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The 'Lin-spiring' success of Jeremy Lin

WILL SOON FLOURISH By Wilson Lee Flores | Updated February 19, 2012 - 12:00am 0 0 googleplus0 0

The greatest Linderella story: The heart-tugging underdog saga of a gutsy, cheerful, churchgoing and prayerful Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks continues to unfold — and how. Suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts. — A favorite Bible verse of Jeremy Lin from Romans 5: 3-5 Even non-basketball fans worldwide are experiencing a new condition called “Linsanity.” My little nephew Luke is raving about him; during a Feb. 16 speech I gave before college students at Chiang Kai Shek College in Manila, my mentioning Lin’s name excited the whole auditorium. TV host and basketball icon Chris Tiu said on GMA-7’s 24 Oras about America’s new NBA superstar and humble Harvard economics honors graduate Jeremy Lin: “Yung kanyang faith in God… I mean, that was one of the main reasons why he was able to succeed despite everything he went through.” Despite Yao Ming’s having been in the NBA, stereotypes in the US still perceive that ethnic Chinese or Asians cannot play sports well, so Lin received no athletic college scholarship and was undrafted for four years after Harvard. Owen Strachan wrote: “He’s an underdog’s underdog. He was unrecruited out of high school despite leading his small school to a state championship against Mater Dei, a national powerhouse. He went to Harvard, tore up the Ivy League (and embarrassed UConn in the process), and promptly went undrafted. He made an NBA roster after outplaying John Wall, the number one pick in the 2010 draft, in summer league, but even then he had essentially no prospects for long-term success.”

” The South African-born Canadian basketball star Steve Nash tweeted: “It’s crazy! I’m watching Linsanity hoping every shot goes in. He added: “There’s several cases of guys who were drafted (in the NBA). Lin wowed everyone with his unmatched basketball magic that night. Here it is. “ . “Jeremy Lin!” Even basketball enthusiast US President Barack Obama is hooked on Linsanity. and eventually you are discovered for what you are. and now he’s doing this… I’d love to get inside his head. especially being undrafted. and he whispered this Bible verse whenever he felt worried: “And we know that in all things. so the coach let Lin play longer than usual on Feb. But right now the Jeremy Lin story is about how in a society full of nonsense and noise. and passed to one team. 4.” Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers told the Boston Herald about Lin’s surprising success. we ache for real magic. but its star players were sidelined due to injuries and a family death. death by scouting. Rejected and defeated. and then they cut him several times. and the rest is history. Hope I never grow up.” “It’s rare. Like A Walt Disney movie. 12 and under-utilized him before cutting him on Christmas Day Dec. 25. and finally they matured. Canada. a drop from the incredible bar he has set. There is probably a crash coming. This is different. how to explain his magic? A former unknown. of pretty colors and manufactured products.” British host Piers Morgan of CNN tweeted: “To people who say the American Dream’s dead — two words: Jeremy Lin. mental exhaustion. especially after Lin’s Lincredible feat of making a three-pointer with only half a second of time left in the game on Feb. who have been called according to his purpose. another team.” which the New York Times called “the greatest tribute. 9 last year. Kentucky Wildcats coach John Calipari was asked who he would rather coach among the two NBA superstars Kobe Bryant or LeBron James? He smiled and replied.” (Romans 8:28) Lin next joined the faltering and losing New York Knicks on Dec. They were saying by not drafting him that they didn’t think he could play. even in the first round. a meritocracy. Bruce Arthur of Canada’s National Post wrote after Lin led the Knicks to this stunning photofinish win over his home team Toronto: “There is little luck in basketball. because he has to be a stubborn kid. whatever. God works for the good of those who love Him. a really stubborn kid to go through that and still do what you’re doing. 27. He began each morning with a devotional prayer before working out at the gym. he decided to stop trying to control everything and turned to God instead. it is a ruthless game. of fizz and vapor. then Houston team signed him on Dec. Lin is on the cover of Sports Illustrated with the headline “Against All Odds. 14 Tuesday night to give his team a jaw-dropping come-from-behind 90-87 win in Toronto.NBA’s Golden State team got him as an undrafted free agent but didn’t let him play much and cut him on Dec.” During a Q&A session with students. it almost became the third NBA team that reportedly was going to cut him too. because no one drafted him.

