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Complete Changeling the Lost


The Animals

Fang and Talon (CtL 142) Contracts of the Den (WM 19) Contracts of the Wild (RoS 111)

CtL 101 WM 15

(+) 8-Again on Animal Ken and a free specialty on the animal most represented in their mien. (+) Can add points of Glamour to Presence and Composure dice pool. (-) -4 untrained penalty in Mental Skills. (-) Do not reroll 10s in dice pools involving Intelligence. Kith Name Kith Description Kith Blessing Blessing Description Page No.


Beasts of Burden

Stoic Forbearance

Spend Glamour for CtL 102 +2 to all Stamina WM 62 rolls for the scene. Lethal unarmed damage CtL 102 WM 63 CtL 102 WM 63



Tooth and Claw



Runs Like the Wind +2 Speed


Creepy Crawlies

Impossible Counterpoise Gifted Climber

Triple Defense when CtL 102 Dodging WM 64 +3 to Climbing CtL 102 WM 64





Natural Swimmer

Can swim at full CtL 102 speed and hold WM 65 breath underwater as though Stamina 7 Spend Glamour to CtL 102 make a poisonous WM 65 Brawling attack that deals no damage Reduced falling damage. Spend Glamour to glide. CtL 103 WM 66



Poisonous Bite



Gift of the Sky

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WoD - Canon Index
Complete Changeling the Lost


Keen Senses

Primal Senses

+2 to perception WM 67 rolls. Spend Glamour to heighten senses. +1 to Composure WM 67 when resisting emotional manipulation, +2 to Stamina when resisting poisons



Reptilian Blood


Carrion Eaters

Scavengers Nature +2 to resist WM 67 poison/disease, +3 if injested, 9 again perception when scrounging for items. Companion's Boon Spend Glamour to WM 67 grant an ally get +3 on a roll. You're mah bro, bro. Goblins Tongue Spend Glamour, +3 WM 106 on social rolls with Hobgoblins.


Loyal Pets



Coyote (American)


The Trickster's TruthSpending Willpower WM 107 on a Pers or Sub roll grants +5. If vice is Gluttony, Greed or Lust, Manipulation cost is New Dots x 4 Consumptive Voice Spend Glamour once WM 107 per day, hearing her voice cuts social rolls by half of Nix's Wyrd.

Nix (Germanic)

River Maiden


Wise/Cunning Inquisitive Instinct Spend Glamour, for NH:GF 102 Animals of Legend one scene, +2 to all Wits rolls except Perception (Wits + Composure). Free

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WoD - Canon Index
Complete Changeling the Lost

Investigation Specialty "Riddles".


The Boogiemen

Darkness (CtL 136) CtL 104 Shade and Spirit WM 21 (WM 26)

(+) Spend Glamour to increase dice pool involving Wits, Subterfuge and Stealth. (+) 9-Again on Stealth rolls. (-) -1 to activate Contracts during the daytime. (-) -2 to activate Contracts while the sun is upon the Darkling. Kith Name Kith Description Kith Blessing Blessing Description Page No.


Collectors of Forbidden Secrets

Keys to Knowledge 9-Again on CtL 106 Academics and WM 68 Investigation rolls. Can spend Glamour to temporarily use Encyclopedic Knowledge Charnel Sight Spend Glamour to see ghosts CtL 106 WM 69 CtL 106 WM 69


Affinity with the Dead Fae Vampire


Sap the Vital Spark Spend Glamour to heal self while damaging the opponent The Mercurial Visage


Doppelganger and Identity Thief

+3 to disguise rolls CtL 106 WM 70


The Monster Under Slither and Squirm Can spend 1 CtL 106 Your Bed Glamour to wriggle WM 71 free of restraints or squeeze through tight spaces Winged Monsters Gargoyle's Grace Spend Glamour to WM 71 fall 100 yards without taking damage, +2 to for balancing on ledges.


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Spend Glamour. roll WM 72 Perform + Wyrd vs Comp + Wyrd. Spend Glamour. Opponent gains mild derangement (or Illes (Icelandic) Trolls Shadow Beauty Pishacha (Hindu) Demons Taste of Madness page 4 / 70 . Listener gets -2 to Resolve. Res + Wyrd. Spend Glamour. humans go crazier. hand becomes a knife (1L). Light's Aversion Spend Glamour. Gain Melee Specialty Knives. and WM 107 lick opponent. Gain +2 social when dealing with opposite sex. WM 107 gain ●●●● Striking Looks merit (WoD. Both of you go nuts. Empathy. Watching and Turncoat's Tongue Listening 9-Again on Empathy WM 73 and Subterfuge on conversation/gather info. Nightsinger Music Haunting Nocturne Spend Glamour. Subtrefuge.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost Moonborn Madness Lunatic's Kiss Every 24 hours. roll WM 71 Int + Wyrd vs. Spend Glamour to whisper a message within earshot.WoD . p117) for one hour. WM 73 Palewraith Forgotten Razorhand Promise of Ripper's Gift Nighttime Violence Whisperwisp Spies. +1 WM 72 to defense in shadows (Applies to firearms as well). Free Performance Specialty.

with no penalty for poor equipment. except in dice pools for seeming affinity Contracts Kith Name Kith Description Kith Blessing Blessing Description Page No. Lurkers Thieves and Pickpockets Elemental Embodiments of Nature Elements (CtL 138) CtL 108 Communion (WM WM 27 32) Contracts of the Wild (RoS 111) (+) Once per day. Can only be used once per week.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost upgrades to major) for one week. Spend Glamour to gain a +2 to Larceny rolls. 8-Again on Stealth rolls. (-) Do not reroll 10s in dice pools involving Manipulation. Skogsra (Swedish) Wood Trolls Keepers of the Feral Spend Glamour and WM 107 Heart look into bird or mammal's eyes. Airtouched Air/Clouds/Wind Velocity of the Zephyr Can spend Glamour CtL 109 to add Wyrd to WM 74 Speed or Initiative for the scene Can spend Glamour CtL 109 to increase WM 74 non-combat Strength rolls at 1-to-1 basis Earthbones Earth/Mud/Sand/Sto Terrestrial Might ne Fireheart Fire/Lightning/Heat Flickering Acumen Can spend Glamour CtL 109 page 5 / 70 . It becomes a loyal pet until next sunrise or sundown.WoD . Persuasion or Socialize. spend one point of Glamour to increase Health by your Wyrd level for one scene. Empathy. Expression. Larcenous Fingers 9-Again on Larceny VL 22 rolls.

WoD . Roll Dex + Wyrd targets stamina.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost to increase Wits rolls WM 75 at 1-to-1 basis Manikin Dolls/Mechanical Men Artificer's Enchantment Can learn Contracts CtL 109 of Artifice and make WM 75 untrained Crafts rolls with reduced penalty 9-Again on CtL 110 Intimidation and WM 76 Subterfuge rolls and can spend Glamour to reroll a failed Intimidation roll Can spend a CtL 110 Glamour to breathe WM 77 underwater and Swim at 2xSpeed. WM 77 Can spend a Glamour to hide in a normally unhideable area with decent foliage Living glob of Pollution Caustic Caress Spend Glamour. +2 WM 79 to speed and intiative. page 6 / 70 . Target takes one lethal per sucess unless he can defend. Cannot breathe air until effect is over or Glamour is spent to deactivate Snowskin Snow/Ice The Voice of Ice Waterborn Water/Lakes/Ponds The Gift of Water Woodblood Plants/Fungi/Wood Fade into the Foliage9-Again on Stealth CtL 110 and Survival rolls. WM 78 breathe pollution. Lasts for a turn per Wyrd. +3 to resist manmade poisons. Blightbent Levinquick Electricity/Lighting Fireflaught's Vigor Spend Glamour.

+1 WM 79 to Stamina. Gain +1 to all Contracts of the Hearth. Bright Ones Transformed by Light/Fire/Ice Goblin Illumination Can illuminate an CtL 113 area at will. (-) -1 when rolling to avoid losing Clarity Kith Name Kith Description Kith Blessing Blessing Description Page No. Spend Glamour. Add Wyrd to manipulation. Composure for scene. WM 108 force a successful reroll at -1. Resolve. Lasts 24 hours. By WM 80 spending a Glamour.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost Metalflesh Statues made of Metal Forge's Endurance Spend Glamour. Manipulation and Persuasion (+) Do not suffer a penalty for untrained social skills. everyone within 10 yards suffers no wound penalties. Purchase Larceny at half cost. Spend Glamour. Spend Glamour. +2 on grapples and WM 79 escaping grapples.WoD . can make the light blinding page 7 / 70 . WM 108 change a target's vice to "Lust". for WM 108 one scene. Sandharrowed Sand/Deserts Enveloping Sands Apsaras (Hindu) Beautiful Fog Nymphs Enthralling Mist Ask-wee-da-eed (American) Will-o-the-Wisp Taste of Ill Luck Di-cang (Buddhism) Humanoid Jewel Peace of Suffering Fairest The Royalty and Glamorous Vainglory (CtL 146)CtL 112 Reflection (ER 34)  WM 35 Separation (WM 40) (+) Spend Glamour to improve dice pools involving Presence.

Assassins Fae Grace and Artists 9-Again on Socialize CtL 114 or Expression rolls WM 81 involving agility and +1 to Dodge Spend Glamour. WM 83 Flame everyone looking must rolle Res + Comp. or suffer -2 to all actions until scene or effect ends. 9 again subterfuge. CtL 114 reroll a Brawl attack. +2 WM 84 to resist emotional manipulation for scene. Bonus to Intimidate WM 84 = Wyrd. +3 on situations that require precise page 8 / 70 . changeling suffers -1. WM 81 once per scene. Rainbowchild/Emoti Prismatic Heart onal Epileptic Spend Glamour. Polychromatic Shadowsoul Beauty of the Night Unnatural Chill Telluric Stars Music of the SpheresAlways know what WM 84 time it is. SocializeWM 82 and Subterfuge Artistic Inspiration The Tyranny of Ideas Can spend a CtL 114 Glamour to give a WM 83 Human +2 to an Expression.WoD . Socialize or Subterfuge roll Muse Flamesiren Entrancement of the Burning Hypnotism Spend Glamour. Persuasion.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost Dancer Dancers. All empathy vs. Contracts of Darkness are affinity. +1 to Brawl rolls Draconic Graceful Warriors/B Dragon's Talon eastblooded Flowering Personification of a Seductive Fragrance 9-Again on CtL 114 Sweet Flower Persuasion.

