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By Abby Humphries

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A Way With Words

You have a way with words That makes me want to listen Sometimes I know What you are going to say Before you say Something Ive already spoken with you Twice today And I already hope That you will call again I feel that I could tell you Anything You have so much responsibility That you put others before yourself You told me that the time has not come That you can even think of yourself Everything We talked about Sounded eerily familiar Like I was talking to Someone who really understands I wonder what this interaction means To me I wonder what this interaction means To you


I can remember where I was When you went missing I remember what I wore When you went missing I can only hope I am beyond hope! That you return as you were So we can return to the way we were But well never be the way we were Because we can never be the way we were

Beyond Your Years

You have to face your fears When you are beyond your years You cant count on the tears To get you into the clear You get left behind When you are beyond your years A mature mind A natural kind Of girl The kind Thats hard to find


Why dont you fit me in? Into your schedule Im tired of the usual Routine Why dont you give me a call? And to talk about all We dream We still dream I know you get busy I get busy, too When I get the chance I like to spend time with you If you want me to When its been a long time I dont know what to say I wish there was an easier way To say What we really want to say To those who should hear What you have to say So they know how you really feel They will know that youre for real


Im not supposed to Feed the geese at the park I shouldnt go there after dark But I broke the rules I brought popcorn Large Strong birds Eating from my hand I thought theyd bite So I held my hand flat I never expected that Theyd take it gently Not to hurt me Sensitivity With wings I felt a birds tongue On my skin Rough like a cats tongue To clean its feathers I love When they fly above My head


Subordination Like discrimination Why is this isolation Called for? A clause that adds much To a simple touch A clause that provides Further explanation You should provide A logical explanation For why I was demoted For why I am The subordinate


I know that I can overcome What I am running from I know that I can rise above Everything Im afraid of I know that I can gain control Over what had control Over me I know I can because I want to I want to do What you never thought I had the guts to do I want to do What I never thought I had it in me to do I want to Prove it to you I want to Because I have to I have to get through This difficult time I have to get through I know I can get through I have developed strength And developed skills Because I learn from you

Painful Process

Changing Is a painful process There comes a time That everything must change Or end I wish there was no end This series Of necessary steps Taken to make it better A better way of life So difficult and gradual Everyone has to take their turns to wait An opportunity to advance Natural selection process Twisted metal Chrome Forgotten vehicles Once reliable Forms of transportation Structured bodies of broken glass Rubber melting in the sun Melting like wax Seats torn out


You attract public acclaim A success story Right from the beginning Because you wanted to succeed You can never get what you want But you can get what you need You give me what I need The need to feel Something real You have achieved Fame and honor You have won So much more than praise Why should I clap my hands? When I leave my seat for you I am the one who Has been there for you I am the one who Will always be there for you So glorious is the golden sun After the longest days are done When my inhibitions are gone

Giving Up

You really should have shame You are not to blame You are not the only One who is lonely Desperate tendencies When youve had enough When you want to give up You can never give up Even when youre fed up When you fall Get back up On the horse you fell off And gallop off Into the setting sun Into the west You deserve the best Life is just a test And you have to do your best To eliminate the rest You have to try your hardest To get to where you ought to be I know that we cant always be Exactly where were supposed to be Please stay next to me

My Type

I have been thinking Of why That I Am attracted To a certain guy I have been wondering Why The characteristics Meet the criteria Or do they? Old fashioned Morals and values Gentleman

Even though you dont think you can Live up to All the expectations put on you I know that you can Be a good man Representative example Of how a man should be You say you are a little boy But you really are a man You know sorrow You will meet joy


I knew you had An ulterior motive I was hoping you did not have An ulterior motive Something beyond the obvious Wasnt admitted Hidden on purpose So I wouldnt know So you could try to go Around town Looking for someone else To share your feelings with You used to talk to me You used to trust me You used to share so freely I could not believe How much you trusted me I could not believe That you chose me All I had to do was wait Patiently All I had to do was wait And you found me Sadly; you left me!


