lebanon Christian Clmrch, $50.00. G. McClelland, $5.00; Milton Christian Yen Tax 14.87 Church, $100.00; Edwardsville Mission 15.55 FRENCH MOROCCO Mr. Edgar Sage, Outstation work Study Group, First Christian Church, $40.00; Correspondence School 40.00 $20.00. Mrs. Julius Reinhart, $15.00; Potomac Postage 7.88 Church of Christ, $45.00; Sumner The MISCELLANEOUS Sale of books, $1.00; Supplies 2.11 Betliany Christian Church, $23.45. Interest on bonds, $244.38. Language Study 22.22 Total $2,398.03 Maintenance and repairs on BIdgs. .. 85.06 INDIANA Burnettsville Christian Church, Brought Forward 2,709.55 Designated Funds 14.93 $5.00; Monticello Oak Grove Missionary Difference in Yen charge .07 Society, $35.00; Morristown Church of Christ, 5,107.58 $49.02. Transferred from reserve acount $4,000.00 Total disbursements $5 ,874.69 March 31, Balance .. $2,011.10 IOWA Clinton Church of Christ, $15.00; 107.58 Council Bluffs First Christian Church, $100.00; Miss Clara B. Miller, $30.00; Miss DISBURSED: Florence Brown, $1.00; Mr. and Mrs. Stephen IT PAYS Salaries of missionaries ....$1,150.00 J. Epler, $5.00. Transferred to Tokyo 1,000.00 By B. N. Sypolt KANSAS Mrs. Roy Pigeon, $2.25; Mrs. Travel expenses of Paul Buttray home in May.... 650.00 Virginia G. Templeton and Nacline, $4.00; It pays to be a Christian, Mrs. Edith S. Caughron, $5.00; Miss Ellen Travel expenses of Harold It pays to take a stand; Sims' family home in June 1,680.00 Lawrence, $5.00. It pays to do your duty Transferred to Tokyo for On the sea and on the land. KENTUCKY Miss Bessie Evans, $1.00; Yokosuka Church 2,700.00 It pays to be a worker Mr. and Mrs. Mart Miller, $5.00; Mr. S. E. Printing of Tokyo Christian 285.00 In the vineyard of the Lord; Dye, $10.00; Mrs. Bessie H. Turley, $5.00; Annuity Interest 36.00 It pays to do your duty. Horse Cave Christian Church, $15.00; Milton Exchange on checks .25 E'en tho' the work is hard. Christian Church, $15.85. Stamps 7.00 It pays to face the trial; Typewriter Ribbon 1.26 MASSACHUSETTS Mrs. E. S. Donnell, Salary of forwarding agent 70.00 It pays to do your best; $6.00. It pays to work for Jesus In the white field with the rest. $7,579.51 MICHIGAN Yale Church of Christ, It pays to help a brother; $26.96. Balance $1,528.07 It pays to lift his load; It pays to be a lifter MINNESOTA Miss Glenna Howell, $1.00. Along life's weary road.

MISSISSIPPI Baldwyn The Women's Council, Christian Church, $50.00; Young Married Class, Oak Valley Church, $53.40; Aberdeen Christian Church Circle, $25.00; Columbus Women's Christian Fellowship, First Christian Clmrch, $25.00; Antioch Christian Church, $25.00. NEW YORK Mrs. Chas. Charnesky, $10.00.
OHIO Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Schyler, $10; Mr. Matthew Sakio Ikeda, $60.00; Columbus Southwood Church of Christ, $20.00; Miss Mildred Covington, $5.00; Ashland Ever Ready Class, Clear Creek Churcii, $25.00; East Dayton Church of Christ, $13.00; Centerburg Church of Christ, $15.00; East Can ton Indian Run Church of Christ, $30.00; Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Deem. $10.00; Phalanx Station Braceville Christian Church, $17; Miss Irene R. Mantle, $1.00; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bair, $2.00; East Canton Indian Run Sunday School. $21.44; Toronto First Church of Christ, $25.00; Wooster Wo men's Missionary Society. Central Christian Church, $10.00; Wilmington Woman's Missionary Society, New Antioch Church of Christ, $18.00; Xow Somerset Christian Church, Willing Workers Missionary Society, $20.00; Wilmington New Antioch Church of Christ, $30.00.
PENNSYLVANIA Mr. S. Stahl Shallen-

Ohio: "Please send me two copies of The It pays to look for others Flaming Torch . . . Want to give you a word Who are now down deep in sm; of praise and gratitude for keeping the Tokyo It pays to tell the story Christian going in such a fine way."Miss That will save and bring them in. Irene R. Mantle. It pays to tell them daily Not on Sunday just alone; Thanks! A little encouragement now and It pavs to give the message then helps. That will help to bring them home.
It pays to be a sharer

In the victory of our Lord; Note: The Pattons are already receiving their support independently and will receive no salary It pays to win the blessing And a crown as our reward. from the Mission from now on, except the It pays to have the Master's smile travel expense back to Japan. And hear Him say, "Well done;" It pays to have Him say to us,
faithful race you've run."


p39)QCJcno uiJOj asa

Council Grove, Kan.


vi 'ijaaJD aiiJnx 'annsAV UMOjg OIE 'siuts *3 "V ^jT^ou asc3|d 'siqcjsAtppnn si sim |i :j3)sciiiisod


berger, $25.00; Mrs. Nora Rininger, $4.00; Mrs. Annie Rodger, $4.00; Miss Jane Errett, $25.00; Turtle Creek First Christian Church, $125.00; Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Smith, $10.00; Sandy Lake Carpenters Corners Missionary Society, $10.00; Fayette City Ladies' Aid, Church of Christ, $15.00; Mrs.

Vol. 5:2

Number )

''Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature," [Mark 16:15)
Wilmer^liu^, Peiiiia., May-*Jiiiie,

Pattons Have Passport,

Paul Buttray Returns

By the time you read this our son Paul has already been in the states a number of weeks.

New Yokosuka Church

To Be Dedicated

Hope To Sail In August

VVasliington. We then set about gathering the necessary data required by the Japanese for

Paul is sixteen now and has one more year of Recently much of my time has been taken Our liearts were gladdened a few days ago high school. Since the American School in when the postman dropped by with a package Tokyo is !iot accredited he has been anxious to in the church building program at Yokosuka. containing our long-awaited passport from return home and comi^lete his schooling, He Just two and a half years ago at the persistant urging of Ogden Robbins, a Christian Navy

the issuance of a visa. Upon presenting these

The Robbins family helped in many ways from him. That completes the most important We covet your prayers for him. during the week to keep their interest and to and yet merely the beginning of our prepara Mrs. Mabel Buttray lielp these young Christians grow in the_ grace tion to return to our work in Japan. We bow and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. As it was the knee to the Father of all mercies for this
hirther manifestation of his watch, care and blessing. Great joy is set before us as we prepare to return to our work. Returning to Japan is like

papers to tlie Japanese Consul General in Chi cago, we had little trouble in securing a visa ity and an experience he shall long remember.

will be living with his aunt. Mrs. T. L. Mc- man, i began going to Yokosuka every Sunday Kinsey, Route 1. Conneaut Lake, Pa. afternoon. The interest and attendance has He docs not realize it at this time but heing varied over this period of time and the result here in Japan has been a wonderful opportun has been twenty-three baptisms.

impossible for me to be there during the week this was of great help. But June. 1952 found
the Robbins family on their way back home to

going home. In fact, we expect to make Japan

our home. Dear friends in Japan have made known to us that they are awaiting our return to them. Countless hundreds of otliers in Japan

the U. S. A., and' from that time it lias been quite a struggle as Sunday afternoon is not enough contact or time for teaching. But through the Robbins' personal giving and
their influence upon various churches and in dividuals that gave offerings and my own per sonal giving plus more than three thousand dollars provided by the Mission is making it

need our help or that of other messengers of tlie

Cross of Christ. Like disconsolate prisoners, they have been taken captive and led away to
dumt) idols and have been led to believe that

this bondage is their liberty. It is imperative that all sncJi precious ones be liberated from the tyranny of Satan by the Savior who came to proclaim release to the captives and to set at liberty those that are bruised. Recently we received a very encouraging let ter from Brotlier John Muto who is a Christian (because of the work of Grace Farnham), and a student of Tokyo Bible Seminary, from which we take some excerpts. "Even Brotlier Patton got married! We are very anxious to see Sister
Patton as well as Brother Patton. While we

possible for a small but adequate church build ing. At present, plans for the dedication are for Sunday, June 14. On that day will begin
a three or four weeks evangelistic meeting. You

can be certain that I

will be quite busy as

Yokosuka is forty miles from Tokyo and it takes one hour and forty minutes by car or two
hours and ten minutes by train.

At the time of completion of the revival I am turning this work over to Mr. Kamata who will be the regular preacher and live in the back of the church building. At that time I will begin
a new work wherever the Lord leads. Please

have never met her yet we feel as if we have

known her already since we are all one in and brothers and sisters one (with)

another. I believe you are enjoying the married

life God has ordained as we have been. I would

pray for this revival beginning June 14, that God will pour out His Holy Spirit upon the Evan gelists and every Christian. I am trusting God for a great harvest at this place and at this
Paul Buttray, 16 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Buttray. time. Stanley Buttray








a token of my love in Hint-'House and riche.* are an inheritance from fathers; but a prudent wife is from Jehovah.' (Prov. 19:14)" "I know your greatest concern is about Tokyo Bible Seminary. I ever thank the Lord for He has given me a conviction that it is God's institution, not ours. It is really growing under the grace of God and by the prayers of many Christians who are concerned about it . . . Now I love my alma mater and am willing
to do for it whatever I can. From this school

year Bro. lijima and his wife are taking charge friends. supporting churches.)" of the dormitory for which we are verj- happy. I Thanks, Fred, for the encouraging word. We We headed out over Japan for .Alaska. After am glad to be interpreter for you when you seven quick hours of seeing clouds and water know that God is able. Without His help all come back. Let us study together His eternal we spotted some islands, the Aleutians, off the human plans and effort are vain.
coast of Alaska. It was 9:00 p. m,. their time This letter of our young Japanese friend and when we landed. It was snowing a little and brother about sums up what we should say of the wind was blowing. There are no trees on our future plans in Japan. If we can enlist other this island and the houses are built down in the young men of the caliber of Mr. Muto and Mr. ground to keep them protected in the winter. lijima and can train them to be faithful and This was just a re-fueling stop, but we were effective ministers of the gospel, who can mea served sandwiches and cake. After one hour we sure the results? Such young ministers are onr left for the next hop (12 hours) to Seattle. joy and crown and hope. They make groat .\fter eating supper it was dark, so we slept sacrifices both to learn and to proclaim the a while. But it was onlj' dark for four hours gospel. Training such yovuig people is our su and I slept two of thosethe only darkness of preme task, the trip. Betty and I still plan to sail in August if When we got over the state of Washington possible, but we have not yet learned on what we were thrilled! We had a good view of day we will be able to board a ship on the Olympia National Park and its snow-capped Pacific Coast. Sailing for Japan by the middle peaks. I could also sec highways down below of August would allow us to get settled in our l)Ut couldn't see the cars. .As we were pulling new home and make other preparations before up to the main building in Seattle there were tile beginning of our fall term in Tokyo Bible ([uite a few newspaper men. I knew they weren't Seminary in September. for me. They had come to take jiicturcs of a Pray for us that God will give us a safe legless Korean boy. He had lost his parents journey and that we may remain faithful and and was fro7:en in 1950. Some GIs adopted him he used of Him in Japan. and fitted him with artificial limbs. Tliey also Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Patton collected enough money to send him to BoysWord, shall we?"

