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श्री गणेशाय नमः

Karma Vipaaka
Samhita - Part 7
Karma & Asterisms Explained
Discourse between Lord Shiva & his consort
Original Translation By
Pundit Shyam Sunderlal Tripathi from

Ajay. D.N born in 1984 was brought up in
Bengaluru and has completed Master of
Technology in Computer Science & Engineering.
He started learning Astrology at the age of 18
under the guidance of his brother Sri
D.N.Venkatesh who was his first guru. Then under
the guidance of Veda||Brahma||Sri Tarkam
Krishna Shastry learnt Parashara’s hora sastra and
other texts on Astrology. Being a student of
KPSARI (K.P. Stellar Astrological Research
Institute) has completed Jyothisha Vachaspati in
Nakshatra Jyothisha and Sub Lord Theory and
also practicing it till date. Currently he is
practicing Vedic Science under the guidance of
Veda||Brahma||Sri Gunjur Prakash Shastri a
renowned Astrologer and Author.

Translated In English

Ajay D.N
Head Of Translation Dept: Yenbeeyes

A ‘Mission Saptarishis’ Initiative


मरु ादाबादस्थ पं० श्यामसन्दरलालवत्रपाविकृ

The chart that shows the same indications will give the clue/direction in decoding and understanding this great work and then the parihara (remedies) need to be performed. something that most young ones are finding these days. it is not an ordinary text though it seems to be and will be discarded by 99% of the astrologers. अथ चतवु ििंशोऽध्यायः Chapter 24 वशि उिाच। Lord Shiva says. An American wrote to us requesting us to quickly translate the whole text and we felt happy that someone wants more of this and presumably understands the greatness of this text.SA Publisher: This text has received few appreciations from our readers and it shows how many have understood the depth of what is there in this text. tested if relief is obtained and then that astrologer needs to write a commentary on his decoding. Before any manuscript/text is discarded one should think why would an ancient writer/rishi ever write such a piece of knowledge. if one follows this criteria he would never find any text useless. ् ु ते॥१॥ अथातः सम्प्रव्क्ष्यावम रौद्रनक्षत्रजम फलम ।् येन कममविपाके न वित्य ु लोके च भज्य Now I am going to tell you about the details of native of Ardra Nakshatra 1st Charan born because of their Purva Karma on this Earth (Mrithyu Loka) ||1|| ् देवि रन्गकारश्च वतष्टवत। िस्त्रावण रन्गयवित्यम स्वधमम ् ् ु म भो अिविपयाम पालयेत सदा॥२॥ Hei Devi. After we published few chapters we realized that Shri K N Rao has also mentioned this text in his books. would he be having lesser intelligence than me. in Avanti Puri there lived a Painter who was prompt in his agricultural work and fulfilling his duties ||2|| ् कुबेर इवत तिाम लीलानाम्नी च तस्य सा। पवतिता विया देवि रङ्गकारश्च तां त्यजेत॥३॥ . Astrologers need to decode the nakshatra phalas vis-à-vis every chart that comes to them with respect to the same nakshatra and same charana. The need of the hour is for a pure astrologer to decode Karma Vipak Samhita.

and was always suffering from fever and was disabled eventually with one of his limb. ||7|| ु पण्यक्षये ु पनः जाते नरो भिवत िै वशिे। मध्यलोके च विख्यातो धनधान्यसमवितः॥८॥ Hei Shive. since she was a chaste woman by virtue of it the couple attained Swarga Loka and enjoyed comforts there for 2 lakh years. Kubera’s legal wife Leela. ||9|| म न्मवन िै कृ तम।् तेन पापेन भो देवि िंशो ह्यस्य न जीिवत॥१०॥ ब्राह्मणीगमनं देवि पूिज Hei Devi.Hei Devi. the sinful act of having an affair with the Brahman women in his past birth made his children die in the present birth. now listen to the Atonement to be done. ||8|| ु पत्राश्र्व बििो जाताः कोऽवप तेषां न जीिवत। शरीरे त्वामग्नोत्पवतः खित्वं चरणे तथा॥९॥ Many sons were born but no one survived. Maatha Gayathri is called as the Veda Maatha and should chant her mantra for 10. ||11|| . his name was Kubera and his wife was Leela. Eventually the couples passed away. as their Punya Karma languished they took birth in a family which was wealthy and famous in that city. ||3|| ् ब्राह्मणी नगरस्थ ैका तया िीवतं समद्वु िन।् त्यक्त्वा पवतव्रतां भायािं ब्राह्मणीं िीवततोऽभजत॥४॥ He had affair with the Brahman woman forsaking his chaste wife. ||6|| तत्परेु ितमत े बाला लीलानाम पवतव्रता। सत्यलोकं गतः सोऽवप लक्षद्वयवमतं विये॥७॥ Hei Shive. he abandoned his chaste wife because of some reason. ||4|| ु द्रव्यं च सवितं तेन रङ्गकारेण िै वशिे। भूवममध्ये च तद्द्रव्य ं कृ तं तेन ैि सन्दवर॥५॥ Hei Shive. the painter interred all his earnings in his agricultural land. ||5|| वकविद्दानं कृ तं तेन गङ्गायमनु सङ्गमे। मरणं तस्य याता वििाविता॥६॥ And he gave some money in the form of charity in the confluence of river Ganga and Yamuna. ||10|| ् ु िरानने। दशायतु ं जपेद्दवे ि गायत्रीं िेदमातरम॥११॥ अस्य शाविं िियावम तच्छृणष्व Hei Subhaga.000 times.

