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The Savonlinna region has a strong image
as being a good place to live - a place of
great beauty and atmosphere, with good
services, high-quality cultural events, safe-
ty, a clean environment, growing economy
and diverse education. Thus the region,
with its price level and services, offers a
splendid and comfortable backdrop for
entrepreneurship, working, studying or
recreation. Welcome to Savonlinna!

City Manager
Janne Laine

HISTORY The City’s Coat
of Arms
Savonlinna is located on a number of
islands in the heart of Lake Saimaa. In The Savonlinna coat of arms
1475 the construction began on Olavinlin- was designed by the Univer-
na Castle in what was then the border bet- sity of Art and Design Helsin-
ween Sweden-Finland and Russia. Count ki, in celebration of the city’s
Per Brahe the Younger granted Savonlinna 350th anniversary, based on
the rights of a city as early as 1639. A de- a proposition made by Pro-
cisive moment in the development of the fessor Carolus Lindberg in
city came in 1856 with the creation of the 1938. The coat of arms was made by the
Saimaa Canal. Savolinna is, to this day, the students of the university, under the super-
centre of the shipping in Saimaa. In 1968 vision of Professor Jukka Pellinen.
the new Saimaa Canal re-established a
route to the Baltic Sea. During the 19th According to a blazon published in 1989,
century Savonlinna began its development the coat of arms has ”an or castle with
into a destination for travellers. Even then three towers on a field of azure, with an ar-
Olavinlinna Castle, the Kasinosaari spa, gent wavy line running across the sable lo-
white passenger ships and the Opera Fes- wer half of the party per fess escutcheon.
tival, first held in 1912, attracted visitors An or bow, with argent arrowhead, string
from as far as Saint Petersburg. In 1973 and fletching, is nocked at the base of the
most of the municipality of Sääminki was coat of arms, pointing upwards.” The bow
annexed to Savonlinna. and arrow originates from provincial coat
of arms, and it was present in the city’s
Today Savolinna is a vibrant cultural, in- seal as early as the 17th century. The cas-
dustrial, service and education centre, tle was first featured in the city’s coat of
with a population of approximately 50 000 arms in 1788.
people. The annual Opera Festival is known
throughout the world. The clean environ-
ment, excellent services, the picturesque AREA
and atmospheric surroundings and diverse
selection of culture bring in visitors from all Savonlinna has a surface area of 1 374
across the globe. Savonlinna is one of the km², out of which 812 km² is land. The
most beautiful cities of Finland. city’s population density in 2008 was 33
persons per each square kilometre of
The municipality of Savonranta became land.
part of Savonlinna in the beginning of
2009, increasing the city’s population by The distances between Savonlinna and
1200 people. Savonranta was originally other large cities
founded in 1868 and it covers an area of Kuopio 160 km
568.2 km². Lappeenranta 150 km
Joensuu 140 km
Mikkeli 110 km
Helsinki 350 km

Age Structure
Age group Number %
0–6 1659 6,2
7–14 2098 7,8
15–24 3409 12,7
25–44 5655 21,1
45–64 8325 31,1
65–74 2942 11,0
75– 2687 10,0

428 (1.6 %) individuals of the city’s popu-

lation are expatriates.

Population development
year population
1875 1 023
1885 1 414
1895 1 711
1905 2 435
1915 4 034
1925 4 636
1935 7 861
1945 9 183
1955 12 410
1965 16 442
1975 28 336
1985 28 667
1995 28 867
2005 27 239
1.1.2008 26 775
2010 26 542

RESIDENCE of the city centre, at the junction of the
Saimaa deep-water channel, is built on
The population density in Savonlinna is islands, and the buildings are located with
slightly below the national average, and the usual density of urban structures. The
the local residential costs are also lower spectacular lakeside scenery is one of the
than average. Homes are increasingly built perks to living in Savonlinna. Nearly 40%
on plots with a private shore. The whole of the city’s territory consists or water.

Housing stock in December 31, 2007 (from Statistics Finland)

Occupancy type Residences %
Owner-occupied 8 570 33,8
Rented 4 519 33,6
Right of residence apartments - -
Other or unknown 352 2,6
Combined total 13 441 100,0

Type of residence by house type in December 31, 2007 (from Statistics Finland)
House type number %
Detached house 4 964 31,9
Row or linked house 2 079 13,4
Apartment building 8 166 52,5
Other 352 2,3
(store-, office-, etc. building)
Combined total 15 561 100,0

Summer cottages Boat docks

There are 3 268 individual shorefront buil- Savonlinna’s port authority has a capacity
ding sites, that include such things as a for over one thousand boats in 36 loca-
summer cottage or a sauna, in Savonlinna tions and the capacity to beach 700 boats
(from Statistics Finland in December 31, in 34 locations around the city.