.\fter spending three full years in Japan I am now back in good old U. S. A. I never thought I would get back the way I did. 1 didn't want to go to Japan at first, but after 1 was there for a while I got used to it. I left Tokyo International Airport 10:00 a. m., May 25. There was a boy who had gone to school with me for the last two years on the same plane. We had planned to come back to gether for a long time. There were missionaries from Osaka and Tokyo and also some Japanese

An Editor Speaks We clipped the following from "The Plea," a magazine published by Fred Smitli, Eliza!)ethton, Tenn., a very lielpful monthly.

"We want to congratulate the missionaries of the Cunningham Mission in Japan for their courageous and statesmanlike changing of pro
cedure, From our experience on the mission field we are sure that such a program of true New Testament strategy will he blessed of God.

(The aim is to develop truly indigenous, self-

town, Nebraska. There he will become an

American citizen. After an hour in Seattle we were on our way

to Minneapolis. It took us four hours and I

looked out of the window continuously. Differ

ent states had different types of land. The thing

that interested me most were the lakes in Min

nesota. Large and small, they could be seen as far as the eye could sec. We were flying at about 400 mph and altitude about 23,000 feet. I stayed in Minneapolis two days and then went on to Pittsburgh, where some of my rela
tives met me. We then went by car to Mead-

ville. Pa. .'\fter being in Japan three years, it is like coming into another world. The first tiling I noticed were the large houses and big lawns, also the high speed of traffic as coml>ared to 35 mph, the liighot speed limit in

It is great to be back in .America again. I am

thankful that I could come back and be al)le to finish mv education in this country, Paul Buttray



Published bi-monthly hy the Church of Christ Cunningham Mission, Tokyo, Japan, for the infor
mation and inspiration of every Christian whose
the Great Commission of Christ: "Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name

Happy Reunion

Our American Helpers

heart is open to the call of Christ, and who Is at willing to help in the supreme task of carrying out
of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all things what
soever I have commanded you; and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world." Matt.
28:19, 20. Entered as second class matter in the Wilmerding,

Pa., Postofflce under the Act of March 3, 1879.

them in Tokyo. Send it to either 310 Brown Ave., or 509 James St., Turtle Creek, Pa. They are expecting to be at the Mission Weeks at Lake James and at Cedar Lake. Any church desiring a visit from them should send the re quest to the above address. It will be six years

June 30, they expect to arrive at their destina cure my address and hunt me up when they tion July 17. Do not send any more mail to arrive here.
When they come to visit me I always urge them to put their membership in the First Church here and they usually do and then I find out what they can do and put them to work. This is good for them and helps me too.

Harold and Lois Sims and the children will be diers and some are business people. home in Turtle Creek, Pa. Leaving Japan Many of them know of the Mission and se

Many Americans are, in these days, coming In just a few weeks now, the Lord willing, to Japan from the United States. Some are sol


and three and one half months since they left 50 CENTS home. So you can imagine the joy it will be
50 CENTS Director

Last year Mr. Vandeveer now at San Jose Bible Seminary, led the singing in two Bible
Classes and also led our Choir. He was always

Wilmerding, Pa.
Office of Publication:

Forwarding Agent

Please send all correspondence and offerings for tbe mission to: Miss Eva D. Oreen, 127 E. Mercer

at the home of your editor and the Luttons, here and always on time, rain or shine at 9 the parents of Lois, fondling the three grand every Sunday morning. children for the first timel Thanks and praise Last September Mr. and Mrs. Ed Thomas be to God. from Los Angeles came out here on business. Their first Sunday in Japan they hunted up the Church of Christ and agreed to help me and ever since Mrs. Thomas lias been teaching

our Junior Church every Sunday morning from

9 to 10. She also is always on time.

Avenue, College Park, Georgia. Make all checks pay


able to our forwarding agent.

Last Sunday Mr. Joseph Mullen whose father is a preacher attended our morning service and

Mrs. W. D. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Patten, 2715
Cincinnati 4. Ohio.

I invited him home with me to lunch and he

16 Wakaba Cho, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo

Price Ave..

promised to come and lead the singing in both

Sunday morning Bible Classes.

1 just have no words to express how much

Stanley Buttray, 575 2-Cbome.




Kamiochiai. Shlnjuku Ku, Tokyo. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sims, 310 Brown Ave., Turtle
Creek. Pa.

this means to me. I cannot lead the singing, that means so much to the Japanese, and ail

those who help me are a blessing to me and the work. Just when I need help the Lord always raises up some one to help me.

Mrs. W. D. Cunningham Mrs. E. G. Nabell

Mr. T. O. Hathcock Mr. Lawrence Bain Orvel C. Crowder Miss Eva Green J. E. Lipscombe Alfred E. Sims









parcel post to one of the missionaries whose ad

dresses are shown above. or 82 inches in girth. Packages of clothing can

when tliey go back out next year the new plan will have gone into effect, and it will be neces 1953 graduating class: Front row: Mr. Osumi, sary for them to pay their own travel expense

be sent up to 22 pounds, not over 42 inches long

Mr. Haruyama, Miss Kitajima; Back row: Mr. back to Japan. Thus you can see that they will
Watarai, Miss Ando.

up to 6 pounds 9 ounces, not over 24 inches long

Packages of printed matter

need to be independent faith missionaries in the

true sense of the word.

and 36 inches girth can be sent.

Consult your local post office about preparation

of packages fur mailing.

If you change your address please notify A. E. Sims, 310 Brown Avenue, Turtle Creek, Pa., giving both your old and your new address. We want to keep our mailing lists up to date. If you make an offering you are entitled to receive this paper if you so request. Send all offerings to Eva D. Green, 127 E. Mercer
Avenue, College Park, Ga.


changes in policies and methods of the Cun Communists, are still doing a wonderful work ningham Mission. Up to now your editor has in Burma. A similar plan is in effect with great

In our last issue, the leading article was an in effect in the Morse Mission. These mission announcement and an explanation of some aries, after being driven from West China by

Someone may ask, Has this new plan been tested and proven? Or is it just an experiment? In answer, it may be said that more than fifty years ago, the Cunninghams went out on faith, entirely independent. A similar plan has been

Mrs. Cunningham's Support

change in the doctrinal teachings. All the mis

not received very many comments, but all that success in the Philippines with the associates he has received have been favorable. of Mrs. Wolfe. A similar plan is in effect in Let us re-emphasize that there is to be no the Osaka Mission in Japan, where they have
almost double the number of missionaries who

sionaries hold firmly to the historical principles Mrs. Cunningham has no living-link support of the movement to restore the Christianity of and will continue to depend on her many tiie New Testament. They continue to insist Christian friends to supply her needs alter the upon absolute loyalty to the Bible as the Word change in policy September 1. Offerings for of God. and the all-sufficient rule and guide for Mrs. Cunningham will continue to be sent to: all followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Miss Eva D. Green
127 East Mercer Avenue

are in the Cunningham Mission in Tokyo. A similar plan is in effect among most of the inde pendent missionaries in India. And there are many others that could be mentioned. So, you see, it is by no means a new experiment. But
it does call for faith on the part of t!ie mis

College Park, Georgia Packages for Mrs. Cunningham should be sent by parcel post to the following address; Mrs. W. D. Cunningham
16 Wakaba-Cho, Shinjiiku-Ku Tokyo, Japan

Again there is to be no change of personnel. sionaries, and it calls for a lot of rope-holders All of the present missionaries are to continue who are good and faithful stewards.
on in the work, the Lord willing. It is to be

Remember the date when the new plan goes

hoped that other recruits will go out to help into effect September I, 1953. If you are a them in the great work that is needed to be Living Link Church, or if your offerings are
done. They will be associated together in a co made on a calendar year basis, then two-thirds operative way for mutual help and encourage of your annual offering should be sent by Sep ment, and yet each will be free and independent tember 1 to Miss Eva Green as heretofore, and
one-third of the annual amount should be sent

It is suggested that you consult your local personally. post office about the preparation of packages The policy will be to help the Japanese for mailing. churche.'! to achieve self-support, and setf-conAny undesignated funds received by Miss trol and direction under the guidance of the Green after September 1 will be placed in the New Testament, as soon as possible. When the General Fund to assist churches with buildings, churches advance to the place of owning their repairs, taxes, pay annuity interest, insurance, own church building much will be saved in
etc. Eva D. Green

agent after September 1st. Also after September

1, The Tokyo Bible Seminary, which has pre viously been supported from the General Fund,
will need funds on which to operate. The oper

to the individual missionary or his forwarding

ating expense runs about $200.00 per month. If you wish your offering to go to the general
fund or to the support of Mrs. Cunningham,

The forwarding agent for Mr. and Mrs. new method of support. Under the new plan Stanley Buttray will be: Mrs. Homer Anderson, each missionary family will have its own for

then continue to send it after September 1 as heretofore lo Miss Eva Green, 127 East Mercer Ave., College Park, Ga. The names and warding agent, and will be dependent upon its addresses of the forwarding agents of the other R. D. 7, Meadville, Pa. own rope-holders for both living link salary missionaries will be found in this paper, either and expenses. Heretofore they have had their The forwarding agent for the Harold Sims own living links for salary, but other expenses in this issue or tlie next. Or, if you prefer, offer family will be, for a while at least: Alfred E. have been taken care of from the general fund, ings may be sent directly to the missionaries in Japan. Regular postage to Japan is five Sims, 310 Brown, Turtle Creek, Pa. and the living link churchcs paid through the cents; air mail postage is twenty-five cents. Treasurer of the General Fund. But the mis It will take a little time to get adjusted to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Patton, as yet, have sionaries will need a lot of help besides salary. the new plan. But we ask that you be much no forwarding agent. Contributions may be sent For example, the Harold Sims Family will soon in prayer for God's blessing and guidance upon directly to them. Their address after August 20 be coming home on furlough, and. since they this work that it may go forward in a greater will be: 450 Arai Machi, Nakano-Ku, Tokyo, arc still under the old plan, the Mission pays way than ever before. the travel expense for their trip home. But Japan.

Perhaps what concerns us most will be the


Our Hospital Ministry

or four persons from one church in the hospital
with tuberculosis. From visiting our sick mem bers I began to realize that liere was a great work to be done among the sick and no one seemed to be doing much about it. I believe these recordings have proven quite successful. Stephen lijima, our first graduate of the seminary and now general supervisor, has recorded some messages for me and with songs sung by the college students have proven

Resting On The Oars

months. It takes a real man to make the team.

By Alfred E. Sims The past few months I liavc made recordings Did you ever see one of the intercollegiate for the purpose of bringing comfort to those in hospitals. It is not unusual to have three boat-races? These teams of oarsmen train for When the big day comes and the race is on, every man on the boat is pulling on his oars with every ounce of strengtli he has. If just one
man on the team should weaken and rest on

the oars it would probably mean the loss of

the race.

Perhaps you may see in your mind's eye the twelve disciples of Jesus rowing across the Sea
of Galilee and in distress because the winds

The last time 1 visited the hospital at Tsuch-

iura there were some patients who desired to hear the recording a second time. After having played the message in one dormitory and we were leaving, some patients came running after us and said that other patients in another ward of the same building wanted to hear the record ing. But the assistant head doctor who was with me said it would not be good for those patients as they were psychological cases. However, my personal opinion is that doctors over certain wards did not want their patients to hear a Christian message. Since then, from what I have heard I am sure my opinion is

were contrary. They didn't give up and rest on the oars and drift back from whence they had Harold Taylor, preaching Baccalaureate come. No, they kept striving on in spite of the Sermon at Tokyo Bible Seminary, and his in contrary winds. Jesus was mindful of their ef terpreter standing by. fort and of their distress and came to their aid, walking upon the boisterous sea. No doubt this was a great lesson to those disciples. What That Furlough Fund about the followers of Jesus in these more re

cent times? Let us consider a few things.


