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INT. LAKESIDE HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS LOUNGE Several young teachers seated at a table together. Two older, twin brothers (Mr. and Mr. Hill) stand by a water dispenser. One young teacher sits alone in a chair, away from the group. YOUNG TEACHER And then Greg said, Was John Tyler Tippecanoes Vice President? The table erupts in laughter. ANOTHER YOUNG TEACHER No! SOME OTHER YOUNG TEACHER Absurd! A DIFFERENT YOUNG TEACHER He didnt! YOUNG TEACHER He did. I almost laughed in his face. The outcast teacher looks up from his carrots and hummus. OUTCAST TEACHER Did you tell him that he was half right? YOUNG TEACHER What? No. I just moved on with my lesson. OUTCAST TEACHER But he was half right. Tippecanoe was just Harrisons nickname. YOUNG TEACHER Are you...defending Greg Jefferies? That kids a space case. The table chimes in. ANOTHER YOUNG TEACHER Totally out there. A DIFFERENT YOUNG TEACHER Lost cause. SOME OTHER YOUNG TEACHER Worthless!


Outcast Teacher rises. OUTCAST TEACHER I cant belive you guys would say that about your own student! (gestures towards the water cooler) Dont you guys have Greg? A beat. The two brothers nod in unison. OUTCAST TEACHER (CONTD) Well? He just needs a little help, right? Another beat. The two brothers shrug noncomittally. CHRIS HILL Eh. MICHAEL HILL Meh. YOUNG TEACHER Well, that settles it. The Hills have been here longer than anybody. They would know. ANOTHER YOUNG TEACHER Right! SOME OTHER YOUNG TEACHER Theyd know! A DIFFERENT YOUNG TEACHER Sit down! Outcast teacher returns to his seat, defeated. He idly swirls a carrot around his hummus. The young teacher table resumes chattering. Theyre interrupted by PRINCIPAL HOPPING, who slams open the door. OUTCAST TEACHER Principal Hopping? Is everything okay? PRINCIPAL HOPPING (panting) I just got off the phone with the fire department. They need to use our school as an evacuation center. The table is shocked.


SOME OTHER YOUNG TEACHER But we need the gym! A DIFFERENT YOUNG TEACHER The rally! ANOTHER YOUNG TEACHER Thats today! YOUNG TEACHER Principal Hopping, you know the rally is set for seventh period today. Isnt there a hospital or a church that isnt being used? PRINCIPAL HOPPING I know. I know. They need the gym though. The rally is postponed. I need you all to stay later and help everything. YOUNG TEACHER Sorry. Something just came up A DIFFERENT YOUNG TEACHER Same here. SOME OTHER YOUNG TEACHER No can do. ANOTHER YOUNG TEACHER Ooops! Outcast teacher rises, this time with more confidence. OUTCAST TEACHER I can do it. PRINCIPAL HOPPING Well, I was hoping for someone with a little more experience here, to be honest-OUTCAST TEACHER Let me do it. I can help. PRINCIPAL HOPPING Lets go to the gym then. Weve already started getting some families in. The Jefferies are waiting for one of their boys to get to the gym.


OUTCAST TEACHER Ill talk to them. The end.

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