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,~'--ا : ª-=---ا ª~----ا

')·-ا;-و نر;--- ª-~ر'--إ

88 - 154 Park Rd.
Donvale - Vic 3111

P. O. Box 1150,
Mitcham North, VIC 3132

Phone: +61-3-9874 8206
Fax: +61-3-9874 5281

٢٨ ;--;- ٢٠١٣ ٢١ ~--أ ١٧٢٩ ;-ر د-- ٤١٦
" ُ ع;ُ-ُ=ْ-'َ-
ا;ُ-ِ-َ- ْذِ إ
،ُ -;ُ·ِ-َ-
ْQَ- ْ;ُ)َ--َآَ و
،ِ =ا ِ ت;ُ-َ-َ-
َ ن;ُ='َ-ْ=ُ-ْ-اَ و
ِ ء'َ-~-ا _َ-ِ إ
ْ;ُه'َ-َ~ ".
) ;- ٩ : ١١ (

28 July 2013

Through the blessing, and
attendance of His Grace Bishop
Suriel, the dinner will be held
today Sunday 28th July at “Aurora
Receptions, 149 Donald Street
Brunswick East.” The evening will
begin at 5:30pm and conclude
before 9:30pm. The cost
is $60 for adults and $35 for
children (11 & under). Your
support for this very special cause
is much appreciated. The
proceeds of this fundraiser will go
towards the mission services in
Fiji and towards the running of the
orphanage which currently has 10
girls. These children range in age
from 1 month old to 15 yrs old.
Please contact the following
representatives for tickets:

.,'='ا ¸-='ا ª·',- ر,-=و
م,,'ا ء'-·'ا .-= م'-, ،ل',ر,- '--`ا
ل'----إ ª='--
،-,¸-- -''-ود
ª,--`ا ْا----
.-· ¸+---و ً اء'--
د¸-'ا ª-'´-
ا-+' »´-=د نإ
¸,-آ ¸,--- .=- .,--'ا ف-+'ا .
ط'--'ا ا-ه ¸- --'·'ا ¸-=,-
¸=,· ¸· ª,''-ر`ا ت'--=' ي¸,='ا
¸· يو', ي
حوا¸-- ت'--
ª--= و -=او ¸+- ¸,- '- ¸هر'-=أ
ل'--`ا _=¸ُ,

~--و ¸=-- ª--'~ر( ي;-~-ا ء'~·-ا J-= ل'-=>- '---ر'-
Fiji Mission & St Mina Children’s Home

St Verena & St Bishoy Church - Hanna Abdallah 0431
St Mark Church - Adel Hanna 0423-764-236 & Mark Shehata 0400
Archangel & St Anthony Church - Sandra Farag 0402
St Athanasius Church - Atef Ibrahim 0419

St Bishoy Church - Sam Gerges 0423-048

St Mary Church - Rosetta Morcos 0400-575
St George Church - John Nasr 0415-509-009 & Victor Rizk 0408
St Mina & St Marina Church - Marina Mikhail 0404

Tickets will be sold also at the door.

21 Abib 1729 Issue No. 416

Published by: The Coptic
Orthodox Church
Diocese of Melbourne
And Affiliated Regions

88 - 154 Park Rd. Donvale
Vic 3111

P. O. Box 1150,
Mitcham North, VIC 3132

Phone: +61-3-9874 8206
Fax: +61-3-9874 5281

“But when the
knew it, they
followed Him;
and He
received them
and spoke to
them about
the kingdom
of God, and
healed those
who had need
of healing.”
(Luke 9:11)

