1/7 Curriculum vitae PERSONAL INFORMATION First name/Surname: Date and place of birth: Sex: Current address: Personal

e-mail: Linked In profile: Facebook profile: Related to ACT E-mail: Telephone: Mobile phone: Related to NGO Dawn E-mail: Telephone: Mobile phone: filipa@udrugazora.hr +385 40 395 344 +385 95 920 9682 filipa@actnow.hr +385 40 390 047 +385 99 259 1662 Filipa Blažon (Filipa Blazon)

Filipa Blazon, 2013

04. 06. 1985., Čakovec, Medjimurje County, Croatia F Novo Selo Rok, Maršala Tita 21, HR-40000 Čakovec filipa.blazon@gmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/filipa-bla%C5%BEon/32/b1a/567 https://hr-hr.facebook.com/filipa.blazon

Experienced Project Manager, Trainer, Youth mentor, EVS Coordinator and Supervisor. Specialised in Inclusion projects (Young, Roma, PWD) and in Volunteer Management. TRAINER FOR TOPICS: - Forum theatre (with the emphasis on issues regarding gender based violence) - Volunteer management - Photo comic development - Organising public actions - Collaboration and teamwork - Working with the media - Community activism FORMAL EDUCATION 2011-2012 University of Panonia, Nagykanizsa, HU Study program: EU Project management Qualification awarded: Specialist for EU Project management EQF: 7.2. Specialised with the thesis topic: How can the Pre-accession instruments help NGO’s to prepare themselves to participate in the European Social Fund Supervisor: Andreja Vugrinović Qualification awarded: M.A. in Philosophy; Professor of Croatian language and literature and of

2003-2009 University of Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia

Österreichische Sprachdiplom Deutsch. 2012. B2 (ÖSD. The basics of bookkeeping for non-government organisations. Operational planning (short-term planning). PR course. .1.2. 2012. 2011. EQF High school final thesis in Philosophy with topic: Aristotel. B2 Mittelstufe Deutsch) HREYN Certificate (Human Rights Education Youth Network) Trainer for forum theatre with the emphasis on issues regarding gender motivated violence Education in Autonomus centre Čakovec "EU school" How to write the EU project application and the budget. How to improve your presentational skills. 2013. Women rights. (Filozofski fakultet Rijeka) Graduated with the topic in Croatian language: Study program: The usage of the Internet in writing high school essays on Croatian language and literature mandatory literature and Philosophy Mentor: dr. Agency for mobility and EU programmes Workshop about European voluteering programme “From an idea to a project” France National Agency for mobility and EU programmes: Qualification awarded: 4.7/7 Čakovec. Volunteer management. 2011. Budgets and operational tables.aestethics Mentor: Barbara Markač-Despinić. Payments and Internet banking. PRAG (Practical Guide to Contract procedures for EC external actions). prof. 2011. Non-violent communication. PRAG. Karol Visinko 1999-2003 Gymnasium Josip Slavenski Cakovec (Gimnazija Josipa Slavenskog Čakovec) Study program: Language gymnasium NON-FORMAL EDUCATION 2008. 2010. CEEPUS scholarship (II CII-AT-0103) on University of Wiena Department of Philosophy and Cognitive science Austrian language degree. SOKNO – system for ensuring the work quality in non-government organisations. Faculty of Humanities and Social Philosophy Sciences EQF: 7. 2011. 2010.sc. Social entrepreneurship (workshop cycle) Volunteers' Centre Zagreb course „Volunteers' centres in North-West Croatia –their needs and challenges“ within the Regional conference "Volunteers in community" Course for Computer operator (120 hours) in ACT Education in NGO Dawn: (courses) Women and leadership.

Subject area: Active citizenship addressing target groups with special needs 2012. 3-9 March 2013.Udruga Zora). “Europe Without Barriers!” Grundtvig workshop. 2013 SOHO France. management of the project References:  coordination and supervision of all project activities Igor Roginek.hr  communication with project partners.Autonomni centar.hr/ References: Occupation or position held:  Project manager  Project assistant  Coordinator of Volunteering programme in NGO Dawn  Coordinator and Supervisor of the EVS programme  Trainer  Mentor . UNDP. handouts. I participated on the conference (round table) that had a topic “Social inclusion and integration of Roma people in Međimurje county – According to the comprehensive approach on the local level” UNDP in coordination with REF. objectives. activities.hr/ Main activities and responsibilities:  project implementation. Training for the coordinators of the EVS programme (European Voluntary Service) 2012. WORK EXPERIENCE 2013. Čakovec Company website: http://udrugazora. associates and subcontractors  drafting progress reports and continuous monitoring of project implementation  communicating projects values. Čakovec Project manager on IPA IV. video documentary 2011. Executive director  Public procurement implementation for the project igor@actnow. 2013. -2013. 2012. NGO Dawn (CRO. Occupation or position held: Autonomous centre . Structural Funds Inter.3/7 Filipa Blazon.Actions Luxemburg. Discusion for the development of a new Strategy on Roma people in Međimurje county ACE International consultants. outputs and results  Research conducting  writing press releases  preparing publicity brochures/leaflets/publication.now. Project: “Centre for home care and assistance in Medjimurje County” Company website: http://actnow.ACT).ACT  Project manager (CRO.

