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CEM-3 material generation in PCB Board

FR4 material,which is a kind of flame retardant epoxy copper-clad plate glass material, is generally used in electronics with double sided and multilayer pcb boards. And CEM - 3 is a new printed circuit substrate material developed based on FR - 4. In recent years, CEM-3 is used to replace FR-4 in Japan, even more than the FR - 4 dosage. 1. CEM - 3 performance CEM - 3 must achieve FR - 4 have all kinds of performance for replacement it. The CEM - 3 has been by improving the resin system, glass mat, laminated manufacturing process, so as to overcome the early CEM - 3 disadvantages such as punching, warp degrees defects. CEM - 3 hole metalization process is not a problem, drilling bit wear rate is low, easy to punching and stamping forming, the thickness of high dimensional accuracy, but the punching metallic look is a bit poor. 2. CEM-3 market applications UL thinks CEM - 3 and FR - 4 are interchangeable, so now the FR - 4 double panel can be as a general replacement object. Because CEM - 3 and FR - 4 performance are similar, so on the sandwich plate for use have been possible. Printed circuit board price is very competitive, so four layer board market have also begun to consider to choose CEM - 3. But the thin (< 0.8 mm), the price advantage does not exist. CEM - 3 made of printed circuit boards are used in fax machines, photocopiers, instruments and meters, on the telephone, automotive electronics, household appliances and other products. 3.Further improvement and development for CEM-3 material. In order to further adapt to the electronic products SMT assembly, to develop in the direction of light and thin, miniaturization, multi-functional, CEM - 3 material can be improved in the following: A. Optimization of packing. Packing of crystal type, viscosity, crystallization water quantity and quantity affect molding dip soldering resistance, dimension stability of base material and the hole metalization reliability and transparency. B. The resin system is improved. Using Novolac resin can improve the frequency characteristic of base material, processability and hole metalization reliability. C. Non-woven of improving glass mat, glass fiber surface treatment, both to improve the insulation resistance of wet conditions. D. The proportion of glass fiber length collocation can improve dimensional stability. With the continuously develop and improve in CEM-3 performance, the applications become more and more popular. In recent years, in addition to Japan, South Korea and Taiwan region in CEM - 3 of the production, application develops rapidly, growth rate is far higher than FR - 4, believe to the next century, this kind of new composite substrate will gain greater development. Written by: Mr. Sam Duan

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