In our last issue we mentioned the need of

THEM. The Evangelization of the world is the.

supreme business that King Jesus has intrusted to His church. Remember, "The King's business requires haste." Notice in Acts 20:16 and other well founded. One of the nurses had written me wanting places how Paul was "Hasting on," In all the information about baptism. So after sending New Testament record we find no "dilly dally a letter about baptism the young nurse wrote ing," "marking time," or "resting on the oars" back saying she wanted to be baptised. There so to speak. We are to take seriously the ex fore on this last visit I was expecting to baptize pressed will and the commandments of our her, but upon arriving found that almost all of King, just as did those early disciplcs. The peo the nurses and doctors had gone away for the ple of this world are LOST and only the Gospel day, because it was a national holiday. Natur of Christ can save them, and this Gospel has ally, I was disappointed, but trust that I will been intrusted to us. His followers. Our Savior have the privilege of baptizing her the next is depending upon us to go with His message
to the lost world.

a car for the Harold Sims family transporta tion while on furlough. What they would save on railroad and bus fares would be enough to meet the monthly payments but they would need help for tlie down payment. So far two cantributions have been sent, amounting to $35.00. If there are others wiio wish to help in this project it should be without delay, since the need will be almost immediately. They want this matter, as everything, to be subject to the

Lord's will. But if it is the Lord's will, they

will be very appreciative. Just pray tliat He will guide, that the right thing may be done. Will you, too, seek to follow His guidance? ContriI>utions to this project maj' be sent to 310 Brown Avenue. Turtle Creek, Pa.


II. MORE THAN 1900 YEARS HAVE Just a few weeks ago I visited Yamada san and played the new recording for him and a GONE SINCE THIS GREAT COMMIS

command. How can we face our Lord when He THERE were ANY CORRUPTIONS OR DIVISIONS? In the early days of this restora Yamada san is continuing to show wonderful comes again? progress in his figiit against T. B. During the HI. THE EARLY FOLLOWERS OF tion movement it really moved. It was on the
His Word.

was coming to a close, one of them arose and people in the world today than when Christ task of evangelizing the world. It was a dread casually began to leave. He would go a little gave the Commission more than nineteen cen ful day when so-called leaders of the clmrch way, then stop and listen, and continued to do turies ago. While it is true that millions have became ambitious for self advancement, think this until finally he readied the door, hesitated been saved the unsaved population has increased ing more of self interest than of the Lord and went out. There is a certain grass weed still more. More than a billion people in the Jesus Christ. It was a tragic day when the growing here in Japan which has a great mass world have not been Christianized, and vast church became divided and dissipated its energy of roots so that it chokes out every thing else hundreds of millions have not even heard the in magnifying human opinions to the detriment around it. This is a true picture of the older Gospel proclamied. Every day large multitudes of the cause of Christ. But it will be a glorious Japanese. The greying man slowlj' making his are dying without ever hearing of the Savior day when all of Christ's followers shall have way from hearing the Gospel is full of a great who died to save them, as well as to save you such a love and devotion to Him that they shall mass of traditions, customs, superstitions and and me. Jesus said, *Go ye into all the world humbly bow at His feet and arise and go val heathen religions, choking out the message that and preach the gospel to every creature." and iantly to the accomplishment of His will, with he had heard. we have not done it. The vast majority of the no resting on the oars in tiie face of the un Pray! Praj'! Pray that God will break through world is still unevangelized. Why? W'hat has finished task. V. WHAT ABOUT THE GREAT IDEAL the wall of darkness which envelopes these peo gone wrong? The Gospel has not lost its power. ple. Pray that God will work powerfully It is simply because too many have been rest OF RESTORING THE CHURCH AS IT through us, His servants as we live and preach ing on the oars instead of going at our Lord's WAS IN THE BEGINNING BEFORE

group of patients. Rather an unusual thing hap SION WAS GIVEN BY OUR LORD, YET H.'\D PROVIDED. Indeed it was a sad day pened. Two elderly men, their hair partially THE WORLD IS ONLY PARTLY EVAN when "ecclesiasticism" took over and oc turned gray came to listen. Just as the message GELIZED. There are probably more unsaved cupied the minds of men while they forgot the

first eight months after the last operation he must have complete rest. Then after the eight' months he is given four months of body build ing exercises and will be discliarged from the hospital. The Lord willing, he will enter the Bible Seminary again tliis coming November. Thanks to the First Christian Church. Long Beach, Calif., for providing the money necessary for his scholarship in tlie Seminary. Some of
this money is used for incidental needs. Since

CHRIST WERE DILIGENT ON THE JOB. "They that were scattered abroad went every where preaching the word." And they got re sults. Some said they 'turned the world upside down' but they only turned it right side up.

go. In recent years it has not been moving so fast. It looks like history is being repeated. The

early days of this restoration movement were ciiaracterized by a zeal and earnestness similar to the beginning of the New Testament Church.

church had continued to win souls and multiply self-satisfied and content to just rest upon the in the same ratio as in that first generation the oars. We need to keep alive that crusading zeal, whole world would have been won long ago. that consecration, that earnestness that will re
If every Christian would win even one lost soul awaken the church to the need of Christian

They "multiplied."Acts 6:1. Indeed, if the Then the arguments began; and some became

every one that asketh receiveth; and he that all might have that impelling love! to say "let George do it" instead of shouldering seeketli findeth; and to him that knocketh it IV. IT WAS A SAD DAY WHEN THE their own responsibility. Too many have an attishall be opened." CHURCH BEGAN TO ARGUE ABOUT (Continucd on page 4)

Yamada san should not work for about a year to Christ every year, the whole world would I'nity. The followers of Christ are often put this accumulated money will meet his expenses be won in just a few years. "Each one winning to shame by the propagandists of error. Various for the time that he cannot work. one" would double the church, and it wouldn't cuitists arc often more diligent on the job than Stanley Buttray have to be doubled many times to make a bil the adherents of the truth. One thing is certain: lion, You can figure it out if you enjoy mathe satan is not resting on the oars! Shame on ns! We have not heard from Mr. and Mrs, Har matics. The big question is why are we not as that we are so tardy and dilatory at the task old Taylor since they arrived on furlough in diligent or as much in earnest as were those our Lord has set for usl While resting on the this country, and cannot give their American early disciples? Is it because we arc just lazy? oars one just drifts. One never drifts up-stream address at this time. No doubt they are busv Is it that we do not have an impelling love for but always down-stream or'just drifts with the visiting with relatives and friends and speaking our Lord and for all those poor lost souls for tide. We need to get busy and pull strong if among churches in the western states. whom He gave His life? Could you imagine a we want to get anywhere. VI. THE CHURCH, AS A WHOLE IS father just resting on the oars when he knows Luke 11:9, 10 ".\nd I say unto you. and his son, the pride and jov of his heart is out LAGGING BECAUSE SO MANY INDIVI it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; there struggling to keep his head above water DUALS HERE AND THERE ARE LAG knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For and liable to go down and be lost? Oh that we GING. There arc too many who arc too prone

MISCELLANEOUS Sale of book, $1.00. Total $2,589.68 Brought forward $1,528.07

Rope Holder List

April and May
ARKANSAS Siloam Springs Women's Council, I'irst Cliristiaii Church, $50.01). COLORADO lilbert Chri.siiau Church, $40.

Transferred from Reserve Account

$4,117,75 $3,500.00 $7,617.75

beth Reed, $1.00. DISBURSED: FLORIDA Eustis Church of Christ, Salaries of missionaries... .$1,917.70 $335.60; Miss Grace Ciniiniuigs, $-10.00. Transferred to Tokyo 1,000.00 GEORGIA Mr. and Mrs. Jack Roebuck, Transferred to Tokyo for $5.00; Mrs. Ida Jackson, $0.50; Adairsville Adica Building 2.000.00 Women's Council, Adairsville Christian Transferred to Tokyo for Church, $15.00; Mrs. Carrabellc Raum, $5.00. Yokosuka Church 1,000.00 ILLINOIS Dr. Leila G. Scott, $100.00; Sum- Travel expense ner Bethany Church, $21,00. Paul Buttray 130.00 INDIANA Mrs. Roy V. Hobhs, $5.00; Stamps 11,00 Wabasii Baclielor Creek Missionary So Printing and mailing of

Tokyo Bible Seminary, Students and Faculty,


ciety, $50.00; Burnettsville Christian Church, Tokyo Christian $5.00; Mis.s Ethel Howard, $30.00. .'\nnuity Interest Payments IOWA Kalona Christian Church, $18.50; Salary of forwarding agent Mr. John E. Neal, $100,00; Griswold Mis

295.00 372.57 70.00

It has come to our attentioii that there may be some of the Japanese who are writing letters $6,796.27 to friends at home asking for money. This is unknown to us, if it is done. No missionarj' would encourage such a thing for many rea $821.48 sons that a person wlio has never been on a

sionary Society, Church of Christ, $7.17; Council Bluff First Christian Church, $50; Miss Bertha K. Sargent, $20.00.

KANSAS Clcarwater Church of Christ, Balance $28.55; Norton Christian Ciuirch, $58.46; Mrs. Virginia G. Templeton and Nadine, $4.00; Gifts received in Tokyo during month.s of Mr. Wilbur Fields, $1.00; Mrs. Roy Pigeon, Tebruary and March. $1.00; Miss Ellen Lawrence, $3.00; Miss Eva ALABAMA First Christian Church, RiverB, Whitaker, $5.00. view, $137,50. KENTUCKY Elizaville Christian Clmrch, S78.ll: Mrs. Maggie Grubhs, $15.00; Mt. CALIFORNIA Los Angeles View Park Church of Clirist, $105.00; Ukiah New Ryrd Loyal Builders Class, $15.00. Testament Church of Christ, $26.00. MASSACHUSETTS Mrs. E. S. Donnell, KENTUCKY Mrs. Karl Wilking, $30.00. S6,00. MICHIGAN Miss Mabel B. Gould, $1.00; OHIO ColumbusBethany Class, Indianola Miss Marv E. Oliphant, $5.00. Church of Christ, $40.00. MINNESOTA Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wil- PENNSYLVANIA Mr. B, M. Swartzweldcr fong, $5.00, (In Memory of Mrs. Swartzwelder). $15,00:

foreign field might not think of. it is not good for the Japanese Christians because it will take away their self-sufficiency, it will cause envy,
and it will tempt them to be unfaithful stewards. Furthermore, the American brethren have no way of knowing the true character of the re

quester and use of the money which they might

send. Spiritual fellowship and encouragement

is undoubtedly possible and profitable through

letters exchanged between the Christians in Japan and America, but we urgently request that no money be sent directly to the Japanese
Christians. .Also we would be interested to hear

from anyone who has received such a recjuest.


