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2013-2022 Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures
29 of July 2013, Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia

On the way to a Peace Community on a New Earth th The 9 New Earth culture of peace expedition summary
25 June - 13 July 2013
Sayan Mountains, the Abode of Dawn community, Siberia, Russia By Nina Goncharova, edited by Rene Wadlow

Kazir River

House of Blessing in Petropavlovka

The 9th New Earth culture of peace expedition to the Abode of Dawn community in Siberia was devoted to further fusion of the Earth is Our Common Home international family, the HUMANITAD foundation and the Abode of Dawn community so that a Peace Village and a New Earth project could be developed. The expedition has become a “New Horizons” nomadic school of culture of peace. Culture of Peace is a science for living together. We were from Russia, Tatarstan, and Kazakhstan exploring from within a model of new life being created by a many-national family of the Abode of Dawn community. We traveled together feeling each other and the opening new horizons. We visited the Abode of Dawn community on the top of the Sykhaya Mountain, met people – land owners, and citizens of several villages within the Promised Land. We made the New Earth project (HUMANITAD) presentation. Before our arrival, we sent a letter to Vissarion, telling that for 20 years an international Education for Life movement has been creating a nomadic community of people – pioneers of new life in Eurasia and that since the Himalayan “A Sacred network of the planet» expedition in 1997, a world trip, guided by the Hand of God (as circumstances, people, right places showed up), happened. It was needed to be present at different corners of the world 1

to find resonant people – one planetary team capable to make the transition from an old artificial world of consumption into to a new world in harmony with the divine and nature. In 2009 during my first arrival at the Promised Land, I immediately felt that in synchronicity with our world nomadic actions, a new model of a new humanity was planted and growing up in harmony with nature in practical life on earth. I felt how a new fabric of life – the one of love – had been created in the land of Siberia. At the same time, all the pieces of the mozaic of a new life emerging on planet Earth fell in their right places. I wholeheartedly realized that a new time is here and that our task is to unite people – pioneers of new time and all that is creative and new in the world with this truly great in its essence endeavourer, t.i. – creating conditions for people to live a really humane life and follow their souls’ call to be creators. It has been happening on the Siberian land by hands and hearts of people from all over the world who once heard a Word and felt that they want to step out of the systems and begin to first be healed from millennium wounds of a lost world and then to learn to live together in harmony. They have the annual Good Fruits celebration at the 18th of August. This ninth expedition also brought “good fruits” of our cooperation with the HUMANITAD foundation and the New Earth project as a fruit of our friendship – for creating Siberia – “New Earth project – manifesting a new world in harmony with nature”. And as we now know about the two sources – Heavenly Father as a parent of all humans’ souls and the Creator as a father of all material worlds and nature, we would suggest adding “in harmony with the Divine and nature”. For 15 years the HUMANITAD team has been acting worldwide to put together new technologies for independent life on earth. And the Abode of Dawn community has been creating a real model of independent life based on humane new principles and capacity to live and create right relationships with each other, nature and the entire world. So, here we were, climbing for the Sukhaya Mountain to take part in the Liturgy, and to meet Vissarion and our friends. While climbing the mountain again I was amazed by the heroic life of the people who managed to create an abode of dawn community in the former wild taiga. When we reached the top of the mountain an incredible view was there – before our eyes. Usually on the top of the mountain people are used to see and admire wonderful nature and here one could enter huge and beautiful gates into the city of the future looking like an Ark, moving over the Earth with clouds and mountains below. As we had our joint Endeavour – the Day Out Of Time celebration on the Mountain at the 25th of July 2012, we were really happy to meet our old friends at their everyday gathering of “gortzev” – “mountaineers”. The same evening we met Vladimir Tinykov – the former head of administration of Cheremshanka region, who quit his “old life” occupation and now lives on the Mountain. The aim of our meeting was the land for our peace community and the New Earth project. Vladimir told us his story. He served as the head of administration for 7 yeas and then, when he got acquainted with the Abode of Dawn community, he realized that he also wanted to take part in creating a new foundation of a new society and moved for the Mountain to live and create with the mountaineers’ family. He passed us the copies of the documents for 23 hectares of land registered by him telling that he could not pass it for free and told us that the price would be – 84 000 $, not a high price for that quantity of land in the area. 2