INDUSTRY AND The structure of Savonlinna’s industry is
diverse, not only including agriculture and
EMPLOYMENT forestry, but also metal and woodworking
industries which in turn have given rise to a
Over 70% of the workforce in Savonlinna variety of small and medium size enterpri-
work for the service industry. The city is a ses. A combination of a strong and evolving
robust and diverse centre of commerce industry, experience and education provide
and welfare services. The compatibility of a basis for Savonlinna’s development. The
the welfare services is developed via the largest industrial enterprises in Savonlinna
hospital district of Eastern Savo. The ser- are Savonlinna Works, which manufactures
vices also provide a source of interest for machinery and services used in the paper
visitors looking to care for their health and industry, and UPM-Kymmene’s plywood
wellbeing. board factory. Savonlinna is also home to
many other leading business organizations
and a great variety of small businesses.

Employment by industry

25 %
Other social and pers. Services, 10 %

20 %
Health and social services, 6 %

Agriculture and forestry, 3 %

Wholesale and retail, 24 %

Transport and storage, 9 %

15 %
Construction, 10 %
Real-estate, 20%

10 %
Hospitality, 6 %
Industry, 9 %

Other, 3 %

5 %

0 %

Personnel by industry

30 %
Other social and pers. Services, 5 %

25 %
Health and social services, 3 %

20 %
Transport and storage, 11 %

Agriculture and forestry, 3 %

Wholesale and retail, 20 %

15 %
Real-estate, 12 %

Construction, 9 %

Hospitality, 6 %
Industry, 29 %

10 %
Other, 3 %

5 %

0 % 7
Largest employers number of employees
UPM-Kymmene, Schauman 360
Savonlinna Works 300
Norelco 140
Itella Oyj, Savonlinna 128
Andritz 120-130

Public sector number of employees

Hospital district of Eastern Savo, Sosteri 1894
City of Savonlinna 971


Day care and early childhood The preschools of Savonlinna aspire to

strengthen children’s self-esteem and the
education ability to work as a team with other people
in a positive atmosphere. The education
Savolinna’s day care system aims to work
received in a preschool supports the va-
in cooperation with parents, various orga-
rious developmental needs of growing
nisations and the skilled members of the
children, and the education is arranged to
day care staff. In an ever evolving society,
provide children knowledge and experien-
it is important to ensure a high quality of
ce by means of play, action and thought.
early childhood education and advance
the interactive development of children
and provide them with a diverse environ-
ment of growth and learning. Senior secondary education

Savonlinna has 9 day-care centres, which Senior High School of Savonlinnan Ly-
provide day care for up to 686 children. seon Lukio is located at a beautiful spot
176 children can receive family day care. on Piispanmäki Hill, right in the heart of
The city also has the capacity to offer open the city. With fully renovated facilities, the
day care for 45 children, 20 of the spots Lyseon Lukio is the only traditional senior
being a part of the Normaalikoulu school’s secondary school in Savonlinna, offering
preschool group. its students a broad base of common kno- wledge. About 400 students, from nearly
20 different municipalities, attend the

Elementary schools

September 20, 2008 (from Statistics Finland)

School and grades Number of students
Juvolan koulu 0.–6. 30
Kallislahden koulu 0.–6. 37
Kellarpellon koulu 1.–6. 190
Mertalan koulu 1.–9. (+ valmistava opetus) 642
Moinsalmen koulu 0.–6. 35
Nojanmaan koulu 1.–6. 235
Nätkin koulu 1.–6. 208
Pihlajaniemen koulu 0.–6. 173
Pihlajaveden koulu 1.–9. (erityiskoulu) 84
Savonrannan koulu 1.–9. 102
Savonlinnan normaalikoulu 0.–9. 352
(Joensuun yliopiston Savonlinnan OKL:n harjoittelukoulu)
Talvisalon koulu 7.–9. 392
Yhteensä 2480

Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences, Savonniemi Campus

The Lyseon Lukio aims to provide its stu- Approximately one third of the studies in
dents with good skills so that they may the school are geared towards the deve-
pursue further fields of education. Stu- lopment of the students’ artistic expressi-
dents also have the opportunity to attend on. Throughout its existence, the school
a competitive sports’ program, as a part of has been popular among applicants, the
their senior secondary studies, or comp- annual number of applicants is nearly twi-
lete courses in technology. The schools ce the amount of student capacity. The
works together with e.g. the Lappeenranta students hail from over 60 different mu-
University of Technology and the Mikke- nicipalities.
li University of Applied Sciences. Special
diplomas are available for both sports and A thorough renovation was undertaken in
visual arts. The multidisciplinary science the school in 2007. Once works on the re-
laboratory is used to aid students in reach- novations and extensions were completed,
ing the functional demands of the recently the school was equipped with excellent
updated curriculum. premises, furniture and tools to suit its special requirements.
Savonlinna Senior Secondary School
of Art and Music, founded in 1967, is the Savonlinnan aikuislukio, adult senior
oldest national senior secondary school in secondary school, is the only senior se-
all of the Nordic countries, to specialise in condary school of Eastern Savo that spe-
artistic and musical education cializes in teaching adults. Students are
able to do both elementary and senior se-
The Senior Secondary School of Art and condary studies as either evening or long
Music gives its students the skills needed distance classes. The school’s curricu-
to graduate from senior secondary school lum includes English, Swedish, Germany,
and to complete the matriculation exams. French, Russian and Finnish as a second
Collaborating with such organisations as language, a subject specifically meant for
the Savonlinna Opera Festival, the Helsinki immigrants. Studies which are aiming for
University of Art and Design and the Fin- a degree are free of charge, while parti-
nish National Opera, the school offers a cipating in individual courses includes a
wide variety of courses in art and music. course fee.