NEBRASKA Mrs. Kittie Myers and daugh

ter, 5.00,

NORTH CAROLINA Washington In dependent Missionary Society. $30.00. OHIO Hainersville Church of Christ, $60.94;
Missionary Socicty, Christian Church of North Industry, $25.00; Willing Workers Mis sionary Society, New Somerset Christian Church, $10.00; Columbus Southwood Church of Christ, $20.00; Cincinnati Pri
mary and Junior Departments. Columbia Church of Christ, $2.65; Phalanx Station

Clymer First Christian Church, $10.00: Titusville Church of Christ, $50.00. Total $413.50

(Continued from page 3)

Braceville Christian Church. $30.00; Miss Mildred Covington, $5.00; Mrs. Nellie Kouts, $5.00; Belmont The Women's Bible Class, The Chestnut Level Church, $10.00; Mr. Ira Merccr, $20.00; Mrs. Blanche Maenpa, $40,00; Perryton Church of Christ, $45.00. OKLAHOMA Mrs. T^. M. Wilson, $5.00; Mrs. Loren Davi<, $20.00; Mrs. M. J. Groom (In Memory of Mrs. Sidney J. Davis), $10,00. PENNSYLVANIA Ridgway Church of Christ. $12.00; Dickerson Run Vanderhile Cliurch of Christ, $50.00; Confluence Prayer Group, Confluence Christian Churcii.
$10.20; New Castle Central Christian

Churcii, $75.00; Lancaster Church of Christ, $15.00; Miss Grace Stitzinger. $120.00; Clymer tlie Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh Christian Sunday School. $53.00; Pittsburgh in tlie glory of his Father with the holy angels." Mt, Lebanon Christian Church, $50.00: Favetle City Church of Christ, $64.00; Lock HavenFirst Church of Christ. $25.00; Tur tle Creek First Christian Church. $125.(10; PRAYER CHANGES
Mr. and ifrs. Roy E. Smith, $10.00.
TENNESSEE Erwin First Christian Church, $40.00; Moimtain Citv First Chris

lude like this: "I help to pay the preacher so that exempts me, let him do it." Many preachers become self-centered and proud, and they too just take it easy, resting on the oars. It may be a large part of tlie blame rests upon tiie jjreachers, but not all. Then there arc wou[d-l)e leaders who become ambitious. They think of the church as a means to obtain personal ad vancement. In working out their ambitious schemes they lose sight of tlie great .commis sion, the supreme purpose of the church. There is no place in God's program for a lazy man or woman. Jesus chose working men, enterprising men who could get results. He himself set the example. "My Father worketh hitherto and I Mr. Osumi, Salutatonan of the Class of 1953. work." Paul writes to the young man. Timothy. "Endure hardness as a good soldier of Christ Jesus." "Make full proof of thy ministrv." VII. FOR OUR INSPIR.\TI0N" AND Mark 8:38 "Whosoever therefore shall he 1':MULATI0N t h e r e a r e many n o asliamed of me and of my words in this adul terous and sinful generation: of him also shall b l e EXAMPLES OF CHRISTIANS WHO



find them wherever they are on the firing line for Christ. We call attention to just a few of many. There is Mrs. W. D. Cunningham, who after 50 years as a missionary still insisted on going back to Tokyo to continue her witJiess for Christ. There is Russell Morse who might
have come out of China when warned, and thus

tian Church, $50.00.

p333acjEnf) o3e)soa LKZ tujo.^ asn

TEXAS Mr, Edgar Sage, $20.00; Mr, Edgar B, Siddall, $10.00; Mrs. W. S. Blodgett. S4.00;
Meadville The Loyal Gleaners Class. First

escaped more than a year in a communist prison. i>ut chose to stay on at great risk, in order to
hear witness for Christ. There are ministers

Christian Church, $40.00; Mr. F, W, O'Mallev,

$10.00 VIRGINIA Richmond Fairnuiunt .-\ve-







who simply amaze us with the amount of work Bd 'JiaaJO ailini 'anaa&v OAioaa Ol 'suiis "3 'V they get accomplished, P. H. Welshimer for example. There arc men and women in humble Sjfioxt asdid 'aiq^jaAnapati s; Sfq) ji walks of life who are constantly bearing witness for Christ. Such make aii impress upon the world, and they are not forgotten in the sight
')f God. No matter what walk of life in which



Place Church of Christ.



one may be engaged, the important thing is to

be God's man or God's woman or God's child.

Church Missionary Society, $50.00; Ellerson

Young Married People's Class. Gethsemane Church of Christ, $40.00; Ellerson Gethsemane Church of Christ, $65.00, WASHINGTON Mrs. Lida F. Conover. $2. WEST VIRGINIA Wheeling Warwood Christian Church Missionary Society, $50 00: Chester Women's Missionary Society. $15.

One who really loves God and loves his fellow men can not be content just to rest upon the oars while so niany arc going down, eternally

The above article may be obtained in tract

form from the Tennessee Valley Printing Co.,

Kimberlin Heights, Tenn.

Vol. 52

Number 4

'Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature,'' [Mark 16:15)
Wiliuerdiug, Penna.^ July-August,








Christians is to iiave not more than three days or a week for evangelistic meetings, I decided it we were going to have a good fruitful revival we must break this custom. Therefore, four months before the church building would be finished I began making plans for a three or four week meeting and asked two of our finest young ministers to do the preaching. .\bout eight months ago God began at about
the same time to work in the lives of these two

young men. For three \'ears I had been praying and looking tor this time when God would con vict of the prevailing unevangelistic spirit, especially in our Bible College. I was very happy when both of tliese young ministers said they would help in our first evangelistic meeting in the new church building. The first week Brother Muto, minister of the Mabashi cliurch preached and also helped teach the children each night, Tiie first week the attendance aver aged about 37 and the interest grew from night to night. For e.Kaniple, there is an old man who
lives almost next door to the church and X

would judge him to be nearly seventy years old This man came every night and Sunday morn ings for the first fourteen days of the meeting. The first night he sat in the back seat and each

night he would move closer to the front until

at the end of a week he was sitting in the sec ond row and remained there each night through
another week. At the close of the second week

It was 1:40 A. M., July 16 when Harold and Lois Sims and their three children, Hope Joyce, Sylvia Jean and Jonathan Harold arrived in Pittsburgh, Pa. There at the Pennsylvania Sta
tion to meet tliem were Mr. and Mrs. W. C. O. The Pattons are then- associate missionaries

you could even hear his voice singing above the others. And when on Thursday niglit there were four persons baptized, the old man in order to see every detail got to his feet and leaned forward watching every movement and

listening very intently to every word, in order that he might not miss a thing concerning God, His Son, The Word and Salvation. This man

to Tokyo and will be returning, sailing gust 31. Leaving Piqua, they went on James, Ind., where they participated in Week, and then on to Cedar Lake,

is typical of most of the persons that came dur to Lake ing the meeting. The one ditference is, at the Missions end of the first ten days nine young people con Ind., for fessed Jesus as their Lord and four of these date Au
were baotized immediatelv while the old gentlerteei

Missions Week there, and that was followed

Lutton and their daughter. Mrs. Nornia Fowkes, by a week of Bible Conference, They are ex Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Sims and their daugliter, pecting to be home in Turtle Creek again about Margaret Sims. It had been six years, three .\ugust 18th. They will have some time for speaking en months and sixteen days since they left for tiie

arrange their itineraries so as to take in as many places as possible on each trip. They may the Luttons. parent? of Lois. There was so not be able (on account of time limitations) to much to talk about that we just stayed up the accept every invitation, but they want to be as rest of the niglit. The parents of both Harold iielphil as possible and go where they can best
in the two cars and came back to the home of

mission field, and you can imagine the greetings that ensued. The incomparable joy and grati tude to God are never to be forgotten. After the greetings had subsided a little a number of pictures were taken and then we all loaded up

gagements during the Fall and any church or missionary group that would like to have them
come should send the request to them at 310 Brown Ave., Turtle Creek, Pa. They hope to

Sims and Lois Lutton Sims live in Turtle Creek, Pa., an important suburb of Pittsburgli. The next ten days were busy ones, with the returned missionaries dividing their time be tween the two liomes. On Wednesday night a Welcome Reception was held at the Turtle Creek Christian Church, with a large crowd in attendance. At the Sunday morning service an exceptionally large crowd thrilled to the mes sage which Harold brought concerning their work, after being delighted by a trio sung by the three Lutton girls, Lois and her two sisters,
Mrs. Havlicsek and Mrs. Fowkes.

serve the cause of Christ.

How Does It Feel To Be Called

Strange as it may seem, although your editor has been a grandpa for more than five years, it is only very recently that he has heard the word from the lips of his own grandchildren. It still seems to be new and strange. Yes this is quite an experience, getting acquainted with one's grandchildren. All tliree of them were born in Tokyo. Hope Joyce was five years old last March; Sylvia Jean was three last May.

On July 24, the Harold Sims family left to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sims and Mr. (Oh yes, they both speak two languages.) Jona and Mrs. Earl Sims, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Har than Harold was one year old August 8th. old preached for Earl Sunday morning and for Proud? Oh well, consider circumstances and Ralph Sunday night. Again it was a glorious pardon grandpa.
reunion of'tiie three brothers and their wives. All three of the brothers are ministers of the

gospel. They left Cincinnati on July 27, stopping by

Matt. 16:26 "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange


Published bi-monthly by the Church of Christ Cunningham Mission, Tokyo, Japan, for the infor mation and inspiration of every Christian whose
heart is open to the call of Christ, and who is

We approach September 1 with a good deal

Yokosuka Church

Dedicated June 14

and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name plan of missionary support goes into effect. In of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy the last two issues of this paper we have carried Ghost; teaching them to observe all things what articles relating to the new plan. The plan itself

the Great Commission of Christ: "Go ye therefore

willing to help in the supreme task of carrying out of solicitude. That is the date when the new

is simple enough and reasonable enough, but we know that most of us are creatures of habit, and some of us just don't want our habits dis Entered as second class matter in the Wilmerding, turbed. In other words we generally find some Pa., PostolBce under the Act of March 3, 1879. people opposed to any change no matter what TWO-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION 50 CENTS it is. Yet we live in a changing world, and very frequently a change is wholesome. We need not "FLAMING TORCH" 50 CENTS repeat here the reason for these changes. Suffice MBS. W. D. CUNNINGHAM Director it to say that all the missionaries agreed to tlie ALFRED E. SIMS Editor new plan and policy.
you alway, even unto the end of the world." Matt. 28:19, 20.

soever I have commanded you; and, lo, I am with

Mrf. W. D, Cvmningham, 16 Wakaba Oho, ShinjukuKu. Tokyo. Japan. Forwarding agent. Miss Eva D.

Green, 127 E. Mercer Ave., College Park, Ga. (Miss

Green is also


agent for

the general

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Buttray, 575 2-Chome, Kamio-






agent, Mrs. Homer Anderson. R. D. 7, Meadville. Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Patton, 450 Aral Machi, Na-

kano-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Forwarding agent, Mr. or

Mrs. Ray Armstrong. Route 3, Box 310. Plqua, Ohio Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sims, on furlough, 310 Brown Ave., Turtle Creek, Pa. Forwarding agent. A. E.
Sims, 310 Brown Ave., Turtle Creek, Pa.

The important question is: W'ill we all co operate in such a way as not to work a hard ship on anyone? There should be no difficulty. It will be easy enough when you get used to it. It is simply this; Instead of sending the funds for all the missionaries to the same forwarding agent, send the funds for each missionary family to their own forwarding agent or directly to them if you prefer. This will bring j'ou into closer touch with your own missionarj-. an ad vantage of the new plan. You will rtnd the
names and addresses of the missionaries to



gether with the names and addresses of their forwarding agents on page 2 column 1. Hereto TRUSTEES fore the living link churches have been sending Mrs. W. D. Cunningham Mrs. E, G. Nabell Mr. T. O. Hathcock Miss Era Green money for missionary salaries to Miss Green Mr. Lawrence Bain J. E. Llpseombe and she would write them checks from the gen Orvel C. Crowder Alfred E. Sims eral fund each month. Now the living link Packages lor Japan should be sent direct by churches will send the money to their own mis
parcel post to one of the missionaries whose ad

and 36 inches girth can be sent. of packages for mailing.

dresses are shown above. Packages of clothing can be sent up to 22 pounds, not over 42 inches long Heretofore such expenses as travel, rent, lan or 82 inches in girth. Packages of printed matter guage study, and many other things were paid up to 6 pounds 9 ounces, not over 24 inches long out of the general fund; now each missionary Consult your local post office about preparation

sionary or that missionarj-'s forwarding agent.