ªآر'--- .,'='ا ¸-='ا ª·',- ر,-=و
م,,'ا ء'-·'ا .-= م'-, ،ل',ر,- '--`ا
-=`ا ٢٨ ,,',, " ل'----إ ª='--
ـ اروروأ ١٤٩ ،-,¸-- -''-ود
--,إ =,و¸-¸- . " ª,--`ا ْا----
ª='-'ا ٥:٣٠ .-· ¸+---و ً اء'--
ª='-'ا ٩:٣٠ ً اء'-- . د¸-'ا ª-'´-
ر'-´'' ٦٠ ل'-=`'و ،ر`ود ) ١١ ª--
نود '-· ( ٣٥ ر`ود . ا-+' »´-=د نإ
¸,-آ ¸,--- .=- .,--'ا ف-+'ا
ط'--'ا ا-ه ¸- --'·'ا ¸-=,-
¸=,· ¸· ª,''-ر`ا ت'--=' ي¸,='ا
-'ا م'-,`ا راد ةراد`و ¸· يو', ي
¸-'='ا -·,'ا ١٠ حوا¸-- ت'--
ª--= و -=او ¸+- ¸,- '- ¸هر'-=أ
ª-- ¸-= .
¸آا--'ا ءا¸-' ل'--`ا _=¸ُ,
- ¸,-و---'' ¸,-`ا :
~--و ¸=-- ª--'~ر( ي;-~-ا ء'~·-ا J-=
St Mina Children’s Home Annual Dinner
Hanna Abdallah 0431-874-934
236 & Mark Shehata 0400-113-177
Sandra Farag 0402-142-211
Atef Ibrahim 0419-339-998 &
Lydia Guirguis 0411-369-096
048-525 &
Josephine Fong 0430-589-626
575-898 & Fady Malek 0411-390-902
009 & Victor Rizk 0408-376-947
Marina Mikhail 0404-312542
ع'--~ ب'--ا --- ً '~-أ ,آا---ا .

His Holiness The thrice blessed
Pope Shenouda III

Zeal is kindling the heart and the will, as if
with fire, to do what one believes to be good.
One might become enthusiastic and taken
Over by zeal, for something wrong, like St Paul when he
said about his past, "concerning zeal, persecuting the
Church." (Phil. 3:6) While there is a holy zeal, as the
Psalmist talked about, "Because zeal for your house has
eaten me up" (Ps. 69:9), there is also a sinful zeal as in
(Gal 5:20) and "Jealousy as cruel as the grave" (Songs
8:6). Therefore the Apostle said, "But it is good to be
zealous in a good thing always." (Gal. 4:18) There is a zeal
that is not good, like what the Apostle talked about to the
Romans, "For I bear them witness that they have zeal for
God, but not according to knowledge." (Rom 10:2) One
might ignorantly become zealous, enthusiastic to fight
something without knowledge or investigation, without
accuracy, just for what is heard, as Jesus said, "Yes, the
time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he
offers God service." (John 16:2). This zeal is not
associated with knowledge, like the zeal of Saul of Tarsus,
about which he said, "... but I obtained, mercy because I
did it ignorantly in unbelief." (1 Tim. 1: 13) Therefore, do
not become zealous hastily, but mix your zeal with
knowledge. Do not believe everything said to you about
others' faults or requirements of reform. Think study and
investigate everything, adhere to the good attributes.
Jealousy could be wrong in its means and way of
expression. For example, Peter's zeal for the Lord, which
made him raise his sword and cut off the ear of the slave.
When one of the Samaritan cities rejected the Lord, John
and James said to Him, "Lord, do you want us to command
fire to come down from heaven and consume them?" (Luke
9:54) One could be filled with zeal which makes one fall in
abusing and defaming or hurting and bashing or rebelling
and ruining. Such a person changes into a tool of
destruction, ruining whatever stands in his way in a non-
spiritual manner. This is also a kind of jealousy which is not
according to knowledge because the person does not know
the right spiritual way to express his zeal. It happened that
forty Jewish persons vowed not to eat and drink, till they
had killed Paul. There is a wrong zeal which is mixed with
selfishness and bias. An example of this is Joshua's zeal
for the sake of Moses, when he saw two persons
prophesying "Are you zealous for my sake? Oh, that all the
Lord's people were prophets..." (Num. 11:29)