A palate of paint Or the roof of your mouth Both could convey The heat of the south Foundations Oral limitation Palatial Cavity Deep and high Natural indentation Decorative liquid substance Oil and pigment Corners of creativity Corners of my mind Streetlight of thought Like a light bulb idea Bright and essential Gone in a flash Just as fleeting As time And a handful of cash Urgency You make the dash And you are gone in a flash


There will always be A requisite Standards to meet Expectations to live up to There will always be A requisite A record to beat Something to aspire to There will always be A requisite Thats the only way We can make changes To a society afraid of changes Even positive changes Afraid of something unknown Been trying to do it all on my own Im not saying that I condone Of you Messing up Messing around Im fed up Of trying to get through to you When you dont want to listen to anyone


I compare you To the composite I can see you Matching the description I can see you Being my prescription Fulfilling you Instead of refilling my bottle of pills Tomatoes ripening on window sills Not knowing of their ills The poison they sprout from Seeds can sprout on the inside Incubating in its internal juices

Dangerous potential Festering; concealed underneath the skin Composed of such picturesque Tiny components Sun released capsules Waiting to explode Waiting to expose Toxic effects I can see you Fruit salad Smooth fuzzy peach Waiting on the beach


You swing on the trapeze With finesse With ease Not even the breeze Sways you Changes your mind Makes you want to come down High above the world You dangle perilously With no safety net It is amazing How quickly We forget Stigmatic interval Static cardinal Pragmatic carnival Astronautic capital Neurotic principal Erotic withdrawal Erratic approval Holistic proposal Panic disposal

Incurable Insanity

Incurable Insanity Has scorn me once again The places that I found myself To lose myself within In hard times; I wonder If there is a light At the end of the tunnel This theoretical tunnel Like a speeding train Diving underground Paced like a bat out of fire Faster than the speed of sound How can you measure? The speed of sound? Based on how fast you hear it? The brain registers slowly Mental processes take time

By the time you understand By the time you make sense of What youve heard Time has elapsed Perpetually living in the past Everything happens Before you realize That it has happened Before you realize Why it has happened Everything happens Before you know it


I bought a carton of milk The only mistake I didn't check the expiry date An open carton of milk And it's too late To bring it back To get my money back Why does milk have to expire? Why does cheese grow mold? Why do we have to conform? When we are growing old? Why does anything expire? The longer it lasts The stronger the desire For the perfect pitch Across a telephone wire Your aim towards goals

Gets higher and higher So do your standards Impossible to meet You won't hold my hand As we walk down the street There's always a reason why You made me cry There's always a reason why I thought that I Wasn't good enough The truth is that I still cry Over rotten milk


Our conversations Kept brief Or conventions Breed mischief You are a man of little words There is no need for words There is no time for words I'd rather show you Than tell you Love beyond belief I know why you leave me Before you drink your coffee Returning to reality Track back to society They do not approve of me Of my irregularity

Of my insecurity When security does not exist You are an illusionist Putting on a show To let everybody know That they cannot fool you When they have reason to You are my escape from grief Even if our time is brief For a love beyond belief Getting into mischief Time is the worst thief


Emotions flow The way rivers flow A molecule of water Never stays in the same place Precipitation and absorption Emotions flow The way tears flow I am lucky because I know That life will only get As bad as I let it get I am lucky because I know That times will only get As hard as I let them get The goals that I have Are the ones that I set That I only can have What I already have That I'll be the slave To the money I cannot save To the crest of the tidal wave That I will be the slave If I let myself be a slave


Traffic light Shining bright Doesn't keep me up at night When I cannot sleep I pretend to hear Ocean waves A seashell to my ear I live next to the highway I watch traffic travel Day after day All day If only I could find a way A way to pay My respect to society When society Goes to great length To intimidate me

Pull the wool over my eyes The philosophy of the wise Money will never make me happy Money will never see What it does to society What it does to me Shoestring like a tightrope Never enough to cope Living on luck, living on hope A highway is a commodity Tricking society Into thinking That it is free When none of us could ever be Because we live in This society


Without a trace Of lipstick smeared across your face Of the blood that you taste When you bite your lip Booze gone to waste You let it drip From the corners of your mouth As you elaborate As you migrate With the birds as they fly south Fine perfumes so elegant And many musks, so prominent Why shoot an elephant? Just for its tusks? Why throw out the corn? Just to keep its husks? Ivory morning Ebony night What gives us the power? What gives us the right? Just because we can Doesn't mean it's right I believe in love But not at first sight Ivory morning Ebony night


Willow Dear Willow Why do you weep? Do you have difficulty Falling asleep? Willow Dear willow Overgrown fern Does your heart ache? Does your soul yearn? Willow Dear willow Are you haunted by memories? That stealthily seep Through your tough exterior? Do you feel inferior?

