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Arrival Guide

On behalf of the team at the Macquarie University English Language Centre, I would like to welcome you to our Centre. We are proud to help you not only achieve your study goals, but succeed with confidence. We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition to studying in Australia, and when studying with us you will be supported in and out of the classroom. This guide provides you with all the fundamental information you will require to successfully adjust to life in your new city of Sydney. General orientation and arrival information is provided here to help you get easily settled and focused on your study. We look forward to having you with us, and seeing you develop your confidence as you improve your language and academic skills in our friendly and supportive environment on Macquarie Universitys beautiful campus.

Richard Stewart Head of Centre

Student Services & Advising

Our staff are available to help you and answer many of your questions. Please ask us if you are not sure of something. Speak to a Student Advisor about Academic concerns Accommodation Attendance Feeling sad or worried Visas Withdrawing from your course Anything that affects your study If you need to see a Student Advisor, please make an appointment on the calendar at the ILC Appointments should not be made during class time. If your problem is urgent speak to a staff member in the ILC and they will arrange for you to speak to someone. All interactions with the Student Advisors are confidential. Information relating to academic matters and not of a personal nature may be made available to staff for administration purposes.

Your class will be either from 8:30am to 12:45pm or from 1:00pm to 5:15pm. It is not possible to choose your class time. Classes are held at the same time each day, Monday to Friday.

Top 8 successful studying tips

1. Spend time in the Independent Learning Centre 2. Do extra activities on ELCOnline in the skills you find most difficult 3. Remember to have fun with your friends 4. Organise your time: schedule time each day to study 5. Ask your teacher for advice to improve your skills 6. Do your homework on time 7. Attend your classes 8. If you are sad or confused, talk to a Student Advisor, your teacher, or a counsellor.

Independent Learning Centre

You are required to complete 5 hours of independent study each week as part of your studies with us. We have an Independent Learning Centre (ILC) which can be found in E3B, Level 4. This is a small library, designed solely for use by our students. Here you will find a wide range of English language materials designed to supplement your language learning. Our ILC staff members are experienced language teachers/learners and are happy to assist you with your language learning needs. The bigger Macquarie University Library is located in building C3C. ILC Opening Hours: 9:30am 4:30pm Monday Friday

Use ELCOnline at any time to do extra study, homework, ask questions, and practise. Our events and activities are also promoted on ELCOnline. Your password to access ELCOnline is: changeme. Remember to change this to a password that only you know on your first login.

Student ID card
The Student ID card is essential for identification. The Student ID card will allow you to borrow from the University library and the ILC and allows you to access Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre. Register for your Student ID card: Update all of your details. You will need to enter your phone number, email address, and home address in Sydney. It is a condition of your visa that you keep this information up to date. Get your card: Building C5C, Room 244 Remember to bring your passport with you. Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 6pm

Get connected: Internet

On Campus
All students have access to wireless internet everywhere on campus. To access the wireless network: Turn wireless application on your computer to on Right click view available wireless networks Select Macquarie University One Net then select Connect Internet connection: Open a browser (such as Internet Explorer) Enter your details USER NAME: Student ID number (for example 12345) PASSWORD: 000 and last three (3) numbers of your Student ID number (for example 000345). Once you have your Macquarie University OneID you can log on to any computer on campus.

Off campus
Free internet access is available at several places around Sydney such as McDonalds and coffee shops. This service can be used if you have a device with wireless service. The internet can also be accessed at internet cafes. There is an internet cafe, The Loft, on Level 4 of the Macquarie Shopping Centre.

Health, Safety, and Security

Overseas Student Health Cover
If you are a Student Visa holder, you must have private health insurance for the duration of your stay in Australia, as you are not covered by Australias national health program, Medicare. Your visa will not remain valid if your health insurance is not up-to-date. We organise health cover for students through OSHC. OSHC is a basic health insurance. OSHC Student Plus is also available if you would like cover for dental and optical services. This is optional. The OSHC office is located on campus in Building E3A, Level 1 (next to Macquarie International). See the directory for contact details. Sometimes, students will not receive their OSHC card at orientation. Please be aware that your card has been ordered and you are still covered for OSHC until it is received at the ELC. If you incur any expenses as a result of the above, make sure you keep the receipts so you can claim the costs back later. You can also go to the OSHC website to print out a temporary certificate. Your policy number is ELC followed by your ELC number (for example ELC12345).

It is important that you seek medical help if you feel unwell. You should see a doctor if you have a minor health problem (such as a cold, skin complaint or infection). Macquarie University Clinic is on campus in Building F10A (at the Macquarie University Hospital). Contact details are in the directory at the end of this booklet. Macquarie Medical Centre is situated in the Macquarie Shopping Centre. Contact details are in the directory.