lived a Vaishya who was wealthy and promptly fulfilling his daily duties. म न्मवन। यत्कृ तेन मिाघोरे नरके पवरपच्यते॥१॥ शृण ु देवि िरारोिे नृणां िै पूिज Listen Devi. donate a cow which is Goldish in color decorated with jewels and a posh cloths. ||12|| ् ् ु ब्राह्मणान भोजये त्पश्र्वाििवतं पायसेन च। गां च ैि विवधिद्दद्याताििणािं सभावषताम ॥१३॥ Then offer a religious lunch to the Brahman’s present over there and after this. अथ पिविंशोऽध्यायः॥२५॥ Chapter 25 वश्रवशि उिाच॥ Lord Shiva says. because of the cycle of life and death. Then donate 1/6th part of his earnings to a Brahman hole is well versed in Vedas. ||13|| ु एिं कृ तेन संदिे ो बहुपत्रश्र्व जायते। रोगस्य ैि विमवु तः स्यािात्र कायाम विचारणा॥१४॥ By doing this accordingly the person will definitely beget children and be freed from diseases. ||1|| ु ः स्वधममवनरतः सदा॥२॥ उज्जवयन्यपरद्वारे िैश्यो िसवत भाग्यिान।् धनधान्य समायत In the city called Avantika towards the West gate. Hei Varaarohe. human beings will commit many sins which results in making them suffer in dreadful hells. then Tarpan (with Seasemum seeds) and Marjan. listen to it. ||2|| . ||14|| इवत श्रीकममविपाकसंवितायां रौद्रनक्षत्रिथमचरणिायवश्चतकथनं नाम चतवु िमशोऽध्यायः॥२४॥ Thus ends the 24th Chapter of Karma Vipaaka Samhita containing Atonement’s for Ardhra Nakshatra 1st Charan.ििनं तद्दशांशने तप मणं माजमन ं तथा। षडंश ं च ैि दानं िै दद्याद्वेदविदे वशिे॥१२॥ And then offer 1/10th part as Havan. birth and rebirth.

||10|| . ||5|| ु ु त्यौ बभूितःु ॥६॥ भतंु बहुविधं देवि भायमया सवितेन िै। ततः पण्यक्षये जाते पनमम Hei Devi. since the death happened near to the River Narmada by virtue of which they attained Swarga Loka and they enjoyed their in for 60. ||4|| ् म िस्त्रावण स्वगमस्य ैि शभु ं फलम॥५॥ स्वगिं यातस्ततो देवि नममदामरणादवप। षवष्टिषस Hei Devi. ||3|| पलविंशिमाणेन व्ययं यातं िरानने। ततो िैश्यस्य मृयिु ै भायमया सवितस्य िै॥४॥ Hei Varaanane. as the daya passed by the Punya started to languish and both took birth on the earth as human beings. the 20 Palas of gold that he had borrowed from the Brahman too got used up for the family expenditure.् एिमधमियो जातं दवरद्रत्वं ततोऽभित।् ओयापाराथिं ततो देवि वििस्वणिं गृिीतिान॥३॥ Hei Devi. ||6|| ु ौ पत्रकन्यावििवजम ु म ममफलेन तौ॥७॥ धनधान्यसमायत तौ। रुग्णौ दुबमलगात्रौ च पूिक Because of the effects of the deeds of the past lives they were blessed with wealth. as the years passed by he lost all his wealth in the middle of his age and attained Penury. ||8|| ु पत्रो ु न तस्य ैि विंशद्वषे गते सवत॥९॥ तािन्मात्रं गृिीत्वा त ु ततो िै मरणं भिेत।् पनः And his son spent the same amount of money (that his father had borrowed) and ultimately the son passed away and he was devoid of children for the next 20 years. but neither children nor health and the body too was lean. he has to donate 1/8th part of his earnings to a Brahman. now listen to the Atonement’s to be done to waiver off the past lives Karma’s and its effects. ||9|| ् ु दौ पूिपम ापक्षयो यतः। गृिविताष्टमं भागं ब्राह्मणाय समप मयेत॥१०॥ तस्य दानं शृणष्व Hei Devi. To fulfill his daily expenses he borrowed some gold from a Brahman. and eventually the couple passed away. ||7|| ु म न्मवन॥८॥ ऋणसम्बन्धतो देवि वििः पत्रोऽभितदा। ऋणं याित्प्रमाणं िै गृिीतं पूिज Hei Devi. the Brahman and from which he had borrowed the money took birth as his son in relation with debt that had not repaid.000 years.