ة¸,·'ا -'-'ا ل'·--ا _ه ،ر'-- '-آ ةدار`او
'- .-·' ن'--`ا ---·, ª-أ ¸,='ا . ¸-=-, -·و
'-آ ،_='= ء¸- ---- ة¸,·'ا ª´'--و ن'--`ا
ª,-'- ¸= ل,-¸'ا ¸',- ل'· " ،ة¸,·'ا ª+= ¸-
ª-,-´'' -+=-- ) " _· ٣ : ٦ ( .
'+-= ل'· ¸-''آ ª---- ة¸,= -=- '--,- .-¸-'ا
" ¸--'آأ =-,- ة¸,= ) " ¸- ٦٩ : ٩ ( . ى¸=أ ة¸,= -=-
ª-='= ) .= ٥ : ٢٠ ( ة¸,=و ، " ª,و'+''آ ª,-'· "
) ¸- ٨ : ٦ ( . ل,-¸'ا ل'· ا-+'و : " ة¸,·'ا ¸ه ة-,=
_--='ا ¸· " ) .= ٤ : ١٨ ( . ة¸,= -=,- ª-` ='ذ
ª,-ور .ه` ل,-¸'ا '+-= ل'· ¸-''آ ،ª-,'- ¸,=
" ة¸,= »+' نأ -+-أ -ا ¸´'و ª·¸·-'ا --= ¸,' "
) ور ١٠ : ٢ ( .
ذإ ¸ه '- ً ا ؟ª·¸·-'ا --= ¸,' ¸-'ا ة¸,·'ا --ه
ً '--=-- .+=- ن'--`ا ر'·, -· نود ،ء¸- ª-ر'=-'
،ع'--'ا د¸=-' ،¸,·-- نود ،¸,-=- نود ،ª·¸·-
ل'· '-آ _,--'ا " »´'--, ¸- .آ '+,· ¸=, ª='- _-'-
م--, ª-أ ª--= - !" ' ة¸,= '+-إ ª·¸·-'ا --= --,
'+-= ل'· ¸-'ا ¸-,-¸='ا لو'- ة¸,·آ " _-´'و
.+=- ='ذ -'·· ¸--` --=ر " . ¸-=-- ` ='-'
ª·¸·-''- =-'-= ='=ا .- ª=¸-- . .آ ق--- `و
¸=و ¸,¸=`ا ء'==أ ¸= -=أ يأ =' ª',-, '-
·او ،سرداو .-·- '--إ ح`-`ا -''=- .آ ا,-=
--=''- ا,´---و ،ء',-`ا _ .
و ة¸,·'ا ن,´- -· '+'-'-و ¸· ª-==- ق¸=و
¸,-·-'ا . ª-,- _·رو ب¸'' ر'= ي-'ا س¸=- .`-
--·'ا نذأ _=·و . `'· ¸,-''ا ب,-·,و '-=,, .`-و
ب¸'ا --·ر ¸-'ا ة¸-'-'ا ن-- ى-=إ ¸= ب¸''
" ق¸=-و ء'--'ا ¸- ر'- ل¸-- نأ بر ', ء'-- .ه
؟ª-,--'ا --ه " . ¸· _-,· ،ة¸,·'ا ª´'-- -· ن'--إو
ةر,`'او ب¸-'او ءا-,`او ¸,+--'او ª-,--'ا
'او ª'-'-, '- .آ »==, م-ه ª'' _'إ ل,=-,و ،-,¸=-
ª,=ور ¸,= ª-,¸=- . --= --,' ة¸,= 'ً-,أ '+-إ
ª-,'-'ا ª,=و¸'ا ª-,¸='ا ف¸·, ` ª-` ،ª·¸·-'ا
ª-¸,= ¸= '+- ¸-·, ¸-'ا . ¸- '-=- ن,·-رأ ك'-ه
`و ن,'آ', ` »+-أ اور-- د,+,'ا _-= 'ً-,- ن,-¸-,
¸',- ا,'--, .
ª-='= ة¸,= ك'-هو ª,-'-`'- ª=,'=- '+-`
ب¸=-'او . '-' ¸--'ا _-,- .=` ع,-, ة¸,= .`-
¸,-`ا ىأر ن'---, " -·- .آ -,' ', ؟¸' ر'·- .ه
ء',--أ ا,-'آ -ا ) " -= ١١ : ٢٩ .(