Willow Dear willow Why do you weep? Do you weep for those whose secrets You cannot keep? Or is it something more personal? Something too deep? Willow Dear willow Let your leaves blow in the breeze You don't have to please The other trees You don't have to weep over memories


When I am alone The outburst of creativity Finds it's way To me When I am alone The explosion Of expression Enters me When I am alone I feel alive I feel like a portrait The oils thicken Like twists in a plot The story changes Each time you read

The image changes Like role reversal The universal Business proposal When I am alone Sensors at the tips of nerves The smooth edges of bodily curves of celestial curves Ancestry serves To remind us That everybody Gets what they deserve


Complicated explanation For flying machines A tin can with wings Soaring through the sky Above the clouds Complicated explanations For the sincerity Of curiosity You foresee The extremity Future fingers Pointing at me All of your predictions Are beyond your time And beyond comprehension How can we wrap our minds Around theoretical notions? When we know more about the moon Than the bottom of the oceans? How can a thought become More than just a thought? How does a thought go from A mental conclusion To beyond an illusion?


Eggs and cheese Am omelet Western style Re-establishing energy Storing propensity Rise in the east Set in the west When you expect it the least It will be the best Laundry day Ketchup stain Fabric stitches Wash the debris away Grain by gritty grain Nervous twitches Mechanical glitches Everything switches From bad to good From good to bad The best of the worst luck That I've ever had Everything switches From sad to happy From happy to sad You should be glad That whatever is in fashion Is just a fad Even the protein you had For breakfast


You pour gasoline Into your bed You expect fire Between your sheets Tonight; all night Your matchbox is empty Just like your promise Just like your eyes Void of emotion Void of expression You want to light your lantern You want your wick to burn A candle lit and both ends Wax dripping down the walls Love songs fill the halls Your love left you long ago

She could not find a way To accept that which you cannot change Swallowing lead like a gun range Where are your silver bullets? Where is your wooden stake? How much time do you need? How much will it take? Memories haunt you Like a stalker in the night Peering through the window In the shadows; out of sight What gives society the right? To infringe upon your right?


You make your grand entrance Like a first impression With grace and style Fashionably late Just to make them wonder If you're planning to attend How could you not go? To your own celebration? You make your grand entrance Like the belle of the ball Everyone is watching you They all have their eyes on you Waiting to see what you will do You have to keep up appearances Social obligations Sliding up the Richter scale Extreme vibrations Mobile limitations The ground splitting open Exposing magma; plasma Molten bronze and lava Steeping, boiling java You make your entrance You light up the room You wait for the penetration Of the unexpected realization

Sitting Ducks

Sitting Ducks The shooting gallery At the fair You don't know why You find yourself there Maybe deep down you know You have to find escape You have to find a place to go A different landscape The more you struggle The harder it is to get out Your voice barely above a whisper I can see your lips move But I can't make the words out Row by row Of sitting ducks Waiting to be popped

Like soap bubbles Like champagne glasses Waiting to be topped Like a speeding train That cannot be stopped You shut out all the noise around you Tunnel vision Standing before your target You could hear it fall Listening for the pin to be dropped You only get one shot That's all you get Better make it your best shot Your best shot yet


We have a long History Everything we shared Is history Because you fell out of love With me I fell out of love With you But I'll always have a place In my heart For you That should go Without saying I wanted you to know That I'm not playing We cannot throw the years away We cannot go back to yesterday

Even if there was a way To prevent ourselves From going astray I wish I could tell you How I really feel But how can I tell you What I really feel? When I can't tell you That I know what is real That I know how I feel Just because we can feel Doesn't mean we can find the words To describe the way we feel