Žene. keeping archives. ect. management of the project Coordination and supervision of all project activities Communication with project partners. 2013.) Research implementation Admin of project and NGO web and Facebook site Conducting trainings for Educational Centre of NGO Dawn Mentoring and supervision of numerous volunteers Coordination and supervision of EVS (European Voluntary Service) Program and Projects in NGO Dawn              .za veze bez nasilja) – in coordination with 4 other non-government organisations from Croatia.a variety of language and cultures” -Project manager for “Person.Women. and then Project Manger for “Include me” (Uključi me) . leaflets.Coordinator and Supervisor of EVS project “Mark my day!” (Obilježi moj dan!) .hr Projects on national level: -Project manager for “Connected – for non-violent relationships” (Povezani. EU projects: . videos. administrative book-keeping and other financial issues related to the project Writing Project proposals.) Main activities and responsibilities:    Project implementation.Project assistant.Friend. proper document filing. Marina Kolar.” (Osobe.7/7 Čakovec. associates. participants and subcontractors on National and International level Drafting progress reports and continuous monitoring of project implementation Compiling data Project administration.Coordinator on a EVS project “Bunkr. reports and evaluations Coordination of educational activities Coordination and organising of Public campangnes and events Work with Media and Public Writing educational and promotional material (brochures. Executive director zora@udrugazora.Prijateljice.Mentor for Youth initiative “Abusive relationships are not cool” (Nasilne veze su bezveze) .

help in seeding. proofreading. Šenkovec Company website: https://www. Facebook. presentation and sell of some help of Student Service Rijeka products. Admin of www. photo editing. translation from English and German. . apple picking. etc.hr/~furija/o _udruzi. 1st Primary School Čakovec (CRO. planting and transplanting flowers and vegetables. e-mail.5/7 2011. Executive director 2006. I know how to use all internet services . Administrative work in office.hr Work in a shop (sale. translation.Udruga Zora). Rijeka (CRO.I. 2003.hr/ References: Marina Kolar.WWW (online newspaper.Vrtni centar Salve Regina). I have basic knowledge in editing the photography with GIMP programme. One of the conductor of Youth initiative “I choose to volunteer” funded by EU Youth in Action Programme Organising and conducting lectures and debates on philosophic topics. I Variety of part time jobs with the conducted some questionnaires.com/pages /Vrtni-centar-Salve-Regina%C5%A0enkovec/18484925822 0370 SKILLS AND COMPETENCES Computer skills and competences I actively use the Windows and OpenOffice operational system.udrugazora. Wikipedia.html Filipa Blazon.Udruga studenata Furija) Company website: http://www.facebook. 2003-2010 Proofreading. forums.ukljucime. osnovna škola Čakovec) 2010. I got to know different types of lectures and many teaching methods. Volunteering: I conducted series of 14 lectures in High schools and Universities in Medjimurje County regarding the European Year for Volunteering. 2013 I volunteered one month from 5th to 8th grade as a Croatian language teacher.2010 Garden centre Salve Regina (CRO.uniri. Čakovec Company website: http://udrugazora.).ffri. On everyday basis I use Linux Ubuntu operational system. communicating with suppliers and clients).2008 Student NGO Furija. And I know some basic web page editing in HTML.now NGO Dawn (CRO.

com/watch?v=0P0AfDfCx3I http://www. Croatian and Bajaš (Roma) Foreign language  Publications      All mentioned publications can be found and downloaded on: http://issuu. everyday use.youtube. FREE TIME Reading. press release.youtube. statements and hosting in TV thematic shows. motivated.youtube.com/watch?v=EQl1516mbuw http://www. Interviews. Communicational skills and work experience with people on different languages make me accessible and flexible person. I am communicative.Actively speak and write (B2). empathic. Writing the news.photo comic on human rights. Active driver.youtube. creative.Žene..Prijateljice. Osobe. script and text writing. adaptive. GERMAN. .Actively speak and write (B1). M. agile. Experience in simultaneous translation.volontiram!. Bilingual.com/watch?v=Cvs_Y_5xtX0 http://www. Croatian and Bajaš (Roma) Dobro biram. ambitious.Brochure on human rights. G.research results and analysis of strategies and programmes about the prevention of violence in youth partner relationships Nasilne veze su bezveze.   ENGLISH.com/watch?v=MygpEMvrC7A Categories B. SLOVENIAN. Experience in work and communication with native German speakers. Bilingual. I like working independently but also I like to work in a team were roles are clearly defined. weekly communication with written and audiovisual media. F. Croatian and Bajaš (Roma) Za veze bez nasilja. Experience in work and communication with native Slovenian speakers.youtube.com/watch?v=0JFsaAMHMzo http://www. acting.com/udrugazora/docs Promotional/educational videos Filming.Speak and write proficiently (C2). baking cakes and cookies.7/7 PR activities Čakovec.Brochure on the prevention of violence in youth partner relationships. movies.Brochure on voluntarism Uključi me!. acting in cooperation with other NGO Dawn work members/volunteers for the following videos:      Driving licence Characteristics http://www. multi skilled. 2013. Bilingual. travelling. eager for new experience and knowledge.

. trees. writing. meeting new people and cultures. 2013 drawing.7/7 Filipa Blazon. foreign languages. slang. singing.

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