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July, 09th – 13th 2007, Padma Hotel Bali* -


This 5-day program will address the integration between the Planning Department, Exploration, Exploitation (Development & Production), Financial Department and Operation - Drilling Department. The first will cover about The Basic Understanding of PSC Contractual, Commitment and other obligation that should be fulfilled by the “Operator” while submit the WP & B, and than discuss about AFE. Discussion also will include how the success or failure of a well is directly related to the level of reservoir information available prior to initiation of the drilling plan. The session defines the project management approach for drilling projects and the application of a five parameter for drilling, including the benefits of defining business and project objectives for each well, and the supporting reservoir data required for successful drilling execution. This training also exploring the actual aspect about drilling project that facilitated by the expert from BP Migas as the body that authorized of aspect of planning and operating activity of “The Contractor – KKKS” and controlling them. In this program including provide the interactive workshop about fill in procedure Budget Schedule. In this session each participant will be facilitated with PC/ note book. WHO SHOULD ATTEND - Planning Engineers - WP & B, AFE team - Drilling Project Engineers - Finance and Cost Controls - Exploration Engineers - Exploitation Engineers - Exploration Drilling Engineers - Development Drilling Engineers - Production Engineers - Reservoir Engineers - Geologists - Project Engineers - Procurement, Tender and Bid Committee Team 1

Any person who wish to enhance knowledge and skills about of above aspect This program also available for the NEW Operators/ KKKS

TRAINING OUTLINE • PSC Term and Condition • Overview of Drilling Exploration and Exploitation (Development & Production) • Drilling Project Management Environment • General Procedure of WP & B, AFE include Drilling Project • Basic Principle of Budgeting Program • Budgeting Program process and Analysis : Exploration Budget, Exploration and Development Budget, Production and Facilities Budget and Other Budget • Budget Scheduling Process (BS 1 to BS 17) and interconnection its • Basic Principle of Authorization For Expenditure (AFE) • AFE Preparation and Process (AFE 18-26) • AFE Close Out • Proposal Design for Drilling Project • Reservoir and Sub Surface Data Requirements • Drilling Team Roles and Responsibilities • Project Execution Planning and the Drill Plan • Drilling AFE Preparation (Budget Schedule 19 & 20) • Drilling Operation Monitoring and Evaluation • Summary TRAINING METHOD • Lecturing and Class Room Session • Case Study • Workshop (in this session each participant will interactive simulation on 1 person and 1 pc – note book) • Interactive Sharing Information and Experience • Group Discussion, question and Answer Session
Jl. Pengadegan Timur No. 16, Jakarta 12770 Tel: (62-21) 798 0210, 7918 2563, Fax: (62-21) 798 0170 E-mail: Website :

IR. Exploration Division. at Bank Mandiri Cabang MT. INDOCITA Karya Global. calculator. All of these have been field tested or currently being carried out. He received BS degree in Finance Accounting from Gajahmada University and master degree in International Finance. taught numerous courses for the oil and gas industry such as Basic Petroleum Engineering. certificate attendance. 11.2563 Facs. METHOD OF PAYMENT The training fee will be paid by: Cash or Transfer to the Account of PT. West Germany. BP Migas. Jakarta 12770 Tel: (62-21) 798 0210.000.indocita.FACILITATORS IR. ANDITYA MT IBRAHIM. He has more 16 working experience in state national oil company – Pertamina. His responsible in handling evaluating drilling project Website : www. Pengadegan Timur No. Jakarta Selatan. DR-Ing. Exploration Division. He also attends to course program both domestic and overseas.9791 Putri : 0856.7738 Danti : 0815. 7918. 16. AWANG HARUN SATYANA Has more 15 experience in oil and gas sectors. The division that responsible to evaluate and process the oil and gas field project development proposal.500. He is graduated BS degree in Geology from Padjadjaran University and he also attended to many short course program both domestic and overseas.68944873 Shanti : 0812. SE.812.794. Account Divisi Financial & 7918 2563. Down Hole Equipment. Starting carrier as Exploration Geologist at Pertamina and currently he hold as Head of Geology (Kasubdin) for Kalimantan and Eastern Indonesia. He has 2 Jl. BP Migas. IR. Exploration Offshore Technology. RUDI RUBIANDINI RS * He is a senior lecturer in Petroleum Engineering Faculty of Bandung Institute of Technology. (waiting for confirmation) FEE FOR DELEGATE Rp. Hold BS degree in Geology Faculty from Bandung Institute of Technology.indocita.2252 Syane : 0812.9017 RINTO PUDYANTORO. Drilling Engineering Technology.per participant (not including hotel accommodations) FACILITIES The above fee including: Hand out. and Photo. Bag.3095 Arda : 0815. He received BS degree in Petroleum Engineering at Bandung Institute of Technology and doctor degree (Dr-Ing) in Petroleum Engineering from Technische Universitaet .969. Currently he attends to Doctor degree in Resources and Environment Economics. And he joint to BP Migas. Gas Process Plant Website : www. Block note. Deputy of Planning. BP Migas). (Kasubdin Accounting and Revenue. Currently he joint to BP Migas and currently he as Assistant Manager of Accounting and Revenue Section of BP Migas. etc.925.. Master Degree from Bandung Institute of Technology.: (62-21) 798. Haryono.: 07000-0437415-8 INFORMATION’S If you need further information please contact us at: Phone: (62-21) 798. Currently he holds the position of Head of Lead Exploration – Prospect.9722. He has more that 15 yeard working experience in oil and gas industry.0170 E-mail: indocita@cbn. MM. Fax: (62-21) 798 0170 E-mail: Hotline : Ellia : 021. He have also conducted many fields studies and involved in the design of major oil & gas field projects. stationary. MT. Deputy of Planning.0210.