If you change your address please notify A. E. Sims, 310 Brown Avenue, Turtle Creek, Pa., giving both your old and your new address. We want to keep our mailing lists up to date. If you make an offering you are entitled to receive this paper if you so request.

Oba Family Moves

On March 2, the Oba family moved from tlie dormitory to the parsonage of the Nishi-Ogikubo church. They had lived at the school since coming from Kyushu in the fall of 1949. During all this time Mrs. Oba was the cook for the dormitory and Mr. Oba was care-taker and

Tokyo Bible Seminary

bookkeeper along with his duties as preacher and student. We are indeed grateful to them for their long and faithful service to the school, and we pray that they will have a happy and fruitful ministry at the new place.

_Daiku2ono-san, a third year student also from

Kyushu will succeed Brother Oba as the min ister of the Sakurayama church which meets in

the Seminary building.

fed the students and directed the policy. This service went on without Mr. Sims. Mr. Kamata

Some leaders at Yokosuka Dedication. Top, will need extra funds for such things. Mrs. Cunningham who is now 80 years old will con left: Mr. Kikuchi, minister of Arakawa Church. Top, right: Mr. Kamata, former minister of tinue to receive her support as heretofore. Wakabacho Church. Standing next to Mr. Ka The Tokyo Bible Seminary is a most impor mata is Fukuda San, one of our second year tant part of the work. It will need support as students. He has been helping in this work for the means of supplying Japanese preachers. more than a year. Top, center: Mr. Buttray Support for the Seminary may be sent to any and on his right and left two of the first seven of the missionaries and so designated, or to persons to be baptized here lYz years ago. Miss Green if so designated. W^e hope this will not be neglected. First pray, then do as God June 14th, the day of the dedication of the directs. A.E.S. Yokosuka Church arrived and the building was not completed. Altliough it was already four teen days past the contracted finishing date of June I, I was not surprised but just disap pointed. However, our plans had been made not The Tokyo Bible Seminary will become a only for the dedication service on the 14th, but separate institution from September 1 this year, also an evangelistic meeting. We went on with handling its own funds in its own name. We our plans even though the building was not expect God to supply our needs through His quite finished. Sunday morning, June 14, the first service to people if we are faithful to Him. ."Mso we con sider this as the first step toward the school be held in the new church building was fairly well attended with more than thirty persons becoming eventually self-supporting. present. The dedication service planned for 3:00 Up until now the school has been maintained o'clock was late in starting as Harold Sims, by the Church of Christ Cunningham Mission, the speaker of the program did not come. After which has built the buildings, paid the teachers, anxiously waiting for almost forty minutes, the

was made possible by the support of several spoke and then called on others for a few words churches and groups in America who gave and special prayers. scholarship support of $20.00 a month for each Returning home that night we learned the lijima Family Moves student. And it will be necessary for this sup reason why Mr. Sims, Mrs. Cunningham and In the latter part of March Stephen lijima port to continue in the future just as it has been Mrs. Thomas did not come for the dedication. and his wife Rhoda came from the Minato given in the past. In fact, many bills that have Mr. Sims had car trouble that morning and the church to be the new dormitory superintendents. hitherto been paid by the general fund of the Japanese mechanic who was working on it They will continue their ministry with the Mission must now be met by the school. We didn't return it until it was too late to go to Minato churcli, which has been greatly blessed still need financial support from our old friends, Yokosuka. by God. Stephen is the first graduate of the but the difference from September is that it will Perhaps it was God's will and for the best school. We are sure the example of this fine all be received and acknowledged and handled and as such it was accepted. directly by the school. One of the missionaries Christian home will be a definite wholesome Stanley Buttray pan of the school life and the education of the will act as treasurer, but funds can be sent to any one of the missionaries. students. This change does not mean that there has been a controversy in connection with the which not only the various missionaries but the I Timothy 6:9 "But they that will be rich school, or that the Cunningham Mission is no Japanese Christians can share the responsibility. We announce this move with the prayer that fall into temptation and a snare, and into many longer connected with or supporting the school. foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in It simply means a clear distinction between the it may further advance the great work already work of the school and the other work. The being done through the school, and that more destruction and perdition." school has several students from the Mabashi and more support and cooperation in the school and Okinawa Missions, and also some of the might be achieved among those interested in Hebrews 5:9 "And being made perfect. He teachers are not connected with the Cunning the work of evangelizing Japan. became the author of eternal salvation unto ham Mission. So we all feel that it is better to LEAD ON, O KING ETERNAL. all them that obey Him." make the Seminary a cooperative effort in From Cherry Mountain Tidings, June

From June Cherry Mountain Tidings



My Friday Evening Group

Pattons Sail On Aug. 31

Oiu" present sojourn in our native country is
quickly drawing to a close. It is but natural
that this fact should sadden us for it means

that we must temporarily part from our rela

tives, friends and homes. Facing a life of intense

activity devoid of some of the comforts of life in America, however, does not sadden us. The busy servant of the Lord is most often the happy one and some of tlie things which we prize most highly here arc not necessities in making a life happy, full and useful. The thing
that counts most is the conviction that the anti

cipated sphere of service and the Lord's will for one's life are mutually agreed.

Words fail us when we seek to adequately

express our feeling of gratitude and indebted ness to our true yoke-fellows in the common

faith for their encouragement, hospitality and

support while we have been in the U. S. And to those dear ones who have pledged themselves to uphold our hands in the work in Japan we

offer our hearty thanks. In return for this grace of theirs we pledge before God to keep the faith
and to be faithful ministers.

Undoubtedly our supporters are well aware by this time of the change in our financial pol

icy. This will 3Tjean that after September 1st

we must look more directly to the churches at home for our financial support. We believe that this is as it should be. There is no more anxiety
than before for this is our Father's world. The

This is a photograph of my Friday Evening Group. When I first returned to Japan alter the war, in 1947. I lived in the home of a very lovely Japanese family. Soon after I moved in. they called me one evening over to their parlour. There I met Mr.
Asari. They asked me if I would start a Bible

Class for them. I was longing to do that very thing. I asked Mr. Asari if he would help me
and he gladly consented to do so.

They offered their lovely large parlour with

a piano and we began a Bible Class the fol lowing Fridaj- which has continiied ever since. Many have come into the Church from this group and after 6 years a number of the Char
ter members are still with us. Three of them are deacons in First Church and have become ^useful workers in tlie Church. Tlie entire No-

News From Nakano

A young college co-ed was converted to Christ

Sixth National Convention

eternal God that watches over tlie sparrow and guchi family wlio were old enough became clothes the lilies will rally to our help if we Christians. One of the younger daughters has only prove worthy of His support. Our greatest since become a Christian. concern in the way of financial support is for We also, with the help of their little daugli- the Tokyo Bible Seminary. It must now solicit ters started a Sunday School in their home its own support from God's people who are which grew to over 200. Thirty-five of them interested in a trained and effective Japanese became Christians and some are even yet at ministry. Teachers must be paid, the grounds tending First Church but most of them attended and buildings must be kept in repair, the school Fourth Church which was nearer. We also had library must be stocked with good books, partial a group of women in meetings twice a month support for the students must be maintained, and all of them became followers of the Lord and numerous general expenses must be met. Jesus Christ and were buried in baptism. I was We pray that you will put this Seminary on in that home just two years and deeply re your list as being worthy of your continued gretted leaving it but also wanted to return to support. my old work at Yotsuya where a new Church We have booked passage on the SS President had been built and the members waiting for me. The Friday Class continues and its members Wilson, sailing from San Francisco on August are still becoming Christians and working for 31st. The Wilson's arrival at Yokohama is ex the Lord. E.B.C. pected to be on the morning of September 14, just one day before the opening of the fall term of Tokyo Bible Seminar)-. Thus the busy minis try which we anticipate in Japan will begin
soon after our arrival there.

during our evangelistic meeting at Nakano this spring. Coming out of deep-rooted intellectual
atheism, she has become one of our outstand

ing young Christians since the long fight with

doubt and disbelief in her heart. One of our life

long memories will be the experience of hearing

this girl and another just three weeks out of heathenism raising their beautiful voices to

gether in a newly-learned hymn, "It is Well

With My Soul." One of Miss Matsuoka's tal

We do not hesitate to say that this is a crucial time in the history of Japan. The land of the cherry blossoms has changed. Feeling against America has become prevalent in some quarters. Confusion and discontent are gaining the upper hand. We fear that moral decay is setting in. The conditions for such decay seem to be al the editor. Harold Sims and wife, from Tokyo, ready present. America has given them some Japan. This will be a wonderful opportunity to bread and democracy, but has not led them get better acquainted with your missionaries. to God. We cringe to think of the outcome if more Japanese do not turn to Christ.

We would like to see all of you at the sixth National Missionary Convention, which is to be held September 23-27, 1953, at the First Christian Church, Lincoln, Illinois. The attend ance has grown from year to year and we hope and expect this to be the best yet. Among the many missionaries present will be the son of

Will you join with us in earnest prayer to We recently heard indirectly that our good God that the people of Japan may be brought friend and co-worker Mrs. McCall of Imperial, for Christ first in her home. All of us rejoiced from darkness to light and from the power of with her when her father and mother began Calif., has gone to her reward. She was a gen satan to God. Will you pray that we. as minis accompanying her to every church service soon erous contributor to the Mission for many ters of His, may be greatly used, to the glory after her baptism. Now we rejoice yet more years. of God and to the salvation of the Japanese because we learn through a letter from the people. Andrew and Betty Patten young minister there that this mother and

ents (she is also the church pianist now) is her

winning personality. Thus she became a witness

father, expressing joy, surprise and thankful ness at their daughter's testimony were baptized
into Christ Tulv 26.



Recently, in answer to prayer, a generous offering in the form of a bequest of $4,327.66

from Mr. Houghson's estate was received. As


Will Be

I have no living-link support and the mission aries in our mission are each going on his own
support, I just asked the Lord to show me a way when this gift came. Now I can continue my work without being too much of a burden


Missionaries Meet We were delighted to have the Pattons with us Saturday night and Sunday, and to have An drew preach Sunday morning. In the after noon Mr. and Mrs. Harold Taylor came from Scottdale where he had preached in the morn ing. It was a very happy meeting of these colaborers in Japan.

in a new program of direct-support

The Taylors are busy visiting the churches

and reporting concerning their work. They ex

to the Mission funds. I expect to devote my AN INVESTMENT remaining years exclusively to teaching and training workers and to open new work wher in o permanent program for evangehzing ever and whenever I can in this needy field. PRAYER CHANGES THINGS. E.B.C. Japan

pect to enter Lincoln Bible Institute for post

graduate work this fall and winter. They are planning to return to Japan next summer and open up a new mission work in northern Japan.

May God bless them and guide them in all their

consecrated service to Him. A.E.S.


Rope Holder List

June and July
CALIFORNIA Myrtle E. Ulroy, $6.00. COLORADO Elberc Christian Church $40. FLORIDA Mrs. Eva Jensen, $20.00.
GEORGIA Savannah Central Church of

of Christ, $100.00; Cliarlottesville Fir?t Christian Church, $382.55; Harrisburg Church of Christ, $11.54; DenbigliMission

Daughters In Christ

ary Society, Lebanon Christian Church. $75; EUerson Young Married People's Class,
Gethseraane Church of Christ, $40.00; South Norfolk Bible Scliool, South Norfolk

ILLINOIS HerrinFirst Christian Church,

lerson Bonnie Brae Church of Christ, $40. WASHINGTON Mrs. Lida F. Conover, $5. $13.00; Maywood First Christian Church, WEST VIRGINIA Miss Elizabeth Furman, S73.62; Miss Fern McClelland. $12.50; Miss $5.00; WlieelingWarwood Christian Church

Christ, $10.00; Mrs. Edward T. Lindsay, $5.