Distinguish Lust from love Which do you dream of? Which are you in need of? I melt in attempts To extinguish The fire within It never goes out internally, eternally As bright and scorching As the August sun If you feel the burning You're not the only one Sex is not a sport It's not a game someone could win If it's not for love Then it is a sin Satisfaction Cannot come from Self-gratification Satisfaction Comes from Love The joy of expression The expression Of love


Stars don't just fall Out of the sky Even in October When the leaves fall When I love To fall In love Just to be in love With the idea of love There is no perfect love Just a practical love Who gets into the kingdom Of stardom? How do you get into the kingdom Of stardom? Does a star fall Out of the sky Just for you? Remember this; You can become Infamous Just as quickly As you can become Famous


You told me that James Dean Is your Idol You try to achieve his appeal You will never achieve his appeal Only he is the real deal I missed his era He passed away Before I was born I wished he could have been my Idol If only for his confidence All that I need for self-esteem He was every girl's dream.... How could James Dean Really be your Idol? When you didn't know

About Marilyn Monroe? About that something in their eyes When they looked at each other It seems that they knew Every time I saw them In photographs I don't pretend to know All the details About Marilyn Monroe Because you know How easy it is to be jealous Of Marilyn Monroe


Dolphins flip Because they were trained Like animals in the circus If a dolphin can flip Why wouldn't it flip? It looks fun From a dolphin's point of view I would flip Wouldn't you? An epic is a masterpiece An opus is a symphony Timing is absolutely Critically Required If a dolphin had butterfly wings Enlarged and proportionate Would it decide to flip for you? Like a coin in the palm of your hand? Of would it fly away?


I call you when I feel Like getting outside Out of the house You have to release me From my cage Like an animal From my cell Like a prisoner I call you when I feel Like talking About what I should do With myself, with my life About what I should do And how to get it done I want to stay on course I always stray of course Because of strong impulse

Heart ruling over head Control and domination Control over logic I want to be spontaneous I want to live my life I want to do what I want to do Based on how I feel about it When I should think about it How can I live my life? When I cannot go outside When I'm stuck on the inside? How can I live my life In my cage, in my cell Like an animal, a prisoner

Thanks For The Hug

Thanks for the hug You don't know how much I needed that hug I needed your touch Just to feel close To someone again Even if you are only My friend You are so much More than just and only Without you I'd be Terribly Lonely It has been so long Since I've had a hug Gave my heart a little tug

Not something I'd sweep under the rug Because I could never forget That hug It made me feel Really good inside It made me feel Really warm inside You cannot let your heart Be the only guide Your heart and head Must coincide That having been said Thanks for the hug


My life is a masquerade People pretending to be Who they want to be Instead of acting naturally They are acting childishly And gradually They take off their masks A piece at a time Never all at once They still prefer Concealment A piece at a time Time after time They still prefer To be hidden away

Like an enormous pumpkin Hidden in a closed closet The enormous pumpkin Was left in an empty apartment The tenants moved And left it there To rot To be discovered The odor of the rotten vegetation Permeating The dwelling Of someone else

Tuesday Night

Sometimes I think That this is too good To be true That this cant be real Something that Ive waited for Suddenly out of the blue Falling from the sky As though I had commanded it To fall into the palm Of my hand All I could have asked for And more That I could never have asked for That I could only hope for And dream of This time it is so close Like stepping into a dream Where everything is perfect

Almost perfect Because dreams are only fantasies All I wanted was truth A piece of Heaven for me A place I could feel safe From all that I run from A place I could fall asleep Listening to the steady rhythm Of heavy breathing Of your heart beating A place where heat and moisture Fills the air that we breathe Fills this room Mingled with the scent Of a Tuesday night

Bottled Confessions

Maybe I was trying to bide my time Until I found the right time Trying to explain Why I have to keep certain things To myself Why I have to keep certain thoughts In my head So that I can use them Like tools To find the proper way to say What I need to say I have to take my time It is only on your side Once in a while The rest of the time It goes on forever Like some summer nights That you wish would last forever They only last Until the sun comes up And even then You cannot sleep Because you are worried About the secrets I keep In due time I will confess It will only make the bond stronger It will be for the best

