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The electromagnetic spectrum is a range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, this frequencies expands from low frequencies

that is used for radio communication and goes to high frequencies that is gamma radiation. Light is range of electromagnetic radiation that can be detected by the human eye, there are multiple forms of light in which visible light that is seen by the human eye which is colors. Non visible light, such as infrared and ultraviolet light can be seen with sensor and detectors. Infrared light can be used for seeking warm objects, mostly used by firefighters who seeks cooler object than the fire like human. Our eyes can receive light and can tell what color the object is by bouncing off the object to the eye. The retina contains rods and cones, and are located in the inner surface of the eye. The rod function is mainly used in dim light and provide black and white vision. Cones are mainly used to provide vision and perception of color in daytime. LED has variety of color and laser are only one color. Light can spread out and thin out and has a limited light source, as for lase, they don’t thin out instead they go in a straight line and go an extremely long distance. Photodectectors are sensor that senses light and other electromagnetic sensors. • The science of photonics includes the generation, emission, modulation, signal processing, switching, amplification, detection, and sensing of light.

Photonics play a huge roles in laser security systems because the detectors that is used to detect changes in the environment The whole project • • • • Modern laser security systems use infrared motion detectors to detect changes in heat. When a person moves into are where motion detector is, the sensor is alerted by the person’s body heat. Once the sensor is tripped, it could do one of many things, such as take an image of the person. In this class, instead of an infrared sensor to detect body heat, we will be using a photodiode instead.

Resistors is an electrical component that implements electrical resistance Ohm’s Law: voltage = current X resistance Transistors are semiconductor devices that are used to amplify and switch electronic signals and electrical power. They stop and start the flow of and electrical current and also control the amount of current that flows through them.

Soldering is a process with two metals that are bonded using a material called solder. Solder is a metal alloy that is used in the processing of soldering, it has a low melting point that cools very quickly. A

Solder is also a conductor of electricity and we find this very useful because we can use this property to our advantage to melt it with the wire. There are many different types of sensors like active pixel sensors. and few of the frequencies are visible to the human eye like the color of the rainbow.$30 Breadboard-$5-$10 Phototransistor . Solder is a metal alloy that has a low melting point and can cool very quickly.50 9V battery cap-$1 Resistors-$6 for a pack of different resistances Transistors-$3 for 3 What is on the board? 1 paragraph (electromagnetic spectrum radiation) Photonics is the science of elector magnetic spectrum radiation.$2. Photodiode is a type of photodector that is capable of converting light into either current of voltage.$0. Build of material            Laser-$10-$20 LED. photovoltaic cells. and infrared sensors. solder.00 for 3 Jumper cable-$6-$10 for 80-120 cables Battery 9V .soldering iron is a tool that is used to melt the solder and apply it to the items that are to be bonded together.$1. 3 paragraph (solder) Solder is the process where two metal combine together using the material. then the alarm is activated and the LED would go on. Some of the electromagnetic spectrum is invisible to the human eye. We use the photo resistors to sense the light and when the light is tripped. We use the soldering iron to melt the solder onto the material we want it to stick. Electromagnetic spectrum is the range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation and it extends from low frequencies for radio communication and high frequencies like gamma radiation.$2. 4 paragraph (laser security and ARDUINO) .10 per LED Arduino . 2 paragraph (the sensor on the robot) Photo detectors are sensors of light or other electromagnetic sensors. The solder also conducts electricity.50 Photo resistor.

and missile guidance.This laser security can be used in many places to secure certain area. OUTPUT). } } . laser cutting and welding. INPUT). Some uses that the laser would be used is for surgical treatment. void setup () { pinMode(A5. Like museum uses thermal to find and seek motion. LOW). pinMode(8. Arduino Code int threshold=800. Laser has many uses in our daily life and some of the things we listed are the most important technology. } else { digitalWrite (8. } void loop () { if (threshold > analogRead(A5)) { digitalWrite (8. HIGH). and the laser would protect priceless artifact.

O. but when the laser is tripped. We also used resistors to lower the current so that the LED won’t burn out.M . Program: Test: we tested the prototype with the ADUINO programming Analyze: we can use the camera to take the picture of the person who tripped the laser. but we didn’t have time. we set the light to room brightness and when the laser touches the sensor makes less resistance but it is not enough to power the LED.Technical Report What is the purpose of your project? The purpose of our robot is to make a laser security system. then the sensor would have greater resistance so that the current would go through and light the LED. Explain the project using RSDLC Goal: make a laser security system Design: Build: we use the bread board to make a prototype of a circuit diagram given to us by JJ and we use the jumper cable to connect the circuit together. Explain your program/circuitry? So when the program starts. List the B.