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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Cyberspace (n) Physical store (n) Tangibility (n) To a certain extent (exp.) Unauthorized (a) : : : : : khng gian mang ca hang thc s hin hu, hu hinh trong mt chng mc nao o khng c phep/khng c quyn

Since the development of the Internet many things that were pretty hard to obtain (t c) or to do have become simple. Among the numerous advantages that the Internet gives us, one of the main ones is online shopping, an activity that many have become addicted to (lin kt ti). You no longer (khng na) have to leave the comforts of your home. You are also free from aggressive (hiu chin) salespeople trying to force (buc) you to buy something. In an online store, its only you and the catalog of products, free from annoying crowd (am ng kho chiu) and tired legs (i chn moi mt). Also, online stores never close; you can scan for products even at 3 oclock in the morning. There is more time finding products with less effort (n lc). There are a lot of products online that are also not available (c sn) in a brick and mortar shop (ca hang gach va va). Shopping online also saves you money because these stores do not have a physical place to rent. The space that they rent is only in cyberspace (k gian mang), which costs much cheaper than having a physical store. It is also very easy to compare (so sanh) product prices from one store to another because you can do it all in just clicks. Despite the convenience (du tin nghi) of online shopping, not everyone chooses to purchase (mua) items and services online because of some disadvantages. One of the important disadvantages of online shoppin g is the lack of personal interaction. Another disadvantage of online shopping is tangibility factor (iu hin nhin/nhn t hin nhin). Seeing the picture of a product is far inferior (kem) to seeing it in real world. When you go for real world shopping, you can actually touch (cham tht s), feel or sense (cam nhn) it with different means, but for online shopping you can only view the electronic catalogues. Even though this problems has been rectified to a certain extent (sa cha mt mc nht inh) by use of 3D product catalogues, some online malls (ca hang) still use the old fashioned images in product catalogues. Another factor is shipping cost. If the shipping cost is more than that you need to actually (tht s) carry the product home, then online shopping becomes unattractive (km hp dn). Yet another concern (mi quan tm) is about online security (an ninh). If you are shopping online, you have to take additional (thm vo) care about credit cards to protect (bo v) from unauthorized usage (s dng tri php). Online shopping lacks (thiu) the real world shopping experience (kinh nghim) that we get shopping with relatives and friends offline. Above are advantages and disadvantages of online shopping, there still exist problems which may occur (xut hin) with this type of shopping. These common (chung) problems are: ordering the wrong item, receiving the wrong item and returning an item. When shopping in traditional stores, it is quite difficult to accidentally (tnh c) purchase the wrong item because the sales process (qu trnh) typically (c trng) involves the consumer physically carrying the item up to the sales counter (quy bn hng) to make the purchase. However, in online shopping, the consumer never physically

handles (cm) the item before the purchase is complete and the item is delivered (phn phi). Therefore, it is uses the website to make the purchase and clicks on the wrong item or when the consumer contacts (lic lc) customer service to make the purchase and provides the wrong product number (s lng). Even when online shoppers do not make mistakes during the ordering process, it is still possible (c th xy ra) for the consumer to receive the wrong item. This often occurs (xy ra) when the orders are filled by hand and a mistake is made in the warehouse (kho hng). A warehouse keeper may ship (gi) the wrong item or may ship the correct item in the wrong size or color. Again the consumer will likely not know a mistake was made until order arrives. In situations (trong trng hp) where the online shopper orders the wrong item as well as situations (tnh trng) where the online retailer (ngi bn l) mistakenly ships the wrong item, there may be a need to make returns. Although this may not seem to be a huge (to ln) problem, it can be particularly (c bit) troubling (iu lo lng) for some consumers. In particular, online shoppers who opt (chn) to do their shopping online specifically (ring bit) because they work odd (thm/d) hours may have a great deal of difficulty making returns. This is because the process (qu trnh) of shipping (vn chuyn) the item back to online retailer will generally involve taking the item to a post office. Depending on the hours in which the consumer works, it may be difficult to get to a post office during regular business hours and may require the shopper to take time off from work to make the return. In short, online shopping can be very useful and very conventient, however, the individual thinking about using a discount shopping online should carefully weigh the pros and cons before ruling out the local market.


T khi pht trin Internet nhiu th kh kh khn c c hoc phi lm tr nn n gin. Trong s rt nhiu li th m Internet mang li cho chng ti, mt trong nhng iu ch yu l mua sm trc tuyn, mt hot ng m nhiu ni tr nn lin kt ti c. Bn khng cn phi ri khoi s tin nghi cua nha ban. Bn cng c t do t cc nhn vin bn hng ang tch cc c gng buc bn phi mua mt ci g .Trong mt ca hng trc tuyn, n ch c bn v danh mc cc sn phm, tranh khoi cc m ng gy kh chu v i chn mt mi. Ngoi ra,ca hng trc tuyn khng bao gi ng ca, bn c th qut cho cc sn phm ngay c lc 3 gi sng. C nhiu thi gian hn vic tm kim cc sn phm vi n lc t hn. C rt nhiu sn phm trc tuyn m cng khng c sn trong mt ca hng gch v va. Mua sm trc tuyn cng gip bn tit kim tin bc bi v cc ca hng khng c cn thu mt ca hang thc. "Khng gian" m h ch thu trong khng gian mng, trong chi ph r hn nhiu so vi vic c mt ca hng thc. N cng rt d dng so snh gi c sn phm t mt ca hng khc bi v bn c th lm tt c trong nhng c click chut. Mc d c s thun tin ca mua sm trc tuyn, khng phi tt c mi ngi u la chn mua cc mt hng v dch v trc tuyn v mt s nhc im. Mt trong nhng nhc im quan trng ca mua sm trc tuyn l thiu tng tc c nhn. Nhng bt li ca mua sm trc tuyn l iu hin nhin. Nhn thy hnh nh ca mt sn phm xa km hn so vi nhn thy n trong th gii thc. Khi bn i mua

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