Church of Christ, $25.00; Newport News Colonial Place Church of Christ. $15.00; El-


Marguerite McCleliand. $5.00;

Mrs. Julius

CANADA Yellow Grass. Sask.Church of Christ Sunday School. $11.40. INDIANA Geneva Domestic Churcli of Sale of Flaming Torch, $15.00. Christ Sundaj- School, $52.50; WabashKuinTotal $3,425.39 Join-US Class, Treaty Christian Church, $42; Brought forward 821.48 Staunton \\'omen's Christian Missionary Society, First Christian Church, $25.00; Col umbus Christian Church, $50.00; Markle Disbursed: Church of Christ Missionary Society. $75.00; Salaries of missionaries... .$1,200.00
Greentown Meridian Street Christian Transferred to Tokyo 1,000,00 Chuch, $60.29; Burnettsville Christian Church, Additional travel expense for $5.00; Waterloo Cedar Lake Sunday Mr. Harold Sims & family 271.03 School, $22.93; Miss Ruby F. Hoffman, $10.00. Travel expense of Mr. and IOWA Council Bluffs First Christian Mrs. Andrew Patton 1,125,00 Churcli, $50.00; Brooklyn Madison Church Printing and mailing of of Christ, $23.35: Des Moines Rising Sun

Reinhart, $35.00; Sumner Bethany Chris tian Cluirch, $24.00.

Missionary Society, $50.00.


$4,246.87 I

Sundav School. S114.38: Mt. Auburn Church

of Christ, $10.00. KANSAS Miss Ellen Lawrence, $3.00; Mrs. Virginia G. Templeton and Nadine. $5.00; Mrs. Roy Pigeon, $1.20; Norton Christian Church. $53.79; Clearwater Christian Church, $40.42: Mrs. Ellen Overton, $2.00. KENTUCKYGermantown Christian Church,

Tokj-o Christian 295.00 Stamps 6.00 Exchange on checks .10 Annuity Interest 6.00 Martin-Johnson Printing Co. 18.03 for Envelopes Salary of forwarding agent 70.00

The two young ladies in this picture with

me are my especial pets. Dorcas Noguchi, on my left, is the eldest daughter in the home in 3,991.16 which I lived for two happy years. She has been very faithful in helping me and also car $ 255.71 ries on the Sunday School I started in their

$50,00. MARYLAND Mt. Rainier Christian Church, Balance $7.00. Gifts received in Tokyo during May and June. MASSACHUSETTS Mrs. E. S. Donnell, 1933, $8.00. CALIFORNIA Ukiah Church of Christ. MINNESOTA Fairnxouut Church of Christ, $20.00; Los Angeles View Park Church $59.09. of Christ, $35.00. MISSISSIPPI AberdeenChristian Church WASHINGTON U and I Class. Christian Circle, $25.00; Columbus Women's Chris Church. $31.00. tian Fellowship. First Ciiristian Church, $25. HONOLULU, HAWAII Christian Church, Kaimuki Woman's Council, $10.00. MISSOURI Martinsville Christian Church, $30.00.

The young lady on my right is Rose Hasegawamy birthday present for she was one of two girls baptized on my 80th birthday. She comes very faithfully to Sunday and mid-week services and is a promising worker. I think you must admit that they are both pretty.

NEBRASKA Mrs. Lillie Corman, $o.OO; Wakefile Christian Church Sunday School,

pretty and they are just as good as they are E.B.C.

$20.00; Mrs. Hazel Stats, $3.00: Mrs. Effie Evangelism

Myers, $1.00; Mrs. Bertha Tumbleson, $1.00.

NEW MEXICO Mi?5 Marguerite E. Byerly. average attendance was one hundred forty. I $2 00. am trusting God to raise up from among these NEW YORK Mrs. Lillian Clark, $1.00. cliildren strong Christian soldiers in order that OHIO Nashville Church of Christ, $20.00; the Gospel may reach every home in Yokosuka. , KillbuckUnion Grove Church of Christ, My hope and desire, my prayers were that: $39 29; SteubenvilleLaBelle View Church of God would give us victory in the heart and life ' Christ, $15.00; Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Deem, of every person in the neighborhood of the

(Continued from Page 1)

$10.00; Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Schubert, $10.00;

$33.00; SalemPhillips Church, $50.00; Miss |

Phalanx StationBraceville Christian Church, meetings. A. .And this is still my prayer and hope in God Alildred Covington. $5.00: Mr. and Mrs. Cecil j knowing that lie is not willing that any Calendine, $10.00: Columbus Soutlnvood should peri.^h, but that all should come to reChurch of Christ, $20.00: Miss Janice God- pentence. Therefore, I am looking for a greater . love. $1.00; MorristownChristian Church outpouring of God's Holy Spirit in the building Bible School. $5.00: TorontoFirst Church of His Ciuirch at Yokosuka. Freshman Class of Tokyo Bible of Christ Missionary Society. $50.00; Mr. and Left to right: Mr. Ishihara, Mr. Your servant in Christ, Mrs. Albert J. Schlyer, $10,00; FranklinKurahara, Mr. Fijiama, Mr. Ito. Stanley Buttray Women's Missionary Group, Central Ciiurch Kamata from Okinawa, not in the of Christ, $10.00; MorristownKum-Jom-Us Class. Morristown Christian Church. $21.64; PRAYER CHANGES
Mr. J. Ira Mercer, $35.00.

church and every person who came to the

Seminary. Ito, Miss Also Mr. picture.

PENNSYLVANIA LindenLyc. Church of Christ Bible School. $20.00: Miss Jean Swartzwelder, $25.00; Confluence Prayer

Tokyo Treasurer Reports

piajomno a3tsod ouoj sa

' Receipts: From Georgia Account

I From churches


Women's Missionary Society, Sandy I^j^e

Christian Church, $10.00: Sweet ValleyThe
Church of Christ, $25.00: Meadville

Mrs. Roy E, Smith. $10.00; Sandy LakeChristian Church, $700.00; Howard Will

Group. Christian Church. $10.00: Mr. and

ea 'JiaaiD siwnx 'annaAV ajioja OIC *snnS *3 'V

XjnoQ amid '9iqci9Aii9pan si sith |l :ja}S7ai}S0<i


$1,096.00 $3,937.46

Zaidon (Buildings)

ing Workers Class, Church of Christ. $10.00: Miss Jane Godlove. $1.00: RidgwayChurch
of Christ. $12.00; Dickerson RunVanderbilt
Church of Christ, $50.00.

Seminary Maintenance Tuition, Food (Seminary)

Taxes Outstations

138.88 299,33
22.67 16,10

TENNESSEE Erwin First Christian Christian Church DVBS, $25.72. TEXAS Mrs. W. S. Blodgett, $3.00: Mrs.
Chas. Halsell, $200.00.

Church, $60.00; Blountsville Blountsville

Correspondence School Supplies Property Repairs Postage


16,65 1.22 60.79 8.46


VIRGINIA Waynesboro Christian Church,

$16.18; RichmondFairniount Avenue Church

Total disbursements


VoL 52

Number 5

"Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature,'' [Mark 16:15)
Wilmcrdiiig, Peuiia., Se|itiiiber-Oc<ober, 1953

Abico Church Building Dedicated

The Great Alternative

"Jesus said therefore unto the twelve. Would ye also go away? Simon Peter answered him,
Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life."John 6:67,68 Everybody needs religion, and usually seeks it, in one form or another. Some folks seem to be satisfied with very depraved forms of reli gion, as for example the idolater who worships the image he has made with his own hands or
that some other man has made. Such stupidity

is to be pitied, but no more so than the skeptic who worships his own intellectual creation, or who worships himself. True religion is that which God has revealed and made manifest in His Son. Jesus Christ calls men to the true religion in these words:
"Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Millions have gone to Him, down through the years, and have found peace to the soul. Manj- also have "gone away" from Him. But to whom have they gone? When Peter was given tlie privilege of going away he replied; "Lord, to whom shall we go?
Thou hast the words of eternal life." That still

holds today.



1. For one thing, Jesus Christ is the greatest character in the history of the world. But He
is more than an historical character. He is also

The Abico Church Building, which was dedicated on August 16. Inoue San, minister of the
church, is on the left facing this way wearing a dark suit.
On Sunday, August 16, Mr. Buttray preaclied
the dedication sermon at tlic new Abico cliurch.

our living Christ and Savior. No great character before Christ is worthy to be compared to Him.

John the Baptist was a truly great man, but

he said of Jesus, "Whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose." Since the time of Christ the greatest of men, including Napoleon,

Pattons Busy




and a

Andrew and Betty Patton sailed from San host of others have acknowledged His super the present minister, Luke Inoue, a graduate of Francisco August 31, arriving in Japan just in iority. the Tokyo Bible Seminary. During the last 2. He is the greatest teacher the world has two years he was in the seminary lie began the time for the opening of the Tokyo Bible Sem ever known. He gives the only satisfactory Sunday School and church at Abico, a small inary of which he is president. Since at this philosophy of life. He satisfies both the heart country village about thirty miles from Tokyo. writing we have no message written especially and the mind by revealing the true destiny of Upon graduation in 1952 lie expressed the desire for the Tokyo Christian we pass along a part m a n . to make rural evangelism his life work. But 3. He has exerted the greatest and most benesickness came into his family, making it impos of what he wrote to Harold. ficient influence in the world. Individuals and sible for him to give all of his time to this work. "Over a week has passed sincc we arrived in At the beginning of this year because of a Tokyo and I have just now found time to write to the extent that they have accepted and fol change of circumstances in his family he was a few lines. To put it mildly, we are already lowed Him. able to return to Abico to live and plans were snowed under with work. The Buttrays, Mrs. II. BUT MEN DO CHOOSE OTHER made to build a small chapel on property which Cunningham and some of the Japanese people had been bought about two years ago looking met us at the pier. As soon as we got our bags ALTERNATIVES; "GO AWAY" FROM
forward to this time when the church had through customs, the first problem was laid on grown and full time could be given to it. This my shoulders. To make a long story short, we property was bought with two purposes in finally dismissed Mr. Kamata from teaching in mind, one for a small chapel and the other for the Seminary. After much prayerful thought I a Christian cemetery. There has been a great am fully convinced it was the best thing to need for a burial place for Christians since most do, for he has never been fully in harmony with
of the cemeteries are Buddhist or Shintoist.

This congregation was established in 1949 by

nations have been transformed by His influence,


what we teach and believe and his recent ac

tions made our action imperative. Besides losing The church building was completed August a teacher, we also have the problem of some 16 and the dedication was held in the afternoon money being stolen one Sunday while everyone with more than forty persons present, including was away. But in other rcspects the spirit of representatives from ail of our Tokyo churches. the Seminary is fine. We had a faculty meeting Special music was provided by the men's quartet and made much progress making plans for t!ie of the Seminary and a lectern was presented to school. We have designed a school seal which the congregation by the churches. will soon appear on our stationery etc. And we are still thinking about a chapel and girls' dorm Evangelistic services arc to be held during the first three weeks of October. Please pray itory building over at Buttrays. for these meetings if this news should reach "Mrs. Cunningham gave me some money for you before October 20. Also your continued the school that had been sent to her, and I prayers for Inoue San and this full time effort banked $360.00 today, so we are at least getting is needed and greatly appreciated. Remember a start for the school financially. prayer changes things. James 5:16-18. "We are still living with Buttrays, but plan Mabel Buttray to move about Monday. The walls of the house have been painted and the floors waxed. I Thessalonians 5:2, 3 "For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they shall say. Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape."

