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PROJECT OVERVIEW Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), as an agent of Ramsey County Railroad Authority, invites proposals from qualified consultants or agencies for support with traditional media, digital media, advertising/collateral creative and production, web design and interactive marketing communications. GOALS Brand Standards, Guidelines and Direction: Establish overall brand and identity for Union Depot. Propose a color palette that considers the historical heritage of the property and is modern, yet timeless. Prepare brand standards and guidelines that specifies palette, details proper and improper use of the logo/mark and type, and outlines technical details of how to use the logo/mark and type. Develop a strategic branding campaign that continues to strengthen and position Union Depots vision to: be the Living Room of the community for local residents, by offering the single best transportation services, dining, retail, special events and entertainment options in the market while being perceived as an exciting family-friendly, safe, newly renovated multi-modal transportation center by the local consumer. Brand Application to Marketing Communications: Develop standard marketing communications materials including business systems (letterhead), website, Facebook page, etc. Develop creative elements that address short-term and long-term needs to effectively promote tenants, special events and to ultimately increase Union Depot traffic, frequency of visits and sales. Develop or find new, creative and cost-effective means to reach our target market, combining both traditional and digital media. Brand Application to Physical Environment: Effectively develop branding and advertising specifically to reach Union Depots key visitors: - Local residents/families with children under 18 - public transit users and train travelers - nearby office workers - regional visitors SCOPE OF WORK Design a new advertising/branding campaign for Union Depot. Collateral and ad development for local market branding, advertising and signature/special events including, but not limited to: print (newspaper, magazine and direct mail) radio including development of radio copy on-property signage website and web collaterals (including QR coding) print collateral to be converted for use with social media flyers/brochures electronic media (newsletter, email blasts, etc.) events program guide

advertising program guidelines Identify and develop a Union Depot merchandise program

PROMOTIONS Typical promotions include, but not limited to: Grand opening events Seasonal events (i.e.: Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Easter, Interdependence Day, etc.) Ongoing programs Movie nights, Farmers Market, concert series, rail-gating events, art crawl, etc. Other larger themed/large scale special events HOW TO SUBMIT A PROPOSAL Interested firms should submit the following information no later than April 1, 2013. Please include five hard copies and one electronic copy of the proposal. A. Team Identification and Management Approach 1. Please provide an overview of your company including annual sales revenue, length of time in business, number of clients, number of offices and ownership (private/public/parent company). 2. Please clearly state the name, address, phone number and email of the person who will serve as the contact regarding this selection process. 3. Describe how the account team will be structured if your firm is selected. Include bios of key team members. Please include whether or not each member is a full-time employee of the company or a freelance vendor. 4. How long will it take your team to get up-to-speed on our account? What process will you utilize to get up-to-speed on our account? 5. What are the strengths of your firm? What is your core marketing philosophy? 6. Please list your current client list and describe their size. Please include any retail/shopping centers, event venues, and transportation centers that you currently service. 7. How does your firm measure success? What reporting methods are used? B. Experience 1. Describe your firms messaging/branding experience. Please use case study examples no older than five years. Feel free to include samples. 2. What is the most notable accomplishment of your firm within the past 12 months? 3. Please list three customer references along with a brief case study on their background and what services your firm provided. C. Financial 1. Please provide all costs associated with your services. Include hourly rates of the individuals that would be assigned to our account team. 2. Does your firm bill directly for third-party services or is there a markup/commission? 3. Provide details on the type of fee structure you are proposing. D. Additional Information 1. How do you believe your firm can help Union Depot? 2. Include any other information you believe we should know about your firm. E. Creative Exercise (Preferred but optional) 1. What marketing considerations and opportunities should we consider in our efforts to promote the Union Depot? You are invited to present a recommendation as part of your response.

RFP TIMELINE RFP officially sent out to agency contacts

Friday, March 15, 2013

Agency proposals* due Monday, April 1, 2013 Please deliver to: Tina Volpe Marketing Manager, Union Depot 214 4th Street E, Suite 140, Saint Paul, MN 55101 (651) 202-2702
*It is preferred to have both an electronic and printed presentation/proposal. The proposals will be distributed to our extended management team via email.

Select agencies notified via phone for in-person interview Agency interviews Final agency selection and notification of award of contract Newly contracted agency to begin services

Week of April 11, 2013 Weeks of April 11 and April 18, 2013 Wee of April 25, 2013 May 2013

Questions regarding the RFP can be directed to Tina Volpe (contact information above.) Union Depot/Jones Lang LaSalle will not reimburse bidding agencies for any associated expenses related to the agencys intent to submit a proposal. RFP REVIEW & DECISION PROCESS Proposals will be reviewed by the Jones Lang LaSalle management team and a Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority representative. Proposals will be rated on the following: Qualifications Preview experience Cost References Ability to do the work and meet timeline