Lin grew strong in his faith at the Chinese Church in Christ in Mountain View. 6 (about which the New York Times reported “Lin he again electrified the crowd and propelled the Knicks to a stunning 99-88 victory over the Utah Jazz”). . “No. Even his hard work. but I believe in an all-powerful and all-knowing God who does miracles. they are talking about Lin. Lin told the San Jose Mercury News about his constant internal struggle and his priorities: “There is so much temptation to hold on to my career even more now. And you could try to call it coincidence.” In an interview for California’s San Jose Mercury News.000 years ago who was also unwanted. I feel like I’m free. cheerful. that had to happen at the right time for me to be here. it doesn’t matter where you look.” He added that last year when he was for the Golden State Warriors: “I was on pins and needles. Lin said to reporters: “God works in mysterious and miraculous ways. Lin said: “Sometimes you come up against a mountain and you end up making the mountain seem bigger than God. when you combine them all. So that’s why I call it a miracle. But that’s not how I want to do things anymore. discipline and Ivy League education couldn’t fully explain how he has shattered NBA records. Something has happened that there’s no explanation for. But it’s one I’m going to keep fighting.” Born to and raised in an immigrant Chinese Christian family from Taiwan. California. Everywhere in the world. Now. I’m thinking about how can I trust God more.” After his sizzling 28 points and eight assists on Feb. I was putting all this unnecessary pressure on myself. he became the guy that’s now the international hero. but at the end of the day there’s 20. Jeremy Lin explained to media: “I would say it’s a miracle just because anytime something like this happens. but God’s fingerprints are all over the place.” The heart-tugging underdog saga of gutsy. How can I surrender more? How can I bring him more glory? It’s a fight. It’s amazing. church-going and prayerful Jeremy Lin reminds me the about the greatest “Linderalla” saga ever — that of a poor carpenter’s son over 2. 30 things. and a lot of it is out of my control… If you look back at my story. unappreciated and scorned but who triumphed over all odds to change the history of the world. “To try to micromanage and dictate every little aspect.” Lin said. where there’s been a lot of things that had to happen that I just couldn’t control.” Amid overwhelming success.” Lin said.Hollywood director Spike Lee said: “The guy they overlooked all this time. a lot of stuff has to be put into place.

.French Open 2013: Rafael Nadal’s great transformation After the first practice session in Vina del Mar. Chile. he was finding it difficult to see much improvement since the start of his self-imposed exile. the VTR Open. In fact. but there was a problem. Rafael Nadal’s entourage were on the point of despair. seven months earlier. The throbbing in his bashed-up knees was still ever-present. Thrilling fightback: Rafael Nadal performs a ritual of transformation in the locker room and emerges an Aztec warrior Photo: AFP By Simon Briggs 11:00PM BST 25 May 2013 1 Comment Nadal had finally been persuaded to play a low-profile tournament.