The school has approximately 80 regular of educational sciences, minor units of the
students and approximately 200 students faculty of humanities and the university’s
attending individual subjects. Centre for Tourism Studies. Students in
the Savonlinna campus can study to be-
The school also arranges studies in come primary school teachers, kindergar-
Savonlinna’s upper secondary vocational ten teachers, home economics’ teachers
school. As the school is part of the Eastern and handicrafts’ teachers.
Finland study network, ISO, and the Up-
per Secondary Distance Learning network,
it enables the students to choose among Mikkeli University of Applied Scien-
subjects shared by nearly 70 schools na- ces, Savonniemi Campus, in Savonlin-
tionwide. Meanwhile the national Noste na is the very image of a multidisciplinary
program aims to aid adults who wish to school. The campus is attended by appro-
finish their elementary school education or ximately 900 students, who are studying
unfinished senior upper secondary school to attain one of six degrees, in either
studies. Tourism, Design, Business Management, Nursing, Physiotherapy or Podiatry. All stu-
dents can, in addition to their own major
Vocational education subjects, participate in the courses of the
other subjects and contribute to various
Part of Savonlinna’s image is based on cooperative projects with other organisa-
education. The city has both university tions and schools.
and vocational college campuses, atten-
ded by several thousand students, and
the city plays a nationally important part Level of education in the population
in developing upper secondary vocational in 2007
education. number
Savonlinnan ammatti- ja aikuisopisto, People with educational 23018
upper secondary vocational college, is qualifications
divided into six individual schools: Vipu- People with upper 9172
nen (Technology and Transport), Artemia
secondary education
(Culture sector, Art, Crafts and Design),
Like (Business and Administration), Pa- People with tertiary 5359
vilion (Tourism, Catering and Domestic education
Services), Varpala (Natural Resources and
Environment) and Lehtiniemi (Social and
Health Services). The college offers adult
Basic art education
education in each of the fields as well as
Target-oriented comprehensive art edu-
apprenticeship training.
cation is mostly intended for children and
young people. The education includes
music, dance, crafts, architecture, creati-
Higher education ve writing and performing audiovisual and
visual arts. Adults can also receive basic
University of Joensuu, Savonlinna Cam-
arts training. Savonlinnan musiikkiopis-
pus, has around one thousand attending
to offers both a basic and an advanced
students and about 160 members of staff.
syllabus, while Linnalan Kuvataidekoulu,
The Savonlinna campus includes a faculty

Linnalan opisto and Taidekoulu Hyrrä offer Savonlinna Christian College is a folk
basic syllabi. high school founded in 1946. The school
provides basic and advanced education
Savonlinna Music College offers com- on common knowledge, as well as other
prehensive art education in the following services. The college’s aim is to advance
subjects; piano, organ, singing, accordion, personal growth, lifelong learning and the
guitar, string instruments, wind instru- feeling of congregational and social res-
ments, percussion instruments and the ponsibility.
basics of musical theory. The school has
additional locations in Kerimäki, Punkahar- Linnala folk high school, offers a large
ju and Sulkava. number of courses in such subjects as
languages, music, art, dance and physical
Linnalan Kuvataidekoulu, a visual arts’ exercise. The school also includes an in-
school, is an independent department of dependent department of visual art. The
the Linnala folk high school, where peop- Linnalan Setlementti, a settlement house
le of all ages can receive comprehensive organisation, functions as the organisatio-
art education in visual arts and crafts. The nal backdrop of the school. The organisati-
school also arranges camp activities. on also offers aid to immigrants, organises public events and maintains a bilingual
playschool, a lunch cafeteria and many ot-
Linnala folk high school’s music de- her services, including projects supported
partment offers studies in both vocal and by the Finnish Red Cross and Finland’s
instrumental music in accordance with a Slot Machine Association.
basic syllabus. Additional courses can be
selected from Linnala’s general curricu-
lum. Tanhuvaaran Sports Institute is a mo-
dern sports centre, located in the scenic
Taidekoulu Hyrrä, an art school offers nature of Savonlinna. The institute trains
education in circus art, theatre and dance. sports instructors, participates in colla-
The school is maintained by its own sup- borative endeavours with businesses and
port organisation. organisations and functions as the training
grounds for competitive athletes of various
Other education fields.

Savonlinna Summer University was Savonlinna Music Academy is a unique

founded in 1964. The Savonlinna Summer and internationally acclaimed school of
University Organisation includes the mu- higher musical education. Its goal is to be
nicipalities of Savonlinna, Kerimäki, Enon- a leader in the fields of Lied, chamber mu-
koski and Punkaharju, the University of sic and opera music.
Joensuu and the Southern Savo provincial
federation. The summer university focuses
on offering year-round open university and
vocational supplementary education to the
residents of the nearby municipalities. The
school also plays a vital part in improving
Savonlinna’s prospects of becoming an at-
tractive centre for summer education and

An academic procession, University of Joensuu, Savonlinna Campus


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a tu Ola
rtink vin
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Valtatie No.14






Savonlinna travel
tel. +358 15 517 510
CULTURAL SIGHTS Savonranta library and the library’s music
department in the Sääminki House. The
AND SERVICES Käkriäinen mobile library visits nearly 70
locations in the vicinity of the city centre
Culture Travel and around the dispersed settlements.

