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Rahukalanal Chakra

(Astrological Researches Group, By: Jitender Kumar, Dated: 16 May 2013, Thursday)

Useful in selection of Muhurta for: Travelling and major auspicious events of life like first travelling through Sea and Air, Marriage, Construction of Residence, Business projects of hight volume, Taking Oath for Ministership etc. Rahukalanal Chakra (RC) is based on SaptaShalaka Chakra in which 7 horizontal and 7 vertciale lines are drwan intersecting each other and them 28 Nakshtrasa, from Karitika onward (including Abhijit as idependent) are arranged from Ishan Kon (North East direction) as shown in belwo picture.

The Nakshatra where Rahu is present is known as Rahu Mukh (Dragon Head) and from Rahu Mukh… the 15th Nakshatra is known as Rahu Pooch (Dragon’s Tail i.e. Ketu). The 13 Nakshatra

that results in unorganized. For example: If Rahu is present in Revti nakshatra. RahuKalanal Chakra is most effective for Cities. This way. tough and even dangerous travelling. loss. Over all. If Moon and Sun. that results in Well organized.e. so transit’s direction need to follow reverse. Big Rivers etc as well as the events concerned at Mundane Level like political activities etc. then Ashawani to Hast (भक् ु त) are known as Jeeva Paksha Nakshtras. Yoga. If we look on Muhurta.which has to transit). All of these have very much broader area of applications as well as some very specific areas of application also there. Rahukalanal Chakra can be used for Natal Chart and Horary Chart to judge the Auspicious and Inauspicious Muhurtas based on Rahu. we will find the importance of Tithi. Nakshatra and Moon Sign. Karna. . successful and benefic travelling. If Moon and Sun. are present in Mrit Paksha nakshtras at the start of travelling.of backward are known as “Jeeva (Live) Nakshatraa” (Bhukt Nakshatra (भुक्त). Note: Members are requested to test this properly in case studies. Moon should be auspicious i. Sun and Moon’s transit as:     Travelling will be auspicious when Moon is present in Jeeva Paksha nakshatra and Sun is present in Mrit Paksha nakshatra.which is has transited) and the 13 Nakshatra of front are known as “ Mrit (Dead) Nakshatras” (Bhogya Nakshtra (भोग्य). because every method/tool has own merits & demerits and areas of application. Ketu will be present in the 15 th nakshatra and Swati onward up to UttraBhadrapada including Abhijeet are known Mrit Paksha Nakshatra. States and Countries around or surrounded Water bodies like Sea. before applying it in daily practice. Rahu & Ketu always transit retrograde. in Jeeva Paksha nakshtras. both. both. are present in Jeeva Paksha nakshtras at the start of travelling. Vaar. as in almost works Moon’s strength and benefic condition is required.