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Sociology II Final Exam Essay Section Ritchie Sudden The 25 Worst Band Names Ever
25. Vampire Weekend We live in a vampire world. From True Blood to Twilight, to Tom Cruise slowly draining Katie Holmes, the national vampire obsession is ­ never-​­ ending. Twenty years ago Vampire Weekend would have been fine, even pleasingly nonsensical, but now it’s the equivalent of naming your band the Han Solo Experience in 1978, or the Titanics in 1994, or Jeff Probst’s Safari Jacket in 2000. It’s the worst example of aural product placement since Lionel Richie’s last single, “My Toyota Drives So Fine.” Suggested alternatives: Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy Weekend, Ring Wraith Fortnight, Thank God It’s Cannibal Friday, Tom Cruise Blew as Lestat Month. 24. Mötley Crüe, Blue Öyster Cult, Amon Düül, Maxïmo Park, Queensrÿche, Hüsker Dü, Beowülf, The Accüsed, The Crüxshadows, Hüey Lewis and the News Motörhead gets a pass for being Motörhead. Otherwise, the curse of the umlaut remains an unforgivable stain.

Suggested alternatives: Name your band Umlaut and get an automatic pass from the crucial p ­ ost​­ modernist sales niche. 23. Pearl Jam They can deny it in interviews all they want, but we all know this is h ­ ands-​­ down the dumbest allusion for coitus ever used by a band that sold more than six hundred albums. Oddly, all those aging hipster moms wearing Pearl Jam hoodies to Pilates don’t seem to have noticed. The Jam should give one half of their royalties to Eric Burdon for his song “Spill the Wine (Take That Pearl),” undoubtedly where they stole the name, like a bunch of sleazy Vedders in the night, in the first place. Suggested alternatives: Bone Sauce, Hump Wax, Lay Clay, Pork Jelly. 22. Nickelback, Matchbox 20, b ­ link-​­ 182, Sum41, Five For Fighting, 24‑7 Spyz, 3 Doors Down, Timbuk3, Spacemen 3, Level 42, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, Sixpence None the Richer, Sham 69, Third Eye Blind, UB40, Maroon 5, Old 97’s Rock and math were born to go together like peanut butter and veiled references to Leviticus. No good band has ever had a number in their name, with the possible exception(s) of Nine Inch Nails and Ten Years After. It’s the ­ hip-​­ quotient difference between a ­ skull-​­ plastered Ford Econoline and a ­ turd-​­ yellow Kia, between a thrashed fifties Stratocaster and an endless bassoon

solo, between publicly calling your b ­ lank-​­ eyed girlfriend “sexual napalm” and playing drums for Napalm Death. Suggested alternatives: Try something with hyphens, semicolons, or parentheses. 21. Black Keys, Black Mountain, Black Eyes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Black Nasty, Black Breath, Black Crowes, Blackfoot, Black Star, Big Black, Black Eyed Peas, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Black Cherry, James White and the Blacks, Black Suede The only bands that get a pass for having “black” in their name are Black Sabbath, Black Flag, and Black Uhuru. That’s it. Well, maybe Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. But that’s really it. Everyone else is just plain lazy. Suggested alternatives: Work out something with the criminally underutilized “azure.” 20. Pantz Noyzee Somehow existing in that rare gray area where The Unfortunate Z and Creatively Dull as Spackle meet ­ Doe-​­ Eyed Men in Leg Warmers. Suggested alternatives: Pants No More. 19. Counting Crows A name perfectly encapsulating the desperate, wheedling need that is the band’s musical output. Or the ability to translate