The next day about a hundred people (it was an ordinary Sunday) climbed together to the Earth Altar beautifully built from wood and stones and placed on the top of mountain on the way to the Heavenly abode. It was an awesome sacred work for the Earth and Heaven. Then we moved to the valley to meet the Teacher who was already sitting on the stone. Everything around was ennobled with people’s hands and hearts. He looked like at his first coming – a white garments, long hair and love pouring to everybody and nature. The meeting started with the fusion – a silent heart to heart communication. I felt his incredible task to create on Earth this special place in Siberia for people of the world to live together as one family according to the true principles of life. Then the questions followed – about some problems that arose in the community life and between men and women. The answers were wise; simple and full of humor. At the end of the meeting he stood up and again there were minutes of silent communication and then some words followed. I had a feeling that I was He, as I felt what he felt: hope and love to everybody and a great faith that these courageous people who made a step for the unknown to create a new world on a new land, will be able to create such a powerful foundation for a new life so that the rest of the world could arrive and they would stand and not be swept by an old stream of life… I had a feeling of a real Legend happening here and now to make a key turn in the humanity’s history. We were going to hire a boat and visit Tiberkul Lake to meet our friends Vladimir and Vadim but could not. It happened that right on the road on the Mountain here they were – first Vladimir (a land keeper) and then – Vadim (a constructor). To speak more about Tiberkul we had a miraculous meeting with Sergey Golubev (his son Oleg – an owner of a saw-timber place once recommended us to meet his father Sergey, an owner of a tourist firm at Tiberkul Lake). So, it happened that a cross-country vehicle stopped opposite us in Cheremshanka village and it was Sergey, who invited us to visit his place at Tiberkul Lake. I felt that the Tiberkul Lake “ring” is “becoming alive” and that the two previous trips to the other side of Tiberkul Lake – in 2012 had their “fruits”. We visited several villages (there are fifty villages ennobled with the presence and new life of people of the Promised Land) - Gulyaevka, Cheremshanka, Petropavlovka villages of the Kuragino administrative region and Alexeevka, Verhny Kuzebar and Tayati villages of the Karatuz administrative region. We met people, visited their homes and observed both unity and diversity – everybody had his/her unique life story for moving from cities for a new Siberian land and at the same time, one thing in common – they all made a courageous step for the unknown by quitting their old way of life in the systems and starting learning to live together in the right conditions – in the nature and following the law of the divine to become one family. We were happy to again meet people with whom we also became one family. All of them looked joyful, happy and full of energy.


We approached the key aim of our expedition – we visited the land (went by foot from Cheremshanka village for 5 km) owned by Vladimir. It happened that during the previous expeditions we were there and again we had a chance to meet Evgeny Chasnik, a man who arrived from Tafalaria, made a khutor consisting of several houses, with 11 horses. Evgeny, his wife Oksana, Mikhail, a horse rider lived at the khutor for 6 years. When we came this time, Evegeny said that at the moment he was ready to sell all the houses as he was tired of living almost alone long enough. Now they moved to Petropavlovka village and visit their khutor only from time to time. Our meeting brought a new hope and Evgeny invited us to come as soon as possible. We created a circle to make a connection with the Earth, the land and envisioned a New Earth community to be placed there. All felt the blessing and acceptance of the land… some people saw the light spreading all around the space.

July 2013

Mikhail, Evgeny, Nina, Andrew, Sergey, Ramil, Nadya at the land, 2

In Petropavlovka we met our old friend Larisa Grigoryeva who told us that she was ready to share her experience in construction round houses as she managed to take part in construction one of this type of houses in Australia together with her husband. Nikolas Nedrigailo, with whom we met at Tiberkul Lake in 2012, who constructed the House of Blessing in Petropavlovka, also said that he was ready to construct a Temple at a place we will choose. Evgeny recommended meeting Vladimir Pugin, a man who arrived from Belarus and who knew all the characteristics of the land as he did agricultural research. So we did and had a heartfelt meeting with Vladimir who told his 16 years life story on the Promised Land and we were moved by his total devotion to a new world created here. He approved that the land in question is rich and also contains three types of clay. He expressed his readiness to cooperate and to also create our common dream – about a new TV. Then we went to Cheremchanka village to meet another man recommended by Evgeny – Vasily Tribunsky. He is an expert in creating houses from clay. Vasily is also ready to cooperate in creating our community. In Cheremchanka village we visited several other people – a former opera singer Lyubov Bocharova, who moved from Moscow 16 years ago and now is happy to live in the community. We visited Nataly Valentovitch, who hosted a meeting of Vissarion and Talgat Akbashev in her flat in 2000 4

