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# Which blockbuster was the first to be uploaded from India on youtube?


# First Music enabled refrigerator in India by which companyGodrej

# Which ‘Upperclass’ food chain is planning special outlets for students in IndiaKFC

# what did Samir Bansal & Binny Bansal create?FlipKart

# Kokuyo co of japan is buying 50.3% stake in which famous indian co.They are big with
kids. Ans.Camlin

# Ashok chawla the former secretary of the commerce ministry is appointed as the
chairman of which regulatory body in the country . Ans.Competetion commission of india

# Which event raised $250 million for the children with the tagline, `Beauty with a Purpose’
? Miss World # GMRC has introduced 2 educational games on the Delhi Metro, one is Ludo, what is the other ? Snake & Ladders # On 5th April 2011, who announced about his new IT Venture “Happiest Minds Technologies Pvt Ltd”?

Ans: Ashok Soota

# In 2010 Time Magazine published a list of persons who abused power while in office.
President Nixon was no.1.Who was no.2

What was chosen? Wave (Airtel’s new logo) # Avon foundation supports two causes one is breast cancer and the other is___? DOMESTIC /SEXUAL VIOLENCE # Italians call it the snail. Dutch call it monkey tail and in Chinese it is called the little mouse. Which syrup is been referred to which was initially used as a medicine. – ‘Red Bull’ . ‘Hug’ and ‘Curve’ was voted out. the Germans call it spider monkey. –NASA # In Danish this means ‘Krating Daeng’ . Which company designed them? Swarovski # This company launched an online naming competition ‘The Name Game’ inviting customer to name their new logo. What am I talking about? @ # Which company has rebranded it as “Be What’s next”? Microsoft # Which organisation started the game ‘Moon Base Alpha’ to teach small children more about the moon.RAJA # RED (Real Estate Development) is whose initiative? HDFC # Rajendra Powar has taken over as the CM of which organization? NASSCOM # Dhoni and yuvraj were shown holding two trophies..Ans:A.