The Savonlinna region has established it- The library’s collections include over 150
self as a developing spa resort and centre 000 works, 87% on which consists of
for cultural tourism. The city has already books. In addition to the books, the library
become the capital of Finnish summer. offers selections of music, movies, news-
The region offers a wide variety of high papers and past and present issues of
quality cultural events, like the opera and magazines. Each of the library’s locations
ballet festivals, the concerts of Savonlin- also have free internet access for the use
nasali Hall, the theatres and the Retretti of patrons. In 2007, 439 759 works were
art centre. In the future, efforts such as borrowed from the library, 72% comprising
developments around the Casino spa ho- of books. On average each resident of the
tel, increased cooperation with Russia, region of Savo borrowed 16.2 works from
charter flights, additions to the available libraries that year.
accommodation services are among the
key aspects in improving the travelling The main library building, a fine example
industry. More investments will have to of the architectural style of its time peri-
made to locations similar to the Savon- od, was constructed in 1964. However,
linnasali Hall. With strong businesses and the premises of the current building can
the utilisation of professional know-how, no longer correspond with demands of the
the most can the gained from the region’s day. Plans are underway to construct a
many resources. new main library by 2012.
Office of Cultural Services
The city’s Office of Cultural Services provi-
des information on the cultural activities of Savonlinna Provincial Museum Riihi-
Savonlinna, such as events, recreation and saari (E. B. Lohrmann, 1852) is situated
exhibition facilities, cultural organisations, in a former state granary. It is also the
and arts grants. The office also maintains site for Finland’s largest fleet of steams-
Gallery Pinna and Sääminkisali, organises hips: the passenger ship Savonlinna; the
events and administers cultural affairs. world’s only genuine tar steamer, Mikko; the steam schooner Salama; and the
steam barge Ahkera. In 2007, Riihisaari
The City Library attracted about 25 000 visitors. The mu-
seum also houses the Finnish Forest and
A library is a popular and respected cul- Park Service’s Nestori – The Saimaa
tural service, available to everyone. Nature Exhibition, which provides infor-
Savonlinna’s City Library is visited daily mation about the lake district, the national
by 600 patrons and in the year 2007 the parks of Linnansaari and Kolovesi, the Sii-
library had over 12 000 active borrowers. kalahti bird lake and other nature resorts in
The library has five stationary service lo- the Savonlinna region.
cations: the main library, Nälkälinnanmäki
library, Nojamaa library, Kellarpelto library,

Theatres was built in 2002, and the oldest secti-
on of the building, Wanha Kasino (Old
Savonlinna Theatre is an active pro- Casino), dates from 1896. Savonlinna
fessional theatre dedicated to producing Hall combines the long traditions of the
high-quality dramatic art area, the celebrated skill of Finnish tim- ber construction, and modern technology.
The summer theatre of Kasinosaari
Island the amateur theatre Teatterimylly, The Savonlinna Orchestra comes to life
has a new production for the entire family when the Savonlinna Quartet, maintained
every summer, performed in the splendid by the Savonlinna Orchestra Society, and
landscape theatre of Kasinosaari Island. the Savonlinna Music Society of amateur and student musicians play together. Mu-
sic teachers from the Savonlinna Music
Cinemas College and other professional players
also play in the orchestra. The Savonlin-
Killa at the Viiskulma crossroads and Ola- na Orchestra organises 30 concerts and
vi on Olavinkatu Street screen the latest chamber concerts yearly.
premiers to film-goers of all ages and to
Historical Sites
Olavinlinna Castle
The Lutheran cathedral was designed by When the works on Olavinlinna Castle,
architect A. H. Dahlström and it was inau- or St. Olaf’s Castle, started in 1475, the
gurated and conveyed to the Savonlinna- founder of the castle, Danish-born knight
Sääminki parish in 1879. Erik Axelsson Tott, envisioned an imposing
fortification which would defend the stra-
Pikkukirkon (Little Church), designed by tegically important Savo region. The castle
L. T. J. Visconti, was built by the Orthodox was to counter attacks from the east by
parish in 1846. the Russians, securing control over Savo
to the Swedish Crown. The history of Ola-
Music vinlinna is indeed a mixture of the clang of
medieval swords and the roar of cannons,
The conference and concert venue Sa- and of the bustle of everyday life under
vonlinna Hall on the Kasinosaari Island cover of massive fortifications. Olavinlinna

