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Ro oms

Discover Words
in the classroom 1 2.2 Match the words with the pictures. Listen and repeat.
A 1

Hello. Our new magazine is about rooms. Look at these classrooms!

door 5 chair light TV bookcase desk table wall floor window





B 6 9 8 10


Ten things are different. What are they? The door in classroom A has got a window. The door in classroom B hasn’t got a window.


in this unit:
• • • • • in the classroom rooms in, on, under, next to there is / there are talking about where things are



extra words. Go to page 94.

6 Listen and repeat. My bird is on my 3_____ And my dog is on the 4_____. Alex! 1 2 1 2 3 4 2. it isn’t. 2. A It’s blue and it’s under my chair. Who has got a lucky hat? What colour is the lucky hat? Where is the lucky hat? 5 Look at the picture.3 2.4 Listen. B Is it your school bag? A Yes. repeat and match. Why? Matt! Look in the mirror! It’s on your head! What? Oh yes . on.The Lucky Hat Grammar in. 1 Good luck! 2 We’re late. Complete the sentences. sorry. A Where’s your bag? B It’s under my desk. . The mouse is __ The mouse is _______ the computer. Is it under the chair? No. The cat is _______ the chair. 7 Look at the picture in Exercise 5. point and repeat. What have Matt and Alex got today? A basketball game. No. Oh. We’re late for our basketball game. in on (x2) next to under n Zon e ★ u F ★ Listen and complete the rap. under. Good luck. Speaking 8 It’s under the hat. A Where are your books? B They’re on the chair. My snake is under the 7_____ And my fish is on my 8_____. . My mouse is in my 5_____ And my cats are on my 6_____. Is it in your bag? No.7 ★ 9 bookcase table floor door bed desk bag head My hamster’s under my 1 desk And my rabbit’s next to the 2_____. that isn’t my hat! Matt. Matt! Good luck. What is lost? Answer the questions. 50 51 . Use these words. Matt. A Where’s the dog? B It’s in the box. The dog is _______ the box. no! Where’s my lucky hat? Your what? My lucky hat. it is! Listen and read. The rabbit is _______ the desk. It’s in the hat.5 Work with a friend. A B 1 2 3 4 5 on the table. next to Functions: talking about where things are 6 2. It’s next to the hat. what colour is your lucky hat? It’s red. HELP!!! Talking Tips! 3 2. Describe and guess. It’s on the hat. Then listen and rap. 4 Alex Matt Alex Matt Sophie Matt Alex Matt Alex Matt Sophie Matt Sophie Matt Sophie Come on. Ask and answer. Listen. it isn’t! Look! It’s on the table next to the window.

There’s a bed in the room and there’s a desk and a chair. The small light is next to the bed. A The walls are two colours. it is! ★ B B B 2 Read and answer. Is it room A or B? 1 2 3 4 5 This room has got a desk and a chair. Which is his room? n Zon e ★ u F ★ 6 Design a room for the Crazy Room Competition. Writing 8 Write about your room design. . Watch out! There is ➞ There’s There are ➞ There are There is a light next to the bed. . 3 _________ a bookcase next to the window and on the bookcase 4 __________ a light. 1 2. Are you bored with your bedroom? Design a room for our Crazy Room Competition! Look at these crazy rooms. There are two lights. 3 a light next to the bed. a CD player on the desk . 53 52 . 2 The floor in this room is green and the bed is green too. Choose your favourite and describe it. This room is black and white. three photos on the desk. The walls in my room are purple and orange. On the table 2_________ two books. .Crazy Room Competition Grammar singular A there is / there are plural There are pictures on the walls. It’s got . There are pictures on the walls and on the floor too. The bed is a castle.9 Listen to Alex. 1 Listening 4 A 2. The bed is green. 7 Look at your friends’ room designs. A B A The walls are pink and green. 1 2 3 4 5 There There There There There is / are is / are is / are is / are is / are two boxes in the room. Look again at picture A and tick the true sentences. a book on the desk.8 Read listen. There are pictures of a town on the walls. It’s a house. 5 _________ three posters on the walls. Use there’s or there are. The walls have got pictures of a town. There’s a light in the room. There’s a table next to the bed. Which room is your favourite? 3 Choose the correct word. Is it Alba’s room? Yes. There are two TVs in my room . 5 Look at picture B and complete this description. . The floor has got pictures.