Go to a hospital if you need to see a doctor outside of normal business hours or your health problem is serious. At a hospital, people with the most serious problems will see a doctor first. Public hospitals are open 24 hours a day. The nearest public hospital to Macquarie University is Ryde Hospital. See the directory for contact details. If you are too sick to get to hospital, please ring an ambulance on 000. Ambulance transport to hospital is covered by OSHC when it is medically necessary for admission to hospital or for emergency treatment. In Australia there are both public (government funded) and private (privately owned) hospitals. The standard of medical care in both types of hospital is good, since they have to meet government standards. The main difference is the cost of services provided. You should be sure to understand the costs of medical treatment. OSHC may not cover all costs.

There are no dentists on campus, but dentists can be found on the Yellow Pages website listed under Dentists. Dental care is not covered by OSHC. You should ask for a quote for dental services before you begin treatment as dental care in Australia can be expensive. You may also like to consider OSHC Student Plus which does provide a benefit for dental services.

There are counselling services available on campus for serious matters such as depression and anxiety. This service can be found in the Lincoln Building, Level 2. The Student Advisors can help you to make an appointment. Student Advisors may refer you to the university counselling service if they feel this is appropriate.

8 tips to stress less

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Go for a walk with a friend Focus on things you can control Ask for help Give someone you know a compliment Get involved with a cause you believe in Reminisce Go to bed earlier Practise breathing techniques

Common health problems

To maintain your health it is important to eat well, get enough rest, and exercise. This will help you avoid many health problems and is especially important when you are new to a country. Please wash your hands with soap each time after using the toilet and before eating. This helps to prevent the spread of germs and will help you stay healthy. A health advice website is listed in the directory for more information. While you are staying in Australia you may have some health problems, which you may not be used to. Some health problems you should be aware of are: Influenza (Flu) and colds Hay fever Stress and anxiety Sunburn or heat stroke and dry skin Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

(Adapted from the Mental Health Association NSW, October 2011).

Daily life
Supermarkets are located in shopping centres and in the local area. Do an online search for the closest supermarket in your area. Supermarkets generally trade between 8am and 10pm every day. Common supermarkets are Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Franklins, ALDI. Macquarie Shopping Centre is located within walking distance of Macquarie University on Herring Road. It is usually open between 9am 5pm (except on Sundays 10am 4pm).

Opening a bank account

Banks are located at various shopping centres and suburbs. You can also access ATMs on campus or at Macquarie Shopping Centre. To open a bank account you will need your passport as a form of identification. Compare interest rates and fees before choosing a particular account. Ask if the bank has a student account which may offer a discount or no fees. Banks are normally open from 9am to 4pm each weekday.

Mobile phones
SIM cards are available from many retail outlets. A prepaid voucher (phone credit) can be purchased from a supermarket or by accessing the website of the service provider. You can also purchase a phone on a plan by signing a contract for 12 or 24 months. You agree to pay a minimum monthly amount or choose the prepaid plan. Remember that there are many different deals available. Make a comparative study of the cost offered by service providers online or by visiting the retail service outlets at shopping centres.

There is complete religious freedom in Australia. There are many religious based clubs at Macquarie University which you may join if you wish. There is a Muslim Prayer Room in Building E3A, ground floor.

All students on Student Visas have permission to work while in Australia. There are, however, some conditions: Maximum number of hours per 2 week period: 40 Students may work full-time during non-teaching weeks

DO NOT exceed work limits as this is against your visa conditions DO NOT get a job between the hours of 8:30am and 5:15pm as you may have class at this time!

There is NO smoking allowed in any buildings of the university, even inside the bar! This includes building doorways, stairs, balconies and toilets There are designated smoking areas on campus. Only smoke in these areas Note that most buildings in Australia are nonsmoking especially cafes and restaurants. Smoking in cafes and restaurants may incur a very heavy fine

The University is connected by bus and train services. Refer to the University Transport Access Guide for travel information or the Public Transport Info Line: 131 500 or Taxis are also available but are significantly more expensive than buses or trains. Please note that unfortunately you are not eligible for student concessions on City Rail and Sydney Buses. DO NOT PAY A STUDENT FARE as you can be fined up to $200 for purchasing the wrong ticket, so always pay adult/full fare on public transport. Pre-pay buses operate on some routes which means that you have to buy your ticket before you take the bus.

Save money on buses!

Purchase a Travel 10 bus ticket and get a 20% discount. For example, if you regularly travel from either Eastwood or Epping, purchase a MyBus 2 (3-5 Sections). If you buy your ticket from the driver each day this will cost about $3.50 one way. If you buy a Travel 10 MyBus 2 this will cost about $27 and allows you to travel 10 times on the bus (a 20% discount).

Save money on trains too!

Buying a monthly train ticket can save you 30% if you travel by train every day. If you travel by bus and train regularly, consider purchasing a MyMulti ticket.