Three Words

I remember when I heard you say Those three words I hadnt heard for a long time I had wanted to hear for a long time Even if I know That words are just words It still felt good To hear it from you Even though I know That it is too early For those words to mean What they are supposed to mean How quickly they are at our disposal Ready to launch like ammunition Except this is not what they are for Not for destruction Or for target practice Not for the range Not for bullets made of lead or silver

Just like an arrow Straight through the heart The piercing of a larger scope And when the blood is washed away From my wound I will again remember when I heard you say Those three words And I will remember how good it felt When I heard you say Those three words Because I really hope to hear you say That you love me I will be waiting Until you mean it

I Wonder Why

I wonder why Its been so easy To talk to you To tell you Anything And everything I wonder why Its been so easy To have these feelings All the time All day long As though I was always Meant to feel like this As though I am Walking on clouds In thin air High above Everything As though I was always

Looking down From these heights As though I was always Adrift some place Far away Far off into the distance Everything I do feeling as though It has never been done before Like each step I take Is through an open door Into open arms Into your heart Through my own

I Need To Know

I need to know Whats on your mind The things you think about And never tell me I need to tell you Whats on my mind The things I think about And never tell you For fear they will come out The wrong way In the wrong context At the wrong time Will there be a time That we can trade Thoughts for thoughts? That we can be upfront And not have to worry About undesired reactions Unforeseen responses?

Sometimes I think its easier Not to tell you how I really feel Because Im afraid to make this real More so than it already is More so that it has become Only because once this is real I will not forget Once this is real There is no turning back Even if I wanted to Even if you wanted to Once this is real It will deepen And become much more Intense

Far Away

When I drift off Into the sanctuary Of my mind Of my thoughts I think of you And how far You are From me Yet I still wait Because I believe That I wait For something worth while For something That makes me smile I sit here With hope in my heart And all I have is hope Maybe you'll always be So far away

That I could never reach you So far away That I will seldom see you That I will hardly know you Even though I fear That my love for you has deepened That I cannot resolve My inner turmoil My anxiety Because we cannot talk When we need to communicate Because I cannot be Completely Open with my heart How can I be? When you are always So far away From me?


I know you have High standards I know why you have High Standards Because you want The best of the best Meeting standards Like passing a test A way to cancel All the rest And keep it all Close to your chest I know that I should have High standards Nobody can meet My standards I can't even meet My standards Because I have High standards

Close to You

I wish I could be In your vicinity I wish you could be Close to me The only place I want to be Asleep peacefully In your arms After the satisfaction Of a sexual variety No infringement On our privacy Just a propensity For spirituality For curiosity With no propriety I wish I could be Close to you For all Eternity Just so I can be More in love With you And hopefully You will be In love with me


What does it mean? To give your condolences Why do we need You condolences? Is it a sign of respect? In which respect? Does it represent Sentiment? Does it fill that empty space? Put a smile on my face? No, it cannot And I want not Your condolences I shall not Receive your condolences I will not!


Im wrapped Around your finger Like a coiled spring Im ready To leap into action At a moments notice Im ready When you are Poised to follow Wherever you may lead You heart And I bleed You want And I need To feel alive As I once felt Just for one kiss To make my heart melt All I get is another Low punch Below the belt Im wrapped Around your finger Like a string you tie To always remember All that is kept between you and I


Evading me Endlessly seeking Loopholes Looking for love In all the wrong places Last chance To get out of town Wear your white dress The one that makes you feel Like a woman The one that you keep For a wedding day That will never come For you The one you keep For a husband You will never have Its a shame That you only wear it When nobodys watching

Its a shame That you only wear it In the privacy Of your bedroom Its a shame That you only wear it To pretend To have a reason To save it To hold onto it To hold onto a dream That will never come true


Why are you being so polite to me? When I dont expect you to be? Why do you show so much respect For me? When I hardly see Why its necessary? Why do you act so formally? Is that how you were raised to be? Casualty meets conformity I have never known A guy like you I never expected you to Offer me affection In the form of a hug Offer me leverage From the hole that I dug

I climb my way out A day at a time I slip and fall as I climb Its going to take a long time To get to the right place I want to go back And set the pace As I try not to fall back And slip right through the crack Painted lips parted Alone and broken heart-ed Never know how or why The whole mess started I thank you for being so polite And thank you for helping me Helping me see the light