ة,-·-ا _-·-

ت'-=,-ا ~--- ª~ا-- ~-'--ا -د;-~ '-'--ا

ب'-~ ع'--=إ ª-=ر ª-~ر'--(ا م'·-ا
ª'=¸' م'·'ا ª,-ر'-,`ا ب'-- ع'--=إ ,=-,
_'إ -,'='ا ) ¸',- --و'- ( ---'ا م,, ٣
¸=-=أ . د¸-'ا ª-'´- ٧٥ .---و د¸-'' ر`ود
ر'=·`ا ، ءا-·'او ، ت`-ا,-'او ، م,-رو
_=---'' ل,=-'ا . 'ا ¸- -,¸-' .,-'-- _=¸ُ,
سو¸·'--- »,¸-- ل'--`ا : ٠٤٢٥٣٩٩٠٦١

ةرو--ا د-=-ا Q--د'--- ª-~ار--ا
تأ-- د-='ا ¸,-د'-'' ª,-ار-'ا ةرو-'ا ) ¸,-'ا
م'---`ا نو-,¸, إ ' _ -,-آ '-- ª,=--'ا
ª,-آذ,`ر`ا ( ¸,-``ا م,, ¸-'-'ا ٢٢ ,,',,
¸,-`إ م,, .آ ¸----و ª='-'ا ٧ ة--' ً اء'-- ١٤
ً '=,--أ ل'--و-- ª,-ر'-,`ا ¸--- ='ذو . _=¸,
¸- ¸--'ا ب`'- ل'--`ا د-='ا ¸,-د'-'ا
-ا '== ب,-'-أ : ٠٤٠٢٤٩١٤٩١ '-ازور وأ :

Diocese General Youth Meeting Trip
The youth from the Diocese General Youth
Meeting at Donvale invites for a day trip to the
snow at Mt Buller on the 3
of August. The cost
per person is $75 and includes breakfast, lunch,
transportation, and resort entry. For details please
contact Mariam Pistavros on 0425-399-061

Newcomers Course
The newcomers Course (for those who want to
join our Coptic Orthodox Church) commenced last
Monday 22
July and will continue every Monday
at 7pm for 14 weeks at the Diocese Headquarter
in Donvale.
For any newcomers please contact Fr. Abanoub
Attalla on 0402-491-491 Or Rosanna on 0425-

DIOCESE NEWS -,=_\,,{! _\,>l

¿-'-,- ل'--=(ا - ي--· ب;-'-أ Q----ا و '--ر'- ª~----ا '--ر'- ª~----ا و '---ر'- ª~----
Program of St. Marina & St. Abanoub Feasts’ Celebration at St. Mina & St. Marina Church

Date _-ر'--ا Liturgy سا---ا Vespers ª-~·-ا

٧ ـ ٩ ً اء'-- : ª=·'ا ' -,-= ب` - ¸=¸= -,=ا,- د'-·-''آ ت'-ا--'ا -=Vا ٢٨ / ٧
Sunday 28/7 Liturgies times as usual 7 – 9pm: Sermon, Fr Habib -Girgis

٧ ـ ٩ ً اء'-- : ª=·'ا ' ¸--' ¸=-أ '-,- ١٠ - ً '='- ـ ١٢ ً ا¸+= : ¸- -,-' ء'-`ا ª-+´'ا Q---(ا ٢٩ / ٧
Monday 29/7 10am – 12pm: Group of fathers 7 – 9pm: Sermon, Fr Mina Isaac

٧ ـ ٩ ً اء'-- : ª=·'ا ' ' -ا '== ب,-'-أ ¸-- ١٠ - ً '='- ـ ١٢ ً ا¸+= : ª-+´'ا ء'-`ا ¸- -,-' ء'->--ا ٣٠ / ٧
Tuesday 30/7 10am – 12pm: Group of fathers 7 – 9pm: Sermon, Fr Abanoub Attalla

١٠ - ً '='- ـ ١٢ ً ا¸+= : ª-+´'ا ء'-`ا ¸- -,-' ء'·-رVا ٣١ / ٧
Wednesday 31/7 10am – 12pm: Group of fathers