There are many such instances today, as in the past. Some go away and preach the glorifi cation of men, or success, or wealth. Others go away from Him and try to succeed by mak ing the church just a social club, leaving out the very fundamentals of the gospel of Christ. Some go away because they cannot or WILL not hear His Word. Perhaps they were only followers of the crowd, following for loaves and fishes. Some go away to worship the god
dess of pleasure, or at the shrine of Bacchus

or of mammon. Some go away down the road

of indifference or carelessness. Their love is

grown cold and they get offended at His great

challenging call to sacrificial service.



No other alternative gives any measure of true and lasting satisfaction. To whom will they go? In Christ's day they might have gone to the Sadducecs or Pharisees or some pagan reli gion. In this our day they may go to atheism
or agnosticism or cynicism or ritualism or countless other "isms," but none of these have "the words of eternal life." None of' them can

"The typhoon is here and blowing outside right now. It arrived early this evening and has already blown down Buttray's fence. It is really blowing in earnest now, but I am afraid to stick my head out for fear a tile will crack
my head." Andrew Patton

satisfy the heart's deepest longing. When people go away from Christ where will
they go to settle the problem of sin and its

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Published by-monthly by the Church of Christ

Words Of An Expert
We do not know the name of this expert, l>ut
the words are taken from a booklet sent out

Bible College Product

Cunningham Mission, Tokyo, Japan, tor the infor mation and inspiration of every Christian whose
heart is open to the call of Christ, and who is

willing to help in the supreme task of carrying out

the Great Commission of Clirist: "Go ye therefore

and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Fatlier, and of the Son, and of the Holy
Ghost; teaching them to observe .ill things what

by Unified Promotion, and surely none but an expert would be tlius honored. On the first page we read: "This booklet is for the use of
ministers and the committees of the church

soever I have commanded you; and lo, I am with

you alway, even unto the end of the world." Matt.

28:19, 20.
Entered as second class matter in the Wilmerding,

Pa., PostufTice under the Act of March 3, 1879.


Director Editor



Mrs. W. D. Cunningham, 16 Wakaba Cho, ShlnjukuKu. Tokyo, Japan. Forwarding agent, Miss Eva D. Green, 127 E. Mercer Ave., College Park, Ga. (Miss Green Is also forwarding agent for the general

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Buttray. 575 2-Chome, Kamlochiai, Shlnjuku-Ku. Tokyo, Japan. Forwarding

agent, Mrs. Homer Anderson, R. D. 1, Meadville, Pa.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Patton. 450 Aral Machl, Na-

kano-Ku. Tokyo, Japan. Forwarding agent, Mr. or

Mrs. Ray Armstrong, Route 3. Box 310. Piqua, Ohio

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sims, on furlough. 2811 Warsaw

Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. Forwarding agent. A, E.

Sims, 310 Brown Ave., Turtle Creek, Pa.

and its organizations which reconniiend mis sionary budgets." The pages are not numbered, but the page on which the following expert words appear is headed, "Evangelism." Read thoughtfully as we quote: "An analysis of social trends in our country indicates tlie necessity for the church to make the greatest possible evangelistic impact of which it is capable. Information from the Fed eral Bureau of Investigation brings to our minds the importance of strengthening the moral and spiritual fiber of our national life. Indications of religious indifference and spiritual apathy are faced each day in many areas of our present society. The influence which contempor ary religion brings to bear upon our culture must be intensified increasingly or soon we will become a people without moral or spiritual insight. "According to figures which were released during 1951 the population of ttie United States increased approximately 1.7*7r, The net increase in membership througout our entire brotherhood as reported in the 1952 Year Book was 1.19'/f. "This situation calls for a more effective pro

Mrs. W. D. Cunningham
Mr. T. O. Hathcock Miss Eva Green

Mrs. E. G, Nabell J. E. Llpscombe

Alfred E. Sims

Mr. Lawrence Bain

Orvel C. Crowder

gram of evangelism. This is our Year of Evan gelism which is being promoted by the national

and state forces.

and 36 inchcs girth can be sent.

dresses arc sliown above. Packages of clothing can them. be sent up to 22 pounds, not over 42 inches long achieve an increase of at least 10% each year of 82 inches in girth. Packages of printed matter above the resident membership reported for the up to 6 pounds 9 ounces, not over 24 inches long year book during the Long Range Program.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Buttray and their son, Paul, just before Paul returned to this country Packages for Japan should be sent direct by Evangelism of the Home and State Missions to finish his High School work and graduate parcel post to one of the missionaries whose .id- Planning Council that our brotherhood could from an American High School. Be praying for
"It was tlie conviction of the Committee on

Muto san, one of our very finest students

Consult your post office about preparation

of packages for mailing.

The cooperation of each church is urgently re had some wonderful experiences this past sum quested in this effort," mer. Having preached the first week of the What a masterpiece! It certainly must have Yokosuka Church evangelistic meeting, in
been considered a "knockout" for those for

cogs in the big machine. It must have been

whom it was intended that is, for the little ning. There were good crowds, good interest, intended for such as do not know Jesus Christ ing back each night. as Savior and Lord, for it makes no reference
to Him or His Great Commission! It must have
been intended for such as do not believe the

which he got the meeting off to a good begin

If you change your address please notify A. E. Sims, 310 Brown Avenue, Turtle Creek, Pa., giving both your old and your new address. We want to keep our mailing lists up to date. If you make an offering you are entitled to
receive this paper if you so request.

and good messages which kept the people com

How Do You Evaluate

Bible, for it makes no reference to the Bible, which is a tower of strengtSi and inspiration to every true evangelist of Christ. It must have
been intended for such as have never been born

The Tokyo Christian?

A question has been raised as to the advis ability of continuing the publication of the Tokyo Christian. The cost of printing and mail ing has increased about 150% in the past seven or eight years. Do you like ii enough that you would be willing to pay a larger subscription

again, for surely every true born again Christian

is so filled with the love of Christ and the love

of the souls that are lost that he will be im

Then Muto san's plans were to go to Okin awa and on to a little island of Miyako but for some reason his passport and visa did not come at the time he had planned. Of course the thought that ran through his mind was that it was not God'.s will that he should go. But plans had been made and missionaries and Japanese Christians were waiting for him to come to teach in the Youth camp and to hold rivival
ineetings. But for some reason the U. S. author

ities of Occupied Okinawa were silent. Days

went by and still no answer. Days turned into weeks as Muto san, Japanese pastors, members of the church and missionaries prayed for God
to open the way for him to enter Okinawa.

pelled by that love to do his utmost to save the without any such expert motivation. But is the chief thought of this expert mas terpiece to save the poor souls that are lost price? Don't send any money now, but write from the punishment to whicli they are going, and tell the editor how you feel about itif or is it just to add people to the church whether you feel strongly enough to write. If no one they are saved or not? We might also ask, Why writes we'll take it for granted that it makes a Year of Evangelism? Is it that the experts little dificrence to you readers whether it con have been so occupied with perfecting the de tinues or not. nominational machinery, and so busy trying to In case you may not know it already, we may force the churches into subjection to the ma apprise you of the fact that the editor of this chine by hook or crook or cunning that they

These were also anxious days and weeks for the missionaries and Christians at Okin awa and Miyako too, for they well remembered how their hearts were made glad a year before when Mr. Muto had come and preached paper receives no salary. He has been gladly now feel the need of more "resources"? We can donating his time as a small contribution to the not detect in the above masterpiece any love Missionary cause. The fact that the Tokyo for lost souls or any desire to save them for

Christian is, so far as we know, the oldest mis

their own sake or for Christ's sake.

the visa and passage came through. That was a happy day! The following day as Muto san
Of course those who are truly born again
Christians and have a real love for Christ and

the Good News of salvation and many became Christians. But finally, after more than two weeks of prayer and anxious waiting

left Tokyo everything seemed to be working

for the lost souls for whom Christ died, are

sionary publication among our people has been a challenge and an inspiration to keep it going. Even if it is no longer worth all of the increased cost, we feel sure that it has not been in vain. Only eternity can tell the full extent of its influ ence and inspiration during the past 52 years. For many years it was published monthly. Then in recent years it has been published bi-monthly. What would you think of publishing it quar terly? Let us be praying that God will guide us to do the right thing. It is our prayer that

His will may be done in the matter. hopeless or impossible, just remember that with received saying that he had arrived safely in Alfred E. Sims, Editor God nothing is impossible. southern Kyushu in time to board the ship that A.E.S. was to take him to Okinawa. Acts 10:34,35 "Then Peter opened his mouth, Upon arriving at Okinawa he helped in a Acts 4:12 "Neither is there salvation in any and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no

they may be converted and know what it means to travel to southern Kyushu. Again there was to be a new creature in Christ. If that seems prayer and the following day a telegram was

Let us not be misled by all this expert fol- flood was the worst and the underground rail de-rol. Rather let us pray for the experts that road tunnels had filled, making it impossible

out fine for lie would just have time to reach the southern part of Kyushu and catch a small ship to Okinawa. But that night and the follow not thinking in terms of "a year of evangelism," ing day it rained whicli later became one of tlic but they are thinking of evangelism year in and worst flood disasters in a numljer of years for year out as long as life shall last or until the Japan. Knowing that Mr. Muto would reach Lord returns to claim his own. Moji, a city in northern Kyuslui at the time the

Youth camp, preaching and teaching which re respecter of persons: but in every nation he other: for there is none other name under sulted in twelve rededications and five baptisms. heaven given among men, whereby we must that fearetli Him, and worketh righteousness, (Continued on Page 4) be saved." is accepted with Him."


An Interesting Letter
Dear Mother Ciiiininghain, I have made up my mind to be baptized. You have urged me many times before to be bap tized but 1 refused it every time. That was be cause there was something in my lieart that

I did not want to he baptized because I was

persuaded without thinking about it carefully and to me more time was necessary.
The thing that hindered me, in short, was that there was very little of "myself" in me. My real inmost thought always said "I will be bap tized, I want to be a Christian," but outwardly I tried to deny it and said, "I must think it
over some more."

Besides I did not like that Baptismal Service. To have it in front of so many people made me
feel it was so affected. I feel tliat when I am alone I am most honest

and frank with myself but when there are so many people around I am afraid I shall get confused and cannot have a pure feeling. I still feel the same way but I am prepared to go through with it.

A year ago I was living such a busy life that

I did not have time to think about faith but

by a special providence I became ill and I re

ceived time to think quietly by myself. Until that time I was like a machine for study. One of my friends says she would not even Omikoski: a portable shrine borne on the shoulders of many men and usually carried through think about religion but it is different with me. the streets at the time of a festival (Omatsuri). I am sure from my earliest childhood I was pulled by religionto mc it is something very
close and serious.

Right after the war when things were in con

fusion there was nothing that satisfied my heart. It was just vacancy. But suddenly the memory of my childhood days came back to me. When I was three years old just once my brother, who died since, took me to Sunday School. Some thing from that experience remained with me. The shock of the surrender and being in the stage of growth made a blank in my heart. I knew I needed something to fill that blank. Then I decided to go to Sunday School and for four years I attended Sunday School very faith fully. During that time "faith" that was to con trol my whole life was gradually established. To my blank heart Christianity that was sink ing in little by little enveloped my whole mind and body. I think the seed planted in my youth deter mined my whole life. Before my illness I did not know my own heart and how important it was to be a Chris tian. I was always opposing myself but that was not the real me. Now I am different, Christianity is a necessity to me. I will surely be baptized. Of course my knowledge of Christianity is immature, but I don't think that matters, if I keep on studying. Please excuse my poor composition but what I want to tell you is that I have made my de cision to be baptized. If this letter could help you understand me, I shall be very happy. Yours sincerely, Betty Matsuki

God Shows The Way!