there is. there is. Oscar. . 55 . but there’s one in the bedroom. A Is there a TV in your kitchen? B Yes. No.The Magic Mirror 1 2 1 2. there is. 3 This is the ________. Yes. But they haven’t got mouths. . 1 In picture 1. there isn’t.10 Listen and read. No. 4 In picture 6. W __ __ __’ __ 2 __ Ask and answer with a friend. . TV / kitchen ? Is there a TV in your kitchen? posters / bedroom ? blue walls / kitchen ? pictures / living room ? mirror / bathroom ? bookcase / bathroom ? Jo-Jo: Look! The mirror! Oscar: But I’m hungry. Are you hungry? bathroom 1 This is the ________. 1 Yes. there are. there are. singular Is there a kitchen in your home? plural Are there chairs in your living room? Discover Words rooms 2. 2 Read and circle the correct words. come on! 3 4 Jo-Jo: Where are we? Robot: You’re in my living room! 3 rooms. there aren’t. Robot: Are there chairs in your living room too? Oscar: Yes. there’s one bed. But your kitchen is cool! 54 Oscar: Excuse me. But they haven’t got arms. Where’s the bathroom? Robot: Bathroom? What’s a bathroom? Oscar: Oh no! 5 Act out the Magic Mirror cartoon with your friends. There are four. Oscar: That TV has got a mouth! Robot: Are there TVs in your world? Jo-Jo: Yes. No. 3 The chair has arms / legs.11 6 Order the questions. there are. there are. I haven’t got a computer. . Oscar is hungry / tired. No. Write the questions. Oscar is / isn’t happy. there isn’t. 2 This is the ________. Then match them with the answers. 4 This is the ________. 2 The TV has got ears / a mouth. Grammar Is there . ? Yes. Jo-Jo: Oh. / Are there . ▼ Listen and repeat. there is. F __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ R __ __ __ ? __ Robot: Is there a kitchen in your home? Jo-Jo: Yes. 5 6 4 Break the code Y __ __ __ __ 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 1 What’s Oscar’s favourite room? The _________. No. Write the names of the kitchen bathroom living room bedroom Hello. 1 2 3 4 5 a b c d e 7 there in Is a TV your living room ? Is there a TV in your living room? there your kitchen Are in blue chairs ? Is your bathroom in there a desk ? two beds there in Are your bedroom ? Is a computer there in your living room ? Yes.

Describe the rooms.Reading 1 2. 3 It’s got __________ of legs. 3 There are TVs in the bedrooms. false 2 The bedrooms have got bathrooms. There are lots of lights in the restaurant. 4 The restaurant tables are next to a window. 5 2. 5 There is one big light in the restaurant. There’s a desk. Find the words in the text. What’s for dinner today? Fish! Nautica 3 Look at the pictures.14 Listen again and tick (3).. Finish your work then read it out loud. Speaking 8 Act out your hotel advert for the class. 57 . It’s under the sea! Every bedroom has got a big bed and a TV. 1 2 3 What is the name of your hotel? Where is it? What is in the rooms? Come to our amazing hotel. What is the information about? 1 the sea 2 a hotel 3 fish 2 Read and answer. It’s in a beautiful room. The tables are under a mirror and next to a long window. True or false? 1 The hotel is at a beach. 7 Work in groups.13 Writing Listen to this advert. 1 This window is ___________. What is it about? 1 a hotel 2 a beach 3 a shop Try this! • Always check your work. Design an amazing hotel.. Correct the mistakes. beds 3 TV computer bookcase desk window kitchen bathroom 56 Come to our hotel! It’s fantastic . read and listen. Listening 4 2. 2 This is my ___________. Speaking 6 Work in groups.12 Look. Look at the fish! Our restaurant is fantastic. And look at the doors – they’re round. One wall of every room is a big window. Write an advert for your amazing hotel. a chair and a bathroom too.

and a big forty-four on the door. / No. _______ 4 1 2 3 4 Write the questions. ne are. Where’s my bag? Is it 2 ______ the kitchen? Maybe. 3_________ a TV and next to the TV 4 _________ a bookcase.Let’s Revise! Words 1 Write the words. xt to. 4 ______ the window. . 9 _______ _______ Functions 6 Look at the picture and complete the dialogue. I can use in. Aaargh! What? There’s a mouse! 5 ______? It’s 6 ______ the table . there is. I can use there is / there ings are. TV / bedroom? big windows / living room? desk / bedroom? 3 1 window _______ 2 _______ 6 4 _______ _______ 5 _______ _______ Pronunciation /ɔ:/ 5 2. . 2 1 2 3 4 Write four rooms b_d____ __v__g r___ ___ch__ _a__ ___m in A B A B A B A 1 on next to under Where’s Where Grammar 3 Complete the text. Answer the questions. there isn’t. Oh yes.15 Listen and repeat. on. Use there is or there are. and it’s hungry! My living room there is a big table In my living room 1 _________ 2 and _________ four chairs. I can name things in a cla I can name rooms. It’s 3 ______ the chair. 7 8 _______ 10 There are four small balls on the floor. 5 _________ two windows in the living room and 6 _________ two photos of my family on the wall. under. I can talk about where th . 58 Checklist 3 • • • • • ssroom. CD player / bedroom? Is there a CD player in your bedroom? Yes.