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PDT   MEDIA CONTACT: Rosally Sapla / 917.969.7483 or 917.477.9146 / rsapla@pohconsulting .com     FIRST CAR-SHARE PROGRAM WITH FLAT-RATE RECURRING MONTHLY PAYMENTS GOES LIVE AUGUST 5   Brand new “Flightcar Monthly” program pays car owners $150-$400 to park-and-share on recurring basis, regardless of rental status; tackles crowded city parking prob lems     [San Francisco / Boston] August 5, 2013 -- Competition is heating up around US a irports in the $30 billion car rental industry, and crowded cities feed an $18 b illion parking industry. Now, Cambridge-based FlightCar is going live with a new , full-service, park-and-share program designed to automatically pay car owners a recurring monthly cut of car-share income, between $150 to $400 -- regardless of whether their cars are rented -- in addition to saving them hundreds of dolla rs on parking fees.   Simply called “FlightCar Monthly,” the program tackles two problems simultaneously: the exorbitant cost of parking in the city and the time-consuming hassle associa ted with competing peer-to-peer car-sharing, which requires a lot more effort. F lightCar’s CEO Rujul Zaparde expects the program to appeal to busy professionals, college students, downtown residents and monthly customers of public parking gar ages, specifically those among these groups who tend to only use their car to ge t out of the city or to tackle household projects once a month.   …. In return for agreeing to let FlightCar try to rent their car for at least 26 ou t of a 30-day period, car owners will automatically receive a check between $150 to $400 each month, depending on the make and model year. Customers will also e njoy added conveniences such as free vehicle pickup, monthly auto-renewal, $1 mi llion in insurance, town car service, and a car wash. FlightCar Monthly customer s can also use their car, or an equivalent one, for free anytime for up to four days a month..   Consumers may sign up for FlightCar Monthly in public beta starting Monday, Aug 5 on FlightCar.com/Monthly. There are no fees involved to participate in the pro gram, but you must be accepted into the program. ABOUT FLIGHTCAR Founded in July 2012 and launched from San Francisco in February 2013, Cambridge -based FlightCar tackles congestion at airports and the frustrations associated with crowded parking and over-priced car rentals. The full-service peer-to-peer secure parking and car sharing company currently operates in San Francisco and B oston, with planned expansion to Los Angeles and additional markets in the comin g year. FlightCar was created by three Ivy League college teenage dropouts, Ruju l Zaparde, Kevin Petrovic and Shri Ganeshram who were inspired by Airbnb and hope to revolutionize the car rental and parking industries. For more information, visi t FlightCar.com.

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