If both have Lust. ●●●●. Harvesting Glamour from audience gains 8-Again. Resolve or Composure roll (Not for derangement rolls. Treasured Treasured Item Alabaster Fortitude Once per scene. Gandharva (Hindu) Pretty Messenger Succubus (Hebrew) Demons of Vice to Vice Temptation and Sex Weisse Frau (German) Kind. If target is younger then 13. p117). If already owned. WM 85 spend Glamour. +3. +2. Free ●● Striking Looks merit (WoD.WoD . Spend Glamour and WM 109 kiss a target once per chapter. Target gains +2 armor. retake one Stamina. Spend Glamour. +1 to all social rolls. Does not stack with other armor. Sad Pale Matrons Kiss of Life Minstrel Performer Perfect Pitch page 9 / 70 . Free Astronomy for Academics. WM 108 Expression or Persuasion rolls become an exceptional success at 3 die instead of 5 for one scene.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost timing. If target and WM 109 Succubus have same vice. Astrology for Occult.) Heavenly Articulation Spend Glamour. NH:GF 43 reroll any failed dice on Expression roll.

incurs -3 to describe character. applies to clothes. +1 to dodge when dodging attacks. Brawl and Intimidate.WoD . Fi Fi Fo Fum indeed. you may forgo roll to give primary 9-again. Cyclopean Trackers with Acute Smell the Blood Senses 8-Again on Wits CtL 118 based Perception WM 86 rolls. If secondary. Wits + Composure) (-) -1 Penalty when using Composure as a defense trait (Subtracting defense from a characters dice pool). (-) Do not reroll 10s in dice pools involving Composure (Except for perception rolls. Charmers and Thieves Thievery's Grace 9-Again on Larceny NH:GF 63 and Socialize rolls involving Agility. 9-Again on Stealth CtL 118 or Survival rolls and WM 86 can spend a Glamour to reroll a Stealth or Survival roll Farwalker Cryptids and Urban The Elusive Gift Legends page 10 / 70 . When Playmate is NH:GF 122 primary actor in a teamwork roll. add +2. Larcenist Playmate Taken to be the Fae's Circle of Friends Best Friend Ogre The Monsters Stone (CtL 144) CtL 116 Oath and WM 42 Punishment (WM 47) (+) Spend Glamour to improve dice pools involving Strength. Even cameras.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost Romancer Masters of Twisting Narcissus's Blessing Subtle changes in NH:GF 46 Truths everyone's eyes. Kith Name Kith Description Kith Blessing Blessing Description Page No. both video and digital are affected by blessing.

Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost Gargantuan Giants that Magically Grow Spurious Stature Spend Glamour. When WM 87 returning to normal size. +1 to activate Contracts Witchtooth Crones and Warlocks Black Hex page 11 / 70 . add CtL 118 Wyrd to Size. 2L bite attack CtL 118 WM 88 Gristlegrinder Monstrous Eaters Terrible Teeth Stonebones Heavy Defenses Obdurate Skin Spend Glamour. vampires) Sundering Talons WM 90 Corpsegrinder Cannibals Render Living Siege Engines When attacking w/ WM 91 bare hands. take 1 lethal damage. Gain a +1 when fighting undead (Zombies. turn WM 90 something into any weapon from the Melee Weapons Chart (WoD Core p170). No -1 Improvised Weapon penalty for the Bloodbrute. Spend Glamour for WM 91 +1 occult.WoD . ignore 3 durability in objects. CtL 118 gain Armor equal to WM 88 Wyrd but suffer reduced defense Can hold breath as though Stamina 7 and no penalty to sight based perception rolls underwater CtL 119 WM 89 Water-dweller Lake Monsters Lie Under the Waves Bloodbrute Gladiator Improvised Mayhem Spend Glamour. Sepulchral Hunger An enemy at half health grants +1 to the Ogre's attack rolls.

Heal 1 lethal or 2 bashing for every damage dealt. Must be done on Morality 6 or less.WoD . Artist Artists Impeccable Craftsmanship 8-Again on Crafts CtL 121 rolls and can spend 1 WM 92 Glamour to reroll failed dice on a Crafts roll +4 dice to resist CtL 121 poisons/intoxication. Daitya (Hindu) Reptilian Giants/Godslayers Cutting Might Spend Glamour. magically make a drink alcoholic Brewer Makers of Alcohol The Inebriating Elixir page 12 / 70 . Oni (Japanese) Soul Consuming Demons Mouthful of Sin Troll (Nordic) Ambushers/Cunning Unyielding Voice Riddlers Wizened The Servants and Craftsmen Artifice (CtL 134) Animation (WM 52) Forge (RoS 99) Ctl 120 WM 48 (+) Spend Glamour to get 9-Again on Dexterity for the scene (+) Spend Glamour to add Wyrd to dodge total (-) Do not reroll 10s in dice pools involving Presence (-) -2 for untrained Social Skills Kith Name Kith Description Kith Blessing Blessing Description Page No. Free Weaponry Specialty.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost that curse. WM 92 spend Glamour. bite WM 110 attack once per session. Spend Glamour. WM 109 ignore durability do damage to structure for one attack. add WM 110 Strength to all Manipulation rolls. Spend Glamour.

WM 93 doesn't suffer equipment penalties on Medicine rolls Add 2 Glamour to a SaD 64 Talecrafting roll to avoid Cruel Twists of Fate (does not protect against dramatic failure on the roll) Can tell the future as CtL 122 though they had the WM 94 Common Sense Merit Spend Glamour. Wits + Academics to understand written text in foreign language.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost Chatelaine Butlers Perfect Protocol 9-Again on Social CtL 121 rolls that deal with WM 93 manners or etiquette and can spend a Glamour to get +2 to Manipulation and Presence die pools 9-Again on CtL 122 Medicine rolls. WM 96 Author Writers Polyglot's Riddle page 13 / 70 .WoD . improve a tool Has a Weaponry specialty with Bladed weapons CtL 122 WM 94 CtL 122 WM 95 Chirurgeon Doctors The Analeptic Charm Fatemaker Talecraft Specialist Turn of the Tale Oracle Prophets Panomancy Smith Metalworkers Steel Mastery Soldier Combatants/Sentries Blade Lore Woodwalker Protectors of the Land/Gardeners Wildcraft 8-Again to Survival CtL 123 rolls and can survive WM 95 by eating any plant 8-Again on Expression when writing.

WM 96 Gameplayer Gamemasters/Strate Grandmaster's gists Stratagem Miner Underground Tappingspeak Gremlin (English) Sabotage Gremlinizing Touch Spend Glamour once WM 110 per day. +3 to gamble in games that require both mental skill and luck. Spend Glamour. Can feed equal to Wyrd score. 9-Again on Stealth rolls. 8-Again on Crafts VL 22 Pamarindo (Italian) Cannibals/Chefs/But Gourmand's chers Grotesquerie Thusser (Norway) Parties/Dancers/Hyp Fiddler's Delight notism Inventors Artificers Inventive Genius page 14 / 70 . Spend Glamour. nourishes for 24 hours.WoD . including with weapons.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost Drudge Slaves/Servants Unseen Labor Spend Glamour. win WM 96 mental based board games. Spend Glamour. WM 110 pick a target. Sing or play instrument and target will be unable to act as long as you continue or he must defend himself. Spend Glamour. touch a device to negate equipment penalties. WM 110 touch raw meat (Minimum one pound). WM 96 complete a simple task (5 or fewer successes) almost instantly. send a coded message through vibrations in the ground. Gain Free Iron Stomach Merit (WoD p112).

refer to Winter Masques p. For information on fleshing out your own Kith. Bring an attribute to a maximum of +6 . You can spend a glamour to half this time Arcadian Body (••••) Attribute •••+ Creation Only RoS p87 Arcadian Metabolism (•••) - RoS p87 Brownie's Boon (•) - RoS p88 page 15 / 70 . but suffer malnutrition without one Fruit per week. Greater healing when eating Goblin Fruits. You are not limited to what is on this list.WoD . refer to Winter Masques p. except you can't be watched while you do it. You complete mundane tasks in half the time that it would take others! Well. 59 You may forgo a Kith blessing to go Kithless. 59 For information on shedding a Kith or Seeming. For information on how to gain a Kith in this situation. 99 Merits   Merit Age Reversal Cost (•) Prerequisites Wyrd •••• Source NH:GF p84 Description Your Changeling begins to age backwards.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost and Science rolls involving mechanisms and devices. Spend Glamour to add Wyrd score in dice to such a roll. refer to Winter Masques p. 5th dot only costs one dot at character creation.

Develop favor with members of a Court. Your character possesses two or more kiths. And a gain. but broken followers. 45 Devotee (• to •••••) Wyrd ••••••• ER p14 Disenchanting Kiss (••••) Wyrd ••••• Clarity 9+ SaD p92 Dual Kith (•••) Wyrd •• WM p98 Dual Kith (•• or •••) Creation Only RoS p88 Enchanting Performance (••••) Expression ••• RoS p88 page 16 / 70 . Spending a point of Glamour inspires emotion on Court Goodwill (• to •••••) - CtL p93 AN p.WoD . And again. Ensorcelled mortals can take this merit. and by proxy the blessing that comes with it. Add Wyrd to negative situation modifiers to Expression or Persuasion. Charmed Life (••) RoS p88 Reroll when dealt aggravated damage or would otherwise be killed. this tops out at being able to finish something in 1/16th the time. Though.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost again. You have a group of loyal. With high Clarity. you have a kiss that cancels mind and emotional controll Your character possesses two or more kiths. and by proxy the blessing that comes with it.

Does not apply to the dead (Ghosts. will summon your Keeper. Fae Mount (•. •• = As • . but capable of leaving the Hedge for a scene.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost successful Performance roll. ••• or •••••) RoS p89 You own a Hobgobli n/Token/Otherwise magical mount. but with another magical ability ••••• = As •••. Vampires) Abilities for fighting while in a dream. Abilities to use in a formal duel while in the Hedge. which. Look under the Styles Faerie Favor (•••) - RoS p90 Faerie Healing (••) - RoS p90 Fighting Style Dream Combat (• to •••••) Wyrd ••. who owes you a single favor. but with single magical abiltity ••• = As ••. Capable of using Goblin Fruits to restore health to others. • = Appearing when called.WoD . complete with mask. Must return to the Hedge for 24 hours afterwards. when broken. Empathy ••• RoS p90 Fighting Style Hedge Duelist (• to •••••) Wyrd ••• RoS p91 page 17 / 70 . ••. Look under the Styles Merits page for more information. You possess a token.

WoD - Canon Index
Complete Changeling the Lost

Merits page for more information. Gentrified Bearing (••••) Wyrd ••• RoS p92 You look a bit like the True Fae, and can fool Hobgoblins and Gentry at a distance.

Goblin Merchant

(• or •••)


Goblin Markets p34 Sell at Goblin Market without being price-gouged and while protected by Market Law RoS p38 Can make pledges with one Wyrd-purview/dot; no sanction and boon and task must be related to purview A list of your consistent sources of Glamour. Examples include: Emotion, Dreaming, Oaths, Hedge Fruit Sensitivity to established Hedge Gates, lower time spent finding such a gate cut by half, granted a reflexive roll when near one. Intelligent Hobgoblin familiars who act as animal retainers. The more dots you have, the stronger the Hobgoblin is. Seeking information

Goblin Vow

(• to •••••)



(• to •••••)


CtL p94

Hedge Gate Sense



RoS p92

Hedgebeast Companion

(• to •••)


AN p132

Hidden Life

(• to •••) 

Fame 0,

RoS p92

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WoD - Canon Index
Complete Changeling the Lost

Wyrd equal to dots in Hidden Life

about your character takes a penalty, including remembering contact or physical details. RoS p92 Ability (and rules) for temporarily training Hobgoblins. A part of the body becomes a weapon, and granted a damage bonus. This can stack with Blessings. When determining maximum age, the Changeling is treated as if her Wyrd is +4. For information on aging, see CtL p. 174 - 175. Membership in a court, benefits in the form of bonuses to social interaction, Contracts and Blessing. The first dot for free. The Changeling possesses multiple masks (One per dot) and can change them. The masks do not change your size and gender.

