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So the churches were strengthened in the faith, and they increased in numbers daily.

Acts 16:5

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Dennis and Valerie Rew 1808 Pioneer Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15226 412-922-7183

News and Prayer Letter August 2013

Relationships and Community Involvement We are beginning to meet more and more people since moving into the neighborhood. It is stretching our minds to try and remember all the names. To help us with remembering all these people, we started keeping a list of people we have met and writing down anything that would be relevant to ministering to them (needs, children and ages, new to neighborhood, immigrant, employer, etc). House update We have been praying for help in getting some projects finished on the house. God has answered that prayer even better than we imagined. Earlier this spring, we had a meeting at First Baptist Church in Ebensburg, PA with Pastor Doug Barclay. I contacted him, and he will be coming out with a few men from his church to do the work. Even better, they will be able to do it while we are away next week for a couple of meetings! We praise the Lord for His abundant blessings. Avalon We want to thank you for praying for Avalon. Since her stay in the hospital, she has been pain free. (She was put on a medication for her stomach pain.) She is scheduled to undergo an endoscopy later this month. In order to perform this test, she must stop taking the medicine. We will be monitoring her while she is off the medication to see if there is any pain or discomfort that develops. Pray with us that it will be clear to us whether further testing is necessary or not. City Life On the night that Pastor Barclay came to our house to look at the work that needed to be done, he made a comment that provoked a lot of thought. As he saw the busyness of the park and the street, he said, "You don't need to go anywhere to reach people, theyre all right here. I'm glad God calls some people to the city, because I wouldn't want to live here." There is much truth in that comment. It reminded us that God has gifted people to minister in certain contexts. It is exciting to think that God has called us to this context. It is not as if we are just drudging through this new plant because we "have to." We have a unique opportunity and we actually like it here! We enjoy the crowds, the hustle and bustle, the buses, and the sirens. All of these things remind us that there are lots of people here who need to hear the Good News, and God has placed us here to tell them. Partners Pete and Elisabeth will be moving into Brookline this month. Pray that their housing situation falls into place on the 23rd, and that they can make a smooth transition into the neighborhood. We are excited to have others who will be active for the Gospel in this community. The Rews

Sending Church
Middletown Road Baptist Church 2660 Middletown Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15205

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June 19, 2004

Prayer Needs

1. Relationship Building 2. Additional Team Members 3. Financial Support 4. House projects need to be complete 5. Bible Study contacts