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iv vitamin c ?

dmso ip6  In  patients  with  cancer  or  at  high  risk  for  cancer,  he  recommends  a  dose  in  the  range  of  4,800  to  7,200  milligrams  of  IP6  along  with  1,200  to  1800  milligrams  of  inositol.  This  should  be  taken  on  an  empty stomach. melatonin While the optimal dose of melatonin for treating different types of cancer has n ot yet been established, the many clinical studies by Lissoni and colleagues hav e shown that doses of 10-50 mg of melatonin nightly are beneficial to cancer pat ients. Those recently diagnosed with slow-growing or early-stage cancer may wish to con sider supplementing with 3 to 6 mg melatonin nightly; the latter dose may be res erved for early-stage cancer patients who suffer from disturbed sleep patterns. Because most clinical studies have shown that patients with late-stage, advanced , or untreatable cancer, or those with cancer metastasis, benefit from supplemen tation with 20 mg of melatonin, such patients may wish to consider supplementing with between 6 and 50 mg of melatonin nightly, depending on plasma melatonin le vels. boswellia Boswellia extracts are administered orally as capsules or tablets usually with a content around 400 mg of Boswellia extract. Providers recommend a daily dosage of 4 to 6 grams per day for adults in the treatment of perifocal brain oedema. The anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits appear to be dose-dependent, with the minimal dose that has been seen as effective being 3 doses of 400mg Boswell ia Serrata (basic extract) taken daily with meals. If using Boswellia Serrata it self, doses can increase up to 1800mg taken thrice a day, but are usually in the range of 800-1200mg taken thrice a day. ruta "For any kind of brain tumor, we prescribe 1) Ruta Gr.6c in pills, 5 pills a dose, two doses daily, morning and evenin g, 2) Calcarea Phos 3X, in tablets, 2 tablets a dose, two doses daily, noon and night. Please continue the medicines for three months and then review the condition. In severe cases we advice the medicines to be taken every three hours alternatel y. This treatment has done good / cured many cases & we have been using this reg imen for more than 30 years with great success. berberine Berberine 1500 mg Cytotoxin 1 2 From GoldenSeal or Oregon Grape; clinical experience with berberine has shown that doses of 2 grams per day prod uced no side effects; a 2003 study in the American Journal of Cardiology reporte d that it lowers LDL cholesterol 18-25% and normalizes heart actions; has clinic al efficacy in prostate cancer prevention and therapy, and leukemia curcumin 1g 2g 4g 8g upto 10g a day

an alkaloid named hydrocotyline. Pharmacokinetics: Plasma concentrations and half-life increase with chron ic use (see study below for details) Recommended Sources: MyVitaNet Total Discount Vitamins Purpose: Promote cancer cell apoptosis Promote skin healing Mild adatpogen Anti-fatigue Mild anti-depressant Neuroprotector against glutamate Concerns: Decreased fertility in women and rare contact dermititis when us ed externally. including GBM. . several amino acids.egcg green teaFor a green tea extract standardized for 80 percent polyphenols an d 55 percent EGCG. downregulates the NF-kappaB pathway which in turn downregulates the proliferation of glioma cells6. few studi es in brain tumors. gamma-interferon production. only tox ic in extremely high doses (over 500 mg) PSK (polysaccharide krestin) 3600 mg Immunostimulant. Stimulates natural killer (NK) and lympho cyte-activated killer (LAK) cell activation. Symptoms of overuse include headache. corrects vitamin D3 deficiency. a daily dose of 300 to 400 mg green tea extracts is recommend ed. Asiatic Acid 750 mg Cytotoxin 1 2 3 An extract of the gotu kola plan t.[1] Scientists also conclude that tea extracts are better taken between meals in order to avoid decreased iron abs orption. Provides anti-inf lammatory properties via COX-2 and PGE2 inhibition. Indian Pennywort Origins: Extract of the plant Centella asiatica. and an increase in T-cell activity. Centella asiatica. Bromelain 1000 mg Anti-inflammatory. cytotoxic to several cancers. phytosterols. interl eukin-2 production. It should be kept in mind that the various co mponents of unpurified green tea extracts have synergistic effects and therefore are better than any individual tea component. Boron 3-10 mg Anti-inflammatory. anti-proliferative 1 A mixtur e of 2 sulfur-containing protease enzymes found in pineapples. Reduces cell proliferation and migration in gliomas. incl uding triterpenoid glycosides (saponines). A standard ca ncer treatment in Japan and East Asia. PSK has also been shown to have independent cytotoxic abilities in vitro. reduces prostate cancer incidence by up to 64%. native throughout SE Asi a. tannins. increases int racelluar Ca2+ Asiatic acid Supplement Name: Asiatic acid Synonyms: Gotu Kola.[8] Some green tea extracts may have as little as 15 percent polyphenols. from China to Madagascar Daily Dosage: Powdered Herb: 1-4 grams Standardized Extract: 150-750 mg Metabolism: Numerous mechanisms due to a wide variety of constituents. in a dose-dependent manner. promotes differenti ated cell apoptosis 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Intake of boron is very low in Western c ountries. immune system stimulator. increases uptake of calcium. cytotoxin 1 2 3 4 5 A beta glucan extract of the mushroom Coriolus versicolor. and several elements including calcium. hepatoxicity or heavy sedat ion. but boron can do remarkable things with other types of cance rs. usu ally these are far less expensive.