Accommodation W: au W: accommodation Australian Taxation Office W: (you will need a Tax File Number if you would like to work) W: sydney/banking The Department of Immigration and Citizenship W: W: life/wellbeing/fact_sheets Hospitals Ryde Hospital (closest to Macquarie University) Denistone Road, Eastwood NSW 2122 Open: 24 hours Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (closest to Sydney city) Missenden Rd, Camperdown Open: 24 hours iCLUB W: studentservices/currentstudents/iCLUB iCLUB is the international student club at Macquarie University. Macquarie International Level 1, Building E3A W: E: miShop Located outside Macquarie International near Globe Caf W: T: 9850 6449 / 6320 T: 9874 0199 T: 131 881

Banking DIAC Health information Hospitals


T: 9850 6760

OSHC Worldcare

OSHC enquiries can be made at the miShop OSHC Worldcare Enquiries related to OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) W:

P: 13 OSHC (136 742) P: 1800 814 781 (Emergency) T: 1800 CARE MQ (1800 2273 67)

MQ Helpline

After hours care for Macquarie University Students 1800 CARE MQ connects you with information and referral to services for health and medical concerns, including emergency help, psychological health and counselling and security and safety. 24 hours, 7 days a week

Macquarie University Child Care Services Macquarie University Student Services

W: W: campus_wellbeing_support_services Services include: Chaplaincy, Counselling Service, Disability Service, Welfare Service Level 2, Lincoln Building (C8A) Medical Services/ Doctors (Level 3, F10A)

Macquarie University Security and Lost Property Macquarie University Security Escort Service Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre (gym) Macquarie University Transport Access Guide This is a free service offered by MQ security. Students may request a security officer to take them home or around campus after dark. W: recreation W:

T: 9850 9999

T: 9850 7112

T: 9850 7636

Overseas Student Ombudsman

The Overseas Students Ombudsman investigates complaints about problems that overseas students have with private education and training in Australia. W:

Safety Websites

Beach Safety: Road Safety: html Macquarie University Personal Safety page: W: safety.pdf


SIBT Level 2, Building E3A W: Taxis Combined Legion Cabs Premier Cabs

T: 9850 6222


T: 133 300 T: 131 451 T: 131 017

Safety and Security

Please take your personal security seriously. Australia is a safe country but it is not crime-free. Do walk in populated, well-lit areas Do use the security escort service to accompany you if you have to walk across the campus at night (T: 9850 7112) or catch the courtesy bus to key campus locations Do look after your friends whenever you are out at night Dont carry expensive items where others can see them Dont walk alone at night Follow the pedestrian signs. Dont cross when the light is red, even if you see other people doing it! Dont cross the road when you are talking on your mobile phone be aware of your surroundings Know about beach safety. Swim between the flags Be a safe driver Drink alcohol in moderation. Dont accept alcohol from strangers! Read the Macquarie University Personal Safety page at

Macquarie University Support Services

Students who are concerned about their health or safety should contact 1800 CARE MQ (1800 2273 67). This helpline is available for 24 hours, 7 days a week. This is a free call from landlines anywhere in Australia. Standard call rates apply from mobile phones.

Emergency phone numbers

, , , , trng hp khn cp, emergencia, acil durum Emergency Ambulance, Fire, Police Telephone: 000 MQ Helpline After hours care for Macquarie University Students call 1800 CARE MQ (1800 2273 67) for 24 hours, 7 days a week Telephone: 9850 9999 Telephone: 9850 4284 Use this number if you have a problem that cannot wait until the next day

Campus Security ELC 24 Hour Emergency Contact

We have a number of policies that you should make yourself aware of. We will follow these policies and procedures in the case of any dispute you have with us. All policies are listed on the website: au/students/policies Policies include: Code of behavior Privacy Grievance Policy Deferral and cancellation Refund and transfer Guardianship Attendance Study tours

Absences for other reasons

If you anticipate being away for reasons other than sickness (visiting DIAC, moving house) please consult your teacher or the Student Advisors as soon as possible. We understand that you may need to leave Australia urgently in the case of, for instance, a family emergency. Please contact the Student Advisors in person or by email regarding your departure so that we can support you and ensure you do not break visa rules. Please remember that you will NOT be awarded a certificate of completion for your course if you have less than 80% attendance or if you do not complete the course. If you are concerned about attendance, please speak to a Student Advisor. Behaviour expectations We want everyone to enjoy their studies and achieve their goals. This means you must: Behave safely Maintain good attendance Respect others through speech, manner and actions Participate in class and complete all set work A Behaviour Policy is available on our website.

Did you know? If you hold a Student Visa, it is a condition of your visa that you attend at least 80% of your classes over the length of your course. It is most important that you attend classes on time every day. If you are more than 20 minutes late, you will be marked as 1 hour absent. Failing to satisfy the attendance requirement may mean the cancellation of your enrolment and your visa. We are obligated to report students whose attendance falls below 80% to the Department of Immigration.

Absence in the case of sickness

If you are unable to attend class because you are sick, a medical certificate must be written by a doctor registered with the Board of Australia. You will know if a doctor is registered as they will have a registration number. Practitioners (GP), specialist doctors and Physiotherapists. Certificates supplied by Herbalists are not acceptable. Keep the original certificate for your own records (you will need to show it to DIAC if applying for a visa extension). Medical certificates do not change your attendance but offer an explanation. Absences for other reasons If you anticipate being away for reasons other than sickness (visiting DIAC, moving house) please consult