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Selena Marie So

HS 3-6 August 1, 2013 The Powerful Underdog

In fact, sobrang confident ako na mananalo ako, no matter what, na hinahamon ko ang sambayanang Pilipino na huwag akong iboto sa Lunes (In fact, I am so confident of my victory that I dare the entire Filipino people to not vote for me this coming Monday)! These were the words of Nancy Binay just two days before the May 2013 election in an impromptu press conference. And true enough, she won a senatorial seat, ranking fifth in the electoral count and beating veteran politicians and even former senators. Popularly known as Nancy Binay, Maria Lourdes Sombillo Binay-Angeles is the eldest daughter of incumbent Vice President, Jejomar Binay and Dr. Elenita Binay. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Tourism from the University of the Philippines in 1997, and has since spent her years assisting her parents in their respective work. As she herself described, Nancy is a forever personal assistant. She has neither experience nor track record in any elective or appointive government position. How was she then able to become a senator of the Philippines? Undoubtedly, the Binay name was the main propeller for Nancys win. Her father is the 15th Vice President of the Philippines. From 1986 till now, for over 27 years, the mayoral seat in Makati City has belonged to a Binay. It was either her father (from 1986-1998 & 2001-2010), or her mother (1998-2001), or her brother, Jejomar Binay, Jr. (2010-present). Her younger sister, Abigail Binay represents Makati in Congress. There is no doubt that the Binay name is one of the most powerful ones in the country today. Their political clout is also undeniable. When Nancy Binay was selected by her fathers United Nationalist Alliances (UNA) 12 th senatorial nominee, many, especially those running against her, criticized her for her lack of qualification and experience in the political arena. To add insult to injury, comedians and some netizens also included her dark skin as a point in their discussion, and not in a respectful manner too. Her continued refusal to engage in any political debates, despite repeated invitations by the other candidates also placed her in an unfavorable light. While a lot of people disdainfully dismissed her, they forgot that all these criticisms and jokes about her had suddenly transformed a member of one of the most powerful political dynasties in the Philippines into an underdog! And dont we all know how much the Filipino identifies with, and loves the underdog. As soon as those jokes started airing, her senatorial bid was assured. There was no way she could have lost. Nancy Binay herself knows she did not win the election by her own merits. But as she promised in her campaign, she is committed to serving the public, to improving housing services and childrens health and education. Now that her term in public office has started, the whole country will be waiting to see her prove herself.