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POEMS Practice 1 IN THE MIDST OF HARDSHIP 1. Why were their clothes soaky? . . 2.

Write down the line in the poem which reveals that this incident took place in a village?

. 2. The theme may not be exactly about hardship as implied by the title. What is the theme related to? . 3. What does the phrase albino buffalo reveal?

4. What moral value did you learn from the poem? Explain. 3. What does the phrase bloated carcasses refer to? 4. In your opinion, what kind of attitude do the last two lines imply? Explain. Practice 2: IN THE MIDST OF HARDSHIP (stanzas 1 and 2) At Write down the line which shows that they have been out for long hours? Practice 3: He Had Such Quiet Eyes (Stanzas 1 and 2) 1. What does the phrase two pools of lies refer to? . 2. Which lines show that the man is saying I love you, and if you love me, prove it! .

. 3. Which stanza shows that there is a sense of regret? 4. What do you understand by the phrase the hows and whys? . . Practice 4: He Had Such Quiet Eyes 1. What does the phrase thinnest ice imply? . . 2.In this poem, the poet talks about the betrayal of a young girls feelings for a man. She believes in his sincerity to her as he had pleaded to her to surrender to him. Write the two lines depicting this. . . 3.What is the main theme in this poem? 4.What did you learn from this poem? Explain.

Practice 5: Are You Still Playing Your Flute? 1. Who is the persona in the poem? . 2. Write one line from the poem that depicts that people are jobless. . 3. Provide three phrases that depict the message of cruel realities of a nation in uncertainty of its future.

. 4.In your own words describe why the poet used the word sick to describe the rice fields. . . Practice 6:

Are You Still Playing Your Flute? (Stanzas 1 and 2) 1. What did the persona mean when she said deserted?

Nature by H.D Carberry 1. In your words describe the weather as depicted in the poem. .

. 2. Why is the persona feeling guilty?

. 2. State one moral value that you have learnt from the poem. ..

3. Note that the poem ends with the line and beauty comes suddenly and the rains have gone. Describe how this bears a resemblance in our life. 4. In the opening lines of the poem, the poet describes the things that are absent. In your opinion, what is the poet trying to convey?

3. Why is the question Are you still playing your flute repeated as the starting line of all the stanzas?

.. .

4.In your opinion, is this a romantic poem? Provide reasons for your answer. . Practice 7:

Practice 8: Nature by H.D Carberry 1. Why do you think H.D.Carberry wrote the poem?

2. List three words related to nature. 3. Which line in the poem Nature suggests the sense of smell? 4. Based on your knowledge of the poem Nature, describe a theme in the poem. ANSWERS. Poem In The Midst Of Hardship Practice 1 1. They were wet 2. desperately looking for their sons albino buffalo that was never found 3. animals killed as they drowned in the flood water. 4. Optimistic,- they were making jokes not crying or show signs of despair. Practice 2 1. The whole day and night just passed

2. Facing hardship with optimism 3. They are in the village as people in the town will not rear buffaloes. 4. Despite the hardship, we must remain resilient and strong. Often, the difficult time is not a permanent one.

He Had Such Quiet Eyes Practice 3 1. The eyes are compared to deceit. 2. Imploring her to be nice And to render him paradise. 3. Stanza 2 4. The hows and whys is compared to a situation where one gets hurt emotionally and tries to solve the problem. Practice 4 1. dangerous 2. To her, those quiet eyes Were breathing desolate sighs Imploring her to be nice 3. Deceit 4. We sometimes encounter people who have ill intentions towards us. We should take precaution against them. Are You Still Playing Your Flute? Practice 5

1. a very perceptive and reflective woman. 2. my younger brothers unemployed and desperate 3. my people disunited by politics my friend slaughtered mercilessly this world is too old and bleeding. 4.Perhaps the yield is not rewarding/ the harvest is destroyed due to bad weather. Practice 6 1. the villagers have left/migrated. 2. Feeling guilty as she is enjoying the music when the nation is plagued with problems 3. This is to stress on the activity as something that should not be done when the nation is facing so much trouble. 4. No, it is not a romantic poem. It is poem that shows the irony between a leisure activity and problems faced by the nation at the same time. Nature

3. This is a big resemblance to our life, as it has been our experience that after bad times, good times will follow and sometimes ever so abruptly. 4. It is to highlight the pleasant climate on the island. It has no extreme weather conditions. Practice 8 1. He wants to celebrate the richness of the lands produce and how alive and plentiful Nature is. 2. b. gold sun, rain, trees. 3. The line, When the bushes are full of the sound of bees and the scent of honey 4. Appreciating ones country-Life in ones country has its share of ups and downs but one must always look at the brighter side of life. In this poem, the poet stresses on his countrys weather being sunny, rainy and windy. The poet states that we must appreciate what we have.

Practice 7 1. The poem highlights the appealing climate conditions on theislandofJamaica. 2. We must appreciate the beauty of nature.