maudlin lyrics into dates with the cast of Friends. And maybe a reach-​­ ­ around from Schwimmer. Apparently a few years ago some kid found one of Adam Duritz’s dreadlocks lying in the gutter at the corner of Sunset and La Cienega and sold it on eBay for a dollar. Suggested alternatives: Counting Crabs, Ignoring Calories, Crutching Crotch, Stuffing Craw, Tallying the Minutes Spent Trying to Erase the Tapeworm of a Melody that Is “Mr. Jones” From Your Brain. 18. Hoobastank Our generation’s l ­ east-​­ clever reference to toking up. Puts the listener in mind of floppy Dr. Seuss hats, microwave tamales, scented candles, relationship discussions conducted on two sleeping bags zippered together, and unidentified couch spills. I’ve never heard any of their songs and am fairly confident I never need to. Suggested alternatives: A job folding thongs at American Apparel. 17. Live, Bush, Blur, Oasis, Lush, Rush, Low, Train, Muse, Jet, Shins, Vines, Hives, Killers, Korn, Toto Indistinguishable ­ one-​­ word band names may seem fine individually, like rogue piranhas, but as a group feel like an insidious, s ­ oul-​ ­killing, Orwellian trend. Essentially the equivalent of when everyone in a café suddenly realizes they’re wearing Che ­ Guevara T‑shirts

but aren’t sure whether it’s ironically or not. Panic ensues. ­ Fair-​ trade coffee spills. An abandoned laptop keeps playing The Jet­ sons theme. The day is saved when a barista quickly orders in a gross of Johnny Cash or Nelson Mandela XXL’s. Suggested alternatives: Commodify My Icons. Or maybe just Icon. 16. Prefab Sprout Evocative of Uggs, incense, seitan, septum rings, cassette bootlegs, and the metric tons of cabbage‑y gas scientists eventually had to pump into Biosphere 2 to fertilize the plants and aerate the research teams. Suggested alternatives: Smell the Tofurkey Glove. 15. Mudhoney, Faster Pussycat, Spiderbaby, Motorpsycho, Vixen Having one band named after a Russ Meyer movie? Fine, we’ll let it slide. But two is unforgivable, and five is a sign of the D‑cup Rapture, during which the saved will ascend to heaven while listening to the ­ free-​­ verse poetry of Kitten Natividad. Suggested alternatives: Roddy Bottum and the Mondo Topless, Beyond the Valley of the Anatomically Accurate Doll Parts, The Immortal Mr. Teas Experience. 14. Asia, Europe, Chicago, Boston, Berlin, Beirut, Kansas, Bay City Rollers, Utah Saints, Manhattan Transfer, The

Bronx, Ankgor Wat, Hanoi Rocks, Alabama, L.A. Guns, Georgia Satellites, Black Oak Arkansas, Of Montreal, Frankie Goes to Hollywood Taking some sort of subtextual cred from a location seems just plain lazy, the same way that naming your son Brooklyn or your heiress Paris dooms them to an e ­ arly-​­ twenties ­ paparazzi-​­ and-​ Vicodin tailspin. Like British Intelligence finally getting their ­ hands on the Enigma Machine, the fact that a high percentage of these bands are ­keyboard-​­and-​­mullet-​­driven supergroups should begin to crack the code. Suggested alternatives: Stick with thieving from Greek mythology. 13. Thelonious Monster Never make fun of, or trade in on, the man who wrote “Crepuscule with Nellie.” Monk is musical truth and Monster is a downtown junkie giggle. The totality of the karmic s ­ hit-​­ hammer due to descend upon this band is frightening. Suggested alternatives: Immediately put on an iceberg with Puddle of Mudd and the Blow Monkeys and then shove into the frozen North Atlantic. 12. Collective Soul, Soul Asylum, Soul II Soul, Soul Coughing, De La Soul, Warrior Soul, Liquid Soul If you have to announce you got it, you don’t.