ء'->--ا ٣٠ / ٧ '--ر'- ª~----ا --- Tuesday 30/7 St. Marina Feast
Wednesday 31/7 St. Abanoub Feast ء'·-رVا ٣١ / ٧ ب;-'-أ Q----ا ---

Continued from last issue...
Another- If the Divine Nature is without quantity, and, the lesser is cognizant of degree, how can
the Son Who is by Nature God be conceived of as inferior? He will not be beyond the province of
quantity, if they say that He has inferiority to the Father.
Another- The blessed John says of the Son that He gives not the Spirit by measure; to those that
is who are worthy. Since then there is not measure in the Son, He is immeasurable, and
surpasses all comprehension in quantity as being God. How then is the not-measured less?
Another- If the Son is lesser, the Father greater, differently, it is plain, and in proportion to the
measures that Either has, will they contribute to our sanctification. And the Father will sanctify in a
greater degree, the Son in a less and. separately. The Spirit therefore will be twofold, and less in
the Son, greater in the Father. And they who are sanctified by the Father will be sanctified
perfectly, they who by the Son, not perfectly. But great is the absurdity of reasoning herein; For
One is the Holy Ghost, one and perfect the Sanctification, freely given by the Father through the
Son Naturally. Not lesser then is He Who has the same operation with the Perfect Father, and
Who has the Spirit of Him Who begot Him, a good of His own Nature, Living and existing, even as
the Father has.
Another- If the Son were in the Form and Equality of God, as Paul says, how is He lesser that He?
For the mode of the dispensation with Flesh and the humiliation thereupon mentioned, which has
the Second Appearance from Heaven as its termination, will not, I suppose, bare the Son of the
dignity by Nature belonging to Him. He will surely come, as we heard Him say, in the glory of His
Father. How then is he at all in the glory of the Perfect Father who is inferior to Him?
Another- God the Father is somewhere found to say by one of the prophets, I will not give My
glory unto another. We must ask therefore those who impiously dishonour the Son, nay rather
through Him the Father too (for he that honours not the Son, neither does he honours the Father),
whether the Son being, as they suppose, less than God the Father is Consubstantial with Him, or
no? If then they shall say that He is Consubstantial why do they for nought put on Him the less?
For things that are of the same essence and nature, will never have the greater in themselves, as
regards the mode of their being: for this altogether is it that is under consideration.
But they will not perhaps agree, nor will grant that the Son is Consubstantial with the Father, He
being according to them less: He will therefore be wholly other and alien from the Father. How
then He has His glory? For there was given Him, says blessed Daniel, glory and a kingdom. For
either God the Father will lie in saying, I trill not give My glory unto another: or if He is true, and did
give His glory to the Son, then is He not other than He, the Fruit of His Essence and His True
Offspring. And He Who is so situated towards the Father in regard of Essence, how will He be less
than He?

Others, simple and without connection; if the Father is Almighty and the Son likewise Almighty
how is He lesser than He; for I do not suppose that according to the law of sequence, the
imperfect will mount up to the measure of the perfect. And if the Father is Lord, and the Son
likewise Lord; how is He less than He; for He will be not perfectly free if He be less in lordship, and
have not the full dignity in Himself?
To be continued in next issue...

St. Cyril of Alexandria

DIOCESE NEWS -,=_\,,{! _\,>l

New Personal Assistant
For His Grace Bishop Suriel
Mrs Dorothy Kalogeropoulos joined
our diocese staff as the new Personal
Assistant for His Grace Bishop Suriel.
Dorothy is from Greek origin.
Her parents were born and lived in
Cairo, Egypt. She is a wife and mother
of three adult sons, Peter, Timothy and
Matthew. She has worked in the legal industry
for most of life but her passion in helping
people. Together with her husband they pastor
a Greek Evangelical Church in Fairfield.
Dorothy is very glad to become a part of the
Coptic Orthodox Diocese and to have the
opportunity of being His Grace Bishop Suriel’s
Personal Assistant. Dorothy can be contacted
on: Ph: 9874 8206 Fax: 9874 5281
Mob: 0411-380-388
Email address:
We welcome Dorothy in our diocese and wish
her all success in her new position.