a cow with horns decorated with gold and legs with anklets and decorated with posh clothes should be donated to a Brahman who is a master in Vedas. अथ षववंशोऽध्यायः॥२६॥ Chapter 26 वश्रवशि उिाच॥ Lord Shiva says. Gayathri mantra should be chanted for one lakh times and perform 1/10th part of Havan. in the city of Avanthi. ||11|| ् ु यामल्लक्षमेकम िरानने ् ् तद्दषाम्शेन माजम ् नम च ् तताविधम॥१२॥ ् गायत्र्याश्च जपम क । िोमम च Hei Varaanane.||1|| . ् ु ॥१॥ अििी नगरी नाम्ना ततः क्रोशद्वयोपवर। अवग्नकोणे मिादेवि मङ्गलं नाम िै परम Hei Mahaadevi. towards Southeast a village called Mangal. ||14|| इवत श्रीकममविपाकसंवितायां रौद्रनक्षत्र वद्वतीयचरणिायवश्चतकथनं नाम पिविंशोऽध्यायः ॥२४॥ Thus ends the 25th Chapter of Karma Vipaaka Samhita containing Atonement’s for Ardhra Nakshatra 2nd Charan. ||12|| ् ् ित्स-िस्त्रविभूवषताम।् दद्याद ् िेदविदे देवि ब्राह्मणाय तदा भिेत॥१३॥ ् गामेकाम स्वणम वश्रवन्गम च Hei Devi. Tarpan and Marjan accordingly. 2 Kosha far. and to be freed from the paapa Karma’s of the past.् ु च कमलाकृ वत। िदद्याद्वेदविदुषे पूिपम ापक्षयो भिेत॥११॥ स्वणमपिपलेन ैि पष्पं Then this 5 Palas of gold make lotus flowers. they will beget son (progeny) without any doubt. ||13|| ु पत्रः ु िसूयते नात्र कायाम विचारणा॥१२॥ पनः By doing all these. donate these flowers to a Brahmin well versed in Vedas.

||6|| ु कममिशाद्देवि नरकाविगमतो यदा। वबडालकाकयोवनं च तदा िाप्तो द्वयं वि च॥७॥ पनः Hei Devi.||2|| मद्यपानरतो वनत्यं चौरविद्यास ु तत्परः। परस्त्रीलं पटो देवि िेश्यायां वनरतः सदा॥३॥ Hei Devi.||3|| ् ु ाद्या न ैि दानं समाचरत॥४॥ ित्यिं कुरुते देवि वद्वजरूपो नराधमः। चौरत्वाद्द्रव्यमत्प Hei Devi. after experiencing all the torture according to his past karma’s he came out of the hell and took birth as a cat and then as a crow. and he had accumulated money just by stealing and was not giving anything on charity. like this days passed by and after his death according to the instructions of the Yamaraja he was put into the hell by the Yama Dhutaa’s.ु तविन्ग्रामे िसत्येको ब्राह्मणो द्यूततत्परः।अन्ये त ु बििस्त्र िसवि सवद्वजोतमाः॥२॥ There lived a Brahman who was a gambler and also there were many Brahmins nearby who were good in their conduct.||4|| एिं बहु धनं जातं तस्य मृत्यबमु भिू ि। नरके पातयामास यमदूतो यमाझया॥५॥ Hei Devi.||8|| ् म ममविपाकतः। तस्योपवर विशालावक्ष शाविं शृण ु िरानन॥९॥ िंशच्छेवद भिेद्दवे ि पूिक .000 years by insects which had needle face.||5|| ु घणावदवभः॥६॥ ु सप्तवतिै सिस्रावण रौरिे पवरपच्यते। मिाकष्टं लभेद्दवे ि सूचीमख Hei Devi. He had affairs with unchaste woman and also with harlots. he was tortured in the hell called Raurav for 70. He was severely tormented in the hell. after this he took birth as a human and suffered a lot.||7|| ु ततोऽलभत।् मध्यदेश े िरारोिे ततः पीडा मित्यवत॥८॥ योवनद्वयफलं भतंु मानषत्वं Hei Varaarohe. the gambler Brahmin was stealing and always drunk.