in Krasnoyarsk city. We could not but visit our old friend Stanislav Kazakov – a former organizer of the Vissarion’s community with whom we traveled together and co created “The master class of Human Life” organization. Stanislav highly recommended to first buy a house at Cheremshanka in order to be able to effectively manage the New Earth project on the land that is rather close to this village (5 km). He said: “You should live here (in Cheremshanka or Petropavlovka) and create your dream there (at the place – 5 km from Cheremshanka or 7 km from Petropavlovka)”. We all had a feeling that Life, Heaven and Earth guided us as all was happening smoothly and the right meetings happened. Thus, spontaneously a young man Dmitry Bogdanov (“given by God” – translated from Russian) approached us at the administration of Kuragino region. He was interested in the New Earth project and invited us to visit his house situated right at the beginning of the path from Cheremchanka to the possible New Earth land. Dmitry happened to be a potter ready to be a part of our community. The other part of our expedition was for the other region where the Vissarion community resides – in Karatuz region. It is an agricultural region with good conditions for growing vegetables. We lived in Alexeevka village, a small village with 25 houses, at Vera Matveeva house, which was happy to host us, and we conducted a “New Horizons” seminar with the women. I had a sense of a female energy here and it happened that 7 km from this village there was a sacred source of the Tihvin Divine Mother. We went there by car (that showed up like other things during our trip showed up). It was at the 7th of July, the Ivan Kupala (swimmer) celebration. We invited people to join us and created a circle of gratitude and felt blessed by the Mother Earth and Heaven. The Sun shined and our hearts were peaceful and full of joy.

Circle of Gratitude at the Sacred source of the Tihvin Divine Mother,7 July 2013 Then we went to Tayati, a rather large and beautiful village, to visit our old friends’ families and to witness how the village citizens live and create in one family according to Teacher’s Word. Really, even in the air, one could feel the harmonious atmosphere of unity. Several beautiful houses were bringing the feeling of a new life coming. We met Vladimir and Alexandra 5

Yankovsky family and Vladimir mentioned a prophesy, passed for Russia during the meeting of the president of Russia with the Pope about a new civilization to be started near the Sinyuha Mountain. And this is what is happening now. Vladimir shared with us their experience how they live in cooperation and solve all the arising tasks together in their united family of the village. Another happy meeting was with Vitaly and Tatyana Dyukins’ family. Together they constructed a house (a house made from straw and clay). Vitaly expressed his readiness to be at use for our international peace community. The couple is a happy family – for ten years they live in love in a light and joyful way, like the first time they met. At the end of our trip, we had a circle of gratitude in Gulyaevka village. The 9th New Earth expedition is over and it brings the feeling that it as time for the fusion of world accomplishments for a new world with the Education for Life movement and the Abode of Dawn community in Siberia and start a new level of cooperation for manifesting a new world in harmony with the Divine and nature What spiritual results and human resources do we have? - Awareness that it is we who should safeguard the transition into a new world – the one of people-creators of love, peace and happiness; - A planetary team consisting of people devoted for a new world from all over the world - “Earth is Our Common Home” community, manifested in the “Rainbow Earth: Vision from the Future” book, HUMANITAD and Transnational Perspectives magazine; - Unity of visions and actions with the HUMANITAD team, founder of the New Earth project; - Unity with the Abode of Dawn community, which has been creating a new model of life for the last 20 years in Siberia and manifest a new world in practice; - Educational KNOW HOW technologies for awakening who we are and creating unity – Education for Life movement that has been practically creating a nomadic community of awakened people – creators for the last 20 years; - Fusion of a New Earth and a Peace Community projects; - Our team at the Promised Land, who want to participate in a New Earth and a Peace community projects; What do we have as practical results and opportunities? We have documents for the land for agricultural needs – 23 hectares for sale - 84 000 $ (remark – in order to construct something on this land, it should be reregistered as a farm in a name of a farm owner) We have a man – Vladimir Pugin, who might be this farm owner Opportunity for “Our Home” house in Sheremshanka or Petropavlovka – 100 000 $ - to be able to manage the project (Novosibirsk, the city where we have our “head-heart” quarter – in our flat - is 1,5 days travel by train and by bus to reach the needed place + every trip requires finance, time, energy, etc) 6

- We have a man Vasily Tribunsky, who is an expert in creating houses from clay; We have a land designer (Novosibirsk), a solar energy expert (Ulan-Ude city); We have education for life masters, singers, dancers, choreographers; We have a deep feeling that you are people who have specially incarnated to be a part of this endeavor – to create conditions for people of the world to make a step out of an ordinary stream of life – create a new channel for changing the course of life - and practically live together an independent life. We invite everybody to create and develop the New Earth project and the “Siberia – New Earth project” as a warm hearth where we could meet face to face at the beautiful land, situated close to the Abode of Dawn community, where people live a different way of life, and create a new people, a new basis for a new humanity in practical life on Earth. Together we will create a new attractive reality so that people of the world who are interested could come and live as one family on Earth as our common home. When we meet in harmony in nature and when we are focused at one and the same direction – then, though we have different languages and cultures, our meetings become happy events capable to change the reality. You are welcome for cooperation in any role you will feel appropriate for you With love from Siberia Nina Goncharova and the Earth is Our Common Home team Ambassador of the New Earth project in Siberia


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