Hobgoblin Trainer



Lethal Mien


Wyrd •••

RoS p94

Long of Days



RoS p94


(• to •••••)


CtL p97


(• to •••••)

Wyrd •••••••

ER p14

Market Familiarity (• or •••)


Goblin Markets p14 Locate and attend Goblin Markets. RoS p94 or +3 bonus to Goblin Markets p33 determine if being

Market Sense



page 19 / 70

WoD - Canon Index
Complete Changeling the Lost

cheated in deals. Market Stall (••••) Goblin Merchant ••• Goblin Markets p34 Own a stall where you can store goods and be able to extract and store abstractions. CtL p98 AN p45 The quality of legal (Or illegal) documentation supporting your new identity. This merit can be taken by mortals or other supernaturals as well. The Changeling is capable of standing absolutely still, and all rolls to notice or locate take -2. Your character is known for having a way with words. Gain +1 for every merit dot when discussing Pledges. Grants ensorcelled mortals to recieve Prophetic dreams. Costs 1 glamour and a Wits + Occult roll. Hide your emotions very well, even from lie detectors and such.

New Identity

(•, •• or •••• )

Perfect Stillness


Stealth •

CtL p94


(• to •••)


RoS p94

Prophet Circle

(• to •••••)


RoS p94

Rigid Mask


Subterfuge ••

RoS p95

Second-Hand Skills (• to •••)

Wyrd •••

Goblin Markets p26 Gain bonus equal to dots to three skills once per Chapter.

page 20 / 70

Siren Song (•••) - RoS p96 Slave (• to •••••) - Goblin Markets p23 Supernatural servant purchased at Market. While speaking. limiting their actions. Own a once mundane charm turned magical from its time in the Hedge or Arcadia. Spend Glamour to increase Talecrafting rolls. its moods and emotions. and a +2 to social rolls when interacting. You may not use this merit to Soul Sense (••) A Living Fetch Sublime (•••••) Wyrd ••••••••• ER p14 Narrative Master (•••) Wyrd ••• SaD p78 Token (• to •••••) - CtL p98 page 21 / 70 . The Changeling's mein becomes transcendental. RoS p96 Always know the direction and distance to your Fetch. Take penalties when it is injured or killed. Changelings must roll Resolve + Composure or be bewitched. everyone within earshot takes a -2 penalty to all actions. and mortals become bewitched.WoD .Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost Shared Sleep (•) Functional Multiple CtL p44 Personalities or Multiple Personality Disorder Need only 4 hours sleep as long as you spends 6 hours in each of your personalities.

Developing other skills may cost more. RoS p97 A successful Wits + Composure leads to borrowing a skill specialty or language for one day from a known mortals dreams Gain a free skill specialty in one field every time you grow in Wyrd. Tokenmaster (•••) Wyrd ••••••• ER p14 Being in constant touch with objects turns them into Tokens.WoD . Talecrafting (•••) Wits ••• Academics •• SaD p78 Visionary Dreams (••) Wyrd ••• RoS p97 Wholesale Wares (• to ••) Market Stall •••• Goblin Markets p35 Once per chapter. See the list here.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost obtain Legendary Tokens (••••• or more). Unseen Sense. Costs 1 Willpower point and a Intelligence + Wits roll. reduce the cost of an item by dots in the Merit so long as intent is to resell. Sense when the an opportunity to set up a Hook comes up. Your character receives Prophetic Dreams. Wisdom of Dreams (•••) Wyrd ••+ Wyrdskill (•••) Wyrd •••••• ER p15 Kith Restricted Merits Kiss of Life (•••) *pre: Sap the Vital SaD p24 The Leechfinger can store page 22 / 70 . See the list here.

When the Brewer uses his blessing. Broken Mirror CtL p. The milestone is achieved when done personally. 103 The milestone is achieved on the human side of an open gateway (The Hedge must be seen). Bloodied Ground AN p. The milestone is achieved. Receive an item that lets you play the part of the fetch. 109 . the merit makes the fermented drink unrecognizable as alcoholic. Must be instructed on the usage by a Werewolf. Subtle Liquer (•) *pre: Inebriating Elixir SaD p29 Blessing Entitlement Restricted Merits Outsider Fetish (• to •••) *pre: The Lord LoS p150 Sages of the Unknown Reaches Begin play with a talen or fetish. For more information on Fetch Hunting. 103 False Heart AN p.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost Spark Blessing stolen health and use it to heal himself or others. 259 Cuckoo's Egg AN p. Usable only by the owner.   Milestone Merits  You may not buy Milestone Merits.WoD .110 in Autumn Nightmares. Reach the spot where the Fetch died easier. Can be stolen and used to impersonate the Changeling. They have no dots. the Changeling can activate the merit to gain +3 to any roll. List of Talens  and Fetishs. even animals. Once per story. A fist-sized object that was the fetchs heart is taken. All Milestone Merits are granted when a Changeling kills her Fetch. go to p. which can be used as Glamour reserves. 103 page 23 / 70 . The milestone is achieved with no witnesses.

Bean Buyer Streetwise ••• SaD p89 Effect Drawback Once per story. Take penalties for using it in self-defense.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost Fetchbane AN p. after Using the advantage being tricked. the Fatebound loses something of equal value. Shared Guilt AN p. Fatebound Title Merit Cost (•••) Page *Pre: Wyrd (•••) and. who gains significant access to you advantage. using this method. When any member is rolling for degeneration. 103 The milestone is achieved with a single weapon not made of Cold Iron. and is applied to every member. then it counts as a sucess for everyone. If there is even one success... 103 Fate Merits Take these merits only at your ST's discretion. Do an instant Action Every time to turn trash into something is created something valuable. through said advantage. Gain some Lose all social knowledge of 10-Again rolls when circumstance when with your lover. the motley can activate this merit to have every member roll a degeneration check. forcibly seperated Cloistered Spinne Crafts ••• SaD p90 Cowherd and Weaver Resolve ••• SaD p90 page 24 / 70 . The weapon does lethal damage (Or +2 if lethal) when infused with Glamour. spend runs you into an a glamour to gain a enemy.WoD . The milestone is achieved when every member of a motley gets at least one hit into a Fetch.

Every time she benefits from this merit. Evil Stepsister Manipulation ••• SaD p90 Spend a Glamour whilst being cruel to a subordinate to get something that will help you in the future. hates the Fair Prince. Monkey Heart Wits ••• SaD p91 +5 to notice traps and avoid being suprised by an adversary for a second time after. Fisher King Court Mantle ••••• Court Crown SaD p91 Mobled Queen Court Mantle ••••• Court Crown SaD p91 Massive bonuses when activating a Court Contract. Fair Prince Court Mantle ••• SaD p91 You are loved by Opposing Court almost all the courts. Near the climax of the story. and receive a bonus to the point of for dealing with plotting non-fae. and your lover escapes.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost from your lover. -2 to avoiding traps or being surpised by an adversary for the first time. and inability to maintain rule or insurrection in your kingdom loses benefits. page 25 / 70 . A Court member dying causes one lethal damage. When at full health. Mortal Enemy Resolve ••• SaD p92 Get extra dice when Enemy recieves dealing with your same benefits. everything comes back to bite you in the ass.WoD . she gains a cumulative penalty to all actions (Except contract activation and resistance). assassination. and causes wound penalties -1 when rolling to resist gaining a derangement after losing Clarity. and a bonus when harvest a Court Emotion. all Social Merits act as though you have them twice over (Not doubled).

therefore no curse or blessing.72 Take these merits only at your ST's discretion.WoD . No Seeming (••) *pre: Changelings ER p107 Only Character Creation Only Character is treated as if she has no kith or seeming. -1 to rolls to avoid derangement. 71 . 107 . Seeming (•••) *pre: Fey-Touched ER p107 Only Character Creation Only Fair Folk Merits Autumn Nightmares P.108 Take these merits only at your ST's discretion.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost enemy. Fae Pet (•• or ••••) Similar to Retainer. and has both a curse and a blessing. Gains +1 to all rolls involving clarity loss or gaining a derangement. The lover is constantly being targeted for abduction. see Equinox Road P. as well as other bonuses. Character possesses a kith and seeming. Star-Crossed Lover Presence••• SaD p92 Spending a Willpower point when working to protect or save your love is an automatic success and regain a point of Willpower per scene spent protecting her. Enchanted Mortal (••) ER p107 Character is treated as if permanently Ensorcelled. -2 on all rolls not directly related to rescuing the lover Partial Transformation Merits Do not use these merits unless you are designing a recently rescued abductee. When this happens. grants the Fey an animal companion that is page 26 / 70 .  For more information on the Fey-Touched. They are treated as templates for lesser supernaturals.

they must be earned through play. Page 195) Partial Transformation Merits should typically only apply to mortals who were recently abducted and rescued before their transformation into a Changeling was complete.Real world animal that exists locally. often Aspersorium token regarded as a mixed omen. Diviners who seek to Wyrd •••. Fate Merits can change the flow of the story. as many contacts and utilities may be lost upon the characters return. Awarded The CtL 293 Diviner's Instrument token College of Worms page 27 / 70 . Milestone Merits may not be purchased. Any pet that dies is replaced within 24 hours. Entitlements Name Bishopric of Blackbirds Description Requirements Privileges Page Wandering Wyrd ••.WoD . 105) Fair Folk Merits should typically only apply to the Gentry. Social Merits may never be applied to the Gentry. Empathy •• May purchase CtL 290 fellowship. 71 72) Restricted Merits: Social Merits must be justified. Forbidden Merits : Unseen Sense (WoD. study Fate and its Investigation ••. Kiss of Life is restricted to the Leechfinger Kith. Fair Haven (•••) Designated area in the real world where the Fey can stay without being poisoned by reality. signs where ever Occult •• they may be found.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost willing to die for its master. Subtle Liquer is restricted to the Brewer Kith. in exchange for favors. so should only be taken with the consent of the Storyteller. who seek to aid all other changelings.Hobgoblin pet. •••• . (Information is in Autumn Nightmares P. •• . (Information is in Equinox Road p.) Fair Folk Merits (AN. Page 71) Lucid Dreaming Merit (CtL. Page 109) (Note: Unseen Sense: Talecrafting is NOT Forbidden.