Triyambakam Yajaamahe mantra should be chanted accordingly and then Havan should be performed. Chapter 27 वशि उिाच ॥ Lord Shiva says. now listen to the Atonement’s. then Cook different cuisines of rice and perform puja with Dhoop and Deep. ् ु नरेण यत्कृ तं पूिे पूिज म न्मवन वकविषम॥१॥ अथातः संिियावम शृण ु देवि यथा परा। .||10|| ् ु वपणीम ॥११॥ ु सीं विष्णरू लक्षत्रयं जपेद्दवे ि पूिपम ापविशद्धु ये। ततो िै पूजयेद्दवे ि तल To be cleansed from his past life Paapa Karma’s he should chant (the above) mantras for three lakh times and should worship Tulasi (holy basil) plant as one of its own form of Lord Vishnu as described in Shastras. Jaathavedase mantra.Because of his past karma Vipaaka his lineage ended.||11|| ् ं दीपकै ः॥११॥ भूवमदानं ततोदेवि यथाशवत िदापयेत॥१२॥ पूजयेवद्वविध ैश्र्वाि ैधूपम ैनैिद्य Hei Devi. and then offer the rice items cooked and donate land as much as possible.||12|| ु एिं कृ ते मिादेवि सिमरोगक्षयो भिेत।् पत्रश्र्व जायते देवि िन्ध्यात्वं च िणश्यवत॥१३॥ By atoning accordingly will cleanse all paapa Karma’s and get relieved from diseases and also will destroy the Vandhya Dosha and will beget male issues. Hei Vishaalakshi.||13|| इवत श्रीकममविपाकसंवितायां रौद्रनक्षत्र तृतीयचरणिायवश्चतकथनं नाम षववंशोऽध्यायः ॥१४॥ Thus ends the 26th Chapter of Karma Vipaaka Samhita containing Atonement’s for Ardhra Nakshatra 3rd Charan.||9|| गायत्रीजातिेदोभ्ां त्र्यभ्के ण यथाविवध। जपं िै कारयेद्दवे ि ििनं तप मणं तथा ॥१०॥ Gayathri mantra.

Buffalo and as a Heron ||9|| . I will now tell you about the Ardhra 4th Charan nativity and the Paapa Karma’s of their past lives. He was a farmer and also used to trade. One day their happened a solar eclipse.||1|| ु अििीपरतोऽिात्सीच्छूद्र एको मिाधनः। कृ वषकममरतश्र्वैि क्रयविक्रौतत्परः॥२॥ In Avanti Puri lived a wealthy Shudra. ||3|| विक्रयः वक्रयते च्छागमेषयोगृिम िावसनोः। गजमश्वं तथा रत्नं िस्त्रावण विविधावन च॥४॥ Hey Vishaalaakshi. cloths etc. ||2|| व्यापारे सिमिस्तूवन च्छागमेषपशूवन च। सततं भोक्षयते देवि च्छागमांस ं विशेषतः॥३॥ He was trading sheep. goat and other animals and used to also eat its meat. Gems. ||4|| एकदा सूयग्रम िणं दृष्टं तेन िरानने। गोसिस्त्रं कृ तं दानं भायमया सवितेन िै॥५॥ Hei Varaanane. He also used to trade elephants. listen. The Shudra had borrowed some money (in the form of gold) from a blacksmith for his business purpose. horses. He used to sell sheep and goat at his residence. ||7|| म क्षद्वयं तथा॥८॥ ततो बहुगते काले शूद्रस्य मरणं ह्मभूत।् ततोऽसौ नरके घोरे िषल After few days the Shudra passed away. He was put into the hell for two lakh years ||8|| ु ा च ैि सिकममतः। पनजाम ु तो मृत्यलोके ु तत्रैि बहुधा पीडा भक्त्व काकश्च मविषो बकः॥९॥ and made to suffer according to the bad deeds that he had committed.Hei Shive. he didn’t return the debt to the blacksmith. at the time of eclipse he together with his wife gave away thousand cattle as charity ||5|| ् ु च बहुधा भक्त्वा ु मृत्यल ु ोकसमद्धु िम॥६॥ नममदायां विशालावक्ष स्वणमिस्त्रयतु ं तथा। सखं Hei Vishaalaakshi. He then took birth on the earth as a crow. One takes birth on the earth is just because of his past life deeds (Purvaarjita Karma) that he or she had done. standing in River Narmada which are decorated with gold and posh clothes. ||6|| स्वणमकारस्य िै द्रव्यं व्यििारवनवमतकम।् गृिीतं च ैि नो दतं ततः शृण ु िरानने॥७॥ Hei Varaanane.

