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saRte Me Ul eetcvec John Wilkes The extracts on pp.91 and 110 from Appian’s Roman History, vols. 2 and 3, translated by Horace White, are reprinted by kind permission of Harvard University Press. Contents ee - List of Illustrations List of Maps Preface List of Abbreviations Part | The Search for Illyrians 1 Rediscovery of Illyrians Illyrian studies Illyrian landscapes 2. Prehistoric Illyrians Illyrian origins: Stone and Bronze Ages Iron Age Illyrians 3 Naming Illyrians lilyrian language Illyrian names Part I Greek Illyrians 4 Neighbours of the Greeks Adriatic Illyrians Greeks among Illyrians 5 Enemies of Macedonia Conquering kings: Philip, Alexander and Pyrthus Celts, Autariatae and Dardanians 6 Kingdom of Myrians A new power on the Adriatic Roman alliance and conquest 104 117 137 156 170 viii Contents Part I Roman Illyrians Ulyricum Dalmatian and Pannonian Hlyrians Pax Romana Life and Death among Ilyrians Ways of life Burial and belief Imperial Tllyrians Emperors from Ilyricam Medieval and moder Illyrians Bibliography Index 182 183, 183 207 219 241 254 254 267 281 327 Ilustrations wv Arthur John Evans in 1878 (from Joan Evans, Time and Chance, London, 1943) Reconstruction of Vuéedol Encolithic settlement (Alexander 1972, 58; after Schmidt 1945, 19) Remains of Neolithic pile-dwellings at Malig, Albania (reproduced by permission of Verlag Philipp von Zabern, Mainz) Tumulus burial with central grave at Pazhok, Albania (from Shqiperia Arkeologjiké, Tirana, 1971) (a) Plan of settlements on the Glasinac plateau (after Covié 1975a) (b) Chieftain burial at Glasinac (Ilijak, Tumalus Il) (after Alexander 1972) (©) Bronze greaves from Glasinac burial (after Fiala 1893) (d) Design of ship incised on bronze greaves from Glasinac {after Stipéevié 1977a, 180) Tumulus graves at Kéneté, Albania (from Shqiperia Arkeologiiké, Tirana, 1971) Plan of hill-settlement at Pod, Bugojno (later phase) (after Covié 1975b) {a) Plans and sections of houses at Donja Dolina (Alexander 1972) (b) Woman’s grave at Donja Dolina, with 37 42 43 43 44 46 50 52