Satrapy of Pearls May spend a CtL 306 glamour to add any physical attribute's dots to a presence roll. as being potentially for sale. Gains significant CtL 297 social bonuses when interacting with those they have broken. until the victim loves again Magistrates of Wax Self-styled Wyrd ••• organizers of Changeling society. Sacred Band of the Vain in the extreme. Margravate of the Brim Guardians of all Wyrd ••. Wyrd ••.WoD . these Mantle(Winter) • manipulators who seek to break the hearts of everyone that they can. Subterfuge ••. CtL 313 Scarecrow Ministry Inflicters of horror Wyrd •••. hearted. to use and exploit them and be victims themselves no longer. They frequently take a fancy to random items that they will exchange anything to obtain. Hedonistic Wyrd •••. who No Mantle spurn the courts and operate outside of them. Clarity >4. May purchase the CtL 300 Waxen Violet token Gain several minor CtL 303 bonuses when within the bordermarch territory that they guard. Manipulation •••. but none the less do everything they can to protect the Freehold.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost Duchy of the Icebound Heart Drawing from the Wyrd ••. Mantle(Spring) •• social skill. Bugbear's Mask frequently the stuff Mantle(Autumn) •• token page 28 / 70 . Persuasion ranks of the broken ••. Presence Golden Standard this band of warriors ••• serves the freehold diligently for the praise and glamor it brings. Persuasion Gain a specialty in a CtL 310 merchants who all ••. even abstract concepts. things. Changelings. Awarded the upon mortals.

Free specialty in WM 143 Larceny or Streetwise. Bodhisattvas of the Social reformers that Wyrd 2. Larceny organisation with a ••• secret membership. The Bronze Beylik Kingmakers who are Wyrd 3. corruption and purge 2 it by any means necessary.WoD . who see it as Composure of at Grand Cross of Saint their task to root out least 6. working under the pretense that the chaos they cause keeps the Courts honest. infamously including torture. individuals to break Mantle(Spring) 1 free from social Gain access to the LoS 43 Sprung Door token. Brawl. Wyrd ••. Gain access to the supposedly cursed Clarity 6 or higher Bronze Spearhead never to be rulers themselves.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost of urban legends. Wits 3. Politics 3. page 29 / 70 . Intimidation George. or become the secret power behind the throne. WM 146 The Knighthood of Policers of Lost Wyrd 2. in order to warn them away from dangerous places and actions. Broken Cage encourage Fleeting Spring 1. and Contacts/Allies relating to criminal world purchased at x1 dots. who will none the less never accept a task that they consider unjust. Firearms or Melee •• Bounty victims CtL 317 suffer half defense and reduced Initiative against the Knights The Phantom Tong A criminal Wyrd •• . Wits + Gain access to the WM 149 the Dragonslayer society. Mantle(Summer) •. They seek to select a rule that is best for the freehold. The Tolltaker Knighthood Bloody and merciless mercenaries.

Crafts 3 + Wyrdbuilding: can LoS 110 Specialty: construct a building Construction. understand the Mantle(Autumn) 2 power and treasures of the Hedge. ends after a day unless another Glamour is spent. Mantle(Summer) 2 +2 to subterfuge LoS 63 rolls when lying about themselves. can go hours=Wyrd before losing Glamour to the Thorns Gain power LoS 102 Shadowkiss. Subterfuge 2. Thorn that seek to Survival 3. Mantle(Winter) 1 Ancient and Accepted of or Bridgemasons Known chiefly for the art of Wyrdbuilding. and 'deal' with anyone who seems to have obstructed or turned traitor against the Summer Monarch. Kisses recipient and spends Glamour. Wyrd 2. Martial skill at 3. Magi of the Gilded Wandering hermits Wyrd 2. Stealth 2. Mortals cannot witness or know page 30 / 70 . Also taught the Turncoats Assurance pledge. the secret police of Summer come out. Group of builders with secret signs to guard their art. Subterfuge 2.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost mores and the rut of habit. hour per 20 size Elemental or Ogre points. Wyrd 3. The Hound Tribunal In the latter days of Summer. Building must touch bare stone or soil. No -1 to LoS 83 degeneration when in Hedge. This can also be used to destroy other buildings at the same rate. imposes -3 penalty to anyone wanting to discover information about the recipient. Mantlefor 1 Glamour per (Autumn) 1. be it evading the eyes of the Gentry. or getting out of jail quietly and setting up a new name.WoD . Occult 2. Knighthood of the Utmost Silence Knights that help Changelings leave situations by stealth and guile. Wyrd 3. Stealth 2. Weaponry 1. Complex buildings need an Int+Crft.

The Barony of the Lesser Ones Investigators and diplomats to hobgoblins.WoD . Resolve 3. Intelligence 3 Gains a free 2-dot LoS 121 Hedgespun rainment armour. +1 Bearing or Hob Kin defence against merits) these. Wyrd 3. Intimidation +2 to all Intim and LoS 113 3. Court of the Solstice Highly varied title Wyrd 3. +5 to resist coercion to get recorded memories. discreetly so it Mantle(Winter) 1 seems the person vanished. judges and enforcers of relations between Changelings and hobgoblins. It is also the emotion for Bedlam. page 31 / 70 . The Duchy of Truth Fetchhunters and Wyrd 2. and the token False Face of Truth.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost how the building was constructed or the task fails or begins to crumble at the rate it was built. and Loss killers. but doing so Investigation 3. Mantle 0 venerating or at least seeing the merit in the between places of the world. Can only remember 10xWyrd scenes. Perfected Memory: LoS 125 Willpower and Glamour causes the rest of the scene to be perfectly remembered in all detail and replayable. Concider LoS 117 Desperation the title's native emotion and so harvest additional glamour from it. Persuasion 3 (or 2 Pers made against Intim and 2 Pers if hobgoblins or other possess Gentrified Hedge denizens. Wyrd 3. and +1 bonus to navigate the Hedge. This cannot be altered or stolen by mundane or supernatural means. Generally looked on poorly by the traditional courts. The Eternal Echoes Historians and witnesses to the dangers and heros the Lost. Eidetic Memory.

Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost Memory Transferal:Ritual dream with skin-to-skin contact where the Lord may give a memory to another Echo. there is a +1 to find Goblin Fruits Wyrd 5.WoD . Socialize. Hob Goblin. Pledgemasters and careful diplomats. and the Courier cannot investigate the package. ingredients. Courier's Winged Streetwise 2. but can be used personally too. and Smithing. Persuasion. The Guild of Goldspinners Creators of gold and Wyrd 2. Subterfuge Have at least 1 LoS 142 minute per wyrd of talk time with a Keeper before they attack. Non Supernatural Manipulation rolls are exceptional success on 3 success instead of 5. Usually or other element in outlandish. page 32 / 70 . and access to the Gildwheel Pledges. Knights of the Knowledge of the Tongue Wyrd 2. Enforcers of Specialties: Textiles bargains. Gain Legacy of the Black Negotiators with the Apple True Fae. Fairest only Gormands always Wyrd 3. minimum Clarity 5. Clarity 6 or higher. Drive 2. LoS 134 Guild of the Sacred Couriers and Journey messengers. Sash token. Crafts 2 + wealth. Inter-freehold deliveries are free. Crafts 3 or +3 to any roll to LoS 138 experimenting with Crafts 2 + Specialty: track down a Goblin new foods and Cooking Fruit. outside of a dish. Mantle(Spring) 1 Access to the LoS 130 Gildwheel toke. gain access to the Expression 2. one of the following Social Skills at four dots: Empathy. as long as it pertains to a dish hoped to prepare. the hedge. typically for inter-freehold contact.

at researchers of other least two Occult supernatural specialties phenomena. defy. When doing this may enter any page 33 / 70 . Always considered 'court' harvest. becoming bonuses. The Lord Sages of the Unknown Reaches Scholars and Wyrd 2. Mantle Perception Minuses LoS 151 believe themselves (Any) 4. even if courtless. higher than 6 reversed. +2 to all rolls to attack. These bonuses are also added to her Wyrd to determine longevity. Spend 1 Glamour to LoS 155 that focus on the real Empathy 1 enter a Lucid Dream of dreams and their Special even without being power. in a hedge or hollow. Can Harvest Glamour from worshipers by revealing true form. The Lost Pantheon Changelings that Wyrd 6.WoD . Medicine 2. Can purchase Allies or Contacts with any supernatural being. +1 to Socialize and LoS 147 Persuasion rolls with one type of supernatural creature. Occult 3. Clarity No for low clarity are gods. May purchase Enhanced Items (Mage) Imbude Item (Mage) Library (Mage) Fetishes (Mage) merits. or otherwise engage in aggression or resistance against the Gentry and their Minions The Order of Oneirophysics Mystics and healers Wyrd 2.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost access to the Black Apple Pendant token.

Gains access too the Gilded Torc Token May shift their Mien ER 44 within her Seeming to appear as another kith when receiving an assignment. and +3 to social rolls involving the freehold (except the Sovereign) Foes have -1 to all social rolls. rulers. Knights of the Widow’s Walk Spies that can Wyrd 6. Mantle 2 or less Generally not known about. loose one willpower on waking and a -3 to all social rolls involving the freehold (The Sovereign is still excluded). 5 merit dots to be ER 40 spent on social merits. Friends get +1 to all non social rolls. May use Dreamhealing.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost dreams of someone in skin to skin contact. Gains 2 Willpower on waking. Can Smell lies without a roll. May do so again before new assignment at the cost of one Willpower dot.WoD . 4. Cannot appear as someone else. page 34 / 70 . Once per story may touch a target and verbally declare Friend or Foe. those with the Mantle 5 confidence and personal power to truly lead. Willpower 7. Persuasion consists of real 4. May regain one glamour a day from a successful lie. based on Rank The Charmed Circle Eldrich order that Wyrd 7. Subterfuge change their face.

Gains Striking Look at 4. Firearms.WoD . Impartial Occult 3 dice when making a magical advisors to roll to resist all courts. +1 to Clarity rolls made to resist gaining a new derangement. Once per chapter may spend glamour to add her Wyrd score to a single combat roll. part of the order. Wyrd 6. +5 check. When purchasing a Contract that will further help her duties for the king or queen. At least 12 The Vizier does not ER 52 use the order to keep dots in various Age as long as she is their insanity in Contracts. All Physical rolls are considered exceptional on 4 success instead of 5. it then costs new dots x2 for that page 35 / 70 . She can ignore all Major Frailties (Minor's still apply) Leaving the order causes an immediate loss of a Clarity dot. activating a derangement. Victors that have to keep winning. The attack is dramatic and showy. The Parliament of Victors Champions and slayers. Weaponry) at 4. Politics 3.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost Gains a free specialty in subterfuge. Presence 4 Privileges can be ER 48 lost if the Champion fails a task or challenge. One combat-related Skill (Brawl. The Office of the Vizieral Counsel Mad wizards that Wyrd 7. +1 to Persuasion rolls if she already possess the merit.