Suggested alternatives: Collective Arrhythmia, Arrhythmia Asylum, Arrhythmia II Arrhythmia, Liquid Arrhythmia. 11. Hawkwind It’s true there are many similar names that qualify at this spot, but there’s just something so sadly a ­ cid-​­ torched, ­ suede-​­ fringed, and h ­ omemade-​­ yogurt-​­ sounding about Hawkwind that it manages to transcend an entire subgenre. The noble hawk. The whisper of a gentle wind. Separately, these ideas epitomize creative honesty and musical rigor. Unified, they represent a ­ commitment to recycling. The Hawkwind concept is the sum of everything wrong with seventies guitar extravagance: Middle Earth lyrics, f ­orty-​­ minute solos, s ­ ixty-​­ piece drum sets, leg bandannas, foam Stonehenge, etc. Suggested alternatives: Emerson Lake and Duritz, Chawking Crowswind, Hawking Lungchunk, Breaking Fatwind. 10. Limp Bizkit The deep scars from the dawn of r ­ ap-​­ metal will never truly heal. A true nadir in American c ­ ulture—​­ that brief insidious moment in which this band, and the dyed goatee movement in general, was granted a semblance of musical legitimacy. “Pulling a Bizkit” is now street slang for that sense of regret that sets in before your new tattoo of a strip of Velcro is even dry. “No, dude, it’s cool. It looks just like . . . ​a strip of Velcro.”

Suggested alternatives: D’urst, Fred’s Limp Speedwagon, Flaccid Bizkit Overdrive. 9. Whitesnake Ah, David Coverdale. You sort of have to love his willingness to embrace his stature as the walking ­ romance-​­ novel cover of rock. But here he’s just gone too far. The b ­ eyond-​­ dimwitted sexual allusion is deserving of ridicule enough. Especially con­ sidering the neutered brand of hair metal they larded the nineties airwaves with. Throw in Tawny Kitaen a ­ ir-​­ buffing a Jaguar with her ­ lingeried fanny, plus David’s creepy, ­ permed-​­ uncle vibe, and you’ve got a solid number 9 on any ­ self-​­ respecting list. Suggested alternatives: My Caucasian Genital Metaphor, Such Crude Caucasian Genital Metaphor As Is Mine Reserves the Right to be Used in Reptile Metaphors As Well, the Queasy ­ Leather-​­ Pants Smell of My Backstage Genital Metaphor, There’s a Party in the Groupie Van and Me and My Snake Are Coming. 8. Edie Brickell & New Bohemians We still haven’t recovered from the old s ­ elf-​­ anointed bohemians, have we? I mean the people who couldn’t get into the back room at Max’s Kansas City. The people who actually bought Basquiat paintings. The people even GG Allin wouldn’t throw his excrement at. Who says we need new ones? The naïveté of Edie’s

lyrics combined with the band’s Industrial Cappuccino sound is a snapshot of a particular strain of nineties d ­ ot-​­ com malaise. Suggested alternatives: Mort Susskind and the Old Napkins, Pathet Lao and the New Communards, Ear Pain and the Delivery Vehicle. 7. T’Pau When you name your band after a character from the “Amok Time” episode of Star Trek you’re pretty much screwed from jump. The intersection of arcane Trek knowledge and eighties synth pop would seem like a natural, but only if that intersection occurs in the corner of the rec room where the Commodore 64 is stashed. Suggested alternatives: Th’pent, D’sposible, A’tLeastNoVocorder. 6. The Goo Goo Dolls Pretty much saddling a decade with the unwanted mental image of a vinegary baby crap. Suggested alternatives: Steel Leather Fist, Muscle Wrestle Chainsaw, Golf Golf Beer. 5. Chumbawamba, Scritti Politti, Oingo Boingo, Bananarama, Kajagoogoo, Dishwalla, Milli Vanilli, Linkin Park, Ebn Ozn, Nitzer Ebb, Mr. Mister, Enuff Z’nuff Alliteration + unnecessary rhyming + neon overalls = a sophomore year of rampant forehead acne. Suggested alternatives: The By, the At, the On, the Up.