When we were at Lake James and Cedar Lake Missions Weeks this past summer we had

Furlough Experiences
From the day of their arrival in this country,

Harold Sims has had the privilege of speaking no plans to go to school while on furlough. We m one or more churches every Sunday so far. thought that people with a family tlie size of Lois and the children have accompanied him on ours couldn't think seriously of school again, many of the trips but not all. He has also had because of the expense and other difficulties several appointments between Sundays. Lois has involved. Also we had planned to travel widely. also made several appearances at some churches without Harold. They have everywhere met But we found out quickly that this "deputa with a very hearty cordial reception, and great tion work" is not an easy task. Also in talking ly appreciate the hospitality that has been with many preachers and missionaries we found shown them. that it is very difficult to get speaking appoint Harold attended the Sixth Annual Missionary ments except on Sundays and Wednesday Convention at Lincoln, 111., and enjoyed every nights. So we began to think of taking another part of it. He appreciated meeting a great many year of graduate work, especially since week friends there. He was also one of the speakers ends would he free for speaking engagements; on Friday night. The attendance was very good. and since, after all, a school term at CBS just (Your editor regrets that he was unable to be takes slightly more than half tlie weeks of our there.) furlough. Then too, those who are engaged We have now visited all of our Living-Link mainly in teaching on the mission field un Churches except Eustis, Florida, and we are doubtedly need the refreshing experience of ad laying big plans for that visit some time in the ditional study while on furlough. So we decided future. We have had a wonderful time at every that, the Lord willing, we would go to Cincin place. It is great to be able to visit old friends nati Bible Seminary, for Harold to continue once again after some years of absence. the graduate work which he had left unfinished
when he left for the Mission Field in March,

Matthew Ikeda, a student from Tokyo, is in 1947. The Lord certainly must have been will ing, for everything ha.s worked out perfectly, Cincinnati Bible Seminary with us, so some as if made to order. times we get practice in speaking Japanese. Matthew has spoken in many different churches 1. The Chase Ave. Church of Christ in Cin cinnati wrote that they would promise to help all over the United States and is becoming well us financially so that the whole family would known. He is not what you would call "an official representative" for the Mission, since be able to move to Cincinnati. the Mission doesn't pay his travel expense or 2. The Seminary then oflered us the position salary. The Charlottesville, Va., Church helps of House-parents for one of the girls' dor Betty Matsuki was baptized with Rose Hasewith his school expenses. All offerings given to jawa on my last birthday and a more lovely mitories, providing us an apartment in the build him are his own personal responsibility. ing free of rent. They also furnished beds and jirthday gift it would be hard to imagine. Both girls are living earnest Christian lives, chests of drawers. The Standard Publishing Co. has made a very 3. One of the students let us use his gas cook lose will be a teacher in the Sunday School ;nd Betty, who has a lovely high soprano voice stove, since he was moving into a furnished' interesting and kind offer to print the "Life of vill sing in our choir. apartment. I Christ Visualized" series in foreign languages. Everything but the letters will be the same as 4. Pearl Willis and his good wife, ministers ' Betty is just seventeen and I think has deep the English editions, and the price will be very lioughts for such a young person. She spent of the Chase Aveime Church, let us use their reasonable perhaps about 14 cents each, rirec months in bed last year with pleurisy but old refrigerator for the school year. PROVIDED we order at least 100,000 copies. ; quite recovered. E.B.C. 5. The other Sims families, Ralph and Earl I am sure this would be a very valuable thing and their wives, helped with dishes, canisters in the Japanese language. It would be widely and other things for the kitchen. HANGES OF ADDRESS read and might bring the gospel story into many Please note the following changes of address, 6. Some people of the Montgomery Road homes not otherwise entered. How many are he forwarding agent for Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Church in Cincinnati loaned us a baby bed, rug, interested in a project like this? How strong uttray is Mrs. Homer Anderson, R. R. No. 1, and other kitchen utensils. is your interest in a financial way? 'eadviile. Pa. So you see how the Lord has supplied for Harold and Lois Sims, home on furlough, us. Phil. 4:19 is again demonstrated. We just Luke 12:20 "But God said unto him, Thou e now residing at 2811 Warsaw Ave., Cin- thank Him and rejoice constantly. The good fool, this night thy soul shall be required of nnati 4, Ohio. They expect to continue there ness of everybody to us has certainly been a thee; then whose shall those things be, which iring this school year. Their forwarding agent blessed experience. We are unworthy, but God, thou hast provided? So is he that layeth up

A. E. Sims, 310' Brown Ave., Turtle Creek,

and His people are the I)est friends in the world treasure for himself, and is not rich toward
to us. Harold and Lois Sims



Rope Holder List

August and September
Reed, $5.00.

Tokyo Treasurer Reports

Tokyo Treasurer's report for July and August.

Great Alternative
Continued from Page 1)

COLORADO Elbert Christian Church, $40. From Rent of Karuizawa House DISTRICT OF COLUMBIAMrs. Elizabeth

From Churches and Individuals

From Georgia Account

$ 188.30 Where will they go with their gu'lt ' 50.00 results? burden of sin to secure forgiveness and fr 1,000.00 dom? Some try to ignore sin, but it can't be

ILLINOIS Mr. Harry C. Randolph, $1.00; Total receipts (July and August) $1.233.30 Sumncr Bethany Christian Church, $22.00. Disbursements: INDIANA Mrs. Roy V. Hobbs, $10.00. Buildings ? 888.88
IOWA Council Bluffs First Christian Travel and car repairs Church, $50.00. Tokyo Bible Seminary KANSAS Miss Ellen Lawrence, $5.00; Hutchinson Church of Christ, $10.00; Mrs. Outstations Virginia G. Tcmpleton, $4.00; Norton Chris Correspondence School tian Church, $44.41; Mrs. Roy Pigeon, $2.00. Property Repairs MAINE Mr. William F. Brawn, $5.00. Miscellaneous MASSACHUSETTSMrs. E, S. Donncll, $8, Total disbursements
MINNESOTA Marion Christian Bible
313.89 289.72

nored. One can't get away from it. Did : ever see a small beam of sunlight in a di filled room? Well, shutting out the sunh doesn't take away the dust; it only keeps ;

8.34 237.10 5.56

from seeing it. Some love darkness rather tl light because their works are evil. Some i of going to nature and science. Can science i
nature remove the burden and the strain

sin? No, if there had been any other way free man from the guilt and power of sin, t Jesus Christ need not have offered the sacn

of His own blood, shed upon the cross for $1 ,834.60 remission of sin.

School, $25.00; Mrs. Eldred J. Smith, $2.00. MISSISSIPPI Friends, $15.00; Hickory
Antioch Christian Church, $25.00. OHIO Ashland Clear Creek Church of

Going away from Christ, where would one for inspiration and the impulse to the better 1
ture and art of the world. But did you t

Someone may say, go to literature and art. there is much of inspiration in the great liti
were taken out of literature and art, tl

Christ, $35.63; East Liberty Christian Church, $20.00; East Dayton Church of Christ, $20;
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Deem, $20.00; Perryton Church of Christ, $12.00; Miss Mildred Covington, $5.00; CincinnatiWestwood-Cheviot Church of Christ, $25.00; Indian Run Church, $30.00; Columbus Southwood Church of
Christ, $20.00.

stop to think tliat if Christ and His influe

would be precious little of inspiration left,

a matter of fact it would be more degrac than uplifting.

PENNSYLVANIA LemoyneFirst Church of Christ, $35.00; ConfluencePrayer Group, Confluence Christian Church, $10.00; Lancas ter Church of Christ, $20.00; Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Smith, $5.00; Wampum Chewton
Christian Church, $25.00. TENNESSEE HarrimanChristian Church

grave of the wife of a professed infidel. I s never forget the look of absolute hopeless Girls at the Christian Workers Camp in upon the face of that proud man. How I p

Finally, what will those who go away f Christ do when they come to the end of way? When one faces death, what assuranC' hope is there from any other source ex. Christ and God's Word? More than thirty y ago it was my lot to stand beside the c

Ladies' Aid, $20.00; Mrs. James Wood, $20.00. Karuizawa. They are preparing rice balls for him! But no one but Christ could help hir such an hour. TEXAS Mrs. W. S. Blodgett, $2.00; Mr. one of the meals. Edgar Sage, $22.00. We are all called upon sooner or late: VIRGINIA Newport News Twentymake this all-important choice: Christ, or w Fourth Street Church of Christ, $200.00; El- Bible College "Will ye also go away?" Shall we answer lerson Gethsemane Church of Christ, $65; Peter: "Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou Ellerson Young Married People's Class, the words of eternal life." A. E. * (Continued from Page 2) Gethsemane Church of Christ, $20.00. WASHINGTON Greenacres Christian
Church, $25.00.


Interest on bonds Gift received for Andrew Patton made

$ 930.04 camp that made decisions to enter Bible Col 244.3/ lege. Then leaving Okinawa he went to Miyako

Besides this there were seven persons in the


payable to Mission (check deposited and check issued)

Transferred from Reserve Account

which is about seventy-five miles by ship (these

Brought Forward

Designated for

Andrew Patton Salaries of missionaries Additional travel expense for Andrew Patton 300.00 Shipment of books to Tokyo Bible College by
Andrew Patton 398.82

and twelve rededications. If you knew the Jap anese a little better you would realize that even $3,160.85 one rededication is the unexpected and the un usual. And to have seven persons in one week decide to enter Bible College and to full time John 3:19 "And this is the condemnation, ministry is a real victory. Praise be unto God light is come into the world, and men 1 $ 16.76 who answers prayer and pours out His Holy darkness rather than light, because their c 800.00

are not ships as we think of them but very 16.75 small boats and are generally quite dangerous $1,713.97 to travel in). On reaching Miyako, he held a $2,905.14 two weeks meeting resulting in twenty baptisms


Spirit in wonderful blessings and victories, even in these times and in all places where Christ Jesus is honored by Christ centered Christian
living. Your servant in Christ, Stanley Buttray

were evil."

John 12:48: "He that rejecteth me, anc

ceiveth not my words, hath one that ju< him: the word that I have spoken, the

Printing of Tokyo Christian.. 295.00 Stamps 6.75 Salary of forwarding agent .. 35.00

shall Judge him in the last day."




Balance on hand $1,308.52 Gifts received in Tokyo during July and Au gust, 1953. CALIFORNIA Los Angeles View Park Church of Christ, $70.00; Mr. Elbert Holland,

paajixBJBno aSBjsoj twJoj asn rjajsBunsoj


Will Be

'jiaaJO aiJJnj; 'anuaiV nAioja OIC 'siuig 'a 'v

mou asBaid 'aiqejaAiiapan si srqj n

OHIO Payne Church of Christ, $58.30;

Mr. Elma F. Stonerock, $40.00. Harold Sims was the speaker for the Cincin nati Bible Seminary Alumni Banquet, October 28. He is also scheduled to speak at a Mission


In a new program of direct-supp(


ary Rally in Charlottesville, Va., and at a Con

ference at Atlanta Christian College early in

in a permanent program for evangel


November. If you are in easy reach of Cincin

nati and would like for him to speak at your

church, please write to him at 2811 Warsaw Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Andrew Patton, Pres/denf 450 Arai MachI, Nakano-Ku, Toky