Castle is the main attraction of Savonlin- well-equipped conference and negotiation
na, drawing tens of thousands of visitors rooms intended for a variety of functions.
Sääminki House (Sebastian Gripenberg)
Villa Rauhalinna was completed in 1900. The new parish house of Sääminki was
It was designed and commissioned by lieu- built in 1882. A section of the building
tenant general Nils Weckman, a high-ran- used to function as an elementary school.
king fortification engineer in the Russian The house was designed by architect Se-
army. He presented Rauhalinna as a silver bastian Gripenberg, and its construction
wedding gift to his wife, Alma. According to material is timber obtained from the old
a contemporary, the festivities on the inau- church of the Sääminki parish, which was
guration of the building were “perhaps the located in Kirkkoniemi. Today the Sääminki
most splendid” that the Savonlinna region House functions as premises for services
has ever seen. such as the music department of the Sa-
vonlinna City Library.
Linnankatu Street is the oldest street in
the city. This modest-looking street, once Statues
populated by the crafts workers of Olavin-
linna Castle, became the city’s most refin- St. Olaf (Ville Vallgren 1912) The statue
ed neighbourhood in the 19th century. In of St. Olaf in Olavinlinna castle is from
those days one of its cross streets, Eerikin- 1912. Ville Valgren has depicted St. Olaf
katu, also went by the name Paris Street. as a noble king wearing a coat of mail and
a crown. In reality, Olaf (995–1030) was
a marauding Viking and a king who fought
wars to gain power. After his death, Olaf
was made a saint for political reasons as
he had turned to the Christian faith and
had also converted a large part of the then
feud-ridden Norway. The cult of St. Olaf
spread swiftly after his death and found
particular favour among mariners and mer-
chants. The statue is of Italian soapstone
and weighs some 3300 pounds.

Statue of Joel Lehtonen

The statue, sculpted in 1953 by Väinö Aal-
tonen, is situated in a park named after
Joel Lehtonen in the centre of the city. The
writer is seen gazing towards his summer
residence in Putkinotko by the Lake Hau-
kivesi. The park was named Lehtonen Park
The old elementary school of Puistokatu and inaugurated with ceremony in 1989.
Street 5 is a valuable and time-honoured
former school building in central Savonlin- Black Ram (Anton Ravander-Rauas,
na. It was designed by architect Wivi Lönn 1964) A black ram (or some other sheep)
in 1925. The premises have been restored was kept in Olavinlinna Castle in order to
and modernised according to present stan- be served on St. Olaf’s Day, on 29 July, as
dards, and they contain many well-lit and a sacrificial feast. The offering of a sheep

and the cult of St. Olaf represented a kind war of 1918, although the general impres-
of bridge between the old pagan traditions sion is that of humility.
and Christian worship. The custom conti-
nued in the Protestant era when the wor-
ship of St. Olaf was believed to ensure a EVENTS
good new year. The ram had a good life
in the castle, which is evident from the The Savonlinna Ballet Festival is one of
proverb “to live like a ram in the castle.” the most outstanding cultural events of the
The parish register of Sääminki from 1728 summer festival season. Olavinlinna Castle
mentions the fait of the last ram of the is transformed into a temple of dance art
castle. It died by drowning in a river, and in early August.
this also marked the end of the tradition.
The ram statue was presented to the city St. Olaf’s Day, the anniversary of Savon-
of Savonlinna on its 325th anniversary in linna, is celebrated on 29 July. The day
1964. ends with a magnificent fireworks display
at midnight.
Ringed Seal (Arto Lötjönen and Eeva-
Maria Miettinen, 2000). The statue of a Syystulet (Autumn Fires) is a festival held
ringed seal in the fountain near the market every year on the last week of August near
square, between the two bridges Torisilta Olavinlinna Castle and Riihisaari.
and Pitkäsilta in the Haapasalmi Strait,
was designed by artisan and stonesmith The Epiphany of the Three Castles is an
Arto Lötjönen in 2000 with student Eeva- event in Olavinlinna Castle which is held
Maria Miettinen. simultaneously in two other castles the
Turku Castle in Turku and the Häme Castle
Castle Spirit (Aimo Tukiainen, 1975) in Hämeenlinna.
Aimo Tukiaisen (1917–96). Sculptor
Aimo Tukiainen (1917–96) designed and Ice Castle – The Ice Sculpture Festival
sculpted the knight stature, “Spirit of the is a winter event for the whole family and
Castle,” on the Tallisaari Island next to a top-ranking exhibition competition of ice-
Olavinlinna, where it was erected on the sculpting, bringing together internationally
500th anniversary of the castle. The sta- acclaimed masters of ice sculpture from
tue is of knight Erik Axelsson Tott, the foun- around the world.
der of Olavinlinna Castle. Tott is depicted
in full figure as a knight in armour gazing
towards the castle.
Soldier (Wäinö Aaltonen, 1921). Wäinö
Aaltonen’s soldier statue from 1921 is si-
tuated in the Kirkkopuisto Park. The statue
was originally entered in the 1919 Statue
of Freedom competition in Tampere. It is
a male figure of granite to which Aaltonen
has given the features of his friend, poet
Aaro Hellaakoski. The soldier’s nakedness
was for long a topic of debate in Savonlin-
na. The statue was also said to reflect the
sentiments of the winning side of the civil

The Savonlinna Opera Festival
is the most internationally re-
nowned Finnish cultural event and
one of the most prominent tour-
ist attractions in Finland. Opera
in Savonlinna is a captivating ex-
perience, created by the fabulous
opera performances and concerts,
the unique atmosphere of the me-
dieval Olavinlinna Castle and the
city’s naturally beautiful summer