the world No 28. it represented the key moment of his whole season . “We have many problems. inhabits a split personality. arrive at the French Open. his focus so complete that. however. Nadal. In the context of his fitness struggles. Then he goes into the locker room before the match and performs his ritual of transformation: the cold shower. and will never go out so far into the ocean that he cannot see the bottom . It is difficult when you have no confidence. even as a youngster. even more than most sportsmen. This time Nadal was 26 . told Telegraph Sport. his career in crisis just four months ago. . the taping of the racket handles. He never arrives at a tournament without explaining that he has not had the ideal preparation. the tying of the bandana. when the Spaniard discovered that he had a defective bone in his left foot. a peculiar alchemy began to unfold. Now. without emphasising the quality of the opposition. Rafael’s uncle and coach. a player who would ordinarily represent the tiniest of asterisks on the Spaniard’s mighty career. Off the court. as Nadal carved Delbonis up by a 6-3. Nadal’s sport-loving uncles have been moulding him into a gladiatorial athlete since he was a toddler.” Toni Nadal. I thought that first.not even on a jet-ski. with so much of his life still to come? “When we went to Vina del Mar. But on Feb 5 in Chile. an even more alarming thought must have crossed his mind.middle-age in tennis terms .” Nadal was drawn against Federico Delbonis. In Chile. however. he fought his way through the entirely of the Spanish under-14 championships with a broken finger on his left hand. How he is terrified by thunder and lightning. 62 scoreline. How could he cope if tennis was taken away from him. That word “comeback” sounds deceptively simple. in 2005. But Nadal was only 19 at that point. His father Sebastian suggested quite seriously that he should shift his focus from tennis to Rafael’s own words. he feels every setback like a knife thrust.This was grim news.the moment when his team finally persuaded him to go out and compete. we needed to be good with our physical [condition]. He emerges as an Aztec warrior. but over the last 20 years his uncle Toni has programmed him to believe that “every match will be an uphill battle” . Anyone who has read his autobiography will know what a fearful character he is.and his mood was one of bleakness and anxiety. Nadal reached the final of the VTR Open but what ensued must rank as one of the great sports stories of the year: how could Nadal. with more wins. You might say this is tactical. His talent was whispered around his native town of Manacor from the age of six. more titles and more rankings points than anyone else on the tour? The answer comes down to that phone-box transformation. an age at which the body can bounce back like a rubber ball. Nadal had already faced the prospect of early retirement once. Rafael cannot move too good. which starts on Sunday. masking all the doubt and insecurity that accumulates over a long lay-off. but it wasn’t.

Because it was the first time we play against one of the best on a clay court. Certainly there have been times when the juices have not flowed. which has forced him to cut his training schedule back to less than an hour a day. he was hitting the ball as well as I’ve ever seen him on a clay court. “We still didn’t know even if we would go to Acapulco. ITV analyst and Andy Murray’s former coach. the same pain that had pinned him to the sofa through the winter became manageable. Brazil]. Then he play the final against Nalbandian [in Sao Paolo. I see him winning his eighth French Open in a fortnight’s time. even trivial at times. he can not play a high level. “For me. But each successful match brought another sliver of reassurance. someone like Ernests Gulbis can make life difficult even for a player of Nadal’s ability. reluctant to sprint and hustle with his usual intensity. But we did go to Acapulco and things were changing properly when he beat Almagro and Ferrer. And yet.” As we prepare for the French Open to start. and the way Rafa played in Rome. “At first. But Rafael is playing very aggressive. really good. Rafael showed he can play against the best players of the world. and our natural response is to murmur that his knees must be bugging him. He might argue that he had tournaments in the past where he hardly lost a game. 6-2 in the Acapulco final. But if he reproduces his recent level in Paris.As soon as Nadal had arranged his precious water bottles and taken up his position on the baseline. that was the biggest surprise. “When you look at the final in Madrid. I thought we would lose against David Ferrer. and it was an easy beating. His level is better but we need to play more time. until he was rolling opponents in Madrid and Rome with the old majestic ease.” says Mark Petchey. which Nadal can we expect to see? Some onlookers suggest he has been slightly more brittle since the injury. even in his best seasons. “It’s fair to say that Rafa lacked consistency early in his comeback. He might have been tentative at first. when he beat Ferrer 6-0. There was a final against Roger Federer where he made seven unforced errors. “But sometimes you have to give credit to the other guys. “and we lose the final in Vina del Mar [to world No 73 Horacio Zeballos]. he did drop the occasional set.” .” said Toni Nadal. at 10am UK time this morning. and we also didn’t know about Indian Wells. whether in Monte Carlo or Roland Garros. and he is changing a little.