Often come into Occult 2 conflict with the College of Worms. Wyrd 3. Empathy 2. TheyWyrd 4. They Weaponry 2 fight off whatever danger a freehold faces before moving on to the next distant threat. Contract of Nights watch dreams for Dreams 2. bonuses are The Twilight Gleaners page 36 / 70 . slay dangers from Occult 2 the Hedge. The Hedge Wardens Nobles that seek to Wyrd 3.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost clause. Spend 1 glamour DD 156 and discover if an action is fated to succeed of rail. and keep the Trods open so that the Lost can escape Arcadia. When ever tainted DD 149 by magic that allows her Wyrd as a penalty to its roll or to roll Wyrd as part of her resistance. The Family of Silent Dreamtrappers. Resolve 3. Broken Blade Token to where they are Firearms. and can bind almost any oneiropomp in the physical world.Same as crafting a new dream. or most needed. her wyrd is 1 higher for that purpose.WoD .Investigation 2. Gleaners seek to simply enact fates will. Gains access to the DD 153 that moves soldiers Any of Brawl. Can craft a Dream DD 145 Prison . Can specify what kind of dream. The Squires of the Broken Bough A nomadic order Wyrd 2. intrusion by the true Empathy 2 fae. Worms seek to understand fate. tame the local hedge. but instead is a hole where a dream will fall. If the plan is destined to fail. All have nearly lost everything to the threat and so this task consumes them. and -1 to anyone attempting to hinder it. Successful fate gives a +1 to any roll for directly furthering the plan. Devotees to fate.

Endless Road desire to improve No Attribute at 1. +1 to people furthering the goals within the region. Envied or disdained by others usually. Contracts of May activate SD 142 the Wheel tsk themselves with the Hearth 2. Can swear the SD 146 Freehold's Defender Oath. and may use it against a second person. Fortunes Wheel making sure that the Investigation 3 when using the worthy get success. Socialize 3 Designers of 'gardens' where people can rest and keep the community peaceful.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost reversed. People not aligned to the principles of the region will want to leave. Politics 3. Persuasion guardians of the 3. Resolve 3. The Adjudicators of Judges of fate who Wyrd 3. the contract activation opposite of the one enacted. The Pilgrims of the Journeymen who Wyrd 3. Brawl. and the unworthy +1 Glamour to store fail. Firearms freeholds worldwide. themselves to unattainable perfection.WoD . May choose a 2nd SD 154 Kith Blessing (which must be from a different seeming) May exceed Dual Kith rules (allowing a 3rd Kith) The Order of the Hallowed Garden Architects of urban Wyrd 3. Declares an area SD 150 equal to Wyrdx200 yards or less or Wyrdx1000 population or les sher territory. Contracts of Hearth. Contracts page 37 / 70 . renewal and change.or Weaponry 4 They monitor threats to freeholds and mobilise to defend them. May train followers who can purchase certain traits even even if they don't have the experience for it yet. The Legion of the Iron Wall Tacticians and Wyrd 4.

poker for every man for himself) Wyrd + Occult •••• The Game Master's Table Give information Prepare each piece or card for at ●●●●/●●●●( Wyrd + to a unit through least one hour before the clause is ○) Manipulation a board game. Contracts of Dream • Pathfinder locate paths. one. blackjack when it's multiple vs. The character is using a game ●●● appropriate to the situation at hand (Chess for a football game. Pluck a thorn from the local Hedge ● Hollows and and shed a drop of blood within a other fixtures in single day Lost 124 Wyrd + Intelligence page 38 / 70 . ● Swords at Dawn 46 Wyrd + Wits vs Powerstat + Composure Wyrd + Intelligence •• Knowing the Grant insight on Invoked during a rematch of the Competition the opposing initial competition. cheated if you didn't get an exceptional success. Wyrd + Manipulation vs Powerstat + Composure (Enemy Leader) ••••• The Curse enemy Changeling has played this game ●●●●(○) Cheater's Gambit units.WoD . Followers must be on Oh god recursion hand.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost Clause Name Description of Clause Effect Catch (Reminder: Using the catch only waives glamour cost. Leader will with someone who died in the last know you've week. activated. players tactics ••• The Living Game Plays a game with the Wyrd and gains insight on a competition or battle.) Cost Dice Pool Universal Affinity Contracts Contracts of the Board • The Honest EyeReveal if someone is cheating. Changeling has caught subject ● cheating in the past without using a contract. Additional costs must still be paid.

instantaneously a physical distance Contracts of Hearth • Fickle Fate Wyrd + Intelligence Lost 127 Give someone a If used on a target more than once ● -2 penalty on an hour. another roll will fail ••• Beneficent Fate Give someone an If subject benefits more than once ● automatic per day.WoD . or their loved ones or family increase members Willpower by Wyrd as health in oniomachy combat. another roll will ● - - •••• Fortuna’s Cornucopia - page 39 / 70 . extract items or Posses at least a single thread from ● images from target's night clothes dreams ● - •••• Cobblethought Wyrd + Intelligence ••••• Dreamsteps use dreams to Carry a physical object made by traverse user during the journey. even when not inside ● Wyrd + Wits ••• Phantasmal Bastion Double Wyrd for Carrying a token of favor given to ● calculating them freely by an enemy or one of damage. their next action is rolled success on next with a chance die roll Give someone 8-again on the If used on a subject more than once per day. affects user instead next roll - •• Favored Fate Give someone a If used to enhance the same action ● +4 bonus on next more than once before the next roll sunset or sunrise.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost the Hedge •• Forging the Dream alter events and Stand or sit beside target with setting in touching subject's and his or her subject's own temples dreamscape.

Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost next roll dramatically fail - ••••• Triumphal Make one If used on a subject more than ●○ Fate subject's action once within a year and a day. or moving through a gateway into removing them the hedge from action. Wyrd + Investigation or Wyrd + Investigation vs Powerstat + Composure Dancers in the Dusk 69 Contracts of Lucidity Note: Activating Contracts of Lucidity is a Clarity Breaking Point ● • Read Lucidity Learn the Touch the target. ●● Wyrd + Wits ••• Thief of Days Cause an object Knows the name of a now dead to age former owner unnaturally. •••• Flickering Hours Wyrd + Investigation Alter the flow of Smash a time keeping instrument ●●○ time within the during activation Hedge relative to Earth. Wyrd + Wits ••••• Leaping Shoot a target Used when the target is touching ●●●●○ Toward Nightfall forward in time. Target's Clarity Wyrd + Intelligence page 40 / 70 . •• Frozen Moment ● Rites of Spring 102 Wyrd + Craft Freeze an object Performed during sunrise or sunset ●● in time by touching it.WoD . damaging it. that an automatic action becomes a dramatic failure exceptional success Contracts of Hours • Restoration of Restore a User or a member of the user's Dawn Beauty weathered item family owned the object before to prime abduction condition.

● Wyrd + Strength page 41 / 70 . Breaking Point level: 6 ●● Wyrd + Occult ••• ●(●●)○ Presence + Clarity + Wyrd Resolve + Composure Resolve + Clarity •••• Armoured Clarity Only make one Spent the last hour with more ●●● Clarity roll in the normal humans than Enscrocelled next scene. (Not counting the Breaking point for activating this Clause) Breaking Point level: 4 Lower the The target publicly doubted her target's Clarity own sanity in the last hour.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost •• Temporary Sanity Increase Clarity Stand on one foot with shut eyes for a few turns. Dined with a member of that kith ● within the last week ● Wyrd + Manipulation Wyrd + Stamina •• Skinmask Alter one feature Get an object belonging to the of the Mask. no humans or Lost. Breaking Point level: 2 ●●●○ ••••• Thief of Reason Presence + Intimidation + Wyrd Willpower + Wyrd Lost 129 Contracts of Mirror • Riddle-Kith Appear as another Kith. and your arms by your side for a Breaking Point minute. matter how many Breaking Points you triggered. level: 8 Loan Clarity for Target has lost Clarity in the last a scene 24 hours.WoD . Steal a garment that is either too large or too small to wear ••• Transfigure the Flesh ● Wyrd + Stamina •••• Oddbody Transmutes a Consume the threads of a single bodily caterpillar's cocoon. for a scene. reproduced individual Grow larger or smaller as you wish. feature into an unnatural shape.

Wyrd + Strength Contracts of the Moon • Lunatic’s The changeling User is dressed as and behaving Knowing Glance can instantly tell like a medical professional if anyone she is looking at suffers from a derangement. ●● Wyrd + Manipulation Subject's Composure Wyrd + Presence vs Powerstat + Composure Wyrd + Expression ••• Touch of Bedlam •••• The Madness Induces User is performing for an audience ●●●○ of Crowds temporary Mass Hysteria all around. ••••• Lurking Insanity The character Target betrayed a close blood can look intently relative at a target and cause him to develop a latent form of insanity that manifests only when a specific even or ●●●○ Wyrd + Subterfuge page 42 / 70 .Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost such as sprouting claws or elongated legs.WoD . •• Maddening Eye ● Rites of Spring 105 Wyrd + Wits Causes User is currently suffering at least ●● derangements to one derangement temporarily worsen Target suffers Target broke an oath to the user temporary severe derangement. granting a variety of potential bonuses ••••• Chrysalis Transform into Commission the creation of object ● an inanimate intended to mimic object of your choosing for one scene.

The Changeling Used to bless a mortal under 18 names a single with good fortune experience which will happen to someone. Contracts of Omen • Vision of Strife See someone's worst memory Target is speaking about their past ● Rites of Spring 108 Wyrd + Empathy •• Glimpse of Next turn roll User is playing a game of skill Fortune’s Favor twice and take the better result. betrays the user effectively letting you replay that turn. ••• Reading the The Changeling Target is under 18 Portents sees the most significant or emotionally important event that will happen to someone in the next few months. ●(●) Wyrd + Wits ●● Wyrd + Wits ●●●●○ Wyrd + Wits ••••• Tying the Knots of Fate ●●●○○ Wyrd + Presence Contracts of Smoke • The Wrong Foot Replace tracks with that of Lick thumb and smudge it on a mirror ● Lost 132/*VL 23 - page 43 / 70 . Two Glamour to cast reflexively and roll twice this turn. •••• Vision of Disaster Sees a vision of A trusted friend or ally suddenly one single turn.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost type of event occurs.WoD . the experience becomes much more likely.