Photograph: Värisuomi - Matti Kolho
RECREATION Ice Skating Areas and Ice Hockey
Youth Work • Ice skating area and ice hockey rink at
the ice stadium, 8 other ice skating
Youth work in Savonlinna is organised as areas or rinks
an outsourcing service by the registered Nature Trails
associations Savonlinnan Seudun Nuo- • Karhuvuori nature trail
risotoiminnan Tuki and Linnalan Nuoret. • Soininmäki nature trail
Their activities promote a substance-free Ski Resorts
lifestyle and are based on both preven- • Ruunarinteet Ski Centre
tative and multicultural models of youth Shooting range
work. The activities include club meetings • Luhtislampi shooting range
and camping trips, and other functions in • Archery track, Haapala
youth facilities and events. Further infor- Riding schools
mation on upcoming activities and events • Sarin Talli riding school
can be found in, or by • Vuohimäki riding School
visiting the offices of Savonlinnan Seudun • Paunolanmäki stable
Kolomonen in Pappilankatu Street 3.
• Church boat harbour
Sports Areas Motor Sport
• Kuikkaniemi motor racing
• Pikku Saimaa swimming baths
• Aholahti go-karting
• Ice stadium
• OKL – sports hall Budo
• Tanhuvaara Sports Institute • Toppala House
• Monrepos Arena Tennis
• Bowling alley (Hotel Pietari Kylliäinen) • Tennis and squash centre
• Fontana Casino Spa Hotel • Nojanmaa indoor tennis
Ski Tracks • Pikku Saimaa swimming baths
• Aholahti skiing centre Open Water Swimming
• Tervastupa ski tracks • Sixteen locations altogether
• Fitness tracks
• Tanhuvaara Sports Institute Savonlinna Camping Vuohimäki is a 4-
Fitness Tracks star camping and caravan site by the Lake
• Aholahti skiing centre Pihlajavesi, about seven kilometres from
• Pitkäniemi central Savonlinna. It has a capacity of
• Pihlajaniemi 100 parking spaces for caravans and cars
• Talvisalo complete with individual power sources,
• Nojanmaa and can accommodate 150 tents. The site
• Nyrkkimäki also provides cottage accommodation and
rooms. In the café-pizzeria you can buy de-
Sports Fields licious pizza and other provisions. Campers
• Kyrönniemi
can rent bicycles and kickboard scooters,
• Kellarpelto
go boating on a rowboat, canoe or pedal
• Mertala playing field
boat, or have a round of miniature golf.
• Heikinpohja
Other activities include billiards, volleyball
and badminton, and near the campsite
there is a riding stable.äki
Nature Resorts The Green Gold Culture Road includes
almost 400 kilometres of Southern Savo’s
Kasinosaari Islands or the “Islands of the beautiful and ever-changing scenery. It
Fortunate,” were known as the scene of introduces the many attractions of the
a lively and international holiday resort in area, its quiet village roads and the green
the early 20th century. It was the topic of gold of its forests. Travellers also become
rumours the world over: guests from home acquainted with the local tradition of tim-
and abroad would travel to the Savonlin- ber construction and other aspects of the
na baths to be refreshed, among them region’s valuable cultural history, as well
wealthy visitors from St. Petersburg. The as the many cultural events and services
Kasinosaari Islands are located right in the along the way.
centre of the city and are a popular out-
door recreation area among residents. The Finnish Natura 2000 conservation
network includes six sites which are loca-
Linnansaari National Park in the middle ted in the former area of the city of Sa-
of Lake Haukivesi, which is part of Lake vonlinna. The largest of these, comprising
Saimaa, is Finnish lake environment at its some 31 299 hectares, is in Pihlajavesi.
best. The Linnansaari National Park, with Six entirely new sites and one shared site
its hundreds of islands and wide open la- were also transferred from the Savonranta
kes, is a paradise for hikers travelling by district. The total area of the Natura sites
water. amounts to 52 893 hectares, of which 38
361 is water (27 % of the total area of the
Kolovesi National Park was founded in city and as much as 51.4 % of its water
1990 to preserve the environment of Lake area).
Saimaa’s archipelago, the habitat of the
Saimaa ringed seal and the woodlands of There are also sites in the Savonlinna regi-
Southern Finland. Humans are known to on that belong to a national shoreline con-
have stayed in the Kolovesi area already servation program, and sites in programs
in the Stone Age. Signs of human activity for the conservation of groves, bogs, rid-
can be seen in the elk and human figu- ges, old forests and bird lakes. Locations
res, dating from as far as 5000 years ago, in Savonlinna that have been chosen as
painted on the steep walls of Ukonvuori sites of national significance include the
Hill and the nearby Havukkavuori Hill and Olavinlinna Castle, Kokonsaari Island and
Vierunvuori Hill. Part of Kolovesi is in the the sights along the Heinävesi lake route,
district of Savonranta. including the Oravi Canal. Savonlinna has
chosen Soidinmäki as a forest heritage

Municipal Nature Symbols

Mammal Saimaa ringed seal Phoca hispida saimensi
Bird Golden oriole Oriolus oriolus
Fish Orfe Leuciscus idus
Insect Poplar admiral Limenitis populi
Plant Carline thistle Carlina biebersteinii
Mushroom Northern milk-cap Lactarius trivialis

