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Fire by historicallyabnormal

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! EXT. - FOREST - DAY Its dark because of the smoke as firemen in yellow suits pass by hurriedly, fire blazing all around them. Yelling in the distance. Two men carry a hose. Zoom in on one of them; his face is dirty and you can tell hes tired. TOBY (V.O.) The fires been going on for days. More yelling, this time at TOBY. TOBY (worriedly) What is it, Steve? STEVE directs a firemen somewhere, turning towards Toby who runs toward him. STEVE I need you to go in there. Theres a house in there that wasnt evacuated in time. Its about 2 miles in, just north of here. I cant send anybody else in with you - theres a shortage of men. Can you do this? TOBY stands there speechless for a moment. STEVE shakes Toby by the shoulders. STEVE Toby, man, I need you! TOBY (hesitantly) You got it. ! (V.O.)


And there I go, just like that. ! TOBY is running into the belly of the fire, more yelling in the distance.


TOBY (V.O.) No one ever said being a fireman was going to be easy. But Im saving other people. So its worth it. Clearly he is far away from the other firemen. No more yells. He looks around for the house. TOBY (V.O.) Where is that house? Toby finally spots it, a lonely wooden old thing in the middle of nowhere. Its on fire. He runs toward it. He stops right outside the door, hearing nothing but the crackling of the fire. TOBY (yelling) Can you hear me? Theres no answer. He accidentally knocks down the door and rushes in to what appears to be a living room. He shouts again, but theres still no answer. He sees stairs, so he runs toward and up them, trying not to fall through the floor. Theres many rooms on this level, so he goes through, checking all of them, and saving the one at the end of the hall for last. He sees nothing in any of the rooms. When he gets to the last one, he gently opens it. ! ! ! ! Hello? TOBY

He sees an old man lying on a dirty mattress on the floor, alone, unmoving. ! ! ! ! Sir? Sir! TOBY

He runs over to him. ! ! ! ! TOBY (V.O.)

I can tell hes only unconscious.

! TOBY runs over, kneeling beside the mattress. He takes an oxygen mask out of his bag, and places it over the OLD MANS nose and mouth; he picks the old man up and over his shoulder, with obvious effort. He begins to run down the stairs, the flames having grown while he was upstairs. One of the stair boards gives out under the weight, and Toby trips, but has a firm hold on the old man. Toby lands safely, and runs out the door yelling, the ceiling caving in right after he steps over the threshold. ! ! ! ! TOBY (V.O.)


I just now realize that I have to carry ! him the 2 miles back to the paramedics.

TOBY has a defeated look on his face as he realizes this; but then, grabbing the OLD MAN tighter, he gets a determined face, and starts running through the woods, yelling. He runs like this the whole 2 miles. He drops the old man on the ground as soon as he gets in the clearing where the other firemen are, and he collapses himself, fainting. INT. - HOSPITAL - DAY TOBY wakes up, staring at a bright hospital light. He winces, and moans. A nurse is there, but she goes out STEVE enters, smiling at Toby. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! STEVE

Toby, you inhaled too much smoke. But youre okay now. Glad youre okay. ! TOBY

What happened to the old man?

STEVE has a sad look on his face. ! ! ! ! STEVE

He died. He was dead before the fire started.

TOBY is shocked, shaking his head. ! ! !

! ! ! ! ! TOBY


No, I saw, he was unconscious.

STEVE just shrugs. EXT. - HOSPITAL PARKING LOT - DAY TOBY walks away from the hospital. ! ! ! TOBY (V.O.)

I had never inhaled too much smoke before. That just showed me how dangerous being a fireman can be. And I didnt save a life. In fact, I saved a body. But its still worth it.

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