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SR-2:OD-J9191/J9193/J9195-**** IR-2:OD-J9192/J9194/J9196-**** SR-1:OD-J9198/J9199/J9200-**** IR-1:OD-J9316-**** 10-Gbps Optical Transceiver with 16-channels

Features „ 300-pin MSA(Multi Source Agreement) compliant. „ Designed for SONET / SDH / ATM Systems. „ Telcordia GR-253-CORE OC-192 SR-1/SR-2/IR-1/IR-2 ITU-T G.691 I-64.1/I-64.2/S-64.1/S-64.2b,VSR2000-2R1 compliant. „ Cooled DFB or EA DFB transmitter and pin-PD receiver. „ 16:1-MUX / 1:16-DEMUX Integrated. „ 622.08/644.53/669.32-Mbps LVDS Input/Output interface. „ Compact Size : 75 x 55 x 16 (mm). „ Power Supply Voltage : +1.8V, 3.3V, –5.2V. „ Power Consumption : 4.5W (Typ.) , 7.0W(Max) „ Operating Case Temperature Range : -5 to 70°C. Performance Parameter Performance Transmission Data Rate 9.95328/10.3125/10.709-Gbps Pigtail Fiber : SMF, Pigtail Length : 1 m each Pigtail Fiber Optical Connector : SC (Grp. 0A01) Launched SR-1:-6 to –1 dBm , SR-2:-5 to -1dBm Power IR-1: +1 to +5dBm , IR-2:-1 to +2dBm Transmitter Output SR-1/IR-1:1290-1330nm Wavelength Optical Interface SR-2/IR-2:1530-1565nm Extinction SR-1/IR-1:6.0dB min Ratio SR-2/IR-2:8.2dB min Minimum SR-1/IR-1:-11dBm max Sensitivity SR-2/IR-2:-14dBm max Receiver Input Overload -1dBm min Optical Interface Optical Return SR-1/IR-1:-14dB Loss SR-2/IR-2:-27dB Data I/O Signals 622.08/644.53/669.32-Mbps x 16-channels Tx : Optical output alarm, LD bias alarm Alarm Function Rx : Loss of signal alarm Tx : Optical output power monitor,LD bias monitor Monitor Function Rx : Optical input power monitor Line up OC-192 Dual-rate OC-192/10GbE/FEC Single-rate with Jitter Filter Multi-rate SR-1/VSR(Cooled DFB) J9198/J9199 J9198 J9200 IR-1(Cooled DFB) J9316 SR-2(EA DFB) J9195 J9191 J9193 IR-2(EA DFB) J9196 J9192 J9194

3/10. Tokyo 108-0014. D-40472 Dusseldorf.Block Diagram TxDin[15:0] T xPICLK TxPCLK TxM CLK 16 Performance J9196 Output waveform(Tc=25deg.3V GND DLOOP ENB LLOOP ENB MOD_RESET I2CCLOCK I2CDATA I2CA D[2:0] Digital +3.7Gbps) S EL T xREFCLK RxDout[15:0] RxPOCLK RxM CLK RxREFCLK 16 CDR + 1:16 DEMUX +3.8V 3 GND ALMINT 10 -3 10 -4 Bit Error Rate Opt Out 10 -5 Dimension 10 -6 10 -7 10 -8 10 10 10 Opt in (Bottom View) 4-M2. Germany Tel: +49-211-6503-0 Fax: +49-211-6503-1344 NEC Corporation of America(USA & CANADA) FiberOptech Division Mail Stop# NC1000 2880 Scott Blvd.sw. Santa Clara.5mm height with Heatsink 2:12mm height without Heatsink 1000 +/ Digital +1.5 ThreadedBolt Holes 3 Max Deep -9 -10 -11 10 -12 10 -13 IR-2 -25 -20 -15 -10 [dBm] Average Received Power Bit Error Rate Characteristics Opt in Opt Out (Top View) Order form OD-J9***-0xy1 *** : 191/192/193/194/195/196/198/199/200/316 x : Connector type Minato-ku.A.S.95/10. CA 95050.C . U. Filtered) CMU + 16:1 MUX Jitter Filter LASER MODULE (D M L or EM L) Optic al Output (9.3V Analog +3.3V P IN-AMP MODULE Optic al Input (9.B:FC.95/ EWV-19-0107-P5E June 2009 Copyright © 2009 NEC Corporation . Shiba 5-chome.3V Digital/Analog -5.95328Gbps Data Pattern : PRBS 2 -1 31 RxRAT ESEL[1:0] R xLCKR EF R xM UTE DOUT R xM UTE P OCLK R xM UTE M CLK RxREFSEL 2 CONT ROLLER Back to back (Tx to Rx) R xSIGA LM RxPOWALM RxALMINT RxPOWMON +3.100 DATA SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH Sales and marketing of semiconductors across Europe Arcadiastrasse 10.3V RxLOCKERR J9196 Sensitivity (Back to back) 10 -2 Data rate : 9. Fiber Optic Devices Division (Shin Tamachi Building) 34-6. Japan Tel: +81-3-3798-5864 Fax: +81-3-3798-5857 http://www.3/10.D:LC y : Package type 0:16mm height with Heatsink 1:13.7Gbos) T xREFSEL TxRESET TxRAT ESEL[1:0] TxFIF ORE S TxSKE WSEL[1:0] TxLINE TIMSE L TxP ICLKSEL T xLsENABLE GND 2 2 T xLOCKERR TxLsTEMPALM TxLsPOWALM TxLsBIASALM TxFIF OER R T xALMINT TxLsT EMPMON T xLsBIASMON T xLsPOWMON +3. Tel:+1-408-844-1082 Fax: +1-408-844-1090 NEC Corporation Sales and Marketing Department.