The Saimaa ringed seal is one of the Puumala. Specialist health care, primary
native inhabitants of Lake Saimaa’s archi- health care and social welfare services are
pelago and the most endangered seal spe- all centralised under the same organisati-
cies in the world. Only 200–300 individu- on. The purpose of Sosteri is to organise
als remain, and most of them live in lakes a seamless service chain of social welfare
in the Savonlinna region; Lake Pihlajavesi, and health care. Services, activities and
Lake Haukivesi and Lake Joutenvesi. Other the organisation are arranged according to
protected species found in Savonlinna in- the life cycle model: – Services for families
clude the endangered white-backed wood- with children – Services for adults – Servi-
pecker and the vulnerable corncrake. ces for the elderly.

SOCIAL AND HEALTH Veterinary care is responsible for the

CARE SERVICES health care and medical treatment of
domestic animals. In addition to its main
tasks it attends to the prevention of con-
Social services are arranged by the city
tagious animal deseases and deseases
of Savonlinna as regards adult social work,
communicable from animals to humans,
services for the disabled, immigrant servi-
and animal protection. Veterinarians also
ces and child welfare services. Care for the
supervise food safety by monitoring primary
elderly, services for substance abusers,
production facilities and carrying out meat
and child guidance and family clinics are
inspection in small-scale slaughterhouses.
provided by Sosteri
Veterinary services in Sosteri’s district can
be found in Juva, Sulkava, Puumala, Ran-
Central Hospital – The Joint Munici-
tasalmi, Savonlinna, Savonranta, Kerimäki
pal Authority of the East Savo Hospi-
and Punkaharju.
tal District Savonlinna Central Hospital
started in 1955. The central hospital,
designed by architect Martti Välikangas, is
located on the shore of Lake Pihlajavesi
on Talvisalo Island, on an approximately
ten hectare plot donated by the city of Sa-
vonlinna. The new hospital district Sosteri,
which provides a wide range of specialist
and primary health care services and so-
cial services, was launched on 1 January
2007. The entire range of services can be
found in the same place: primary health
care, specialist health care, care for the el-
derly, services for substance abusers, and
child guidance and family clinics.

The population base of the hospital district

is 52 857 inhabitants (31 December
2007). Member municipalities are Enon-
koski, Kerimäki, Parikkala, Punkaharju,
Rantasalmi, Savonlinna, Savonranta and
Sulkava. Environmental health care also
covers the municipalities of Juva and

TECHNICAL SERVICES and public utility planning. The unit also
participates in the planning of water ma-
The purpose of Technical Services is to or- nagement. In the beginning of 2009, a le-
ganise, within the guidelines of sustainab- gally effective master plan is in force in an
le development, the development of the area of 133 000 hectares. The area of the
community structure, and the city environ- town plan is about 2237 hectares.
ment in general, in order to create con-
ditions for advancing the city’s economy Survey and Cartography Services
and the safe and comfortable living and
transport of its residents. Survey and Cartography Services is in char-
ge of the city’s cartography and geographi-
The department is responsible for town cal information services, address system,
planning, plot acquisition and conveyance, land parcelling and real estate formation,
real estate formation, municipal utility ser- land register, building inspection measure-
vices, duties accorded to the city by the ments, and advisory and preparation work
law on state-subsidised housing loans, relating to private road matters.
supervision of building, environmental pro-
tection, water supply and sewage systems, Land Use, Forest Property and
facility services, the machine maintenance Harbour Services
centre, and duties prescribed by private
road law. Land Use Department is responsible for
the management, acquisition and leasing
Administrative Services of land and water areas, the acquisition
and conveyance of vacant real property,
Technical Administration sees to the ope- and for the management of land and fo-
ration of technical services, develops its rest property and harbour operations. The
finance and organisation, sets its objecti- city owns 4150 hectares of land and 3325
ves, and oversees the execution of objecti- hectares of waters. About 25 plots are
ves. The department also manages parking conveyed to detached house construction
control. Housing Office manages duties every year.
prescribed by legislation on state-subsidi- The volume of passenger traffic in the
zed housing loans and repair grants, and harbour in 2007 was 62 100 passengers,
public transportation. while the volume of freight traffic in the
deep-water harbour was approximately
Planning Services 35 000 tonnes. The number of overnight
stays in the three guest harbours is 6000
Planning Services performs master plan- per summer on average.
ning and town planning, facility planning,

Public Utility Services the recreational use of the environment,
compiling an environmental protection
Public Utility Services is in charge of the program and an environmental monitoring
construction and maintenance of streets. system for the city, and by advising, infor-
It also sees to the upkeep of parks, the ming and instructing residents in matters
market square and the machine mainte- relating to environmental protection.
nance centre, and arranges public sanita-
tion and waste disposal as regards snow Savonlinna Water
disposal sites and organic waste.
Savonlinna Water is the city’s public wa-
Facility Services terworks and sewage system. Its function
is to produce the services required by the
Facility Services is in charge of the acqui- water management of the community on
sition, selling and administration of premi- a commercial basis, and to develop its
ses, as well as the leasing, building, mana- activities in accordance with requirements
gement and upkeep thereof. created by developments in other sectors
of the community.
Building Inspection Services
Water charges as of 1 January 2009:
Building Inspection sees to the statutory Water 1.61 €/m³
duties of the municipal building inspection Sewage 2.14 €/m³
authority. Altogether 439 building permits,
action permits and construction announ- Rescue Services
cements were granted in 2007.
The South Savo Rescue Services Depart-
Environmental Protection ment is responsible for firefighting and res-
Services cue services in Savonlinna.