4. Weezer Quick, you have two choices: 1. You’re backstage at The View, trapped somewhere between a ravenous Joy Behar and the craft services table, wearing nothing but a falafel Speedo. 2. You’re at a party, you’ve just met someone you’re really attracted to, and you have to work Weezer into the conversation three times. Suggested alternatives: Blather, Chancre, Bleeder, Shafter, Cheeze‑It 3.  .  .  . ​ And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Neutral Milk Hotel, My Morning Jacket, They Might Be Giants, Death Cab for Cutie, Everybody Was in the French Resistance  .  .  . ​ NOW, the Verve Pipe. There was a while after Raymond Carver’s story collection Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? came out when almost every other book title tried to emulate his genius sense of o ­ ff-​­ beat rhythm and unexpected tension. Suddenly arty commas were everywhere, irony abounded, and a cribbed sense of p ­ost-​ modernism ruled the day. It still hasn’t completely dissipated. So ­ it should come as no surprise that Ray’s stylistic blip has crossed over into music. These are the sort of bands whose ­ name-​ defenders always say, “But they got it from the first season of ­ Doctor Who!” or, “But they got it from Breakfast at Tiffany’s!” neglecting the fact that no matter how hip the source (yes, that

means you, Toad the Wet Sprocket), coolness is not automatically conferred. Hey, Steely Dan is the name of a vibrating personal massager in Naked Lunch, but it still manages to work nicely ­context-​­free. Suggested alternatives: They Might Be Turgid and Unlistenable, And You Shall Know Us by Our Trail of Pretension, We Were Promised Relevance, Remainder Bin You Plodding Emperor, Death Stab for the Aggressively Twee, the Corn Cob Pipe. 2. The Darkness Very, very scary. Like the screen name of a serial killer who also collects Hello Kitty. Like the musical equivalent of failing out of art school. Like soaking in a ­ pentagram-​­ shaped hot tub and then having your bedroom haunted by a pale, ­ Depression-​­ era child only you and Morgan Freeman can see. Dare you listen to this band? Are you willing to risk exposure to solos that may cause you to crawl on the ceiling and suddenly speak fluent Aramaic? Suggested alternatives: The Comfy Sofa, the Lite Mayonnaise, the Customized Huffy ­ Ten-​­ Speed, the Newly Febrezed Turtleneck. 1. Hootie & the Blowfish Without question the worst band name ever. It absolutely owns each of the Four Hallmarks of Aural Misery: 1. Unforgivably cutesy.

2. Ultimately meaningless. 3. Unwarranted s ­elf-​­ satisfaction. 4. Unmistakable hints of d ­ orm-​­ room horseplay. It evokes the smell of someone else’s pizza. It says, “I once broke up with an otherwise terrific girl because she kept whining ‘But I love Hootie!’ every time I ripped the disc out of the changer and tried to Frisbee it across the quad.” Suggested alternatives: A Merciful Slide into Cultural Oblivion, the same dark, forgotten crease where Poi Dog Pondering nurses the Dandy Warhols at its milkless teat. BONUS EXTRA CREDIT: The worst band with the best name I tend to have a soft spot for the universally loathed celebrity. I always think, yeah, sure, but can they really be that bad in person? Maybe they just need a quiet place to sit for a while and someone to listen who doesn’t want anything from them. For a hypothetically ­ all-​­ male band, Hole is offensive and moronic. For a band fronted by an aggressively n ­ on​­ apologetic woman in a ludicrously macho industry, Hole is a courageous ­ post​­ feminist statement. It’s short, fearless, ­ entendre-​­ laden, and satisfying. It’s a big middle finger to a bunch of headbanging gropers who, after fifty years of gleeful misogyny, truly deserve it. Unfortunately, in Courtney Love’s case, Hole seems depressingly prescient, if not brutally accurate. And that “you will ache like I ache” song is one of the worst ever written. If they were a bit less abrasive, and Courtney were, say, PJ Harvey instead, Hole might be the single best band name ever.