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Universidad del Valle de México Subject: English V (Intensive Course Fase B) Teacher’s Name: LLe. Joan A.

Gómez Heredia FINAL EXAM UNITS 1-6 Student’s Name: ______________________________ Group: Date: ______________________________ ______________________________ ¡GOOD LUCK!

1. TV Time. INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the conversations with a correct form of the verbs given.

1. Kamal: Do you ever eat dinner in front of the TV? Lynn: Not really. Though on Friday nights, we __tend to watch__ (tend / watch) a movie
and often we _____________ (will / order) a pizza or something. But we _______________ (tend / sit) at the table. And when we ___________ (have) dinner, you know, we ____________ (talk) about our day and things.


Which ___________ (be) nice. My son _____________ always_____________ (text) – even at the table! He ______________ (play) around with his phone all through dinner, so I guess we __________________ (not / talk) much as family.

2. Diego: What do you think about all the TV commercials for fast food places?
Nagwa: Well, there are way too many. But you know what ____________ (get) me? The fast-food places ___________ always _____________ (advertise) toys, too, which _______________ (be) annoying because the kids want to eat there then.

Diego: I know. My kids _____________ constantly _______________ (complain) because
I ____________ (not take) them to fast-food places. But my wife ________________ (not want) them to eat fast food, so …

3. Colin: Do you watch a lot of TV? Minh: Um, not really. But my brother ____________ (live) in front of the TV. He even
___________ (do) his homework when he _______________ (watch) TV, which, I’m sure _______________ (have) an effect on his grades.

But on the final exam. actually. 5. that or which. ____________ makes him a little touchy – especially with people __________ are pushy. My dad’s a sensitive guy.2. I’m not doing very well in school. Two assignments that __________________ my final grade are late. but my boss. 2. My best friend has a great sense of humor. increase / rise ________ 8. I’ve been ____________________ my classes. . I couldn’t do them. 3. is very open-minded. Sometimes there is more than one correct answer. So I just _______________ and left. ___________ is a bit eccentric. affect my grades / count toward / leave a lot of questions in blank / not raise my hand / turn my test in paper / catch up on / fall behind on / miss a class / struggle with 1. I really need to __________________ my work. link ________ 9. ___which__ is something I like a lot. What are they like? INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the sentences with who. Use the correct form of the verbs. I mean. reason ________ 6. write parentheses ( ) around them. I __missed a class____ last week. and I know it’s been ____________________. 3. I’d been _________________ the class all year. advertisement __for__ 2. I _____________________ once this semester! 4. research ______ 4. cause _______ 3. which is too bad. 4. At school. It has an influence on you. The teacher reviewed stuff for the final exam. I ___________________. The most interesting person __________ I know is my Uncle Rick. If you can leave them out. INSTRUCTIONS: Write a preposition for each noun. I hate asking questions in class. My sister. problem ______ 5. I haven’t been studying enough recently. ________________ is really talkative. Then use each phrase in a sentence. 5. 3. impact ______ 7. INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the sentences with the expression in the box. Math was really hard for me last semester. relationship _______ 10. 1. I like people ______________ are relaxed. ________________ is very sweet. effect ________ 4. 2. is just too laid-back. 1.

INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the story with the verbs given. 2.5. ___________ interest in getting a promotion. __Follow___ your boss advice. When I think about it. (_____) I leave things till the last minute. getting back to my story. so I _____________ (decide) to take art history at night school. Theo. Problem Solved. but I ____________ (not finish) high school. but I ___________ (leave) all my art books at work. INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the sentences with verbs. past perfect or past perfect continuous. I __wanted___ (want) to go to college. 5. (_____) the teacher __________ (be) pretty cool. Also. 6. 5. I sat down to write. __________ some training to ____________ new skills. Sometimes more than one answer may be possible. choose the best option to add expressions in the story. 3. She ________ (play) classical music in class. so I ____________ (choose) Vicent Van Gogh. Use the simple past. (_____) she __________ (ask) us to write an essay on a famous artist. “When I was 17. So for my essay. (1-5) 1. 6. Always ____________ the goals your manager sets. I ___________ (forgot) to buy paper. . So anyway. It was great (_____) I ____________ always ____________ (like) art – even before I took that course. I _____________ (need) one more credit. It’s no wonder that 3. Say how you can __________ the company money. 4. Anyway. I only _________ (have) a book of van Gogh’s letters to his brother. I ____________ (not start) my essay until the night before it was due because I _________ (work) at my uncle’s store all semester. It often works out!” 5. place the number according to the option you have chosen. 2. (_____) I guess that’s when I _________ (learn) to love Mozart. Which are the five most important pieces of advice? How to get a promotion at work 1. 4. Words for work. _____________ progress with projects and _______________ deadlines. Looking back. I ___________ (write) letters from Theo to Vincent on my mother’s fancy writing paper! My teacher _________ (love) it.1 INSTRUCTIONS: After completing the verbs on their correct form.

