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80 kW
Liquid-Cooled Engine Generator Sets
INCLUDES: • Generac Naturally Aspirated Gaseous Fueled 4.6L Engine • Two Line LCD Tri-lingual Digital Nexus™ Controller • Isochronous Electronic Governor • Closed Coolant Recovery System • Smart Battery Charger • UV/Ozone Resistant Hoses • ±1% Voltage Regulation • Natural Gas or LP Operation • 2 Year Limited Warranty • UL 2200 Listed
Meets 2010 EPA Emission Regulations Not for sale in CA/MA

Standby Power Rating Model QT080 (Bisque) - 80 kW 60Hz

¡  INNOVATIVE DESIGN & PROTOTYPE TESTING are key components of GENERAC’S success in “IMPROVING POWER BY DESIGN.” But it doesn’t stop there. Total commitment to component testing, reliability testing, environmental testing, destruction and life testing, plus testing to applicable CSA, NEMA, EGSA, and other standards, allows you to choose GENERAC POWER SYSTEMS with the confidence that these systems will provide superior performance. ¡  SOLID-STATE, FREQUENCY COMPENSATED VOLTAGE REGULATION. This state-of-the-art power maximizing regulation system is standard on all Generac models. It provides optimized FAST RESPONSE to changing load conditions and MAXIMUM MOTOR STARTING CAPABILITY by electronically torque-matching the surge loads to the engine. An unequalled ±1% voltage regulation. ¡  SINGLE SOURCE SERVICE RESPONSE from Generac’s extensive dealer network provides parts and service know-how for the entire unit, from the engine to the smallest electronic component.  NEMA MG1-22 EVALUATION  MOTOR STARTING ABILITY ¡  G ENERAC TRANSFER SWITCHES. Long life and reliability are synonymous with GENERAC POWER SYSTEMS. One reason for this confidence is that the GENERAC product line includes its own transfer systems and controls for total system compatibility.



Enclosed critical grade muffler Small. (All ratings in accordance with BS5514. ISO8528.Application & Engineering Data GENERATOR SPECIFICATIONS TYPE ROTOR INSULATION STATOR INSULATION TELEPHONE INTERFERENCE FACTOR (TIF) ALTERNATOR OUTPUT LEADS 3-PHASE/1-PHASE BEARINGS COUPLING LOAD CAPACITY (STANDBY RATING) EXCITATION SYSTEM Synchronous Class H Class H <50 6/4 wire Sealed Ball Flexible Disc 80 kW Brushless QT080 ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS MAKE MODEL CYLINDERS DISPLACEMENT BORE STROKE COMPRESSION RATIO INTAKE AIR SYSTEM VALVE SEATS LIFTER TYPE Generac V-type 8 4.Standby: Applicable for supplying emergency power for the duration of the utility power outage. . SAE J1349 and DIN6271).6 Liter 3. Makes for an easy. (All ratings in accordance with BS5514. Sound attenuated enclosure ensures quiet operation.14” H2O ELECTRICAL SYSTEM BATTERY CHARGE ALTERNATOR SMART BATTERY CHARGER RECOMMENDED BATTERY SYSTEM VOLTAGE 12V 30 Amp 12V.4:1 Naturally Aspirated Hardened Hydraulic VOLTAGE REGULATION TYPE SENSING REGULATION Full Digital Three Phase ± 1% GOVERNOR SPECIFICATIONS TYPE FREQUENCY REGULATION STEADY STATE REGULATION Electronic Isochronous ± 0. propane vapor Down Draft Standard Standard 11” . attractive SAE FUEL SYSTEM FUEL TYPE CARBURETOR SECONDARY FUEL REGULATOR FUEL SHUT OFF SOLENOID OPERATING FUEL PRESSURE Natural gas. Electrostatically applied textured epoxy paint for added durability. ISO3046 and DIN6271).25% GENERATOR FEATURES Revolving field heavy duty generator Directly connected to the engine Operating temperature rise 120 °C above a 40 °C ambient Insulation is Class F rated at 130 °C rise All models are fully prototyped tested ENGINE LUBRICATION SYSTEM OIL PUMP OIL FILTER CRANKCASE CAPACITY Gear Full flow spin-on cartridge 6 Quarts ENCLOSURE FEATURES Aluminum all weather ENGINE COOLING SYSTEM TYPE WATER PUMP FAN SPEED FAN DIAMETER FAN MODE Closed Belt driven 1600 26 inches Puller protective enclosure options available Ensures protection against mother nature.55 3. eye appealing installation.54 9. compact. No overload capability is available for this rating. 12V. ISO3046. Quiet. 525CCA 12 Volts Rating definitions . critical grade muffler is mounted inside the unit to prevent injuries. 2 Amp Group 24F.