Environmental Protection is the authority

responsible for environmental protection,
environmental permits and camping sites
in Savonlinna. It supervises and develops
environmental protection and nature con-
servation in the city by taking care of the
duties prescribed in waste management
regulations to the supervising authority,
ensuring the environmental management
of conservation areas and sites, advancing

Financial Statement 2007. Operational econo-
Income Tax Rates my, net expenses/net income by sector
Local tax rate 20,25 %
The Evangelical Lutheran parish 1,5 % 50 %
The Orthodox parish 1,95 %

Central administration, 4,87 %

40 %

Other public utilities, -0,71 %

Real Estate Tax Rates

Savonlinna Water, -1,33 %

Technical services, 2,87 %
General 0,90 %

Cultural services, 30,91 %

Basic security, 22,28 %
Permanent residence houses 0,30 % 30 %

Health care, 41,11 %

Other residential houses 0,90 %
Non-profit corporations 0,90 %
20 %
The loan stock on 31 December 2007
was 29.53 million euros, 1103 euros
10 %
per resident.


City Council in 2009–2012

Chairman Jouni Backman (Social Democratic Party)

First Vice Chairman Jaro Koikkalainen (Centre Party)
Second Vice Chairman Juhani Rouvinen (National Coali-
tion Party).

Distribution of Seats in the City Council

Party Seats
Social Democratic Party 14
Centre Party 13
National Coalition Party 7
Left Alliance 3
Green League 3
Christian Democrats 2
True Finns 1
Combined total 43 representatives


Social Democratic Party: Backman Jouni, Pasanen-Harju Virve, Hirvonen Teemu, Linna-
murto Jarmo, Mikkonen Anna-Kristiina, Sironen Olli, Härkönen Riitta, Suomalainen Ritva,
Juuti Pirkko, Laamanen Heli, Makkonen Aila, Linnamurto Erja, Backman Anja, Eronen-
Raivio Maarit. Centre Party: Koikkalainen Jaro, Loikkanen Tuomas, Parkkinen Matti-Pek-
ka, Hurskainen Vesa, Uimonen Anna-Liisa, Wuorinen Jarkko, Torikka-Suomalainen Kirsi,
Luukkanen Harri, Röpelinen-Pitkänen Carita, Puustinen Juhani, Makkonen Maire, Korho-
nen Leena, Pärnänen Heikki. National Coalition Party: Halko Harri, Rouvinen Juhani,
Seppänen Ulla, Söderholm Jan, Ronkanen Onni, Niiranen Tuija, Kokko Sampsa. Left
Alliance: Bilund Juha, Valkonen Esa, Lötjönen Arto. Green League: Condit Stephen,
Vaarnamo Varpu, Vento Heikki. Christian Democrats: Riikonen Teuvo V., Pyöriä Outi.
True Finns: Rakkolainen Erkki.

City Board 2009–2010

Chairman Matti-Pekka Parkkinen (Centre Party)

First Vice Chairman Virve Pasanen-Harju (Social Democratic Party)
Second Vice Chairman Harri Halko (National Coalition Party)
Bilund, Juha (Left Alliance)
Hirvonen, Teemu (Social Democratic Party)
Linnamurto, Jarmo (Social Democratic Party)
Loikkanen, Tuomas (Centre Party)
Mikkonen, Anna-Kristiina (Social Democratic Party)
Seppänen, Ulla (National Coalition Party)
Torikka-Suomalainen, Kirsi (Centre Party)
Pyöriä, Outi (National Coalition Party)

Friendship Cities

Selfoss - Iceland
Arendal - Norway
Silkeborg/Pohjola Norden- Denmark
Detmold - Germany
Kalmar - Sweden
Torzhok -Russia


City of Savonlinna
Olavinkatu 27
57130 Savonlinna

City Hall (exchange)

Tel. +358 15 527 4000
Fax +358 15 272 425

Service point (ground floor)

Tel. +358 44 417 4053

Service point open on weekdays, 8 am – 4 pm

Cash office open 9 am – 3 pm


City Manager Janne Laine, +358 44 417 4001

Development Manager Hannu Kurki, +358 44 417 4004
Chief Secretary Antti Erämaa, +358 44 417 4040
City Clerk and City Lawyer Hannu Hyttinen, +358 44 417 4041
Financial Manager Irmeli Haverinen, +358 44 417 4080
Personnel Manager Juhani Kerman, +358 44 417 4060
Cultural Services Manager Markku Kankkunen, +358 44 417 4200
Social Services Manager Saara Pesonen, +358 44 417 4100
Technical Services Manager Seppo Muukkonen, +358 44 417 4600

Publication: City of Savonlinna, Central Administration/City Office, 2009.