I wouldn’t be / weren’t in this class now. Research show / shows that 10 percent of the population owns over 70 percent of the _______________. I just wish / hope I’ll get a job next year. Don’t be afraid to ____________ competition from colleagues. 2. Then circle the correct options to complete the sentences. which charity would you choose? Speaker B: Well. but it saves the money / money eventually. People are more likely to be sick if there’s a pollution / pollution. I hope it made / would make a difference. I wish the trains weren’t / aren’t so crowded. You know. Speaker A: If someone had offered / would offer you a job last year. I’d probably choose one for kids. . I suppose. ___________ an application when there’s a new position. would you have taken / take it? Speaker B: As a matter of fact. I wish we can / could do something about the subway. 7. I donated money to one last year. 3. distribution / eradicate / polluted / protection / unemployed / environmental / investment / poverty / starvation / wealth 1. I was offered a job. hopes and regrets. I wouldn’t be / wasn’t in debt now. And I might take / might have taken it if had been a really good job.7. ______________ air affects your health. Speaker A: So. 3. Speaker A: If you can / could raise money for a charity. do you wish you’d done / did anything differently? Speaker B: Yeah. __Investment__ in education is expensive. And I wish people don’t / wouldn’t throw trash on them. 4. But if I had taken it. Wishes. 8. In fact. if I hadn’t bought so many clothes and things. 8. but it wasn’t. when you look back on last year. 1. Education / The education is crucial because educated people are less likely to live below the _____________ level. if I had to / would have to choose a charity. Speaker A: What would / will you change about your city if you had the opportunity? Speaker B: Well. INSTRUCTIONS: Circle the correct verb forms to complete the conversations. INSTRUCTIONS: Fill in the blanks with the words in the box. I wish I didn’t spend / hadn’t spend so much last semester. Like. I mean. 2. The State of the World.

925 million people don’t have enough to eat. ___________. They must / might want to have it. Bob. Prepare and preset yourself. and I really will / should get ready for it. Speaker B: Yeah. You might want to / ‘ll make a list. over 25 percent of people don’t have a job / job. “Can / Might I work from home?” Do they allow it? Speaker A: _____________.4. What is it? Speaker A: Well. __I guess so__. so let’s see … Do they provide health insurance? Speaker A: Oh. I know some people do. And ask. I have a second interview for a job tomorrow. Speaker A: OK. . OK. If you are interested in the __________ of the environment. Don’t all companies offer some help with insurance? Speaker B: _____________. In areas of high ____________. In the / a world today. Then write in appropriate responses with think. The ___________ of food should be more efficient. I need to / may think about what to ask. Speaker B: You’d better / won’t plug it in. and they should / had better offer training. 9. Oh. I’ve got a class at ten. Would / May you help me? I’ve got my laptop. 5. There is an / some evidence that growing cotton causes serious ____________ damage. INSTRUCTIONS: Circle the best modal verbs. you know salary or benefits and stuff. 6. You often find that people suffer from the mental illnesses / mental illnesses in these areas. Not all of them do. Oh. Speaker A: Hey. We really need to do more to _____________ hunger or ___________. but I should / need to have a few minutes. guess. and hope to complete the conversation. You can / ought to think about what you want. it won’t / shouldn’t turn on. Can / Will I ask you a question? Do you have a minute? Speaker B: Un. buy the cotton / cotton that is organic.