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Please choose from our list of Training Courses in "Electrical Engineering" from the below list.

AC Electrical Motors and Drives Arc Flash Protection Circuit Breakers and Switchgear Critical Power Supply Options and Planning of High Availability Supplies Diesel Power Generating Plants Distribution & Substation Automation Earthing and Power Cables Earthing of Utility Systems Electrical and Instrumentation (E & I) Engineering for Oil and Gas Facilities Electrical Drawings and Schematics Electrical Engineering Master Series Electrical Equipment and Control Circuits Electrical Maintenance For Engineers And Technicians Electrical Network Automation Electrical Power System Fundamentals for Non-Electrical Engineers Electrical Safety Techniques for Industry Electrical Substation Safety Electrical Substation Safety - 3 Day Electrical Wiring Standards - ET 101:2008 Emergency Power Supplies: Electrical Distribution Design, Installation and Commissioning Energy Efficiency, Design, Engineering and Auditing

Measurement and Instrument Transformers Practical Electrical Wiring Standards . Lightning & Surge Protection Hazardous Areas Conference 2009 High Voltage Safety Operating Procedures HV Cable Jointing Inspection. Programming and Commissioning of Power System Protection Relays and Hardware Lightning. Testing and Troubleshooting of Transformers Installing. Cables and PLCs Installation. Surge Protection & Earthing Medium & High Voltage Testing of Equipment Motor Protection Power Cables: Operation. Bonding. Circuit Breakers.AS3000 and NZS3000 Practical Grounding.IEE BS7671:2008+A1:2011 EDITION Practical Electrical Wiring Standards . Location and Fault Detection Power Distribution Power Quality: Problems & Solutions Power System Harmonics & Power Quality Power System Protection for Engineers Power Transformers: Operation & Maintenance Practical Earthing. Bonding. Testing and Commissioning of Electrical Switchboards. Shielding & Surge Protection of Electrical Equipment for Instrumentation and Control . Maintenance.Fundamentals and Practical Mitigation of Power System Harmonics Fundamentals of Smart Metering Grounding of Utility and Industrial Distribution Systems Grounding. Lightning & Surge Protection Practical Electrical Metering. Protective Relays.

Tasmania Regional Forum: Electrical Engineering in the Top End Regional Power Cables & Switchgear Forum South African Standard SANS 10142 .Renewable Energy .The Wiring of Premises Switchgear and Distribution Systems For Engineers and Technicians The Fundamentals Of Power Distribution And Power Systems: Hands-On Practical Analysis And Design The WA Electrical Industry Regulatory Environment Understanding Electrical Engineering and Safety for non-electricians UPS Systems and Battery Power Supplies Variable Speed Drives for Instrumentation Wind & Solar Power .Practical HV And LV Switching Operations And Safety Rules For Engineers And Technicians Regional Electrical Engineering Forum .