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Kennedy Prashaw 12/15/11 Block 4 Honors World History: Mr.


I. Theatres definition comes from the Greek word meaning to do or to act. II. Roman theatre still shares some aspects of our theatre today, but it was banned after some particular events got out of control. III. The Catholic Church brought it back. IV. THESIS: The effect of the Catholic Church using theatre was that churches all over the world have a lot of different tactics spread the Word of Christianity.

Body Paragraph I: Background Information.

I. The Catholic Church banned theatre. II. Christians were getting tossed in fire, happened in 475 A.D. III. The restoration of theatre was a time of bringing back theatre after about four centuries of being banned. IV. The Catholic Church started with tableaus, which were frozen, Bible, scenes brought to life by the Altarboys.

Body Paragraph II: Tradition Carried On.

TOPIC SENTENCE: After time passed, the Catholic Church evolved and so did others all around the world, this then led to new innovative ways to spread the Word of Christianity I. Churches all over the world still carry on the tradition of passion plays, which are plays based on the life of Jesus Christ during his life even though its only in select churches. II. Christmas pageants and parades are still held in churches as well and tableaus were the beginnings of the most popular Christmas decoration: The Nativity Scene of Jesus birth. III. Many people have made T.V shows and movies teaching morale lessons from the Bible just like the morality plays did in the 9th century. Such as Veggie Tales and The Prince of Egypt. IV. Everyman, a morality play, is still preformed today. V. Theatre developed in the church to fit the needs of the church-goers at the time. This theory has been used in churches all over the world ever since then.

Body Paragraph III: More Bibles.

TOPIC SENTENCE: Another way the church has developed more ways to teach Christianity to fit certain peoples needs is altering Bibles. I. Study Bibles are made specifically to gain knowledge for what you need to know in order to be a good Christian like footnotes and different people interpreting it with you. And to get even more specialized, they have numerous study Bibles for each age group and gender. II. There are Bibles written in brail and Bibles with bigger font sizes so everyone can learn Christianity. III. Bibles are also written in many different languages. IV. People have written songbooks altering wording from Bible verses into songs to bring churches together. V. Making people more interested in God and Christianity by finding different ways than just reading the Bible taught the importance of including everyone in Christianity. And made it eventually accessible for everyone as well.

Body Paragraph IV: Christian Growth.

TOPIC SENTENCE: Christianity