beings take birth on the earth and need to experience the fruit (maybe good or bad). ||11|| ् ु एका िीवतमती भिेत॥१२॥ ु देिाधे िातरोगस्य पत्रस्य मरणं ततः। भायामद्वयसमायत half of his body suffered from Vaata disease that is paralysis and his son too died. the Karma of the debt that he had not returned to the blacksmith in his past life. but was loving with only one because of the deeds done when born as human. When he attained his youth he started suffering from illness. horses. Then should donate Seasemum and cattle to be cleansed from the Paapa Karma. ||15|| ् स्वणममद्रु ासिस्रय िवतमां कारयेद्धध ु ः। पूिोते न विधानेन पूजवयत्वा ओरदापयेत॥१६॥ And an Idol should be made of gold. ||13|| अथ ते सम्प्रियावम पापवनग्रििेतिे। गायत्रीलक्षजाप्येन िवरिंशश्रिेण च॥१४॥ Now to be freed from that wicked deed he had committed. He had two wives. ||16|| ् पावथ मिं पूजयामास तथा गोमयवनवममतम।् लक्षत्रयिमाणं च पिगव्येन पूजयेत॥१७॥ .||12|| ु ु ु ते नात्र संशयः॥१३॥ म न्मवन यत्कमम शभु ं िाप्यशभु ं तनोः। मृत्यलोके पूिज मनष्य्ण भज्य Only because of those Karma’s (deeds). Gayathri mantra should be chanted for one lakh times and devoted study of Harivamsha Purana should be made ||14|| ् ु रथास्विस्त्रदानेन ग्रामदानेन िै तथा। वतलधेनिदाने न सिमपापक्षयो भिेत॥१५॥ And should donate chariot. and should be worshipped accordingly and perform puja and then give away as charity. He had borrowed gold from the gold smith in his past birth ||10|| ु ु न दतं िै ऋणं देवि पत्रस्य मरणं ततः। यिु रूपो यदा जातो व्यावधग्रस्ततनस्तदा॥११॥ Hei Devi.ु ततो देवि कुले मिवत िै शभु ।े स्वणमकारस्य द्रव्यं िै गृिीतं पूिज म न्मवन॥१०॥ मानषत्वं Hei Devi. the following Atonement should be done. cloths and also a village should be given away as charity. after which he took birth as a human being.

Hey Devi. will now live longer. ||17|| पिामृतने िादेवि गोदुग्धेन ैि पूजयेत।् तथा च विविध ैममन्त् ैः षड्ङ्ङ्गैिदे संभिैः॥१८॥ Panchaamrith and with cow milk for three lakh times with the mantras of Veda and Shadanga. ||20|| म रणिायवश्चतकथनं नाम सप्तविंशोऽध्यायः ॥२४॥ इवत श्रीकममविपाकसंवितायां रौद्रनक्षत्र चतथु च Thus ends the 27th Chapter of Karma Vipaaka Samhita containing Atonement’s for Ardhra Nakshatra 4th Charan. Prepare a Shiva Linga with clay or cow dung and worship it with Panchagavya. ||18|| ु ते रोगो नात्र कायाम विचारणा। िन्ध्यात्वं िशमं यावत लभेत्पत्रंु न संशयः॥१९॥ अद्धामङ्गं मच्य By doing this his illness that is paralysis will be cured without any doubt And the Vandhya Dosha too will be cleansed and will beget progeny and ||19|| ् ु मम॥२०॥ मृतित्सा लभेत्पत्रंु वचरजीविनमत Issues being born dead. ||21|| .