1. The brilliant investor is known for witty quips ("Rule No. 1: Never lose money. However. Indeed. Warren Buffett wrote: Managers and investors alike must understand that accounting numbers are the beginning. In 50 years you'll still own an ounce of gold. Rule No.The Smartest Thing Warren Buffett Ever Said By Matt Koppenheffer | More Articles | Save For Later April 30. not the end. he said "Give me $10 billion and how much can I hurt Coca-Cola? I can't do it. In 50 years you'll still . Talking about Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO ) . Buffett -. many Buffett-watchers lean heavily on the Oracle of Omaha's formative years at the metaphorical knee of his mentor. the reported numbers matter -. not neatly packaged answers. Jason Moser: I had the great fortune of attending the Berkshire meeting last year.but they are a guide to starting to understand the business. in his 1982 Chairman's letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. Now say you own 100 acres of farmland far from the myopically mechanical investor some would paint him to be." He wants them to focus on doing those things that make the business stronger and less vulnerable to the competition. of business valuation. and while I've followed Buffett for a while now. Graham was notoriously mechanical in his investing. Buffett has said he has one message for the managers of Berkshire's subsidiaries -.particularly after he met his business partner and Berkshire Vice-Chairman Charlie Munger -. to which he replied (and I'm paraphrasing): Let's say you own an ounce of gold today. Yes. You hold it. I grabbed five game Fools to weigh in. then buy them in bulk. seeking to find companies with specific financial characteristics. but is far more important than the numbers themselves. Scott Phillips: In trying to distill Warren Buffett's brilliance. 2: Never forget Rule No. something he said during the Q&A session last year resonated with me. love it and caress it. Buffett's brilliance was in taking the fundamental lessons he'd learned from Graham and improving on them by understanding the factors that build and sustain great companies. 2013 | Comments (1) Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-A ) (NYSE: BRK-B ) CEO Warren Buffett is never shy about sharing wisdom. But could any one of Buffett's gems of wisdom be the best? Could there be one Buffett-ism to rule them all? To find out. the famed value investor Ben Graham. Someone asked him his opinion on gold."widen the moat.a lot -.") as well as longer parables (such as "The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville")." That fact won't show up in black and white on the financial statements.

Don't merely look for a low price-to-earnings ratio. is key to why Buffett has been such a successful investor all these years. Star Wars. Not only is he able to focus on longer periods of time. family. The difference is you'll also have had the time to produce crops to grow more stuff to buy more farmland and whatever else you want. I think. or the go-to guy at work who told off the wrong client. at best. an unethical decision that could have been avoided can. is to be open to a broad range of stock ideas. be in decline? Buffett's lesson here. but can you name an enterprise with more big-name brands under its belt? Marvel. you'll do things differently. but also the ever-so-valuable cycles of production that can occur during that time. Pixar. I would sell it and go buy stocks. After all. and all those princesses that seven-year-old girls worship? Don't be surprised if Berkshire takes a close-up tour of the Magic Kingdom. It takes a long history of coming through for people to build a reputation with your friends. Look instead for businesses that are surprisingly strong defenders of the majority share of a profitable niche. Just listen to what he said at last year's confab: I would never spend a lot of time valuing declining businesses. result in massive fines. to me. And while a big accounting scandal may take years to fully percolate. It can take decades for a company to earn the trust of its customers. there's a tremendous cycle of production there. shareholders.own that same 100 acres of farmland. but one big mistake can shatter that reputation and leave a lasting bitter taste in the mouths of people who know you. I'd never have believed it had I not heard it myself. It should therefore come as no surprise that if you gave me a bar of gold today. and employees. This quote always stuck with me because it's so applicable to both life and business. The House of Mouse isn't cheap at 20 times earnings. in fact. Whether you're the normally responsible friend who had too a few too many drinks at a party. If you think about that. and coworkers. This. or even jail time in the case of Enron and . like WM's half-billion dollar shareholder suit. what is value investing if not for figuring the worth of an oversold business that may. such as Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS ) . This is even more true for the highest levels of management in a large company. or even Waste Management. it starts with one bad decision. The same amount of energy and intelligence brought to other businesses is just going to work out better. a person's worst impression of you is usually their most lasting. Whether it was the massive accounting scandals at Enron. Tim Beyers: While Buffett is often thought of as the patron saint of value investing. Worldcom. In other words. Gold on the other hand is more or less an unproductive asset. I find him in many ways to be the quintessential Rule Breaker. Jacob Roche: It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.