WoD . or on a day with thick Clause) fog with clouds and little sunlight. The changeling uses a whip made ● of plant material. As the The character scatters a handful of ●● Changeling hedge thorns behind her moves a path of thorns grows Wyrd + Occult ••• Briarpath Wyrd + Wits page 44 / 70 .Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost another animal •• Nevertread Don't leave tracks when moving Spent at least an hour barefoot within the past day ● Wyrd + Intelligence ••• Shadowpatch Bonus to hide as Spent at least an hour away from ● shadows envelop natural sunlight within the past day the Changeling •••• Murkblur Make target Swallow the eye of an insect or an ● blind for a scene animal Wyrd + Wits Wyrd + Intelligence vs Powerstat + Resolve Wyrd + Intelligence •••• Smoke-Stepp Move through Used within 10 minutes of sunrise ●● ing* (Alternate thick smoke or or twilight. the service of the characters Keeper or the Keeper itself. weapons must cause bashing damage. Swords at Dawn 49 Wyrd + Dexterity •• Leechweed Enchant thorns to Clause is used against someone in ●● drain glamour. visibility of less than 30 Yards at the speed of thought ••••• Light-Shy Invisibility Told someone a meaningful lie to ●○ someone important to the user within the past day Wyrd + Intelligence Contracts of Thorns and Brambles • Bite of the Wooden Fang Increase the damage of a weapon.

pours ●●● of thorns which blood where she wants thorns to attack anyone in grow. Wyrd + Manipulation vs Hollow Ward / Security dots Wyrd + Survival •••• Blessing of Carve a burrow The character is nude at the time of ●● the Burrow in soil or stone. them. territory. Contracts of Fang and Talon ●●●○ Wyrd + Strength Lost 142 page 45 / 70 . shape she desires. •••• Shield of Thorns Creates a circle Changeling deals 1L to self. Beast Affinity Contracts Contracts of the Den • Trespasser’s Spoor For one day gain The changeling writes his name on ● a significant one of the entrances to the territory bonus to in chalk mixed with blood.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost behind them. Wyrd + Manipulation ••••• Hedgewall The changeling The changeling transplants a small ●●●●(○) grows a wall of shrub from the hedge into where thorns in any she will activate the clause. Conceal the The changeling is holding a live entrance to one's spider in his mouth at the time.WoD . ● Wyrd + Presence Winter Masques 19 - •• Trapdoor Spider’s Trick Wyrd + Wits ••• Cuckoo’s Ruse Convince a home The character has openly invited ●● that one is a the owner of the location over to resident his home within the last three days. ••••• Collapsing Collapse all or The building belongs to the the Entrance part of one's den. changeling using the clause. Slows down pursuit. invoking the clause. perception checks within one's territory. based on Wyrd.

hide and perceive ●● Wyrd + Dex ●●●● Wyrd + Manipulation Rites of Spring 111 ● Wyrd + Persuasion •• Nature’s Curse Each success Target is carrying a gun increases environmental penalties by one to move.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost • Tongues of Speak with Give the animal a new name Birds and Words animal (one type. • Wildwalker Each success Character spent the last night reduces sleeping outdoors environmental penalties by one to move. hide and perceive for a target ••• Viridian Embrace ● Wyrd + Intimidation Each success User is attempting to come to the ●● increases speed.WoD . aid of a mortal stealth and Wyrd + Expression page 46 / 70 . of Wolves chosen at first use of Contract) ● Wyrd + Animal Ken •• Beast’s Keen Gain +2 Sees or touches the animal of the ●● Senses Perception as the imitated type chosen animal's primary senses are inherited ••• Pipes of the Beastcaller Call upon a group of the chosen animal Ask the animal to guard or watch ●● the user's dwelling Wyrd + Wits Wyrd + Animal Ken •••• Tread of the Assume Touch an animal of the correct Swift Hooves movement type type of the chosen animal ••••• Cloak of the Transformation In animal's natural habitat or Bear’s Massive into chosen within touching distance of the Form animal animal Contracts of the Note: Affinity is Wild shared with Elementals.

WoD . at night ••••• Touch of Paralyzing Shudder Contracts of Shade and Spirit Cause the target Target is alone and already afraid ●●○ to move slowly of the Changeling and clumsily Wyrd + Athletics Wyrd + Presence vs Powerstat + Resolve Winter Masques 26 page 47 / 70 .Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost perception by one •••• Calling WindCreate/modify A dozen or more mortals are ●●● and Water weather patterns asking or hoping the user to do so ••••• Calling Environment On land owned by family Nature’s Wrath attacks everyone withing 50 yards Darkling Affinity Contracts Contracts of Darkness • Creeping Dread Reduce Used to frighten intruders into resistance to fear dwelling or intimidation of either one target or everyone within three yards per dot of Willpower •• Night’s Subtle Avoid notice by Used outdoors at night Distractions enhancing physical conditions that limit perception ••• Balm of Unwakeable Slumber ●(●●○) Lost 136 ●●●○ Wyrd + Presence Wyrd + Survival Wyrd + Manipulation Subject's Resolve ● Wyrd + Stealth Sleeping targets Target asleep in own bed and ● remain sleeping Contract used between sunset and through all sunrise noises or movements Wyrd + Manipulation vs Powerstat + Resolve •••• Boon of the Run along solid Climbing a wall made of stone or ●●● Scuttling Spider surface wood outdoors.

or the changeling is a Gravewight Allows a ghost limited ability to interact with the physical world Allow a ghost to materialize physically for one scene ● Wyrd + Presence •• Dread Companion The changeling presses a drop of ● her own blood to the forehead of everyone participating in the clause. adjusting the lights to make shadows larger. including the ghost. sweeping flagstones. asking about recent events The character makes a minor ● offering to the element — polishing metal she is going to talk to. taking one point of bashing damage per question. The changeling has set up a "dead ● supper": a complete meal served on never-used plates and silver. Wyrd + Manipulation ••• Haunting Intercession Wyrd + Manipulation •••• Waking the Awaken a ghost The changeling "feeds" the shade ●● Dead and learn its by wounding herself and offering secrets her blood. etc. and the changeling invokes the laws of hospitality while the clause is in effect. singing for the air.WoD . range based on Wyrd •• Primordial Voice Interact with an element.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost • Ghostly Presence Speak to ghosts The ghost is someone the in Twilight changeling knew in life. with a place for everyone who wishes to participate in the intercession. In Wyrd + Strength Wyrd + Stamina Winter Masques 32 Wyrd + Wits Wyrd + Socialize page 48 / 70 . ••••• Opening the Open a gate to The clause is invoked at midnight ●●○ Black Gate the Underworld in a mausoleum. Elemental Affinity Contracts Contracts of Communion • Sense Element Sense all The changeling sits and meditates ● instances of your for at least 10 minutes and makes a element within a successful meditation roll.

Successfully bargaining with the element and paying its price are the catch for this clause.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost addition to the effort involved. as an ally such as thoroughly cleaning a public fountain. arduous or expensive Wyrd + Persuasion •••• Elemental Servitor Wyrd + Persuasion ••••• Elemental Ally Wyrd + Presence Contracts of Elements • Cloak of the Elements Be protected Wearing a symbolic representation ●● from all of the element manifestations of the element. ●● Lost 138 - •• Armor of the Gain 1 Armor. Animates the The changeling performs a ●●● element to serve significant favor for the element.WoD . promising some service or other payment in return for having the element as a temporary ally. Renders the element intelligent and observant for an extended period. the changeling negotiates with the element. attack by touch. Wyrd + Dexterity page 49 / 70 . spending an hour or more polishing a large stone statue or hanging up ribbons and bits of paper for a wind to blow immediately before using this clause. When first using this clause on the ●●●○ element. Touching the element when the Element’s Fury do damage on contract is invoked contact. such efforts also take at least a few minutes of time. but it can animate for only one scene. ••• Distant Connection Remotely scry The character wishes to share the ●●(○) through instances senses or ask a favor of an of an element example of the element she is extremely familiar with such as the wood of or air in her home or the metal in her car. The favor asked is invariably hazardous.

aid of a mortal. increases environmental penalties by one to move. ••••• Calling Environment On land owned by family. stealth and perception by one.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost ••• Control Elements Direct the element within the area. ● Wyrd + Manipulation Rites of Spring 111 Wyrd + Persuasion •• Nature’s Curse Each success Target is carrying a gun. half an hour immediately before Contracts of the Note: Affinity is Wild shared with Beasts • Wildwalker Each success Character spent the last night reduces sleeping outdoors. Area completely dominated by the ●●● element Wyrd + Manipulation •••• Calling the Element Call an element Calling the element solely to to the area.WoD . asking or hoping the user to do so. ••• Viridian Embrace ● Wyrd + Intimidation Each success User is attempting to come to the ●● increases speed. entertain ●●●● Wyrd + Wits ••••• Become the Become a Must sit and contemplate a large ●●●● Primal manifestation of amount of the element for at least Foundation the element. hide and perceive. Wyrd + Expression •••• Calling WindCreate/modify A dozen or more mortals are ●●● and Water weather patterns. Nature’s Wrath attacks everyone withing 50 yards Fairest Affinity Contracts ●●●○ Wyrd + Presence Wyrd + Survival page 50 / 70 . environmental penalties by one to move. hide and perceive for a target.

WoD . •• Evasion of Shackles Become immediately freed from bondage or imprisonment Pass through a sealed door or window. •• Glimpse of a Look through Distant Mirror any surface the Changeling's face has been reflected in The mirror belongs to someone who's sworn enmity against the user ● Equinox Roads 34 Wyrd + Wits Wyrd + Composure ••• Reflection’s Reach through a The user reaches through a mirror ●● Grasp mirror he uses most •••• Mirror Walk Walk through a A blood relative is currently being ●●● mirror reflected in the surface out of which he's stepping ••••• Stealing the Create a The object removed is owned by Solid Reflection duplicate of an someone indebted to the user object by stealing its reflection Contracts of Separation • Tread Lightly Walk on surfaces Wearing delicate footwear which ● that could not would be ruined without this support one's power. and downgrade falling damage. The character is unjustly ● imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. ●●●○ Wyrd + Dexterity Wyrd + Athletics Wyrd + Larceny Winter Masques 40 Wyrd + Dexterity Wyrd + Larceny ••• Breaching Barriers Deliberately imprisoned by another Changeling ●(●) Wyrd + Presence page 51 / 70 .Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost Contracts of Reflection • Reflections of See into a The mirror belongs to someone the ● the Past reflective surface user has a close connection to and see what it has reflected. weight.

Gain Striking Looks •••• for the duration. Wyrd + Expression Wyrd + Presence ••• Splendor of the Envoy’s Protection* (Alternate Clause) Wyrd + Presence •••• Mantle of Force mortals In combat that was previously Terrible Beauty and supernaturals agreed to by both sides. mortals as long as you don't attack or carry a weapon. supernaturals roll to resist with each attack. but gain Striking Looks •• and Status (High Society) •• for duration.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost •••• Elegant Protection Add Wyrd to The Changeling is unarmed and defense for a few does not attempt to attack. ●● Lost 146/*VL 23 Wyrd + Intimidation Subject's Resolve •• Songs of +(Wyrd) to Performing for a rich and powerful ●● Distant Arcadia Expression and group. Used at a formal party with at least ●●● a dozen people. Persuasion rolls.WoD . to flee in fear with revelation of unearthly ●●○ Wyrd + Intimidate vs Powerstat + Composure page 52 / 70 . ••• Splendor of the Envoy’s Protection Unable to be Used at a formal party with at least ●●● attacked by a dozen people. As above. If the turns Catch is used attacking ends the Contract and costs 3 Glamour ●● Wyrd + Dexterity ••••• Phantom Glory Briefly enter the The Changeling wears no armour ●●○ Twilight and carries no weapons. Using either ends the Clause Wyrd + Persuasion Contracts of Vainglory • Mask of Superiority Gain a +2 bonus Pretending to be someone who's when speaking status comes from looks alone from a position of authority.

Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost beauty. Sense distance The Changeling can't stop to rest ●● and direction to for more than 15 minutes. bashing damage is upgraded to lethal and lethal ●● Wyrd + Wits vs Powerstat + Composure Wyrd + Resolve •••• Relentless Pursuit Wyrd + Stamina ••••• Cruel Vengeance Wyrd + Presence vs Powerstat + Manipulation page 53 / 70 . ••••• Words of Create a story so The Changeling is trying to ●●●○ Memories Never well-woven that convince people of something she Lived everyone believes to be true. pursued subject. but not driving. listening believes it wholly.WoD . Including resting in a vehicle. Against a subject The target is a member of the who has violated Changeling's Freehold. Pursuing an Oathbreaker ● Winter Masques 47 Wyrd + Expression vs Powerstat + Composure Wyrd + Athletics •• Sense Tainted Determine Target has sworn or is swearing an ● Vows whether a oath with the Changeling touched entity has violated oaths and gain the general impression of the most significant oath ••• Inexorable Pursuer Gain a bonus to Successfully resisted a Court based ● resist some emotional manipulation or attack attempts to apply in the last day. an oath. Ogre Affinity Contracts Contracts of Oath and Punishment • Pursuer’s Seven-League Leap Jump long distances. emotional influence.

This catch does not function if the changeling owns the object in question. The owner of the device asked the ● changeling to examine it.WoD . learning of secret compartments and a bonus to repair or damage it. Contracts of Stone • Might of the Terrible Brute Each success Fighting multiple opponents while ● adds one to unarmed Strength for the turn Each success destroys one Durability Attempting to remove a barrier. respond to a loved one being Vengeance Strength. ●● Wyrd + Athletics •••• Gluttonous Convert 2 Lethal The Changeling was offered large ●●● Feast of Health to 2 Bashing amounts of food by a stranger. Armour seriously hurt or killed. ●● Lost 144 Wyrd + Strength •• Ogre’s Rending Grasp Wyrd + Strength ••• Display Add Wyrd to Grandiose Might Strength for non-combat purposes The Changeling is using the contract to show off for a mostly non-practical purpose. The Contract is being used in Terrible Stamina. per success Wizened Affinity Contracts Contracts of Animation • Knowing Touch Learn the secrets of an inanimate object.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost to aggravated. damage or 1 Aggravated to 2 Lethal damage ••••• Red Rage of +1 Initiative. ●●●○ Wyrd + Stamina Wyrd + Resolve Winter Masques 52 Wyrd + Craft •• Instant Understand how The character has at least 10 ● Wyrd + Wits page 54 / 70 .

with significant Wyrd + Presence page 55 / 70 . for at least a minute causing it to malfunction. ● Wyrd + Empathy ••• Inanimate Communion •••• Animate Device Commands an The character owns the device and ●● object to act on has regularly used it for at least a its own month. minutes to talk with the device to gaining learn the secrets of its use. lasts until sunrise or sunset with a point of Willpower and Promise Leaves.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost Expertise to use a device. temporary skill dots applicable to its use See the history of The object has not been used or an object handled for at least a year. giving it a by someone the Changeling die bonus equal doesn't know well in exchange for to Wyrd for a full a favor scene. and mistreats or does not take adequate care of the object Wyrd + Manipulation ••••• Command Animates an the Inanimate object for an entire scene Wyrd + Presence Contracts of Artifice • Brief Glamour Repair a device Fix an item owned and used by ● of Repair without tools or another but never personally used parts •• Touch of Workman’s Wrath Causes a touched Owner of the device stole or device to cheated or attempted to steal or malfunction. cheat the Changeling requiring brief repairs ●● Lost 134/*VL 23 Wyrd + Craft Wyrd + Larceny ••• Blessing of Perfection Blesses an Used on an object used and owned ●●●(○) object. Wyrd + Wits •••• Unmaker’s Can jam a device Touched and examined the object ●● Destructive Gaze with a look.WoD . The object’s owner is a stranger to ●●○ or enemy of the changeling.

The device may inspire but cannot be recreated.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost penalties to repair. ••••• Can create a Tatterdemalion’s device out of Workshop unlikely but thematically fitting components. Wyrd + Wits ••••• Paths of Desire Wyrd + Academics page 56 / 70 . against their will open a gateway User has buried a vial of their own ●●●○○ that leads to blood in the soil of the desired anyplace in the location Hedge that the character has ever visited before. Conjure small object from pocket ●● Rites of Spring 99 Wyrd + Expression •• Trivial Reworking Wyrd + Crafts ••• Discreet Conjuration Paying an enemy for valuable info ●●○ with a valuable object Wyrd + Manipulation •••• Hidden Reality Create or Change Used when creating a way out of a ●●●○ some minor place where they've been confined feature of reality. ●●●●(○○) Wyrd + Crafts Contracts of the Forge • Rewriting the Image alter the details Changing an image of a person in ● of any two to the user dimensional. ••••• Tatterdemalion’s Workshop* (Alternate Clause) Created in their own workshop with their own tools ●●●●(○○) Wyrd + Crafts Can create Created in their own workshop wondrous with their own tools devices that will not be invented for many years. Reshape small Reshaping a stolen object to use object in minor against the person ways.WoD .

and form of healing bashing sustenance since damage. and a level 2 the 3rd. ••• Warmth of the Blood Downgrade a subject's lethal wounds to bashing. ● Lost 151 Mantle + Resolve + Survival •• New Lover’s Conjure rain. that it looks like rain.1 = Mantle. ●●●●● ● Mantle + Intelligence + Survival ●○ Mantle + Wits + Medicine •••• Yesterday’s Age a target by a The character ●(●●○) Wyrd + page 57 / 70 . Spring Court Contracts Clause Name Clause Description Catch Court Goodwill Cost Requirement if not a member Source Contracts of Eternal Spring • Gift of Warm Breath Rejuvenates a The subject of Waived target. or heal bashing wounds entirely. cloud conditions. romantic or familial. no A mortal human ●●● Kiss matter current has commented. The target has ●●●● honestly professed a heartfelt and deep love. ability must be Clause Rank . within the potentially up to character's even a deluge. So a level 4 can own the 5th dot. hearing and within the past hour. for the changeling.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost Court Contracts To buy an ability with Mantle.WoD . the last sunrise. alleviating the clause has suffering from freely offered the fatigue and changeling some deprivation.

spills two drops leaving it as if it of blood on the were now the target object and height of Spring. or who desires the Changeling Using the ●●● contract to resolve a Pledge. ● Lost 149 Wyrd + Wits vs Powerstat + Composure •• Growth of the Change one of Ivy the subject's desires ●●(○) Mantle + Manipulation + Persuasion Subject's Resolve Mantle + Presence + Subterfuge vs Powerstat + Composure ••• Wyrd-Faced Become someoneThe changeling ●●●● Stranger who the target has offered food desire/expect to to the target and see it was accepted.WoD . A man bled to death on this soil within the past year. Animates the plant life in an area and have it fight on the changeling's behalf. additional Glamour and a willpower dot to apply to humans. •••• Pandora’s Gift Temporarily Used on ●●●●● produce an someone who object the subject gave the desires Changeling a no strings attached gift in the past ●● ●● Mantle + Wits + Craft page 58 / 70 . or the other way around. ●●●○ Medicine ••••• Mother of All Deaths Mantle + Presence + Empathy Contracts of Fleeting Spring • Cupid’s Eye Court Goodwill (Spring) Learn one of the Used on Waived subject's desires someone who has kissed the Changeling in the past 24 hours. cups it in her requires hands.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost Birth full season.

The subject freely told the Changeling his desires. but insulted or the opponent gets assaulted by a +2 bonus as word or deed the well.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost week ••••• Waking the Alter a subject's Inner Faerie desire and force them to pursue it above all else. changeling in the last hour •••• Spur the Crowd Sway a crowd in a certain emotional direction No one in the ●●●●● crowd knows the user is a changeling ● ● Mantle + Resolve + Brawl / Firearms / Weaponry ● Mantle + Wyrd + Presence (Extended and Contested) Mantle + Composure + Empathy ••••• Verdant.WoD . ••• Impassioned +4 Bonus to Target has ●●●● Blow attack pool. ●●●○ Mantle + Intelligence + Expression vs Powerstat + Composure Lords of Summer 39 ● Mantle + Wits + Empathy Subject's Resolve (If subject is opposed) Mantle + Presence + Manipulation vs Resolve + Composure Contracts of Verdant Spring • Font of Inspiration Court Goodwill (Spring) Each success is a Invests his own Waived +1 to Crafts or literal blood Expression rolls sweat or tears into the creation •• The Ineffable Gains a +3 bonus Speaks out loud ●●● Gift in social about something challenges. Roiling Heart Renew Takes an action Willpower pool directly related to as if fulfilling virtue or vice Virtue. she is passionate Drawback of about being less effective with multiple uses. drawback of all social actions being tainted by her virtue or vice and a -2 to all social ● page 59 / 70 .

naturally formed and another +1 ice with every three successes after that.WoD . Produce a small Within 5 minutes ●●● light for one of midnight scene. extend its presence by spending 1 more Glamour. Gain +1 Strength Eats a chunk of ●●●● with one success.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost rolls Summer Court Contracts Contracts of Eternal Summer • Son of the Hearth Court Goodwill (Summer) Remain at a Spit on a fading Waived comfortable ember or spark temperature. ●(○) Lost 155 Wyrd + Survival •• Ulf’s Heart ●(●) Mantle + Strength + Occult ••• Noonday Grasp ●● Mantle + Stamina + Brawl •••• Solstice Revelation ●●● Mantle + Presence + Occult ••••• The Lord’s Unleashing a The target is Dread Gaze beam of focused wearing or sunlight that does touching gold Lethal (Aggravated with Willpower) Contracts of ●●●(○) Mantle + Dexterity + Athletics Subject's Defense Court Goodwill Lost 153 page 60 / 70 . Let loose a bright Within five ●●●●● light that reveals minuets of noon all hidden individuals and challenges supernatural cloaking. no matter what the outside circumstances are.

penalties and has taken at least two points of lethal damage. ●●● ••••• The Flames Enter an The sun is within of Summer unstoppable fury. Contracts of Punishing Summer • Smoldergrip Court Goodwill (Summer) ●●○ Mantle + Stamina + Animal Ken Lords of Summer 59 Makes an object The Changeling N/A unbearably hot to sports a real the touch. sunburn ● Strength + Wits Objects Size •• Battle Bright Creates a The Changeling N/A blinding beacon is holding a real.WoD .Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost Fleeting Summer • Baleful Sense Sense the Character is greatest nearby angry when he source of wrath. Stir a person to The clause's fury with target wears a harmless words. formal challenge to an opponent. ●● Wyrd + Presence vs Highest Wits page 61 / 70 . ●●●● ● Mantle + Manipulation + Persuasion vs Powerstat + Composure ••• Friendless Tongue ●● Mantle + Manipulation + Subterfuge vs Powerstat + Composure Mantle + Presence + Socialize Subject's Composure •••• Sundown Eyes Quell all conflict The character is ●●●●● in an area suffering wound temporarily. ring on the left hand. subject's wrath owes the character a favor. five minutes of gain +2 to its zenith. and the Physical rolls character has and ignore all called out a wound penalties. or the subject has red hair. •• Goblin’s Malignance (Summer) Waived ● Wyrd + Wits Redirect the The current ●●● focus of a victim of the subject's wrath. invokes this clause.