Weekly General Youth Meeting
The weekly General Youth meeting is held on
Sundays at 6pm at the Diocese Headquarter
at Donvale. All youth are welcome to attend
and join the meeting for a lively discussion of
various spiritual and social topics. This will be
followed by Aghapy meal and activities in a
friendly Christian atmosphere. Year 12
students are welcome.

The Coptic Radio Program
The Coptic Radio Program broadcasts spiritual
and missionary program on Radio Station:
3ZZZ - FM 92.3 on Thursdays (Arabic) and
Fridays (English) of each week from 2-3pm.
The program asks for your support as
members and also as volunteers to fulfil its
ة---= ة,--,-~ ª-'---
J--=-ا ,-=-ا ل'-ر;~ '--Vا
----إ ة-,-'ا س,',-و¸,=,''آ ¸`ورود
_'إ ª-,ه ¸,'-'·'ا ¸--- '--,-ر'-,إ
آ ة-='-- ª,-=- ª·',-' .,'='ا ¸-='ا
'--`ا ل',ر,- .
¸`ورود ¸- .-أ ،¸-'-,, -ِ'ُ و 'ها,-أ
¸· ¸-- ا,-'=و ¸· ؛ة¸ه'-'ا ¸هو
ª=و¸-- مأو ª```' ء'--أ ،ر'-آ ،¸-,-
,,`'-و ،¸`,-,-و . »=·- ¸-,-'-'ا ل'=-'ا ¸· -'-=
'+-',= ¸· '+--=- ¸´' س'-'ا ة-='-- .
ن'-,-, '+=وزو ¸`ورود ª,',=-`ا ª-,-´'ا ª--=-
-',·¸,· ¸· ª,-'-,,'ا . نأ ً ا-= ةرو¸-- ¸`ورود
نأو ª,-آذ,`رو`ا ª,=--'ا ª-,-´'ا ¸- ً اء¸= _---
ª·',-' ª,-=-'ا ة-='--'ا ن,´-' ª-¸-'ا '+' ح'--
ل',ر,- '--`ا . _'= ¸`ورو-- ل'--`ا ¸´-,
ن,-,'- : ٩٨٧٤٨٢٠٦ ـ ¸آ'· : ٩٨٧٤٥٢٨١
.,'-,- : ٠٤١١٣٨٠٣٨٨
¸-و¸-´'إ -,¸- :

.آ '+' ا,=¸-و '--,-ر'-,إ ¸· ¸`ورو-- -=¸-
ة-,-='ا '+--,=و ¸· ح'=-'ا .

م'·-ا ¸-;-~Vا ب'-~-ا ء'--
.آ ¸- -=`ا م,, ¸=,--`ا ب'--'ا ء'-' م'-,
ª='-'ا ع,--أ ٦ ª,-ر'-,`ا ¸--- ¸· ً اء'--
ل'--و-- . ªآر'--'او ر,-='' ,=-- ب'--'ا _,-=
ª,='--=او ª,=ور _,-ا,-' ي,,= ش'-- ¸·
ª=,--- . _'إ ª·'-`'- ¸-'=أ ª-=و ='ذ --·,
,= ¸· ª=--`ا 'ا ª·ا--'ا ¸- ع'--=`او ،ª,=,--
`=- -=¸, ب ª--'ا ١٢ .

¸=---ا ¸-اذ(ا ¿-'-,--ا
ª==- _'= ¸=--'ا ¸=اذ`ا _-'-¸-'ا م--, :
3ZZZ – Fm 92.3 م',أ ً ',زا¸آو ً ',=ور ً '=-'-¸-
¸,-='ا ) ¸-¸= ( ª·-='او ) ي¸,'=-إ ( .آ ¸-
-·- ª`''`'ا ª='-'ا _'إ ª,-'`'ا ª='-'ا ¸- ع,--أ
¸+='ا . ,=¸, _-'-¸-'ا »´-=د و ء'-='آ ً '-,أ
آ ¸,=,=-- ª-''-ر ¸,-=-' .

س----ا ¿-=--ا ع'--=إ – ٢٠ ª--;- ٢٠١٣