The City

Places in town – Label the pictures

1. Answer True or False
The park is behind the church. ___
The supermarket is between the post
office and the clothes shop. ___
The school is in front of the restaurant.
The school is next to the factory. ___
There is a restaurant near the park.
The park is far from the factory. ___
2. Where can we…
... buy the newspaper?
... buy petrol?
... have breakfast?
... have lunch or dinner?
... have English lessons?
... send letters?
... play football?
... deposit money?
... buy a t-shirt?

What is there on your street? Write on your notebook.

My Village My name is Jane. There is a school with one teacher and a church. there aren’t any museums or art galleries in Glenelg. a very small village by the sea. in Scotland. People meet there for a coffee in the evenings. Read the text and answer the questions. and you can’t eat out because there aren’t cafés or restaurants in this village. a) Is Glenelg a large city? ____________________________________________________________ b) Where is this village? ____________________________________________________________ c) How many schools are there in Glenelg? ____________________________________________________________ d) Why can’t people eat out? ____________________________________________________________ e) How many people are there in Glenelg? ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ f) Would you like to live in this village or would you prefer to visit for a holiday? Why? ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ . but I don’t mind. In the winter there are 50 people in Glenelg. I don’t like the going out at night and I don’t like shopping. There isn’t a cinema or a night club in Glenelg and there aren’t any clothes shops. Of course. There is one shop – it’s also the post office – and a hotel. there are great parties on the beach. And in the summer. but in the summer there are about 400! I love my village! 1. I live in Glenelg. I love nature and swimming and there are really great beaches here.

Verb THERE TO BE 2. d) Excuse me.Where is the ball? IN – UNDER – BETWEEN – ON – ABOVE – IN FRONT OF – NEXT TO – BEHIND . 4. Prepositions of place . Find on the text a sentence for each case and write them in the box Affirmative SINGULAR There is PLURAL There are Negative SINGULAR There isn’t PLURAL There aren’t Questions SINGULAR Is there…? PLURAL Are there…? 3. b) ______________________ any shops near here? c) ______________________ a good takeaway restaurant in town. g) ______________________ concerts in the castle this year? h) The building has got a car park. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb there to be (some need questions and negatives) a) ______________________ six classrooms in this school. can you please buy some? f) ______________________ a message for you in the mailbox. ______________________ a gym in this street? e) ______________________ any eggs. but ______________________ garages.

______________________ c) You can put your money here. Look at the map of the holiday village and correct the mistakes in the sentences on the right a) There are thirty apartments in the village. ______________________ h) Young people can have lessons here.5. ______________________ d) People work here – they make things. ______________________ e) You can look at old things here. ______________________________________ 6. ______________________________________ d) There is a bank next to the village office. ______________________ g) You can look at pictures here. ______________________________________ e) There isn’t a place to park your car. Vocabulary . ______________________ . ______________________ j) You can see wild animals here. ______________________________________ f) There is a nightclub in the village. ______________________________________ b) There’s one swimming pool. ______________________ i) You can send letters and buy stamps here. ______________________________________ c) There isn’t a beach near the village. a) Doctors and nurses work here.Read the clues and discover the building. ______________________ f) You can buy food and drinks here. ______________________ k) You can listen to music and dance here. ______________________ b) You can watch a film here.

Match the buildings with now and in the past In the past it was… Now it’s… The Hover Building • • a hospital • • an office The Musée d’Orsay • • a train station • • a supermarket The Reina Sofia • • a school • • an art gallery The Smolny Institute • • a factory • • a museum .TO BE – past I He She it We Was You Were They Read the text.

but in the past ____________________________ _________________. the weather __________ very cold. 2. In Harley Street there is a _________________ and a ________________. g) __________ George at school today? h) It __________ very nice to meet you.1. but in the past _______________________________ __________________. f) My family and I __________ on holiday at the seaside. In Station Road there is a theme park. There are apartments and a museum in Station Road. but in the past _____________________________________. but in the past there were cottages. In Lake Road there is a supermarket. . b) When I __________ in London last years. Past Simple: was / were – Complete the sentences a) My grandparents __________ on holidays in Paris. City Life – Look at the maps and complete the text about Summertown NOW and IN THE PAST. but in the past ____________________ _______________. Summertown ten years ago Summertown nowadays In Green Street there are offices. Sophie. c) How many people __________ there at the party? d) Where __________ you on Saturday evening? e) It __________ a beautiful day in the summer. In the Park there is a _____________________ but in the past ______________________________.

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