"Well. at his funeral. Or how about the guy who. and nobody loves them -. If you don't give any. you won't get any. etc. you will be successful if the people who you hope to have love you. but some will have few friends. Following are 63 brand-new quotes from Buffett. But the only way to be loved is to be lovable. 1. and prolong life. My definition of success is long-term sustainable happiness. the quote is a good reminder that there's a lot more to a successful life than just money. the priest said. There's nobody I know who commands the love of others who doesn't feel like a success. A close network of friends has been shown to help fight illness and depression. And I can't imagine people who aren't loved feel very successful. when you get to be my age. speed recovery. timeless bits of investing wisdom. 63 Brand-New Quotes From Warren Buffett The tried and true "classic" Warren Buffett quotes are classics because they're great. You always get back more than you give away. his brother was worse. Charlie and I talk about wouldn't it be great if we could buy love for $1 million.Worldcom executives. Everybody loves Don. and having friends who love you is a key part of that. These unfortunate fates could have been avoided by managers at the top simply deciding to do things differently in that crucial moment. Munger: You don't want to be like the motion picture exec who had so many people at his funeral. Dan Dzombak: Buffett: I tell college students.. On playing table tennis with Ariel Hsing at Borsheims: "If you're courageous you'll show up with your paddle and you'll look like an idiot. slow aging." ." Buffett: Most people in this room and most college students I talk to will have plenty of money. Charlie and I know people who have buildings named after them.2003 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting Coming from one of the richest people in the world. "Won't anyone stand up and say anything nice for the deceased?" and finally someone said. But sometimes they can also feel a bit too well worn.not even the people who give them honors. but they were there just make sure he was dead. do love you. Buffett has shown that the benefits are massive and certainly worth the effort. receive great honors. While it takes effort to be lovable. -. fresh from the May 4 Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-A ) (NYSE: BRK-B ) shareholder meeting.

" 17. It won't be a happy day." 11. I would say I think they're likely to trend downward. suggests that our selection process is working quite well." 13.J. but it won't totally discourage us. "[Charlie] sent me out to try [Twitter] out and see if anything bad happened to me.2. To short-seller Doug Kass: "You haven't convinced me yet to sell the stock. "We never stretch for yield." 8. Again on quantitative easing: "My guess is that the Fed wishes it had done some more to be inflationary . I have a lot of faith in Bernanke -. this will be the first five-year period that Berkshire has underperformed. On quantitative easing: "We really are in uncharted territory. "Our ability to sell insurance at a price that's considerably lower than most of our competitors . On building its commercial insurance business: "It's better to build than to buy if you can find the right people. "If I had to bet whether corporate profits would be 10% of GDP . but GDP will also be growing.. but keep trying. When there are low interest rates. On his successor: "It would be rejected like a foreign tissue if we got the wrong person in there." 12. "Our board is devoted to Berkshire -."Â 4." 5..if he's taking a risk. On the H. Doug. we would have left you out there. never stop trying to make customers happy. That doesn't work for me anymore. there is a very low gravitational pull on asset prices. "A 16-year-old will have more accidents than me. but because the 16-year-old is driving a lot more and is trying to impress the girl sitting next to him.. .. so it won't be any terrible thing." 7. and at the same time earn a significant underwriting profit." . Responding to a shareholder who thanked him for letting attendees in early from the cold and rain: "If we had a company that sold coats.. "If the market continues as it has in 2013." 9. not because I'm a better driver.. I didn't have to change anything in the term sheet or the governance arrangement." 14." 6. he's taking a risk in an area he knows." 15. Heinz (NYSE: HNZ ) deal: "It was an absolutely fair deal." 3. the easiest way to run up nominal GDP is to inflate. "Interest rates are to asset prices what gravity is to the apple. On what makes ISCAR great: "[They] never stop improving the product." 10.we don't pay them huge sums of money to keep them there.." 16..