STANDBY RATING: Standby ratings apply to installations served by a reliable utility source. 183 600 25 77 60 Hz 3600 cfm °C (°F) 720 449 (840) 64 74 cfm 250 ft3/min. The standby rating is applicable to varying loads for the duration of a power outage.°F Altitude Deration 1% for every 100 m above . operating air temp. .0 316.8 pf 277/480V. 1.8 power factor.80 kW OPERATING DATA KW RATING (LP/NG) ENGINE SIZE GENERATOR OUTPUT VOLTAGE/KW . Ratings are in accordance with ISO-3046-1.78 cu ft/hr 53 126 241 336 465 ENGINE COOLING Air flow (inlet air including alternator and combustion air) System coolant capacity Heat rejection to coolant Max.8 pf 120/240V.000 60 (150) 50 (140) RATING: All three phases units are rated at 0. 1-phase. BTU/hr. multiply ft3/hr x 2520 (LP) or ft3/hr x 1000 (NG) ® 80 4. kW rating is based on LPG Fuel and may derate with natural gas.45 3.65% for every 10 °F above . 0. 0.64 9. US gal.) 131 312 600 835 1154 Propane (gal/hr. °C (°F) °C (°F) 5300 4.m 3% for every 1000 ft. above .25 12. There is no overload capability for this rating. All single phase units are rated at 1. Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. on radiator Max.8 pf GENERATOR LOCKED ROTOR KVA AVAILABLE @ VOLTAGE DIP OF 35% Single phase or 208-240 3-phase 480V 3-phase ENGINE FUEL CONSUMPTION (Natural Gas) (Propane) Exercise cycle 25% of rated load 50% of rated load 75% of rated load 100% of rated load For Btu content.ft.Generac® Standby Generator .45 6.°C 1. 3-phase.0 pf 120/208V. 3-phase. at muffler outlet ENGINE PARAMETERS Rated synchronous RPM POWER ADJUSTMENT FOR AMBIENT CONDITIONS Temperature Deration 3% for every 10 °C above . ambient temperature COMBUSTION AIR REQUIREMENTS Flow at rated power 60 Hz SOUND EMISSIONS IN DBA Exercising at 7 meters Normal operation at 7 meters EXHAUST Exhaust flow at rated output 60 Hz Exhaust temp. 3-phase.60Hz 120/240V. 0.) 1.0 power factor.6 Liter V-8 KW 77 80 80 80 AMP 320 278 249 120 CB Size 400 300 300 150 160 185 Natural Gas (ft3/hr.

after engine has stopped. Start with starter control. If utility fails. 72Hz Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard *Single and three phase connections may vary . Control and charger still operate. 7 rest (90 sec. refer to the owner’s manual for specific connection information. on. . transfer to load takes place. Standard Cyclic cranking: 16 sec. Standard Standard Standard Standard. Power is removed. unit stays on. 7 day exerciser Stops unit.INTERCONNECTIONS QT080 NEXUS™ CONTROL FEATURES 2-Line Plain Text LCD Display Mode Switch -Auto -Off -Manual/Test (start) Programmable start delay between 10-30 seconds Engine Start Sequence Engine Warm-up Engine Cool-Down Starter Lock-out Smart Battery Charger Automatic Voltage Regulation with Over and Under Voltage Protection Automatic Low Oil Pressure Shutdown Overspeed Shutdown High Temperature Shutdown Overcrank Protection Safety Fused Failure to Transfer Protection Low Battery Protection 50 Event Run Log Future Set Capable Exerciser Incorrect Wiring Protection Internal Fault Protection Common External Fault Capability Governor Failure Protection kW 80 80 80 80 VOLTS 240 1 Ø 240 3 Ø 208 3 Ø 480 3 Ø CIRCUIT BREAKER WIRE AND CONDUIT SIZE CB AMPS 400 300 300 150 LUG SIZE (1) 600 mcm to #4 or (2) 1/0 to 250 mcm to 1/0 (1) 600 mcm to #4 or (2) 1/0 to 250 mcm to 1/0 (1) 600 mcm to #4 or (2) 1/0 to 250 mcm to 1/0 #6 to 300 mcm Simple user interface for ease of operation Automatic Start on Utility failure. maximum duration) 5 seconds 1 minute Starter cannot re-engage until 5 sec.

• S45 W29290 HWY.A. Inc. All rights ©2010 Generac Power Systems.S. Bulletin 0188680SBY-C / Printed in U. Inc. WI 53189 • generac. 59. 02/18/11 . All specifications are subject to change without notice.INSTALLATION LAYOUT QT080 ® Generac Power Systems. Waukesha.