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1ASB 372 Environmental Issues in the US West Essay Assignment #2 Essay Due May 1, 5:00 p.m.

Please submit electronically directly to me Your final essay should be of the same format as the previous one and should cover materials since the last essay. As with previous essays please include a proper bibliography and be sure to cite your sources frequently. Refer to the syllabus for full bibliographic references on sources. The full reference appears on most of the pdfs as well, excepting some scanned chapters like Kuletz. I am mindful that it is the end of the semester and many of you have lots of papers and tests at this time and this will be taken into consideration in grading. You have approximately one month to complete this so I suggest you start sooner rather than later. And to avoid misunderstandings: 1. If you fail to cite sources adequately, your paper will be considered incomplete. You should cite your sources using in text citations: for example you would cite Powell as (Powell, 2008). If you use quotes from Powell then it is: (Powell, 2008: 123) you MUST use page numbers with quotes. The fewer the sources you use of those posted or assigned from course texts, the lower your grade will be. Whatever else you may use for sources, your starting point is the assigned readings. Please use them. And, 3. The final installment of your reading journal is due at the same time as the essay so please submit it electronically. It should include readings since your last submission. Please refer to the syllabus for format. It should include Full Bibliographic Reference of each readings and at least enough discussion that it shows me youve read and thought about it. Our topic: A unifying theme of the course since your first essay has been environmental hazards: these have included: wildfires and earthquakes, pollution and toxic hazards from energy extraction, militarized and nuclear landscapes of the West, including uranium mining, nuclear testing/downwinders, environmental justice issues on Tribal lands, and nuclear waste disposal. In addition, we have covered climate change as a global hazard and its implications for the West and its declining water supplies. Heres the scenario: You are a new graduate student in an environmental social science graduate program. Your first year seminar professor has asked to prepare a lecture for the class (he noticed that you had an undergraduate course on the West). The title of your lecture is: Environmental Hazards and Regions of Risk in the American West. Since you want to impress the professor (who is old and grouchy) and all your over-achieving fellow students, you carefully write out your well researched lecture rather than fumbling around with a few PowerPoint slides trying to be coherent. Your second essay assignment is to write a lecture with that title, including careful citation of your sources and a bibliography to share with the seminar.