it's because we do something stupid ." 25. "I would think that if you come to a day when the Dow has fallen 1. On big investments: "Our competitive advantage is that we had no competitors. and Berkshire's reputation will become even more solidified for providing capital to sound deals." 23." 34. "Of our $49 billion." . we haven't moved anything to Bitcoin yet." 22. no external factors are pressing on us." 28.S." 19. Get your mind out of the gutter!) 29.." 24. "The Canadian banking system is very strong.18." 27... and it's a great way to operate." 30. 1 problem." (He's referring to work. and compared to our banks of 20 years ago. "We're not going to take 98 cents for something that's going to give us a probabilistic loss of a dollar. On Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG ) and its customers' loyalty: "Any company that gets its customers to tattoo ads on their chests can't be all bad. "Berkshire is an unusually rational place. "We actually contracted the business by National Indemnity by around 80% when the business became less attractive. but it'd give me the best chance." 32. but usually you don't get it the same way you got it before. "If I were starting out in the auto insurance business." 21. [U. but compared to Europe.S. maybe I'll start.. I'd try to copy GEICO. it's that health care cost. On using lists: "I never make lists. "If you set fudge down in front of me. "Breaking [Berkshire] up would lead to a poor result both now and in the future. I'm not sure that any company under the pressure of quarterly earnings could have done something similar.: "Our system works. those naked swimmers will call Berkshire.. but if you ask me the No." 20.000 points for a few days . It wouldn't work." 31." 33. On advice he'd give to himself 50 years ago: "Find what turns you on. "We will have another bubble. "Berkshire is the 800 number when there's panic in the markets and for one reason or another people need extra capital. I'll eat it. I can't recall ever making a list in my life . banks are currently] very strong. On challenges to the U.." 26. "If we do something stupid.

" 42." 45. "There some parts of the game that we don't understand. On airline consolidations: "In some businesses you can have only two competitors." 50. and crazy things can happen. on short-selling: "You don't have any competition from people who listen to us. "There is no perfect mathematical formula for pricing a business. On Todd Combs' short-selling: "He was so successful with it that he stopped doing it.." 43. On economic forecasts: "Why spend time talking about something you don't know anything about? People do it all the time. "We always look at them as businesses." 39. Graham's book gave me a bedrock philosophy on investing that made sense.." 36." 48. "I find it totally unproductive to discuss politics with people." 38. whether we're buying the whole thing or 100 shares." 44. so we don't play with them.. "I don't know how I'd build my portfolio if I were just doing it by the numbers." (To which Charlie Munger responded." Zing!) 40. On how he picks stocks: "It's not because I calculate some precise P/E ratio or book value ratio. On the national debt: "This is not by far the country's toughest hour . "What you do know to a very high degree of certainty: That BNSF will be carrying more cargo 10 years from now.35. To Doug Kass." ." 37. we're looking at the aspects of the business." 46.. they will do very well for their broker and not very well for themselves. but why do it?" 41." 51." 52. "If [investors] try to time their purchases. we'll do fine. "The Intelligent Investor changed my life . "You'd do it poorly. "I have a general feeling that America will continue to work well. and they're still terrible businesses. but because I have an idea of what the company will look like in five years." 47. and that there's a discrepancy between price and value. "In stock markets it's an auction market." 49. "We're not looking at the aspects of the stock. On Bill Gross' "New Normal": "It doesn't make any difference to me what he thinks about the future.

" 59. And Charlie wouldn't be a good choice." 55. they get greedy en masse." 54. On insurance-business manager Ajit Jain: "If he came in at 1965 instead of 1985. "Equities will do well over time just have to avoid getting excited when other people are getting excited. The opportunities are out there. we think it's an opportunity to buy.53. "When we see falling prices." 57. some small discrepancies and certain situations." 61." 62. either." 60. we'd be looking into some very small things. "It would be a terrible mistake to put me in charge of social media at Berkshire Hathaway. "I don't think we're remotely near a bubble now in terms of housing." 58." 63. "Our job when we hire people to manage money is to figure out if they're lucky coin flippers. they get fearful en masse. [investors will] see incredible opportunities probably in equity markets . [they] have to have the mental fortitude to jump in when most are jumping out. "There are a lot of track records that don't mean much.. "Four or five times during their lifetimes. Confidence comes back one at a time." . "When people get fearful.. "More kids are ruined by the behavior of their parents than the size of their inheritance." 56. "If Charlie and I were running $1 million now. we'd probably own the world. When they get greedy.