In   the   ancient   time,   in   one   of   the   far   country,   there   was   a   ruler   who   didn’t   used   to   like

  old   people.   He   used   to   say:   the   old   aren’t   able   to   work   rather   they   just   sit,   eat,   and   rest,   and   other   than   them   work,   labor,   and   produce...   Therefore,   I   decided   to   expel   them   all   from   the   country.         So,   the   people   of   the   country   carried   out  the  order  of  the  ruler  out  of  fear   from   his   severe   punishment.   However,  a  young  brave  smart  man   whose   name   is   Baasem   did   not   pay   attention   to   the   order   of   the   ruler   and   his   heart   did   not   consent   to   expelling   his   father.   He   hid   him   in   a   secret   place   in   the   house.   The   solders   of   the   ruler   came   to   the   village   a   few   times.   They   searched   for   the   old   people   but   they   never   found  his  old  father.    

And   the   ruler   had   a   beautiful   daughter.   He   wanted   to   give   her   in   marriage   but   he   wanted   to   choose   the   smartest   young   man  in  the  country  for  her.  So,  the  young   men   learned   of   the   news   and   they   started   to   go   to   the   palace   of   the   ruler.   The   ruler   gathered   them   and   said   to   them:  I  will  give  my  daughter  in  marriage   with   him   who   knows   the   answers   to   three   questions.   Leave   for   now.   However,   you   must   gather   here   in   the   palace  tomorrow  before  Fajr  in  order  for   me   to   see   who   amongst   you   is   able   to   know  the  time  of  sunrise  before  others.     So,   Baasem   returned   to   his   father   in   the   house   and   sought   his   advice.   Thus,   the   old   father   said:   This   is   not   a   difficult   matter.   Tomorrow,   all   young   men   would   look   at   the   direction   of   the   east.   However,   you   must   turn   around   to   the   opposite  side  and  look  at  the  highest  pick   from   the   picks   of   the   mountains.   In   this   way,   you   would   be   able   to   see   the   light   of  the  sun  before  everyone.    

Because   it   will   first   shine   on   the   pick   of   the   mountain.   Therefore,   you   will   announce   the   sunrise   before   them.     So,   Baasem   did   what   his   old   father   told  him.  However,  everyone  made   fun  of  him  when  they  say  that  he  is   looking   at   the   opposite   direction   of   the  place  from  which  the  sun  rises.   In  spite  of  that  when  the  first  ray  of   red   light   appeared   on   the   pick   of   the   high   mountain,   Baasem   shouted   before   everyone:   (O   my   master!  The  sun  is  in  its  way  to  the   rise  this  very  moment).     And  after  few  seconds,  the  sun  rose.   The   ruler   was   surprised   from   Baasem’s  brightness.  Therefore,  he   mentioned   his   second   question   to   the   present   young   men   at   the   palace.  

The   ruler   said:   who   from   amongst   you   is   able   to   attend   the   palace   tomorrow   not   barefooted   nor   wearing  shoe.     Baasem   went   to   his   old   father   and   sought   his   advice.   The   father   said:   This   matter   is   simple   also.   It   is   upon   you,   O   my   son,   to   remove   the   sole   of   your   shoe.   And   you   should   wear   the   shoe   without   sole.   And   in   this   way,   you   won’t   be   barefooted   nor   would   you  be  wearing  shoe.     Thus,   Baasem   attended   the   palace   wearing   shoe   without   sole.   The   appearance   of   other   young   men   were  funny.  Some  of  them  wore  torn   apart  socks  from  which  the  fingers  of   the  feet  came  out  while  others  wore   shoes   filled   with   holes.   Nonetheless,   everyone   made   fun   of   Baasem   as   they   look   at   him   while   he   is   wearing   his  shoe.  

However,   when   he   raised   his   feet,   it   became   clear   to   the   attendees   that   he   was   standing   on   the   ground   barefooted  despite  the  fact  that  he  is   wearing   the   shoe.   The   ruler   became   happy   from   his   smartness   and   his   good  trick.     The   ruler   said:   You   are   brilliant   O   Baasem.   You   have   carried   out   the   request   completely.   Thereafter,   the   ruler   announced   his   third   and   last   request.   Thus,   he   said:   You   must   come   to   the   palace   tomorrow   while   you   decorated   your   clothes   with   the   best  flower.     Baasem   left   for   home.   While   on   the   way,   he   started   to   collect   all   that   he   saw   from   beautiful   flowers.   He   gathered   jasmine   and   yaasmeen   flowers   and   some   roses.   Thereafter,   he   went   to   his   father   to   seek   the   advice.      

The   old   father   said:   Listen   O   my   son,   the   grasses   were   in   the   world   for   a   long   time.   I   do   not   know   anything   better   than   the   spike   of   the   wheat.   Also,   there   are   no   seeds   more   beneficial   than   the   seeds   of   wheat.   Plus,   there   is   no   work   more   honorable   than   the   farming   of   the   wheat.  What’s  more,  there  is  no  smell   better   than   the   fresh   bread   taken   out   from  the  stove.  Take  a  spike  of  wheat   from   the   field   and   attach   it   on   your   chest  and  put  your  trust  in  Allah.     So,  Baasem  did  what  his  father  advised   him   with.   The   young   men   gathered   on   the   gate   of   the   palace   as   if   the   gardens   of   the   world   moved   there,   various   colored   and   smelling   flowers   decorated   the   chest   of   the   young   men.   The   young   men   made   fun   of   Baasem   as   usual   and   laughed   at   his   wheat’s   spike,   which   he   put   on   his   chest.      

However,  the  ruler  looked  at  everyone   then   called   on   the   person   with   the   spike  (of  wheat).  And  he  said:  Indeed   O  Baasem  you  truly  brought  the  best   of   the   flowers   of   the   world.   And   in   this  way,  you  answered  my  questions   with   answers   that   show   your   smartness   and   good   thinking.   You   deserve   that   I   marry   my   only   daughter   with   you.     However,   at   first   tell   me   from   where   did   you   attain   such   wisdom   while   you   are   young   in   age?     Thus,   Baasem   went   toward   the   ruler   with   braveness   and   narrated   his   story   with   his   old   father.   The   ruler   heard   Baasem’s   talk   and   was   touched  by  it.  As  a  result,  he  learned   that   he   made   a   mistake   when   he   ordered  with  the  expelling  of  the  old   people.   So,   he   brought   them   back   and  advised  the  people  to  be  good  to   their  fathers.    

T h e r e a f t e r ,   B a a s e m   m a r r i e d   t h e   r u l e r ’ s   daughter   and   lived   with   his   beautiful   wife   and   old   wise   father   happily.    

What  did  you  learn  from  the  story?  
•  Age   is   not   a   number   only.   Do   not  

say  this  to  someone  older  than  you   ever.   Because   they   have   learned   much   as   they   grew   up.   The   older   one   is   from   you,   the   more   one   knows   from   you   in   one   aspect   or   the  other.     has   indeed   preferred   someone   older   than   you   to   be   your   leader   in   the   Prayer   –   the   2nd   pillar   of   Islam   –   after   the   knowledge   of   the   Quraan.   Do   you   think   Allah   has   done   this   in   vain?   By  Allah!  NEVER.   rights  of  those  older  than  you.  

If  not  anything,  then  learn   t h i s :  

•  Allah  

•  So,   Fear   Allah   and   safe   guard   the  

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