attackers. ● Lost 159 Wyrd + Manipulation •• Withering Glare ● Mantle + Presence + Science page 62 / 70 . ●●●●● Wyrd + Strength Autumn Court Contracts Contracts of Eternal Autumn • Last Breath Isaac Court Goodwill (Autumn) Ripen a portion The plant or tree Waived of a plant is unclaimed or the Changeling has permission to harvest from it. This is after an attack.WoD . Inflicts a sun stroke on the target. ●●○ + Composure within sight. Turns the area into a blighted waste land that inflicts penalties on all combatants. Wyrd + Resolve . resulting in either mounting mechanical penalties or aggravated damage (target's choice). has to hit with substantial metal part. ••••• Scorched Earth The Changeling N/A meditates under a Summer Court flag or pendant she helped make. The Changeling N/A strikes with a metal weapon he forged. name or moniker carved into it or written on a tag. combat. Wither a plant to The plant has the ●●● Winter or age an Changelings animal.Subject's Stamina •••• Baleful Stroke of Summer Sun ●●● Wyrd + Stamina vs Stamina + Composure. ••• Crown of Clashing Fire Summons up a The Changeling N/A ring of flaming has one or more thorns that forces scars from the a target into last battle with one-on-one this foe.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost that distracts all burning torch.

WoD .Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost ••• Brother to the Damage a foe Ague through dehydration. The character ●●●● can name two diseases that the subject has suffered or is suffering. ●● Mantle + Dexterity + Medicine •••• Riding the Falling Leaves Transform into a The character ●●●●● cloud of autumn catches a leaves naturally falling leaf at the moment of the clause's activation. Court Goodwill (Autumn) Learn one of the Subject does not Waived subject's fears know the Changelings name Invoke fear of The unnatural ●●● intended object fear the character in subjects evokes is based upon a myth. Bring about a hailstorm The character holds a key encased in ice that finishes thawing at the start of the ritual. and one that the subject fears. Immune to The character mundane consumes a attempts at fear spider or other ●●●● ●● Mantle + Dexterity + Survival ••••• Tears of Autumn ●●● Mantle + Manipulation + Occult Contracts of Fleeting Autumn • Witches’ Intuition Lost 156 ● Wyrd + Wits Composure •• Tale of the Baba Yaga ● Mantle + Manipulation + Intimidation ••• Heart of the Antlion ● Mantle + Resolve + Investigation page 63 / 70 . urban legend or actual threat with which all subjects of the Contract are familiar.

Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost and resistant to vermin that has supernatural fear. Powerstat + Compusure if target supernaturally concealed) Wyrd + Expression ● ●●● Mantle + Intelligence + Occult •••• Arcadian Power to speak Commandment with authority of True Fae to hobgoblins and other Gentry minions. •• Hears and is Ghost in the area ●●● Barrow-Whisper heard by ghosts. Character ●●●●● knowingly comes unarmed and unarmored to the presence of entity to be ●● Wyrd + Occult (vs. •••• Scent of the Heart of the Harvest Antlion for friends. ••• Smith’s Wisdom Learn abilities and purpose of item of power (token or else). supernatural even deliberately being other than obscured. The character has ●●●● stolen the item from a friend (without permission) or been freely given the item by an enemy. actually deal damage Contracts of Spellbound Autumn Court Goodwill (Autumn) ●●●○ Lords of Summer 79 • Warlock’s Gaze Detect the Physical contact Waived presence of the with non-allied supernatural. literally been scared to death. another changeling. subjects greatest Scare them badly fears is actually enough to the character. Two of the ●●●●● subjects greatest fears are each other.WoD . wants to communicate. ●● Mantle + Presence + Expression Extended Mantle + Wits + Empathy ••••• Mien of the Become the One of the Baba Yaga subjects fear. even to ●●●○ Wyrd + Presence vs Powerstat + Resolve page 64 / 70 .

● Mantle + Intelligence + Science ••• Riding the Inflicts an area There is a bell ●●●● Devil’s Jawbone with intense cold. ••••• Witch’s Paradise Summons a lasting snowstorm over an area. •••• Fallen from Blasts a target the Timbers with cold and ice. ●●●●●○ Wyrd + Resolve (extended) Winter Court Contracts Contracts of Eternal Winter • Jack’s Breath Cools a room. ●● Mantle + Dexterity + Stealth ●●● Mantle + Dexterity + Athletics Subject's Defense The moon is in the sky and the character can hear a wolf - ●●●○ Mantle + Presence + Occult page 65 / 70 . inflicting lethal damage and penalizing all of their actions. potentially by a significant margin. character.ringing within 20 causing penalties feet of the to all within.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost those incapable commanded. Begged to enact this clause by someone who will knowingly come to disaster on account of his betrayal. ••••• Oathbreaker’s Honesty Violate the pledge without falling under its Sanctions. ● Lost 162 Wyrd + Survival •• Touch of Winter Freeze the The character ●●● surface of a body first spells out a of water. The contracts ●●●●● target is wearing silver jewelry that has a religious meaning to her. name or idea he potentially hates with liquid affecting quite a on a dry surface large area. Court Goodwill (Winter) The character Waived hears someone shiver or tastes someones sweat. of speech.WoD .

rendering them briefly unable to take any actions. Empty Harvest ●● Mantle + Manipulation + Intimidation vs Powerstat + Composure ••••• Every Paralyzes a Sorrow a Jewel subject with grief. Eliminates a subject's ability to feel positive emotions for a time. ● Mantle + Manipulation + Subterfuge Subject's Resolve ••• Faces in the Water ● Mantle + Intelligence + Investigation Subject's Composure •••• Fallow Fields. Fills a subject The subject is ●●●● with sorrow over carrying a a painful photograph or memory. Contracts of Fleeting Winter • The Dragon Knows Determine the source of sorrow someone is experiencing.Subject's Composure •• Slipknot Dreams Forces a subject The subject has ●●● to temporarily let accepted go of their something from sorrow. ●●●○ Mantle + Manipulation + Persuasion vs Powerstat + Composure Court Goodwill (Winter) Lords of Summer 99 page 66 / 70 .Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost howling. The character has ●●●●● made the subject happy (or happier) within the last 10 minutes. suffering social penalties and an inability to regain Willpower via virtues or vices. Contracts of the Sorrow-Frozen Heart The subject has tasted one of the changelings tears.WoD . the character in the past 24 hours. Court Goodwill (Winter) The character Waived looks into the subjects eyes for a moment. some other inflicting social image of an older penalties. ● Lost 160 Wyrd + Empathy . relative or ancestor on her person.

to be cold iron on the applied next ground. and anoints with ashes of a suicide victim or victim of a crime of passion.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost • A Mere Vessel Reduce the for Loss Effects of pain and discomfort by success •• Fear is Nothing Reduces dice pool of supernatural fear effects by Wyrd Pierces skin with Waived a thin needle ● Mantle + Resolve + Occult Empties his ●●● hands and leaves them open at his side ● Mantle + Composure + Expression ••• Grief is Stronger than Death Damage from an Contemptuously ●●●● attack is ignored tosses a chunk of for a round.WoD . round Slashes himself ●●●●● with a sharp instrument and takes 1 lethal ●● Mantle + Resolve + Survival •••• Remorseless Next Brawl or Strike weaponry attack target suffers additional bonus damage equal to Wyrd ••••• A Cold Hand on the Heart ●● Mantle + Resolve + Brawl Bestow previous Clutches target clauses on others with one hand as well. ●●●○ Mantle + Composure + Expression Directional Court Contracts Contracts of the Four Directions • Mindfinder Court Goodwill (Directional) Know the Changeling has a N/A direction to any lock of hair from target the target. Ignore environmental penalties The character N/A successfully meditated for one full uninterrupted hour within the ● Winter Masques 134 Wyrd + Survival .Subject's Wits •• Finding the Flow ● Wyrd + Wits page 67 / 70 .

Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost last 24 hours. potentially separated by several miles Auroral Court Contracts Contracts of Potential (Dawn) ●● Wyrd + Stamina Court Goodwill (Dawn) ● Swords at Dawn 138 Wits + Wyrd vs Powerstat + Composure • Light the Path Learn of the Previously ●● motivation of an caught the target action or in a lie. ●●○ Wyrd + Resolve ••••• Harmony of Walk between Portals two doors. ••• Inequity of the Center Confuses a target. ● Wyrd + Manipulation vs Powerstat + Survival •••• The Hundred Powerful Steps blessing upon an area to protect it from intruders The character has N/A two working compasses somewhere on his body The character N/A possesses the key to both doors. effectively penalizing speed The changeling N/A succeeds in touching a magnet to the target's bare skin. ••• Martyr's Will Increase extra dice when spending Willpower. Drawback of target being Deliberately shed ●●●● a few drops of blood ●● Intelligence + Wyrd .Subject's Composure ●●● Wyrd + Resolve page 68 / 70 . statement •• Read the Web Determine the The Changeling ●●● nature of a shares a Pledge relationship with the target between two people through a translucent strand that connects.WoD . causing them to take many wrong turns.

a selfless etc. Contracts of Entropy (Dusk) ●●●○ Wyrd + Resolve Court Goodwill Cost (Dusk) Prevent another Write target's from name or common communicating nickname on a piece of paper then tear it to pieces ● Dancers in the Dusk 141 Intelligence + Expression + Mantle (Dusk) Resolve • Babel's Curse •• Sense the Detect dangerous Consume at least Impending Doomsituations. ••• Gift of the Skald ● Wits + Occult + Mantle (Dusk) Target(s) gain a Invoker is a bonus to Resolve member of Dusk checks and spends at ● per target + ○ Presence + Persuasion + Mantle (Dusk) page 69 / 70 . suffer penalties until goal or equal time is met.WoD . goal is not reached within time period.Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost unable to regain willpower for the next 24 hours. ●●● Dusk Court Mantle + Manipulation + Expression vs Composure + Subterfuge ••••• Tenacity of Massive benefits Target is using ●●●●● Hope towards a goal. •••• Shift the Foundation Temporarily change the targets Virtue or Vice. Changeling and ●●●●● Subject are conversing about Virtue or Vice targeted as the result of the Contract. Drawback: If Purpose. this Contract for such as 8-again. react a serving of to danger faster caffienated beverage within the last hour.

Canon Index Complete Changeling the Lost least 5 minutes proselytizing on the Dusk philosophy.WoD . •••• Hero's Stand Challenge a   target to gain a bonus to Brawl/ Weaponry. they take Composure penalty if flee (vs target's Resolve + Wyrd if they WANT to resist) page 70 / 70 Powered by TCPDF ( .tcpdf.

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